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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The Great Bitcoin Crash of 2015 - sorry Satoshi on: January 15, 2015, 08:15:19 PM
Congratulations to Newmine and everyone who increased their crypto stake by 30% as bitcoin fell by 30%.  We traded our crypto (BTC/LTC/BTS/DOGE/etc) into fiat (BitUSD) a few days ago:
Trading BitShares for fiat is great.
What an endorsement!
Hey, everybody, trade your BitShares for fiat. Now.
I hope to Satoshi, that you unload every last one of your BitShares
Now we have bought our crypto back on the same blockchain exchange where we first picked up our fiat/hedge (BitUSD/CNY/RUB/GOLD etc).
BitShares is centralized around one global human voting consensus. 

The wealthiest shareholders rule over delegated miners.  The wealthy shareholders are just kids who mined BitShares when it was a zero premined proof of work bitcoin1.0 called Protoshares, and now they vote only for delegated miners who reveal their true identities (sorry Satoshi).

Nobody makes a million dollars if BitShares jumps 1% like Satoshi does with bitcoin.

In Bitcoin2.0 the biggest shareholder is a group of Satoshi's mining diciples.  They all got ready on that fateful day just over a year ago, and began mining when the starting gun sounded.  Nobody will ever have as many bitcoins as Satoshi, for he is the truth, light, and way of Bitcoin1.0 

Bitcoin2.0 has no gods like Satoshi, only a consensus of Satoshi diciples, most of whom want to help create a sustainable planet.  Bitcoin1.0 (Protoshares) became Bitcoin2.0 (BitShares). 

Just as John the Baptist prophesied the arrival of the son of man, one esteemed cryptographer has referred to the coming of Bitcoin2.0 as “the only" profitable (interest bearing) unmanned DAC (Distributed Autonomous Consensus) based on a blockchain that automatically pays men and women for symbiotically strengthening it.  Bitcoin2.0 is Bitcoin Biotech because the robotic corporation supports the humans who support the robot in profitable perpetuity.  BitShares is the one profitable DAC that will still be an "interesting set of strategies" when the industry standard turing complete scripting language open source code that he is working on is eventually forked into BitShares to combine trust-less complex BitAsset on-blockchain trading ability with crypto app programmability.

BitShare miners get to choose to be paid in any form of currency (like all progressive companies) such as US dollars, bitcoins, gold, BTS, and of course CNY.  You may have heard of the term "one global currency," well there is actually a currency that is based on the "one true global consensus (the definition of BitShares)".  I often speak in parables to underscore the universal love that I give, however, I must admit that I have not been completely transparent in the wake of recent events concerning my Miami exile.

I'm not a developer, I just see the value in the product being developed.  Earlier historically.  I discovered Bitcoin2.0 when Invictus decided to allow shareholder voting control over who gets to have the daily mintage.  This is the number one negative issue that I have with bitcoin.  What are our miners doing with their freshly minted coins?  I want my miners making positive change to our ecosystem.  The only incentive bitcoin miners currently have is to create enough money to payback the interest on their ASIC investment before the price of bitcoin falls back down to earth.  When someone buys a bitcoin, they are giving a percentage to these once generous miners who have fallen victim to the worldly temptation of greed:

(and you thought that you were disappointed when the bitcoin price dropped 30%)

It's not that I don't trust Satoshi, I just see his greater vision, and he who panics first panics best.  There are no coincidences, only chain reactions:

My number 2.0 problem that I have with bitcoin is that one of the largest shareholders is he who is keeping me out of the USA:

I will not be both exiled and dumped on, therefore I must divest my holdings of

worldgovernmentcoin (bitcoin1.0), and get some peoplegovernmentconsensuscoin (bitcoin2.0)

Just as Jesus was persecuted and censored for being the messenger of love I now say to you without regret:
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 11, 2015, 12:28:23 PM
Once again, i used to be one of the 10 PTS holders  
i was diluted down and sold half my holdings.
Yeah, my PTS magically changed into BitShares too, just not as many as you my Khan.  You obviously hold a huge amount of BitShares, and if
My interest is in the technical parts of this conversation not your "evangelism", so save us the trouble and let there be technical point by point conversation. Support BTS by proving the arguments against it's system wrong and you'll even win people like me back.
LOL, how can I win you back when you never left.  I declare BS.  If you left, then please leave, and I hope to Satoshi, that you unload every last one of your BitShares.   If all that I have to do is “evangelize” about the second coming of Bitcoin1.0 in the absence of fact, and you'll sell me the rest of your shares at a penny apiece, then let's make a deal for your soul my son, and allow me to lock out my number keypad and summon the almighty god of Bitcoin2.0!

Born out of the fire and free launch of a lowly bitcoin1.0 mortal coin named PTS, BitShares dove head first into the fiery crucible by sacrificing a rib (a small fraction of its decentralization security by limiting its total number of nodes to 101) as Adam did before him.  And the lord accepted the sacrificial offering with the same reverence he holds for burnt incense offerings.  By sacrificing the total value of its decentralized security BitShares arose like Frankenstein with a human brain, now fortified with the power to hire and fire any human in the world that the new human swarm consciousness believes will keep Frankenstein-coin alive and growing in the absence of total artificial computer intelligence.

It was only because of this newly bestowed power (to hire and fire its own miners), that this once lifeless bitcoin 1.0 (PTS) coin was allowed an ability to secure freedom for humans by humans.  Now this computer program (named BitShares), has the dynamic creativity of the collective human conscious to power it through whatever changing obstacles the humans see ahead for it in this dimension.

Like other immortal swarms before it, Satoshi's son BitShares will endure for eternity:

And as someone pointed out, throwing in a lot of links really isnt helping.

thank god,

And just as I prophesied some thread back:  "he who is last shall be first and he who is first shall be last."

The meek will inherit the earth because the power of the human consensus can no longer be corrupted.  The meek determine the pay of the developers.  Now, for the first time in human history, not only cannot we not be scammed by the fiat printing press, but we are also immune to uncle Kerp's thievery as well.  

Satoshi can now protect us from big brother and little uncle asshole with BitShares

yours truly

you guessed it:

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 09, 2015, 11:43:14 PM
However, has your system not already been proven to be insecure and not really decentralized because one guy ended up controlling a lot of nodes? Ands he'snjust the one that got caught

No double spend has occurred on a top 10 crypto ever (BTS and NXT included).  Was Bitcoin hacked when Kerfuffle made off like Madoff?  No, and neither was BitShares.  NXT guys throw around the term "hacked" in the same haphazard fashion as Stan throws around the term "decentralized" when describing BitShares.  The truth is that just like when NXT first launched in the first few weeks, the node structure was delicate, but it has strengthened over time, and the next stage in the game requires delegated miners to make their identity known if they even want to be considered to run a node.  The next guy who gets to run several nodes will be well known.  Eventually, the identity of everyone responsible for a node in the 101 will be known to the public because we will vote for

Dan Larimer for delegate
Toast for Delegate
Vikram for delegate
Argentina Matt for delegate
Max Youtube for delegate
Vitalik for delegate (I would vote to offer him several nodes if he would agree to accept the position with honor):

He seems to be on the fence, care to attempt to sway him?

I'd vote to offer Jamie Dimon 51 nodes just for the publicity (then vote him out just as soon as the price of BitShares approaches the moon)

Or how about:

Ashton Kutcher for delegate (he already pumps BTC)(he can get paid for wearing a BTS hat)

or how about Kanye West for delegate:


on and on.  it is now much harder to become a delegate miner than it was just a few months ago, and good luck convincing the paranoid public and becoming a delegate next year unless your name is:

Andreas delegate
Gavin delegate

The competition is heating up for a coveted BitShares mining job.  Get in early and establish your reputation before you are competing with:

Oprah delegate
Obama delegate

good luck..may the best miners win!

why a put a cap (the total number 101 delegated miners) on at all?


BitShares only pay 101 miners.  Why?  Because we want to make them the next bitcoin millionaires.  Do you think that the world wants to give these guys more money?:

No, we would rather see Argentina Matt save thousands from:
(40% annual fiat devaluation)

So buy bitcoin if you want to listen to Taaki talk, Verr preach, Keiser laugh, Gavin babble, Levine plug, and the Winklevii ...well, whatever the Voss twins do in public.  Buy BitShares if you want to see rich miners change the world positively (because they won't get rich otherwise).  We pay only hungry miners and devs who have the eye of the Tiger, not the rich early adopters who sit on their high IPO percentage and make the highest mining money percentage for doing nothing but pay their electric bill:
(we want Balboa (Bitcoin))
This is how BitShares works.  We choose who we pay.  Can you ever give the NXT founders a pay cut?  Well good for them.  I love players.  

But the truth is that BitShares has a lot of haters.  BitShares dudes don't dwell on the condition that the NXT network was in moments after it launched (it was more centralized than it is today agreed?).  Why do the NXT people only seem to want to talk about only the earliest developed phases of the BitShares blockchain?  It is now 2015, and there was no double spend on either coin ever.  Do you think it is getting easier or harder to control the BitShares network now that we need to see proof of ID if you want to be a BitShares miner?

Marketing it as decentralized is misleading, trying to make comparisons with satoshi based models of complete decentralization is misleading if you do not clarify that you threw out one of the most important factors. The numbers posted on how much it costs to run a node are misleading, its much cheaper.

For now maybe, but when you are competing against Snoop D O double G, then your cost for running a node will increase.  Yeah it only costs $30 per year for running a node, but in the future, when competition for exclusive high paying delegate slots heats up, and when you have to give out your name and address to the community in order to even be considered for a BitShares forger, then tell me that it is not getting a little more expensive now Mr Nakamoto.  If running a delegate only consumes 10 hours of your time annually, and you are competing with Bill Gates, then how much of his opportunity cost are you paying to overcome:
(here's the math concept of economic relativity explained)

1) is it a company or is it a currency? It cannot be feasibly both since the rules of either can have conflicts.
2) Find a new word to describe the system, tiered-decentralization wont work because all who know the word will know you are misleading them
1) it is a unit of exchange within Satoshi's low friction invention
2) forget “decentralized” we can call it “competitive” (you know like nature, free markets, and survival of the fittest)

So yeah, the dark anonymous meme of crypto is not what BitShares is going for here.  We are going for a big small town vibe where everyone knows everyone else (and exactly how far we can trust them) based on their public actions.   The more transparent you are, the better chance you have of becoming a rich Bitcoin2.0 miner.

Are any of you beginning to see why BitShares was born in the top 5 on coinmarketcap?  When the "rules changed" the price should have risen not fallen because the market could not understand that BitShares was making moves to become more competitive in the relentless doge eat doge world that we all are subject to.  Call us doge eat dogecoin or darwincoin, or something to impact upon the principle of how we threw our founders out on the cold street and made them work for living (mine at a minimum wage like the rest of us poor people).  Don't you wish you could make your politicans work for the same minimum wage as you make.  Well at BitShares we, the poor people, took the power back!

What "power" is that you say?  The power to dictate who gets all the mining money.  How much in BTC was mined into existence last year?  Well, money is power, and we are in control now.  This is no longer 2014.  Bitcoin 2.0 is here now with a multimillion market cap and no successful double spend has ever happened.  Now under the spotlight of Hollywood:

Let the games begin!
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin eBooks on: January 09, 2015, 05:12:00 PM

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 09, 2015, 04:46:29 PM
BitShares is a decentralized exchange
Chillax Kool Aid Fiend and start being more exact in your communication for those who sincerely want to learn.  It would be technically correct to say: “decentralized enough to make double-spending as mathematically unlikely as that on any Satoshi blockchain based coin technology.”  Saying “decentralized” implies 100% decentralization to us math geeks, and the only thing that us Einsteins can agree upon is that:  No Satishi blockchain based coin is 100% decentralized.  They just happen to all be decentralized enough for us to trade our fiat for them and sleep well at night.  So please be precise here, the last thing we need is a propaganda fart to clear the room:
BitShares is free market capitalism that has given power to the people of their own property
fuckin' propaganda  Grin
F'n Fandango! WTF?!  Seriously dude, every Satoshi blockchain coin is really difficult to take from you.  BitShares is nothing special.  Lay off Dan's donk.  Everyone on this forum agrees on one thing:  double spending is unlikely enough to convince us all to put dollars into one Satoshi blockchain or another.  To be less ass-kissy you might say:
“Satoshi's block chain has given power to the people to own their own property”
it doesn't matter if a large stakeholder forges more blocks than a small stakeholder.  Each earns the same percentage return forging.  This does not mean the system is "centralized" it means it is "fair".  If you argue against this, you are heading down the road to Communism or Crony Capitalism.  Centralizing forging to 101 delegates and forcing all stakeholders to subsidize their operations is establishing a forging monopoly which disenfranchises all.
Yes, NXT is more decentralized based on the total number of active nodes being your major criteria for your definition of centralization (greater quantity).  So now the ButShares vs NXT discussion has evolved from which coin is easier to double spend on (NXT wins by .x%) to how they are distributed differently:  

NXT distribution is based on a de-regulated capitalist system, where the more coins that you have, the greater your percentage of your new foraged coin is.  So basically, a new miner who buys in today, can never get ahead of the guy in front of him because their forge percentages match their stake.  Like one of those Amway business models where if you are under the guy who introduced you to the business, then you will always be “under” him.  It is a multi-class system where it is impossible to climb the social ladder.
BitShares distribution is a meritocracy where the more value you bring to the party, the more money we give you.  You can climb the social ladder and get ahead of the fat lazy early adopter slob in front of you by working harder than him.  

If you think it's fair that the largest shareholders deserve to make the highest percentage of newly foraged inflation coins because they learned about the IPO  when it was cheap and bought a boat-load, then NXT is the coin for you.  Buy all you can.  

If you would like to invest in a coin where the hardest working miners get paid the most, no matter when they learned about the coin, then, BitShares might just be your flavor.
Dan Larimer makes just as much money mining BitShares as this poor guy who just heard about BitShares 2 months ago.  But we won't punish him for being broke and/or uninformed, instead, we will pay him as much as we are paying Dan Larimer (the creator of BitShares), and we will pay any dev as much as Dan Larimer if you come work for our blockchian:

You don't even need to be that impressive.  This guy makes as much as Dan, and all he does is talk to Dan on TV:

Why should Dan make more money than Argentina Matt, who is sweating his ass off in the jungle?  Because Dan heard about BitShares a few months prior to Matt?  That's stupid, we choose to pay Matt a monthly wage that is equal to Dan's.  

Why are we doing this?  Because this is what a fair Bitcoin2.0 launch looks like.  Get a good look.  Recall all the "fair Bitcoin1.0 POW coin mining launches" last year (like the zero premine Protoshares POW coin launch which became BitShares)?  Well, this is what a fair launch looks like in 2015.  All miners are created equal, endowed by their creator with rights to life, liberty, etc...

BitShares only pay 101 miners.  Why?  Because we want to make them the next bitcoin millionaires.  Do you think that the world wants to give these guys more money?:

No, we would rather see Argentina Matt save thousands from:
(40% annual fiat devaluation)

So buy bitcoin if you want to listen to Taaki talk, Verr preach, Keiser laugh, Gavin babble, Levine plug, and the Winklevii ...well, whatever the Voss twins do in public.  Buy BitShares if you want to see rich miners change the world positively (because they won't get rich otherwise).  We pay only hungry miners and devs who have the eye of the Tiger, not the rich early adopters who sit on their high IPO percentage and make the highest mining money percentage for doing nothing but pay their electric bill:
(we want Balboa (Bitcoin))
This is how BitShares works.  We choose who we pay.  Can you ever give the NXT founders a pay cut?  Well good for them.  I love players.  BitShares is a public blockchain for people who want to work hard for the money.  And we only pay the very best.  Dan had to mine Protoshares (now BitShares) at the start of the zero premine POW launch just like everyone else.  Therefore, BitShares is owned evenly by good old fashioned POW miners and investors who paid those miners.  This Bitcoin2.0 coin was born of true BitcoinPOW1.0 so we are true to our bitcoin mining roots.  Litecoin holders can only sit there begging Chuck to upgrade LTC to multisig, TITAN, escorow, turing complete scripting, voting, user issued assets, robohashes, or any other BTC2.0 upgrades that BitShares already has (or is testing).  We tell our devs what we want them to work on, and they do it.

We can vote to make our coin faster than fastcoin, more secure than securecoin, funner than Dogecoin, fairer than NXT, more squatter-proof than Namecoin, more talked about on the Keiser Report than Maxcoin, sexier than sexcoin, lighter than both feathercoin and litecoin, more charitable than Vaticancoin.  Just support the miner who is making an effort to improve the particular aspect of your blockchain that is most dear to your heart, and when they succeed, your soul is rewarded.  What is the most charitable thing your miners did to help make the planet more sustainable/inhabitable? (my doges know where I'm at) What was the last fun thing you did while playing with your coin's features? I traded Bitcoins for fiat without Mark Kerfuffle or BitStamp stealing my coins.  So to bring it back to Stan who was hemmoraging BitKoolAid here:
BitShares is a decentralized exchange
No Stan, sorry to burst your Kool Aid bubble, but BitShares is an exchange decentralized enough to where you can trade bitcoins all you want without dreaming of:

at night
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitshares Community proposes Ethereum merger realizing they arent good enough on: January 09, 2015, 02:49:11 PM
Trading BitShares for fiat is great.  You get better pricing than at the exchanges if you are patient (because shorts are forced to cover every 30 days in order to provide liquidity), but you have to be much more patient when trading Bitcoin for fiat compared to MtGox liquidity.  It is more like Coinbase right now (the spreads are high so day-trading is difficult)(more like week-trading currently).

Right now it is great for the mid to long term investor, but BitShares vs fiat is day-tradable if you only make one to two trades a day.

The biggest problem currently is that the price of BitShares has been stable for 2 months, so the volatility is almost zero.

Basically we are trading around shorts who are forced to cover every 30 days while we wait for more pissed off GoxStamped traders to migrate.  I love trading, but I hate hearing about Gox/BitStamp heists every month (those are the worst trades).

So given the current options, I'll risk low volume/volatility over worrying about getting Goxed
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Making PoW usefull on: January 09, 2015, 01:59:00 PM
Here is a guy who is using the power of bitcoin mining to benefit the planet:

I'm going to buy some of his bitcoins right now, how about you give him your money too!

Bitcoin 1.0 YAY!!!
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bitshares Community proposes Ethereum merger realizing they arent good enough on: January 09, 2015, 01:37:02 PM
I'm trading Bitcoins for dollars right now like BitStamp and MtGox on the Ethereum blockchain without any counterparty risk of Mark Kerfuffle stealing my coins whatsoever!

uhhh..I mean "BitShares" blockchain...
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Re: Development of new cryptocurrency, website, blockchain. on: January 09, 2015, 01:22:06 PM
Post your resume here:

and you might land a paid gig just like this guy who is just like you:

Good luck on the interview!

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 08, 2015, 02:37:15 PM
So math is logic.

Perfect = 100%

Well, BitShares is not perfect (we went over this forever last year, please don't make me look up the links at the BitShares forum man (don't make me be lame)).  Dan tried for perfection and failed, but so did Satoshi and every dev.  Vitalik is the last Mohican because he don't want to throw in the towel, but his yearning for perfection has finally run up against some serious venture capital and now it's time for him to build something, but he still can't decide which imperfections to embrace (google it)

And Bitcoin is not perfect, and NXT, and every other Satoshi blockchain based tech out there in the land of Bitcoin 1.0

So on all crypto coins, you could do a double spend if you had enough time and money to kill, but the rest of the decentralized community around you would simply create a new fork, kick you out because on the blockchain, you are not perfectly invisible.  Then the new community would compensate the victims like the good little Doggies we all are, and life would go on brighter than ever knowing that evil had been thwarted.

That's what Satoshi did for us.  The blockchain is a robot superhero dispersing justice and exposing injustice.  

I'm just trying to keep the same party vein as the OP, who has created what is obviously (as of Jan 7th) the thread of the new year!

Come over to the BitShares forum and meet the craziest (because they are paid (by the blockchain) comedians) devs and miners on the planet.  We have a Ron Burgundy look alike named “meatmaster” who gets paid by the blockchain to fly around the world and offer ridiculous BTC bounties to any hacker who can double spend BitShares (can't find the youtube link, it's hilarious).  He is obviously a rich early adopter.  But the real King of Bling is the Legendary Million Dollar Brian Page “the world's first BitShares milionaire”.  Just like Max Keiser likes to brags about being a bitcoin millionaire (it gets us publicity, and that's good for all shareholders:)

He will be releasing his YouTube spoof soon (complete with Mr. T gold ropes as he competes for the heavyweight title of “Bling King”) because he is a great marketer who knows the network effect of fun and comedy.

And if you buy BitShares now, and the its price rises, then you just gave this guy a raise.  Why should we pay him?  Just because he didn't want to be a “government worker”?!

I don't know, you decide, but the fun and drama continues as Big Daddy Dan will scare the share price down 10% at any moment when he spouts off in mighty Turret tone:
“Lets hardcode my paycheck into the blockchain!”

And we all say, no, sorry Dad, but you have to campaign like everyone else in order to keep people from getting jealous.  So we got him a surrogate delegate whom Dan pays to mine BitShares for him.  

Seriously, though that's what we love about our main dev, he is an honest man.  Brutally, and well... he says what he feels without thinking:

(I hope this is the Puff Daddy version of this song)

So Don't listen too much to Dan because he will make you want to sell your BitShares as fast as you would rush to unload all your prescious Paycoin if you saw that the bid was a buy wall at $25.

So who else is in the BitShares community?  Basically all the altcoin hardcore miners that got one last good profitable run with their mining rigs before the big guys pushed out all the little guys.  Bitcoin 2.0 is proof of stake coin.  It's sad, but POW got old, and after it did what it had to do with the Western Unions, it was ready to take on Wall St (among other industries), which is what BitCoin 2.0 is all about.

Onceuponatime (another cool Bithead), a miners task was just to play records what more could you ask

But then came remixing (script feeds), scratching (coding) and cuts (advertising), which was just too much to ask to be a Bitcoin2.0 miner.  

The blockchain of the future is a little more competitive for the miners, and it's just nature guys, life adapts and gets tougher.

It's harder to survive as a miner in 2015 than in 2012.  

The BitShares miners are paid to code, advertise, write, perform, or put out a show (and mine), which is why Dan has to pay a miner to mine for him (because mining BitShares is so lucrative (because it's so useful for hedging the volatility swings)).  You see, BitShares basically tracks Bitcoin.

After an initial spike of volatility in Bitcoin last November, and in BitShares a few months ago, the prices of these 2 coins basically tracks price rise for rise and fall for fall.  So trading BitShares today is just like trading Bitcoin (without inviting Markples).  The forces that make Bitcoin go up, make BitShares go up, and vice versa.  What other coin allows you to basically trade bitcoin for fiat on a blockchain without BitStamp or Mtgox playing with you?

Bitcoin 2.0 will go back to playing jokes on the established big business like Bitcoin 1.0 did to Western Union.  

If you bought the first 10 Bitcoin 1.0 coins when they first came out, then you would have had at least one opportunity to make some coin.  So why are you not buying the first 10 Bitcoin 2.0 coins to come out.  If Bitcoin 1.0 can hold a multi billion dollar market cap for over a year and not one greedy hacker was able to doublespend, then I'd say that we don't need to worry about a doublespend on Bitcoin 2.0 technology, which is just based on Satoshi's blockchain at heart.

So, yeah, I'm all in BTC2.0 coins, and why not.. But you know which one I use to trade blockchain coins for fiat without inviting Kerpl?  It's fast, and has good depth so I get a great price (better if I'm patient).  I'm not trying to brag, but I've tried them all, and I absolutely can't wait for Ethereum!

Just like Vitalik loves us, we love him (and did we mention that he is down with BitShares):

So you see, I don't know the real names of the many around here, but I do know that people like this are legit.

The double spend is but one small aspect of the whole bitcoin story, and I guess that since you are here then that means that you are already invested in Satoshi's blockchain technology one way or another.  So if you win, then I win, and we all win.  

And by all means, carry on your doublespending conversation, it's just that people like Vitalik have moved on to more 2015-types of topics:

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 07, 2015, 10:56:47 PM
Let us face the truth , BTSX did change its total supply  whatever the reason .

BTSX changed it's total supply because the coin holders ordered them to.  In BitShares, the coin holders are the boss.  The devs do what we say or we cut their pay! How much voting power does your coin give you?  Are you happy with your dev?  Would you prefer control over how much money your dev makes (or takes?).

The BitShare holders voted to increase the coin supply to merge the developers (and owners) of 4 coins together: DNS, VOTE, PTS, and BitShares.

BitShares is 4 coins in 1 now.

Amazing, but not surprising to see the BTS bagholders defending every decision here. I must have dreamed of all the crying and whining which happened on your forum.

I was saying earlier, they have already invested and now have no option other than to keep supporting.

I know right, the shareholders of BitShares were mad that BitShares went from over $100 million market cap to $35 million now!  boo hoo! hilarious.

And the DNS shareholders were mad that their market cap went from a significant fraction of Namecoin's to become addded to BitShares new market cap.

And PTS holders were mad that their $7 million market cap was assimilated into the BitShares brand.

And the VOTE shareholders, well, we didn't hear much about them because they were busy working on their new Bitcoin 2.0 project that is now part of BitShares.  

All those coins, and all those devs are now forced to work under one roof to combine their skills to bring their Ethereum type flexible grand Bitcoin 2.0 vision to life.  Because Ethereum is not trying to sell you 4 different coins, so why should BitShares.  Now you only need to buy one coin ("the one" as Vitalik said in the quote) and you are a member of the current Bitcoin 2.0 market cap leader (unless you consider a 100% centralized Ripple to be true Bitcoin 2.0 tech).
I thought that NEO was "d'1"

The funniest losers were Dan and Stan Larimer though.  Ha ha ha !  Those guys' net worth plummeted within hours of mentioning the merger! Hilarious!  No wait, the funniest part is that Stan and Dan are not even the largest stakeholders because their rented Protoshares mining equipment did not show up until a week after their fair launch of the Protoshares coin (which became BitShares the following year) officially began.  So the main devs are not even the largest stakeholders in their own coin?!

Satoshi must be rolling over in his eazy chair!

And why are the devs working on a coin that they do not own a controlling interest in?

LOL, those POW miners who got the most BitShares (more than anybody else in the world) out of the fair launch sure got what they deserved:  A $35 million market cap coin for choosing to mine Protoshares when the zero premine fair launch of BitShares began last year.  

BitShares has zero premine and was born of a fair Proof of Work mining launch. Fun facts indeed.  How many zero premine fair launch POW coins are even still alive today, and why are devs who obviously suck at POW mining dedicated to this one?

BitShares is a coin that gives its owners personal freedom like the USA, while Bitcoin holders are at the mercy of the Bitcoin Foundation which as a form of government is more like..... I'm at a loss for words? Bitcoin is like a government that does not allow its citizens to vote on important matters, and BitShares does.....hmmmm.  All I know is that BitRUB has been more volatile than BitShares lately?  I wonder why.  Maybe we should ask the FED:

Or maybe we should send the FED this:

or maybe not, it's a free crypto, I mean country, and we can vote for whoever we want
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Communist Bitshares Wealth Redistribution IS THEFT! on: January 07, 2015, 03:30:22 PM
this thread is amazing, please never let it die

The OP knows a lot about BitShares, they must have read the manual:

The OP is helping teach people about Bitcoin 2.0 technology, they could come work for the BitShares blockchain and get paid like Methodx, Max Wright, Byte Master and hopefully someday:
That guy has an opinion about weather or not BitShares is a scam, but I don't know if he quite "gets it" though:

This guy gets paid by the public blockchain to sit on his ass and pump what that last guy says is "the one".  What a cushy job:

Seriously OP, all those guys do is pump BitShares with words, pictures, and videos.  You could do that too, and I would vote for you (to pay you for your efforts).  That is how work is rewarded in a decentralized free economy.  Fair pay (in crypto) for your hard work.  Then you can take your paycheck and convert it into Bitcoin, Gold, Rubles, etc, (or not) (because you are free).

Bitcoin is to BitShares as Bitcoin 1.0 is to Bitcoin 2.0

Remember the mental hurdle you had jump in order to completely get Bitcoin?

Well mach 2 has a little mental resistance you need to overcome (learn) too just like you had to do a little learning and understanding in order to completely overcome your mental barriers before you fully reached mach 1.0

Don't worry, though, you are not late to this party by a long shot

It's just getting started:
"Welcome to the (BitShares) party" OP!

get long BTS
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / yes yes yall on: January 06, 2015, 01:20:10 PM
and it don't quit
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: More BitShares greed. on: January 06, 2015, 12:42:44 PM
OP topic is not being implemented.  End of discussion:

oops, wrong link:

I wasn't suggesting any thing be guaranteed.  Core developers could always be voted out even if by default they were approved.  

It is clear there is a lot of controversy over this, so it will not be implemented.

Wow, that was easy.  Vote for what features you want implemented in your coin.  Eat your heart out bitcoin (and BitStamp too:

15  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: BitStamp - hacked and down on: January 05, 2015, 08:11:05 PM

decentralized BTC exchange cannot be hacked

(trustless / no counterparty risk / insured and secured by blockchain technology)
16  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Interesting comments on BitStamps possible compromise from July 2014 on: January 05, 2015, 07:55:57 PM
Good thing that the decentralized BTC exchange (with zero counterparty risk) is now open and fully operational.

Who needs BitStamps or Gox Mountains, Polyoniexes, or MintPals, or anything but
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Best Altcoin to invest in for 2015 and WHY on: January 04, 2015, 05:12:35 AM
Come to my house and let's talk about the future!

prerequisite reading:
(bitcoin 2.0 for dummies aka: why BitShares still has a consistently higher market cap than NXT or XCP)

Vitalik realizes that miners must dump their coins to pay for their equipment, therefore Proof of Stake is bitcoin 2.0:

But what bitcoin 2.0 projects are not scams?  Here is Vitalik telling you where you can invest in an interesting set of crypto strategies today "that can be promising" (before Ethereum launches their Proof of Stake coin in March):
"the one"

"we’ll be upgrading to PoS in the Not-Too-Distant future."

How trustworthy are the devs behind your favorite coin?  Vitalik is a crypto-god:

Until the volume comes back:

Ya, easy to go to coinmarketcap and see what bitcoin 2.0 options hold their value as bitcoin crashes (on low volume meaning that it will bounce back on low volume too (like a regular trading day's volume)).

This is a good experimental math test for those looking to diversify from bitcoin 1.0 tech into bitcoin 2.0 tech.  It is what bank fiat specialists call a bank (crypto coin) stress test (to make the math lesson simpler for the wall st brokers who are scratching their heads looking for an entry point based on math to tell their bosses and get promoted to head of the Winklevoss crypto division).  The Winklevii won't be 2015, it will be that bitcoin 2.0 guy.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / yes yes yall on: January 04, 2015, 12:46:18 AM
and it don't stop
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