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281  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Will Libra Coin bring Down Bitcoin's dominance on: November 04, 2019, 03:26:16 PM
Until now, there has never been a stable coin that can reduce the dominance of bitcoin. Libra is just a centralized digital coin that has a different target market than bitcoin. Even for a very long time.
it looks like you must learn again about what was the real purpose of stable coin. The creator of stable coin is seeing an opportunity to provide a coin with stable value to give more advantages to the traders to secure their money and this has no relationship for the stable coin to steal the domination that has already created by bitcoin.
Stable coin will never bring down the bitcoin dominance and it has another purpose.
282  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Multiple Round ICOs? on: November 03, 2019, 11:23:18 PM
What you are talking about looks like a fraudulent scheme. As a rule, the project announces in advance how many rounds of fundraising will be carried out, and after that, having gained a certain capitalization, the project begins to work at full capacity, with no additional fees being spent.
An example of what you are talking about is the MiracleTele project. After successful fees, the project still sells coins that have already depreciated to impossible numbers.

To do so many rounds of fundaraising is a fraudulent scheme, that means the developer has no vision to develop its product. A single guy like George hozt is enough to create an autonomous driving mode for less than 1k dollar. The ico that conducts so many rounds of fundaraising was totally non sense thing.
they are a greedy bastard who is looking for money only and they have no competence to develop anything.
283  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are ICOs really DEAD or simply cleared a path for better projects? on: November 03, 2019, 11:17:12 PM
People have lost millions of dollars on ICOS, I think they are living out their last days because no one else will invest in them because of a bad reputation.
And this also happening with IEO too caused by the crap exchange site has been giving an easy way for the scammer to listing their token to the IEO. ICO is dead and it looks like we will get another new trend again because of IEO crisis. Honestly, so many crap exchange sites these days are hurting the crypto market to be an unhealthy ecosystem.
Investors have already lost their confidence and they will never comeback again.
284  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Will China start Altcoin Season on: October 28, 2019, 05:11:14 PM
This is not really clear, the statement attributed to the Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, refers more to blockchain technology and does not directly refers to any existed coin or token though, the effect of chinese fully back to blockchain shall be positively felt by all existing coin.

Some Chinese companies might become whales in the companies listed: I understand what you are saying and there is truth in what you say but it's a wait and see at the moment. A Chinese bank just bought a major crypto wallet.
At least it's better to provide any evidence about that. As far as i know, if XI is only stating about blockchain and crypto is not getting mentioned on his statement.
Just because a chine bank bought a major crypto wallet doesn't mean china will be the next crypto house.
And can i ask you about what company? It looks like some of your words are not in topic.
I feel curious what do you mean about whales in the companies listed? that sounds weird for me
285  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Volume Explodes 260% to Trade $11M in 24 Hours on: October 28, 2019, 02:34:10 PM
Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Volume Explodes 260% to Trade $11M in 24 Hours

According to data from Twitter-based monitoring resource Bakkt Volume Bot on Oct. 26, Bakkt traded 1,183 Bitcoin futures contracts, or 1,183 BTC ($11 million) on Friday.

Compared to just 331 contracts ($3.1 million) on Thursday, the increase in just 24 hours was 257%, dwarfing previous jumps, which themselves had resulted in all-time highs earlier in October.

Do you guys think though that since Bakkt has been having an all time high volume tradings, will the positive sentiments will spill to the alt market right now? I mean alt market needs some catalyst, so I'm thinking that this whole Bakkt entering the picture could push the price further and possible that it can have domino effect in the alts?

What are your thoughts about my theory?

If we back to the BAKKT's mechanism and that must bring a lot of positive sentiments toward the crypto market. BAKKT has been exploding just in a short time and remembers the major countries like china is putting main consideration to take blockchain as its core to further development.
The blockchain industry is getting a very good sentiment and i thought if crypto as a system that is also using blockchain must follow that sentiment too.
BAKKT can push the price even further.

286  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: What to expect now? on: October 28, 2019, 02:31:21 PM
Should we expect a big dump this week ?
we should not because BAKKT has been showing very good improvement and when the daily trade BAKKT can sustain even longer and there will be a huge chance for us to see the next big increase that will be happening with bitcoin. Some people may think the correction will come to the bitcoin but i have been putting the main focus on the BAKKT as a way to represent how big the demand that comes from institutional investors.
That must be a good point.
287  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: My speculation for 2020 on: October 21, 2019, 04:12:17 AM
I hope that the positive trend when halving day can happen again in 2020, if the market can skyrocket again like in 2017 then the future of crypto will improve and make more people use crypto, but I only focus on buying the top 25 at coin marketcap.
Ok, Bitcoin halving may bring some benefits to us, but we should to look further in 2020. Many coins may repeat LTC price pattern when a lot of investors started to sell their LTC coins right before and after the event. I hope that most of us will not sale our coins after possible price bump next spring.
We are mostly community of experienced traders so got to avoid some market traps in 2020. Hold on Wink

Bitcoin halving will probably give us a couple of thousand USD increase or more but I doubt it will take us back to what happened in 2017. I hope it will but I am not expecting that. There must be a lot of factors for the like of 2017 to happen again. The future is bright for BTC of course and the ATH will be broken eventually but I am willing to wait if it takes a much longer time than what it took in 2017. That was very fast. Just keep on HODLing!

Why you doubt that we will not see another 2017?

Bitcoin's halvening is a cycle so obviously the effect is going to repeat itself. Just a question on the time the reach the next all time high and the trickle effect on the alt coin market.

I reckon that at least 2022 will be another great bubble in crypto market, we may have to see the market capitalisation grows as high as $1 trillion.
Halving is not a key, do you think the bitcoin halving will give a huge impact to the whole of crypto and then make it worth a lot again in the future? I should remind you that what is needed by crypto and all of alts are the new buyers that refer to the adopters. Crypto is nothing without the adoption.
Regulation is the main problem right now. The halving of bitcoin has nothing to do to the sentiment of the market has already created caused by the regulation problems in the crypto itself.
288  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: TETHER (USDT) on ERC20 on: October 21, 2019, 03:29:40 AM
There was a lot of old threads that already discussed this thing, USDT brings nothing to the ethereum as the higher volume of USDT still stay in the bitcoin.

Tether gives nothing to the ethereum even tron as a new platform that already used by USDT to generate a half from its total supply. What should you do just dig the old threads and you will see a lot of threads about that.
289  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What can make more profit ? on: October 20, 2019, 11:02:01 PM
It depends on the circumstances. Currently, the most effective way is to buy during IEO, because in the first hour of official trading the price goes up several times, provided you choose a trusted global exchange. Usually, quality coins and tokens will be difficult to obtain, demand is high, so it becomes a struggle. Make sure you choose a trusted exchange and do an in-depth analysis, DWYOR. Here's a list of potential IEO spots
It's a legit investment for short term investors only but a scam investment for long term investors.
It's not even an effective way to produce money, let's say if you are participating in IEO and as early investors and you will always be a winner. For long term buyers and IEO token is also the worst thing.
Look at the current ROI for the majority if IEOs will say already traded below the ico price too.
290  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How can people use facebook libra coin? on: October 20, 2019, 10:50:02 PM
I think it is not the right time to discuss the use of Libra coin since there is a rumor saying that Libra coin won't be released. It is better to discuss this once Facebook announces to launch Libra coin in the near future. In my view, we are better to discuss "how possible Libra coin to launch". It should be more interesting and suited to the current issue.   
At least you must read the latest news about that

Not all the countries have declared to reject libra and england is one of the countries who supporting libra. I thought brexit gives a different opinion for this country. Canadian countries are also accepting libra too and it's still on the negotiation.
You can't say if libra already a fail project even zuckerberg still tried to testify the mechanism of the platform.
291  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Libra partner drop out on: October 14, 2019, 04:06:04 PM
Well Libra has still many partners so I think they can still continue without those drop out partners. I think the government behind this why the big companies drop out partnership with Libra, who knows.
Libra is currently trying to create a negotiation with FINMA and this is the only way for libra to acquire a license payment system from swiss to operate in the Canadian countries. Government is only trying to protect its economic system. This is why EU and US have already banned libra and the authorities from EU and US not accept libra as the next payment system.
it still continues and libra is not yet giving up.
292  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ethereum and stable coins like usdt on: October 14, 2019, 03:43:52 PM
Can you explain why you think like that? What is the correlation between Stablecoin and ETH prices? I am really confused. Stablecoin like USDT I think There is no correlation anything with Ethereum, Ethereum prices are caused by demand and supply, while USDT remains stable in price at any time.
Maybe he was feeling confusing to see USDT is also used ethereum as the main pegged platform. that's why OP is thinking if this will give a huge impact to the ethereum but it's not. USDT and ethereum is not having correlation but bitcoin does. Remember there was a case about bitcoin already pumped by USDT. The impact caused by the pump of bitcoin will make the price of ethereum is increasing a lot.
that's why you will not see a direct impact from USDT to the ethereum
293  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: New projects are responsible for the death of their tokens on: October 13, 2019, 10:57:50 PM
The fact is that at present there is mostly no responsibility regarding tokens. in my opinion many do not care or even tend to let what happens to the development of tokens so that there is indeed a name that fails to the number of projects at this time. and the victims are certainly getting bigger due to the failure of the project
perhaps many teams simply do nothing because they consider the market conditions unsuitable for any kind of active action.
They are not only do nothing but these crap teams behind scam project are also spending the money for their lives. They are using the money without any transparency and i have seen so many teams are getting out of funds even before this scammer started to create something.
294  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: telegram is coming to blockchain too on: October 13, 2019, 10:55:53 PM
This must be the biggest ico we have witness in a long time, raising up to $1.7 billion is no joke at especially in recent times where many projects are struggling to raise money, I can't wait to see this tokens trading in the market, I hope they can resolve the issue with sec and move on with lunching of the project, I want to buy some GRAM too.

of course it is, much much bigger than libra, all thanks to telegram ecosystem itself, which is liked by users,
i have heard and read some unconfirmed not_good news about the today, but i hope they are just rumeurs,
i wont share them as i dont like to share unconfirmed news, but lets wish theat they come up and show the crypto market how it should be managed, exactly like their messenger that is one of the best in business.

Telegram's TON ICO isn't really the biggest ICO till date though. I mean EOS raised over $4B. You can't raise that much money and not raise an eyebrow. I was certain the sec would be keeping an eye and would clap back. When EOS was taken to court by the sec, They were fined only $20M. If something similar as that happens to this Telegram's case, It shouldn't be much of a problem. The impact of this shouldn't be that serious because They're still on track to distribute tokens to investors and that they're working to resolve the sec filing according to a report they released today.
EOS ICO has lasted one year, and was totally public, many people invested in. Telegram ICO was private, reserved to big investors and lasted only few days as far as I know. So it's not exactly the same thing.
It's not about the differences in the mechanism of crowdsale that has already used by EOS and Telegram. But you must remember if EOS has already prohibited US customer to participated in the crowdsale and already done IP-blocking to the US IP. In telegram's case, this company is still allowing US customers to participate even a few US customers bought 1 billions worth of GRAM token.
Telegram is not prohibiting US customer to participate and there were some people filled fraud claim against TON crowdsale that brings SEC to investigate TON and put TON project in the worst situation compared with EOS which has failed to register its token to the SEC.

295  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: !!!! 51% attacked in SOUTHXCHANGE !!!! DO YOU KNOW 51 % ATTACK >???? on: October 07, 2019, 10:11:24 AM
The exchange , which you have selected , is not a good exchange for trading.
The southxchange has not returned his test , and you will have to accept the consequences.
Is this happening to you at other exchange ?

It was only on southxchange
That didn 't happen on other exchange
it was southxchange's problem
That means the coin the generated from the 51% attack has already sent to the south exchange site. This happens with ETC before when it got 51% attack too.
I guess not all of the exchange sites were being affected caused by this.
that has a big chance caused by the internal problem of the southexchange site itself.
Have you tried to contact the team behind such exchange site?
296  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Future of Altcoins ? on: October 07, 2019, 05:43:00 AM
the more people give up and sell altcoins the faster it will pump because the institutions are those who are buying them

I can't even believe it and what's an institution? I never heard if there was an institution even try to buy these altcoins. It looks like you are ont hearing it correctly. The institution will always try to invest in an investment which fully regulated and guaranteed by the government and regulators.
It looks like there is no correlation between people who gave up with the institution.
297  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Litecoin price increase after successful halving of block reward., thoughts. on: October 07, 2019, 12:08:23 AM
I would say that halving was the major reasons behind the price action. Also, if you see the history of price a month before halving the price was around $120 and during the halving there was some unusual thing observed that is: blank blocks were mined and still the transaction fee was increasing you can refer the comment for the same: After the halving price is declining slowly. 
Block halving = short hype
People will right try to sell after the news of the successful block reward. This what we have already called that as a halving.
halving is decreasing the inflation caused by the miners and this slowly giving impart for the long term.

that's called as empty block and a lot of people have already discussed it based on their analyzations but better for you to visit this link
298  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Another PONZI scheme money frozen in bank account revealed on: October 06, 2019, 11:57:49 PM
This case is nothing compared to ponzi projects in China recently, when the market showed positive signs, the fraud also increased. dismantling hundreds of millions of dollars of BTC made BTC from $ 13k9 to $ 9k

For real? The Ponzi scheme that caused the price to go down from $13.000 to $9.000, Are you talking about $3 Billion Ponzi Scheme PlusToken?
is this
or something else that I never heard of before? the news said it was $3 Billion, not hundreds of millions.
I thought the recent dump was caused because people were disappointed by Bakkt performance.

Cryptographic money worth $1.2 million that was seized from a Ponzi plot by Indian police can't be gotten to and came back to dazed financial specialists since Indian financial laws deny the treatment of virtual monetary forms.

Linke to full news

They're able to seize it but not able to return it to its rightful owners because of the law. What an ironic, what is the point seizing it if they are not able to protect the interest.

The point should be to secure the funds from the scammers

the only possible thing why indian government doesn't even wanna create a deal with virtual crypto caused by it's so difficult to prove the ownership of such amount.

The participants of that ponzi scheme may come from various country. that needs more effort to do that and this is based on my opinion only.

The regulation should become another reason as you said.
299  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is Iota Getting Faster and Therefore more usable. on: September 30, 2019, 03:41:06 PM
^ since we are talking about transaction speed, how about Syscoin's 60,000 TPS?

Syscoin can achieve over 60,000 transactions per second (TPS) with new Zero Confirmation tech, Z-DAG, from Blockchain Foundry. Much higher than its peers such as EOS and QTUM.

Assuming their claim were true, does this mean that Syscoin is more usable than IOTA, EOS, QTUM, and all other slower blockchains?
They are the same and can we use the scalability as a consideration to determine if that coin is usable or not?
Op was wrong about that even IOTA has upgraded its protocol and the usability of the token still remain the same and it's not a token with a lot of usefulness and only becomes a payment system that cost zero fees and this also happened with syscoin.

Remember this even some coins like credits has already published if that can achieve a hundred thousands of TPS.
Scalability without utility is something that becomes failed.

300  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Over 2000 Projects Reviewed – 640 have not published a single Code in 2019 on: September 30, 2019, 06:02:28 AM
The majority of coins that are live on coinmarketcap would disappear in 5 years, because they are suffering from lack of money, strategy and competent management. Besides, 70 percent of coins are not backed by a working product.
Lack of money is an old reason to leave from all of the responsibility of developers to the investors. This already happened since the ico trend has begun in the past.
Remember about the latest audit from some trusted parties and more than 80% of ICOs are scam icos or these icos have no competences to create products.
These scam icos have been selling the idea only even that's a nonsense idea.
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