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1  Economy / Digital goods / Re: 12 year old Steam account on: May 28, 2016, 02:03:21 PM
I just sold it on reddit should I just delete this post?
2  Economy / Digital goods / Re: 12 year old Steam account on: May 28, 2016, 01:47:33 PM
ok, thanks for the help.

 its still for sale though. I didn't offer it as collateral on my first post a year or so ago, I simply didn't offer any collateral, like I said I didn't read the sticky.

I just threw it on here on the off chance someone would be interested, its no big deal either way, I'm just bored.

edit: I wasn't looking for snarky replies, I already mentioned that I didn't read the sticky. I've read it since then, I didn't see the harm in offering it as collateral here because if someone was interested then yay for me I guess, didn't mean to make you mad.

edit 2: either way I'd rather sell it, I just figured maybe there was an off chance that someone didn't want to buy it, but wanted to make a few bucks in 7 days, I understand that it could be a scam, i just don't really mind either way what happens, just bored and killing time til my knee heals lol.
3  Economy / Digital goods / 12 year old Steam account *sold* on: May 28, 2016, 01:13:36 PM

 I have a 12 year old steam account that I'm willing to sell.

I'm not sure what its worth, it only has counterstrike 1.6 , half-life, opposing force, blue shift, and team fortress classic on it I believe.

but maybe 12 year old accounts are worth something lol, I dunno, I was hoping to get .1 btc for it but I have no idea if that's reasonable or not.

otherwise I could put it up as collateral for small loan for .02 or so that I'd be able to pay back next week friday on my payday.

I think I have negative reputation points or whatever they're called because I only posted here once before, before I knew what the hell bitcoin even was and asked for a microloan to test the waters, without reading the stickies or anything. I'm sure it's in my post history lol.

edit: I think it has a bunch of crates for Team fortess 2 as well, I'm not sure I haven't played it in a while. I'm downloading steam right now to take a look.

edit: here it is

Another Edit: I guess these things aren't worth that much after all, I'd be happy to get .015 obo for it if anybody was interested in it. or if somebody wanted to do a loan I could give this as collateral for a .015 loan, which I'd pay back  at .020 next week friday.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Writing a paper for a econ class on: February 24, 2015, 12:57:14 AM
Thanks for all the help everyone, a friend gave me half a coin to test the waters, I'm attempting to prove its viable as a complete currency, I found a person on reedit thatd sell me c-rations soooo, so far I've proven you won't starve if all you have is btc.

Thanks again everybody, sorry for asking for a loan im sort of internet naive in general.
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Writing a paper for a econ class on: February 23, 2015, 10:13:29 PM
Thankyou! I should have dug a little deeper before posting, sorry about sounding like a scammer I'm still learning how to buy bitcoin with USD, and its bothersome without a debit card or credit card. Is there anywhere I could buy bitcoin with a western union or money transfer? I'm probably just looking in the wrong places. Thanks again for the info
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Writing a paper for a econ class on: February 23, 2015, 08:51:44 PM
Hello everybody!

I just posted in the loan subforum because google brought me there first for some reason, maybe this is a better spot.
Anyway I'm writing a term paper for my macro economics class about crypto currency and its viability in rural areas ( I grew up on a dairy farm in the sticks) and was wondering if anybody had any insight.

In this age I can have almost anything shipped almost anywhere, thus removing (at least partially) the distance barrier that exists when you live 50 miles from anywhere that sells anything. My paper is concerning the advantages and disadvantage s of a digital currency vs. A traditional fiat tender.

My prof is quite sure that digital currency is a trend and its only used by the sleazy criminals that lurk the deep web. I argue that in this digital age we live in, the advantages of a decentralized peer reviewed currency has a broader appeal than just buying drugs on the silk road.

Any way the long and short of this: any insight both positive and negative would be appreciated.

Also I'm open to accepting very small donation or loan to give me an idea of the purchasing power behind bitcoin.

I can repay you with some very limited scripting and or coding ability, a song, poems, or a piece of art.

Thank you,

Ohhhh my wallet is. 1BeBftL7BrP4bqmFmVJHtpfG7K9qVHfyJa
7  Economy / Lending / Re: ★[No Collateral]★[No Interest]★ Offering Micro-Loans To Everyone! on: February 23, 2015, 08:34:26 PM
Hi, this is my first post, and I'm new to bitcoin and was wondering if I could get a micro loan

Loan Amount :  any amount ( preferably .05 or so)
Reason           : interested in the bitcoin process for a macro economics report I'm writing (how viable)
BTC Address  :  1BeBftL7BrP4bqmFmVJHtpfG7K9qVHfyJa
Term Length  : 5-7 days

I understand this is going on a limb as I have no real collateral, I could write a custom Minecraft pocket edition script if you'd like, though that really doesn't have any intrinsic value, I have a google play account with about 150 dollars worth of purchases I could put up as well.

All in all I'm very curious about the future of currency and just how viable this system is for transactions. Thank you.
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