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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: The whole reputation system is pure garbage on: July 12, 2023, 04:40:40 AM
This repuation system is pure garbage killing honest accounts and supporting scammers gaining trust to scam other people.
I hope you manage to get over your past relationships one day. </3

I challenge you to bring your trust feedback left for others down from it's current 3000+ to something more realistic such as say not more than 500 (preferably less than 400 as I have done) that only include a reference link with explanation because quite frankly your trust feedback fit this description:

And when talking about DT members....they haven't always acted in good faith
I'd prefer more feedback than less, especially with cycling DT members. You can choose to provide greater weight to your own feedback but that would only be known to those that either frequent your feedback or know your sentiment thereof.
2  Economy / Reputation / Re: How much longer will JollyGood take to reverse his feedback? on: May 14, 2023, 05:46:15 PM
Even those proclaiming their reputation is under scrutiny because of a single neutral tag from me
If someone does claim this as the case, then clearly the neutral tag should not be removed.

In fact, such a case would demand the neutral tag's elevation to a higher status of negative feedback, in my opinion. Smiley
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Spammer Blacklist] The Shitlist on: May 04, 2023, 07:23:04 PM
How do I count your report by username? do you do it manually or is there an easier method?
I only see the last 50 reports, and sometimes I report a larger number before the moderators act. That statistic is almost useless to me for anything other than the final number and percentage of reported accuracy.
Unsure what the question is. If asking for number of reports for a given username on the list, that is located on their trust feedback (if I have specified). If you want to track spammers from your report list, you will have to calculate that yourself. It's simple enough to copy + paste into a text file and parse each line for username + report status.
4  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Spammer Blacklist] The Shitlist on: May 04, 2023, 01:39:33 AM
I think that he was not looking directly at the quality of the posts here, but only at the number of deleted posts by the moderator.
The users on my blacklist are tagged with the number of reports I have personally submitted against them (which were marked Good). Names on the list have at least 50.
Time between posts is not entirely important. I have certainly opened multiple threads and replied concurrently before submitting on more than one occasion.

If concerned about spam or post quality, the simplest method is to open up the thread. Redundant reply or non sequitur will encompass most cases.
5  Other / Meta / Re: Report plagiarism (copy/paste) here. Mods: please give temp or permban as needed on: May 04, 2023, 01:23:59 AM
I believe it would be also useful if campaign managers would visit this thread from time to time. In case actmyname or Igebotz can't update their lists too often, managers can get their material directly from this thread.
Anyone that needs to interact with many users would find it useful to maintain their own personal lists beyond using others. External sources can be outdated, lacking in scope, arbitrary, and have a number of possible issues.

Plus it's decentralization and all that jazz.
6  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Spammer Blacklist] The Shitlist on: April 20, 2023, 11:05:55 AM
Have a feeling there are many more if anyone is in the mood to hunt.  Bedtime for me.
How surprising.

Like the mythical hydra, though I would call them anything but Legendary.
If I have received a PM for your removal request and I have not yet responded, then you should know which changes need to be made.
7  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [AUCTION] Satoris and Moonbits - both 1k bits on: January 27, 2023, 02:44:59 AM
Lot 1 - 2 @ 0.0054
8  Economy / Collectibles / Re: My Cold Keys Just Got Swiped! All Halving Sets!! on: January 13, 2023, 12:21:50 AM
All the addresses from this thread:
Most are still unswept.

Today's transactions and confirmation times (UTC)
45cb9a06f99704317087bc265fcb07c8d50bfad0fa056cc9ac31276ab8294805 1/12/2023 21:42
99af8141f3727ab748b3ccc0569d5b9176a9e59ff881a08c0259e21d8648a69b 1/12/2023 21:42
8e2e3ec125829c33aeba6c49ac1bc04bba89730272df02b42c92bbf8b9bff0ca 1/12/2023 21:42
48e19e3b04588af4550d033c372bfa800100db789e12ef28300b514bbf488608 1/12/2023 22:25
21cdb25221a81f3eaa86b1289a5d1474e6bf37329cdde762fecacc510d988670 1/12/2023 22:25
08682f74e2703ac3862d453ecb6e754f6964d403908235c2033a39fedaa75b96 1/12/2023 22:25
b99d581511a3b409e56ceda49630b7e7eae0ebfbd47d4a1158be77385e16d4af 1/12/2023 22:25
170d68bbeba10adf0455b4d75eeedf0cd3599bb51925868cfa060d60ff7877c1 1/12/2023 22:25
de7d2db733939dd8f30339b0b3295d85f577a0f42e46d017827d8ac029866a58 1/12/2023 22:35
22f69b68147633c5a80b5e3d8a6480bd6c7e4fca720d991bc6a683c6620b67a5 1/12/2023 22:35
e95f38f9d1082d3e1c8b059b4bf766dfa37d4d4f5298dbe55382247a4e9945b3 1/12/2023 22:35
2f08459244f303144a7bd5a550c76ad8c03c89f18a03dd520f4098ada7480bde 1/12/2023 22:35
b4f6903ca0b14a3fbd6b20317217029753c31cbd9a5f94c1bb2337c1edb4d83c 1/12/2023 23:07
e905b6b4983f674a387773af9905ee11bd1d09e35111f491931c4064f2032081 1/12/2023 23:07
559ed071778dd8021c1ae0c2437c2eda749f9bd2c4a487656c23fed2e30d7785 1/12/2023 23:07
68d89811c77db338b8ff7d2c6651a60c93da4023c129e5070b9314c003294057 1/12/2023 23:08
0608a89493981bed99d5c24f90124c19b0facf538ef23a73472076ff33ebc527 1/12/2023 23:15
6bc8e08b3cc9901c01f19e161d48bcb71353db550048b015785075ed41870f72 1/12/2023 23:15
671b212f25f67c10dcdf636de2a840e2128caa0d33e9890002f8092421d63a8b 1/12/2023 23:15
a0ed8fb4a63058fc4d93813b3a2d91035a8d522778be909a9de72dfe733eb38d 1/12/2023 23:15
ea8baf79641bfa8a93a6ed0a25b434506fbd13906b35e7e7e3584d8763b2d4c0 1/12/2023 23:15
f808425f7296c280f39088ebf75d765dd22b3a3460f0f89d49294e4a683b57eb 1/12/2023 23:15
2e02595294c966992b7b140c3aed4cb463e4453294fcc69d33a55f21df37dcfd 1/12/2023 23:15
20628aeb534d3e2f68d285f378a628fabdaa51988ea9e0fef3f9b48b80af0b0b 1/12/2023 23:21
25a0c11d512b072ce2b7b583293e0476d862ed8c5a73a1778c223e326ffd720a 1/12/2023 23:24
c4e8bb5386c02ac340263d5eae211606caad2de0c91b1cb76d3ee39bbd8c87b0 1/12/2023 23:24
adc61d0e9026ce9e5a66e33e641e69e292530c3c1d9b99e8c79292816b5ea1eb 1/12/2023 23:29
0.19262542 total transferred today
0.63497690 remaining on the others:
bc1qckqrmg9s4uh2qst92weyuqa2wxpzcauz5myl6t     0.00656628
bc1qckqtuffyfqkyf7eewvawq223eq9tkmjslf3jj9     0.00735510
bc1qckqz23xkhf2atx2dzufjeezwvpf269607kqesm     0.00774953
bc1qckqy5ugmq0x0eq0hryyyx0pr7nvyluetvw9yll     0.00656628
bc1qckq9glu4tv4676khkl65taxc0z6axnznc3x7d5     0.00656628
bc1qckq2epwt2k9cxlq6n9ekesxtxrzh858fef2385     0.00656628
bc1qckqdm5us0zupq32e2hrlxyxcnx952avtachmxn     0.00656628
bc1qckqwgerhr8d35htx5vz6ge4rgpp3najdw40cef     0.00656628
bc1qckqpe42lgepta0255mal8fznxncc6ejp9msxpm     0.00596302
bc1qckqp72wue827uplla2nv86p79s6gj6ldquyyff     0.00596302
bc1qckqr9rhx054lw7efdme0eladp25d9l4j0qyw0a     0.00596302
bc1qckqyyft5umj0awr7y0ypr8qzv9l3nlhl2umd0s     0.00596302
bc1qckqxdhqr26u5y8zzzmpdkpd4kcn8usl38mlnl6     0.00596302
bc1qckqx3d2npkajfucnfga7tkx2ql44rewxaec0fk     0.00596302
bc1qckqxatte90hvclkjnqmsuhczxhxuxaa6tk64ys     0.00596302
bc1qckq8ah0krlrtze7sy9mveu6snc8y0nxlcnrwxn     0.00596302
bc1qckqgwrkcvu8qu27c0hkps7jx6cnerzsr7sgkhw     0.00596302
bc1qckqglcjdy2hyk65wupnl409jwugtjf6yld5tm6     0.00596302
bc1qckqfa60vghksgm74slhfzn59xvuh5zx3y80mr8     0.00596302
bc1qckqf73fwh2rwyndsdvadyrnhqnsw7f5tjd6nga     0.00596302
bc1qckqvh54kmrptl0pk4pw7k6xljyx8grk58ctzpu     0.00596302
bc1qckqvu9nze2vfdqte9gjs8nh7ua74x8ey5rw2z8     0.00596302
bc1qckqdm356qh85xyw4pp75rrxyjy46q8c8s76emh     0.00596302
bc1qckqwzrv0yjha6tqr4kmg2mnfud7culx7ehej9a     0.00596302
bc1qckqwj9cxxfzej6xe6d6r92mt090tnnakayhq08     0.00596302
bc1qckqw6fjzpxjfsjkge9qjvzy6g0x9ejmzrn89fh     0.00596302
bc1qckq0nwz83638kmu7sqlqztmrgu3lgdzl3r48q5     0.00596302
bc1qckqylffxdr7n4x8e73d92yp404c9p6904x479r     0.00774953
bc1qckq8edpah9z9ws6edhw62d9pl4cv44k4lq7qzn     0.00774953
bc1qckqgmd95xar59x90tpsztsgy2xc8mfa5mlakwq     0.00774953
bc1qckqzxum66zarpa8lc3f2eaftm3trwsjz2dm3vc     0.00656628
bc1qckqr3c6j63glx8as3lx8mkeuj4k9yhp96ve5vd     0.00656628
bc1qckq04ft547gshtm6v2849jkqrazyeq03y69g2z     0.00656628
bc1qckqq3cyj0vk4gv04lylqeddew6fdxfmlyw5kyd     0.00774953
bc1qckqqhw6r4ure34mumhv9dgv3gflf90dqg8qccp     0.00774953
bc1qckqzcpjm6ftwk0yngg43ggjfw84spswqzyeza8     0.00774953
bc1qckqyzp2a2fttg69hm3xwk7pzhmksar5l0k52dt     0.00774953
bc1qckqymxsa0nh5yz28dkjyzhdv6r9n3stdpq8x9e     0.00774953
bc1qckq8qghcfgrfydeajkgg2evzu5kxlp9pvkq3yx     0.00774953
bc1qckq86vxxrlqf33m0dm80p66z2lmasd5vmmrt5x     0.00774953
bc1qckqgdf53lc6rglrfl4zn9puwar526sc9kh0t4w     0.00774953
bc1qckqfgtk3e7exrqkmnu292pl6lumvsvptspq234     0.00774953
bc1qckqtks4rf9z68khtprg9mddqslll3x4885r3kt     0.00774953
bc1qckqv7dsyhqklg2dc7jvmu6fvcfe95m9n83keqy     0.00774953
bc1qckqwzymjf9a9yajm9sk628n0l99mp8sx3yrqw8     0.00774953
bc1qckqtdrj29jddvhq885v3z9x2vm6yj8nagjem8y     0.00774953
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bc1qckqppagh64ag4wz2tc5p9x5nsapzd8uw5xfu6a     0.00735510
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bc1qckqy4mmz0z05j6dfv795xt0ggcxkcg24n0s8vv     0.00774953
There are still other unlisted collections.
9  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: December 30, 2022, 10:25:45 PM
I don't leave trust anymore unless I PERSONALLY took a large risk on buying without escrow or a large dollar amount thing(s)... Sometimes I don't even bother because I don't think it's anyone else's business what I buy or sell here between parties I personally know and talk to frequently.  Roll Eyes

One adjustment I can think of - (maybe 3 lol) - Ratings - Have a buy/sell/trade option that's mandatory to tick off - or if it's just "General Feedback" too maybe?
I always do neutral feedback if I feel a need to leave a rating for a trade that doesn't deserve a "brand of trust".

Neutral trust is the beach umbrella I lug around to contain 80% of the spectrum from negative to positive.
I fully trust many users, but again, folks in collectibles don't understand the full implications of adding green trust to people for a deal or two. On one hand, this is how the trust system should be used, but oto, the new way it works is flawed. We should think about making a rule where people like this need 3+ green trusts or something, maybe based on number of prior posts or rank maybe?
More liberal use of positive trust = more positive trust dilution... it'll reach an equilibrium and balance itself out... maybe.

It was bound to happen when theymos adopted the cycling DT system: DefaultTrust isn't what it used to be - the handpicked 'trusted' list by theymos - which is a (good? bad?) thing. There should, however, be a more gentle welcome to the forum than the steep learning cliff with an overhang you have to climb over.
10  Other / Meta / Re: AI writing messages on on: December 30, 2022, 10:09:54 PM
Bear in mind that ChatGPT has a limited general use when directing through prompts.

Given a non-zero-shot set of prompts, catered to BCT, you could very easily create an engine for post generation. Though, it is magnitudes more expensive than GPT-3 Davinci (if you're paying). If you had enough resources, though, you could easily sidestep the OpenAI cluster and try to use other models (e.g. EleutherAI).
11  Other / Meta / Re: AI writing messages on on: December 02, 2022, 02:39:35 AM
Do you think anyone can use this G-OpenAI platform to write posts in bitcointalk forum, and is there a way to detect this?
Maybe we need to have some kind of detector for text written by bots, but I often think that some people are worst than AI after I read their posts  Tongue
You would probably need to insert the thread history as a contextual basis if you wanted consistency. I mentioned use of GLTR in a previous thread.

You can tell from the prose whether a writer is human or not. Though, from some of the higher-end side, it is quite pleasant to read. Maybe it's low-effort, but if someone were to generate and pick out interesting AI-generated content as a substitute to writing compelling responses (i.e. prompt-writing vs. exhaustive creation) that would be far better than most things posted out there. An interesting question to raise is whether it could be construed as plagiarism. And subsequently, what changes would be necessary to transform it into an independent derivation, if any at all?*

* consider if this post was AI-generated (in any capacity)
12  Other / Meta / Re: Find Your True Rank! on: December 02, 2022, 02:20:23 AM
Clever use of anchors.

Wish you would've used a difference of several months or years when it came to dates! I couldn't even make an estimated guess on merit deployment Grin
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: scamming $10,000 USD [Careful not to bet in their casino!] ❗ on: November 29, 2022, 11:17:33 AM
It's allowed unless multiple accounts are used for "nefarious purposes". It's unclear what kind of purposes those are, but if a player isn't sure about it or has doubt if what he plans to do is acceptable behavior, he should have asked the casino. OP didn't do that. He assumed it was OK to open multiple accounts to bet above limits set on his older accounts.
While I regard the new account creation, liberal interpretation of rules and of the limits as willful negligence, using such vague terms in ToS as an umbrella to seize funds is simply too charitable.

I would consider the disregard of betting limits to be under the umbrella of "nefarious" if using the word to its extremes. Frankly, the word nefarious should be replaced altogether.
Though perhaps a simple, "you are limited to $XXXX for sports bets," doesn't encapsulate Rollbit's intent enough. Instead, they should have written, "you, the person behind the computer and creator of this account are limited to $XXXX for sports bets, and should not create any new accounts to bypass this limit."
14  Other / Meta / Re: What’s wrong with Gambling Discussion board on: November 29, 2022, 10:16:47 AM
he problem with it is there's a ton of vague posts there that if you aren't familiar with the sport might seem legitimate. For example, I don't watch basketball, and have no clue about it.
That's not much of a problem, as even those who don't watch any sport can simply post play-by-plays or retell the points and events of a game.

Discussion posts lead to vague, general, redundant responses.
Sports threads look similar to the current spam function of the Press board.
15  Other / Meta / Re: Not Your Keys Not your Coins Banner Needed Everywhere? on: November 12, 2022, 05:53:04 PM
It may save few people for sure but instead of banner can we have a child board for all the important things?
Important Announcements
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: BEWARE OF BINANCE P2P on: November 12, 2022, 05:43:07 PM
It even sounds stupid: I lost all my funds because I copied and pasted a name and a number in the chatbox without specifying anything else, buyer recklessly deposited instead of asking for confirmation or even realizing that the names in the payment method and the chatbox didnt even match [...] Binance is acting like "bank" but without wanting to be a bank, they are actually worst than a bank, I have never seen a bank giving funds to someone that deposited to a wrong account, binance however can do it.
Imagine the situation from outside your perspective.

You post an offer. A user accepts the offer.
You paste down a name and phone number in the trade. The user proceeds with the transaction using that information.
Binance probably sees nothing wrong with what the user did - in fact, you're the one that looks shadier here!
That might not be the truth, but those are the optics for whatever support agent handled your case.

You did get conned, but that's why trading platforms demand stringent caution.

Here's how someone in your situation could have been a legitimate scammer with your grievances:
Fake those third-party message logs requesting c&p, either beforehand with a sockpuppet account or afterward with image tools/imitation apps, to an account you control.
Create a trade offer with your original information, but message your trading party the details from the logs.
Pretend that you got scammed to Binance support to get your crypto back after the trade.
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: scamming $10,000 USD [Careful not to bet in their casino!] on: November 11, 2022, 07:36:49 PM
That is not the point. I confirmed multiple times if multi-accounting was fine & it was.
On a normal site that doesn't allow multi-accounting, I will accept this and leave their platform. On Rollbit tho, it was fine to replace an old account with a new one to get better limits. Which I have repeated like 25 times now.
This is important: in what way did they confirm that multi-accounting was fine?

Was it perhaps that multi-accounting was fine... but only for the website in general?
Or did you specifically ask about sportsbetting? If a casino tells you, "don't do this," and you create a new account for that purpose, is that okay?

If you simply asked vague questions multiple times, then you'd get vague answers - which may coalesce into a specific truth you don't like.
18  Other / Meta / Re: Converting Bitcointalk to a decentralized Forum (Non-technical explanation) on: November 11, 2022, 07:20:33 PM
I guess for a community that talks about how much they love cars, it works better.
Have you seen the bloodthirsty animals that plague the forum? Ever hear the mantra, "Jaywalkers deserve death," echoed by much of the anti-zebra coalition?
Unlike the analog universe, where you can simply choose to exit a conversation with a dedicated idiot or shill, would you not have to choose between sorting through enormous bloat (without fees) or extreme new/unknown-user segregation? A concession for newbies is multiplied by several magnitudes for malicious spammers. The value-based filters will target both bloat and unrecognized users: if you want to see or merit new-user activity, you will need to tackle an ungodly amount of spam, effectively becoming a voluntary moderator (but only for what sections you deem important).

It's an interesting premise but isn't the capacity of spam too high?
19  Other / Meta / Re: Could This Help To Reduce Spam? on: November 11, 2022, 06:47:41 PM
There's already an "Activity penalty" if enough posts get deleted. The next step is a ban. I don't think most spammers care about Merit or Activity anyway. And not all deleted posts are bad, such as scam warnings while waiting for a post to be deleted.
Correct, though I'm pointing toward reported offenses that have been deleted. For enough posts to be deleted where someone does get an activity penalty, it would have to include all of their posts within that activity period. An easy workaround is to make a simple post in an off-topic board with a barely-passing reply - it shouldn't be deleted, and reserves activity.
There are still dozens of users out there that will consecutively post absolute rubbish one-liners. You don't even have to look for long to have enough reports to take up an hour's worth of time submitting. Bitcointalk is an orchard of low-hanging fruit.
20  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [AUCTION] Lealana 2020 and 2017 Monero Mixed Lots - 7 LOTS!!!! on: November 11, 2022, 03:12:43 AM
Moon Arrow!

Lot 4: .002BTC
Lot 5: .002BTC
Lot 6: .002BTC
Lot 7: .002BTC
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