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1  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 20, 2014, 10:38:46 PM
I just want the company to either succeed or fail on it's own merits.

It already has failed on its own merits....

As for your last post trying to sling more mud at BG, it makes absolutely no freaking sense.  You are becoming the main troll/spammer.
2  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 16, 2014, 04:53:46 PM
Has anyone actively given Shawn your personal information.  I know we have speculated it is not illegal to buy shares, but have we verified this?

This is the information he is asking from me:

We would like to know more about your investment with Ken Slaughter and Active Mining Corporation(“AMC”).

If you could provide the following information it  would be greatly appreciated:

-          Date shares were purchased
-          How and where were the shares were purchased –
-          What convinced you to buy  shares in AMC
-          Who provided information to you regarding the investment
-          What evidence of purchase do you have, documents, etc.
-          Did  you review any offering materials before purchasing shares
-          Are you an accredited investor
-          Any additional information you can supply regarding what you were led to believe about Ken Slaughter, AMC or the investment, including any untrue statements
-          Your contact information, address, phone, etc.
3  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 12, 2014, 03:39:51 PM
He needs to remain silent.  He told me.  He is optimistic for the future of the company.

I officially have no words for the amount of stupid you are.
4  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 09, 2014, 12:13:52 AM
Ahhh, this thread never ceases to amaze me.

I only want information on what the MSD instructions are... What the fuck are you all doing?

the misery this thread has descended into is utterly astounding.

do none of you have anything better to do? Some of you are writing on here in such a continuous stream that it seems you have no life other than to sit on this thread and write nonsense all fucking day long.


Get out a here FFS and get on with it, this is a done deal.

There is no official ruling yet.  Will probably take a while for it to even get started.
5  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 08, 2014, 08:16:26 PM
There is something fishy going on with the ActM Thread account.  The use of opinionated language is in contrast to the agreement the mods had.  Contrary to what some believe, I don't delete all the posts I'm given credit for.  There are also silent moderators who I have given the passwords to who asked me to remain anonymous and will continue to be so.  Yes, I moderated with a heavy hand and would instantly delete all posts from all accounts that had been previously banned.  Minerpart and his many guises, bitlind and others are just the start of a long list of butthurt and revengeful posters who I would instantly delete.
I would also delete the occasional post from regulars such as DTS's incessant whining 'sky is falling posts', or knybe and his FTFY posts which added nothing to the conversation. Oh that and the tens and even hundreds of trolls posts that would happen every single day, so as to provide shareholders with a thread that was at least readable.

I've had another mod contact me to say they are also locked out and I wonder if that means Ken is also locked out of his own thread?

The ActM Thread posts from earlier today, using language like,  ' out of his mind', 'rapid onset insanity', 'Or God help you Kenneth E Slaughter', 'ActM Thread out', 'come then friend let us moderate', are a worrying development and suggest the account has been hacked and is now under the control of those who are set on causing further harm to ActiveMining.

Just stop posting man.
6  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 08, 2014, 02:08:12 AM

Things have officially changed in regards to the moderation of this thread. Zumzero is clearly out of his mind.


ActM Thread Moderators

Good on you mods.

@Zum, I seriously can't wait until this all finally burns down and your get ostracized as you should be.

I have accepted it, I have losses in excess of 300 BTC.  I will provide any information to the US govt in attempt to get even a fraction of this back.
7  Economy / Securities / Re: A Bump in the Road on: June 05, 2014, 03:50:12 PM
What is happening is not a "bump in the road".

For over a year, there has been a pattern that has repeated. That pattern involves a lack of news, being told to wait for the upcoming big announcement.  Then the anouncement that comes is a grand disappointment.

We may never know if Ken, at the start was sincere and believed he could do what he said he wanted to do.
All we know is that despite his claims to have 30 years in business, he has not really ever been successful with any of his businesses, and that he has had a pattern of failures and bad decisions in regard to Active Mining/VMC.  He also has had complaint in regard to a cable/data company he ran previous to VMC.

Given Ken's track record with ActM/VMC, there is absolutely no reason evidence to show that this company has any possibility of being successful. In fact, the evidence suggests that whatever Ken's original motivations and intentions, it is now being run like a classic confidence scam.

Ken has indicated to me in PM, that he believes that the amount that will be paid in settlement to shareholders has already been agreed upon and established with finality.  That is a lie.

I contacted Jason Kander's office at 1-800-721-7996 and was told that it has not yet been determined what and how much and according to what formula will be paid to shareholders.

The impression that I have gotten from Ken and from his lawyer's press release (link below) is that Ken feels he should only pay the original investors, and then only the dollar amount of the value of the shares  at the time of the first IPO, plus 8% interest.  That would leave anyone who bought shares from any of the exchanges after out in the cold. My contention is that Jason Kander's office does not understand bitcoin, and we need to contact him and share our opinions and experience with him and his office and his investigators.

Further, I am sure Ken will set up some high bar to prove that you bought at first IPO.

My opinion is that ActM will not survive this little bump. Ken will try to hide any and all assets from ActM. Ken is not an honest man and anyone here who still has faith in him and trusts him is foolish. We each should contact Jason Kander's office and politely share what information we have. We should also suggest that we want payment in Bit, or at the value of bitcoin at the time of the cease and desist order and not the value of bitcoin at the time of the first IPO.

Kander's office has heard from Ken's lawyer but has not heard from many of us.

My further opinion is that all assets from ActM should be assessed and once a value place on them all, and a punitive fine added to that, and then that number should be divided by the total number of shares not owned by Ken or any member of the Slaughter clan.  And, the payment should be made based upon that calculation.

ActM should not be allowed to continue under Ken's control. Ken should be put into a situation where he is unable to start shady businesses ever again.

Please call Kander's office  1-800-721-7996. Tell whomever answers that you are a sharehold in Active Mining and would like to speak to the financial investigator.

For those of you who believe that somehow, talking to the Secretary of State of Missouri has ruined your chance of being a millionaire, you are foolish. Ken by his own mismanagment, intentional or due to incompetence, brought this upon himself. If we do not educate Kander's office on the situation, Ken's lawyer will be the major source of info regarding Bitcoin and we will lose out.

From the Press Release:

"Mr Sheppard added, "Bitcoin have recently received substantial credibilty when DirecTV agreed to accept Bitcoins as payment."

Uhh, wasn't it DISH?
8  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 04, 2014, 03:24:44 AM

-Will the company continue?

-Why is the company in a good position?

Yes, this is just a bump in the road.

is dividend on the way?

you said those who tendered to actm during bitfunder closure notice, will get the dividends when listed somewhere else, those who didn't tender will lose out on dividend.
i remember this Smiley

so pay dividend, and then list those remaining shares?

No dividend is going to be paid!

Active Mining will have to use non-investor funds to pay a fine of up to $100,000 this will have to come from
the mining account only.  The balance in the mining account will used to fund operations.

maybe he means the currently mined coins, and/or pay over time.
if not , then sad.

Why would this be a good thing?  This is exactly what he is going to do (use the mined coin) - except they are not his to use for his fuck ups!  The only reason he has those boards is because of US, the investors!
9  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 03, 2014, 09:47:34 PM

Calm down.  I'm expressing an opinion.  It is not invalid because you don't share it.  it is my own and 100% honestly how I feel.  If you can believe that I am getting paid, God only knows what other shite you are capable of believing in.

I strongly believe if we were to make a poll a good 90% of responders would feel that you are either

A) intentionally writing rosy, misleading BS
B) payed by Ken in some way
C) just plain old crazy with ridiculous expectations in the face of utter failures.

Latest example in how you make grand statements with absolutely zero evidence and contrary to recent postings:

In terms of shareholders asking for refunds there's a lot of chat but in reality it will have an absolute minimal affect on ActM.  There will be hardly any shareholders who ask for refunds and those that do will be paid, in fiat, for a pittance.
10  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 03, 2014, 09:32:36 PM
We all knew this day would come.  I'm actually glad it's here because once the dust settles we can move on with the company and continue without the MSD cloud hanging over us.  It's the same old pattern with ActM.  Suddenly we get what should be the coup de grace, we go down but don't stay down. I fact we seem to rise from the ashes a little bit stronger from the ordeal.  ActM is a remarkably resilient beast and it's my view that we'll weather this storm as we've weathered all the others that have come before.  

In terms of shareholders asking for refunds there's a lot of chat but in reality it will have an absolute minimal affect on ActM.  There will be hardly any shareholders who ask for refunds and those that do will be paid, in fiat, for a pittance.

As usual there's a whole load of melodrama, exaggeration, people talking rubbish and pulling numbers out their arses, the usual shit stirrers and trolls resurfacing and the obligatory shareholder or two who finally crack and cross to the dark side.

This time next month the share price might not reach 0.003 thanks to Bitcoin traitors but those of us who are holding for as long as it takes, we will have our day in the sun.

Cheer up you lot, it might never happen!  Smiley

Good god man, you have your head in fairy land!  Give it up!

I am starting to ponder if Ken pays you for this blind faith.  More likely you are just trying to doop new investors so you can dump shares.  I bet you already have it all planned out at what price you were going to dump X amount of shares.  Too bad the share price will never see anywhere near 0.003 you predicted "within a month."  This company is dead, end of story.  Can you not see the pattern we now know from Ken's past businesses?

I implore you to take a few minutes and just read what you have posted over the last few months, and my question is to you - why are you always so freaking positive and only see the rosy side of this godforsaken mess?  I am being serious.  I mean just a few days ago you said "
Mark my words and someone please post my quote within a month when shares are trading at 0.003+ because I'm not the 'I told you so' kind of guy."  Where do you get this insane confidence in Ken from?

And Zum, I would like to see how you can spin the multitude of past businesses failures and liquidations Ken has been apart of into a positive.
11  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 03, 2014, 06:30:57 PM
The situation and how it progresses from here is pretty clear if you think about it. Ken will be instructing his lawyer to make sure everything is done to protect his own personal  interests and assets.  This means that Ken's lawyer is now being paid by Ken using our money to protect Ken from our lawsuits and claims. Funny huh?

Not only is Kens TOP priority his own interests (isn't that the same for everyone?) he will also want to close ACTM down as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. That will mean he has to, foremost, abide by the MSD ruling on reimbursement. He must then tackle the pre-order refund issue. Once he gets as far down that road as possible by exhausting company savings (75% of the mining coins are going to the MSD) the company will go into liquidation and Ken will wrap it up so that he as ex-CEO has no responsibility for the company's liabilities.

Sure Ken could potentially be sued by investors and a claim could be made on his personal assets eg his house and savings but if he acts like a CEO and fills in the correct forms he will protect himself as best he can from a successful claim on his personal assets. By the way behaving like a responsible CEO in the courts eyes would involve saying things like 'the company is in a great position and very strong'. That is PR. If he said 'the company is struggling, about to fold' he could be accused of undermining share performance and not doing his best for shareholders. So no matter how bad things are a CEO is usually expected to say positive things in public.

So right now Ken's lawyer will be focusing on protecting his client as any good lawyer does while this company is wound down.

What does Ken get out of this closure? Well you would think getting out of this mess with no financial liabilities and retaining his personal assests (in effect making nothing for his efforts over the past 12months) would be a good result right now. He is facing massive fines, individuals lawsuits, a class action suit. Closing the company (properly and legally) would for anyone I think seem to be the best option.

Is there anything else? Well you might not believe this but be cynical for a minute, almost every start-up CEO when they can get away with it will take some profits for their back-pocket. It's natural, it's simply self-preservation especially when you don't know if the company will make it past year 1. You would do it so why hasn't Ken? Well I think the lack of accounts and the ability to easily move BTC would say he definitely has a large number of coins somewhere. He could have 500, or 200. Both are significant amounts and will be worth a lot of money in a few years. He may have taken the coins underhanded or he may have paid himself the money as wages. Either way it's his coin now and nothing we can do about it. So put yourself in his position and think, what you would do?

Situation - 2-500 coins in the bank, a company facing huge fines and court cases, very little company savings.

It's more than obvious where this is going.

Well it looks like he has successfully done this with 3 or so previous companies, so I guess we can say he has the experience.

Good lord what a shit fest.

Keep in mind, this is a State investigation.  It does not clear Ken from a potential federal investigation which would be a lot worse.

I think the possibiilty of the SEC getting involved is almost a certain.  They just went after Erik Voorhees, ACTM is now fully on the radar and a state is already involved.
12  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: June 03, 2014, 05:32:48 PM
Oh yea of little faith.

Mark my words and someone please post my quote within a month when shares are trading at 0.003+ because I'm not the 'I told you so' kind of guy.

13  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: April 12, 2014, 03:37:01 AM

Bravo Ken.  You really have won me back.  Shares are next but I think we really should wait for colored coins.  

And not to troll... but doesn't anyone have a decent camera to take better video?!  It would  be awesome to see a complete walk-though in HD

Would you allow say me, an investor, to come in and shoot a video with proper equipment?
14  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Coindesk malware hijacked? on: April 11, 2014, 05:03:29 PM
What AV and OS are you on?

EDIT: it looks like you are using coindesk DOT us  the correct URL is

Feel free to report to google:
15  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: April 01, 2014, 06:21:10 AM

I requested a refund 3 months ago, you eventually sent me a cheque but my bank returned it because you did not sign it. I have emailed you via the store and via PM here. I need you to update my address detals and reissue the refund cheque ASAP.

Please contact me to confirm the details.

This is not the first person to say that this has happened.  That article also described another person in a similar situation.  

Ken, why is this happening?

Im not trying to start another trollfest but it seems suspicious.
16  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: March 31, 2014, 05:08:37 AM
Ken you are starting to give me hope!
17  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated] on: March 21, 2014, 10:36:33 PM
Everybody who is concerned should log on to and check their transaction history.  I know the website wasn't allowing logins a few weeks ago but now it does.  Go login and take a screenshot of your transfer to AMC-TENDER.  Might as well take any other screenies you may need now too.

Screenshots likely wont help you.  You need to be able to sign the address associated with your bitfunder account to prove ownership.  This is assuming we ever get our shares back.
18  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Post your censored concerns from the moderated ActiveMining threa on: March 21, 2014, 07:52:23 PM
So I just posted this reply (bolded) and it was deleted:

The proper quote here is "VMC is getting ready to start selling in stock bitcoin mining cards."  No mention of which company has them in stock.

And no mention of what 'getting ready' implies or how many cards we will have in stock. For all we know this sentence may mean Ken has pre-ordered 2 Monarch cards from BFL and intends to sell them on. It would be a factually correct statement, just like the statement on having 'shipped product' was factually correct.

This Mod or whoever it is is an ASSHOLE. That is a legitimate point. Ken says very very vague things which have proved to be deliberately misleading. He has done this many times. I point out he could be doing it again and it's deleted. THIS MOD/THEY ARE ACTING LIKE CULT FOLLOWERS. Deleting legitimate questions is just shameful.

EDIT - reposted and deleted again. I'll keep re-posting this until I get banned. Had enough of these pricks.

EDIT - it was deleted because it quoted a 'Troll account'? So how do we know who is and isn't a Troll? Who TF is theMiracle? It wasn't a Troll post.

Well apparently according to zumzero I am a troll.

Seems like anyone who asks legitimate questions is instantly labeled a troll.

Anyone can look at my history and see I have been a long member here - I'm no troll.

The trolls are these mods.

@kleeck - patiently waiting for your findings, thank you.
19  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Post your censored concerns from the moderated ActiveMining threa on: March 21, 2014, 06:27:43 AM
So apparently it wasn't zumzero deleting my posts but one of the "8 other mods" I "pissed off"

Hey, mysterious mods.... what did I say to piss you off?

And zumzero how am I trolling?  Please see the above deleted posts in which I was asking what chips are these.... ie are they activemining chips or not!

... this is trolling?

20  Economy / Securities / Re: [ActiveMining] Post your censored concerns from the moderated ActiveMining threa on: March 21, 2014, 03:19:57 AM
Whoever it is they need to stop hiding behind the silk screen and speak up why legitimate questions are being deleted.

Again, I want to point out to everyone that everything is being recorded here:
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