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3041  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling. Is It Wrong? on: December 20, 2015, 03:04:58 AM
Gambling isn't wrong. If you get addicted to it, that is wrong. Gambling itself is a part o life so nothing is wrong with it and it's a part of our daily life. The only thing that makes it look bad is the money involved in it and when people abuse it in the wrong way.
3042  Economy / Speculation / Re: The Christmas 2015 Bubble on: December 20, 2015, 02:59:19 AM
If by Santa you mean Russian pyramid schemer Sergey Mavrodi, then you may be correct sir!
This is going to be like Mt Gox in slow motion.

I saw Sergey Mavrodis' MMM is promoting big % of profit in a short period of time for also big amount deposits bu their community is having a hard time controlling the people to keep the flow because of them are all greedy.  Undecided I don't think Sergey is the reasonbehind this, there must be a different santa out there. Grin
3043  Economy / Lending / Re: Is it possible to get a 0.25 unsecure loan? on: December 19, 2015, 07:25:55 AM
The OP last logged in less then 24 hours ago and has posted since he got his loan. This at least means he has not abandoned his account since getting his loan, however not responding to PMs is probably not a good sign (if this is the case). 

I'm gain stating here that I have no intention on defaulting on the loan and scam a really nice guy who gave me a loan despise of not having a collateral. I value trust more than anything and I am not here to ruin my life beliefs just for the coins that I can get in over some time.

I just received a message from blazed today. Smiley
3044  Economy / Gambling / Re: Is 4 real? on: December 17, 2015, 01:25:03 AM
You probably have to wadger a lot in order to get that "bonus".

Yes, the wager requirement for our current bonus is 888x. It's displayed on the "Bonus Information" page on your account. There are users who unlock it but it's not too often as you'd expect but it is doable.

Just a question, I registered in someones referral but I didn't receive the "bonus" jadecoin in my account but I am currently playing with the 13 btc no deposit bonus. My question is where is the jadecoin?

I am currently at 0.2% I think in unlocking the bonus. Can't you make it a bit more easier please? LOL. Grin
3045  Economy / Digital goods / Re: WTB Bitcointalk account on: December 17, 2015, 01:21:02 AM
I have a pot. full member account. Current rank is newbie so you will need to post atleast 110+ post to reach full member. No trust feedbacks and post quality can't be determined as it's only a newbie with few post. If you are interested kindly send me a pm, if not then disregard this. Thanks!
3046  Economy / Auctions / Re: 168 Activity FULL MEMBER ACCOUNT on: December 17, 2015, 01:19:01 AM
Bid 0.052 btc
if auction ends is never, how to i know who is the winner auction, its this auction running until bid 0.07 btc ? -_-

OP didn't state when the auction will end but ai think you guys don't need to bid until 0.07 to end the auction. That would be ridiculous. The last bidder will won the auction I think after a 24-48bhour period from the last bid, it is safe to say that the last bidder has already won.
3047  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC going up for 500$ again ? ::) on: December 17, 2015, 01:15:19 AM
We might reach $500 by christmas with the current stable price of btc as of bow. I'm not sure tho if it will still be stable after the holiday season but surely next year the halving effect will start and might also pump the price.
3048  Economy / Services / Re: campaigns accepting neg trust? on: December 17, 2015, 01:13:44 AM
Nah, I don't see any other campaigns that accepts negged account to participate other than yobit. You can't expect that a high paying campaign will accept a negged account because you see the reputation of the participant might stain also the reputation of the service they are campaigning so maybe that's why they don't accept negged accounts. Your best choice is yobit.
3049  Economy / Web Wallets / Re: I lost my Blochchain's email what i supposed to do ? on: December 16, 2015, 02:22:06 AM
Email Authorization Required in order to enter the wallet but i dont have my email details no more..
I can log in without email !


Say goodbye to your coins. This is why web wallets can't be trusted in storing big amount of coins. Next time set your wallet backups and be more careful with your wallet.
3050  Other / Archival / Re: Do you think bitcoins will disapear or become unused? on: December 16, 2015, 12:13:44 AM
Probably not. Bitcoin is yet in it's development state. It has so much more to go through and just look at the rising rate of the people who uses bitcoin.
3051  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin 'real money' to you? on: December 15, 2015, 02:42:05 PM
Well bitcoin has the characteristics of a currency and has value so yes for me it is. The only difference between fiat and BTC for me is that fiat has a physical item while bitcoin is somewhat more digital and advance.
3052  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: [4+ BTC INVESTED] ☆ GetBitcoin247 ☆ 14.68% Daily, 2x in 7 Days ☆ 5% Affiliate ☆ on: December 15, 2015, 04:06:32 AM
Lol, this thread is full of newbs claiming they got paid. also with the same format of posting their "txn hash". OP do you actually believe people will believe in this? Grin
3053  Economy / Speculation / Re: $1k in january on: December 14, 2015, 11:29:01 PM
I rather like to see the price aroun $500 - $600 on January that an immediate spike at $1000. I see that if the market price suddenly spike the result will be a sudden fall down so I think we should just take it slow and make it stable before the halving.
3054  Economy / Services / Re: ۩ FastDice Signature Campaign ۩ ✦Earn up to 0.075 Weekly✦ on: December 14, 2015, 11:35:57 AM
Got my voucher and already redeemed. I was expecting another detailed message with the numbers of post counted and deleted just like the first payment but anyway it's no biggie, I just like how detailed it was before lol. Thanks for the payment!
3055  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: paypal or bitcoin? on: December 14, 2015, 02:19:32 AM
The only downside of paypal for me is it's charge back option. Yes, it is necessary to protect the buyer or seller but then it can be misused with people scamming. They use the chargeback even if the deal went smooth without you knowing that your paypal is already negged. I like bitcoin because I can accept it from whoever without the risk of loosing it because it has no reversal optuon but then once you sent it to a mistaken address you can't get it back. Both has a downside but both works well also. It just depends on where I use it and to whom I receive or send the payment to.
3056  Economy / Reputation / Re: Help Regarding Negative feedbacks i got from DT members on: December 14, 2015, 01:41:37 AM

I will keep going with this (my real account ) only..
I dont like making fake and fake accounts with fake usernames !
And I also quit account TrueHari because i forgot my password but after 3 Days i again remembered the password...
But see i made account with my name only "Hariom" and "TrueHari" was my nick...

Uuh, I thought you said you already sold your account? What's with that "you forgot the password and remembered it again after three days?"

He told i m alt of TrueHari with many negs. ( But hilariousandco already knows about all that and yes i was the owner of that account ).
But as of now I sold That Account already To A Member on 27 Th November...

Your statements are unclear and I doubt that rating could be removed because what you have done can't be undone so just take it as a lesson and never start anything that would ruin your reputation here. If you really want to be trusted again, take their suggestions and be a better member of the forum and stop complaining because it's just fair for other people to see that warning in your profile because of your previous actions in here.
3057  Economy / Lending / Re: Need .05 in the next week on: December 14, 2015, 01:28:08 AM
sorry, i really don't know what to use as a collateral, and if you don't believe that's my twitter, just DM me and i'll reply. Anyways, can you at least give me an idea for a collateral?
Please read the rules here:

and here is a list of valid collateral:
What is considered collateral?

Collateral is something that can easily be resold to cover the loan value plus interest should the loaner default on the loan.

- The best collateral is another crypto-currency, such as Litecoin (also written as LTC).  Coins must be moderately traded on multiple exchanges.
- Some digital wares such as domain names can be considered as long as the user cannot recover it.
- Small valuable items that can be shipped though the mail - i.e. gold, silver, iphones, etc.
- Large items, such as a motorcycle or guitar can be used if you live close to the person giving you the loan.  Try

What is not considered collateral?

- Items not in hand.  Don't trust a user that promises to give you something *when* they default!  Tracking numbers only show something has been mailed - it could be an empty box.
- Future income.  You can prove you'll make xx coins in the next few days, but nothing forces you to send those coins to pay your debt.
- Identification.  So what if they can prove who they are.  Are you going to spend more money and time taking them to court on untested legal grounds?  You'll probably just walk away, like everyone does.  ID is useless.
- Games codes or similar.  To verify the collateral you need to use the code, which destroys the collateral.  Consider this a purchase, not a loan.  (Post in Digital Goods instead)
- Most new alt-coins or alt-coins that trade for satoshis are not good collateral as they can become worthless overnight.
- Paypal should never be used - they are anti-bitcoin and will rule against you 100% of the time.  Escrow can't even help, as paypal charge backs can come over 6 months later!
- Most valuable online accounts can easily be recovered by social engineering (the user contacting support to say they were hacked, and regain control of the account)  Examples:  Steam
Also this is what is meant for escrow just incase you will need one.

When should you use Escrow?

 - Never send collateral directly to a low activity/post account offering you a loan, as they are likely to take your coins and disappear. (Collateral Scam)
 - Use only "Hero Members" or "Legendary Members" for escrow - they have a vested interest in the community with the time they have spent here.
 - Do not use a third party escrow service unless hero members can vouch for it - it's too easy to create a website, do a few escrows then disappear with a big balance.  Rinse and repeat.
- A list of trusted escrows can be found here:

As a newbie in here you cannot request any amount of loan with just a promise of words if you can't provide a collateral. Your reputation on other site where you claim that you have already repaid 5btc has no effect in your reputation here so that can't be considered as a proof that you are indeed to pay your loan request.
3058  Economy / Reputation / Re: Help Regarding Negative feedbacks i got from DT members on: December 13, 2015, 03:52:43 PM
Eucamobi is the one on the DT who gave you a red not mexxer. Anyway, I think that is the bad side of selling an account in here. The account will be linked to you no matter what and whatever the new owner of that account does will be linked to you. You need to provide some kind of proofs that the account is no longer in your position. Someone can easily say that they no longer hold an account with a bad reputation even if they do so most of people in here would not easily be swayed with just your words.
3059  Economy / Gambling / Re: Is 4 real? on: December 13, 2015, 03:46:51 PM
Hy guys. I recently found a casino called I thought it was pretty strange they offer as a bonus for registering about 13.5 BTC.
Anyone using this site? is it for real=?

The bonus needs a wager requirement tho. The guy FruitBasket was offering a $0.25 reward for using the site under his referral so I tried it. I didn't fully understand the site tho. Any feedbacks would really be appreciated. If the 13 BTC can generate profit then maybe this site can be profitable. Cheesy
3060  Economy / Services / Re: ۩ FastDice Signature Campaign ۩ ✦Earn up to 0.075 Weekly✦ on: December 13, 2015, 03:35:33 PM
Ouch, rates went down Sad but I should be Hero Member soon so they will go up again Cheesy

I don't really see the difference of the previous rates to the new one. The price didn't went down so bad so I guess it's only fair. Smiley
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