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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 WNBA Discussion and Betting on: September 26, 2023, 11:25:06 PM
Game 2. Let's go.

1st game will be starting in 40 minutes. New York Liberty versus Connecticut Sun. This is a must-win for Liberty for they want to be in a position where they will be having trouble trying to climb back and tie the series. 1-1 is the ideal score because 0-2 could lead to a sweep and they want to be cornered like that. So, they should win this but I hope the over will also be hit. I think 159.5 is low so they can take care of it.

Las Vegas Aces on the other hand might get this win one more time. With their rank in the WNBA, I bet they can also make a sweep against the Dallas Wings. But we will see. My over though seems impossible but if the Wings can answer back the offense being thrown by the Aces then it might be covered.

Good luck everyone.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Credit card gambling fuels gambling addiction on: September 26, 2023, 10:22:32 PM
Is it really just gambling? IMO, it fuels everything. Shopping addiction, drugs, and unwise spending. Credit card is the root of evil for the irresponsible. Grin
I have seen way too many people who are in debt because of their credit cards and they are not even gambling but all of the money is going to their brand-new smartphones, appliances, and more as long as the credit limit can handle it.
And, even if we use gambling addiction to attack these banks to stop the credit card thing, that won't happen. This is the type of business they are into, and I do believe rich people like having this kind of stuff because they can buy anything they want without having any trouble bringing any cash.

Gambling addiction can be from anywhere but I guess you are right that credit cards can be the start of that. Because every deposit is just one swipe away.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [WARNING] Crypto casino scam on teh move again. on: September 26, 2023, 01:59:14 PM
This is a common scammers formula and it very clear and easy to detect their scheme,  why should you trust anyone through pm,  most especially in cases where they contact you first?

This is a clear case of scam that should be easily detected unless for the greedy ones who may want to try out their luck in such manner,  but thank goodness ops is warning us beforehand and we should take caution with offers that come through pms.
That's their target actually, the greedy ones. Those who are in bad need of money or those who had enough on their losing streak. They are weak and can easily be manipulated since they are not thinking straight anymore. All they want is to have that one chance to win and then these guys will come out offering something that is so good to be true. Sadly, there are people/gamblers who are still biting this kind of scheme.

Telegram is filled with this kind of people and recently I also found out that Discord is also infected with the same kind of scheme. I thought I will never have a PM in Discord from an unknown dude but as I checked it today there are tons of PMs now offering the same shit.
We should assume they are everywhere now. When you join one group, they are there, when you accept one unknown friend, it becomes a chain and then there's no ending it unless you create a new account.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: There is a code that allows PayPal to freeze your crypto assets. on: September 26, 2023, 01:18:56 PM
What you said in your last sentence is the correct way to do it. Don't trust any exchange. Use them for that purpose only. An "exchange".
Remember "Not your keys, not your coins." Let's not forget that, please.
Whatever coins we hold, let's look for a wallet that supports it first because that's the only security we can have from all these scams that are happening left and right. Without that, we are prone to anything. The worst case scenario that I am imagining is your asset suddenly gone in Paypal or any exchange and they can still prove that you don't really have anything in their wallet. That will be fucked up because we cannot fight a battle against big companies like that.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Boxing Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: September 26, 2023, 12:35:44 PM
Time's so fast. So we're already in the fight week. This is still a cherry-pick opponent by Canelo but I am still watching this fight live, unlike his previous fight in Mexico. I want to see Canelo knocking out Jermell and shut his big loud mouth. Jermell will be in for a shock of his life. Canelo will disrespect Jermell's power and will march forward to land his vicious punches to the body and head.
Yeah, time is definitely fast. That fight with Ryder is still fresh in my memory. He cannot knock him out due to the fact that Ryder is one heck of a tough fighter with a heart for the sport and then Canelo's left is still hurting(hesitating). Let's see if he can use that left in the maximum power for this fight against Jermell.

Here are the odds for the upcoming match of Canelo versus Charlo.

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez - | Winner @1.25 | By KO @3.95 | By Decicion @1.67 |
Jermell Charlo - | Winner @3.85 | By KO @11.00 | By Decicion @5.20 |

Canelo is the super favorite here so those who are expecting Charlo to win this fight will definitely take home some good profits. Is anyone here who likes taking that kind of risk?
I doubt that will happen because Canelo has the experience but I like hungry players like Charlo and I think he is also confident that he will win this fight because he said this had been one of his goals in his life. It will be a hard decision for high-risk gamblers.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: September 26, 2023, 08:57:48 AM
It's a preseason opening, not as exciting as the regular season opening, but at least you can already feel that the NBA will be back soon. It's the time when we should start saving for our bankroll for the long season, and hopefully, we will end up profitable if we didn't during the last season. As a gambler, it's a test for us; having a decent bankroll will test how patient and disciplined you are in managing your money.

For gamblers, the NBA isn't exciting if there's no betting involved, so I took the opportunity to share some thoughts about betting.
Another season, another chance to make something out of it. I am not really betting so high in NBA but I'd like to see some good changes in my betting percentage of win when this season starts. It is true that we got used to making bets to enhance the entertainment factor of the game which I think is just fine especially if you are watching it every year. It's to avoid the boredom that happens for most of the NBA fans. Well, the NBA is also not hiding it, even their commentators are posting the odds before and after a game and even the over and under total and even advertising the gambling site that paid to be flashed on the screen. They know it, we know it, betting has been the norm in the sports industry today and they can also take advantage of it.

Season openers are kind of intriguing.
LA Lakers versus Denver Nuggets - teams who played the Western Conference Finals

It would be interesting if it's a regular season, but it's just a preseason, most likely star players won't play, or will only have limited minutes.

But I'm still excited though.  Smiley
It is the regular season. October 24. Check it. They will do the honor of the season tip-off.
It's not KD, but it's Book, and Klay that has a beef with each other. Well, I will not be surprised if Klay will do that 1-2-3-4 count again on his finger saying that he got 4 titles while Book has none. Cheesy Bragging rights, eh. Cheesy As for KD, and Steph, I think they're in good terms, but correct me still. I expect a high scoring game on this one considering that both these 2 teams have the best shooters the league has right now.
Yeah, just one spark may lead to Klay and Booker being in the hot zone again where they will talk trash. When that happens I want to see how Chris Paul will react. Will he choose sides or will he just be silent and stay between them and separate them? So it's a game that I won't miss since they will only meet 4 times this season.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: No KYC vs KYC enabled casinos (Facts you need to know) on: September 26, 2023, 05:08:49 AM
There are other benefits when you apply KYC to your account. Bonuses! Better promotions and more.
What you shared was given on why a gambler would accept the KYC, it's the security and avoid their funds being locked if something crazy happens. Like winning a big multi that would change your life. There's a money-laundering act so businesses like gambling platforms will abide by the rules of how much a gambler could get out without his information. It's not different with exchanges/local exchanges, they are just offering a bit of money that can be deposited and withdrawn, or else the company owner will have to answer some questions.
I don't really mind this, especially in a reputable casino because it will be their name that will be on the line if information about their gamblers leaks out.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 WNBA Discussion and Betting on: September 26, 2023, 01:58:37 AM
Do people really consistently bet on women's basketball.  It seems so difficult to try to predict.  I followed it for awhile and it seemed a lot of variance in outcomes was more the norm, at least against the spread.  Maybe it's because I watch so much nba with a lot of action that seems to hit more than often.  For people that bet, ypu just throw a bet down or do you follow things like injuries, momentum, etc.?
There doesn't seem to be any difference than betting on men's basketball as I had put several bets in the past and actually had better success betting on the womens side instead.

Was looking for some matches for tonight but noticed they weren't playing but commences tomorrow night from Sunday games.
@wheelz1200, forget about men's basketball first before betting on the WNBA.  Grin JK.
Follow injuries too especially one team's superstars. Like in the season, I forgot to check it and I bet for Washington Mystics not knowing Elena Delle Donne is injured. I think I made a bet twice without her and both lost. But before that, I won a lot of bets for them with her playing healthy.

@rdbase we are on the same results. I won more here in the WNBA than I did in the NBA when it comes to just percentage and not the number of bets because the NBA has a lot of games than them.

And yes, tomorrow morning for my timeline will be Game 2 of both series. I wish they just put 1 game every day so we won't be waiting this long.
I lost my bet for the New York Liberty but I am not giving up on them yet. For me, they are still stronger on paper but they must not underestimate the Connecticut Sun.
But, I did win the other combo so that covers the loss with some profits.
Las Vegas Aces will be difficult to defeat with so much talent on their roster. Dallas Wings will have to put all their energy into stopping them.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: casino rating on: September 25, 2023, 03:18:29 PM
Ratings can be biased because they are based on individual experiences, and we never know the credibility of the rater. The poster above is right; just check their ANN thread. If you don't see any bad feedback and the thread is active with forum members of higher ranks sharing their feedback and participating in discussions, that's an indication that they are a reputable gambling site.
In addition, casino ratings can be paid so that the casino will look credible to the eyes of the gamblers. So if you want legit and not fake ratings, visit their ANN thread so you will know how most of the gamblers have experienced playing in that certain casino. And if this casino is still credible and reputable up to these days as some ratings might be too old for us to believe.
Yes, correct. I like just reading here in the forum and members discussing their own experiences in their preferred gambling site because that is real, unlike websites that are paid to rank them.
We have our own reviews when it comes to casinos/sportsbookies and here is mine.
2. - always my next choice when I cannot find the game/sport I will bet on (reasons: late input most of the time.)
3. Bitsler

Most of the time I stop at and I can find what I am looking for.
To OP, you might want to just test these names that will be given to you by different members then create your own ratings if you want. If you still have spare time, edit the first post and share it with us too. Might be helpful someday to other members especially the new ones so they won't make an effort at creating a new thread like this. Although I believe they still will as the thread gets buried deep. That just happens normally here and they won't dig deep, creating a new discussion will be faster.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [WARNING] Crypto casino scam on teh move again. on: September 25, 2023, 01:21:10 PM
"Crooks are getting creative."  Grin So true.
But this is the first time I have heard about something like this. Directing gamblers to their gambling site so they can scam them there. For me, it's kind of difficult to make victims out of it because of trust issues but I guess the promise of 30% profits will be their ace to make it more attractive. Wise, but still I think gamblers will be doubtful especially those who first look at security.

Another story that I've heard is targeting those VIP ranks in a known gambling site. He told his story about an e-mail that he received after he just won something big and shared some of it through tips and some trivia with prizes. The content of the mail is about receiving a bonus and he was shocked because he already received the bonus for that month as a VIP. Luckily, he shared it in chat and a mod told him to check first on where the link would lead him without clicking it. There he found out that it was a hack/scam attempt that he avoided.

Truly, they are getting better at this and we must be aware of any possible scenario by sharing our own experiences or from others.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: September 25, 2023, 12:28:35 PM
Are you guys excited?

10 more days and the pre-season will start. October 5.
Dallas Mavericks will play against Minnesota Timberwolves in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Then on October 10, the Dallas Mavericks will fly to Madrid, Spain to play against the EuroLeague champions Real Madrid.

During the season, there will be 2 more games that will be played in different places and that is the Atlanta Hawks versus Orlando Magic, on November 9 in Mexico City, Mexico, and the Brooklyn Nets versus Cleveland Cavaliers, on January 11 in Paris, France.

Season openers are kind of intriguing.
LA Lakers versus Denver Nuggets - teams who played the Western Conference Finals
Golden State Warriors versus Phoenix Suns - CP3 meeting his former team and so is KD meeting his champion buddies. Do you think it will get physical?  Grin We know Booker has some heat against Klay Thompson and Steph Curry and now they are teammates with his former partner.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UFC Fight Night & Main Event: Predictions & discussion on: September 25, 2023, 11:09:31 AM
Gamrot won all because of that injury, can't call it a real win really. He will have to fight someone else above like Chandler or Dustin for his boost. It's silly of Dana to give him a title shot or a fight with Charles when he hardly won that 1st round. No athlete will count it as a win but on records yes he won the fight.

It sucks but it is what it is, he won. But it'd be silly of him to brag about it.
True. He should not brag about it but instead, look for a way to continue their fight once Rafael Fiziev is back.
About that, here is an update about his injury.
Depending on the extent of the injury, Fiziev may miss significant time, with his UFC return unlikely until sometime in 2024. “Ataman” has now lost two consecutive bouts after rattling off a six-fight win streak that carried him to precipice of UFC title contention.

Oh, and when it comes to news about UFC, Israel Adesanya became the favorite today.
Because of this.
UFC superstar Israel Adesanya pleads guilty to drink driving
Court documents show the international star was charged with driving a car on Wellesley St in Auckland Central with 87 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 50 milligrams.
Here is his apology statement.
“I want to apologise to the community, my family and my team for the decision I made to get behind the wheel after drinking at dinner,” Adesanya said in a statement provided to the Herald.
And here is what I like about him.
“I know that people might follow me and I want them to know I do not think this behavior is acceptable.”
He didn't blame anyone, he didn't hide, and he claimed the mistake and already thought about his fans "to not following" what he did. That's how popular people should act if they make a mistake because there are kids who are looking up to them. That's nice.

Anyway, August 19 was when he was caught with that offense so it's not about losing against Strickland. Just to be clear.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Do you see any value in move to earn crypto projects? on: September 25, 2023, 09:51:11 AM
I've heard of this before, it's the type of project that is promoting people to move when the pandemic hits, and then now that people are more used to staying in their house or doing all their day job work at home. When it came out, I was kind of intrigued by how the money would work but I realized that it also has a ring to a scammy attempt. This is just another pyramid scheme where people would need to invest to give something to those who came in first and then it goes on until funds start to deplete and the miserable investors will be those who are at the bottom and cannot even get back their ROI.
It's not far from the play to earn tricky games where I have invested a lot before. The only difference is, that I made sure I was one of the beta investors to make sure that I could get my ROI as early as I could. There's no assurance with this type of project in the long run. If you see profits as early as possible, take it, sell it, and then just leave something that would make it work by itself again. If it can make more then withdraw again. Don't fall in love with this because they are obviously pyramid schemes.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Boxing Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: September 25, 2023, 08:19:30 AM
This upcoming Saturday will be an exciting moment in boxing again.

Canelo Alvarez versus Jermell Charlo (12 rounds) Super Middleweight Champion Title.
When: September 30 - 8:00 PM
Where: Las Vegas - T-Mobile Arena
PPV: Showtime

Here is the whole main card.
Jesus Alejandro Ramos versus Erickson Lubin - Super Welterweight
Yordenis Ugas versus Mario Barrios - Welterweight – Interim WBC Welterweight Title
Elijah Garcia versus Jose Armando Resendiz - Middleweight

I am quite surprised that Yordenis Ugas is back because he has been gone for over a year. I thought he would continue the rest until retirement. His last fight was against Errol Spence when he tried to unify the titles but lost in the process. That was back in April of 2022. He may be a bit seasoned at 37 years old but we will see if he still has that punch.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do You Trust RNGs (Random Number Generators) in Casinos? on: September 25, 2023, 04:50:13 AM
I trust RTP (return-to-player) more than RNG. I don't believe it's random, it will depend on how much you are losing and winning. I think I have made enough bets to see why I believe in that way.
Played Keno for a long time and other casino originals games, all I see is when I am on a losing streak the game will give it back somehow, and the funny thing sometimes is it's exactly how much you need to get even or a little profit or a little loss. Then, when you continue running it, it happens again. That's not RNG for me. Because if the casino uses that kind of method (RNG) then I doubt many of us will be a bit happy about what is happening. Most of us will lose more so we might leave the gambling site and look for more which I don't think they want to happen. As much as possible, they want us to stick to the site and play even if it takes a long for them to make profits. That's RTP, not RNG.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 WNBA Discussion and Betting on: September 25, 2023, 03:21:13 AM
1/2. Ergh.

I didn't expect that much from the Connecticut Sun but they are really good. DeWanna Bonner has always been stepping up her game and doesn't stop amazing us, she just showed how confident she is with her shots and almost everything is sinking in. This is good, the competitive spirit of the New York Liberty will probably be unleashed in Game 2.
They stole game 1 but this will be a long series.

Las Vegas Aces on the other hand didn't fail my expectation of them. 14-point lead, so even those who took the -10.5 spread is now a winner. Luckily, it reached a 180 total score because I was worried when I saw the score in the 3rd quarter. It was too low that I actually surrendered my bet. Dallas Wings made 26 points in the 4th quarter which helped me reach my required amount. Wink

1 upset, and 1 favorite winner. It's getting more exciting. I still wish I could make a perfect bet in Game 2. Congratulations to you too guys.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: September 24, 2023, 11:19:31 PM
In this situation, the management is at a disadvantage because if they oblige Lillard to play and he does play, they will have to pay him his salary. However, the question remains: will Lillard still perform at the same level as he did before he demanded to be traded?

In the first place, who's the one to blame at the start? It's not new that Lillard always hoped that the team would try to improve every next season and he's vocal about that every time especially when the Blazers are being eliminated in the playoffs. The Blazers failed to surround Lillard a good role player and in fact, they aren't even making some effort to land a big fish either on trade or in the free agency.
100% true.
It's the Trail Blazers management that should be blamed here in the first place. Damian got old without even having a good team. When I say team, someone he could trust if he cannot score the ball. CJ McCollum was there, but who's next? It became easier for other teams to defend the Trail Blazers and there's just one defensive play, stop Damian Lillard. Now that he is asking for a trade, I think they should make something happen because that guy will not play like he has a goal anymore if he is just being forced to play for them.

If not, then the Trail Blazers will risk losing fans, viewership, and revenue. That's the bigger picture I see if they continue to force Lillard to play.

Generally, the home crowd is not just watching the home team literally why they paid for their tickets. If the home team is up against a top team with popular NBA players on board, expect that these people will pay for a ticket. However, expect that most games of the home team will have noticeably less audience if their record is at worst.
Yeah. I'd agree with that. That's why their management should come up with something to release him or make another move. Maybe he will still change his mind if they recruit one more good player to back him up. But the big question is who? I don't think there's anyone available out there anymore. It's too late. I don't think they will take James Harden too. Damn, their team will be filled with guards and less big men.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling all about luck? on: September 24, 2023, 10:34:00 PM
When it comes to online gambling sites, there's a system that knows how much you earned and you will feel like you are not winning anymore after you hit a good amount. It's a code, not pure luck. The system knows also how much you are losing and will give some amount that will make you a bit happy and then it gets it back again either from you or from other users if you get out and withdraw it.
So luck is based on whether the right code will be on your bet but not your own luck because you could lose it again in just one minute if you try to double it up one more time.
There's a way to escape this though, sports gambling. Bookies do not control the game, they are just there to input how much are the spreads given and the odds. Using analysis of the game we could increase our chance to win but we are not blind unlike the casino games.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Earnings on: September 24, 2023, 04:11:48 PM
That's a difficult one that you are facing but looking for a job that pays in Bitcoin is going to be a rough path. They are not considered as a currency for payment yet by most companies so you might want to stick with the normal way of how they will pay you in salary form which is either your currency or in USD if you have an American client, well, some Australians and Canadians do pay the same way too. After you are paid, just direct that money to a reputable exchange and buy Bitcoin.

About the gambling problem. I think what you are doing here is right, try to keep yourself busy in finding work then if you find one, be sure that you won't come back from the bad habit. That's the problem when we start making money, we tend to go back to our bad habits.

No one will pay you to trade, it will be your own capital because it's too risky. You cannot also find someone who will pay to market Bitcoin because it's already popular and the people who buy it are marketing it themselves/ourselves.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 WNBA Discussion and Betting on: September 24, 2023, 03:31:59 PM
Guys in 2 hours a game will start in the Semi-Finals. I am quite surprised no one has shared their bets yet. Cheesy I hope you are all okay.

Here is my pick.
1:00 AM September 25, 2023, GMT+8
New York Liberty - Connecticut Sun - New York Liberty & Over 162.5 @2.32
Yes, I am using a combo because I don't like taking the risky -7.5 only against the Connecticut Sun. This may become a close game so I'd rather take another option.
I like both teams but I do love Liberty more and when their trio clicks, it will be a big problem for the Sun.

The next game will be at 5:00 AM GMT+8
Las Vegas Aces - Dallas Wings - Las Vegas Aces & Over 174.5 @2.17
I also don't like to take the -10.5 spread for the Aces. Underestimating the Dallas Wings could be a big mistake if it becomes a close game too.

Both games are too early for my timeline so I will miss it and might just watch the replay later or the highlights.
Good luck everyone.
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