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1  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 29, 2022, 06:58:51 AM
I read something recently (in an admittedly untrustworthy source)
it would explain
More likely
Very possibily

... you're full of shit to the brim.

That's what most people said 10 years ago about my suggestions, reads, inferences, etc, concerning BTC.  I do enjoy having the last laugh, and a world full if imbeciles makes it a fairly common occurrence for me.  So, Thanks!

Classic read...


This is turning into a pretty good comedy.  Especially enjoyable is watching the reactions of the (highly vaxxed) mouth breathers who watch the mainstream media and think it's real.

'Rus', 'Russia'.  Get it?

Descendents of Varangians (Scandinavians) should raid the lands of Kievan Rus, and recover their ancestral lands. LOL.

Those soy-faggers?  LOL!  They are most of the way to extinction as it is.  *

Can you tell me one answear for a question?

Is your script from Moscow in English language or do you need to translate it from Russian first?
If it's translated before, is it written in good English or are spelling and grammar mistakes included?

He's an American that basically just believes the opposite of whatever the general consensus in America is.  In his mind, everyone else is wrong, and he's one of the few that knows the truth.  Global cooling is the greatest threat to planet, Putin is honest, Doctors/Scientists are wrong pretty much always (and if you want to know why, he has a massive word salad for you), Ukraine is evil, the fact something is reported by the media is evidence that it's fake news, etc...

2  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 28, 2022, 02:31:46 PM
ZioNazi fighters

Damn Jewish Nazis!

Makes perfect sense.

exterminating Ukrainians

Don't you think that if the goal was to destroy the population, the situation in Kiev would be much more interesting?

Where were you in March?
3  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 27, 2022, 08:35:51 PM
other versions.

Pictures from there shown the empty park place. Not enough for 1000 customers.
And there are a lot of military, not civilians.

in Kremenchug, Poltava region, the Silpo shopping and entertainment center was hit,
right behind which the Kremenchug plant of road machines is located.
Judging by the destruction of walls and pillars, the explosion itself was somewhere behind - and then from
it started a fire in the mall itself.
The mall itself is made of highly flammable materials: what some take
for the sounds of exploding ammunition can easily turn out to be a crack
from deforming structures or the sound of bursting glass.
Now, at the suggestion of Zelensky, all the world media are writing about a deliberate strike
on a civilian object, silent about the presence of strategically important objects behind the
mall itself.

How to get from the factory "right behind" the shopping center that's burning...

4  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Juneteenth....WHY? on: June 27, 2022, 03:11:36 PM
The US has presidents on its dollars, and I think that should remain the status quo.

I think president Tubman fits the status quo just like president Hamilton and president Franklin.

Harriet Tubman was not president. She was a slavery abolitionist. Perhaps you have her confused with someone else?

Probably confusing her with president Benjamin Franklin.
5  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 25, 2022, 04:33:49 PM

I'm not understanding why you have such a problem with Nazi supporters that, for the most part, exist only in your imagination, but seem to be ok with Stalin fan boys flaunting their pride out in the open.  Is it because Putin says?

Hitler and Stalin are both easily in the top 5 most evil humans in history.  So, what gives?
6  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 25, 2022, 01:55:03 AM
The degree of your detachment from reality impresses me.


Kyiv was surrounded only from three sides, and they are waiting for civilians to get out of the city to the maximum in order to minimize losses among civilians. All who do not lay down their arms will be destroyed - and it is foolish not to understand this.

In Kyiv on May 9 2022, a traditional parade will be held in honor of the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany. It is naive and foolish to doubt it.
7  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [report]Rov V Wade overturned on: June 24, 2022, 11:11:21 PM
The 9th Amendment? The 14th Amendment? Or are we fine going after everything from contraception to interracial marriage now because these things aren't explicitly spelt out in the Constitution?

You think interracial marriage isn't included in the constitution?

No type of marriage is included in the constitution. 
8  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [report]Rov V Wade overturned on: June 24, 2022, 08:03:53 PM
and I don't think many states will ban abortions this early.
5 states (TX, OK, LA, KY, SD) already have. There are at least 8 more (ID, UT, WY, ND, MO, AR, MS, TN) which will do at some point over the next 30 days. That's already a quarter of states and the ruling is only a few hours old.

According to NYTimes it's more than that.

9  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Juneteenth....WHY? on: June 24, 2022, 07:39:36 PM
The 4th of July is for all Americans, not just "everyone else" like you say...  Dumb argument...

It was only white people that gained anything on July 4, 1776.  If you were black and living in America on that day, you were never given any sort of independence or freedom from anything.  You couldn't gather without a white person present, your word was inadmissible in court, you weren't allowed to learn to read or write, you weren't allowed to get married, you weren't allowed to own a gun or property, you couldn't leave your masters property without permission.  You were a slave until you died.  Maybe your children or grand children lived to be free, 89 years later on Juneteenth.  

Isn't that fucked up?

They should celebrate the day they became free, not the day the slave owners decided to let them know.

Most slaves became free when men showed up with guns and forced the slave owner to set their slaves free.  That obviously took time, years in some cases.  The decision was made in 1863, But Juneteenth, 1865 was when it started to happen in the South.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [report]Rov V Wade overturned[confirmed] on: June 24, 2022, 06:50:35 PM
Pretty fucked up path we seem to be going down. 

Clarence "MAGA" Thomas is all but begging to be given the chance to abolish more rights like same sex marriage, same sex sex, and the right to contraception in his concurring opinion.

For that reason, in future cases, we should reconsider all
of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,”
Ramos v. Louisiana, 590 U. S. ___, ___ (2020) (THOMAS, J.,
concurring in judgment) (slip op., at 7), we have a duty to
“correct the error” established in those precedents, Gamble
v. United States, 587 U. S. ___, ___ (2019) (THOMAS, J., concurring) (slip op., at 9). After overruling these demonstrably erroneous decisions, the question would remain
whether other constitutional provisions guarantee the myriad rights that our substantive due process cases have generated.

11  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 23, 2022, 05:47:56 AM
Lithuania has created a casus belli by restricting the transit of cargo to the Kaliningrad region. Russia will have to give an adequate response to this demarche.

In general, Russia needs the Baltic states so that the Kaliningrad region ceases to be an exclave. As well as the southern regions of Ukraine, which create a land corridor to the Crimea (and, logically, should be extended to Transnistria through control over the Nikolaev and Odessa regions). This can be considered an operation to restore the territorial integrity of Russia within the boundaries of its self-identity, as a territory with a predominance of the Russian-speaking population.
Lithuania didn't started Kaliningrad blockade like Russia is trying to show. They simply don't allow to transit sanctioned goods through railway of Lithuania, what is normal thing.
For Russia, this does not look normal, like a land blockade of its exclave.

12  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Juneteenth....WHY? on: June 23, 2022, 05:32:59 AM
We have black history MONTH in February an entire monthe then we have Martin luther King day and Now juneteenth???

WHY? Why is so much time dedicated as a holiday to blacks? I'm by far no racist by why in hell is this?

Happy Fathers day BTW fuck Juneteenth.

P.S. No other minorites in the U.S. Get a whole MONTH and then 2 other holidays. Where is Italian,Asian,Spanish,Irish,Polish etc etc Holidays.   GET BENT

Everyone else gets the Fourth of July...
13  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will Trump be indicted ? on: June 21, 2022, 05:50:32 AM
Assuming that is true, which I don't think it is, any evidence gathered by the Jan 6th committee would likely be inadmissible and would likely be considered a "poisonous tree" that no evidence gathered based on any evidence from the Jan 6th committee would be admissible.

Except for all the federal judges and supreme court that have already ruled on the legitimacy of the committee and their subpoenas.  The committee is legitimate.  The subpoenas were lawful.  
A citation is needed for this post. Specifically regarding the "legitimacy" of the Jan 6 committee. There have not been any cases heard by the SCOTUS regarding the Jan 6 committee.

Ok, but next time google it yourself please.

Federal Judge rules subpoena of John Eastman documents valid:

“Congress has previously conducted similar investigations into attacks on our country, such as those of September 11, 2001, and the War of 1812.  In these circumstances, it is reasonable that investigations might reveal evidence of criminal acts or other wrongdoing. … Accordingly, the Select Committee’s subpoena is within its legitimate legislative authority.”

“The public interest here is weighty and urgent. Congress seeks to understand the causes of a grave attack on our nation’s democracy and a near-successful attempt to subvert the will of the voters.”

“Dr. Eastman’s actions clearly fall within the bounds of an investigation into ‘the influencing factors that fomented such an attack on American representative democracy,’”

Federal Judge (appointed by Trump) dismisses RNC lawsuit against Pelosi to block J6 subpoenas:

He dismissed most of the RNCs arguments, including the one you made, that there is no legislative purpose:
“The subpoena’s valid legislative purpose is apparent enough to sustain it against this challenge,”

SCOTUS denies Trumps attempt to withhold documents subpoenaed by J6 committee using 'executive privilege':

No. 21A272
[January 19, 2022]
The application for stay of mandate and injunction pending review presented to THE CHIEF JUSTICE and by him referred to the Court is denied
14  Economy / Gambling / Re: - The Leading Crypto Casino - 🦉 Drake, UFC, Watford Main Partner ⚽ 🥊 on: June 16, 2022, 09:16:55 AM

Stake team has also announced about it in their telegram channel. Some other websites has published articles about it. Perhaps, is going to give more than £10 million per year to their new partner Everton FC.
"Stake team has made a new partnership with Everton FC". This is really fantastic news for Stake users. The Stake team is offering new promotions and offers to celebrate this partnership. Stake team always looking for the best and at the same time users will continue to get more benefits.

Prepare the rakeback and weekly/monthly bonus to be cut even more so theyI can sponsor and promote even more.

I am with you on that statement.... it is going to cost them a fortune to sign a multi-year contract with Everton and I think the UK people will be disappointed when they go to and they cannot play. Well, they can play at ...but it is very restricted it will not look like a massive gambling site ..when they visit that link.

I hope this partnership will lead to more games being added to to make it a more presentable option for UK gamblers. Well between Drake and Everton FC, we will most likely see massive cuts to the bonuses and the Rakeback etc...  Sad

Have you guys considered that the reason they keep signing these deals is because theyve had some success with similar ones in the past?

Meaning, they could be spending money to make money and not related to rake back.
15  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will Trump be indicted ? on: June 15, 2022, 10:13:34 PM
The vast majority of people in the US are angry with what the media did, and the Dems, in stealing the election from Trump, electronically and in other ways.

Yeah.  And Biden isn't really president.  He's on a movie set that looks like the White House.  Trump is the real president.  That's why there such a military presence on Bidens inauguration day. And Pelosi was arrested, along with the pope.  And Hillary was running a pedo sex ring out of a pizza shop.  And all the dems will be dead before the next election because they got the covid vaccine.  So you have nothing to worry about.
16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will Trump be indicted ? on: June 15, 2022, 02:53:11 PM
Assuming that is true, which I don't think it is, any evidence gathered by the Jan 6th committee would likely be inadmissible and would likely be considered a "poisonous tree" that no evidence gathered based on any evidence from the Jan 6th committee would be admissible.

Except for all the federal judges and supreme court that have already ruled on the legitimacy of the committee and their subpoenas.  The committee is legitimate.  The subpoenas were lawful. 

Congress has no oversight over private citizens, it is a co-equal branch of government with the executive, and there is not even a "pretend" legleslative purpose for the Jan 6th committee.

The committee is legitimate.  The subpoenas are lawful.  Hopefully there will be laws passed because of it to prevent future sitting presidents that just lost an election from doing what Trump did - and is still doing.

If you're arguing that Congress shouldn't be able to conduct investigations, that's fine.  But, I doubt you had issues with the 911 investigation, or Benghazi, or Watergate  I think you really just don't like Democrats and only consume the Trumpiest media content.

17  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Will Trump be indicted ? on: June 14, 2022, 08:09:36 PM
The January 6 Select Committee says they have enough evidence
for the Justice Department to pursue a criminal indictment against
Donald Trump for seeking to steal the 2020 election, per AP.

It's all circumstantial evidence. Trump harmed nobody, nor did he ever order that anybody be harmed. Those people who harmed other people and destroyed property should be prosecuted for what they did... including the DC cops who murdered two, innocent protesters who had done no harm or damage.


Actually there's a lot of direct evidence.

And the issue isn't really the destroyed property or injuries, it's the attempt by a sitting president to remain in power after being voted out of office. 

Most people that fell for the big lie are just more of Trumps victims.
18  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 11, 2022, 07:40:17 AM
As far as mercenaries, I believe to become Ukrainian citizen they would have to give up their previous citizenship as Ukraine doesn't allow dual citizenship, which apparently didn't happen. How are they different from other mercenaries, or is the claim that there are no mercenaries at all in Ukraine and all foreign fighters fall under Geneva convention now because they signed some paper with UA army? Following that logic Aiden Aslin wasn't a mecenary in Syria as well if he also signed some form there?

Unless it's a civil war, isn't there always going to be one side made up of entirely foreign fighters?  Does the geneva convention really exclude prisoners of war from human rights depending on what country their passport is from?  That doesn't make sense to me. 
19  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The KRAKEN rises, meaning the 2020 election fraud is being corrected. on: June 11, 2022, 12:41:40 AM
Getting back on topic:

Leader of Proud Boys and Four Other Members Indicted in Federal Court For Seditious Conspiracy and Other Offenses Related to U.S. Capitol Breach

A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia returned a superseding indictment today charging five members of the Proud Boys, including the group’s former national chairman, with seditious conspiracy and other charges for their actions before and during the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Their actions disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress convened to ascertain and count the electoral votes related to the presidential election.

The defendants include Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, 38, of Miami, Florida, the former national chairman of the Proud Boys; Ethan Nordean, 31, of Auburn, Washington; Joseph Biggs, 38, of Ormond Beach, Florida; Zachary Rehl, 37, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Dominic Pezzola, 44, of Rochester, New York. All previously were indicted and remain detained. They pleaded not guilty to charges contained in earlier indictments.

The superseding indictment adds two charges to the earlier indictment: one count of seditious conspiracy and one count of conspiracy to prevent an officer from discharging any duties. All defendants now face a total of nine charges and Pezzola faces an additional robbery charge. The defendants are scheduled to appear for a hearing on June 9, 2022, in the District of Columbia

According to court documents, the Proud Boys describe themselves as members of a “pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, aka Western Chauvinists.” Through at least Jan. 6, 2021, Tarrio was the national chairman of the organization. In mid-December of 2020, Tarrio created a special chapter of the Proud Boys known as the “Ministry of Self Defense.” As alleged in the indictment, from in or around December 2020, Tarrio and his co-defendants, all of whom were leaders or members of the Ministry of Self Defense, conspired to prevent, hinder and delay the certification of the Electoral College vote, and to oppose by force the authority of the government of the United States. On Jan. 6, 2021, the defendants directed, mobilized and led members of the crowd onto the Capitol grounds and into the Capitol, leading to dismantling of metal barricades, destruction of property, breaching of the Capitol building, and assaults on law enforcement. During and after the attack, Tarrio and his co-defendants claimed credit for what had happened on social media and in an encrypted chat room.

A sixth defendant, who was earlier charged with the group, pleaded guilty on April 8, 2022. Charles Donohoe, 34, of Kernersville, North Carolina, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding and assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers.

This case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, the Department of Justice National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section and the Department of Justice Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section.

The case is being investigated by the FBI’s Washington Field Office. The charges in the investigation are the result of significant cooperation between agents and staff across numerous FBI Field Offices and law enforcement agencies.

In the 17 months since Jan. 6, 2021, more than 800 individuals have been arrested in nearly all 50 states for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including over 250 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. The investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with tips can call 1-800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324) or visit

An indictment is merely an allegation, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.
20  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Russian Invasion of Ukraine[In Progress] on: June 10, 2022, 10:58:19 PM
Kyiv refused to comply with the Geneva Convention in relation to Russian prisoners of war. You have a very short and selective memory if you don't remember it.

Is this social media rumor/russian propaganda what you're talking about?  Where Ukraine told the UK that it did not intend to follow the GC anymore?

Russian media and social media users are claiming that Ukraine has refused to comply with the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Citing Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, RIA Novosti claims that on April 1 Ukraine allegedly notified the UK that it had no intention of adhering to the Geneva convention when it comes to treatment of Russian prisoners of war.
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