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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: *Easy Game Builder* Crowdfunding Pledge Campaign on: August 25, 2015, 08:25:04 AM
Thank you for your support. It is sad to see Bitcoin Community not interested in gaming industry. Our campaign on boards will end tomorrow and we don't think we will be able to reach our target. Our next step is listing on web site. Please look for our project there if you are interested in supporting our vision.

2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: *Easy Game Builder* Crowdfunding Pledge Campaign on: August 18, 2015, 12:28:18 PM
Our funding campaign rewards has changed. For our supporters we include sales percentage for the first month of our public sale. For example; Pledger deposits 0.02 BTC to our campaign fund, his unique ID receives £10 reward, Basic (User License) — Easy Game Builder application with built in sets, choose for one of the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux) and additionally, sales percentage of 0.2% of total sales for the first month of public sale. We are eager to complete our project therefore we hope with our new reward offer will be more considerable to future supporters and investors.

Kind Regards,
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / *Easy Game Builder* Crowdfunding Pledge Campaign on: August 12, 2015, 11:09:14 AM
Invedars comes from the fusion of two independent developer teams from London and Barcelona. We are focused in developing mobile games and branding creation. With some million users joining our games, we are working now to expand our players scope setting up our developing tools and strategy to jump to a multi platform scene. - See more at:

What is Easy Game Builder?

Easy Game Builder is a new and entertaining way to create games:  
without programing skills and without publishing complications (scenarios are generated automatically). You can create 2D horizontal and vertical scroll games both for your own entertainment and to sell them if you wish.

We believe that Easy Game Builder is for anyone wanting to experiment with the process of creating a game in a way which is easy and entertaining, “playing at making games” with pre-installed sets of graphics. All you need is the Easy Game Builder and to play.

But at the same time it is a powerful tool for the professional user: illustrators, pixel artists, creators with the ability to create a game’s graphical environment but not program it. With Easy Game Builder you can load your own graphics, easily create a game and compile it to sell it in your preferred digital store (iOS, Android, Mac, Ouya, Amazon…).

Play at making games

In recent years we have created a variety of commercial games for mobile devices, as was our ambition. However, we realised that development is a difficult and complex task.

Over time, we identified many games that share essential characteristics even though they are different: movement, control system, character behaviour, shifting background scenery, etc. And we wanted to convert everything into an easy system which would let us, and anybody else, create games in an easy and entertaining manner.

Runners, space ships, tireless soldiers, car races, intrepid flyers... with an easy and entertaining system you can create multiple games to entertain yourself instantly.

Create a game without programming…

Easy Game Builder is based on a codeless game creation formula, you won’t need to program a single line to create your game. You control all the elements you need easily and intuitively, and with just a few adjustments you can perfect your own game, endlessly.

Easy Game Builder doesn’t just let you make a game easily but also play it at the touch of a button. Make your changes, generate your game and save it so that you can play at any time, using the same device.

… and with automatic scenario generation

One of Easy Game Builder's key points is that you don’t need a level editor! Editing levels is one of the most complex and demanding tasks when creating a game. Easy Game Builder is based on the "endless" concept where the scenario is created dynamically while you play. You don’t need anything more.

To make it possible, Easy Game Builder offers simple, intuitive controls which define how your game’s scenarios will be generated (which elements, how fast each layer will move, etc.). Preparing is as much fun as playing!

Create using your tablet or computer

We designed Easy Game Builder thinking how much fun it would be to create a game from a tablet, even changing it while looking at it on screen. But we also believe that it would be convenient for the user to choose where to create their games regardless of the device where they want to use them or sell them later. So we decided to create the application for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Linux.

But above all, Easy Game Builder was designed to be easy to use with a touch screen. Creating games is very easy; you can begin with games which already include predefined user configurations or start from zero.  

Games / Art Sets included

Creating games is so easy that the application becomes a game in itself. Using pre-installed sets of graphics you can begin to play right away, with ships, cars, endless games etc. and modify them as you like.

The application will be sold with 5 pre-installed sets so that you can have fun while preparing different types of games with multiple variants. You can also regularly obtain new and varied sets of high quality graphics, as well as create your own sets if you prefer and load them into the application (Editor license).

Each set represents at least one full game in itself, so that using the application you not only have fun creating and modifying your games but can also play with these games at any time.

Play, Publish and Sell. You choose…

Easy Game Builder not only lets you have fun creating and changing games with built-in graphics sets. Designers who want to go one step further and use this easy tool professionally can use it to launch their own games in the market.

We offer 3 types of license to suit each user’s needs. The basic license lets you create and modify games with the available graphics. If you are a designer, pixel artist or illustrator then you’ll want the Editor license, which allows you to load your own graphics on any device. And if you want to take the last step, with the Publisher license you can compile your game for iOS, Android, PC, Mac or even the new Ouya console and publish the game yourself to sell it freely and start your business.


Easy Game Builder is available with 3 distinct licenses according to how you want to use the application:

User License

Let you Create, Edit and Play with the graphics sets available in Easy Game Builder.

Editor License

Also lets you Create, Edit and Play using your own graphics sets in Easy Game Builder.  This includes a cloud service where you can upload the graphics for your own games.

Publisher License

Lets you Create, Edit, Play as well as Distribute your own games to sell them in App stores(App Store, Google Play, Ouya, Amazon, Mac Store, Windows, Linux, etc.). You will create and edit your own games with Easy Game Builder and use the SDK to compile the games and sell them freely in stores.


Easy Game Builder can be used on iOS, Android systems and Mac, PC and Linux computers. It has been especially designed for use with tablets (touch screen), although it offers a desktop version to allow any user easy access. You can also create games for iOS, Android and Ouya environments, including devices such as iPhone, iPad, Nexus, the previously-mentioned Ouya console, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Supports iCade and Joypad

Easy Game Builder lets you create games with a single button, ideal for tactile surfaces. But you can also go further and use several buttons in a game (for example direction, jumping and shooting controls).

To control this type of game, in addition to configurable virtual controls, it is possible to create games which use remote controllers. For example for the Ouya console, which has its own controller, as well as iPad or iPhone with options such as iCade and Joypad, which are supported in Easy Game Builder.  iCade offers different hardware solutions to play with arcade or console type controllers, and Joypad lets you use the iPhone as a remote control for iPad games.

Objectives and journey

Just over a year ago, we decided to create our own tool to develop games easily. Once we had seen the tool’s potential, we decided to give it a twist by offering it to the public, not just to create games in a professional manner, but to be able to have fun while making games.

We spent several months working on the product’s conceptual design, then its technical capabilities and finally on the application’s basic interface.

Now we need your help to continue and complete the project, and successfully roll out all versions of the application and roll out the services needed for the Editor and Publisher license.

If we meet our goal, we can complete development for iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Linux.

If in addition we achieve the goal of 60 BTC, we will also be able to develop the SDK so that you can publish your games for OUYA and Windows Phone.

But if we also manage to reach 100 BTC, we will add 5 large high quality sets so you can enjoy it even more.

About us

We are two passionate games fans who have also published commercial games for mobile devices. Alberto has successfully designed several games for mobile devices and is a co-founder of the Invedars label with Jose Miguel. Jose began programming games on the old Sinclair Spectrum and has more recently developed his passion with ITL Games, Cory Games and now Invedars.  

Together, we have worked on a system to facilitate the creation of games characteristic of mobile devices, but then we decided we’d done enough to offer it to the community, and change it into a fun tool to "play at making games".  

To achieve this, we decided to launch this campaign, to get the resources needed to complete the project and offer an application to play with games at the same time as a powerful tool to create games without needing to program and to publish them in app stores.

For more info and our games visit

Funding goal: 50 BTC
Funding address: 14rKqbN6NKN6wqVinM4eSHbXvLtgLJ8Sd7
Campaign time: 2015-08-12 - 2015-08-26

Each deposit address will have unique ID used to calculate rewards and receive sales percentage for the first month of our public sale.

£10 reward
0.2% from sales for the first month (starting 2015-09-07)
Pledge amount: 0.02 BTC
Basic (User License) — Easy Game Builder with built in sets, choose for one of the platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Linux).
Estimated delivery: 2015-09-07

£25 reward
0.5% from sales for the first month (starting 2015-09-07)
Pledge amount: 0.05 BTC
Editor license — Cloud Service with space in the cloud for you to store your own designs and synchronise them with the devices where you use Easy Game Builder.
Estimated delivery: 2015-09-07

£79 reward
1% from sales for the first month (starting 2015-09-07)
Pledge amount: 0.1 BTC
Earlybird: Backers Publisher License (SDK) —The games you create with Easy Game Builder can be compiled easily to be sold freely in digital stores and start your business (you will need to create or load your own graphics to sell your game). You will have access to a private forum with OTGB developers. Your name in the special thanks as founding medal developer in the credits. Important: this Publisher license will be available exclusively to backers and assumes a reduced price as thanks to the first publishers. It will not be available to the public until September when it will be available at a higher price.
Estimated delivery: 2015-09-07

£199 reward
2.5% from sales for the first month (starting 2015-09-07)
Pledge amount: 0.5 BTC
Your Sponsored graphics Set — We will create a graphics set based in your idea*, which will be available for free with the Easy Game Builder under your name as the Set Sponsor (it will have the name you choose). *The set must not contain any offensive, sexually explicit or any other material which some people may consider offensive. Also the Easy Game Builder with license for any platform (iOS, Android & Desktop) with built in sets and expanded sets, and your name in credits.
Estimated delivery: 2015-09-07

Risks and challenges

We have designed, developed and published a dozen commercial games in recent years so we are familiar with the complications that can arise during software development. That is why we decided to split the project into different phases: first a beta only for backers, then official publication for the most widespread platforms, and then, if we reach a higher goal, some specific versions that require additional work.
In this way we can ensure that we meet defined dates.

We have been working on the Easy Game Builder prototype for the past year, it is fully functional and we have been able to test its potential by launching various games. Now we need your help to complete the application’s development to make it capable of working on different systems to facilitate game creation on all possible platforms.

We have experience developing games and applications, web design, hosting and server management services, so we feel fully confident that we can meet the this project’s challenges.

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