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1  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: Your Bitcoin Works Better! Fixed Cloud Mining Contracts! on: November 16, 2015, 06:10:07 AM
According to his bitcointalk profile his local time is now 8AM so i hope they will get the site back online if the sun rises in their country. I really hope this is going back online.

Just yesterday thought of this scenario and why is it happening right now? I can't deal with it right now. I thougt this is the only good site. I had to know this will happen...

The 14th marked my 91st day lol i just added it up i got them for .0000025 lol
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Is Eobot Worth? on: September 19, 2015, 04:11:18 AM
Eobot Staff? lol  Shocked Im sure they would like that but NO In fact I really donít like or trust them at all. I know the owner well because he asked me to rewrite their software to a miner that would mine other Alt coins such as X11,13 prime coin ext. I was just about done with a GUI for sgminer that has a ton on options for flags and muiti mining extras all in a nice package when i told him I was almost done just cleaning some of the code up and running test of other systems to make sure everything was good to go. Then he said if i wanted paid I would also need to rewrite his servers and mining pool software to accommodate the new miner software but i needed to do that all for the same price as we agreed on for just a GUI for a alt coin miner. Coding a wrapper is allot different/and easer  Wink  then writing a new multi alg. supporting, pool and website server When i told him that it would change the price significantly he offered me 50% of anything the new miner made him when i said no I would accept BTC after he remote tested everything and found it satisfactory. After that he said no he didnít need anything. (was trying to scam me) I made 3 bug reports to him of which he never kept his word for bounties. I only talk to him nw trying to get what is owed to me. FYI they offer a bug bounty on there site if you hack there site you can have the wallets hot wallets on the server. Problem is there are no wallets on the website server when you make a deposit the owner has to manually add it to you account before you start your mining process.

They are a fraud I told the owner what I found on his server along with block chain information showing that Eobot receives transfers from other cloud mining sites,  I also told him that his "secure" server is infected with multiple back door shell Trojans guess what he offered another bounty lol this time no deal I feel back for anyone that goes to this site C99Shell.php can be a nasty bug and his site has a few. My advise is stay away From them. 

Now about their software just about every mining software you get sgminer,CGminer,Reaper and others will hit a AV alarm just because of the way the program runs Con Kolivas the Dev of cgminer can tell you that his software gets hit for false +'s all the time Thais not to say that hackers do not inject code into some that are out there and run bot nets with them and so forth because yes that happens all the time! Do I trust Eobot ? NO!!! not at all but I just dont think they are smart enough to do any thing malicious with software we are talking about 7 people total only one has admin rights to the website as far as I can see so far and talking with him I am 100% sure he couldnít write a hello world code in Java lmao People will always complain the problem with Eobot is they charge way too much for their hashing power much more then everyone else. I see no public mining address for them on block-chain but I also donít think they are a ponzi I just think they are playing the middle man game (I do feel its fraud) just not ponzi. There is 0 reasons for not giving a public mining address none! If a cloud mining service will not list one it means they are not mining one or they donít have their own. Its hard to know which one Eobot is doing but I have a feeling its middle mad game. hope this all explains why I know the owner (I use that term losey as I only have gotten one of them to ever give a name (Eric) I say stay away!!
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Cloud Mining Website sends funds to Eobot on: September 17, 2015, 06:05:05 PM
Given that RuusianRainbow/GermanGiant/SpanishSoldier left me negative feedback for providing evidence of CMW funnelling funds to Eobot and his rabid defence of CMW, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he's the operator of this scam.

If the people on DefaultTrust has minimum knowledge of blockchain shared transaction, they should have left you -ve feedback as well for carrying out a hate campaign on baseless facts. I wonder why FriedCat has appointed a fool like u to discredit a cloud mining service, who even got kicked out of DefaultTrust for blatant lying.

Stop talking shite. Anyone here is free to get my observations confirmed by bitcoin experts of their own choosing. They will confirm that CMW is obviously sending money to Eobot. The evidence is pretty damn conclusive.

Like I said, if it was a one off, that could be explained away as an accident, coincidence or whatever, but not when it's a third of the transactions from the first payout though.

I'm not appointed by FriedCat at all and I was never kicked off DefaultTrust for lying. Provide the proof of that or let everyone know that you are a lying sack of shit defending a blatant scam. All that link you provided shows is that I was removed from the DefaultTrust list, not because I was lying. I never should have been on it in the first place as I have no transaction history.

You got them for what they truly are Mabsark your analyses is spot on!!

I donít know why people are so fast to defend EoBot I tried to warn users in their chat about them due tot the fact that the owner refused a bug bounty when i found several Trojans on their site (said that because their site was wrote in .net that he wasnt worried about a PHPShell99 virus lmao!!!) Roll Eyes I was interested when they said they were offering redemption of all S-2's I asked him how much I could buy some for he told me they were free just pay for shipping from Shenzhen China, I told him i would take 100 and I know a shipping company that I always use and can arrange for them to pick up. (my price was $4.22 each with 7 day door to door) and I would even be willing to give some money to him for letting me use my shipping company. That was a big NO they wouldnt allow that in china (are you for real dude!!) So I asked what would it take to get them shipped to me? $390.00 each!! When i told him my price his response was ,,, (" yea our warehouse is probably ripping us off but I still cant allow you to have them picked up by your shipping company" direct quote)  Well as luck would have it my sister in-law works  less then 5 miles from the center of ShenZhen  I asked how much to have her pick them up? "No local pick ups,,," is what i was told. then i asked what if i got 1000 from him,,,,, Then he said well maybe you can pick up if you get 1000,,,,,, (how fast policy changed) how much would you be willing to pay each for 1000) I told him since he was previously giving them away for free that i would give him  a great deal at $10.00 each that would more then cover any cost in handling.He said that and (This is when the light-bulb went off) he said he would have them delivered to her place in "Shenzhen for $115.00USD each." (I planned to mine with them in mainland china due to low Ele cost) I said that I wouldnít be using them in Shenzhen and needed them about 200 miles north of there. what would it be then? Letting me have a deal at $115.00 USD any place in china that I wanted them.

I have heard that price for S2 some place else,,,,,,,
Directly from HASHNEST (BITMAIN)
Handling $50 USD Shipping to Shenzhen or any other location in China $65 USD 50+65=115

The owner knows so little about simple math and his grammar is horrible. I know my grammar is far from perfect but I am also not the owner of a large coining scam opps I mean company...
4  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Is Eobot Worth? on: September 17, 2015, 05:13:39 PM
I don't trust eobot,because is a ponzi scheme.
Eobot software is probably a spyware.
Don't invest here!
You can invest in bit-x, or hashnest(bitmain).

Yes, moreover don't use their software too. essentially stay away from theme.

AFAIK, suspends cloud mining service, because they maintence fees is too high, is there any info about their mining service? because in their site, said is temporary.

i am getting m,y funds out of there as soon as i can, i donít see any proof of mining hardware, which is a big tick on the scam check sheet

Eobot software is not spyware its cgminer with a ,net wrapper its not obfuscated its not even that clean they need an update lol but it works although their calculations really need some work. But nothing malicious from what I could see. However they are a scam they have several payout going to and from other other cloud mining sites. What I believe is going on is when you buy from them they use a part of your money to buy hashing power on Hash-nest or one of the other real mining sites. so they are playing to be a great middle man. I have very good reasons for this if your interested in more detail let me know I am gathering more proof everyday.. lol ROI 0% chance unless your developing your own chips your not going to get rich in BTC that ship has left the port. ASIC makers price their rigs so that ROI is far away after they spend 6 months or more mining with them driving the DIFF out of site then sale equ. for a premium. also their server has a few PHPShell99 viruses on it (windows server) and the owner told me when I reported it as a bug that they were not worried about it because they were .net not PHP lmao
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