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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How do you assess the value of Bitcoin? on: August 14, 2022, 09:49:56 AM
You must understand to do analyses and understand bitcoin chart for buying bitcoin in the right time. i am buying bitcoin when btc price drop . i always try to buy btc in dip but when i saw bitcoin are crashing then i immediately sell btc even i loss my some investment . and buy again when crashing is end and btc price like stable .
Your idea is not bad . but here i think it is always better to buy bitcoin in dip .and now is the good time to bought bitcoin and hold long time. i didnít think people can get  this opportunity in the future days. because i think bitcoin price will not drop bellow 50k after bitcoin pump and make new ATH 100k .
I agree, when bitcoin goes higher again, there will be a drop too but that drop would be higher than where we are right now. So, I do think that people who buy here will have only one chance to do it, and if they do it right and get as much as they can afford to, they will be pretty happy about it.

All the people who think that there will be more time to buy bitcoin at these prices later on, will be upset to see that bitcoin never comes back to these prices ever again. This is why I am trying to buy as much as possible every time I get my salary, unfortunately it was a hard month in July, but hopefully in 1st of September I will continue to buy some more.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: August 13, 2022, 06:53:21 PM
It's obvious that league will be once again excited for the 2th-5th positions and yeah Monaco seems like they could be there, Lille doesn't look that bad, Lyon seems like they are finally recovering, there will be plenty of teams that will fight for those positions. But as long as league quality is so low that no team other than PSG ever gets any success, we are not going to really consider the league as good.

Look at Premier league and La liga, they always have teams fighting for UCL title and Europa title at the same time. Look at Ligue 1, when was the last time any team that is not PSG ever had a big success? Once again another super boring season is awaiting us to be fair, low level teams all around.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino 👑 on: August 12, 2022, 06:21:32 PM
This is one of the big wins I have seen on Rollbit by the big whale who has wagered around $1250 in free spins and win a total of $606,500 which is really big according to me.

He has also claimed two daily bonuses of $100k each and now this big win on his part is really amazing although he is whale who is wagering big.

For more details read here : Twitter
The question is, how much that dude lost before hitting that multiplier and having that base bet of $1250? No one knows but having this kind of betting does signify that this dude is a whale.

Not everybody would be having that kind of capacity on doing so.Whale+Luck then for sure you would able to see these numbers which isnt surprising anymore
but its really good to see that someone could really pull off these winnings and a platform or website that do pays out easily without any questions asked
and thats why its not surprising on why Rollbit is really one of the famous sites as of this moment.
Thatís the question isn't it? I mean many people keep thinking that it would be a hard thing to do just to win that, but nobody considers how much people ended up spending to get there at all. I know a guy who won 200k and he said he was in a loss, just a bit, nearly break-even levels. That should tell you how much people gamble, if you gamble that much then it shouldn't be a big deal, but people rarely do.

This is why I should probably look towards not spending more than I could lose just because there is an off chance that I could recoup it back, but thatís just me, if you really want to risk it, then you could keep that hope until the last moment when all your money is gone.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🔮 Futuur - Predict the Future! 🔮 on: August 08, 2022, 08:26:45 PM
How about we do some on finance related stuff as well? That sounds good enough doesn't it? Like stock price of tesla/amazon? Gold price? Oil price? Coinbase stock price because it is crypto related but also has a stock? Those type of finance related stuff could be quite big as well. I do not know if there will be interest though, maybe there won't be and that's stretching it too thin to make that happen.

Or we could go with non-political stuff as well, like let's say movie gross income? Like end game beating avatar or not? That happened already but just an example, or new movie passing 100 million box office etc type of deals? But give a time, because eventually it will change, so let's say something like x movie making 100+ global in 30 days or not, after 30 days it stops even if box office continues to go up.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Most BTC you've spent on something? on: August 03, 2022, 09:32:59 PM
bitcoin as a "spending" thing is not common unfortunately. Sure there are some digital stuff people could pay and get, but as long as I can't pay my bills with crypto, it will not mean anything. For example all of my grocery is digital now, I open up an app and order anything I want, a can of coke, a bread, some tomatos, gallon of milk, ALL my grocery could be done digitally and they will bring it to my house directly.

However, they still do not accept crypto for it, not even stableones which would be amazingly proper. This is why as long as my life is still lived as if bitcoin is just an investment and not a currency, there is really no "real" use case for it just yet.
6  Economy / Speculation / Re: What do you expect from bitcoin in the second half of 2022? on: August 02, 2022, 08:30:24 PM
The amount of wall and support we get doesn't really matter because we could go right under there with enough bitcoins being sold and there is nothing to stop that. But that doesn't change the fact that we also do not have any kind of situation could not happen for above neither. We could have a huge wall keeping us going above a certain price and we could go right above that without trouble if there is enough money to buy bitcoin enough.

So, these support and resistance numbers only matter when we are dealing with daily trading, but when it comes to long term, they will become less and less important. And since we are talking about a whole half year, and it will be going up for sure.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The characteristics of people who are addicted to online gambling on: July 24, 2022, 03:23:19 PM
It cant be that you can get addicted to online lottery or even offline lottery because it is hard to win in this game and then the drawings do also takes time but for slots and other games which results can be instantly seen, yes and it's also more easier to win on them. I do gamble when I am stressed out but this doesn't mean that I am one of those who are addicted to gambling.

In gambling, I believe that it's not only about money or profit which can make players come back on a gambling place but it can also be because of the graphics or the theme of the game that they are playing. This gives them a good feeling or what we called a dopamine.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA 2022 world cup on: July 24, 2022, 06:40:40 AM
Brazil still have one of the best squads among all the participants of the World Cup now. They just need to have a more solid game plan to win the title this time. They are highly favoured for the title now and they shouldn't let down people's expectations about them. I still remember their big embarrassment against Germany. However they aren't like that now. If we see a finale between these two teams this time my favourite would clearly be Brazil.
If Brazil and Germany face each other on any round I'm going to bet in the favor of Brazil, they got humiliated in their home country against them, if they face each other, it's time for Brazil to get their revenge, I'm expecting Brazil in this world cup to go as far as winning the trophy.
If team like Brazil is going to think about this result and humiliations then surely they are not going to win against any team specially Germany because it's past, and now they are going ahead for better future here now any result can happen with any team because now things are change and teams have no spirited players which was surely part of these squads and having great games and amazing records and wins.

Recently money is changing things drastically for many countries, and now they all are running for better and secure future for me on the game day which team is going to play in positive way surely going to win and just having Brazil in mind is never been good tactic for betting purpose as well both teams are on level in quality and performance.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2022/23 on: July 23, 2022, 09:19:29 PM
I think Barcelona doesn't need to sell that many players do they? They could "waive" players in a regard, it's the salary that they are having trouble with and if they just get rid of some players, then they do not need to "sell" them, just fire them would be enough, and if the player agrees on a mutual agreement to cancel the contract, nobody would have to be sold.

I am sure players like Depay and Braithwaite could find other places to work and that's why they wouldn't care about this. Of course, it is not going to be an easy thing but it's a thing at the very least, and Barcelona could do that part a lot better and a lot quicker which is why I think they will do that.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: - 3 Million+ users - Jackpots, Rains - unique games modes on: July 23, 2022, 01:32:52 PM
I have seen too many proof of the fact that trustpilot also gets paid by places to look better as well. Which means that the bots that tell negative things about casinos could be managed by them, how? Well, there will be a lot of negative reviews of a place, then trustpilot will reach out to you, say that if you pay them a certain sum, then they could have their "anti-spam" bot working for you as well, basically what they are saying is "if you pay us, we will delete negative reviews" but do not say it directly like that.

This is why I believe that we shouldn't be shocked about this place having a lot of fake reviews, it means there isn't a payment made to trustpilot by gamdom and nothing more.
I ignore Trustpilot the first time I had a glance at it years ago.  Since when I saw the reviews, they look fake and unverified and there are times when I see the same kind of review with identical statements spamming on that site.   I think it is more of a business to them since they are offering modifying reviews and deleting negative feedback for some payment probably most of the negative reviews there are simply created by them.
To me, I thought trust pilot was the most trusted review source by the time I first hear and see it but later on, when I see someone offers a review service in trust pilot, my view then change towards them. Now the only way for me to trust a review is via this forum replies because I know if who are trusted here and who is not and only tells a lie based on their replies.

One thing I dislike about trust pilot is that they are too centralized and heavily manipulated because I once try to post a genuine feedback there based on my own experience but I always get a notification that my review is deleted no matter how much I repost it. It su*ks.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: I feel I being cheated by Primedice Affiliate and Support is like bots no help. on: July 23, 2022, 11:08:29 AM
Maybe that user is just using primdice as a crypto wallet for a while and when the right time comes, he will use it for playing and maybe do some withdrawals but primedice should come up with a better reply. They should tell if there is a problem in regards to that, in case the user that you refer plays but the data's where not recorded and as a result, you didn't get any commission.

OP can either confirm to his affiliate if he did wagered his deposit or not. As we cannot disregard the possibility that his affiliate might have not really gambled at all.
Maybe? However, the only thing I can imagine is that the referral might have used Primedice to obfuscate their cryptocurrency (bitcoin? ), much like utilizing a bitcoin mixer. If so, that would be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
I don't think that was dumb but that was really possible and that is why stake and primedice updated their rules. Now users are required to wagger before they can withdraw their deposits. Same thing when using the tip function but this is unlikely since there is no data shown as said by the op. @Jemzx00 I think that was not possible because if we look on the support's reply on the screenshot. They say something about disclosure and I think the op can't also see the user names that he referred but even if he did, how can he contact them? There are no pm's on both sites.
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: The right time to invest on: July 22, 2022, 09:14:07 PM
We are not a newbie anymore but even us, we sometimes find it hard to decide if this was now a good time to invest or not. The best time to invest is when the coin hits their true bottom but the problem is that it's almost impossible to know if what is the real bottom of the coins but we can just assume that a bearish time like this is a good moment to invest in.

You can still catch up because the price was still under 25k and experts are saying that once we cross the 25k limit, the bull run will automatically start. I salute you by the way because unlike to most newbies, you did not jump in easily but you think about your safety first. That should be the first step when investing in cryptos.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: China banka scams shows importance of financial freedom with bitcoin... on: July 22, 2022, 08:25:49 PM
Didn't know that scams can also happen with banks. All the time I thought banks was the safest platform to store our funds but is it true that henan bank also uses the money to invest in bitcoin? And this is said to be the reason on the recent price surge.

Bitcoin can provide a financial freedom but they want to make sure that they are in control of their funds or they have their own private keys with them because exchanges, lending sites and other similar platforms are also experiencing the same issue where they also hold the funds of their customers.

I am starting to wonder if this was only normal and once the lock in period was done, people are free to withdraw their money again.
14  Economy / Gambling / Re: Kings Club Poker, semi-private games, mainly for serious poker players on: July 22, 2022, 09:26:29 AM
We are talking Omaha hi/lo, badeucy, and other strange games like this. There isn't much Texas Holdem so it is recommended for only serious players who know these mixed games. If anyone is interested, please feel free to message me and we can get set up. Here is a screenshot of some of the games running right now
They can be strange for those who are new to it but not for those who know those games already. Instead of saying strange games, you can just say variety of xxx game, as that sounds better. And why only serious players can play these games? What about those who will only play for fun? I don't think such rules exist.

As long as we have a money to deposit, anyone is welcome in any gambling site because the owner only cares about the money and in fact they will like it better if the players don't know how to play the game because they can lose easily but why can't you just share the link here? Isn't possible to create an account on our own?
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: Poker tournaments why tournaments in other games on: July 22, 2022, 06:30:09 AM
That's because poker is an old game compare to casino games that we know online and many people knows and likes to play poker more than the other casino games but that is not true that other games don't have a tournament or competition. Try checking each of the gambling sites thread on this forum and you will see that they post their tournament or competition statistics.

If there are gambling threads that doesn't have those, you can try checking their websites directly. Poker is a skill based so this game was intense and perfect to have a tournament so that you can test your ability towards the other skilled players. It's not too late yet to learn and get involved, if you haven't yet.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2021/2022 on: July 21, 2022, 10:05:41 PM
Ronaldo doesn't seem likely to be signed by a big team in the near future as it seems. Atletico Madrid had some interest in him but I don't see any attempt from them yet. If they also give up on this transfer I don't think any other big team will decide to go for him. If his salary wasn't too much then maybe we would see some teams being seriously interested. But Ronaldo's situation about this is similar to Neymar. PSG could still sell Neymar as long as he gets an offer but his salary is also too much.
No doubt both players are in same boat with don't want to cut in their salary and still want some good offer from any good club which is not going to happen just because of this most chances in this season both are going to stay in their relative clubs with surely think about their better future because both can do good and have better chances in next season specially Ronaldo is having better position he can stay here and try his best for better results of Manchester United as they already signed few good players which can improve their quality and performance which is good.

Neymar is also having big challenge ahead with now he also needs to change his way which is going to create mess up with his career and PSG management is also not happy with him.
17  Economy / Gambling / Re: Maverick Games 🚀 Daily Airdrops 🔥 1.5 BTC Deposit Bonus | Licensed & Regulated on: July 21, 2022, 09:14:49 PM
The casino requirements are a bit on the high side with a playing requirement of 30x. That is almost impossible to do. I think 7x is a very acceptable factor for the sportsbook. But then you also have to be a bit lucky. Perhaps it is a possibility to lower the factor of 30 a bit, for example. The site has few reviews on the forum but on the other hand I read few bad experiences. Perhaps there are still some players who have their reservations about the KYC. A number of sites have not experienced themselves as popular there. Now I can't say that about this site, but changing the name was a a less strategic move.
I've asked the team to update the wager requirements they are still considering it , I agree it should be updated because it is an airdrop
By the way I think there is no problem regarding KYC because you can play without KYC If you still have problems please contact support
Do you guys mean that they should have lessen the requirements because it's only an airdrop anyway? And maybe you are used to the old crypto airdrops which task are completed easily before expecting any rewards but I think this one here is different and maybe they only termed it as an airdrop but the truth is it was like those other casino bonuses or promotions which requires a certain wager (mostly not easy to achieve) so that it won't be easily abused and only those who are willing to spend more can possibly get it.

@Zackgeno96 but at least they have a better name now than before. A good looking name is still important imo in every business.
18  Economy / Gambling / Re: New Online Casino Directory: on: July 21, 2022, 08:20:03 PM
First of all, welcome to bitcointalk forum with your casino directory. The UI of your website isn't impressive in my view. You have used 3 colour format for the background (white, light ash and dark ash). And you used the dark ash background in every details page except the review pages of the casino. The dark ash background doesn't looking good as you have written the details in black colour. Moreover, some titles are getting mixed when I'm accessing the website from my phone.

But there is no issues like that on desktop. About the reviews you made, currently you have made the review of 10-12 casinos. Where most of those casinos are unknown to the forum members, except one or two. I don't see the popular casinos review there. However, your directory is looking good as you have given a lot of details in every page.
Most of the casinos they review is unknown to us maybe because we are too focused on this forum and we forget that there are so many casinos too outside which are also good but don't decide to get involved their selves on this forum.

Also this was the first time the op discovered bitcointalk so he doesn't have an idea about the casinos featured in here but now that he is here and a lot of us here questioned his reviews, maybe he can make an adjustment and start to add the casinos that we like the most on bitcointalk. Unlike you I don't have a complain about their U.I but the only thing that I noticed first is like we talked about earlier and that is the new casinos and their rankings.
19  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is the future of Bitcoin uncertain? on: July 21, 2022, 06:59:02 PM
I don't know if what event btc will have on 2025 but I know that there was a halving on 2024. The price can surely dumped after that but that is not enough for bitcoin to die. Also it was not 2025 when the mining will stop or the whole bitcoins will be mined but according to google it's on 2140, when all the 21 million supply have all been mined out but after that I think, bitcoin can still hold on to its position. It will still be the number one crypto.

The state of bitcoin in the future is still unknown though because none of us here have the ability to see the future or to travel on it, not even your elder brother so don't believe on what he was saying.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Turkish Super League 2022/23 Season on: July 20, 2022, 09:22:09 PM
Today FenerbahÁe having their first test of new season with match against Dyn. Kyiv (UKR) in second qualifying round, which was played at Stadion Miejski al. Unii Lubelskiej Lodz (POL) due to Russia, Ukraine conflict in this match FenerbahÁe was surely in good command even they fail to have lead because they still need good finisher for big matches without this they can suffer but still this was good match for them because they were able to hold them with the score of 0 - 0 and now on 27th July they are going to face them again in Turkey here they have good chance for qualifying into next qualifying round and with match against Sturm Gurz which is already in semifinal of this qualifying round and winner will be in final of this qualifying round.
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