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1021  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Which US presidential candidate is the lesser evil for BTC? on: November 24, 2019, 04:27:09 AM
Trump, because he will appoint more conservative constitutional supreme court judges as opposed anyone on the left will appoint liberal activist judges who they hope can erode our freedom..

Whoever is for the smallest government possible and most constitution..
1022  Other / Meta / Re: Enabling quotes in locked topics on: November 24, 2019, 12:59:38 AM
Yep it's a PITA..
1023  Other / Meta / Re: [BCT FACT] Bitcointalk was originally on but ... drama on: November 23, 2019, 10:11:36 PM
2011-06-12 04:23:31 <theymos>   The forum is more than just Bitcoin development. It is (supposed to be) a good, low-moderation forum for discussion of many topics. Moderation needs to be increased when there is a ton of trolls, however.
2011-06-12 04:28:13 <theymos>   A separate professional forum is fine, but I like the "unprofessional" forum.
2011-06-12 04:30:25 <theymos>   I happen to like 4chan...
2011-06-15 03:40:36 <theymos>   Not very "decentralized" of you to demand that any website be "official" at all. I argue that there should be no official websites.

2011-06-15 03:47:25 <theymos>   I support some types of illegal activity. Free trade, for example.

2011-06-15 03:54:42 <jgarzik>   theymos: will you make me moderator again, and permit me to delete posts encouraging illegal activity?
2011-06-15 03:55:11 <theymos>   No. It is the policy of the forum to allow such discussions. Sirius owns the server, so he can change the policy if he's worried about legal action.
Some cool theymos quotes..

Smiley That makes me nostalgic for when I was quite that na´vely revolutionary. The forum was pretty crazy back then...

What an awesome thread!  You guys have a ton of great ideas.  Has anyone seen Silk Road yet?  It's kind of like an anonymous  I don't think they have heroin on there, but they are selling other stuff.  They basically use bitcoin and tor to broker anonymous transactions.  It's at http://tydgccykixpbu6uz.onion.  Those not familiar with Tor can go to for instructions on how to access the .onion site.

This has big publicity potential and could increase the user base. It's just a bit difficult for them to build reputation as most people don't want to publicly admit they bought from there. Maybe private recommendations will do. Or people can say "I know somebody who successfully bought from them".

Or was jgarzik the one to suggest that domain?

He came up with it.

Not so revolutionary anymore eh?
That post would be against the rules now..

11. No linking to illegal trading sites.
17. Trading of goods that are illegal in the seller's or buyer's country is forbidden.
1024  Other / Meta / Re: The Bitcoin Forum is 10 years old! on: November 22, 2019, 07:55:06 PM
But we're still operated with much the same moderation philosophy as our first admins Satoshi and Sirius 10 years ago: create a "territory of freedom", and let humanity happen.

I'm honored to be your head administrator

Thank you for your service to the continuation of this fundamental philosophy, sincerely..
1025  Other / Politics & Society / Re: a society question about prison time on: November 22, 2019, 07:45:49 PM
The problem you have with that is that an unacceptably high number of people who end up incarcerated ... kinda suck.  Certainly not all, and I don't mean to suggest that they deserve to be in jail because of it. But a lot of people are addicted, stupid, or just dysfunctional in various difficult or impossible to cure ways that contribute to them making the sort of bad decisions which predictably end up with them in jail.

Darwinism.. And the world would be rid of them, and their possible "dysfunctional' genetics, for good..

protecting you from retaliation from the people you harmed

Many won't make it far enough to be protected when the free people have the right and mindset to protect themselves and solve their own problems without appealing to the authority of a higher power, if that is even an option..
1026  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Execution method for treason. on: November 22, 2019, 04:23:45 PM
capitalism is actually the bad word as capitalism is more authoritarian .. but capitalism needs a bigger enemy thus they make communism and socialism sound bad
communism and socialism is about where people help out each other not some state/leader/corp

An authoritarian state can be capitalist but capitalism does not require enforcement by authority.. Free market capitalism is what naturally happens even in a vacuum of anarchy with no authority present, and people can consensually help eachother out through charity if they want to..

Socialism/communism on the other hand requires authoritarianism to enforce and is not based on consenting exchange.. Redistribution through force of authority rather than charity..

So you are wrong..

1027  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: November 22, 2019, 07:05:30 AM
Now we are below $7500

BTC is do or die for me really..
The more it goes down the less chance I am going to sell anything..
1028  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: November 22, 2019, 06:58:01 AM

all coins held in SegWit addresses will be donated to miners, as they are free-to-spend coins in the legacy (pre-SegWit) blockchain, and only the coins held in legacy addresses will stay intact and belonging to their owners (private key holders).

Good thing my stash has never touched a segwit addy then eh? lol
I'm safe..

Tesla unveiled the new cybertruck just now. 
Some very cool features but absolutely hideous. I really thought it was a joke at first. 

I hate EVs but also hate pickup trucks (I prefer gas guzzling sports cars), but that "truck" is sick!! It's like a modern burger Delorian..

BTC is in a little dip.. Might last a while.. Next pump 300k!
1029  Economy / Reputation / Re: Quickseller's off topic ramblings from Chipmixer thread on: November 22, 2019, 02:30:35 AM
If you are concerned about privacy why aren't you complaining about LoyceV's trust setting viewer

I think it is a flaw that theymos made our DT1 voting public..
It seems pretty strange to me that it is not anonymous because anonymous voting it is a staple of free democracy across the world..
"The Secret Ballot, also known as Australian ballot,[1] is a voting method in which a voter's choices in an election or a referendum are anonymous, forestalling attempts to influence the voter by intimidation, blackmailing, and potential vote buying. "

"In the United States, most states had moved to secret ballots soon after the presidential election of 1884. Kentucky was the last state to do so in 1891"

"Article 21.3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, "The will of the people...shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which...shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.""

But, since it has been made public information I do not fault LoyceV for collecting and organizing it.. Fair game..

I think their would have been and still be a lot less drama and less corruption if it was anonymous though..
I think DT1 voting should be disconnected from trust list settings and anonymized, but as long as it is public information analysis is just going to happen..
1030  Other / Politics & Society / Re: a society question about prison time on: November 21, 2019, 07:50:18 AM
Prison is a huge waste of both the government's money and the inmates' time, and it probably increases the chance of inmates committing more crimes.

First of all, victimless crimes are not real crimes and should not exist.

For most crimes, the sentence should be based entirely on the premise of getting the person not to commit the crimes anymore, based on a case-by-case analysis of the person. Often, prison shouldn't be necessary at all. For example, serial shoplifters could be sentenced to a period of having to wear a bodycam whenever in public so that they could be surveiled and prevented from stealing anything. This would be a huge invasion of privacy for them, of course, but it's better than prison. Psychological treatment may be appropriate in a lot of cases. Maybe in some cases it'd be appropriate to apply some corporal punishment (eg. "100 lashes"). Having someone languish in prison for years is pretty much the worst thing for everyone, including the prisoner; I'd definitely prefer 100 excruciatingly-painful lashes than a year in prison.

The above works in a state, but it's also in-line with my anarcho-capitalist ideal. In an ancap society, prison would be a service of your protection agency, operating a bit like insurance. Typically, such prisons would have the goal of protecting you from retaliation from the people you harmed, convincing society that you are no longer a risk after you get out, and preventing you and the protection agency from bearing costs of further crimes. So typical ancap prisons would be rehabilitation-oriented, not "lock up for x years"-oriented.

I don't actually think that this would be good in any way, and I'm not advocating for it, but I've thought that it'd be rational from the US's perspective to offer inmates convicted of certain non-violent crimes the option of reducing their sentence by serving it in the military. The military is already set up as something of a brainwashing machine, and having some less-precious troops would give the military more flexibility. The US faces a problem now in that they're only ever willing to dedicate handfuls of troops to most places because they're terrified that there'll be a massacre of hundreds of troops, which would be a PR disaster. "US penal brigade wiped out" sounds bad, but it's quite a bit better than "thousands of brave US servicemen massacred."

How much more bitcoins do we need to buy an island and start a society from scratch?
1031  Other / Meta / Re: Question on: November 20, 2019, 11:13:53 PM
"Game"   ??

Are you trying to be cryptic?

Or this hashtag?  Huh
Some sort of shill group?
1032  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Execution method for treason. on: November 20, 2019, 10:19:24 PM
Firing squad made up of the top democrats, to make them do it themselves..
1033  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings [serious discussion] on: November 20, 2019, 10:00:16 PM

Twatter suspended some of the first account to break the news, lol..

Trump led them right into a trap and destroys them all once again!!!
Stupid lDs took the bait hook line and sinker..

Heh.. He was right, as usual..

Does this not make the entire impeachment circus look like a democrat coverup to protect biden from investigation?

Trump let them dig themselves such a deep hole, wow.. They are finished..
1034  Economy / Services / Re: [FULL] ChipMixer Signature Campaign | Sr Member+ | Up to 0.0375 BTC/w on: November 20, 2019, 04:46:44 PM
I want to point out that the only way someone could have this information is if they are conducting de-facto surveillance on the entire forum on an ongoing basis. There is no other way to detect the start/end dates of signature campaign like this, nor the 'users', 'posts', and 'deleted' columns. This is further evidence that all posts made by anyone is being collected (surveilled). This is evidence that this person has a database of every post in the forum.

I have been unable to not rule out anything this person is doing except conducting surveillance on forum members.

I consider this to be especially ironic considering that ChipMixer is paying this person to advertise a service that claims to have "reinvented mixing for your *privacy*". I think this makes about as much sense as Casey Anthony advertising for a product that claims to keep your young children safe.

Just my two sats...

If you make a post on a forum for people to read, don't complain that people (or bots) are reading them. Simple as that. If you wish to make anonymous posts, your best bet is to either keep registering new accounts or use an alternative board like 4chan.

What I do
  • I scrape posts within seconds, but upload them in batches every minute.
  • The list of posts per user is updated once a day (5:50 AM Amsterdam time) > This is still messy, I'm working on it!
  • Files are stored with their post number as file name. I use the first 4 digits as directory name, then upload 10,000 files per directory. You're going to want to use CTRL-F Tongue

You're glowing..

I also think it is slightly hair-raisingly Orwellian but on the other hand it is publicly free information, LoyceV puts much of it to good use, and should serve as a good reminder, or wake up call, to all users, that everything you post may very well be there forever, so watch yourselves..  

Besides, not to knock LoyceV but I bet the government, or whatever big tech companies are assisting the spy agencies, have much better scrapers than LoyceV does, have more data, have more accurate data, and have already been doing it for much more time..

I also see irony at times in what some users advertise VS what beliefs said users seem to display in their postings..
To me Bitcoin is mainly a tool of liberty given to us to escape government oppression, while mixers like ChipMixer are side tools which makes the main tool (BTC) more powerful or easier to employ for those purposes..
Be it buying/selling drugs on DNMs while illegal in your jurisdiction, hiding or keeping your nest egg fund safe from banks or governments, or fleeing a genocidal government without abandoning all of your wealth..

Imagine for a moment if Jews in the holocaust had the great tool of Bitcoin available to them (along with supporting tools such as ChipMixer)..
They could have sent funds abroad to aid in their rescue instead of it being confiscated by the Nazi government, they could have fled to safety and kept their wealth with them in Bitcoin rather than fleeing with nothing to fund their journey, or could have remembered a few words in their heads to save what wealth/value they had instead of only being able to hide insignificant amounts of jewelry up their asses..
I think Bitcoin can be a very powerful tool against evil..

The irony comes in where some strictly advocate following the exact letter of the law of whatever jurisdiction a person is in, while others are here from countries that Bitcoin is completely illegal and nobody bats an eye at that..

I think it is highly likely that you DarkStar_ are even employing some of these users while it is illegal in their jurisdictions or situations to participate in this campaign..
But that's OK because it is "moral" right? But "moral" (and legal) according to who?
Moral and legal according to the US constitution? The current US government? Kim Jong Un? Ali Khamenei? Xi Jinping? Or cypherpunk anarchists?
Lot of room for irony..
1035  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: November 19, 2019, 09:55:31 PM
refuse to prove that he isn't a tax fraud

That's not how it works.. A person should never have to prove a negative..
If you want him for tax fraud you have to prove he committed tax fraud..
A person does not need to prove the opposite of an accusation, the accusation needs to be proved by the accuser..

And to be fair, why would OG release his.

Right, even if he is guilty, he is not required to present evidence against himself..
"nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself" 5Th ammendment..

Taxes : with a good account you can have a legit business and not pay taxes.
Even better, you can make a loss and then claim taxes for years (refer Donald Trump)

The smarter you are the less taxes you pay..
Their is nothing immoral about paying as little taxes as possible..

People of the internet, this fight Vod / OG has been dragging for ages.
This isn't all that bad..
I think the best way to finish it is to get all the facts out..

Vod doesn't have to post any proof of his claim about being offered nasty shares just like OGNasty doesn't have to post his tax information..
1036  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: November 19, 2019, 05:31:01 PM
Og hasn't dropped his false extortion accusation against me

I wouldn't doubt that every person here that hates OGNasty does so because of some past bullshit with Lauda..
1037  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: November 19, 2019, 02:39:08 PM
Remember when Og said publicly, out of the blue that a well respected user should kill himself because of his schizophrenic belief that they were an alt of game-protect and TwitchySeal (something he has yet to provide any proof for, to this day).
Oh yeah look at that.. But, imagine for a moment ... admitting your mistake and apologizing.. What a concept right?

Lutpin, despite what I may or may not think of you and your behavior, suggesting you kill yourself, even if being sarcastic, was not appropriate and I am sorry I made the comment.  If you killed yourself as a result of my statement, I would certainly lose sleep over it and feel a great deal of guilt.  While I tend to think people are a little too sensitive these days, my own beliefs don't excuse me from perceived threats and I'm sorry that you thought I was threatening you, I wasn't.  Rather than asking you to provide IP evidence it was me who made the comment, I've taken responsibility for my actions and apologized.  I should not have said that you should kill yourself.  I did, and I am sorry.
We all know Quickseller as the dishonest scammer that will lie, scam, cheat and do almost anything to make coin.  I really wish the guy would kill himself already - the forum would be a better place.
I think Quickseller really should kill himself.
So what kind of ammunition do you really think you have there?

That was like 7.5 years ago and has long been resolved has it not?

At worst that should read more like "Implying that I a user stole a miner in a possible character assassination attempt during a disagreement"
Thank you for repeating the same thing I said with a lot more confusing wording.
Often times the truth is slightly more difficult than what is convenient..

Og posts an accusation with a question mark.
This is by far my most favorite thing I've ever been accused of.
OGNasty, did you ask him if he was the guy that stole a miner, then delete your question after he said no, then later make a smartass comment to Suchmoon about it?
That wasn't very helpful other than further ruffling their feathers was it?

Maggiordome dragged me into this drama again Tongue
I'm not sure what you're looking for (and don't have the time to read all the details), but if you have a post number or approximate date you can probably find the unedited version using this.
Sorry for that..
Seems it was scraped before the question in question was edited in, or after it was edited out, but in any case it did not catch said questionable question..

At this point, I've long given up even trying to understand who's right or wrong, this has been going on for too long Sad
By the way, we certainly do not know if Og is telling the truth or Vod is a liar.
It is undeniable that Vod is wrong, the question remaining is if OGNasty is also wrong, or not..

Thank god eddie is trying so hard to defend such a bastion of integrity from all of us internet meanies.
I want to know the truth myself.. I consider it important to clearly understand who I can and cannot trust..
This is the forum treasurer and largest escrow, important stuffs..

Seriously, how long we will see this drama?
I'd like to say "until Og gets audited and is finally forced* to pay his taxes" but something tells me it won't end there. Undecided
*The IRS will probably offer him one of those "obey the law and we won't send you to jail" deals, but even that's bound to be spun as "non-consensual use of force".
I doubt the IRS has or will be involved at all.. I'm not sure Vod contacted them..
Do you notice how many times I have clearly asked Vod if he actually did or did not contact the IRS, and he has not given me an answer, and no one else seems to know this answer either.. I'm leaning towards not..
Has anyone seen any actual evidence that Vod did infact contact the IRS regarding OGNasty?
1038  Economy / Reputation / Re: OgNasty is telling scammed newbies on his Escrow thread it was me without proof! on: November 19, 2019, 03:14:21 AM
I very clearly stated I advised Telegram to file a police report against their user who had scammed.  Just like I very carefully never said owlcatz was the user behind the scam, and only listed the coincidences and my beliefs.

OG is like Trump..
If you think you caught him slippin you better think twice because he might've just led you into a trap..
1039  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: November 19, 2019, 03:02:36 AM
Your reference does not accuse, at worst it implies, and he basically agreed that it probably wasn't you..

Different user (ibminer).

Good catch, yeah I slipped..
I fix/edited it with S
I don't mind admitting my mistakes when I make them..

And again, the context matters very much. ibminer makes fun of Og's mining coin thingy or whatever it is. Og posts an accusation with a question mark. Then deletes it. Then refuses to acknowledge it ever existed. Then finally... "you shouldn't fear people seeking clarity".

So he did accuse, then deleted it?
Do you think LoyceV's glowing post logger bot caught it? LoyceV?
I don't know how to work that thing.. Professional witness to the stand?

"weak sauce"

Yeah, it's "weak sauce" untill I see it..
I trust you to not lie to me but I don't even really understand what you mean about some accusation with a "?"..
I believe he edited his post a lot because I do too.. I might edit my posts 5 times in the first minute or so after hitting posts the first time, heh..
Sticky spacebars n such..

He used to post red trust with that "weak sauce" when he was in DT and his victims were not. Thankfully that doesn't quite work these days.

True, he may have been a bit heavy handed back then against some he personally didn't trust/like but things were stricter back then and with a bit different code of conduct..
DT1s and DT2s get away with a lot today they wouldn't have back then.. Now it's a lot of "I stopped so many scams and spam I deserve to get away with xxx" (virtue signaling), so no consequences for bad actions for anyone with half a decent reputation.. If you leave a whole lot of correct feedback then your feedback is worth more than booting you for whatever stupid shit you did..
(Not "you" but just like in general, I'm bad at the "you" thing)
Back then saying anything false would get someone red trust.. Their are more checks and balances these days but most up-and-coomers are more liberal so there have the standards gone..
1040  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: November 19, 2019, 02:08:09 AM
Look at the other troll minifrij even jumping in to leave some false feedback.
ok boomer

Arg, their is a new fresh meme to rebute that but I can't find it right now.. Something about "But the boomers actually do have all the money"..

At worst that should read more like "Implying that I a user stole a miner in a possible character assassination attempt during a disagreement"

Your reference does not accuse, at worst it implies, and he basically agreed that it probably wasn't you him..
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