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1061  Other / Meta / Re: 10th anniversary art contest on: October 18, 2019, 11:42:38 PM
I'm working on it.. I want one of them there badges Smiley
Looks like I have plenty of time to put some thought into it..
1062  Other / Meta / Re: Question About Item Listings in Goods on: October 01, 2019, 05:10:20 AM
I, and I believe theymos, are in favor of more personal freedom than about any current government allows.. I believe I read a quote from theymos even praising the liberty provided by dark net marketplaces..

We should be encouraging everything the forum can get away with with it being under US law and wishing for more IMO.. We shouldn't be trying to be banning quite soft things like tasers just because it might hurt the feelings of those that favor more oppressive controls..

BTW I have been tasered a few times by friends with common cheap tasers, and twice in one night by the US police dog piling me, and still bear the burn scars from their serious taser devices (when I was younger and crazier, best abs workout ever)..
I am still absolutely in favor of the right for free citizens of the world to own tasers even after being subject to some of the hardest hits by them..

We should allow everything right up to the brink of the law this forum is forced to abide by..
1063  Other / Meta / Re: Ban for trolling on: September 30, 2019, 06:05:43 PM
Did this guy get banned for trolling recently or was it some other reason??
1064  Other / Meta / Re: Question About Item Listings in Goods on: September 27, 2019, 07:55:53 PM
And both parties involved in the sale would also have to show their license and prove they are from a jurisdiction that permits it's sale.

Prove it to who? A mod? I don't think so..

Listen to TECSHARE and OgNasty.. I think you're fine..

in my opinion tasers should be a prohibited item.

Why would you want tasers prohibited?
1065  Other / Politics & Society / Re: REEE: [US Only] Impeachment Vote on: September 27, 2019, 02:53:08 AM
Saw this..
1066  Other / Meta / Re: Signature campaign stats: users, bans, posts, deleted posts on: September 27, 2019, 12:28:33 AM
Yeah, now this is what I was talking about!

I count only permabans.

Is this any good? What is the ban for spamming?
Aren't straight permabans mostly for only plagiarism, ban evasion, and malicious links?
Could you easily redo it to count all bans?

If any of these campaigns is having excessive numbers of their posts deleted for spamming, then that bounty manager should either do their job properly, or the campaign should be banned.

I'd say ban the bounty/campaign manager a couple times before you go banning the signature URL..
If they have to replace the BM a couple times then maybe ban the URL, or if managed offsite then just ban the URL..

Then their will be risk to the companies if they agree to low quality with low quality managers, or risk for 1 strike and your out if they choose to manage offsite..
This will create incentive to hire quality managers and to not manage offsite for the companies..

I wanna see the bad BMs/CMs accounts get WREKT and push the companies to hire managers that do a good job and will only agree to do a good job.. So this would be good for the economy of the quality managers..
1067  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Green New Deal on: September 27, 2019, 12:04:51 AM
The girl is just a pawn..
If anything bad comes to her over this it is only the fault of her handlers..

She is a meme for both sides..
1068  Other / Politics & Society / Re: REEE: [US Only] Impeachment Vote on: September 26, 2019, 09:53:43 PM
Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House

More deepstate coupe attempt..
1069  Economy / Reputation / Re: Red Trust Senior, Hero , Legendary Member Account Buyer. on: September 26, 2019, 09:40:46 PM
Doesn't YoBit sig campaign accept red trust accounts?
1070  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Green New Deal on: September 26, 2019, 03:00:18 AM
1071  Other / Politics & Society / Re: REEE: [US Only] Impeachment Vote on: September 25, 2019, 03:38:25 PM
This is supposed to be the transcript.. Or, "MEMORANDUM OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATION"..

1072  Other / Politics & Society / Re: REEE: [US Only] Impeachment Vote on: September 25, 2019, 12:47:00 AM
Usually I think that this is not an accurate way of looking at things, but maybe this was actually 4D chess by Trump? Maybe he set up the Dems to freak out about this, and now he's slowly, painfully going to release info proving his innocence and making the Dems look like fools and Biden look like a crook.

You are starting to get the idea, but you are underestimating what is about to happen here. Trump is about to immolate the Democrat party. What is coming is without precedent. A coup was attempted against the legitimately elected leader Trump, and the corruption about to be exposed is going to be the biggest political scandal in US history.

Hasn't he been doing this all this time? Remember, "I was wiretapped" and them all calling him a liar..

I hope all the truth comes out no matter what it is, but isn't Trump already the biggest political scandal of all time? I'm not sure I've heard of this amount of insanity in history..
the left are even batshit crazy in their agendas of basically every last thing they talk about in the debates.. They all are extremists in every policy..
1073  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod is a liar. on: September 25, 2019, 12:24:16 AM
How could I know the agent assigned to your case, and you not?   Tongue

So you did actually contact the IRS regarding OGNasty?
1074  Other / Meta / Re: It's quite time for some cooperation or moderation toward signature campaigns. on: September 25, 2019, 12:14:58 AM
Yes, some have a life outside this forum. I do as well, but I login every day. I even have to take a laptop with me on vacations with my family to ensure that campaigns are paid out even if I am out of town. God forbid I'm late paying everyone. Everyone is not me, I get that but you cannot tell me that making 3 or less posts in a day is a rough task to do. Honestly takes users less than 20 minutes of being online to do so.

Not me..
I just went on 2 small vacations and didn't touch my laptop for 3 days each.. No way I am posting from the Holiday Inn when I could be enjoying a drink with fine company, to make my quota of posts, to make only a few dollars a week..

I don't want to feel pressure to post when I don't want to.. Why can't I not post at all for a week or 2?
If I don't post what you want, don't pay me, fine.. But why should I get booted out of the gig for not meeting some spam quota?
It's like I'm discriminated against because I don't make sure I post for money..

You make a heck of a lot more than a signature payment doing what you do, and for that money I would stay on top of my commitments too for sure, but such a commitment to only make some dust?

These companies are missing out big not having their name under my posts because of their stupid rules..
My posts are more valuable than many in my rank payrate that are maxing out but no company is getting anything out of them, or me getting some dust out of them, because it simply has not been worth it to me to commit to some quota..
I can't even remember the last sig I got paid for.. The last many have been free.. I have done all my posting long since before the merit system absolutely for free for no other reason than I wanted to say whatever I had to say..

I want something for a signature deal but haven't found one yet.. (Maybe I have long advocated for strong action against poor campaign managers?)
Oh well..
I have been looking lately but haven't found anything.. PM if anyone has a sig for me..

Another though.. Maybe posters shouldn't be getting paid to post if you can easily tell that they are only posting to get paid..

I don't see how half of them provide any valuable advertising at all.. I can hardly believe anyone is clicking signatures on page 47 of that spam megathread..
I only ever really look at a users signature if They come across as very smart and I am interested in what they have to say and want to know more..

I think companies should want their signatures under the best most viewed posts rather than the most posts everyone just skipps over because they aren't worth the time to read..
If I was a company I'd not like wasting my money paying for my advertisment to be posted under trash, it makes their company look like trash.. I would want my advertisement only under quality, because I wouldn't be trying to advertise anything that wasn't a quality product..
I just don't see how companies think they are getting anything from hiring poor quality posters at all other than hurting their reputation by doing so..
1075  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 24, 2019, 11:59:04 PM
1076  Other / Meta / Re: It's quite time for some cooperation or moderation toward signature campaigns. on: September 24, 2019, 05:10:40 PM
It all comes down to the campaign managers and the companies being responsible for their participants..

I think if a paid poster gets banned for spamming then whoever is paying them to do so should recieve a stern warning, meaning the campaign manager and the representetives of the company..

If the campaign manager gets a warning about his employee being banned, strike 1, Warn them one more time strike 2, if they keep paying employees that are getting banned for spamming then strike 3 permaban that manager..

Something like if you are a manager and 3 accounts you are paying get banned for the spam that you are paying for in a rolling month - Permaban that manager.
Same for plagiarism, you have been paying accounts to plagerise? Permaban..

Ha ha, by by shit manager.. Better not ban evade and come back with another account to shitmanage with either..
That would put a fire under the asses of managers to make darn sure they aren't incentivising spammers..

If you want to ban users for spamming I think it is perfectly logical to ban whoever is paying them to spam right along with them..

What needs to happen is the companies representatives are the ones that need to be held accountable for the actions of their employees..

I have lowered the minimum weekly post count to 20 posts in most campaigns depending on the payrate, but at the same time companies want as much bang for their buck as they can get.

You negotiate this with the companies don't you? Why don't you refuse to implement minimum weekly posts yourself? You can also refuse to accept low posting standards too..

Not you in specific Yahoo because you do a good job, but you would probably keep a lot closer eye on your employees post quality if you yourself risked a permaban by paying for spam wouldn't you?

Maybe not 3 banned employees a month, maybe 5, maybe 2, but I advocate putting the pressure directly on those who are supposed to be responsible for it in the first place..
1077  Other / Meta / Re: Bumping changes on some boards on: September 23, 2019, 03:55:11 PM

Heh, lets not get into all that, but I have probably missed atleast a couple activity cycles in the last year so I doubt I have max bump power due to the 364 cap of merit or activity in the last year, whichever is lesser..

But you are right.. I got bored of it, especially them only lasting 3 day, now that I have that in mind, I have less incentive to go bumping stuff..
1078  Other / Meta / Re: Bumping changes on some boards on: September 23, 2019, 03:42:49 PM

Seems like the zero bumped posted have made it to the middle of page 3, and in my opinion it shows only one thing, there is little to none interest in altcoins from  high rank and merited users, a few of those topics making it to the first two pages are just super bumped but the people doing so haven't made a single post in the topic. I'm really bad at predicting things but probably in a month or so we will see the bumping bots advancing to page 2 and maybe 1.

Bump power must expire or wear off of threads pretty fast then.. I don't remember...
A topic's bump score is affected by the above two actions over the last 36 hours. Each action's effect decays linearly over the 36 hours, so an event which contributed 1 at the beginning will contribute 0.5 after 18 hours.

Ah there it is..
Maybe that is a little too fast..
1079  Other / Meta / Re: [ROASTING] This forum has big problem with high rank spineless human beings on: September 21, 2019, 10:46:14 PM
Good luck shorting the hunnybadger..

I see you barely made out beating the fees by the skin of your teeth on that one.. It looks like a trade that you cut short in the nick of time because it wasn't going your way..
It really isn't all that bad but not impressive by itself..

If that is your trading style then you need to fill 100 trades a day..
If you can make 100 trades a day and make 1-5% on say 65% of them like that, and take small losses like 1-3% on the other 35 or just break even to get out, then you can start making steady compounding gains every day..

To me about the only way a bot would be useful would be for HFT faster than I can trade.. To jump other bots.. To hold both sides of the spread.. To jump your orders.. To get your position back for sale immediately on the books after it hit.. To keep hail mary orders in the books infront of walls..

How many orders is your bot placing per day?
If it isn't placing even 1,000 orders a day then what is it doing? Swing trading?

And your bot held that trade for about an entire hour? Whew, that's a long hold for a small % flip like that.. If I was only looking for 1% I'd only buy it if I though I could sell it back almost immediately..

What % of your capital did you tie up in that trade? IMO that should have been like maybe 20% of your trading capital while you are still using the rest playing the books looking more more hits..

Lets see another 50 filled trades a day for the next 2 weeks..
1080  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Netcoin | Scrypt | **No Premine** on: September 21, 2019, 05:17:53 PM
Where's the official thread for this coin? Cheesy
I found two defunct threads already...
I want to know more about it Smiley

Yeah....  Where is that thread???  Huh?

True, I already found 2 false links for netcoin. The wrong ones should already be taken down so that it won't confuse the community.

Maybe it's this one..
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