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1121  Other / Meta / Re: THEYMOS - we want open debate on how YOU are on the wrong path here. on: September 15, 2019, 07:02:16 PM
Congratulations on hitting legendary The Lottery.
Thanks, I wasn't expecting anything like that and am almost embarrassed..

I have been contemplating my reply for a while but this part on the end seems the most troublesome..

1. ALL members with ANY clear financially motivated wrong doing removed from positions of trust at ANY time now or the future.
2. Those supporting or not excluding members that match that description ALSO REMOVED.
Well, some minor, and maybe some not so minor things done in the past by some members have been forgiven by the general community and I do agree with some of these instances of forgiveness.. So you are not just going to get everyone out that has ever done anything wrong in their past ever.. It's just not going to happen..
You don't have to like all of them but you will need to get onboard with a little forgiveness especially if you expect any to be returned to you..
Some can probably be removed for some things, but not all of them for every little thing..

I would likely be more concerned about current and future poor behavior rather than past behavior..
Watch for current and new things.. The past is mostly settled already wither you agree with what the outcome was or not..

For all I know you are right about the DRK instamine situation..
Lauda probably just gave you a red tag for the best excuse to red tag you that lauda could think up.. I don't really agree with it.. Me and lauda don't agree often..

As for theymos's part of it, he doesn't always make the 100% best actions/decisions but he did eventually blacklist lauda from DT1 right?

I don't like people digging histories to get others banned..

I don't think you are a "troll" by my definition of a troll.. I doubt you are doing this just to amuse yourself..

Maybe "hot head" isn't the best word but yeah you get angry..
The problem is posting the same set of information, however correct or not, over and over again..
Maybe you should start a reputation thread to collect all of your points about every "scammer" user into the OP in sections of user or system and why you disagree with it, and then link it to your signature, so you can just say "see section "Merit" at the link in my signature" or "see section "Suchmoon" at the link in my signature", so you don't have to say it over every time..

Merit was never the original reason for our arrival on meta board.
I may very well be wrong but the first time I saw you here in a confrontation with "them" in meta was a thread about how all the Legendaries without any earned merit were all spammers and you were upset at being grouped in with the spammers because you didn't have any merit either.. <Escalation ensued..

I didn't really like the high merit threshold for DT votes either because of the way merit is so "top 1% ish", poor equality of distribution, and that I would also like to see lots and lots of votes for DT and a very large distributed DT network..
I would also like to see more distributed smerit distribution, like a small monthly airdrop to just about everyone, for better decentralization and less power concentration.

It's not perfect but not the worst that could have possibly happened, and who knows, my ideas could make everything worse, I'm no expert..

Just screaming accusations like " trolling don't feed them" or " who made this cunt bleed" " or shut up you used tampon" " who made this cunts butt sore"  these kind of things are very low value
I agree.. That just escalates..

Maybe the point is not to post your same old points continually..
Post new points you come up with.. Post new ideas you think of like suggestions for the forums various systems.. Post new things you notice and would like to point out to all of us. Post some fresh material and be constructive with it.. Comment your thoughts on things and have new conversations..
If you feel the need to explain something that you have already explained 50 times then maybe you need to come up with a way to reference it and not type it every time so you can be a little more succinct..

I'm not the greatest at being succinct all the time either though but I try not to say the same thing 5 different ways..
1122  Economy / Services / Re: [1-4 SLOTS OPEN] ChipMixer Signature Campaign | Sr Member+ | Up to 0.0375 BTC/w on: September 14, 2019, 09:57:09 PM
username: eddie13
Post count: 1975
BTC Address: 3KvLcBsR6aYrYDBgdKS6tfzNA9VwDdJMdk
1123  Other / Meta / Re: THEYMOS - we want open debate on how YOU are on the wrong path here. on: September 13, 2019, 04:46:51 PM

A lot of these "scammers", or whatever you call them, in DT and sources are not as bad as you think they are.. Sure they have their imperfections but you have an inflated view of their negativity due to your specific personal dealings with them..

The problem is that you (mostly) are all hotheads, condescending, and egotistical, but their are 20 of them and one of you.. Including you with your "real legend" shit and you flying off the handle, and them calling you a cunt, giving no respect to what you had to say, and disregarding you as a loon, but your flying off the handle did get increasingly looney along with their disrespect of you, to the point where we are today..

Sure they treated you poorly but you also handled it poorly by flying off the handle about it and went straight to war against them all before you got the chance to build any semblance of mutual respect with them.
I wish things didn't turn out this way and feel sorry for you in your situation but it's like the concept of deescalation has never even crossed you mind right from the start when this battle started about you being a Legend but having no merits..

Yes their are a lot of Legendarys with no merits because they are shit spammers and their are also Legendarys with no merits because the merit system sucks or is "sub-optimal" in areas of the forum, like the altcoins board where you came from, especially back then when your war started..

You shouldn't have been so pissed about not having merits and just understood that the merit system just sucked for you. They shouldn't have been so dismissive of you and had some understanding that the merit system sucked for you. You shouldn't have been so quick to escalate and go to war. Everyone should have been less offensive. They shouldn't have tried digging to ban you. You should have kept your cool better and maybe just stepped away to prove them wrong with your actions rather than arguments.. They shouldn't have called you names.. You shouldn't have called them names..
Now you are at total war..

You have some supportable points and grievances but you package it in an unsupportable way.. I'd bet that theymos even feels for some of your points but he ain't got time for the rest of the package it comes in and we just can't support your position that they are all absolute scammers..

Heck yes some of them have way too many merits, and power that comes with merits, but for the most part that wasn't intentional, it's just the way the cards landed, and were just trying to play the game the best we can with the cards we were dealt..
Yeah you got dealt a shit hand but life isn't fair..

I got dealt a shit hand too, being 1 post for an activity period away from having my 1000 base merits, and I thought it really sucked at first, but now I think it's kinda cool because I'll have the opportunity to atleast earn 1 rank, it wasn't just handed to me, it gives me a bit of incentive and something to look forward to, but it's not like it matters anyway because their hasn't been a signature campaign deal that works for me in a long time anyway and I'm not petty/shallow about wanting to be a legendary, I'm no where near "legendary" in reality..

What are you going to do now? What is the next step from here?
Their really aren't many ways left that you can reword your points and arguments you have posted hundreds of times. We have all read them and know what you have to say including theymos.. You aren't really helping yourself with your ranting extremely long posts about the same thing over and over again. You aren't helping yourself by calling them "scammers" and all sorts of names and completely burning every bridge to nothing but dust. (I know they call you names but be the bigger man and don't return the jab, namecalling makes everyone look foolish imo)

I'd hate to see you just keep this up until you finally ragequit.. I don't want to see you gone because I think you can be productive. You have a lot of valuable oldschool crypto experience and know things from the past that not many do. Far more than me..

Can you maybe take a break from this war for a bit? Maybe go back to the altcoins board for a month or 2, think, and come up with a plan to end this? Maybe some sort of south/north korea ceasefire for now while you come up with a plan?

Give in just a bit and think about what you would accept as far as a mutual disagreement. What would be acceptable to you to establish atleast a wee bit of mutual respect.
Calm down, come back and put your cards on the table, and work towards some sort of peace agreement?
Maybe I can even help you talk to them..

If you can pull it off I'll give you a bunch of stupid merits..
1124  Other / Meta / Re: Bumping changes on some boards on: September 13, 2019, 02:01:54 PM
Just a thought: New topics still show up on top, so I can imagine someone creating the same topic every day, while archiving the last one.

Are you sure about that? I don't think I've seen a new topic on the front page of the ANN board yet since the bumping change.

Tested and it appeared near the bottom of the first page..

Maybe my bump power worked on the OP? Not sure how minibump power works on new OPs..
Moved it to archival..
1125  Other / Archival / test on: September 13, 2019, 02:00:07 PM
test test
1126  Economy / Reputation / Re: Does it really matter if we have weasels, scoundrels, or outright scammers in DT on: September 13, 2019, 01:54:09 PM
I don't see much for "weasels, scoundrels, or outright scammers in DT".. Maybe a few have gotten there but they are easily quickly banished..
Their are some less than perfectly upstanding honest users on DT but I guess that's where the standards are..

Getting on DT2 isn't much of an advantage anymore either..
1127  Other / Meta / Re: THEYMOS - we want open debate on how YOU are on the wrong path here. on: September 13, 2019, 01:35:09 PM
OP have you ever seen any system work out 100% optimally in absolutely every aspect?

No.. They are about compromise to achieve a goal.. Even Bitcoin is far from optimal relating to TX throughput and energy consumption, but is the best system yet to achieve the goal and is this way to achieve the goals of decentralization and security..

The goal of the merit system is to slow down sig spammers and account farmers.. It is working but their are casualties where it is not 100% optimal for all users.. It is sub-optimal for many average users and over-optimal for the top users..

The DT system's goal is decentralization and the casualty is drama and infighting and also the disadvantage of users the merit system is sub-optimal for.. I still think it will settle out, and is settling out, but the waves are still bouncing around in the pool from the cannonball that was thrown in when it was implemented..
A subset of users got a big head start because they were already using trust lists and were some of the first to act because they are most on top of new happenings.. Maybe they have been trying to keep it a bit too exclusive to like minded users and supporters but it is continually decentralizing and diversifying to many users of many mindsets..

The bumping system now is a bit centralized to the favor of users who are in the over-optimal camp of the merit system but it is still pretty good.. The goal of cleaning up the scamcoin boards is probably going to work pretty good but at the slight casualty of users in the sub-optimal merit camp..
Atleast it has a cap of the last years activity so LoyceV's posts don't bump threads straight to the front page of the New York Times right?

Life isn't fair.. Perfection is a fairytale..
1128  Other / Meta / Re: Bumping changes on some boards on: September 12, 2019, 05:16:05 PM
The alt ann board is looking nice! Nice coins on top..
I superbumped a few of em or so that I like and it worked.. I don't know exactly how much bump powers I posses but it's probably a good amount..

An account with good bump power is worth a lot, their is a lot to lose trying to sell bumps, so they will be expensive and rare I think..
It might not be obvious who did the bumping but you will probably be able to tell what threads are getting paid bumps when scammy crap gets on the first page..
1129  Other / Meta / Re: Appealing ban for Sharon on: September 12, 2019, 01:55:00 PM
If kingpin4321 was banned after it was hacked does that still make sharon a ban evader? (if it was infact hacked)

Why don't you tell us all about your kingpin account sharon? Any others?
1130  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Video Game Addiction, a very real problem. on: September 12, 2019, 12:39:03 PM
I really dislike video games because they are such a waste of money..

I have friends and family that have massive video game collections. Like they have bought everything new since the PS2. They have untold thousands of dollars sunk into a bunch of 1s and 0s on disks thet they would now be lucky to be able to sell for $100..

Stacks and stacks of games they paid $60 each for and now are close to worthless plus all this buying expansion packages of more 1s and 0s to get a new map or fancier gun or the online playing passes you have to buy and controllers and headsets and fancy TVs...
All holds ZERO value..
Terrible investment..

And they make you fat..

Besides.. All that time you could have been reading some nonfiction and learning useful knowledge and you could use that knowledge and money to build something real that is actually worth something, also increasing your personal value through education..

I used to like playing COD zombies a bit..
I hooked up a PS3 a couple months ago in my living room, played it like 5 times..

This is a much better video game..
Read all that and then go build something real.. Learn something.. Have something valuable when you are done..

Create value in yourself and your belongings..

Video games are just a degenerate waste of yourself, your time, your money, and for god sakes quit spending BTC on video games!
In 10 years you are going to hate yourself when you realize you could have retired on the BTC you wasted to make your videogame screen flash colors a certain way..

How about starting a garden? You ever build a house? Additions? Garages? Fences?
Do something productive..

1131  Economy / Reputation / Re: Viewing unedited posts and deleted posts on: September 12, 2019, 03:25:07 AM
It was a joke.. It doesn't mean I don't still like you LV..
Maybe it serves as a reminder that you all are being monitored..

I may have been an outlaw all my life but i have always strived to be an honest outlaw..
1132  Other / Meta / Re: [NSFW] - phisical violence in DT - "not safe for work" content on: September 11, 2019, 04:46:23 PM
So you made assumption that I knew that it was TECHSHARE who included BitcoinSupremo to trust list or you know that I knew that it was TECHARE who included BitcoinSupremo to his trust list?

Not really but you hid all the facts in your OP about who even posted the quote about gays to where I had to find the thread myself to read the context and started a poll with as minimal information behind it as possible.. What was the point of that?

Did you "knew that it was TECHSHARE who included BitcoinSupremo to trust list or you know that I knew that it was TECHARE who included BitcoinSupremo" before you started this poll OP or not? No?

It's easy to see that TS quickly became the subject..

Vod starting one with a retaliatory negative rating

Which was nonsense, like a lot of stuff coming out of Vod lately..

Like I (thought I) just responded to The-One-Above-All about forgivness..

How would you compare this drunken mistake in terms of financial risky behavior to the board..... to let's say

1. screaming you are sure that anyone selling their accounts is facilitating scams, are evil and must have red trust. .... and then trying to sell their account for months for 0.3 btc??

2. Or getting your pal to auction your stuff and then pretend you would love to buy it and it is going far to cheap and worth much more? so using deception to try to pump the sale price of your own items?

3. Or claiming you were on a launch of a pow coin and can state there was no instamine/premine because you were there and know it never happened. (when you have bags of that coin) when it was UNDENIABLE that it took place?

Talking about beating people up is pretty bad but a lot of people here have made mistakes, aren't squeaky clean, and have been forgiven about it..

If Vod can be forgiven that easily for doxing, snitching to feds (or just a threat to snitch or lie that he snitched? still unclear..), and leaving BS negs in that OG situation (that still exist), I don't see how this bitcoinsupremo situation is even a blip on the radar..

People make mistakes and are forgiven usually after the situation is handled but sometimes even before..

I don't like what Bitcoinsupremo posted about beating up gays, I don't like what I saw about him being inconsistent about gender either, I think he probably shouldn't be in DT because of it, but I think maybe a few others shouldn't be in DT because of their situations aswell but maybe people are more forgiving about stupid actions than I am, or have lower standards for DT..

I'm not going to raise a huge public fuss about it (like this thread), but I remember it for myself..
1133  Other / Meta / Re: [NSFW] - phisical violence in DT - "not safe for work" content on: September 11, 2019, 04:20:03 PM
The main problem I see is that TECSHARE..

This has just turned into an opportunity to attack TS rather than he/she who posted the offending post.. Another "gotcha"..
TS's counter may not have been the best move given these revelations but neither is this thread the best way to bring it to TS's attention and solve the problem.. Drama..

What does any of this have to do the trust system?  Roll Eyes

All this talk about "hate speech" VS Free Speech..
1134  Other / Meta / Re: [NSFW] - phisical violence in DT - "not safe for work" content on: September 11, 2019, 03:27:16 PM
Quote from: link972387 date=7434041
I just came here because of the title, violent and homosexual do not belong to the same sentence or the same person, gays are weak like pussies and anyone can beat the hell out of them. I would do this for free that is how much I hate homosexuals.

I completely support his free speech right to state his/her opinion about gays but the last sentence is pushing it too far hinting about personally committing violence..
Looks like drunk posting..

That last sentence in that now redacted post, and some other inconsistencies of his brought up in the thread it originated from, lead me to believe he would infact be a mistake to be added to DT, but not because he doesn't like gays..
It's not the hugest mistake in the world though as if one is expected to search a users entire post history for out of character drunken rants before including them..

I don't necessarily dislike gays if they are cool but I dislike flamers of any variety.. I've had gay friends but not so much ones you can tell are gay just by looking at them, or at the first sound of their voice.. No thanks.. Just my opinion..

If you are going to be tolerant I think you should be just as tolerant of the guy that doesn't like flamers as you are of the flamers themselves.. You don't have to like and befriend either one but respect their right to be whatever they are, but any sort of offensive violence coming from any camp is unacceptable and intolerable..
1135  Other / Meta / Re: Bumping changes on some boards on: September 11, 2019, 01:26:53 PM
But really, people should just superbump good topics whenever they think to do so, and not worry about this sort of strategizing.

I'm not concerned that much about my own bumps, just looking for loopholes that farmers could exploit. It looks like if they have ~30 high-merit accounts they could keep one or two threads super-bumped to the front page. Likewise if they have a bunch of high-merit accounts they could also mini-bump multiple threads. That might be more feasible since mini bumps don't cost anything (other than maintaining earned merits) but they would need a lot of accounts to overcome the 7-day limit.

Those sound like very costly scenarios so likely not a big deal.

~30 high-merit accounts does sound very costly, close to impossible.. I think most people are lucky to have a single account with any significant amount of merit, and this is merit earned in the last year, so old farmed merit will go out of date and they will have to keep farming 30 accounts with fresh merit..
What they will need is a constant stream of fresh merit to retain their bumping power..

I think this also means your last years accumulated activity, like you have to have actually hit all of the activity periods in the last year to get your 365 max..

I should be careful where I post if I disclose a spam or scam so I don't unintentionally bump their topic.
my post now has a much higher bumping power. It would be nice to be able to turn that off for certain posts. Or I may need to use my LoyceMobile or even LoyceBot for certain posts.

I think Theymos could add a way to sage your post if he wanted to..

Just like Merit, Trust and Flags, theymos managed to come up with something that I have to read several times to fully understand it's potential! I'm curious to see how it works out long-term.

It's getting to the point to where one needs to be quite educated in all of these systems to really understand how the forum works.. The users manual is getting thick but it's not even all in one manual.. Also the evil system, ranks and badges, account recoveries, captcha bypass, etc. before you even get into forum etiquette..
I don't mind this really.. It's another way to distinguish who has put in the time and effort to get to and stay in the know about it all, but past the point where I would expect any but the top users to understand everything..

Bitcointalk function quizzes sound fun, something like
1136  Economy / Reputation / Re: TECSHARE is a scammer on: September 10, 2019, 10:47:43 PM
You guys think TS is conspiring with others about the trust system more than the DT1 who have been on since the start?
I think not..

1137  Economy / Reputation / Re: Viewing unedited posts and deleted posts on: September 07, 2019, 02:40:09 PM
any government agency that is interested in tracking their citizens' involvement in crypto could be doing what LoyceV does and scrape those posts

1138  Economy / Reputation / Re: Viewing unedited posts and deleted posts on: September 07, 2019, 01:33:46 AM
What I do
  • I scrape posts within seconds, but upload them in batches every minute.
  • The list of posts per user is updated once a day (5:50 AM Amsterdam time) > This is still messy, I'm working on it!
  • Files are stored with their post number as file name. I use the first 4 digits as directory name, then upload 10,000 files per directory. You're going to want to use CTRL-F Tongue

You're glowing..
1139  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The Xenophobic attacks on Africans by South Africans, what's your take on this. on: September 07, 2019, 12:29:42 AM
It saddens me seeing my fellow Africa brothers & sisters doing this to others. If we can treat each other like this, what message are we sending to the world.

Here's a message from Travor noah explaining clearly the reason behind this Xenophobic attcaks. It's simply a misdirection of anger towards the wrong set of individuals.

The sooner they realize that, we as Africans have to stand up for each other to protect what we have, help ourselves achieve success, the better the continent will become. It make no sense Africans killing Africans, enslaving each other, hating on each other etc.

It would make more sense them killing whites eh?

The message it sends to the rest of the world is that africans cannot be reasoned with, even by close to their own kind, and they get very violent..

Whites in South Africa makes up about 8.7% of the population and controls over 85% wealth.
Who wrote that bastardized English?

It saddens me seeing my fellow Africa brothers & sisters doing this to others.
Do you have any posts you can quote about how saddened you are about the terrible violence against south african whites these last couple years?

This violence against fellow blacks/africans is just "misdirected" and should really be aimed toward all those terrible whites who are somehow able to create value (make money), and you just don't understand why they can but africans can't so they MUST be stealing it from the africans right?
What was anything worth in SA before whites came there at all?
1140  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [US Only] Legalization of the sex trade? on: September 01, 2019, 04:26:22 PM
Less laws is always good..
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