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1301  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Is there a 3d representation or an animation of the depth chart. on: February 01, 2019, 04:55:04 PM

I don't know much about that but I will be very interested to see what you can come up with if you make your tool user friendly enough for me.
1302  Other / Serious discussion / Re: Is there a 3d representation or an animation of the depth chart. on: February 01, 2019, 03:40:45 PM
My primary interest in this is to try to pick out whale manipulation of the order book. My stats are very "old school", so I'm just starting to learn about some of the potential methods of analysis. If one could see a controllable animation of the the depth chart history, and combine it with volume and real trading price candles, then I suspect one could get a feel for the manipulation that is going on at the moment.

The main problem seems to be the collection of historic information about depth. It would need somebody to scrape an exchange, and save the data.

This is basically what I was talking about in your other thread about having to be there seeing it live and have been there long enough to recognize the patterns that have been and are happening.

Couldn't you just record the exchanges charts and books with OBS Studio and then playback your video at whatever speed you wanted?
Maybe you could get some idea of the patterns and market disposition without actually being there the whole time if you recorded it as a video and looked back to see what happened but I don't think that it would replace actually being there.

I think if you don't have the ambition, or want to sit there and watch the books and charts for hours every day you probably don't have the ambition to daytrade..
In my experience you have to put a lot of time into it to be able to make good reactions/trades. I can't just jump on an exchange for an hour not having been there for a week and day trade. I probably have to watch a market for 5 hours a day for atleast 2 days before my trading instincts start to get well honed for that market..

This is why I haven't been trading lately. I just can't seem to build up the ambition to watch markets like I used to.
I used to get up in the morning and straight to the books and trollbox for most of the day all day every day and loved it. It was what I wanted to do. I had the drive and I loved it and was successful but I just can't seem to get myself to that level anymore. Like some people love to play videogames I loved to be on the exchange..
I feel washed up and behind the times..

The good altcoin exchanges with good trollboxes are gone and I have built up a resentment to most new coins since they seem to almost all have gone completely to shit.
They aren't just many good crypto experiments anymore. They all seem to have some stupid shill backstory where their value relies more on whatever their stupid plan is than the merit of their technology.
Except a few ofcourse..

Maybe if I find Grin on a good exchange I can find my drive to seriously daytrade again..

The idea posted about separate orders being in the 3rd dimension is a cool idea especially if they were listed in order of time entered. This would be great so I could see how far back in line my orders are like on XX sat coins where it is just wall VS wall.. Like DOGE.
I know the exchanges have this data because orders do fill on a first come first serve basis if you watch the trade history but traders just can't see what orders are in line.
It is quite nontransparent and gives exchanges a lot of opportunity to rig the system to make money themselves if they could make their own orders always skip to the front of the line..
1303  Economy / Reputation / Re: Evidence that 'efxtrader' account changed hands and is now a typical shitposter. on: January 30, 2019, 01:12:32 AM
I do this on my own time and receive no compensation for doing it.  Why don't YOU look into who's paying for these morons to post?
That's sort of what I was getting at, wondering if you thought it would be worthwhile to also look into who is paying such megathread shitposters for their megathread shitposts, and on what grounds, and what standard..

In any case, it would be one hell of a task for a bounty manager to find every one of these bought accounts.  It took me about 20 minutes to compile enough evidence just to bust this one account, so I highly doubt a BM is going to go through all of his applicants checking for this stuff, even if he cared to do so.  Nor do I think it's their responsibility.  They want members who are going to post and I'll bet most BMs don't care whether the account has changed hands or not.  That's a battle that only some of us have chosen to fight.
I don't think it is the bounty managers responsibility to worry about sold accounts or most anything they deserve a tag for, but it is the managers responsibility to hold some standard of post quality.
What that standard is and what should be done about it I don't know but this account is probably atleast close to borderline..

This thread probably isn't the place to discuss the topic anyway. I will think about it for a while and maybe discuss it later..
Anyway, good job..
1304  Other / Meta / Re: Got my bitcointalk account Hacked on: January 29, 2019, 08:27:32 PM
The hacker is posting several ICO and trying to scam people I have reached out to admins but nothing, is there nothing I can do?

Post the account and your proof that you owned it publicly here in this thread so it can be tagged with warnings until you get it back..

If you have no proof atleast post these scam attempts so we can tag it and stop him from scamming.
1305  Economy / Reputation / Re: Evidence that 'efxtrader' account changed hands and is now a typical shitposter. on: January 29, 2019, 08:09:45 PM
I looked at this last night but got sidetracked at the time..

It's a net-negative megathread shitposter with decent evidence for it's sale so it can be tagged..

What I went for was who was paying for these megathread shitposts.
I looked in the bounty thread but it was just closed, I didn't find a spreadsheet for proof of acceptance or payments, and the registration seems to have been done offsite on telegram..

What do you think about the people incentivising this spam?
When you find such shitposters in signature campaigns shouldn't the campaign manager get a warning neutral or something to stop funding this filth and an eventual red if they continue to do so?

I'm on the lookout for high-ranked shitposters with old accounts

While you are at it do you think anyone should be looking into those paying them too?
1306  Other / Archival / Re: Deleted on: January 29, 2019, 07:34:40 PM
Lol this is funny coming from this account.
Are you sure it's actually sold and not just him trolling?

I am a person who wants to work with his efforts and as you see my publications I am an arab translator and I have nothing to do with this negative trust
I resorted to buying the account because their rank was high and as the marit was difficult to get
Just as the work here requires a higher rank than the new account, i hope you understand me and thank you for your comment

If this is true then you made a terribly stupid mistake.
You think you are just going to buy a red trusted account to get an undeserved reputation and just ask everyone to remove their feedback from it?
Especially this account?
Do you not know the history of this account or are you just trolling?

This account has a 121 page thread about it  Leroy Fodor has gone Full-Delusional! StakeMiners Confirmed .100%[sic] Insolvent
And another 10 page thread about it by Suchmoon StakeMiners: restricted withdrawals, falsified stats, insolvent. Do not invest!

Have a couple more.. is a Ponzi scheme run by Leroy Fodor, a proven liar. StakeMiners and Leroy Fodor: Fraud, deceit, dishonesty, and lies
For a little history lesson..

If you thought you might be able to get some tags removed from a red bought account, not only were you incredibly mistaken, but you really picked the wrong account..

Well thank you for giving me red trust without guilt, and as you see there are many negative trusts that have nothing to do with me, I will not do that with you because I do not know you and today I opened a new page with everyone free from hatred, As I said before, the marit is hard to get and thank you again

They are just adding more that do have to do with you plus all of the ones you inherited by assuming the identity of a somewhat famous moron, who I have known longer than I have been on Bitcointalk..
1307  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Hitler wasn't strong enough, so... on: January 29, 2019, 03:01:40 AM
This is just basic xenophobia man.

Who said anything about islam?
The argument against mass 3rd world immigration can be made fine enough without mentioning islam..

Reading this on a forum that is multicultural, cross boarder and proning decentralization is completely insane.

Nationalism is not about being proud of traditions and preserving culture.

It is about the promotion of the interests of a single country, even if it is at the expense of every other one. It is basically egoism.
Based on the way countries are interdependent today, nationalism is totally stupid. If you wan't to do it, do it 100% and live in autarcy. Have fun in your cave.

This forum welcomes people of all cultures and ideologies.

Nationalism is about being proud of your culture and traditions. It is also about looking out for your own people of your nation.
Just because another country or person would gain greatly from ripping us off doesn't mean we should let them rip us off because we need to look out for ourselves.
We aren't a charity for every poor person in the world to have a luxurious 3 hots and a cot..

No. Tying all the things you said to people coming in, so immigrants is showing you know little to nothing about most modern countries.
France and Germany for instance would be nothing without the post war immigration.

The guy coming in didn't steal anything, if anything they are the very reason these countries are where they stand now.

Go back to history classes.

Also I don't see much added value in patriotism.

Most of the 3rd world immigrants coming in are coming for the welfare, free stuff, and taking as much as they can get. They will take whatever any country lets them and go to whatever country they can take the most from.

In a libertarian system open immigration would be fine because their would be no welfare state. So if they can come and make it on their own merit then great.
Once you have a welfare state unlimited immigration just opens you up to being completely ripped off.
Do you realize that they simply cannot let everyone in the world come and give them all massive welfare? The money does not exist..
Many of the 3rd worlders coming in also create a lot of crime because they are uncivilized and they will have very hard times finding jobs by their own merit because they are not very educated or highly intelligent on average..

Hitler would never have been stopped without the patriotism of the soldiers of the countries that stopped him.
If all the allied countries were not patriotic, nationalistic, and wanted to be sovereign, why didn't they just let hitler walk on in and take them over?

Shit, if people should not be patriotic/nationalistic then why shouldn't all 3rd world countries just let the USA take over them because we are obviously much better at creating a strong economy and country right?
They should just beg us to come and run their countries for them, lol..
1308  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Mental/Spritual Realm >> Wordly realm on: January 29, 2019, 02:24:29 AM
I thought I was clicking on a thread about psychedelics and I get an islam shill thread..

they create a good society if they work properly
I disagree that sharia creates a good society..
1309  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The First Seastead is in the water on: January 27, 2019, 11:27:04 PM
Could you post a blueprint of your spar or just its dimensions and a description of it's features such as ballast and containment areas?
Also could you say what the spar is costing you to make and what source materials you are using to make it?

I am most interested in the construction of the spar because I do that sort of thing (metalwork, fabrication) and I think I might have a lot of 2nd hand source material perfect for making such a thing local to me that can be had very cheap and have all of the tools at my disposal..

I have even had a "real job" making similar contraptions from raw materials from rolling sheet metal to finished tanks including cutting and welding, installing fittings, pressure testing, you name it. From blueprint to finished product.
I also have experience pressure testing and pumping well over 10,000 psi.
I have plasma and oxyacetylene cutting tools available and many types of welding machines and very competent welders.

I might be able to make these things very competitively with logical delivery to the gulf of mexico or the Atlantic by New York..

Just to kick around ideas..
1310  Economy / Reputation / Re: The cat is slipping down... on: January 27, 2019, 08:27:37 PM
Once I start responding nicely everywhere you should start questioning whether I've gone crazy or whether this account has changed hands.

I agree with Lauda..

OP's premise is invalid..
1311  Economy / Reputation / Re: Legendary account seller on: January 27, 2019, 08:16:37 PM
@Eddie13 I would appreciate if you don't put words in my mouth thank you.
@DarkStar_ thank you for your input on this matter.
I'm sorry..
It was not my intention to put words into your mouth but rather to understand your stance on the subject as we were all responding to shasan's suggestion of strict lending regulations..

Why is it so hard to take valid collateral and not someone's reputation/age/etc?
Lenders should not be allowed to make no-collateral loans at all?
They should not be free to take whatever risk they think is worth the reward?

Why is it so hard to take valid collateral and not someone's reputation/age/etc?
Because it is unrealistic to only fund loans with valid collateral. 
No collateral loan defaults create a mess, but so do normal trades where escrow isn't used - should those be banned too?

DarkStar_ said basically the same thing I did in his reply to the same quote of yours but I get a "don't put words in my mouth" while DarkStar_ gets a "thank you for your input" Huh
Infact, DarkStar_'s posts here have only supported the points I made about taking accounts collateral...

1- Loan is repaid, end of story.
2- User Default on Loan.

how were you planing to handle no 2 exactly? i am not aware of any other thing that can be done except for selling the account.

Or, you could hold the account for an indefinite period of time hoping they will some day repay the loan.. No?
Why would the lender absolutely have to sell it? He wouldn't..

dude needs his money, he can't wait for "indefinite period of time", nobody can. he waited for 3 days and then started to sell the account.

your argument is invalid, that lendee could have came straight and informed the lender that he was never going to pay the loan, the lendee could have passed away, there are tons of things that could have happened and the lender would have no way out but to sell the account , that's why it's called a "collateral" - something you pre-plan to sell to repay yourself.

When you lend, you should be aware of risks from defaults. I know for certain that I have an account from early 2017 that I obtained via default, and I'm still holding onto it in hopes of eventual repayment (and because I don't want to sell it)
- I disagree with leaving lenders negative trust for taking accounts as collateral (unless they sell the account)

Of what subject matter he has touched on, our views have been parallel..
1312  Economy / Reputation / Re: Legendary account seller on: January 27, 2019, 03:23:37 AM
I could never understand why accounts should have any monetary value at all. The value is what someone is willing to pay for it, right?
I think an account of a legit person has a lot more value to that person than is it worth for sale, and that is their incentive to repay the loan and get their account back.
It is up to the lender to decide if the person is legit or not, or they lose just like a no-collateral loan..

I'd say that my account is worth a lot more to me than its market value. Isn't yours to you?

I'm not against freedom, but there have to be rules unless you want anarchy.  

I lean more towards anarchy than most, but so does Theymos.
As an anarcho-capitalist, I believe that there was nothing unethical about the Silk Road.
Where they sell a lot worse stuff than Bitcointalk accounts..
Not that I am for complete anarchy on Bitcointalk, SR wasn't even complete anarchy, but I am for freedom, against authoritarianism, and want as much freedom to stay as possible.
I don't intend to push back against what has already been done, but tend to want to guard against further encroachment of freedom.
I am definitely not calling for all tags on sold accounts and sellers to be removed.

Some folks argue that account sellers shouldn't be tagged at all, some don't like exceptions being made, and some just hate DT.  
I would like to be clear on my stance of this..
I don't think account sellers and sold accounts should have been tagged red in the first place. I think that sold accounts should have been tagged neutral only, but I was not, nor am I now, staunchly against it. I understand/understood it and accepted it though I do think it did hurt the economy of this forum.
But, that is over and done with. Those times are long gone, and now I do believe that account sellers and sold accounts should be tagged red because it is too late to ever go back and their is merit for doing so.

I don't really like exceptions being made in 2019, or even 2018..

Back when account sales started getting red trust, before you The Pharmacist were ever put on DT, I did my lending and sold some collateral accounts, and you tagged me for it. Remember, we then discussed it and you removed it..
I STOPPED doing it immediately and conformed to the standard. For all I know we have been on good terms ever since..
Exceptions like that at the beginning I obviously think are right.

But now in 2019?
One would have to be pretty ignorant, especially for an established member, to do it now not expecting and ready for that red trust to come..
If this ignorance of a few established members is acceptable/understandable enough for you to not tag grtthegreat, who should know lending and accounts well, I think maybe it should be discussed to remove the negatives from Bruno's accounts too, who never concerned himself with DT or lending, very likely was just ignorant, and fell on hard times..
I feel pretty bad for Bruno..

I do not hate DT. Even though I do not agree with some DT members on some situations that does not mean that I hate them because I think most DT are doing what they think is ethically the best and are doing their best for unselfish reasons.  

Like I don't think you guys hate me because I disagree on some situations, and that makes me respect you a lot.
I do agree with most DT on most things most of the time, but they aren't much fun to write about Smiley

it seems like we'd be stretching the limits trying to find more members to tag, and I just don't think that's worth it.
Yeah, it seems like just an attempt to have and exert more power, encroach on more freedom, create more regulations, I don't like those sorts of things too much.. < Tagging all lenders that take accounts collateral..
1313  Economy / Reputation / Re: Legendary account seller on: January 27, 2019, 01:09:06 AM
If I were in any control, all of them would be long red and banished and the trolls like Quicksie, TECSHARE etc. banned.
I do not doubt that you would ban/banish anyone who disagrees with you about wanting to ban/banish anyone that disagrees with you, but that is not what this forum is about.  I think many would have a bone to pick with that as a good many of us believe in freedom of expression..
Thanks for that written admission of how authoritarian you are.. Banish all the lenders, lol..
I thought you were the supreme leader of the cult of lauda?

I ask myself why you have high merit and then I notice who merits such garbage. Roll Eyes
High merit? My merit hasn't even kept up with my activity..
My received merit is quite diverse.. I have more merit from the crazy leftist FH mod that I completely disagree with on most matters than from QS, and Theymos himself which I am quite proud of..
Your top 10, on the other hand, looks like shit..

"'Once the gun is handed over to the buyer, I ocmpletely have no control of its activity', thus I am not responsible if/when the buyer kills someone using the gun I provided". Seems like sound logic to me.
Are you a gun banner also?
BTW that is how gun sales work where I come from, unless you knowingly sell a gun to someone that is not allowed to have them or knowing they are going to do something bad with it before you sell it to them, you aren't responsible..

But today I saw it was against DT's opinion I already changed my lending terms.
You fold too easily..

But today I saw it was against DT's opinion I already changed my lending terms.
1. Account can't be used as collateral
= If so, then any lender cant take multiple loans at the same time and also would not be able to sell anything which can be reversed.
Lenders will give neutral trust once give a loan. And will not give any loan if there is an active loan which can be seen on neutral trust. If lenders or Borrowers break the rules then they/s/he will get negative trust by DT.

Mine prefer method 1. Let's see what is saying by reputed forum members/DT/Moderators.
So you want a strict criteria of how lenders can operate or be red tagged?
If I give a loan to someone that has another outstanding loan I will get tagged for it?
I will get tagged if I don't place a neutral on the account that has an outstanding loan?
I can't give an anonymous, non-public, loan without getting tagged?

Is there really a need for someone to accept loan requests that involve accounts? If you claim so, then explain why it is absolutely necessary.
Why not?
Because that is what they want to do and they should be free to do so..
Taking someones account is incentive for them to repay their loan to get it back. It reduces the risk of the loan..

I'm not sure I'm following this. Are you saying that unsecured loans are risky? That's shocking but still not a good excuse for account trading, not to mention all the other potential shenanigans. For example when you take an account as collateral you could be getting a hacked one, which the perp is basically selling to you with no intent to pay back the loan. Essentially you're creating a market for such accounts.

If you want to give out unsecured or poorly secured loans - take the risk yourself, don't push it on the community.
A lender would demand a signature from a staked address of the account up for collateral to ensure it is not hacked to guard against that.
Are you, suchmoon, against lenders holding accounts as collateral as long as they don't then sell them? Like Darkstar does..

All loans carry some risk, even altcoin secured loans carry risk because markets move all the time..
See Darkstar's trust rating left on coolcryptovator;u=1980983

All these examples(scams) you posted could be avoided by simply taking valid collateral, when you take account as collateral from someone whose only intention is to scam, you create more mess then it should be by selling these account and/or complaining that someone scammed you - but you allowed them to scam you. And then we have drama in scam accusation, meta, reputation, PM..
And we wouldn't have this discussion if some of you guys haven't took forum account as collateral and "liquidated" them.

Why is it so hard to take valid collateral and not someone's reputation/age/etc?
Lenders should not be allowed to make no-collateral loans at all?
They should not be free to take whatever risk they think is worth the reward?

For example: actmyname asked for a loan of 0.25BTC without collateral where 2 people send so total received 0.5BTC. actmyname refunded 2nd sender.
I saw that and and left him a positive feedback for his action there I believe if we are talking about the same situation..

Didn't master-p (*) get an unsecured loan then walked away with the funds?

* (I know one of those "trusted types" did - just trying to recall who it was)
As Darkstar said, lending is taking a risk to earn profit..
You don't win em all..

I am obviously against stopping lenders from taking accounts as collateral as long as they don't sell them because selling accounts is now a well established NONO..
I believe they should be free to do so and generally people should be as free as possible in all circumstances.

If you want to set up strict control of lenders as shasan suggested with extreme regulation narrowly guiding lenders to exactly the way they must operate their business go ahead and do that but I think such control exerted over people is ludicrous..
1314  Other / Meta / Re: “No one reads Meta anyway.” on: January 26, 2019, 06:19:03 AM
Turned this into a merit thread?

I am interested in the politics around here to keep the forum inline with Satoshi as best I can see.
I don't try to suck up to whoever has power, rather I probably piss them off.
I don't post here to get merits.
I try to use my voice to keep this free and fair to all..
1315  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Trump Threatens To Keep Government Closed "For Months Or years" on: January 26, 2019, 06:08:53 AM
I hear something about that if congress still won't fund the wall negotiating in the 3 week temporary gov't reopening, that Trump is going to declare a national emergency and use his executive power to build the wall without congress..

Try to find some sources..
The White House is preparing a draft proclamation for President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency along the southern border and has identified more than $7 billion in potential funds for his signature border wall should he go that route, according to internal documents reviewed by CNN.

Trump has not ruled out using his authority to declare a national emergency and direct the Defense Department to construct a border wall

the administration could pull: $681 million from Treasury forfeiture funds, $3.6 billion in military construction, $3 billion in Pentagon civil works funds, and $200 million in Department of Homeland Security funds

If the declaration is made, the US Army Corps of Engineers would be deployed to construct the wall

I support Trump to build the wall..
1316  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: January 26, 2019, 05:50:55 AM
Feedback disagreements should be solved with exclusions..
If you don't like it, exclude it.
I don't think people should be sticking their noses in other people's trust lists, not to mention their votes..

I've done both, i.e. excluding quietly and discussing it, and I think there are pros and cons for each approach. Prior to this "redesign" of DT I didn't feel a particular need to discuss anything, mainly because my decisions were inconsequential. Now I think contacting the person makes sense in certain situations. Completely excluding someone for a minor disagreement or misunderstanding might be an overkill.

I agree that contacting a person is fine to discuss situations but giving them an ultimatum is sketchy..

Say you include Darkstar, and darkstar included zazarb, but you don't like zazarbs ratings..
You can simply exclude zazarb and not threaten to remove/exclude darkstar unless he removes zazarb, for example..

Or whoever in dt1 included zazarb..
You don't have to go to the DT1 and threaten them to remove zazarb from DT2. Just exclude zazarb yourself and leave them alone..
1317  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: January 26, 2019, 05:29:23 AM
If someone left positive feedback's a years ago and he inactive from long time then why you should add on DT list ?
Because they trust their feedback maybe?
Just because history happened before you showed up doesn't mean that the history should be voided.

The older the positive feedback the better and you just want to remove it? No..
Why do you think the feedback score grows by age?
You haven't even been here long enough for a score to mature..

Even if the person that left trust is inactive it doesn't matter because a new negative today destroys his score anyway.
Just because someone gets a negative doesn't mean all of their old positive feedback should be removed either. The negatives cover it.

I actually wish feedback could not be deleted period and once it was left it was there for good..
I for one read a lot of old threads and feedback is very helpful to understand past situations.

This is criteria from theymos, user must be an active member.
Only to get on DT1

so he will know the current situation.
The current situation is just temporary and just a drop in the bucket of the history of Bitcoin.. It is also outstandingly unusual.

You haven't even been here a year, lol
You have no business being on DT1 IMO.. Maybe DT2

Feedback disagreements should be solved with exclusions..
If you don't like it, exclude it.
I don't think people should be sticking their noses in other people's trust lists, threatening others to change their lists, not to mention their votes..

Theymos should make trust lists anonymous..
1318  Other / Politics & Society / Re: VIDEO - White Left: Chinese social media phenomenon rips virtue signalling SJWs on: January 26, 2019, 01:16:50 AM
Muh "not real communism"

Hundreds of millions dead from leftist socialism and communism and the western left's cognitive dissonance can't compute..

China has very little moral fiber.  They are committing genocide against muslims right now.  
Roll Eyes
Yeah buddy, that's communism alright.. Don't forget about the organ harvesting..

Hitler, stalin, polpot, mao, che guevara, castro
Will you never learn?

Leftist's superiority complexes allow them to slaughter all those who disagree..

Yes hitler is one of yours too..

BTW this "white left" term is not new..
1319  Economy / Reputation / Re: Legendary account seller on: January 25, 2019, 11:51:29 PM
1- Loan is repaid, end of story.
2- User Default on Loan.

how were you planing to handle no 2 exactly? i am not aware of any other thing that can be done except for selling the account.

Or, you could hold the account for an indefinite period of time hoping they will some day repay the loan.. No?
Why would the lender absolutely have to sell it? He wouldn't..

Everyone know that accept collateral as an account is equal to trading account. I can say it's legal way to sell an account. Because I have seen previously if you tag them then you will receive retaliatory tag. And then someone from DT1 will put him on DT2. Then ther will start another story what happened with The Pharmacist previously. And I believe this is not a good practice for DT member.
That's why no one want to tag this kind of case. But I strongly agree with tag sold account even avoid tag to lender.

No offends guys but I haven't be clarified my questions haven't been answered. If you say an account used for collateral should be tagged for account farming when should the red tag be given? After lone default (to prevent account selling) or immediately it's offered as collateral   and should all accounts involved be tagged for account farming?
Both the lender and the user should be immediately tagged.

Why are you afraid of retaliation? You would win wouldn't you?
Their are a few of you and you are in control. Why don't you just conspire together and all tag all of them at once?
You are not doing "the right thing to do" in your opinion to "keep the forum safe"?
You can just exclude whoever retaliated to keep your greens anyway..

I am not a huge fan of DT babyproofing the forum with padded walls over such menial things to possibly save the lowest common denominators from petty scams but I implore you to do what you think is right..
Have your nannystate if you want a nannystate.. It is afterall, what would give you the most power..

Trusting an account just because things are being posted from an account is stupid anyway because any account can be hacked at any time. Accounts themselves should not be trusted in any way.
Your staked address is your proof of reputation not your account.
Your account may have notes on it about your reputation, or someone's reputation, but posting from an account does not prove that is your reputation.
A bitcoin signed message from your staked address is. Or PGP key.
People should be cryptographically signing their contracts/agreements before deals are initiated.

Education is the key to scam prevention IMO, just like sex education is the key to AIDS prevention.
Expecting all hacked and sold accounts to be tagged is a false sense of security if you are uneducated.

Red tags aren't going to stop the lenders from lending. Red tags aren't going to stop account sellers from selling accounts (infact it's proof of business to them)..
Soon enough red tags aren't even going to stop accounts from joining signature campaigns, it already does't in many..

Should do we tag:
1- sellers of Bitcointalk accounts - Yes
2- sellers of email database - Yes
3- sellers of followers (more followers on social media: fake hype and more stacks on bounties
4- sellers of social media accounts facebook, twitter, telegram or whatever
5- sellers of betting accounts with probably other owners personal data
We should be tagging for all of those actions.

Talk about job security, you all sure have a lot of tagging work to do..
The more things you can justify tagging for the better, just like the government, the more things you can control and regulate the better..
1320  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Venezuela on: January 25, 2019, 07:12:28 PM
MOSCOW — Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela in the past few days to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro in the face of US-backed opposition protests, according to two people close to them.

Russia, which has backed Maduro's socialist government to the tune of billions of dollars, this week promised to stand by him after the opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself president with Washington's endorsement.

The contractors are associated with the so-called Wagner group whose members, mostly former service personnel, fought clandestinely in support of Russian forces in Syria and Ukraine

If Russia is sending troops doesn't that basically give the US a green light to send troops also?
You can hardly send troops yourself and then hypocritically oppose troops sent by anyone else..

If this is a battle between Russian influence and American influence, sorry, the USA needs to win...
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