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1561  Other / Meta / Re: [TOP-200] Members who support newbies - Thanks! on: September 23, 2018, 03:47:16 PM
Some of the ranks are not quite correct for some of the members. For instance  - I ain't no Hero.  Grin


- the rank that is based on the amount of merits regardless of the current activity

And you have hero merits..
1562  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 23, 2018, 03:30:08 PM
Even didnít noticed a DUMP , Thats the fine thing of Going out with coiners ..... Just No BTC talks and No price watching  Grin  
Kinda strange .... haha

I don't have a single RL bitcoin friend. There are only coinless peasants around me and its hell trying to talk to them about crypto without them telling you why its not going to work or how its a ponzi scheme. So for me its either being friendless or homocide. But the second option is extremely tempting...

That's similar to how it was for me too, when BTC was like $300.. I always explained it to friends but never tried hard to get them to buy, told them that they could make money or lose it all, nobody bought any..

Now the price is $6.5k or whatever and they are all should'a could'a would'a "I wish I had bought when you told me about it" etc..
Especially when it was climbing from like $3k and up...

I have no IRL crypto friends either..  The third option is just wait and in the future when the price is 10X-20X or whatever from here, you shall be vindicated..

just wanted to show off one of my girls

Beautiful. Good job!

All this excitement about a couple hundred $ movement in BTC.. It still hasn't broken out of its gently tapering in channel yet.. It's staying tight right in there, but can't forever..
1563  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 23, 2018, 02:40:58 AM
A piece of a photo from this morning.  Can you identify the subject? More to come.
Derp... probably far too easy. But bitcoin isn't moving.

Crystals, almost ripe for harvest, no amber yet..
1564  Economy / Currency exchange / Re: [WTS] looking for buyers willing to pay a premium on: September 23, 2018, 01:16:44 AM
They aren't going to an exchange due to slippage.

So you think that your liquidity is high enough to beat the exchange price even with your "premium"?
Such large trades that they will get a better deal at your premium as opposed to the slippage they would encounter at an exchange on top of spot rate?

How much premium % are you talking?
I would like to know so I can go calculate how much BTC would have to be traded with a market order in one slam to make your premium the better deal, because slippage..
1565  Other / Meta / Re: The bitcointalk academy awards - best shit-poster fables to obtain merit on: September 22, 2018, 09:01:36 PM
Hi thanks for all your response specially to high rank , I post this  because I want to have atleast 1 merit thanks for your support Smiley

I post this just to have merit so that if you think that my Post is helpful you can free to send me some merit because of this
Thanks for Helping me Smiley

You think they'd research how to get merits a bit, then maybe they'd know better than to directly beg..
1566  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 22, 2018, 03:58:47 AM

Whales = the composite operator

Wyckoff, ďThe market is made by the mind of man, and all the fluctuations of the market and all the various stocks should be studied as if they were the result of one manís operations. Let us call him the Composite Operator, who, in theory, sits behind the scenes and plays a stock to his advantage."

we should consider all market activity as a purposeful operation in which informed interests exert continuing control over stocks and the market. These large interests, such as banks, mutual funds, investment trusts, hedge funds, specialists, and position traders are best thought of as a Composite Operator.

Wyckoff, ďimagine a super investor. How would that person handle the situation that is before you? What would that person look like? How would that person feel? What state of mind would your superior investor be in to deal with the situation confronting you?"
Wyckoff felt that an experienced judge of the market should regard the whole story that appears on the tape as though it were the expression of a single mind. He felt that it was an important psychological and tactical advantage to stay in harmony with this omnipotent player. By striving to follow his footsteps, Wyckoff felt we are better prepared to grow our portfolios and net-worth.

I often like to think of it is the entire market is out to get me. Me against one entity, the composite operator..
I think about it as if I were the composite operator, how would I try to trick me out of my satoshis on the exchange, with bull traps, bear traps, fake walls, fake volume etc.
What would I do to trick the little guy out of his money?

Like 4D chess..

1567  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 21, 2018, 06:44:03 PM

I understand that you are going to be way more profitable than me
I wouldn't say that..

When I first got into bitcoin, I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable about having various BTC exiting strategies
I always believed I could cash out if I wanted and never did for a long time..
But, the GF has now admitted that she wasn't as sure of this prospect as she is now that she has seen it with her own eyes once, in muh bank..

Seems that from your own stated practice that you might profit from using bots yourself.
I personally donít trust bots

I think it would be easy for me to tell a bot where to put orders for any given condition, but I can't imagine programming a bot to look for and react to all the conditions that are a flag in my mind.. I'm not even sure I could consciously describe some sets of events that mean things to me in a market..

seems to me that you play BIG

Not so much with a big amount of capital, but quite big volume and amount of trades compared to the capitol I choose to trade with..

Personally, it seems that increasing the amounts has to come incrementally and with work

I find that the more capital I'm trying to trade with, the more I have to move to larger markets and compete with bigger and smarter opponents..
%s are much easier for me to make trading on small markets against dumb money but then I can only trade with insignificant capital and make insignificant profit..

My hang up is trying to trade with more significant capital to make more significant profits..
1568  Other / Meta / Re: [TOP-200] Members who support newbies - Thanks! on: September 21, 2018, 08:02:26 AM
I made the list if only just barely but I have gone through a lot of post histories to have only gotten 5.. I have been looking for them in particular but I'm really surprised that 5 makes the list at all..

I'll keep looking for them and try to stay on this list but I only have the smerit I get so it's not exactly a fair fight to the top..
Also, I'm not sure why their are only 53 on the top 200 list..
1569  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 21, 2018, 07:09:48 AM
Wow, what a post post..

Whatever you are describing yourself as doing in terms of BTC trading and preferences seems strange and disjointed to me, even though I understand that each person (assuming that you are a person) has a different approach to trading or accumulating bitcoin and goals, and each person has a past practice of employing differing strategies in terms of the extent to which they gamble their whole trading stash or if they are content with trading smaller portions of their stash (whether attempting to accumulate fiat or BTC). 

I like to call my method something like - Semi-High Frequency Day Trading
I think you need a bot for true high frequency..

I like to put on the exchange what I want to trade, and usually trade with all of it.. Either full stash orders or many placed orders at the same time, keep all of it out there.. Keep the orders in where I expect them to hit, and move them to keep them in range if/when the market moves..

I like to put the orders as deep in the books as I can to where I can still expect them to get hit by the slippage of big trades.. Therefore trading the spread plus as much of the slippage that I can grab.. So like a bigger "spread", where orders actually fill..

You ever make a market trade and fill like 30 orders or more? I want to be that 25th-29th order deep that you hit where your price slipped to.. Those are my satoshis Smiley
If their is enough difference to catch it works great in sideways markets, always makes me feel like I sold too soon in up markets, and a lot of small stoplosses/break-evens when the market goes down..

0 fees means any tiny bit of spread is a WIN Smiley
The higher the fees the bigger spread I have to play..
Coinbase has so much LIGHTNING FAST bot liquidity in the books, their is no spread and very little slippage because oodles and oodles of liquidity bots chase the spread to zero instantly like lava flows battling in the depth chart..

The goal is to accumulate BTC mostly for HODL purposes but I'm weak for cars/parts so I've spent some, and it has done me well.. It has made me almost all of my stash + purchases except some lucky meme cards that made me some money too.. I never "buy" BTC..

So, yeah, I get it that you are attempting to trade rather than purely accumulate bitcoin and HODL, and you seem to want to trade BTC in order to become profitable whether you measure your profits in dollars or in bitcoin remains unclear to me because you are not describing whether you have connections to banks or how you might have planned to cash into fiat if that was one of your goals.  Furthermore, it sounds as if you want to attempt to profit from smaller increments of trades, but you do not have bots yourself, but you believe that you are not able to profit as much if you conclude that the bots are more prevalent on any given exchange? 

I feel bad for selling some of my precious BTC for another damn BMW and I need to make it back to feel whole again..
I measure my profits in BTC, I don't care if it is going to $500 I want more of it. Because I KNOW one day its going to be YUGE..

Cashing out to fiat is not really a goal or problem.. I like to keep away from that as much as possible but I've done it twice now Sad
It is so tempting when I see deals IRL too good to pass up but I don't, except for rare moments of weakness.. But I have a coinbase that is all set up with my bank, and used previously, so that's not a thing really..

I don't generally mind bots but bots that are configured for 0% maker fee are a whole other animal, Like I explained..

I personally believe that you can still profit if bots are present and if spreads are close because the main way to make money is to bet based on the movement of the price rather than the spread.. because when the BTC price moves, it seems to move on all exchanges in the same direction, and sure of course some exchanges will move faster and further than others, but there also does not seem to be much of a pattern for well established exchanges regarding which one is going to move farther or moves first.  So, in that regard, it can be useful to have some value on more than one exchange, and sometimes even if you set orders at the same prices, the orders might sometimes fill on exchange A more often than exchange B, but then that situation can reverse, from time to time, too.

Yeah but then the market HAS to move, and you have to be correct on which way you thought it was going to move, and you have to wait..
No way I could sleep at night with my BTC sitting in fiat because I was expecting the market to move down..
I am settled back into BTC after each trading session 99.9% of the time..

It appears to me that whatever you are attempting to do falls into a category of kind of winging it, and unclear to me how what you are doing is not just placing a bet and then gambling that the BTC price moves in that direction and then if the price moves in the opposite direction then you replace your bet by another bet, and so ultimately you are hoping to gain profits (but you are kind of expecting to NOT have any money left (principle or profits) after going through the process for a while and that is why you have not set up any exchange accounts that are linked to bank accounts)?

Winging it, kinda maybe..

When I place an order, I am placing a bet, that if that order fills, I can resell it for a profit BEFORE the market moves, with just the slippage spread, or the help of extremely short term volatility.. Just a percent or 2..

If the fees are 0.1% each way (buy/sell) then the first 0.2% of my spread breaks even so a 0.4% flip makes me .2%..
Do that 0.4% flip 30 times in a trading session or so, 0.2X30=6 - it makes me 6% for the day, but it's actually compound % for multiple trades etc..
But I don't just make 100% good flips.. The market moves and I break even or lose a tiny bit on 1/3rd of them or whatever, but usually it's a little better than a 0.4% flip I'm trying for, 1% is pretty common so 0.8% profit each time after fees.. That shit adds up if I can get in the groove and get it working.. Just a few % per day is stupid good when you compound it..
I basically try to do what you would want a bot to do I guess..
Speed placing, canceling, and replacing orders is important too for the market moving..

Margin is good for when the market is obviously moving infront of my face, especially up trading BTC, because I'm trying to make BTC..  
You cant make more BTC on a fiat market when BTC is going up, you can only HODL, unless you have leverage.. With long leverage you can make more BTC while it's going up..
Their isn't much to do in a BTC bull market if I don't have leverage..  

Altcoins usually trend down and you can only make BTC on that of you short it.. Just watch and wait till it stops so you can play the spread and try to catch the "falling knife" and/or "dead cat bounce" because you can only profit on the up side with no leverage..
I'm not very practiced at shorting alts but using long leverage on BTC when it was pumping sure was a blast!
Though I didn't have a lot of stake in it, if only I would have had the balls..

Personally, I believe that it is much better to attempt to establish your initial trading stash without margin and to get a hang of the situation, but I understand that you can gain a lot more by use of margin, if you are lucky (or insider information) enough to be able to place your bets in the right direction.

I'm not much of a swing trader, trading movement, so I don't use leverage much..

I think I have developed this method of trading because crypto usually just floats down.. Floating down slow enough to be realistically sideways, 1-2% a day, this trading style works in boring markets..

Just a flat market with the trad-able slippage spread a bit bigger than the fees and maybe 1-2% up/down volatility is purrrfect.. All day long..

Volume is a bit important too, because if it's working good and I want to trade with a larger amount, my trades have to be the small ones..
If my orders ARE the market's walls it doesn't work at all, lol..  

It is extremely easier to do this on lower volume markets with just a little bit of BTC..
I could probably turn 100k sat into 200k sat like every day no problem because you are small enough not to effect the little market with a huge spread, you are just dust..
The market has to be like exponentially bigger than you for you to be just dust to them so you need bigger volume markets to do it with even like 0.1BTC..

I'm trying to up my game and trade with larger amounts, and make larger profits, to maybe REALLY make something trading. I put a LOT of time into trading when I trade so I have never really made much as compared to all the time I've spend doing it..

Considering all the TIME I have spent trading, maybe I have made McDonalds wages doing it, lol..
I have made unbelievable %s on my BTC considering what I started with, really you wouldn't believe it in terms of %, but it doesn't amount to all that much, e.g. I'm not retired off of my crypto, yet..  I want to make it life changing..

I want that Lambo money, but really I'm a simple guy and the money it costs to buy a lambo would last me a LONG time just to do whatever I wanted and be free..
Freedom from the rat race, come on BTC..  

I'm trying to find the right place that I can do it with larger amounts, or I'd just go to cryptopia where I could make satoshis forever..

I've also never been able to figure out how to tell when pumps/spikes are coming, so I have to be there to catch them happening.. Trading like this my chances of being there at the right time for spikes is also greater I believe..

Sorry that's long, but so was yours Smiley
1570  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 21, 2018, 01:29:07 AM
You do not have to do market orders, and on coinbase there is no fee, as long as you set limited orders.

Furthermore, what does it matter very much about which exchange, whichever one you can get onto and then of course your spreads would be farther apart if there is a higher fee in order to at least cover the fee.

I agree that you might be inspired to move some of your trading based on lower fees, which I did when I moved some of my trading from Gemini to Binance - but each exchange has its plusses and minuses - and even questions about whether you are ready, willing and able to link a bank account to the exchange, which options would likely depend somewhat on your origin country, too.

Coinbase has NO spread because of the way the fee structure incentivises bots to be market makers. The bots are some of the best I've seen, best in the world bots..

I like to place market maker trades myself because I like to trade inbetween walls, and the bots there are just too much competition for my trading style. It doesn't feel good..

I like to be on the high volume exchanges where that exchange is making the world market, or atleast have a close eye on those charts too.. Always watching a few..
I usually take a LOT of tiny stoplosses too so low fees make it a lot easier to get back out of a trade I no longer like the look of.. Which is incredibly hard to do on coinbase trying to get in with those bots..

I made a binance account for the first time last week when I was chatting with some group trading there, where I found that tool you all like so much actually, but I decided that I really didn't like the new shitcoins of the day trading there much and the group turned out to be really just trying to sell TA to pretty much puppets that would trade their TA..

I have a hooked up coinbase but I don't figure I'll need my bank account UNLESS I DO AWESOME TRADING!!

And about exchanges with no margin.. Then I can only make more BTCs when the price is going down..
If I have margin I can also make more BTCs while the price is going up! And down..

I'm checking out the usdt/btc on binance right now..

I might have crypto trader PTSD or something < made that up..
I really want back in there but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it.. Probably causing my exchange indecision..
1571  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 21, 2018, 12:49:30 AM
Glad you like it guys..

I want to get back trading but just haven't found myself a spot.. It's been a while..

What do you guys recommend for exchanges a USA citizen can use?
I like zero fees and some margin, like huobi was..
I didn't like coinbase so much because of the fee structure, it makes the bots so aggressive.

A good exchange for someone that wants to daytrade the volatility, make many many small flips, lots of trades..

Their probably isn't anything good like that out there anymore is there?

Probably stuck with coinbase using market orders and high fees Sad
1572  Economy / Services / Re: Best ICO whitepaper writing services available on: September 20, 2018, 11:08:11 PM
How does this work exactly?

If an ICO's devs can't even write their own whitepaper then how could it be anything but a scam?

Therefore, how could a whitepaper writing service be anything but a SCAM service?

I can see it now, on the team page, "whitepaper writer guy"..
1573  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: VanEck SolidX ETF proposal decision now extended on: September 20, 2018, 10:38:07 PM
We seem to have had a little spike just now on this news so I don't think that it is effecting the market negatively..
Maybe the market right not is just relieved that it didn't get declined? Maybe extended is more bullish than declined..
1574  Bitcoin / Hardware wallets / Re: Ledger Nano S safe? on: September 20, 2018, 09:06:04 PM
I think they would have to bruteforce your PIN..
1575  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Looking for service which give alerts when some conditions are occurs on: September 20, 2018, 08:44:25 PM have high and low price alerts and I'm pretty sure many other similar charts available do too but I don't know of any that alert from indicators..
1576  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Wallet hacking is it possible? on: September 20, 2018, 08:33:38 PM
ALL wallets are vulnerable to hacking in different ways if they are not setup and used correctly..

It sounds like you are talking about a web wallet, a wallet on a website.
These are very vulnerable to hacking just the same as exchanges are. They can be hacked by hacking the website itself, ot hacking your computer to get your login details, or phishing you..
They definately are NOT unhackable..

Then you have desktop and mobile wallets..
Besides possible volnerabilities in their code they are only as safe as your device.. So if they can hack your device they can get your coins..
Even if you encrypt the wallet they could still get you with a keylogger or something..
Your device's security is in your hands..

Then you have "cold" wallets.. They can be quite unhackable if done right but you have to do them right..
If your seed or priv key are saved on a machine that the internet can touch, then they are hackable..
If you create them on a machine that was possibly infected or connected to the internet, they are hackable..
They are only unhackable if done right..

Then their are hardware wallets like the ledger and trezor..
Unhackable you might say right?
Well probably if you save your seed offline like write it down on paper, but if you save your seed in a file on a computer that is connected to the internet they can getcha....
Also, a lot of people STILL get hacked using these by trying to claim forks with scam wallets!!!
So you still have to watch what you do..

My choice is the Ledger hardware wallet but I am still very suspicious of the chrome app, and it needing "updates" all the time spooks me..
Seed written on physical paper..
1577  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: wts more than 40+ bitcointalk accounts starting with full member rank to hero on: September 20, 2018, 04:49:29 AM
Why now?
1578  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Zaif hacked for $60 million on: September 20, 2018, 03:35:48 AM
Damn that is bad news.. I really hope it isn't a good excuse for a dump because we are right on that support and I'm hoping things are turning around..

That could have been MY money..
I was very close to using that exchange a while ago and just checked it out again recently. I have an account but no funds on it..

It's pretty crazy that in 2018 the big exchange operators still haven't figured out how to get their poop in a group good enough to not get hacked. One would think they would have made better security enhancements or something by now. This is not new.
1579  Other / Meta / Re: Report plagiarism (copy/pasting) here. Calling for Mod action: please permban on: September 20, 2018, 02:04:15 AM

1580  Other / Meta / Re: Guaranteed way to almost eliminate forum spam! on: September 19, 2018, 11:01:12 PM
Here is a guaranteed way to eliminate almost all forum spam. Simply don't allow signatures for any forum member. The majority of all posts made on the entire forum are entirely for the purpose of completing bounty signature requirements. Guess what, legendary members can spam too, not just newbies. Eliminate all signatures and you eliminate all spam posts. It takes away the reason to do mass postings every week. However this will never happen, because guess what? The owners of this forum benefit from all of this posting because it increases their number of visitors and therefor ad revenue. The owners probably make a really hefty amount of money from all of their ad revenue. If they take away signatures, ad revenue would drop significantly. So there you have it.  

All these adds around here all the time, they must be making a killing..
Oh, what adds?

Cryptocurrency benefit from all of this posting because it increases their number of visitors and newcomers to cryptocurrency.


But it's gone a little too far, and is being reigned back..

The new FIAT coin Smiley
I do like my pepe coins! Smiley
They will be worth more than gold one of these days.

We are reaching for $12000 now. Buckle in moon memes are about to roll out soon! Grin

revised 20 minutes later looks like we broke that quite easily.
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