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1721  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin price 10k $ on: May 06, 2018, 02:09:07 AM
It's hard not to be optimistic with it beating on 10k right now.
1722  Economy / Reputation / Re: Chronic reservations maker 'Gibbs91_30' on: May 05, 2018, 10:15:04 PM
That's kinda funny!!

I didn't look too deep into it but in his real early posts he seems to be reserving posts for a company..

Are most/all of his posts on the first pages of threads?

I think maybe he is reserving actual good places and plans to sell them later?

Pretty darn entrepreneurial IMO..

Does it break the rules? Maybe.. I'm unsure.. 
1723  Other / Meta / Re: Why is it complicated to get merits on: May 05, 2018, 06:46:28 PM
I tried the signature thing, I really didn't like how I felt pressured to post someone elses way.. I decided screw it..

This merit thing.. Once again I feel pressured to post a cretin way..
Oh man now I am going to have to try to make these these big posts that stand out as being of excelent content, oh and better make sure to post it in just the right spot so it will get good visibility..

Blah.. Screw merit chasing.. I'm going to post whatever I want..
Maybe when I have like 1500 activity and am still not ranked up I'll reassess the situation..

That's how I feel about it personally, and I do not expect to get many merits with my normal posting behavior, so it's whatever..

I am glad the merit system is here though, I think it is doing very well, and with the amount of accounts getting destroyed with red these days, as time goes on their will be more merit to go around for those who deserve it and those who deserve it will stand out easier without so much background noise..

So I think if you aren't a spammer/scammer/untrustable/just out to make money, just chill out, do your thing, be you, and soon enough you will get your merit..

Right now it looks like you have to be all special and do great things to get merits, but soon I think that just casually being a non-negative user will be enough to get noticed and get ranked up...

I think Theymos said something about sources just going ahead and ranking up accounts that they think deserve it, that time will come, just be a good dude and I think sources will eventually rank you up..
1724  Other / Meta / Re: I think I understand something on: May 05, 2018, 07:39:18 AM
other people potentially want to deceive you and betray you.

Well, eherm.. This is crypto..
It's practically the scam capital of the internet..

People everywhere are always trying deceive you and betray you..

Look around guy..
Ponzis and ICO scams and loan scams and escrow scams and exchange scams and scams scams scams..
Scams all the time from $5 steem codes to $??? Mtgox..

1725  Other / Meta / Re: How about KYC on bitcointalk? on: May 02, 2018, 08:41:36 AM
Then Satoshi would never come back for sure Sad
1726  Economy / Reputation / Re: Account Got Negative Trust on: May 02, 2018, 07:48:22 AM

Up until this point in this thread I was still on the fence about this guy, though I do trust DarkStars feedback..
I saw your username and felt good that someone was here to help make this guys case. You are like a court appointed attorney, for free..

I was thinking you should offer your forum related representation services but real lawyers will represent clients that they know damn well are guilty so maybe not..

6:   And i have given cash to my friend and he has send BTC to them and his screen shot is here

Pretty much know the dude is guilty here with the excuse to not control the keys or account behind the tx PLUS making it as difficult as possible for you to verify the "proof" he has given by using a screenshot..

I noticed the other day that you popped onto my DT view and I want to say congratulations! Now you have to deal with this kind of drama crap for the remainder of your DTship, aren't you lucky.. I wonder how many of these old negs will pop out of the woodwork to appeal..
1727  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Casascius coin on: May 01, 2018, 07:09:20 PM

Iím asking for 0.875 -  yes itís strong money but with btc close to doing a bull run Iím sure in a few months it will be worth that at face value! I really didnít want to sell it but Circumstances have changed and I need to cash out. Accept btc, eth, ltc.

Ill sell you some sand, don't worry I know sand is only worth $10 per ton now, but in a year it will be worth $20 so what I will do is sell you this sand now for $15 and in a year you will be really happy.

Do you see the issue with this statement?

the price of sand could hit $50 a ton before year-end
1728  Economy / Speculation / Re: The bulls are back! on: April 24, 2018, 06:02:16 PM
I would be very pleased with $10k btc for a while..
It makes the math so nice Smiley

I hope we level off around 10 for a while gaining strength for the next period of growth..

The chart right now makes me feel very good..
1729  Economy / Speculation / Re: Total Marketcap is rising, start of bullish market? on: April 20, 2018, 01:49:55 AM
That was just a beartrap..
Off to $100k
1730  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Master the trading on: April 20, 2018, 01:41:11 AM
Just get on any exchanges with a small amount of crypto and make a thousand trades or so.. Do some arbing..

1731  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Savedroid is a scam and yet it had 4/5 rating on ICO Bench. on: April 19, 2018, 03:10:26 AM
That is pretty epic if it is for real and I hope you all learn your lesson but I doubt it..
1732  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: IT'S ENOUGH: WHY WE SHOULD STOP PAYING FOR ICOs/TOKENS on: April 19, 2018, 03:04:35 AM
Yeah, ICOs are gross.. Ick..

I believe the ico need to regulate first to be much safer for investors.

Nope, "investors" are just stupid and half deserve to lose all their money.. You would think they would have run out of money by now but I suppose not..
But really man? You want the government to come in to hold the hand of all the dumb money? Gross..

The only thing that will fix the ICO situation is awareness..
Like drug awareness to show what happens to you when you smoke meth, or aids awareness to show what happens to you when you.. Idk.. You get it..

People need to open their eyes to what they are dealing with..
The stupid ones will still get aids, become junkies, and lose all their money to ICOs.. You can throw gambling in there too..

But I mean, if that's how you get your kicks, just like blowing money on ICOs like a slot machine with probably worse odds, you might not be dumb but rather just have strange taste in entertainment..

I think the first and only ICO I ever bought was blocknet on bittrex or something like that..
I traded a lot then and figured I'd give it a shot.. I sold it not long later for a small loss..

ICOs IPOs premines and high inflation scheme coins have always turned me off..
I have probably traded tons of them not even knowing what they were, I know for a fact that I have traded some, like any other coin on an exchange I thought I could sap some satoshis out of, but never have been into the pre-release buying ICOs thing..
1733  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: What does crypto mean to you on: April 19, 2018, 02:45:38 AM
A lottery ticket to the good life maybe..
1734  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Time to Buy? on: April 13, 2018, 08:11:36 AM
I think cryptos have just bottomed out for now. Probably is time to buy.Everyone seems to be shit scared.  Opinions?
yeah of course, because now bitcoin and all altcoins increase high price
so it good time to trading and take profit in short term or daily trading

blood in the streets = buy..
1735  Other / Meta / Re: Who the hell is "nullius" the guy is too smart around here :) on: February 24, 2018, 08:38:55 AM
I have said good things about nullius in the past when I was surprised by him..
He is obviously smart and merit worthy but this nullius fanboyism is getting cringy awkward..

Edit: insert example..
Happy to bow down to greatness

That is cringy AF..

I myself like to be modest, I can't stand people praising me and couldn't imagine being him right now..
But maybe he is not like me and it doesn't bother him..

As far as him being an alt, if he hasn't explicitly denied it then I would say that's the logical assumption..
If not, knowing so much about crypto, why has he never posted on bitcointalk before? Doesn't make sense..

But even if he is an alt, from his posts I can see that he is a privacy buff, I see absolutely nothing wrong with him being an alt for those purposes..

I don't have a problem with you nullius, but you being so smart you should understand suspicion..
We have some of the best con artists on the internet in this forum that have pulled massive long cons.. Time after time..

One thing concerning about nullius is that he seems to have settled in with a particular political party around here rather quickly..

It makes for quite an interesting drama to follow lately..  

I hope nullius sticks around, is a good member of the community, and gets along with me and everyone else swimmingly..

Not saying this is him, but a similar situation reminds me of;u=704654
I hope nullius turns out a lot better..

I mean.. What if amaclin brushed up his English real good and started an account like nullius..
He would have scammed the pants off of half of you in no time..
Be ever vigilant..
1736  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Data from 503 Randomly Selected Altcoin Bounty Hunters on: February 23, 2018, 11:27:59 PM
1) The 105 members in your sample received 10.75 merits each. This shows that there are enough merits for everyone, provided you are ready to make some efforts.

I just took a look at the outliers (should have earlier, I know) and it seems they got merits for dumb reasons (one guy used alt accounts, the other was selling ICO picks for merits). So a better stat would be that 103 legitimate (I assume) members have received 5.2 merits each.

2) Majority has no merits. This is something that needs to be looked after. The promotional offers (bounties and campaigns) should not expect members without any merits.

Suggestion: If it is possible for you to include data regarding the average posts made by the user, please include it. Especially for those 105 members.

Based on what I've seen in Gambling discussion and Bitcoin Discussion, those people without merits are probably just posting in spam megathreads or commenting stuff like "nice ICO!".
It's hard to automate a way to find the post quality of the user. I thought about finding the average character per post, but I noticed many have posts like:

Twitter Bounty Week X
<insert 10 long twitter links here>
<insert 10 more long twitter links here>

They would inflate the average character count, while not being close to a quality post.

This does, however, bring up a very interesting question: how is merit distributed across different sections of the forum? It would be interesting to know which sections tend to produce the most quality content in the forums. This would probably be very hard to do considering that you are getting rate limited yourself with just 500 users in the sample size in a single section of the forum, but there might be an alternative way such as scraping the last x number of posts from the section and adding up the merit from there. However, with the number of sections in the forum I can see this being extremely slow. I do not have much experience with Sheets/Excel when it comes to scraping, but I might eventually write a quick script to do it and post the results myself.

I could write a program in some other language (nodeJS perhaps) to do it, but this data was a result of me getting the formula set up for the ChipMixer campaign, and deciding to reuse it.
Without looking though, I'm guessing that the 3 most merited sections are:
- Meta
- Development and Technical Discussion
- Technical Support

Some points might be:

    Lack of merit sources in Altcoin sections?
    More spam in Altcoin sections?

Members are ignoring merits or they are too lazy to send merit. Can you research how many bounty hunters sent merits and include number to spreadsheet? I guess you will find out that 90% members who are posting in altcoin section have never sent merits.

Is something wrong with my posts? Am I spamming? I don't see reason why nobody sent me merit while some guys here received 40 merits for couple of topics and posts in meta.

Should I become regular in meta now? Should I write more than it is necessary to write? Should I write essay over half page? Should I send merit to someone if i didn't receive any?

There you go, reasons and small rant. Decide which is which Cheesy

Nice stats btw.

It's hard to scrape how many have sent merit, as you must be logged in to see those statistics. It would be too complicated to do it in Google Sheets, and probably still complicated in any of the programming languages I'm familiar with.

I took a look at your posts, and while they aren't spam, none of them really stand out to me as being worth merit. Most/all of your posts are very buried, and are on the 4th page of a thread, or more.

Wow what a nice statistic you got there, i guess this is not a hard job if it is done by an experienced manager.
This statistic really negate all the whiners who said that merits not given in some section and only meta's people getting a lot of merits. I dont know how does people's brain works if they are still denying the facts while we got some nice statistics here.

People in Altcoin campaigns likely still post in Bitcoin sections - after all, it's incredibility easy to make a post talking about why Bitcoin is better then Gold by reading the thousands of replies already made. I'm guessing that my Bitcoin campaigner data will show a much higher average too, so it's still possible to argue that merits aren't really being distributed in certain sections.

The account price estimator was for sure able to distinguish between written and quoted text, how it gave a list of addresses posted and addresses in quote seperate..
I think the estimater even had a post quality algorithm that also may have excluded quoted text..

You may be able to use a modified piece of the code used in that for your purpose?
1737  Other / Meta / Re: How to know the potential activity of my account ??? on: February 23, 2018, 04:40:02 PM
So are you saying you want to increase rank so that you can sell your account?

The account price estimator was a useful tool for many more things than pricing accounts, which it was pretty poor at actually..
I don't think that just because he was using that tool means he is interested in selling accounts..
1738  Economy / Lending / Re: Please in need of 20.815btc on: February 20, 2018, 12:34:27 AM
Never mind! And forget about giving me loan. I will figure out what to do with my 0.02BTC

There is no need to throw a tantrum. Just accept and admit that you don't have the collateral, let alone ETN, to secure the loan.

You should work on that habit of routinely asking for impossible large loans. Judging from your past feedback, you seem to enjoy doing this. Not sure if it gives you sheer pleasure or if it's an ego booster. If it's something you can't kick or overcome, you should consider getting help. PM me or post your location here and I'll google a couple of psychotherapists or psychologists who can help you fight this fight.

Obvious troll is obvious..
1739  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 1.2k crypto scams have affected Australian investors in 2017 on: February 19, 2018, 09:34:38 PM
Not surprising at all..
Scams left, right, and center in crypto..
Facebook is a scam cesspool..
Cloud mining advertisements all over, on youtube and such...
Scams, scams, scams..

Trust nothing!!
1740  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin, blockchain, ethics and good causes? on: February 19, 2018, 09:26:40 PM
Dear community,

I'm a researcher who's been working on big data and ethics - who can access which data, say, in the health context, and who shouldn't; what levels of consent are required, and so on.

It seems to me that blockchain and bitcoin will, can, and should massively change the handling of sensitive data, making it easier to provide privacy for those whom the data pertain to (e.g. the patient) while still allowing for socially beneficial use (research on medical data curated by smart contracts, or even completely carried out by smart contracts, such that no researcher at any point could identify  individual patients, but could still be confident that the data they are using is accurate. I'm not sure whether such a use-case is entirely feasible, and would love to hear your views, especially if you know something about proof-of-ignorance or similar mechanisms.
Of course this is just one small example. We have heard about bitcoin for foreign aid, for crowdfunding support for people in oppressive conditions, and to work-around censorship. Bitcoin and the blockchain certainly rely on underlying principles of inclusion, participation, and equality, which are also the fundamental principles of human rights theory and international human rights law.

So, long question short, in your view, do you think the blockchain/bitcoin/altcoins can be used for ethically sound projects? Have you heard of some, and if so, could you link to them or discuss them a little bit? Do you know of any human rights use-cases? And finally, do you know if anyone has written on blockchain ethics, or tried to introduce ethics into the community?

BTW, by ethics I don't mean stale old philosophers' talk, I mean simply: doing the right thing for the right reason.

Hi all,

New here and very much interest in trying to understand the blockchain technology on both a theoretical and practical level. I have no previous experience with coding, and was wondering what you guys would recommend. I'd like to eventually be able to become a developer and also understand how everything works theoretically so that I have a better understanding of the implications and possibilities for my own line of work (healthcare sciences).

I've been following Codeacademy's introduction to Java and Princeton's BTC and Cryptocurrency MOOC -- what else would you guys recommend?

Thanks in advance!

I see what you are getting at here..
Could you explain your exact interest?
It seems blockchain related medical records, anonymizing the patient?, especially reated to psycology?

You seem to make some educated posts and I was curious as to why you make so many off topic posts but now that I catch the psychology background it makes sense..

Ideally, education and morality are synergistic: they help each other. Education should include ethics, and part of being a moral person is to educate yourself.

Be careful, depending on the source of this education you could easily succumb to the evils of extreme leftism, thus defeating the entire purpose..

Hi, I just wanna ask how to overcome depression? I have a friend and she keeps telling me that she don't to live anymore and that it is better to die, she has lot of problems but she just keep it on her own, she is so depress and i can't find the right words to make her feel better. And also can't a person overcome depression on his/her own?

Depressions aren't all the same, just like people aren't all alike. About a third of depressions will lift on their own after weeks or months with no intervention. Another third benefit somewhat from treatment, but not enough to lift them out of their depression. Finally, there is an unlucky third group that won't respond to conventional treatment at all.

There are a number of things you can do to help your friend out:

- Physical exercise, from walking and on upwards, is one of the most effective means of combatting depression, and has been shown to be just as effective as antidepressants (for mild and moderate depressions -- severe clinical depression can be so damning that an affected person might not even respond to questions or orient towards a speaker, never mind get out of bed.

- Make activities easier for her to do. Like some wise man said a couple of posts above, doing this will always help. But its unlikely that she will initiative such things herself. Perhaps you could buy some movie tickets and bring them over to her in your car/carshare, so all she has to do is roll out of bed and into the taxi.

- Meditation helps many people with depression, because it enables you to view your emotions at a distance, rather than as a permanent part of yourself.

- Even being in nature for small amount of time seems to help.

- Some depressions are aggravated by diet, since your gut has more than 100 million neurons which also produce neurotransmitters relevant to depression, including serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and GABA. Eating healthier can have a rather large effect rather quickly.

I have come across some interesting reading on hallucinogen experiences being effective cures for depression..
Basically trip balls good a time or 2 a year or so..

Given your background I would be interested to hear about your opinion on that matter..

Back to ethics..

Well there's two different kinds of stalking there. One is by the surveillance state, which ostensibly has to do with keeping power and preventing threats. Then there's stalking by individuals, which can be a sign of mental health issues.. both kinds are creepy. What they have in common is that they do not respect the rights or privacy of others, seeking instead to benefit oneself through the breach of other's privacy.

Anything you post on the internet is only as private as you make it.. Especially things that are immutable, like good blockchains, or certain posts/records/wayback/archives, that cannot be reversed..
You get into the crypto world, everything you have ever posted online, or has ever been posted about you online, your DOX, it's all fair game if you become interesting enough to the right people..

You might call this stalking, some call it vetting, but you will be dealing with the best internet stalkers/detectives in the world around here so conduct yourself accordingly, ethics..
Not you specifically but if you act unethically depending on severity you could land yourself in some hurt..

For example, you having such a new account and making interesting posts someone like me might check out your post history a bit.. See what you are up to..
New accounts posting with a level of experience are interesting in that often they will be someone posting in disguise..
Lending habit I suppose..

Blockchain ethics.. Anything you write to the blockchain is also fair game, you have expert blockchain detectives running around here too..
Anything that can be connected will be connected.. Another form of stalking? Perfectly ethical..  
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