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1741  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: bitcoins and altcoins difference on: February 19, 2018, 08:57:05 PM
Bitcoin is associated with a particular function: storage and transfer of value.

Nah, Bitcoin also has the most secure blockchain to record basically any even in..
1742  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin, blockchain, ethics and good causes? on: February 19, 2018, 08:44:31 PM
Thank you so much for your post. I appreciate the point of looking at existing disputes, which I am doing on an on-going basis. I was just hoping to hear what people's reactions might be to more general questions of the correct conduct in the crypto world and any problems that might be unique to crypto.

Crypto is like the wild west, it takes you back to when a mans word was his bond, when a handshake sealed contracts, and a mans name was one of his most valuable possessions that he took good care to keep clean and defend.. + a bit of anarchy..

In most crypto deals the terms will be spoken and agreed upon and you can be sure each party will keep this conversation as a record if it is not public to begin with..
Check out the common procedures in lending where terms will be signed by a person's pgp or BTC crypto related identity and posts will be quoted etc. all for a publicly transparent contract, loan terms.. I't like covering your ass with fine print..
You can also look into how to use cryptography to secure your identity.. From satoshi proving himself by moving genesis block coins to staking your address, the ultimate ways to prove you are speaking on behalf of your identity..  Really a public key is your identity moreso than your name..

All parties keep their word in the deal, if not, evidence will be brought forward to the authorities or community, then depending on the severity of the breach of contract the offender could face repercussions from his reputation being destroyed up to contacting the appropriate law enforcement if a true identity is available..

If you do not trust the party you are dealing with directly then you should use a trusted escrow, such as OGNasty.. Then you can both trust him and both do all your contracting stuff through him so if any parties breach the terms then the escrow can be trusted to identify the offending party and reverse the deal depending on how it is set up..

If you want to keep a good strong name/reputation their are a lot of ethical things to keep in mind but most are common sense..
Just always to the right thing no matter if you could profit, never lie or slander others, if you bring forward a case against another person you better make sure you can prove it, stuff like that.. Be an honest citizen..

Like I said before their a few gotchas that may not be 100% common sense right off the bat such as..

Don't ask for loans without offering collateral OR HAVING ENOUGH REPUTATION to conservatively cover the loan..
So if you have a good name you can get maybe a $1,000 no collateral loan but if you ask for more than your reputation warrants then it will damage your reputation, severely even if you are persistant..
If your name/reputation is new then even asking for a $5 loan will ruin your new name..

DO NOT refuse to use a reasonable escrow, you can refuse a certain escrow but you better be willing to use atleast a couple of the most common ones..
Even if you have a great reputation you should never refuse a reasonable escrow at the other parties expense..

It is reasonable at times even for a borrower to put his collateral in the hands of an escrow if he does not trust the lender directly..

Do not offer to be escrow if your reputation doesn't conservatively cover the amount.. Just don't offer escrow if you don't know what you are doing..

Pretty much do not try to do anything that would put you in the position where you could easily scam someone..
Don't try to get people to send first.. If you ever are about to get into the position where you could easily scam someone you should mention the option to escrow the transaction..

Reputation is a strange thing also because doing things just attempting to build your reputation, will damage your reputation..
Don't take a bunch of loans just to get reputation.. Never ask for reputation..
Quite the opposite of the credit system really, if you ask for a small loan here to build credit it will pretty much destroy your credit usually unsalvagably..

It's a lot of stuff and things..
Is that more to the point of what you are looking for?
1743  Economy / Reputation / Re: Tourist Tokens(TT) is a Scam!! With Screenshot Proof on: February 19, 2018, 07:02:24 PM
Quite a good position you are in..
While vetting ICOs for possible bounty work I bet you will come across many such scams that will be more than obvious to you with your background in military intelligence..
How one goes from military intel to translation bounty chasing I have no idea but keep busting em I love it..
1744  Economy / Services / Re: A simple bitcoin Q/A on: February 18, 2018, 12:03:15 AM
Question #2: What is a legacy address? What is segwit address? What is the difference between these two addresses?

I'm not a coder but I'll take a crack at it..

Typically from what I see a legacy addy starts with a 1 and a segwit addy starts with a 3.. Not that this is the end all be all..
As far as I understand, segwit vs legacy transactions use a different code to wright transactions so the data that must be saved in the blockchain to confirm these segwit transactions is more compressed or just smaller than the amount of data you have to save in the blockchain for a legacy transaction to confirm the same/similar transaction.. 

You save on miner fees paid in this way because fees are based on how much data you have to write to the blockchain, or space taken up in a block..
Space is very limited so the less space you take up with your TX the less you have to pay and the more TXs will fit per block in total..
This makes fees paid per TX cheaper and more room for more TXs per block therefore higher throughput capacity total for all of Bitcoin.. Though we haven't scene a very big change because the space savings aren't drastic and hasn't yet been thoroughly adopted by users (including myself)..

I haven't really been sending around a lot of BTC lately due to craziness and the places I use are all still using legacy addys so to be honest I have not used segwit yet..
When I have the option to choose my fees paid I use a somewhat low fee as compared to the current going rate and supplement them with the accelerators available..

This question may seem too easy but yet most of the users don't know the answer to it.

You are right but it is quite technical, you can only get a layman's explanation from me Smiley
1745  Other / Meta / Re: A summon to all native or non native English speakers. on: February 17, 2018, 10:27:17 PM

I just said what is true and logical at least in my opinion.
They don't need a correction human can survive in every sort of life, and being grammatically wrong is just a mere weakness.
A person can learn as long as it needs for oneself survival.

The capacity of human brain to learn is only limited, endorphins had the major influence in this.

So what you are telling me is that the fact that you write in a way that is barely legible is not a problem, not something worthy of putting effort towards to correct, doesn't need to be learned if it's not a survival situation, and you aren't going to waste your limited brain capacity on it?


Is this a correct translation of your statement?
1746  Other / Off-topic / Re: Merit System Upgrade on: February 17, 2018, 08:13:26 PM

It would be great if you can ask me some questions. I'd just like some Q/A session about bitcoin, which would atleast make me learn some new things.

That's really funny, because I'm interested in the same thing; I want to be challenged. Pugman, since OP only has so much time and there are so many other members that would benefit from their time, maybe you and I should start a thread where we ask members Q & A; this would mean we would have to do extensive research, but it might be fun for those that are actually interested in discussing bitcoin on a much more nuanced and informative level. We would have to think of the questions, maybe QuestionAuthority would throw us a bone now and then, but I'm not sure what our incentive would be to bring people into the thread other than stimulating conversation (which should be enough, anyways).

I think thatís an excellent idea. Iím really trying not to clutter this thread with too much unnecessary chatter for fear I will miss someone thatís here for merit.

Iíll throw you a bone. LOL  You could ask things like, ďWhat is bitcoinís Mempool? What does it do, what is held there and where is itís physical location on the network?Ē

Maybe you could do something like give a merit for the first correct answer.

Same, I'm in..
I want the challenge myself and have a good bit of smerit to give away too...
PM if you want or drop a link if you get something rolling..

Thanks OP..
1747  Other / Meta / Re: A summon to all native or non native English speakers. on: February 17, 2018, 08:00:28 PM
OP, if you've read any of my own posts, you'd know I'm with you in wanting to correct people's grammar and spelling

Not that I wright in perfect "grammar" and always spell every word correctly, but so do I..

I mean, grammar is one thing but when they don't even have half a grasp on proper SYNTAX is when it gets outrageous..

but when you make suggestions like these, people get offended very easily

They need to go to their safe space local boards then.. I am not one of the mind to go out of my way to avoid offending another with a conflicting stance to my own..
Actually offending some groups of people is good sport..

 I suspect a lot of users here don't even think grammar, let alone spelling, is important. 

Well they better start..
It may be offensive to them to point out how they should improve their writing skills but when they come back with some shit like "I know my writing is terrible but I don't feel it is important and I have no interest in changing it".. Well.. I guess you could say that that is offencive to me and I suspect plenty of others..

In addition, I think many users are just plain uneducated and don't have the capacity for improvement.  That may sound harsh but I think it's true.

I am with you 100% here and that is a very non-harsh way to put it.. By statistical average one wouldn't expect half of the people from certain areas to be capable of learning a second language, half of some people are illiterate in their own languages.. Hell, I'm no moron and I don't know a 2nd language..

But.. I think we can tell the difference between those who struggle but actually try and want to learn, VS those who do not care, do not try, and just want to get paid..
1748  Other / Meta / Re: A summon to all native or non native English speakers. on: February 17, 2018, 07:39:59 PM
A native speakers can also make a mistake by speaking because it can't be edit the phrase is can't take back what you said, however a written post can be edit as much as it sounds perfect, and being grammatically wrong doesn't mean your a bad mannered person so it doesn't need a correction.
the old saying goes to err is human, but to forgive is divine.

Some of them is earning from a certain amount of posts others is earning per post.
Meaning to say if I need to make a certain amount of post per week I need to constructively make it, unfortunately that is not always what happen.

There's a lot of important things to correct first and grammar is not one of them, for someone to be precise in making a statement he/she needs a lot of practice before he/she can make a grasp of it.


"being grammatically wrong doesn't mean your a bad mannered person so it doesn't need a correction."
illogic.. just because you are not bad mannered does NOT mean it doesn't need to be corrected..

IMO the first line of your post there is indeed bad manners anyway..

"Some of them is earning from a certain amount of posts others is earning per post."
Right, and they need to be fired for their terrible posts and they are pretty much spammers a lot of them..

"Meaning to say if I need to make a certain amount of post per week I need to constructively make it, unfortunately that is not always what happen."
You do not "need to make a certain amount of post per week"! not at everyone elses expense, for your benefit, to get paid.. GTFO

"There's a lot of important things to correct first and grammar is not one of them"
Grammer is one of the most important ones.. You and many others are about to find out the hard way..
The forum is cracking down and rightfully so..

If you can't even make an effort to write properly, if you feel that "grammar is not one of them" things to be concerned about when posting, then you don't need to be here..
Especially don't need to be being paid to litter the forums..

Yeah, I've thrown some google translate into some foreign language boards to get a message across a couple times, but I sure didn't spam or get paid to post there..
1749  Economy / Speculation / Re: Whats your exit strategy? on: February 15, 2018, 07:42:41 PM
Lets see..

I HODL my BTC as a wildcard..
The way I look at it, what it's value is worth to me right now is not worth taking the chance of missing something huge..

I want to retire and travel low budget style via RV and/or possibly sail.. Boondock, island hop..

Right now I figure my crypto would fund me for 1 year.. Not enough..
If it got to 5-10 years I might consider leaving..
If it got to 10-20 years I'd probably be gone and see what I can't do to make ends meet for longer along the way..

If it goes to 50 years I'm set by by thank you satoshi!

So BTC 10-50 X from here I might start living off of it a little on my way traveling but I don't think I would just cash it all out to $ and go on that.. I would probably just cash out what I needed for expenses every month or so..

So $100,000 to $500,000 I would probably start using it for my life..

If I don't really need it by then or convince myself I need it by then.. Who knows how much will make it that far..
1750  Other / Off-topic / Re: Merit System Upgrade on: February 15, 2018, 10:10:13 AM
I don't want to ask for merit but I really like your thread and want to post in it but don't want to do so without making an attempt to follow your OP guidelines so here goes..

I stumbled upon this thread of yours while reading the thread charting your merit generosity wondering what the link in your sig could possibly lead to..

Here is my first post on bitcointalk..

I am also quite concerned about what's going on with Cryptsy..
TheGrammarHammer was pretty vocal about the collective problems we were experiencing and I guess got shadowbanned..  
I traded Cryptsy for a long time before I ever signed up here.. I came here to try to keep up with the current news about the catastrophe that was happening at my crypto home Cryptsy..
I'm an altcoin trader but definately a bitcoin guy..

Explaining what was causing massive market imbalances on my 1st page of newbie posts..
I knew a bit more than your average newbie coming in..

Here is a decent post or a few from 2015..
I talked a lot about trading..
Here is one solidifying my BTC preference way back then..
I'm just taking a look forwards through my post history..

I got into lending here in 2016 and did a bit of business..
Won some lost some as usual..
I found it too much work to monitor the section trying to scoop new incoming loans all the time but learning about all the detective work it takes to vet someone and look for scams has been great for me..

Throwing some cred to thunderjet who turned out to be a key player in tracking cryptsy transactions..

Talking about trading some more..
"BTCs its all about the BTCs and collecting me more BTCs because that is the only way I know how to do it.."

The trading I have been most into for a while are actually counterparty assets on bitcoin..
That is one of my creations along with it's tradable asset on the DEX..

I've bought and sold some physicals.. And a couple other things here..

A more recent BTC prediction..

I've given countless current events style exchange updates, what the heck they are up to this week and such..

I like to read meta a lot and sometimes I weigh in on discussions of scams and shitposters..
I am pretty libertarian minded which is a huge reason I'm into BTC..

Talking about trading..

Talking price swings..

Exchange current events..

I've been talking about a lot of stuff for a long time.. I could sign my staked address still too but that would involve me dusting off a retired computer..

I just came back to this whole merits thing.. I have been working across the country for the last year so I haven't had a lot of crypto time..

As you can see if you check my stats to the left I am one of the ones that have had my merits squeezed right at the tail end of Hero so now I am potential Legendary in activity but need almost 500 merits, heh..
I'm really not that worried about it but I suppose I could use your 20 merits to help me get there some day if you deem me worthy..

I wanted to make all sorts of comments about your OP and related but doing that just now took a lot of time already and it's like 5am..
I'll save that for when I come back to answer your questions (if I get that far) but you should know that I'm not a computer whiz coder kind of BTC guy, I'm just an exchange rat..
I do HODL a bit of BTC on my ledger too if that helps make my case.. I don't have any altcoins other than the forks racking up on my physicals and some XCP assets..

You know what else I did, I just paid real USA federal and state taxes on the piece of BTC I sold in 2017.. I took a little profit salary on all my hard work, Bought me a BMW...

I don't get paid for this signature either, I just like the people, think it is a good place that I would like to see succeed..
1751  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin, blockchain, ethics and good causes? on: February 13, 2018, 11:55:14 PM
Serious question: Have you ever experienced a serious moral issue in your work with blockchain-related technologies/bitcoin?

I'm an academic from another field and am very much interested in ethics and the blockchain. It seems to me that blockchain technologies can facilitate and help all kinds of good causes, but also that the insights of great thinkers over the past millennia might help smooth the interaction between those in the know and those in the general public.

I'd love to hear your views on either or all or another of the following topics:

- Have you ever thought about ethics in a blockchain-related context?
- Have you ever seen something occur in a blockchain-related context which you considered to be immoral, if not illegal?
- If so, would you mind sharing some details? (all anonymous please)
- What do you think are the most important ethical implications or features of bitcoin and the cryptographic/computing technologies that underlie it?
- If you were in a position to regulate some potentially harmful aspects of a certain app or even the blockchain itself, what would you do, if anything?
- How do you think these problems can be resolved?
- Is there an implicit code of conduct in the community?
- How are disputes usually settled?
- Anything else you find important !
- What are some current examples of ethical and unethical conduct/use cases?
- How can we prevent unethical use cases? Or encourage ethical ones?

Thank you so much in advance for anybody willing to take the time!

Go read a lot of threads in scam accusations and reputation to see plenty examples of ethics being broken and it will give you a good idea what ethics are..
For example a strange ethic.. Don't escrow your own alt accounts account sales..

Read the drama, there you will find ethics..

Also, compare upstanding members here to other long time users that have had their reputations wiped out to see what sort of ethics will keep you in the good guys club or boot you to red paint club..

Regulation? NO
Don't need no hand holding.. We need the freest market possible and darwinism..
People need to learn their own lessons, the hard way if they aren't bright enough to look before they leap..

1752  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 13, 2018, 01:30:22 AM
I don't see people giving merit to each other meanwhile the people who are supposed to be slowed(bounty "hunters") by Merit are simply merit brigading each other.

They may have a first flood advantage but it will run out soon enough..
1753  Other / Meta / Re: The merit system, as laudable as its purpose is, is flawed. on: February 13, 2018, 01:24:07 AM
You are almost correct but you seem to have left out the current and future merit sources.
It will be up to them, including source creators, to balance the amount of merit inflation/deflation and to distribute sources more evenly across sub forums..

We will have to wait and see if they do a good job..   
1754  Other / Meta / Re: The reason that Merit is working.... on: February 13, 2018, 12:36:26 AM
I have discovered this person's posts a while ago and read many of them.. If you read them you will likely find my name near to some..

This guy is an OG deepweb anon from what I gather and is far from a newbie..

Alt account? I see no reason to believe he would not have more accounts and why not?
This guy is a model example of why alt accounts are allowed and should not always be discouraged..
1755  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: NEWBIE: Can some peeps please help an interested girl learn about this forum ;) on: February 12, 2018, 10:49:19 PM

My scammer alert alarm is sounding. Yeah, there are a few girls involved in bitcoin, but sadly most of the ones on here who go out of their way to tell everyone about their female gender are unfortunately just gearing up to try scam people.

1756  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 2017 tax filing experiences - crypto on: February 12, 2018, 10:39:18 PM
Have you filed your 2017 taxes yet? Did you pay taxes on your crypto?

Cool! Tell us all about it!
Your story, your experience..

Feel free to be vague about amounts and whatnot but I would like to hear about how you filed, how you accounted for what, etc.
I think many of us would..

I don't know about you guys but I just took a peek and I have over 36,600 trades on one exchange alone.. One of more than a couple..
It's impossible for me to account for every trade and every transaction..

What do?
What did you do?

Mostly interested in US taxes but feel free to post others I suppose to help everyone on the frum..
Have a crazy China crypto tax story to tell? Go for it..

Self modded incase trash..

It would be awesome to get a good informative thread going here about this topic..
1757  Other / Meta / Re: Hopeful for the new merit system on: February 12, 2018, 05:52:36 AM
Who else here got screwed right at the border of legendary?
I didn't; I think I got extremely lucky--I turned legendary pretty much right before the merit system was put into place.  On the other hand, I had to wait for 1014 activity or whatever it is, the second to last possible activity before legendary is guaranteed at 1025.  

If you're not in a campaign that pays more for legendary status, who really cares about this?  There's no other reason I can see for getting a stiffy for it.  I mean come on, ultimately however much we bicker and fight and everything else, this is just an internet forum and the rank is kind of silly.  There are some campaigns that actually pay more for legendaries but I think hero & legendary are usually treated the same.

The only members I feel bad (and I use that phrase very loosely) for are the really good posters who were at hero member status when the merit system got implemented.  But those individuals should have no problem waiting and if the posts are good enough, they should get the merit points with no trouble.  If the motivation to achieve a higher rank is for more income, then I have no sympathy for their overblown, overwrought plight that exists only in their greedy little, money-grubbing, no speaky-de-Engly heads.

I don't sig campaign, I haven't in a very long time..

I just used my example to show that even though their are some negative short term impacts to legit users I/we should remain positive about the long term positive effect this should have for legit users.. A lot of people are seeming quite dissatisfied..

I agree completely about not caring less about the feelings of those who just want to spam for money, I want rid of all the spam too..
It would be great to be able to read here and learn crypto much more efficiently, and keep up with what's going on in the crypto world without having to wade through a thousand $0.01 posts to find any real content..

Im also stuck in jr member, i am having a hard time getting merits but i also thank this new merit system its because it can benefit me a lot like not to post off and non sense topic. I believe that hard work and passion for posting a useful topic. I am hopeful that other jr member will learn also how the new merit system works.

It might help you post better but imagine how much it will make you read better and communicate better..
Hopefully you will be able to read 10% as many posts and gain 10X more information while doing so. Rather than reading endless ways to rephrase the same opinion.

The Pharmacist is right, I don't recall the exact posting limits of young accounts, but once you are passed the worst of that then rank only really matters for getting paid more for campaigns and generally being taken more seriously which isn't really that big of a deal..
1758  Other / Meta / Hopeful for the new merit system on: February 12, 2018, 03:11:06 AM
I'm feeling quite positive about the societal effects of this system in the longterm if we can HODL it but it is going to be a rough transition.
Right now it looks like it's going to be impossible to rank up but give it a couple months or so for people to become more generally aware of it and start using it more broadly..

I am hopeful that this infact will have quite an impact on the spam here, this is something that will be extremely difficult for account farmers and will also lead to a deflation of the amount of campaignable accounts because now their will surely be more accounts being ruined by red trust, being dubbed a spammer and/or scammer, than will be ranking up to take their places..
I also think this may lead to a payraise to sig posters that survive this, especially to the lower middle class ones, because the supply of posters will diminish..

I can just imagine the guys sitting on a bunch of high potential accounts, they are ruined..
Wondering if account farming from here out will be viable at all but the value of currently built accounts must be wayy up.. I would love to see it on a chart..
I am very curious to see what effect this has on the bitcointalk economy..

Look at my position!!
I came back just now and had to make 1 post!!  1 post!! to be potential legendary and have been thoroughly raped out of the 500 merits that I will now need to collect..
I mean heh, this system is going to do my ranking situation NO good at all, pretty much the worst possible screwing you can get by this system apart from the farmers that deserve it? lmfao its funny..
Activity:   784
Merit:   500

Makes me laugh..
Who else here got screwed right at the border of legendary?

Yet I am hopeful this will make this forum a better place, I like it..
If I were able to go back to being much more active on the forum being a merit source sounds like it would be a fun and accessible way to help the community but I don't see me having a lot of crypto time anytime soon though it should make my reading bitcointalk much more efficient from a quality content/trash standpoint.. 

To the real true new guys starting an account from scratch I feel for you but really I think it's not going to be out of the question to be able to get the merits to make it happen naturally, but for that their is going to have to be a healthy supply of merit going around and I hope to see a lot of merit sources, which I think their eventually will be..
Their just was large influx of true crypto newbs lately and I hope they fair well (hope they have faired the dump well too)

Reading about this merit recently I'm taking a look around and not much merit is being given anywhere other than ..... discussions on merit..
Whoever these magic merit makers are will need to be people that participate in many subforums, not just meta..

I think that instead of giving existing merit sources more sMerits they should rather create more sources to make it more decentralized and possibly give everyone a little source merit based off a percentage of what merit they currently have monthly or something..
A distribution that doesn't just further the centralization of account rank and trust will be difficult though..

I have some sMerit but I haven't decided how I am going to blow them yet.. Sadly I think I will refrain from giving it to any legendaries because frankly they don't need it and it is too scarce in the forum as it is now..
1759  Economy / Digital goods / Re: This is the official Sell Your sMerit Here thread - I'll start with my 200 sM .. on: February 12, 2018, 12:28:15 AM
OMG just trying to research this new merit thing is leading me down a rabbit hole of epic threads (as usual when it comes to Bruno pots) and I just can't read them all..
1760  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 11, 2018, 11:58:09 PM
Havent been around for a bit so I guess I missed all of this..
This is going to be a lot to catch up on..

Basically what I get so far is that I was like 1 or 2 activity cycles away from Legendary/Potential Legendary and now all of a sudden I'm going to have to collect an additional 500! Merit points to rank up? lol

Wonder if I would have got 1000 to start if I was already pot Legendary..

Other than the way I feel this system effects me slightly negativly I think it's going to be awesome for the forum!

All the sig spammers are going to have to actually make constructive posts and get merits to rank up right?

Ranking up is going to be much much much harder in general.. I guess I should be thankful to have what I have..

I wonder if account prices will go through the roof now.. I bet they will..
New account creation with any upranking to participate in sig camps is going to go through the floor at the same time accounts are ruined every day with negative trust..

Accounts with good standing are going to get scarce..

Well their's my first reaction, suppose I should read all this stuff now and really figure it out..

Maybe it will prove easier to gain another 500 rank than I'm thinking but I doubt it..

I think I might have a decent chunk of sMerit, I got 82

"The spendable amount was calculated based on your current rank and the number of activity points you earned in the last year."

I think I earned pretty close to max activity points in 2017 I imagine the year he is talking about or maybe it's YTD..

Name:   theymos
Posts:   7777
Activity:   2912
Merit:   1534
Position:   Administrator
Date Registered:   February 08, 2010, 04:49:38 PM
Last Active:   Today at 06:24:33 PM

Right, I just tried it on His post in the OP to try and because I liked the post and system, but I'm thinking it was pretty much a waste of my sMerit now because it is pretty pointless to give merit to any legendary members..

K that's like 12 pages... I can't read it all..
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