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361  Economy / Reputation / Re: Poking TGIRL on: February 14, 2020, 11:09:35 PM
you are just a cunt and not a nice cunt.
You're a cunt, I'm a cunt, we are all just cunty cunts..
You being so proud of your cunt prowess I can only take that as a compliment that you think I'm just as cool as you are Wink

FYI I am probably more brown than your arsehole
Thank you for comparing yourself to my asshole, you might be on to something there..  
The shit that comes out of my asshole is often similar to what regularly comes out of your mouth, so by logic, I can imagine many of the things I like to eat you often prefer to enter your body on the opposite end..

Different strokes for different folks man, do your thing.Can TGIRL take some bants? Poke Poke
362  Economy / Reputation / Re: Vod's Change on: February 14, 2020, 10:53:33 PM
He has a different philosophy than I do

I'm not going to cut your OP to pieces here, but rather I'd like to commend you on your conclusion to agree to disagree..

You being a cop, law enforcement, government authority, held the monopoly on force and violence, while theymos is an Anarchist, I can imagine that their are many things you would disagree on..

I only recently learned of your stroke a week or 2 ago, ish..
It explained a lot to me as far as your actions, and I am truly sorry it happened to you..

#Respect and I hope that you can end your battles with your perceived enemies over your philosophical differences..
363  Economy / Reputation / Re: Exclusion reason of Royse777 on: February 14, 2020, 10:25:57 PM
You guys are really mad and starting a rep thread about Royse777 because he excluded you?

I thought I had Royse777 on my inclusions list but I guess not.. Adding now..

One of you are the one who include users in their trust list and ask for indirect favour in return in PM.


There are some users who are in this community with certain goals to achieve for their personal gains. These type of users are not good to trust eventhough they spread an image of being trusted.

They are a bit ambitious aren't they?
Feel free to PM me if you think I should know anything..
364  Economy / Reputation / Re: daddy issue or schooling? on: February 14, 2020, 10:02:23 PM
eddie is a Pajeet as well.

What if I am brown? Then what?

A slang / racial slur for a smelly dirty curry drinking hairy Indian that poos in the loo.

The UK tyrants may disagree with you..

It was hard for me to learn to poo in loo so you should respect that..

I can send some free sanitary products to anyone

Can you send me some N95 masks so I don't get the China Virus?
365  Economy / Reputation / Re: daddy issue or schooling? on: February 14, 2020, 09:53:18 PM
It doesn't look like Royse777 started this thread to call for negative trust, didn't call for a ban, didn't call for exclusions.. I don't see a problem with him starting a thread expressing his displeasure at TMAN's ungentlemanly conduct towards him..

I myself enjoy reading TMAN's posts as a comedy but almost never read them as non-fiction for the constant infusion of smut spas away any philosophical or logical credibility they may have had, according to me..

fucking Pajeet princesses like him are a waste of space in life and on this forum
We all know this is not true.. Royse is a far above average quality member of this forum..

men/women are not strong unless they can articulate their feelings through the poetry of profanity
That's why the most powerful men and woman in the world address their constituents with the vocabulary of TMAN. The greatest lawyers argue their cases with endless ad-homonyms.. Satoshi constantly spoke of the prolapsed rectums of Bitcoin non-believers mothers..  

I had a good friend from college who used to greet me with "what's up, fuckface?" whenever I would see him.

Me and my closest friends are 100% like this but probably much worse.. We berate eachother constantly with incredibly non-PC shit that I will not even repeat on this forum..

A good one the other day, me and my friend Bob were out of town for a couple days and I wanted to stop for a sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast, he says "We'll have that when we get back" and calls his GF at home to have everything ready for it when we get home.. (Good housewife type)
So we get back and she starts cooking it, and I talk to her about the way she makes it because I make it a lot too in a slightly different style..
She says "Actually, I learned it from a prostitute", and I come back with "Oh, I didn't know you ever met Bob's mom!"..
Her jaw about hit the floor, because Bob's mom is actually a prostitute and she could hardly believe we could joke like that, but me and Bob just started laughing,..

Bob even actually drunk fucked another of our good friends mom which is another one that goes around well because she is a huge fat bitch..
Back and forth between "I fucked your mom" and "I can't believe you would fuck a huge nasty bitch like that" from him about his own mother..

Great sparring practice for us all.. Keeps us tough..
My buddie that can barely read or write due to a disability comes up with the best crackers of us all amazingly.. How does that translate into literary talent when the one with the best vocabulary of profanities couldn't even spell them to save his life? IDK..

One of my favorites by him is "KakMaster 2000" which basically means you are a robot designed to service cocks.. An insult that is best to be delivered in conjunction with whistling and running the zipper up and down on your pants as if to call the robot into action, like calling a dog..
It originated from something like "Who is that girl named Randy?" response: "Man she is a KakMaster 2000.. I'm meeting her in a half hour!" and has forever lived on..

But when it comes down to business, or anything serious, logic of situations is not decided by the winner of an insult contest.. When it's time to be serious it's time to be serious..
It is also not a tactic commonly used against actual adversaries.. Me, I will destroy anyone's logic calmly and stand my ground.. On the other hand, many of my friends are often much more violent at the drop of a hat than would be possible for any actual confrontation to devolve into a battle of immature words for any amount of time before things got seriously dangerous to someone's health..
Most of us have and/or do train MMA, and KakMaster guy has quite a few sanctioned fights under his belt, many wins in the cage.. He especially is not one to fuck with, unless you are me because we are very close friends..
We have sparred quite a lot.. I have a pretty good straight down the pipe standup game but kak guy has incredibly powerful takedowns and ground and pounds.. Guy whose mom got fucked has incredible standup kick talent and absolutely clobbered some guy in the cage with a spinning back kick to the face in one of his matches not too long ago..

Their is a time and a place for vulgarity and then their is a time when not..
TMAN is just humorous to me for the most part.. He comes up with some OK words and comical stuff, but a lot of people on BitcoinTalk, especially seemingly 3rd-worlders, do not have the practice, experience, and capacity to laugh it off, as they have grown up in safe spaces where it is illegal to criticize their favorite pets (such as race, religion, or orientation) so they get all butthurt fast..

TMAN alienates himself from many of those types, unwisely or not..

UK . .. . .bring your mother

I can't take my Mother to the UK because she would surely be arrested there for violating their pussy ass safe space hate-speech laws..
Half the shit you say here TMAN could probably get you locked up in the UK.. "pageets"..
You better be on your best behavior there or you might find yourself in the clink with Bubba Muhammad & friends..

this aint fucking 4chan.
Yeah.. This is a pretty safe space compared to 4chan isn't it?
366  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Post Your Favorite Trump Memes Here on: February 14, 2020, 04:03:43 AM
367  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [POLL] China Virus Source on: February 14, 2020, 12:44:12 AM
Exactly why vaccinations should never be compulsory. This puts us a single step away from genocide if bad actors have control of the process.

Even precisely TARGETED genocide.. (If this theory is plausible.. I did come up with it all by my own self just now, so possibly not..)
You could just say "Whites need vaccine #2, Asians need vaccine #3, and Hispanics need vaccine #1..
Then you could just release the virus #2 that you have compromised all the Whites to, and BAM targeted racial genocide..
Or you could just give everyone in for example Columbia vaccine #6, then wipe them out with corresponding virus #6 and then be like "Woah! What happened here?"..

What if you could make a virus that you know that everyone in the USA, or Russia, had vaccines that would compromise them to?
You could wipe USA out if you could make a virus that was super effective against those who got the common flu vaccine in USA..  
368  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [POLL] China Virus Source on: February 14, 2020, 12:22:08 AM
Then can't seem to make up their minds whether it came from bats or pangolins. At one point they even reported there's a bit of snake in it. This makes me suspicious that it really was a bioweapon. Can't remember if it was WSJ or WP that reported that there were researchers fired from Canada, supposedly from stealing materials. If that was true the virus was likely smuggled to the lab in Wuhan and then got released from there. Whether how is that question. Some people even joke someone trying to make an extra buck probably resold equipment from the lab.

Like I mentioned on several threads, it seems that the cases started at exactly the day a forced vaccination campaign went into effect in China.

What if someone was able to slip a goodie into the manufacturing process of the vaccines?  When one thinks about how these things are made it actually seems quite possible to do.  In fact a lot of these vaccines have undetected viruses in them that are not discovered for years and well after they have been in fully use (think SV40 in polio or the pig viruses in the rotavirus vaccine.)

This would be a 'pretty cool' form of attack because you know that the 'adversary' would bend over backward to hide what happened as would every other institution who wants to protect the various vaccine programs around the world.

The arrests of the scientists working in Canada smuggling biological material out, and the mysterious death in Africa of the other associated scientist really do indicate that something quite interesting is probably going on.

This has got me thinking..

I have read some information about some vaccines make you MORE likely to die from getting infected by a similar illness..

What if they call everyone in to get vaccinated.. Based on their social credit score they get vaccine #1, #2, #3, #4, or #5 - based on social credit scores of A-E..
Then, they could release a virus that is only super effective against those who got vaccine #5 but would not kill the majority of the higher scorers that got vaccines 1-4..
Later they could release another virus that would be supereffective against those that got vaccine #3 or #4 if they wished....

They could setup specific targets of a population by giving them a certain vaccine, and then wipe them out with a virus they are weakened to by said vaccine, and kill most of those people while giving the rest only a slight cough..

They could just give everyone in Tibet vaccine #5 and then wipe them out with a virus that would only minimally effect most of everyone else that has never got vaccine #5..

Like your idea of getting people sick with a vaccine on purpose, they could use them to compromise the immune system of specific groups of people to a specific virus or whatever, and then later release that specific virus, and wipe em all right out good.. Like installing a target on their backs..

What do you think? Could it even be done (vaccinations) years in advance and then used at their will anytime thereafter?

Thinking as an evil genius here.. Not saying they did this..

In other news I bought enough penicillin to cure about 20 horses today.. Replaced my old ageing stock with fresh..
Not that it would help against the China virus much, but could sure help if medical care otherwise became unavailable, and is relatively/very cheap..
369  Other / Meta / Re: Remove red trust, it is nothing but noise. Getting sickening to watch. on: February 13, 2020, 09:38:40 PM
Complete removal of negative tags would be less than fair to users like me, and most others, that have gone their entire histories here NOT raising any cause for a red warning.. Similar to canceling student debt isn't fair to all those who have no student debt, or have paid it..
A long standing perfectly clean account (like mine) having no history of mischief or "financially motivated wrongdoing" is hard earned and only accomplished with great care and great etiquette, which the vast majority of red tagged accounts have breached in some way shape or form..

On the other hand, I might be in favor of removing the negative tag feature, and rolling them all into neutrals, and from then on relying solely on the Flag system with it's higher standards (maybe even increasing those standards also), because these negative ratings are all too often abused for persona grudges and used with far too low of standards..

Do you have any idea how many likely valuable members I have seen ran off this forum by red-tag addicts for at many times simple mistakes or etiquette infractions? Tons!!
Running off all these likely valuable future members over such petty shit over the years has almost certainly been a detriment to this community and likely even pushed many out of Cryptocurrency entirely.. Going back to the point of how difficult it has been for users to maintain perfectly clean accounts over the past years, not making any mistakes, and having the education of etiquette to even know what mistakes not to make..

Far too much of a "safe space" mentality has also been created..
Tagging ALL sold accounts in attempt to keep everyone safe from possibly being scammed by a sold account?
Like you are actually going to stop users vulnerable to being scammed from being scammed.. They'll just go buy an ICO and be scammed by that..
Probably a better chance of being scammed by an ICO than by a sold account, but they all don't get automatic red tags, lol.. And they scam in the $$ Millions ($Billions?)
Hardly anyone would consider all of the digital value in this community has been basically burned by tagging all those accounts (akin to burning Bitcoins), and all the likely valuable users that have been ran out of here tagging ALL of their accounts because one of them has been found to be purchased so they could, heaven forbid, earn some crypto posting..
"Account buyers are not to be trusted" - OMG thank you sooo much for padding the walls incase I bump my elbow!!
Poor decision IMO..

Liberal use of red tags has probably cost this community the loss of more valuable users than scammers have..
Users tend to come back or not leave after getting themselves scammed, they learn from it.. Users that have been ran off over the possible chance of scam probably aren't coming back.. Users that have been ran off because they didn't know what not to do, are probably not coming back..

A lot of the reason I am so hard on DT taggers is that I have seen them destroy hundreds and hundreds of accounts over a lot of petty shit over the years and have ran those users out of here, so they damn well better not be hypocrites!

But oh no!! What's this? The good outweighs the bad? So they are just allowed to be hypocrites?
Can't run them out of here with red tags because they have ran so many users out of here with red tags? Or because they do business? Can't hold them to their own inflicted standards?

The trust system should not have been so liberalized in the first place, reserved only for truly bad and dangerous users..
Maybe it should just be completely removed..
370  Economy / Reputation / Re: by rallier on: February 13, 2020, 08:13:02 PM
But... I mean... Isn't that about exactly the same thing you tagged TECSHARE for?
So it's ok when you do it, but not when someone else does it to you?
My rating on TECSHARE has nothing to do with the rating the user in question left me. Can people please stop trying to divert my threads into off-topic discussions? I purposely left out self-mod and local thread rules for fairness, and this is what one gets.. sigh.

I find it entirely on topic that you are defending yourself here from a tactic of which "precedent" you set yourself..

Stuff like this needs to stop.  Undecided

You'd have much more legitimacy speaking against these actions if you didn't do the same exact thing yourself..
371  Economy / Reputation / Re: by rallier on: February 13, 2020, 07:49:19 PM
Users just tagged me with the following:

Lauda   2020-02-12   Reference   He is manipulating the Default Trust system of the forum for his own benefit. Making false accusations. IMHO, I do not recommend to make a connection (or work) with him that who is working as a capital

Stuff like this needs to stop.  Undecided

But... I mean... Isn't that about exactly the same thing you tagged TECSHARE for?
So it's ok when you do it, but not ok when someone else does it to you?

You PM users all the time recommending them to change their trust lists, and even have threads dedicated to trying to get other users to copy your trust list..
Pot calling the kettle black..

"He is manipulating the Default Trust system of the forum for his own benefit. Making false accusations."
This is just as true of you, if not more, than your tag on TS is of him..
372  Other / Politics & Society / Re: US Politics [serious discussion - please read OP before posting] on: February 13, 2020, 05:13:21 AM

It was more comparing to previous winning incumbent results than to other options on this election..
373  Other / Politics & Society / Re: US Politics [serious discussion - please read OP before posting] on: February 13, 2020, 03:16:36 AM
Can you explain what that means?


Trump got a massive amount of votes in the NH primary compared to the past examples of votes for incumbents..
Shows excellent voter turnout for Trump by about double the last few incumbents, who all won..
374  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Coronavirus Outbreak on: February 13, 2020, 12:47:35 AM
Top CDC official says US should prepare for coronavirus ‘to take a foothold’

Coronavirus Cases:

Coronavirus live updates: China’s Hubei reports 14,840 new cases, 242 additional deaths

Oh shit...

375  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: February 13, 2020, 12:43:56 AM|twitter&par=sharebar
Top CDC official says US should prepare for coronavirus ‘to take a foothold’

Coronavirus Cases:

Coronavirus live updates: China’s Hubei reports 14,840 new cases, 242 additional deaths

Oh shit...
376  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: February 12, 2020, 06:34:31 PM
Their are a lot of great cars that you can buy that will actually appreciate in value, as a good investment, even including some Lambos..
Don't buy a newer Lambo whose value is falling off a cliff, buy a classic Lambo whose value is steady and going up from here..

Off the top of my head some good investment cars would be an e30 M3, Porsche 951/928.. 911s might be a bit overbought still but will hold great value..

You guys are talking about buying modern electronics packed cars that will be a maintenance nightmares destined for the crusher.. (Mercedes)
Maybe a classic Mercedes Cosworth would be a good option.. 

For anything relatively new I would look into the new Corvettes.. Probably faster than them Lambos and cheaper to buy/maintain, more reliable, etc..

I don't like newer cars much though..
No way I'd sink money into a new Range Rover.. You'd probably lose more money on the rover than you would on a new Lambo..
Those things are very expensive new and depreciate like wildfire due to their incredible unreliability, always breaking..
They are owned by India's Tata and have been plagued by horrible quality control in their Chinese manufacturing..
Google "Land Rover china" (coronachan bites them recently) and then "Land Rover china quality control" to see about their recent issues..
377  Other / Politics & Society / Re: [POLL] China Virus Source on: February 12, 2020, 06:43:30 AM
I like the Corona Chan memes but I am very hesitant to share them because I see them as an almost evil rooting for the china virus to spread, just for armchair warriors to sit behind their keyboards and see a big "happening", which I do not want to happen..

I suppose I could post a couple though..
Disclaimer: I consider this quite dark humor that I do not necessarily agree with..

Here we have exhibit A which I like to call "Corona Chan stalking North America"

Here we have exhibit B which I like to call "Corona Chan Raping the world" (Too dark?)

Here we have exhibit C which I like to call "Corona Chan Immigration"

Here we have exhibit D which I like to call "Corona Chan Snacking with Ebola Chan"

And finally for the night..
Here we have exhibit E which I like to call "China Pepe cooking Batman Pepe Soup"

378  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Lol now being sensible is racist they told me I am a racist okay then on: February 12, 2020, 06:01:03 AM
<being worried about "racism" while legitimately being afraid for your life...

Hmmm... No..

I'd much rather be called a racist than die of china virus..

All of those airlines, and cruiselines, and countries that have closed their boarders and/or restricted travel with China are racist..
The CCP is racist for quarantining all those Chinese people.. The USA is racist for quarantining recent travelers from the epicenters and evacuating our citizens..
I'm racist for preferring to refer to it as the "china virus", for the simple fact that it pisses off those that like to cry "racism", and I like to aggravate them..
379  Other / Meta / Re: BitcoinTalk can become the facebook of money on: February 12, 2020, 05:26:57 AM
Their is already a "Facebook of money", it's called the banking system..
They are the enemy..

If anything, FB tried becoming "The Bitcoin of social media", with the Libra..
They are also the enemy.. 
380  Other / Politics & Society / Re: 2020 Democrats on: February 12, 2020, 05:15:05 AM
I find it difficult to understand the mindset of strong social conservatives, so I could easily believe that I'm underestimating just how much his homosexuality will motivate conservatives to oppose him, as well.

It depends on how many people would vote for him because he is gay VS how many people will not vote for him because he is gay..

I'm sure their are a bunch of radical progressives that would vote for a candidate just because they are gay, or black, or a woman, etc.. (anything but a straight white male)
But I don't know any..
I do however know a lot of oldschool folk who will not vote for him because he is gay, but my perspective comes from not being around many progressive city types..

I doesn't matter that much to me personally, but I wouldn't say it's a positive..
I don't mind gays if they are otherwise normal for the most part, have had a couple of good friends that were gay, but the whole......
disgust at seeing it right in their faces

I don't mind a person being gay, but when they base their entire identity around the fact that they are gay, act like complete morons showing off how gay they are 24/7, can't go 2 minutes without reminding me how gay they are, is when it becomes a problem.. Flamers, I call them..

My cousin is a lesbian.. She lives on the other side of the country.. I like her and always have..
Ever since she "Became a lesbian", when she comes to visit, or talk on the phone rarely on accident, all she can ever talk about is how they are a lesbian and their girlfriends and and and who said what about it etc..
At times it seems that some of them can't say or do much of anything without basing it around the way that they happen to like to screw...
Why do they do this? IDK..

Pete doesn't seem to be too much like that though, even though he may try to use it to what he thinks is an advantage, but it will give the LGBT agenda a push..

Something that I really don't like is how the gay/lgbt agenda is shoved right into the faces of kids these days, and popularized.. It's not a topic for children IMO..
Teaching kids that its cool to get your penis chopped off, encouraging lifestyles purely based around sexuality, to children, isn't cool..
They need to teach the kids about the STD rates and Suicide rates related to these life choices if anything.. Not about how you can use them for attention seeking behaviors..

I think a lot of it is a coordinated attempt to reduce the morals/principles of our population for voting purposes TBH.. (conspiracy inbound)
If they can get everyone to forget the old sexual morals, old Christian morals, and old general discretionary morals, the easier it will be to get everyone to forget the old constitutional morals, get people to more easily give up their liberties to protect LGBT from offensive words and such.. Force Christians to bake cakes and fund abortions..
Reducing principles in general as one small part of the vast conspiracy to weaken the west.. More voters to drive us into left authoritarianism, where we can all then be more easily controlled, like China..

I bet one of the leading assaults against free speech in the western countries that you can get locked up for right now is criticism of transgenderism..
Imagine being in a shithole like Canada or the UK where you could go to jail for simply posting the opinion that "Transgenderism is a mental illness", "Maybe Hitler didn't really gas 6 Gorrilian jews", "Islam is not compatible with western culture", or "Xi Jinping is a cunt" in China..
I see much of the LGBT agenda being progress toward that..

My libertarian side doesn't care at all about the way you choose to have sex.. Go offer your ass to 100 guys and get aids for all I care.. Shoot some meth while you're at it..
But my conservative side is like woah, big red flag here, propaganda galore, this is not good for the direction of my country away from small government constitutionalism..

I think theymos is more anarchistic, further right, than even "small government constitutionalism", but even that is a pretty good compromise compared to where we are at and were we are headed if these nutjobs get into power IMO..

Why is Trump's number so low? What does that mean?
Means you're losing bigly. My guys (and a few gals) they/them's have larger numbers.

Oh, Bats! er, I mean rats..
Atleast I'm doing it bigly..
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