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521  Economy / Reputation / Re: 🔥 Vile Chipmixer Bounty Abuse 🔥 Probably the Biggest Con Job on Bitcointalk on: January 25, 2020, 07:47:14 AM
critizing or questioning the bheviour of ChipMixer and it's participants made an openly speaking DT ruin down his repo

The problem is that it does look like this to some who are not long time lurkers, but it is not the case, just a coincidence..

I tried warning Vispillo against this..

Maybe their should be more understanding and patience of this conclusion being presented by the less informed... Maybe not..
522  Economy / Reputation / Re: PrimeNumber7 is an alt of Quickseller, Take 2 on: January 25, 2020, 06:15:40 AM
At this rate, this thread will surely make it to 15-20 pages or so..
523  Other / Politics & Society / Re: The Anarchy of Authoritarian Autarchy: Be Your Own Authority on: January 25, 2020, 12:58:01 AM
So the premise is basically to justify personal anarchistic actions, based on the fact that the voters empowering governments are mostly a flock of NPC propaganda eating sheep of whom their is no hope for embetterment, so one can morally absolve themselves of guilt for not obeying their laws, because they and their laws are stupid/for the stupid, and if I may myself also opine possibly immoral to follow their laws at all..

For example: It is illegal in China right now to spread information about the current situation of the spread of the coronavirus.. People are being arrested for disseminating information online.. I would consider this an immoral law that should not be followed..

A line from Theymos I like related to this subject is..
"the premise that purely statutory crimes are directly unethical, which I don't agree with at all"
524  Other / Meta / Re: I sincerely apologize to everyone on: January 24, 2020, 09:58:20 PM
I didn't dig up any history

Oh.. Well, it usually happens that way..
525  Other / Meta / Re: Save your nice merit records, here. on: January 24, 2020, 09:48:57 PM
526  Other / Meta / Re: I sincerely apologize to everyone on: January 24, 2020, 09:44:51 PM
Cool story! I almost believed it.

Something is totally wrong around here!

A few weeks ago a guy came to meta to brag how he got ranked up, and how he earned merit, giving advice and thanking members, turn out he was a plagiarist and ban evader. Now, cheezcarls came and started with another "mea culpa", ask for forgiveness, promises he will change his way, we start feeling good for him and ...this shit happens

It seems that their is not a widespread awareness of the fact that if you stick your head up, or draw attention to yourself around here, your account better be squeaky friggin clean because a ton of users are about to dig your history for anything they can find..

Happens ALL the time..

Remember recently how attention was brought on The-Devil account?
They don't know to keep their heads down and fly under the radar..
527  Economy / Services / Re: [1-4 SLOTS OPEN] ChipMixer Signature Campaign | Sr Member+ | Up to 0.0375 BTC/w on: January 24, 2020, 08:43:03 PM
asking why they weren't accepted ... .... Most likely it's because you .... .... post in sections where we're not really looking for more participants in (for example, Meta and Reputation)
There will be additional removals

Damn it's difficult not to apply, but it couldn't be stated much clearer than that..

Maybe DarkStar_ / ChipMixer are getting weary of the whole "ChipMixer Gang" connotation..
Right or wrong, it may not be the best look for CM, a privacy company, to be involved with so much user data scraping, analyzing, researching, connecting accounts, etc., not to mention all of the drama and arguably some divisiveness..

A bunch of users advertising ChipMixer, while simultaneously very often using blockchain/address connection against other users themselves??
Maybe that's not such a great look for CM to be associated with so much address-linking use against others.. It is basically what CM is supposed to be trusted NOT to do, isn't it?

Then again it's a pretty good sign stating "Ha you idiot.. You should have mixed your coins!"..

🔥 Vile Chipmixer Bounty Abuse 🔥 Probably the Biggest Con Job on Bitcointalk
Even if it is 100% BS, could this be bad press, or unwanted association for CM?

That sort of thing is FAR from an isolated case..
Their are probably thousands of hits for phrases such as "ChipMixer Gang" cult, club, trolls, mafia, assassins, and on and on due to their being so many CM posters in Meta/Rep in "scambusting" roles and such..

Advertising on so many accounts that are doing just about exactly what ChipMixer is supposed to protect you from.. Kinda ironic...
528  Economy / Reputation / Re: yahoo62278 and Yobit on: January 23, 2020, 09:45:02 PM
Not only is yahoo narrowly rescuing the campaign from being banned for continually spamming without regard for anything but their own advertising success, showing their utter disrespect for this forum, but he is also even himself promoting it in his signature right along with the rest of them..

If ALL Yobit advertisers are to be tagged on the basis of advertising a scam then yahoo himself should indeed expect no special treatment..

But.. I believe that all tagged advertisers, if tagged, should be untagged upon their cooperation and removal of such advertisments, including yahoo, all who heed the warning, as is the usual practice..
529  Other / Meta / Re: 6000+ posts and 0 merit...and the winner 🥇 is... on: January 23, 2020, 08:28:53 PM
Hello. Sorry if my English is bad, my native language is Russian (this is google translator).

Usually, Iím not used to such a great attention to myself, and besides, Iím an introvert, so now I feel a little awkward.

Yes, at first I tried to write some useful posts, and even opened the topic on the instrument that I use for the bounty, but it didnít use popularity, and maybe I donít know how to write correctly.
In addition, I am usually silent and observed than an active participant (yes, I'm an introvert).

Due to the large number of bounty reports, many projects require new posts for each campaign, so you have to fill them out as a separate post.
As for what you called ďmega quotes,Ē what to do if such requirements? Smiley

In any case, thanks, I was pleased to receive my first Merit, albeit in this way.

I'm shocked Cheesy

I don't think bounty reports are spam..

I'm pretty curious to know how well you have been able to do earning from all these bounties.. It looks like you really put in a lot of work on them..

Would you care to share with us how well it has paid off and maybe some examples of ones that have really done well and some that have been complete wastes of time?
530  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should DT and Merit Source Members Be Promoting A Known Scam? on: January 23, 2020, 10:55:27 AM
There is a difference between somebody deliberately promoting something they believe to be a scam and somebody who promotes the same thing but does not believe it is a scam.

I'm not convinced that Vispillo thinks he is advertising a "scam".. I think he thinks he is advertising a somewhat useful exchange that also happens to have some very stupid "investments" and gimmicks associated with it..
I don't think he is maliciously trying to get people scammed..

Like I mentioned to you a while ago, YOU are the expert scambuster here.. Is it a "scam" or not?
All tags or no tags IMO..

I don't know if it's a "scam".. I know I don't like them because Yobit is a spam financier..
It's just as scammy to me as it was years ago and yet here they still are..

If ya'll pro scambusters think they are a scam then GOOD..
Get TF rid of them to where they won't come back already, and stop their spaming and all this drama over them..

a well-known scam. We are not talking about something that is allegedly a scam.. Undecided

It looks like Lauda is quite confident that it's a scam..
Gotta admit that Lauda has some balls..
531  Economy / Reputation / Re: ~Vispilio, the pseudointellectual poetaster who abuses Nietzsche, defends Yobit on: January 23, 2020, 06:30:17 AM
Do not trust Vispilioís philosophic opinions.  

 Roll Eyes

You are really going to tag someone over an interpritation of a philosophical quote?
Red trust isn't some funny game..
532  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should DT and Merit Source Members Be Promoting A Known Scam? on: January 23, 2020, 06:18:04 AM

I doubt it has anything to do with ChipMixer..
Probably more to do with them being pissed off at you over woolowowooo...

It's not all just babbling..
I would be wearing that Yobit signature if it was something that I could feel good supporting, but it is not..

I bet I have a Yobit account older than anyone's in this thread.. I have been around it for its entire existence, and knew it was shit when I first laid eyes on it..

First they added the absolute shittiest of all shitcoins.. The exact correct thing to do to make all of cryptocurrency look like shit.. Even Cryptsy didn't add the likes of those complete shitcoins..
Newbies by the tens of thousands have probably gone there and lost all their money due to bad investment advice and being stupid..

The first exchange manipulated markets I have ever seen with their ROM.. I could have got that the first day, and I didn't touch it, and I can't believe how much stupid bought into that..

Then, they paid to SPAM this forum the worst I have ever seen from a single campaign, with a complete disregard for this place and the users here..
Absolute disrespect IMO and that is a greater sin to me than their stupid coin schemes..

You aren't going to catch me wearing a signature for Yobit no way..
Their are a lot of damn good reasons to dislike Yobit..

I'd be wearing some gambling signature long before I wear some Yobit signature, and I don't, because I don't feel good about promoting casino gambling either..

I'd be more in favor of tagging all Yobit signatures than tagging just you..

I like many points of your idealisms but you Turks have been offbase on a lot of shit..
I don't think being cocky and offensive is the way to go here either..
533  Economy / Reputation / Re: How to tag Google? on: January 23, 2020, 05:36:12 AM
Maybe the Scam Accusations board with the proper Scam Report Format?
534  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should DT and Merit Source Members Be Promoting A Known Scam? on: January 23, 2020, 05:31:17 AM
Is it a "scam" or just a predatory "high risk" investment offering? Where is the line?
Is X10 scam "or just predatory high risk investment offering"?

What would most users consider as being the difference between the two of them? I see myself applying the two sides of the same coin analogy.

It's a good question.. That's why I asked..

Maybe Yobit will prove itself useful and help us find out..
What is the difference between Yobit and the last cases of campaigns advertising scams getting every advertiser red-tagged if they don't stop?
Yobit must be pretty borderline if it is so shady but this has not happened.. It is even allowed back after a spam ban.. Why?

If it's a scam enough to tag Vispillo over it then it is surely scam enough to tag all of the participants until removal no?

Starting with Vispillo, picking on Vispillo, and using it as a reason to tag just Vispillo, is a little fucked up if you won't even tag shitposters for advertising the same "scam"..

Not everyone sees situations the same way..
Obviously their are plenty of users in favot of Yobit being allowed to advertise here despite all these detractors.. Or it would be tagged up and run out of here by now, as usual..

Why don't you take it up with Yahoo?
There you have a highly trusted user in favor of it being allowed to advertise here, and if it wasn't for him, it would be banned and gone anyway..
535  Economy / Reputation / Re: YOBIT SCAMMERS: Here Is The Email Bait Used For Scamming Users on: January 23, 2020, 03:15:18 AM
This thread is very damning..
How much scam is enough scam to do something about in in a widespread and consistent manner?

Heck we even have the most respected manager of this forum "managing" a campaign for them just due to fear of what the alternative would look like.

It would probably have been better off if @yahoo62278 didn't rescue Yobit from getting banned again.. Could have just let them spam for a few days until they were banned and it would have been over.. Probably still could..

It also shows a lot that Yobit doesn't mind spamming the forum as long as they can get away with it..
536  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should DT and Merit Source Members Be Promoting A Known Scam? on: January 22, 2020, 09:44:18 PM
The only problem is this kind of behavior only expands with this "ok we make it fair by being excessive with everyone". This is the kind of slow creep that takes away everyone's freedoms and ability to be left alone unless directly victimizing others.

I'm not much of a supporter of giving up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary Safety, or in other words, protecting idiots at the expense of loosing valuable users over minor infractions that could possibly put some idiots at greater risk, but if that is what it is then atleast it should be done consistently..

This whole Yobit situation has become too fine of an obfuscated line..
One could definitely make the argument that any advertisement of any Yobit product is advertising a "scam", as in very "high risk" and even predatory "investments"/"scams?"..
On the other hand an argument could be made along the lines of "So what?".. If people are stupid enough to buy the crap then they are stupid and stupid is as stupid does..

The current situation is some sort of blurry line drifting around in the sea somewhere between both of those camps, with possible harsh punishment for tripping on it?

Stupid situation that wouldn't even exist if users didn't want that yobit dust so badly..
Seems you can get away with a lot more, and push the boundaries, as long as you throw around some coin..
Almost like a bribe.. What can you get away with as long as you are paying?

I wouldn't recommend Yobit as a very safe exchange or any of their investments as good investments, but I would use it to dump some coins or something and might recommend to use it to get in, do your business, and get out..
Also, no matter how terrible some coin or asset being traded is, if it has volatility, it can be flipped for a profit..

Teaching people that it is ok to advertise scam because it is not your business if someone can't recognize scam is scammy behavior itself.
Is it a "scam" or just a predatory "high risk" investment offering? Where is the line?

Small correction: Yobit's signature was never banned for being a scam, it was banned for spamming the forum.
After that it's surprising to me that it was welcomed back as it has been, especially considering its borderline scamminess.. But it pays right?

crazy-joe=off topic
537  Economy / Reputation / Re: Should DT and Merit Source Members Be Promoting A Known Scam? on: January 22, 2020, 07:34:08 PM
It seems the community came to the general consensus that yobit is not too much of a scam for it to be advertised on the forum right?
I don't like that they were allowed to come back and advertise after being banned for it but the community allowed it..

"Oh well I guess CryptoTalk isn't really directly a scam though its parent Yobit facilitates extremely likely scams" -let them advertise
"Oh well I guess Yobit isn't directly a scam though it facilitates extremely likely scams" -let them advertise
"Oh noes!! X10 coin? That is almost definitely a scam so we can't advertise that!!  Better just go back to advertising only Yobit, who is a scam advertiser, but indirectly advertising scams is ok? Right guys?" -let them advertise

X10 coin is nothing new for Yobit.. They have been pushing similar "scams" for years since the ROM crap..

I wonder how many DT members are currently accepting payment from Yobit?

Is Yobit a scam or not?
Is advertising for Yobit advertising for a scam or not?
If it is, then why is it here advertising at all?

It's just too darn close to the edge for a clear consensus it seems..

Why can Vispillo be tagged for advertising a "scam" but all the other that do can not?
Because he posted that he thinks one of Yobit's products is a "scam" and therefore is knowingly advertising a "scam"?

So let me get this straight..
If I go find any posts from anyone currently being paid by Yobit, or has been paid by Yobit, who has previously stated that they think any of Yobit's products (past or present) are a "scam" prior to them accepting any form of payment for their advertisement, they should be red tagged?

But no red tags for anyone advertising Yobit as long as they have never themselves stated that they think any Yobit products are a "scam"?
What a situation in that it depends on the post history of all individual advertising users..

Their are probably plenty to be tagged on this basis.. How many even in DT I wonder?

How can this be made consistent one way or another?

Maybe if I go find a couple more examples of users advertising for yobit while having previously stated they think that any yobit product is/was a scam, then it can be decided to tag them all or tag none..
Sound fair?
538  Economy / Reputation / Re: PrimeNumber7 is an alt of Quickseller, Take 2 on: January 22, 2020, 10:56:55 AM
I'd like to think I could trust Bitcointalk against anything but legal subpoenas within proper jurisdiction, but maybe not?  
You'd be very crazy or naive to do so.
You are 100% correct..
That whole spiel about trusting 3rd parties and such..
Maybe I've been too far into the "I didn't do anything wrong so don't have anything to hide" camp...

From About privacy:
Quote from: About privacy
very rare.
Seems PN7 being QS is worthy of breaking into the qualification of "very rare" circumstances..
539  Economy / Reputation / Re: PrimeNumber7 is an alt of Quickseller, Take 2 on: January 22, 2020, 10:17:24 AM
I can't tell you how many similarities there was on the reporting because I didn't keep count and reports are expunged after a month or so, but it was something I noticed over time and was finally like, where have I seen that report before. I copied and pasted a couple and there were direct hits on both QS and PN7. Most people probably keep their reports saved in their browser like I do, so you just use the drop down menu and choose the appropriate one and I'm guessing that's where he slipped up. Or he could have just typed them out again as much like the similarities that can be found in the phrases and language used of people posting publicly the same happens for the report queue. Some people report so many posts you become accustomed to them and you don't even need to look at their name to know who it was that reported it.

I'm not sure how much I like staff using backend information, or arguably confidential/PM information, against users like that...

Who knows... The next thing I know staff could be blabbering about my email account(s) used on the forum and have any users pissed off at me brought very close to my family's home...

How much exactly should staff-only information be expected to remain private?

When should one expect even the IP log to be leaked?

You basically have my dox, so how safe is it in your hands??

I'd like to think I could trust Bitcointalk against anything but legal subpoenas within proper jurisdiction, but maybe not?  

Maybe I should ditch this compromised account and go full anon..
540  Other / Meta / Re: 6000+ posts and 0 merit...and the winner 🥇 is... on: January 22, 2020, 09:58:56 AM
Theymos must kindof like it too
I guess it's because of ad revenue it brings, it's win-win situation for both parties so why not?
I don't think theymos is that interested in revenue..

someone PM him . ... . .  how much BTC he has actually earned from all that effort
I considered it..

wasted all that on his beer
I surely wouldn't like my own beer tab calculated and presented to me.. Whew that could be frightening..

it seems that this person is very passionate about doing social media bounty reports
A pro..

why not use a spreadsheet as a place to collect reports so that they don't become shitposting and don't become trash in the bounty thread.
Public publishing is a good proof of events/POW, providing a public proof could keep him or any company from being scammed by eachother.. Or provide proof thereof..

Legendary status before the Merit system.
Not too many of them left are their?
"Legendary" shitposters are a dwindling subset..
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