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141  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Unconfirmed question on: February 11, 2014, 03:29:20 AM
I just put my wallet.dat file into a new Bitcoin-qt installation.  It's taking quite awhile to synchronize with network.  Am I able to send my "unconfirmed" bitcoins to someone now or do I have to wait until they're confirmed?
You can absolutely start sending now, as long as you are positive that no transactions have been made with that wallet since the time it was copied from the old installation. Be aware that because there is a lot of traffic going between your node and the nodes you are connected to while you are syncing, the transaction may take much longer to be broadcasted. In the past, it's usually been about 30 minutes for me, but your milage may vary.
142  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can someone answer a few gox questions? on: February 11, 2014, 03:06:49 AM
1.  Is it true that gox has a single (omnibus-type) wallet where it holds all the bitcoin of its customers?  It is my understanding that the customers do not have their own segregated bitcoin wallet when they have bitcoin with gox - instead, gox keeps its own ledger of which customers have what amount of bitcoin.
Yes, and for good reason: MtGox's primary purpose is to act as an exchange, not a bank. Because of that, funds move between people very quickly. Keeping track of that on the blockchain would be almost impossible.

2.  If there is a gox wallet, it would seem that gox would be regularly checking to make sure that the amount of bitcoin it holds is always balancing with the ongoing deposits and withdrawals taking place.  A double issuance (with the first supposedly invalid transfer NOT being credited back to the gox wallet) would result in a failure to balance.
You would think that. It turns out that no such auditing is taking place.
In other words, our customers' accounts show a total of X bitcoin, yet the amount of bitcoin in our wallet is consistently less than X and the difference is consistently getting worse over time (bc of the double issuances).  What was the straw that broke camel's back in gox so that it is only now stopping transfers of bitcoin (when apparently this problem has been around for years)?
The fact that this was publically being abused, albeit completely by accident. You see, people thought that they were being helpful by fixing the broken transactions, but they happened to also reveal a flaw in how MtGox recognizes and refunds failed transactions, causing them to get their original withdrawal PLUS a refund to their account. Fortunately, this isn't as bad as it sounds, because this process of fixing the transactions left the old transactions in the Mt. Gox system, causing transactions to virally fail.

3.  Is there any information about how many bitcoin may have been mistakenly transferred?
No, but I'm sure it's not terrible.

5.  Is the previous theory (that gox was having problems bc it was trying to transfer freshly mined bitcoin which had not received 100 confirmations) have anything to do with gox's problems?
That was a problem that was mostly mitigated some time ago, but wasn't ever fully fixed.
143  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: OOOOO look what I found on: February 11, 2014, 02:19:33 AM
Closing as dupe of
144  Other / Meta / Re: Possible spambots "hey, i am fresh here" on: February 10, 2014, 11:27:04 PM
If he's doing it manually, it might just be that he has the same opinion. An additional spot-check showed no problems.
145  Other / Meta / Re: Possible spambots "hey, i am fresh here" on: February 10, 2014, 10:45:09 PM
Generally, you can tell if they are bots by checking 2 or more posts. One post is usually not enough to know for sure.
146  Other / Meta / Re: Refund of Donations on: February 10, 2014, 10:35:42 PM
"I am using the money for forum software development"  So far this is just a claim you made.
Although until recently theymos hadn't spent anything on a new version of the forum, he most certainly has spent bitcoins on "forum software development". Theymos could technically bill the time he has spent making mods for this forum against the donated funds. This is in addition to the security updates (such as the password system update) and bounties that we have farmed out. So, even without a new forum, donated bitcoins have been continuously spent on improving the forum.
147  Other / Meta / Re: End of newbie restrictions; ban changes on: February 10, 2014, 10:03:07 PM
If it gets too extreme, I'll just begin deleting the more unoriginal/generic/short threads by default. Until now, I only really deleted absolutely useless threads which are certainly spam and serve no purpose.

In general though, if something particular annoys you, just report it.

So far, my report rate has been 100%, but i worry about it dropping. I'm afraid that i'll become too persnickity.
I stopped reporting because my percentage would drop inexplicably, with no indication of what the problem was. There's no reason to show somebody a metric and not give them feedback about why it's changing - that's just an exercise in frustration.
I know that the current system isn't perfect, but for now, if you want feedback on any reports you've made, any global moderator or above can provide you with that as long as you request that information within 14 days of the report. We try to tell people about why we marked their reports as bad if we notice that bad reports are a recurring pattern for them, but otherwise we really can't take the time to do that for every bad report.
148  Economy / Speculation / Re: Do you guys remember the poll about if bitcoin will be 10 000usd this year? on: February 10, 2014, 07:05:18 PM
Threads like this one make me feel that the bottom is slowly approaching.
No kidding. This board has always seemed to be the best indication of where in the cycle we are at. Here's a pro-tip that will (probably) make you a lot of money: When we're in a bubble, don't sell until there are a massive amount of "To the moon!"-type posts around here. When you're seeing posts like "$10,000 by the end of the week!" when we've just broken $1k and the week is half-over, sell.
149  Other / Meta / Re: spam on: February 08, 2014, 08:42:21 PM
On the bottom right corner of each post is an option to "Report to moderator".
That would probably be the preferred method of reporting spam in the future.
Yup! We check the report queue much more often than we check this board.
150  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: STOP POSTING RESERVED, ALSO NO GIVEAWAYS/PROMOS ETC. on: February 08, 2014, 08:17:30 PM
It's pretty obvious you don't actually read this board if you think this is about OP's reserving the first post for updates. Before this, literally every post on the first page of new threads was 'reserved' or 'post for sale, pools contact me', and half the posts on the following pages. I even covered OPs reserving for updates on the last page, and said it was ok.
Now you are finally understanding what I have to go through with a similar sticky to this in the Gambling section. Expect all context to be lost shortly...  Sad

All we're asking for here is that people don't encourage others to make posts that don't move a discussion forward. You can have giveaways all you want, just don't have people make posts here to claim the item. Link to another website instead. Besides, you don't want your community to only exist under our rule, you should take that for yourself.
151  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: The Fate of Satoshi, a Bitcoin graphic adventure [BUY thread] [CrowdF + Equity] on: February 08, 2014, 06:40:50 AM
Purchased ten shares @ 0.07030:

Feb. 7, 2014: TxID: 39768bc42b964f4bc8b90f71ca2a3c93dd368e539b3eec6c86ebf7e46d481f4e return address: 1APEunfrJyvuGLkaueLFmvQxWJJKN5NuYZ

Maged is awesome. Good guy.

Indeed, truly truly awesome.

Thank you very much Maged !
You're quite welcome. I do what I can to give back to the Bitcoin community, especially since the community gave me the money in the first place. Seriously, without you guys checking out our advertisers, I wouldn't have the ability to do things like this. (I make about $1k/month just from moderating here)
152  Economy / Speculation / Re: IF MT GOX DIES THEN BITCOIN PROBABLY WILL TOO on: February 08, 2014, 05:36:55 AM
Yeah... No. Mt. Gox is already pretty insignificant, so bitcoin will do just fine with or without them.
153  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why Bitcoin companies should consider VC funding on: February 08, 2014, 05:17:23 AM
Until recently, no VC would even acknowledge bitcoin's existence, let alone fund a bitcoin startup. Getting VC funding is easier said than done...
154  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: The Fate of Satoshi, a Bitcoin graphic adventure [BUY thread] [CrowdF + Equity] on: February 08, 2014, 04:42:23 AM
Purchased ten shares @ 0.07030:

Feb. 7, 2014: TxID: 39768bc42b964f4bc8b90f71ca2a3c93dd368e539b3eec6c86ebf7e46d481f4e return address: 1APEunfrJyvuGLkaueLFmvQxWJJKN5NuYZ

155  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: AML/KYC Process Explained on: February 08, 2014, 03:16:27 AM
Want to improve this sticky? Edits to the sticky may be paid! Please post a quote of this sticky with all of the changes you would like included in the thread linked below:

Feel free to use this sticky as a general discussion of AML/KYC policies.
156  Other / Meta / Re: 0.03 BTC Bounty: Write a general AML/KYC process sticky on: February 08, 2014, 03:11:49 AM
In a lot of places it's standard in order to be able to even register or acquire shareholdings in a private company (and it definitely applies for shareholdings over a certain % in public companies).  Many financial institutions also require that any signatories on a business account fully verify their identities in addition to the business itself verifying.

There are many things which can trigger enhanced KYC requirements and ongoing customer due diligence is an actual requirement of AML compliance.  Each organisation has to develop its own framework for these processes, but the penalties for non-compliance are so huge that entities tend to err on the side of caution and try to exceed the required standards (which are often only laid down as broad principles) rather than risk falling short of compliance. 
If you could work this into the sticky, I'll probably pay you for the contribution.

Added data for Coinbase, Bitfinex, Kraken and LocalBitcoin.
Thanks! Sent PM requesting address for payment.

Sticky is now created. Additional edits will be paid at my discretion.
157  Economy / Trading Discussion / AML/KYC Explained on: February 08, 2014, 03:10:25 AM
What is KYC ?

Know your customer (KYC) refers to due diligence activities that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to ascertain relevant information from their clients for the purpose of doing business with them. The term is also used to refer to the bank regulation which governs these activities. Know Your Customer processes are also employed by companies of all sizes for the purpose of ensuring their proposed agents', consultants' or distributors' anti-bribery compliance. Banks, insurers and export credit agencies are increasingly demanding that customers provide detailed anti-corruption due diligence information, to verify their probity and integrity.

Who has to enforce KYC ?

Know your customer (KYC) falls under the responsability of each financial institution and/or regulated company.

The regulations require these entities to adopt KYC procedures.  It assists them in knowing / understanding the customers and their financial dealings better to monitor their transactions for identification and prevention of suspicious transactions.

KYC Recommendations

KYC controls typically include the following:

- Collection and analysis of basic identity information (referred to in US regulations and practice a "Customer Identification Program" or CIP)
- Name matching against lists of known parties (such as "politically exposed person" or PEP)
- Determination of the customer's risk in terms of propensity to commit money laundering, terrorist finance, or identity theft
- Creation of an expectation of a customer's transactional behavior
- Monitoring of a customer's transactions against their expected behaviour and recorded profile as well as that of the customer's peers

KYC Jurisdiction and Locality

KYC regulations are local, and differ from country to country. Jurisdiction is also, on a coutry to country basis.

To know more about your specific country, visit:

KYC and Bitcoin Exchanges

Stricter KYC policies:

Bitfinex  or refer inquiries to
BTCChina   (only since new PBOC guidance, Dec 2013) (link?)
Kraken (their General Counsel, Constance Choi is a well known specialist in the Regulatory and Compliance field)

Loose or non-existant KYC policies:

BTC-e   (??)
Crypsty   (??)
LocalBitcoin (p2p based, limited KYC?)

What is AML?

Standing for "Anti-money Laundering", it is a set of procedures, laws or regulations designed to stop the practice of generating income through illegal actions. In most cases money launderers hide their actions through a series of steps that make it look like money coming from illegal or unethical sources was earned legitimately.

Who has to enforce AML?

In response to mounting concern over money laundering, the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) was established by the G-7 Summit that was held in Paris in 1989.

The Task Force was given the responsibility of examining money laundering techniques and trends, reviewing the action which had already been taken at a national or international level, and setting out the measures that still needed to be taken to combat money laundering. In April 1990, less than one year after its creation, the FATF issued a report containing a set of Forty Recommendations, which provide a comprehensive plan of action needed to fight against money laundering.

The FATF calls upon all countries to take the necessary steps to bring their national systems for combating money laundering and terrorism financing into compliance with the new FATF Recommendations, and to effectively implement these measures.

Again, as in the case of KYC, financial institutions and/or regulated companies are responsible for the implementation of internal AML policies.

AML Jurisdiction and Locality

AML regulations are also local, and differ from country to country. Some countries choose a top-down approach, inheriting much of their AML policies from the FATF, while others go for a bottom-up approach and then have to reconcile both policies. Extreme countries where such reconciliation is impossible (generally due to Government unwillingness) are excluded from the FATF membership, with the corollary of increased complications to access the international markets and financing.

For a full list of FATF members, visit:

AML and Bitcoin Exchanges

Currently in compliance:

Bitfinex or refer inquiries to
Kraken (their General Counsel, Constance Choi is a well known specialist in the Regulatory and Compliance field)

Unknown status:

BTCChina   (unclear since new PBOC guidance, Dec 2013) (are they financial institutions?)
LocalBitcoin (p2p based, limited or no AML?)

Assume that restrictions for any Bitcoin to National Currency exchange may become more restrictive at any time in the future. Many exchanges in the past have restricted currency deposits or withdrawals proactively as BitStamp has, without any explicit order from a government agency to do so at the time. Others like BTCChina have in response to concerns made even the ability to continue to login to their platform contingent on supplying further identifying information. In the past surprise changes to AML/KYC requirements have lead users of exchanges to have their access to deposited funds substantially delayed while complying with new requirements or even lost access to their deposited funds completely if they could not comply with the new requirements. Changing AML/KYC exchange enacted AML/KYC requirements have affected users of all major exchanges that handle both Bitcoin and National currency. People who continue using such exchanges should prepare for the contingency that their exchange of choice will change their AML/KYC requirements in the future.
158  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Giveaway threads are not allowed on: February 08, 2014, 12:58:11 AM
How to unlock my thread:
It is NOT a giveaway thread.

Says there's a giveaway in the OP, and someone is paying.

Also looks like some are using newly created accoumts to bump their giveaway posts. Might not be a good idea to let people link them from here after all. Or not allow threads that only link to giveaways, only as an addendum in an existing thread.

Would you plz delete the posts you think is unproper and unlock my thread.
Done. Message me if you still need it unlocked.
159  Other / Meta / Re: LEAKED - Latest status on forum software on: February 08, 2014, 12:06:42 AM
Normal websites only have to worry about automated vulnerability scanners, weak admin passwords and common misconfigurations when it comes to security. is in a different kind of situation. It is in the cross-fire of cyber-warfare. Plenty of malicious hackers use this website for nefarious and non-nefarious reasons. It is likely to be the target of 0day exploits. Anything that runs on needs to be battle-hardened. We should be running OLD software that is known to be highly secure and stable. 3 year old web servers are a definite no go. We should be using 30 year old web server software. Some hacker would be browsing the forums one day, accidentally break something some hipster wrote yesterday and then realize they've just found a 0day in node.js and decide to own the forum.
In our defence, Node.js is used by big companies like Wal-mart and PayPal, so we won't be alone when a vulnerability is found. Also, I'm sure that our Google-level security bounties will help persuade people against attacking us maliciously.

That being said, I wasn't party to the negotiations, so I have no idea what language the forum will be built in.

Wtf kind of shit is this, building a software studio for one fucking forum
Well, when you have a few million dollars just sitting around, you might as well. Seriously, we're making enough money that we can support a dedicated full-time development team indefinitely, if we wanted to.
160  Other / Meta / Re: 0.03 BTC Bounty: Write a general AML/KYC process sticky on: December 18, 2013, 03:48:08 AM
Umm... This isn't going to be a sticky about how to launder money/the money laundering process.
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