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1  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Avalon A1041 Review on: May 19, 2020, 07:20:54 PM
I got mine working with 3 pools.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Question Time:Mining by own machine or cloud mining, which one is better and why on: March 12, 2020, 07:58:10 PM
So here's my 2 cents;

I personaly see all cloud mining platforms as scams, or fraudelent at best.
And here is why; cloud mining platforms are business like any other, and they sell a service, which roughly translates to:
- buy a contract for X, and receive Y amount, ROI Z guaranteed.

But ask yourself, if Y+Z are more than X, as all of them promise, why sell the service at all? Why not just mine and make more than X will provide?
If a platform guarantees a return they are likely a scam, you can't guarantee mining earnings.

The scam usually comes from selling contracts and not having the physical mining equipment, they claim to have the miners but in reality they just pay you what a miner would have earned if it was mining.

As for the Y+Z > X, if the company is real they will be mining for themselves (with hashrate they haven't sold or hashrate they have allocated for themselves). But as a business, you want cashflow. Y+Z in 6 months might be greater than X, but if you sell a contract today for X you get X today without having to wait 6 months.

If the company buys $500k of  miners that will produce 10PH and they sell that 10PH for a 1 Year contract somewhere around $450k, they get another $450k they can use to buy almost another 10PH, at the end of the day almost every contract company charges you for electric either at the end of the day or included in the purchase price. So in turn they get their original capital back, get enough hashrate for themselves (or they can sell it off) and in 1 Year the equipment belongs to them and you as the customer pay for the electric. If they only mined, they would pay 500k upfront, have to wait for the mining income to come in before they can do anything else and also pay the electric bill for that mining.

Think of it like annuities, you get paid a little bit every day, would you take a slight loss in the long run to get a large payout now? And before you answer remember having cash now = you can use it now without waiting.
3  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Avalon A10 series announced on: March 12, 2020, 01:54:09 PM
This might not be the same but the first A10 I received had a DNS issue on DHCP, I first had to set it to static change the DNS then put it back to DHCP. Whatever DNS they were using in China didn't always resolve from here.
4  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Bitmain's new payment option? Matrixport on: March 06, 2020, 01:53:45 PM
well it would be instant and without fee if the exchange is owned by them, they don't send any bitcoin they just deduct from your account. You basically already sent them bitcoin so there is no need to wait.

Not saying this is a bad thing.
5  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: How to add custom (USD compare to Bitcoin) Bitcoin Payment on my website? on: February 28, 2020, 04:20:27 PM
There are a lot of options that you can make, depending on your ability to technology:

 - The best way, gives you a lot of options, you better try them.
 - It is an excellent alternative and you can withdraw money to your account in addition to many options.
 - One of the worst options.

Did I understand your point exactly? Many services offer you this feature.

Thank you for your answer, but it's not exactly answer my question. I know how to accept bitcoin payment and to use bitcoin gateway. I try to get information of the exact price of bitcoin compare to dollar when my customer made an order. Also, I want the customer to choose how much USD / BTC he want to pay. So if he choose he want to pay me 900$ he will get information of how much Bitcoin he need to send equal to 900$.
All the links provided do that.

If you want to just make a conversion tool that says x BTC = y USD or vice versa you need to link to an exchange's api to fetch the pricing data, then just multiply or divide depending on what currency gets inputted. But if you want a program that does that plus generates a payment invoice just use btcpayserver. (but again at least 2 of the links provided will do that, I've never heard of coingate but they probably do as well.)

Edit* instead of linking to an exchange you can link to the payment gateway's api and pull data from that.
6  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Avalon A10 series announced on: February 27, 2020, 08:17:06 PM
Anybody know the blink codes for a 1047? It runs high then low for around 30 seconds, the LED blinks red 4 times, goes quite for a second and then does it all again.

Edit 1: I just discovered that I only receive the blink code when the LAN cable is plugged in. I tried different cables and different ports on the router and both made the LED blink red 4 times around every 30 seconds. I do not know what else to try or what is causing the problem.

Edit 2: Currently thinking that the miner has an issue with the router. Does anyone have any experience with this miner and a Verizon Actiontec router?

Can you log into the miner and go to the cgminer log then copy paste that here with code tags
7  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [∞ YH] 1% fee solo mining USA/DE 254 blocks solved! on: February 26, 2020, 08:52:15 PM
How do I set the diff manual on my antminer
I have tried with the proxy to set it but it always gets changed by the pool

password field   d=1024 should work right?

Magic, does it matter much about the diff?
I never change it on my few sha-256's i have running.

Only really "matters" for the chain miners like Avalons when you have a large group on one controller and 20 miners are represented to the pool as 1. Each miner gets individual work but instead of getting work based on the miners capability (13-15TH) it goes by the controllers (200+TH).
8  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Need Amazon Gift Card on: February 24, 2020, 03:24:28 PM
Not sure what type of discount you are after, but Amazon gift cards are one of the most frequently frauded cards so be careful. has my vote of confidence for buying stuff for you on Amazon at up to 33% off, but you aren't guaranteed to find someone offering that kind of discount. 20% off is fairly common though.

Thanks for the fair warning. I have purchased amazon gift card back in the day; I am well aware about that & that's why I'm talking about escrow; thanks, anyway.
20% off would be fair enough for me but is there any risk purchasing from Probably I have never used that site; used to purchase lower amount from a community but now I need 1000 gift cards.

Purse has like a 10k USD protection guarantee. They have a level system in place to gate keep users, new users have a purchase limit / cap it's somewhere around $50-100 depending on how verified they buyer is. If your purchases are in the 50-100 range you can usually get them for 28% off including purses fee's and delivered in about 2-5 days.

Larger orders 100+ take longer to complete and the lower level users can't purchase them so you get stuck into the lower discount range. Just this past week I had a 450 total order get processed at a 20% discount, it took about 23 days to get processed.

If you are willing to take a discount of 5% they basically process your order for you, a mix of purse + their VIP's buying it for you and it processes almost immediately if not right the and there.

If you'd like shoot me a PM and I can give you a referral code we both get $5 or something like that if you buy or sell 100$ in orders (you can probably find one online also). You can shoot me a PM also if you have any questions.

Link to their protection policy.
9  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [20-400PH] KanoPool 0.9% fee 0.1BTC bonus 🐈 US,NL,JP,NYA,OR,SG on: February 21, 2020, 07:44:10 PM

He has nothing against the EBay since it was too late to even open any kind of a case against the seller.  He lost his $1200 and is blaming only himself for it.  I told him that it was stupid of him since he could have purchased like 8 perfectly miners instead but he just wanted spare parts because his line just doesnít hold more than like 15 miners in total.

 But thatís not the point.  The point of this conversation is that we were discussing if he could somehow report or red flag this seller for selling hacked controllers to people, so that EBay would take some action against the seller and other will not fall for this trap.

I donít know if itís possible but I think he could try if he calls them and explains the situation, because I think the guy is still selling these trashed cards and contaminated controllers to other victims.

He should be able to alter or write a review since he made a purchase, I don't think eBay puts a limit on how long you have to write a review. And yeah probably calling and explaining to ebay that the device that was sent was infected with a virus and that other buyers might get scammed might do something. The odds of him getting a rep that has no idea what he is talking about are probably very high.

speaking of ebay... someone on the forums here pointed me to a listing on ebay that is using my actual photos from here to sell something. makes me think they dont have the item of they have to use my photos.

Thatís weird why would they post something that they donít have when the payment goes through PayPal and if they donít send anything then they donít get the payment.
If a claim takes awhile to happen or like in the other case the buyer doesn't check for a while, then the funds will clear PayPal and the seller gets the money. Yeah paypal will attempt to pull the money back when a claim is opened but the worst thing they can do is close the person's account / send it to collections.

eBay tried pulling this crap on  me with a bad buyer and wanting to refund more than what he should have been given. They pulled the funds back from paypal out of my bank account, my bank froze the transaction and reversed it and paypal sided with my bank, ebay was pissed and closed my account but then again they never were authorized to take anything out of my bank. Paypal didn't care because the claim had nothing to do with them other than they processed the payment. So if the seller doesn't have any funds in paypal and no bank / credit card on file or a bank that will side with their customer the seller will win.
10  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17 Pro Firmware Booster on: February 21, 2020, 02:38:21 PM
I agree with awesomeminer and many of your points.

To the point of vnish and Alex, I've gotten different info out of both of them. Alex seemed upset when I brought up @vnish posting a beta firmware and when I asked them both the same question Alex answered immediately and provided some clear terms on how to move forward. Vnish said he needed some time to give an answer and a few days later gave a similar one. (This was code related).

To me idc who the software is from if it works and the support is there, to me if I have the option to ask a distributor a question and they are just middle-maning and I have to wait a day or two to get an answer or I can contact someone who knows the answer and get it right then I'd prefer whoever answered me quick and correct.
11  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS] Lot of (4) Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 6 TB Hard Drives 2EF110-300 - $320 on: February 20, 2020, 10:21:46 PM
I do not. Whatís needed for me to do that and I will certainly give it a try to give everyone the diagnostic results..
12  Economy / Computer hardware / Re: [WTS] Lot of (4) Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 6 TB Hard Drives 2EF110-300 - $320 on: February 20, 2020, 09:04:05 PM
[WTS] Lot of (4) Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 6 TB Hard Drives 2EF110-300

These 4 hard drives were removed from a Lenovo server. They are in EXCELLENT condition. See pictures below!

Escrow required - Crypto/BTC for payment

FREE, FAST, SAFE SHIPPING with tracking number!!

$320.00 USD


Do you have any SMART test results for them?
13  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [20-400PH] KanoPool 0.9% fee 0.1BTC bonus 🐈 US,NL,JP,NYA,OR,SG on: February 20, 2020, 02:13:48 PM
I do hope that your friend who bought the miners reported the issue with them to the seller and eBay (though the seller may have been who intentionally did the infection).

Actually he tried to get his money back because he bought 50 hashing cards and not a single one worked as well as 10 controllers out of which only like 2 units were working and the one that he gave me was the infected one.  And no it wasnít my friend, if youíre wondering, he I clueless of these kind of things  and just has like 15 s9ís running.

But he wasnít able to check the cards for like 3 months and when he finally did it was too late to ask EBay for any help.  $1200 thrown away!  He is still pissed and he wanted to do something to take this guy off the EBay.  

Itís some guy from Canada, he sells them by 10 units now before he was selling by 50.  You think EBay would really listen if he was to report this seller and actually do something?  I doubt it to tell you the truth.  

The sellers name is ďmrinjenariĒ. Stay away from him!
Well he admitted it was his fault eBay did nothing. If you expect to order something let it sit for 3 months then think let me test this and expect the seller to honor a DOA unit months past the delivery date you are crazy.

Yes odds are the seller was trying to scam but it should have been tested the day it arrived.
14  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Request - Project for clean drinking water for everyone. on: February 19, 2020, 10:47:18 PM

  If there is already a charity for safe drinking water and you feel you would like to help, why not donate your fiat currency?  It's not necessary to recreate the wheel.  Also, existing charities can't use Bitcoin in it's digital form; they must convert it to fiat first at further expense which is a waste of your donation.  Accepting Bitcoin will not boost any charity - especially Proctor & Gamble's - with Bitcoin's total value at less than 0.2% of the world's money,  it's not logical to think it would.  Seriously, use your gov't controlled cash for charities.  Keep your Bitcoins for yourself.

I agree with a lot of this, but it's more of a "extra work involved" getting crypto setup for donations.

Yeah they'll need to pay a fee to convert crypto to fiat if they can't pay any of their suppliers in crypto, but this fee is usually less than what credit card companies charge. Think of every purchase you make with a credit card about 1-3% goes to the banks, you don't pay this the merchant does.

So accepting crypto for donations would be more beneficial to the charities, but since it's something new they would need to put a bunch of effort to do it and learn how to properly do it.

Age old business problems
In the long term this will save us, but will increase our upfront costs. Most organizations would rather spend a little bit a lot of times rather than a lot a few times.

Edit* Just to add if you want a charity to accept crypto, go to the charity and volunteer, work with them learn how and what they do. And then approach the people who can make decisions / managers at the organization and give them a pitch.

But if you just say I like what this place is doing they should accept BTC. I'm going to send them an email with all these benefits, don't expect too much from them.

I did something like this before, at a convention talking to a company that had no place in crypto, I talked to many companies that day and all the reps basically laughed and said it would never happen. The next day one of those reps came up and said "I'd like to apologize for my comments the day before, we just received a memo this morning saying that as of this coming Friday they would accept BTC payments for any items sold on their site. Nothing I said got them to change their minds, the company already was working on integration it's just the sales / marketers had no idea, basically just talking to the wrong people.

^That company was Dell
15  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17 Pro Firmware Booster on: February 19, 2020, 10:05:36 PM
It can actually be more than that, it's all negotiation and quantity of miners running the firmware. If you have thousands you get a lower fee, in awesomeminers case the dev fee is 1% and awesomeminer adds 1% for themselves. The 17 series can be different but in awesomeminers case they take a portion so they can develop a management system that works better with that firmware.

Now I have no idea if these features are worth it, they might be worth it to some. I've tried awesomeminer and I actually like it, however at scale it just doesn't make sense. It's a very nice ui and 90+% of the features can be replicated if it's worth your time. In my case it was since the work arounds to get awesomeminer to work the way I wanted it to just weren't there.
16  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: What is the most fastest, reliable and secure Bitcoin Mixer for 2020? on: February 19, 2020, 09:52:12 PM
It looks like the site is encrypted by "Let's Encrypt" a free SSL authority, basically you can get a free cert but it has limits (I think the limit is 3 months then it has to be renewed).

What it looks like they didn't do, is set up the auto redirect to force ssl

I wouldn't trust the site but it looks like they tried partially.
17  Other / Off-topic / Re: Do you like cats? Here you can do something good! on: February 19, 2020, 09:10:32 PM
It usually depends on the age of the cat. Normally adult cats can eat almost anything that a human being consumes but if those are babies than it is hard to say what they would prefer consuming. It would always be good to serve such poor animals with some milk as it is not that costly to buy a milk sachet and it is always something which cats love. You can also serve those cats with bread.

Normally, if those are stray cats than they can eat almost anything you provide if they are hungry and majority of times they might be finding food for themselves on their own. Mostly such stray cats might even eat rats and such small animals.

Most cats are lactose intolerant. Special "cat" milk should be used to make sure you don't upset their bellies.

But I have a bunch of cats and they are both picky and non-picky depends on their mood. I have one that hates human food doesn't matter what it is just doesn't want it. I have another that knows the sounds of chips and will come running if you open a bag of them (really prefers funnyons) oh and jalepeno poppers even though he shouldn't have them (he'll steal them when you aren't looking)

The best bet if you are to feed a cat go to a local store, buy a bag of cat food and give them some of that. In the US a bag of cheap cat food is about $15 for 16-20lbs which can feed 1 cat for a very long time (with daily feedings it can last well over a month), wet food is technically better for them but it is more expensive. If feeding them dry food make sure you also give them some clean water (they prefer flowing water but any clean water will do), cats usually get their water content from the foods they eat so if doing dry you kind of need to give water.

For human foods, they are carnivores, chicken, turkey, fish, red meats what you don't want to do is give them a seasoned meal but they should be good with any of these or something that is lightly seasoned (if you can get the seasoning off).

Oh and by the way did I mention they are picky? If they don't like something they just won't eat it, even if it's their only meal source.

And the last thing, you can probably find more info on ye ol' google but, they are natural hunters odds are they ate something. I saw a street or outdoor cat just yesterday in my neighborhood, it caught this big bug and just kept running away from me (it thought I was going to take it), when I got back from the mail it was closer to my house and I ran in and got a bit of dry food, coerced it over and gave it a little cup and it went to town on it. My indoor cats will go after anything that moves, gecko's, bugs you name it if it moves it'll occupy them.

To anyone who thinks they want a cat foster/adopt or even just volunteer at a local shelter, provide it as much love and attention as you can and you'll have a new best friend. 2 of mine will come running when any human enters the house, 1 will run away if they don't recognize you. But if you teach them love/attention = good they'll crave it. Just don't do this to a cat that you don't plan on keeping as they won't have any fear after you do this, if either of the two that loves humans gets out they will actively approach anyone and could end up getting hurt.
18  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17 Pro Firmware Booster on: February 19, 2020, 08:28:42 PM
Last I checked awesomeminer is also a vnish re-brand. At least the S9 version they advertised was.

There aren't that many firmware's out there, at least from looking through a lot of the bigger ones, they are all just a copy or a re-brand. And of course the crappy ones that don't actually do anything posted by newbies/scammers.

**Re-brand - when I say re-brand I mean the developer allows other companies / people to distribute the software as their own including putting another logo in it's place.

My bigger reason to not go with a rebrand is support, the people distributing the software are just distributors. They did not code it and they do not know how it fully operates (they might know how it works), but if you read the docs / knowledge bases you can know just as much as them and more than likely if you ask a question that they don't know the answer to they will just middle-man it to the developer.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Please Identify this miner for me on: February 19, 2020, 07:51:40 PM
It kind of looks like the A9++ which does have 3 boards on each section.

@OP where did your investor / person find the image. If it is an A9++ it isn't a BTC miner and if the investor doesn't know what the image is from then they shouldn't be picking what they will be running.
20  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: S17 Pro Firmware Booster on: February 19, 2020, 05:57:34 PM
I mean that link is just a rebrand of vnish. Might as well just download it from the original.
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