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61  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: What Do You Look For In A Bounty Campaign? on: September 24, 2019, 03:36:51 AM
the value of a project is a point that really needs to be considered. it determines whether the project is worthy of support or not. so many projects are similar now, and when a project has a striking difference and moves on things that do not yet exist, it can be very supportive. I think the team, and the concept has also become the priority.

the things that make us move away from a project is if the project has an unclear concept, an unprofessional team, and many more. everyone has their own considerations.
62  Economy / Economics / Re: Is small business ready to sell for cryptocurrency? on: September 23, 2019, 03:44:38 PM
At present, there are already many people who are trying to start a business with cryptocurrency. for those who are familiar with technology, and have a business soul, I think they have long been motivated. while for those who are not familiar with cryptocurrency, start doing business by linking crypto to their business such as translate services, typing documents, or other things. it's easy enough to motivate business people to enter the reach of cryptocurrency, namely by explaining the benefits they can get. I'm sure they will be interested, even more so to learn it can be free.
63  Economy / Economics / Re: Crimes involving crypto have risen on: September 23, 2019, 05:16:39 AM
as long as it's used correctly, I think KYC can be useful for cryptocurrency users. but the problem is if it is used incorrectly, because it involves a person's real identity. for countries that already support cryptocurrency, I think it will be safer if we do kyc, of course, it is already protected by the government. especially in Korea
many people agree to use KYC because it can reduce scammers, money laundering on an exchanger, and many more. but we also need to be careful in using our KYC. true, it is concerned with the personal data that we have, and when it falls on the wrong person or wrong place, I think it can be one of the new crimes. in fact, I heard that hackers also tried to steal KYC on the exchangers they hacked.
64  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: bounty hunters and Exchanges. on: September 22, 2019, 03:47:46 PM
I almost have accounts on every exchanger, and I use them when I need to. as a bounty hunter, I have very many different exchangers to sell coins. so, naturally, when the bounty hunter has 10 or more accounts from different exchangers. sometimes we can sell tokens that we get at several exchangers, and we always choose exchangers that have a larger volume.
65  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Suggest me a good coin to invest in. on: September 22, 2019, 03:45:12 AM
there are so many coins that have great potential to become an investment target at this time, and the only coin that I believe the most is bitcoin. Well, when cryptocurrency developed, I was very sure that the very first coin pump was bitcoin. it can be the most recommended investment at this time.

if you are looking for altcoin to be suggested, I also recommend choosing coins with great potential, and also popular, it can even be said that altcoin is always behind bitcoin. You might be able to choose ethereum, LTC, BCH, BNB, TRON, and others.

if you are looking for a new project, try doing in-depth research on the project, and a project that will do IEO on binance. You can do research or not do research on the coins that I mentioned above, because it is a common coin that has great attention at the moment.
66  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Is bounty campaign profitable in 2019 or no? on: September 21, 2019, 02:24:43 PM
Not now because a lot of project now are scam than before who are most of the project are legit so the bounty hunters are lucky before but not most of them leave and not partipate most of the bounty. But they still have some bounty hunters consistent to hunt a good bounty campaign so they join even they know the possible result and they take risk because maybe they are jackpot someday in the bounty they join but now bounty is not profitable.
actually, some projects are successful in sales and also their bounty, it's just that not so many projects are really successful with the bounties they make. some projects have low prices and little demand in the market. however, projects like harmony are quite beneficial for those who participate. however, it will benefit when you find a bounty with a good project.
67  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Savings Vs Investment? on: September 21, 2019, 08:16:47 AM
In my opinion, investing is always gambling. Name at least one investment that is not risky. Is that banking. Everything else, especially investing in cryptocurrency, has a very high risk,
which decreases only with long-term investments. The only investment that always pays off with the right investment is investing in your own education.
not all investments are gambling. try to look from the other side. such as investment in land, gold, houses, and others. in cryptocurrency, it does have a movement that is quite difficult to guess, but with accurate information, it can be a definite investment. Remember, when many information about development of crypto occur in early 2017, of course those who have accurate information will hold their assets until the end of the year and get a big profit at the end of 2017. Investing is not a gamble when you know what you are investing.
68  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin Still Better than US Dollar? on: September 21, 2019, 05:45:12 AM
This news made me angry Angry Why people still can not understand that the government is manipulating fiat money. Bitcoin is the solution to the problem of manipulating the state. Could this news be a signal for further support of Bitcoin instead of fiat money among US citizens?
simple, because they just don't really understand bitcoin. as far as I can see, the use of fiat like the dollar still dominates compared to the use of cryptocurrency. It is undeniable that most bitcoin users are entrepreneurs or business people. of course people who don't think about it will support US dollars compared to bitcoin. many governments also reject bitcoin because of things like that. but I believe that little by little they will be aware of this, and may focus on bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.
69  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Bounty Campaign After Getting Listed on: September 20, 2019, 09:23:26 AM
when a project has developed a lot, but they want to do advertising while adding more participants to join, I think there is no harm in running a bounty, even though they have been listed in several markets. to be honest, I several times realized that the project had been running long enough after they returned to advertising through bounties. this might be effective enough to attract new investors.
70  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Btc is 1st then? Other Alts? on: September 20, 2019, 06:25:05 AM
discussing the altcoin problem that has potential, of course it can be a long talk, because developments will always happen, and there will always be new altcoins with more potential. at the moment, we judge the best altcoin in terms of volume, and transactions that occur. because the more transactions there are, the greater the needs of people for that.

so far, I see ethereum is still the second of cryptocurrency, and many altcoins have the potential to replace ethereum, such as bch, bnb, wave, and others.
71  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: New projects plan from the very start on: September 18, 2019, 09:13:04 AM
1. Attract investors with good discount price
2. Make enough money from IEO fund raising
3. Use very low fund to list on shit exchange
4  Abandon the project slowly

This is all planned from the beginning....

Now the question is which developer doesn't know that listing on low exchange won't do any good? are devs that stupid? no they are not,infact they are the ones that understand more about crypto that any other.
a project that has a plan like this is a very irresponsible project. when they have the support of investors, but they ignore it. I think, many investors are hesitant to invest because of things like this. because of that, it is very much required for investors to conduct very in-depth research on the projects they will support. I'm sure, if it's a flawed project, then you will find mistakes when doing research.

in terms of listing, I think they all target a very popular market, it's just that it's not so easy to do listing there. so I think they deliberately put their coins into the low exchangers so that their products are fast to trade. it's just that, some projects are satisfied with something like that.
72  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Should we boycott the Facebook Coin (Project Libra)? on: September 18, 2019, 05:58:44 AM
I don't think that libra needs to be boycotted, even I am quite supportive of that development. Well, this is the world of technology, and there will always be the latest. if bitcoin does have benefits, and needs are better than libra, I think bitcoin will last. besides libra is crypto type of centralization, while bitcoin is decentralized. bitcoin has already defeated many crypto like that, so when libra becomes popular, I think bitcoin will be above it. although currently there are several countries that challenge the development of libra, I chose to see the development of libra in the future.

even when we tried to boycott libra, I also heard that China was making its own cryptocurrency. Well, I'm so sure there will always be developments like this.
73  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ICO and IEO running at same time for same project on: September 17, 2019, 09:38:09 AM
I don't think that doing ICO and IEO at the same time is a good idea. although it is possible, I rarely see it happen. sometimes some projects do ICO first before doing IEO to cover up the deficiencies that have not been achieved at the time of ICO. This was done to convince investors in this project. Yeah, but if I find a project like that, personally I will immediately invest in IEO.
74  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ICOs vs IEOs? on: September 17, 2019, 06:56:36 AM
IEO guarantees new coins and tokens to get the exchange market immediately so that investor confidence is more convincing. But I think at this time not all IEO projects are free from fraud, but also must be careful with fraud
although IEO is quite convincing compared to ICO, we still have to do in-depth research on the project that we will advertise, in terms of the team, even their white paper. to avoid fraud, try to support projects that carry out IEO in well-known markets. it may have a small risk because it can also affect related markets, so popular markets must first conduct research on projects that will do IEO on their markets.
75  Economy / Economics / Re: China launching its own crypto currency ? on: September 17, 2019, 05:09:23 AM
China is all set to launch its own crypto currency for more than 1 billion of its population how will it effect the crypto market ?

You mean the Chinese gov is going to launch the crypto currency. So I thik that currency will be totally centralized controlled by their Gov. And don't worry about the massive population of China. Maybe they are one sixth of the total population of the earth but that does not make any sense that the crypto market is going to affected if all of them start adopting that.
of course, they will control the crypto they make. moreover I hear that china making stable coins that will compete with libra. but, from the information that I got, libra's support is stronger than crypto that will be made by China.

China has a large population, and when every Chinese citizen is required to use their own crypto compared to other crypto, I think the development of cryptocurrency that they make will become a popular crypto
76  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Savings Vs Investment? on: September 16, 2019, 06:02:48 AM
Savings is must for emergency purpose. Ideally, $1000 savings for a family is enough so that if somrthing happen to a family member (assuming that it's just a minor accident), they are capable of paying the hospital bill. The rest of someone's spare money can be put on investment then for a long term profit purpose. Although it gives profit, it's not very convenient to use it for emergency purpose.
yes, savings will indeed be very useful for emergency purposes. but, as business people, we cannot just save the assets we have. if we want to grow, we need to take risks and make investments that have great potential. it is indeed risky, because that we can do it by storing some assets. the point of this is, we need to insert some of our assets to be saved because we never know the sudden needs that we will use in the future. but, we also need to do other business, therefore use 30% of assets to be saved, and 70% to build a business.
77  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: The cost of running a bounty? on: September 15, 2019, 05:23:18 PM
It's cheap because we are seeing more people are running a bounty, and they are only paying their tokens, so it's not costly for them.
They maybe have to pay for the transaction fee but it's not expensive if they will send it by batch.

This is the logic, it's okay for them to spend for fees even if you think it's high but they will make sure they will raise a good amount.
Most projects raise at least $100 thousand for their ICO, that's a big money already compared to what they will pay for the bounty hunters.
In the earlier times, they could even raise millions in ICO.
as far as I understand, in ICO, the token will be sent to the person concerned when a project has completed the sale. that means, they have enough funds to pay a cheap fee. even more so for bounty hunters. I guess that really makes sense. of all the work done by bounty hunters, inviting enough investors to invest, I think if the total fee incurred is not more than $ 100, or even a range of $ 100, that is normal and can be said to be cheap.
78  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: We are only rich on spreadsheets on: September 15, 2019, 04:11:50 PM
i feel you bro. i newbie on this bounty hunter thing and i'am really feel what you feel. but i keep my mindset to call this "hunter" is my second job so i dont take it too serious about this  however it's feeling hurt when we did finishing the job succesfully but the rewards not worth it.

Hunting shouldn't be seen as a job in the first place.
It is more like a gamble if you are unwilling to thoroughly research the projects you wish to promote. Few hunters have the time to do this unfortunately. If you see bounty hunting as a risky investment, you will be more careful with what you promote.

yes, don't expect too much from the bounty now. even if you make a lot of coins from the work you do, and the estimation is very promising, it will not be entirely correct when the tokens have been registered in a market, the price will likely decrease. but, try to find a project that is really good, some projects are still very good in terms of the price of the tokens they sell. advertising a good project will not only make you look rich on a spreadsheet, but also on the results that will be given to you.
79  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Bounty Question on: September 14, 2019, 04:07:09 PM
for the first, normal if a project does not pay bounty hunters when they do not reach the soft cap. they did it because they would return the funds they collected to their investors again, and they did not work on the project. it was called a failed project, and even when they paid the bounty hunter with the coins they had, it would have no value.

for the second, as far as I know, the bounty manager is only responsible for providing information about the progress of the project, even when it fails, and controlling every report from the participants to the team, and vice versa.

very difficult to find projects that will still pay bounty hunters even if the project they are working on fails.
80  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How using Tor Browser increases bitcoin theft? on: September 14, 2019, 09:30:40 AM
this is indeed quite confusing news. I think tor is one of the best browsers. however, if localbitcoin feels that tor browser can increase theft on bitcoin, then that also has the potential for other browsers right? however there is no truly secure system. we only need to pay attention to the defenses we have on the device we use. So far, I have not used a browser other than Google Chrome, and Firefox.
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