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1341  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 10:46:54 PM
more doomad flip flopping
EDIT: (shows how now doomad admits consensus wasnt reached and people didnt agree)
Exactly as before with the BTC/BCH split.  Consensus could not be reached, so we naturally went our separate ways.  Each to their own.
LOL.. gotta laugh at flip floppers

one minute, "its community decision.." next minute "there's nothing anyone can do to veto them" next minute "the community all agreed, apart from one person" next minute "consensus couldnt be reached"

anyway lets move on:
If you can't abide by that:

we should sheepishly abide by cores law?... do you even hear yourself?
come on.. take 2 steps back..
have an outer body experience of not defending a dev for just a couple minutes
just long enough to hear your own words as if through the ears of someone that doesnt want single control from one group

things WERE different in 2009-2013 where the community did have a choice and things did cause issues and we seen orphan mechanism actually sort out issues.. but now. the lack of orphans show everything has turned to sheep

anyway doomad.. random people just running nodes dont CODE. running nodes doesnt change rules
the rules are CODE
rules can change via code changes that dont require a vote as "theres nothing anyone can do to veto them..."

then the issue is with those that code it.
you cant blame the community if the community dont have a choice.
you cant say the community had agreed if the community didnt have a choice

node users dont make rules. they dont make code. they just follow the rules of those that CODED the rules. having only one team CODE the rules is not freedom of choice.

i have told you that like over a dozen times.. your actually admitting what i said by you saying it tooo..but then you weirdly go into some social drama finger point that because i said it.. its wrong..

grand doomad. lord of all things. i applaud and honour you as the sole person that is highlighting that core can and do make changes without community consensus. i applaud you as king of knowledge that you admit that devs have and will continue to delay certain features, but then  rush others. all in the pursuit of their desires because you have highlighted that they should not report or have to listen to the community.

now you had your glory. no need for your flip floppy change of mind to defend a dev.
no need to throw insults
no need to meander topics
no need to finger point at non-devs

but still now you had glory. please go learn about the network and CODE. (atleast just to avoid flip flops and to stick to one side)
1342  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is a P2P bitcoin trade secure and safe on: November 10, 2018, 09:32:25 PM
local bitcoins does have escrow. just be aware you may not get exact amount, due to fees

these days most will ask for ID and proof of ID such as asking to to take a photo of yourself holding a bit of paper with a message saying you consent to the trade.

this is so that if you tried to get BTC and then try to do a wire transfer reversal(chargeback) AFTER the btc is released to you.. the other person knows enough about you to prove you requested the funds transfer. this is because chargeback scammers PRETEND someone stole their bank login and wire transferred funds out. so by others asking for info is just to stop scammers trying to reverse wire transfers and keep the btc too.

seeing as your a buyer that will use escrow. you cant really get scammed as the coin is locked in.. usually its the seller that gets scammed even with escrow enabled. but be sure the seller releases the coin to you once you sent yours.

be sure to use a trader with hundreds of trades and 100%. do a quick google/bitcointalk search on their username to see if there is any complaints. such as delay/avoiding saying they received funds
1343  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: "Real" Value of Bitcoin? on: November 10, 2018, 08:55:43 PM

If you're calculating it by comparing the prices of hardware you're not coming up with the real value but the lowest possible value that keeps miners mining. Why would the lowest value be the "real" value? You don't measure the real value of a car by the cost of parts and labor needed to make it. If we did that a lamborghini would be worth $50,000 instead of 500,000.
(hope it makes sense.. i had a few drinks but tried best to keep my thoughts logical tonight)
in short: price and value are not the exact same numbers

It makes perfect sense. I asked because you were pointing to the real value of Bitcoin as the value of acquisition and I've always thought that the real value should be the average retail value.
If we compare Bitcoin to goods sold at 300% the acquisition cost it starts to look much better. I wasn't even thinking of such high numbers but I guess it should be always trading at the very least 10% above the minimum needed to sustain the network. Half of the retail (150%) would be perfect as a stable average since nobody has to market Bitcoin. It's only acquisition and profit.

your always going to get varience due to speculation and othr things. but generally "value" is a range of a healthy 2-3x above cost
but as i said in another post. if you take away the speculation of volatility. and look at the baseline.. then you can make good judgement of the range of value that prices will sit within. so i prefer to only concentrate on the baseline.. yea i never care about ATH

when i judge the value growth per year i dont shout out $20k
i shout
2016 always above $300
2017 always above $900
2018 always above $5800

but yea "value" right now is $5800-$20k (centering more around $6k $18k)
depending whether your a buyer or seller is where you will judge "best" value (buyers want low sellers want high)
1344  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 08:39:04 PM
Changing the code in the extents that considerably defeat or improve essential components of bitcoin related to state control resistance, features  like (pseudo) anonymity, censorship resistance, decentralization, ... is a social decision and not a developer's choice, no matter how influential and/or exclusive is the developer

its not a social decision anymore.
1. multiple choice of differing proposals has been rekt off the network(2013-2016)
2. devs admit to doing inflight upgrades and that the mandatory activation and the people dont vote "due to compatibility"
(august 2017)

yes the devs admit it. which makes me laugh that certain people who want to get people distracted into social drama games of creating memes about people who dont even code... those people are not understanding there is no point in pointing fingers at pools, altcoins or just random scammers that dont code.

3. changes to code, need devs to write it.. if devs chose not to write code things wont change. so devs are at the centre of rule changes. again devs can now add more changes without users needing to upgrade."dont worry sheep its compatible"

trump can change laws without national elections.

by assuming its ok let them do it. is not resistance

satoshi(the real one) axiom of resistance was that the network should always use consensus (community majority (u call social decision of node users)) not the inflight mandatory stuff that has been seen to occur last year

bitcoins ethos and axiom of resistance of 2009 to 2013 is not the same as bitcoin now
1345  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: "Real" Value of Bitcoin? on: November 10, 2018, 05:20:02 PM
Although some kind of approximations can be used to predict price of bitcoin, people can't be predicted totally. I think, none of bitcoin investors would accept to sale their bitcoin below 6k.

you can never predict what people will do tomorrow but you can see what they did yesterday and then form a baseline from that.

EG people had 11 months, yep 330 days... yep nearly 8000 hours to decide to sell below $5800... no one bit.
soo many opportunities but no takers. which justifies that tomorrow is unlikely to be the day when someone finally bites. as there is a 330 to 1 odds they wont.

and as new baselines rise. like a 3 month $6100 baseline.. it becomes that much harder for individuals to push against the masses.. where $5800 becomes that much further away
1346  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What will the miner do when 21 million Bitcoins is mined? on: November 10, 2018, 05:01:49 PM
miners will still mine

what should occur is that we move from a ~2k transaction per block. to a 4k transaction per block. to a 8k transaction per block
that way the 'fee' pools gather increases without costing users more.

its the basic math of
dont make 2 people pay 10cent and years later people pay 40cent
make 2 people pay 10cent and years later 8 people pay 10cent
that way everyone is happy users dont over pay and miners get extra fee while their reward deminishes

please dont turn this into a "we must remain with floppy disk space per block and charge more per user" fallacy. as thats soo 1990's misconception.
we live in a world where 256gb's is the size of a fingernail.

please dont turn this into a "we must remain with 56kb/s internet per block" fallacy. as thats soo y2k's misconception.
we live in a world where fibre optic and 5g cellular is the current expectation.
(56kbit/s =7kbyte/s = 0.420mbyte/min = 4.2mbyte/block)

anyway if we start saying lets not use onchain to transact and only let 2000 transactions occur onchain. the FEE would have to go up eventually.
this would cause even less desire for people to want to transact onchain. thus people stop using bitcoin. they will swap coin for cheaper altcoins when they decide to withdraw out of other networks

then no one is left to use the bitcoin network as it prices itself out of utility. and does so due to lack of onchain innovation.... not due to coin rewards
1347  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 03:01:46 PM
whales, pools, ASIC manufacturers, ..
trying to stay on topic

why do people think social drama, whales, pools and asic manufacturers can change the rules?
the axiom is that bitcoins rules are code. and pools asics and whales dont change code

its like politics
when trump does something bad. seems some people dont say trump needs to change his ways. but instead peoples axioms fail by saying "well its your fault trump signed a sanction/pressed a nuke button"
thus trying to assume trump shouldnt change and people shouldnt resist trump.. but just let trump do what he does my making the axiom into "blame yourself and be a sheep, just follow the law"

the real axiom(logic/common sense) is
people dont get a daily vote to resist state decisions made daily. so how can it be other peoples fault for what trump does..

wright is just drama
the price is just drama
pool hashpower is just drama

non of which can resist changes made to the code

to be able to resist. you first need to know who you should resist.
in politics. its not to resist the voter, or smear campaign the voter. because they have no sanction writing power or nuke button. the power is with the state legislators and trump. so to resist the state, you need to aim efforts at the state. and to offer the voter a option that gives voters a choice so that the state doesnt get automatic 'do as states please' control

bitcoins the same

1348  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Power consumption of Bitcoin mining on: November 10, 2018, 01:56:22 PM
If you count all Coca Colas, that have to be cooled down to 5 C at this moment, you will find out that it uses 10 times more energy than Bitcoin mining.

great response in such simple form
1349  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm on: November 10, 2018, 01:45:39 PM
Yes, but following this procedure we can't save users from the fraud.

but for your initial ethos:

One question that every time bothered me - how people can solely implement crypto in their life without any third-part intervention.

your "we" should not be involved

i answered your question of how the users can do it themselves
its not just a "mutual benefit" thing
but a "mutual destruction" thing

dont make a service where you want to be a police.. while advertising there are no police.
instead say "its the users own faults. its their funds they both cant agree on"

don't mother people. if they want independent control then they need to independently be responsible

if they both cant agree.. then the funds just dont move. its not technically lost. its just waiting for an agreement.
they just need to take time. have a coffee, cool off and renegotiate once cooled off.
if they cant. then take another break and then try again

its a case of just let them fight it out using their own hands found at the end of their own arms
but by using a 2-of-2 multisig both sides have an equal fighting chance. because both have fists and one sides hands are not tied
1350  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: "Real" Value of Bitcoin? on: November 10, 2018, 01:39:47 PM
You can see the price formed by supply-demand balance in the market conditions.

"supply and demand" (facepalm)
also the PRICE is not formed simply by supply and demand

what if i told you an exchange has at most times a supply of 50k coins per per exchange and the similar amount of fiat balance day in day out.

you would still see a markets PRICE vary even if there were a fixed amount of sellers supplying coin and a fixed amount of buyers demanding coin.

the variation is not simply supply and demand changes.
its actually
desire and utility(speculation) :- the ups and downs
cost:- bottom line the majority wont sell below
expense:- the top line the majority wont buy for
value:- the minimum sellers would sell for and maximum buyers would buy for

(i personally concentrate on minimum value. as thats something that can be seen easily beyond the speculation)

1351  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 12:56:59 PM
to those confused by the term axiom
think of it like common sense

An axiom is a concept in logic. It is a statement which is accepted without question, and which has no proof.

craig wright thought he could axiom himself as satoshi..
(make a statement and people will just believe it as true and just say "yea it makes common sense that hes satoshi")
but people own axioms seen that wright couldnt even use his axiom correctly
(peoples own common sense seen that wright didnt even sound like the common perception of satoshi's personality)
1352  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm on: November 10, 2018, 12:42:06 PM

Absolutely agree, if we want to get clear and distinct service we have to implement some kind of guarantee giver into the platform, like suspending money in paypal. We can firstly put in on platform wallet (yes, I know, it needs a good security for savings, but maybe someone here will offer another way to suspend money before buyer get the goods.

Nevertheless, what do you think in general about this?

i dont mean be a crypto paypal. as thats then becoming a third party/middleman yourself(thus self destroying your initial premiss).

i mean a simple buyer and seller set up their own independent 2-of-2 mutual agreement(multisig)
you just need to signpost buyers and sellers towards each other, without trying to control the funds for buyers/sellers

its like LN. they went from a idea of 2-of-2 mutual agreement. but then added on middlemen(routeing) then more middlemen (factories /watch towers). and now lost the whole point of the niche.
1353  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If the banksters and governments held 90% of the Bitcoin supply, what now? on: November 10, 2018, 12:26:34 PM
It is not just about "institutional hoarding" but also about services like the Blockchain wallet, Coinbase, BitGo, and other centralized services responsible in storing Bitcoins.
The community freely uses the Bitcoin Core software. Where is the "censorship"? Stop gaslighting.

what FULL VALIDATION / FULL ARCHIVAL software choice is there that has no financial connection to DCG. that also offers its own proposal platform for onchain innovation. that has not been REKT/thrown off the network by not following cores roadmap

as for 5 suggestions
1. never use "inflight upgrades" (non consensus required trojan upgrades)
2. never use mandatory accept or get thrown out tactics
3. allow other teams to run on the network as a level playing field of consensus. and not the 'core roadmap or F**K off'
4. if a dev says 'blockchains cant scale people should use other commercial networks' then they have personally failed bitcoin and dont want to develop bitcoin, so reduce their contributer powers to implement code that sways people off the network
5. refer to point 3
1354  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If the banksters and governments held 90% of the Bitcoin supply, what now? on: November 10, 2018, 12:15:18 PM
later comes the coin control of locking funds up into factories.

But what are channel factories for you? "Fort Knox"? Hahaha.

Channel factories are payment channels that give the ability for new payment channels to be created without making extra on-chain transactions.

take a step back from the UTOPIAN false PR department of DCG

fort knox is for gold deposit accounts that give the ability for new bank accounts to be created without making extra gold withdrawals deposits
1355  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 11:57:18 AM
when the courts gabble(hammer) finally knocks

GAVEL.  It's called a gavel. 

as for the ethos of bitcoin.
it has changed from the 2009-2013 vision.. but trying to point at non-coders like craig as the controversy. the fingers should be pointing at those that have coded the changes made to bitcoin that have diverted the path away from the original vision
and sorry to say this.. but that would be the core devs

And every other participant in the network who agrees with the present course.  Seems like you always forget about them somehow.

YAWN - doomad typical reply to ignore topic and go straight to personal attack
running "compatible" is not agreeing. its being told theres no way to object without being thrown off. seems u forget there was no choice to stop segwit..
P.S your post is proof you did not even talk about the topic of wright and axiom.. like i said YOU meander off topic to then spark personal attack.
again if you dont like my opinion. click the ignore button
1356  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm on: November 10, 2018, 11:45:56 AM
for online/delivered products:
to do it without a custodian / escrow (third party)... your service needs to use 2-of-2 multisig
where even the seller needs to put funds in so that if the seller wants his own funds back he has to sign too.

there have been cases of multisig where the buyer is blackmailed into signing a tx of only buyer funded coin, because only the buyer would be at financial risk.

seller "i refuse to sign a 100% refund to buyer. the buyer needs to sign 80% to me or else buyer gets nothing and funds remain stuck and unsigned"(situation of no cost but no loss to seller. but potential gains if blackmail succeeds)

so having the seller at financial risk by seller also putting funds in, if agreement is not made then it becomes more mutual loss for both sides. now the buyer gets to have a say in the agreement as the seller can lose if a mutual agreement cant be made

i say this because many sellers never even have the goods advertised by them and just want to get 'free' coin, by faking delivery and then grabbing coin or blackmail to get coin by forcing the buyer to give them coin even in a refund event.

so having the seller at as much financial risk as the buyer.. sellers would be less likely to do the 'no products but still pay me' scam

for face to face, hand to hand garage sales:
people can pay in standard 'push' transactions. all that need doing is a advertising/signposting map service to show where garage sales are occuring that are bitcoin payment based, because buyers get to see and handle the products and know wher the seller is to slap them with a wet fish if buyer cant get the products
1357  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Axiom of Resistance (Why Craig Wright is not Satoshi) on: November 10, 2018, 11:06:28 AM
craig scammed the australian government by making a fake trust containing a file of copy-paste public keys (no private keys)
and is in big trouble for that.
he then double downed by getting private investors funds too.
he spiralled into alot of legal and financial issues and is just on a non stop campaign to hope he can ponzi his way out of trouble by grabbing funds from any source he can.

he is trying to make a name for himself hoping it will give him some legal leniency for when the courts gavel(hammer) finally knocks

the old banker excuse.. 'if i go prison thousands of employees lose their jobs, millions of people lose money'
but in the end.. if he doesnt get sorted out soon more will suffer by his games

as for the ethos of bitcoin.
it has changed from the 2009-2013 vision.. but trying to point at non-coders like craig as the controversy. the fingers should be pointing at those that have coded the changes made to bitcoin that have diverted the path away from the original vision
and sorry to say this.. but that would be the core devs

laws can stop businesses from publicly running smoothly but cannot switch off individualised activity. take the century old alcohol prohibition era. or the so called 'war on drugs'

people still got drunk and high

as for axiom of resistance
bitcoin was not meant to become fiat2.0. it was meant to be a second option away from fiat. to de-monopoly fiat as being the only option.
the anarchist ethos (in prohibition terms) is not to say "everyone needs to be constantly drunk and high or else" as an only option to rage against the state.. its simply allowing choice and Independence to be sober or be drunk.

government laws can be made to scream "the only option is to not get drunk/high" but that didnt stop people.
as long as bitcoin remains as a OPEN OPTION that doesnt want to become the only option. then people get to have a choice.

anyone saying bitcoin needs regulation. needs government to tax it, ar truly missing the point of bitcoin
1358  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Roger Ver: ‘Maybe I’ve Been Fooled’ by Craig Wright on: November 10, 2018, 10:28:30 AM
if the person aint producing code they cant affect the protocol.

Then stop complaining and either pay someone to code what you want or learn how to code it yourself if you don't like the protocol.  We're quite happy with it, thank you.  What we're not happy with is you derailing every single goddamn topic on the forum to wage your pathetic little hate campaign.  Shut up already.
i talk ontopic. EG mentioning the ver craig kardashian drama. that its just drama and of no importance..
YOU derail it into a personal attack to insult me while defending devs.

i have not told you to shut up of F**K off(unlike you). the only thing i ever done was tell you to go research

but if you dont want people to talk. maybe dont come to websites where the point is for people to comment about things..
or atleast if you dont like what i say.. hit ignore button.

    ignore can be found in the corner.. anyway ver craig are just "drama" and dont affect bitcoin protocol.. so lets yawn and laugh
1359  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: "Real" Value of Bitcoin? on: November 09, 2018, 10:54:27 PM
I think the real value of Bitcoin is around $ 3,000 and should grow depending on demand.

I do not trust the daily volume of Bitcoin trading and I think that the real demand for Bitcoin is less than tells us

unless you can show numbers/ maths to back up $3k ...
im guessing.. you a buyer. where you probably think bitcoin could go upto $9k happily. but your looking and disasterously hoping to get it for 3x less. or by shouting that you think if you say its $3 you hope to cause some drama to drop the price

yea many can be seen that if they say $36k by 2020.. they probably bought at $12k and willing to wait 2 years before they want to sell.

yea many can be seen that if they say $3k.. they probably want to sell at $9k thinking its an achievable price.. but they have not bought yet so hope to buy at $3k


and yea daily volume is subjective. i can have just $1 and arbitrage it 10,000 times on a market to make the market look like it done $10k volume

and yea dont even look at coin market cap .. even the term market cap is funny.
the market cap does not mean there are billions of fiat stored to support the market cap. it just means coins multiplied by the price
i can make an altcoin of 5 trill coins and buy 1 coin for $1 and bam.. that coins market cap is $5trillion even though it had one purchase using just $1
i could then set up 2 accounts. sell that single coin to myself for $1 back and forth 10,000 times and create 10k volume.. all for the cost of $1
but with that said you can find out the base line value of a coin.. if you know what your looking for. and then using market psychology work out the value zone to know if something is under priced or over prices compared to its base value

by the way.
PoS coins have ZERO mining cost(value).. PoS PRICE is pure speculation.
there is no tangeable(no physical(hardware/electric) COST value. there is only the buyers remorse acquisition cost. which is why PoS value will always be lower than a PoW coin
1360  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Nearly 700,000 websites are hacked in bid to steal cryptocurrency on: November 09, 2018, 10:38:09 PM
usually when reading this stuff... later comes how the then unknown exchange promotes that they have insured customers funds and that customers wont leave at a loss...

i find many exchanges ABUSE the "we been hacked" narrative just to get publicity. and then try to make a comeback saying they are now the most secure exchange due to it. and then they just ride the gravy train of free press
(in reality they had little to no customers and so saying a hack occured costs them nothing)

never heard of the exchange mentioned so id be more inclined to say that its a new exchange looking for some free press
(whois reveals yep only a few months old.. not even a year)
(analytics reveals under 2k unique visits......... compare that to coinbase of over 700k)
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