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1601  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Volumes Surge Nearly 30% as it Price Breaks Out of $6,550 on: October 09, 2018, 10:14:55 AM
"break out"

these silly fools drawing random triangles on charts have no clue

today was not a break out day.
in the last month alone the price exceeded $6600 for atleast 9 days. so today is nothing special compared to the other days

it is funny because when you see the triangles they draw, anyone can tip the angle of their lines by a few degree's and it still touches the previous points (because these trend anals didnt draw a good line in the first place) and the end point would change

yes these lines are not based on real world events or data. its just a line someone drew on a chart. like pin the tail on the hand drawn donkey, where they chose where the ass point is and said thats where everyone should pin their targets on

thats not technical analysis, thats preachers asking traders to follow them and set their bots to follow them to make the preachers prophecy become self for-filling

A"today you will break your leg and you will ask me to help you"
B"no i wont, ouch why did u slam a hammer into my leg"
A"i told you you would break your leg, now there is no one around so ask for my help to get you to hospital or ill take ur other leg out"
B"ok help me"
A"to the community i predicted something and it came true"

seems every other day or week someone want to call out something because they drew something on a chart.
funny thing is the last week of september had better numbers than today
1602  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do not be this type of Bitcoiner on: October 09, 2018, 09:56:44 AM
using bitcoin as an alternative to fiat is not saying that bitcoin is the nuke button to destroy fiat. but is the underground bunker should fiat ever nuke itself.

the quote windfury picked never mentioned that bitcoin would destroy fiat, but be an alternative safety zone

i understand windfury and his buddies are only interested in bitcoin so they can double their fiat and run back to fiat. but some people actually want something that counters fiat and offers an alternative.
there are many many topics where windfury has shown his desires for managed account services and locked funds and 3-5 days settlements with chargebacks being part of bitcoin..

but bitcoins utility should remain as something that offers something fiat cant
1603  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Flaws in LN (Lightning Network). on: October 09, 2018, 02:31:32 AM
You claim that you have solutions to bitcoin scaling (which are none of what I pointed to, including delusional hopes of having a schelude in which we magically reach consensus to hardfork into bigger blocksizes without ending up in a split with 2 surviving coins and a lot of drama)

Can you please point to your code which is better than anything Core or altcoins have to offer? (because we are talking about scaling bitcoin, not starting from scratch, only to end up in the same point)

i know you only replied to poke the bear into another off topic social drama discussion about something not related to LN flaws

ill bite.. but remember you, like others are the ones that love to distract the narrative. so dont cry after

firstly. in consensus. things only should upgrade when the network has consensus. (no altcoin creation)
secondly the only reason you think things end in coin splits of altcoins is because you have only seen cores bypasses of consensus but fell for their PR.

the only reason why we didnt have it happen in 2015 as consensus is because core devs refused,
then pretended to agree then backtracked, then got a few of their devs and buddies to fake an alternative choice just to get those who were not blindly following cores roadmap off the network. and they got their investors to make a NYA plan to PR a possible chance of onchain scaling but only under terms of activating cores roadmap first, to the back peddle that NYA plan too...

by the way you can flip flop and spin all the social drama you like. but there are actual lines of code and block data, and stats that show the real series of events. so no point playing the social drama PR game to defend cores actions.

as for is there any code thats not core adoration/following.. well there would be if it wasnt for the REKT/mandatory campaigns over the last 3-5 years

im finding it funny the same few names pop up trying their dang hardest to defend a WHO(core devs) instead of a what (bitcoin innovation). even as going as far as defending those devs OTHER NETWORK stuff.
1604  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Satoshis' absence make bitcoin truly decentralized? on: October 09, 2018, 01:48:14 AM

your defending core. not bitcoin
if you cared for bitcoin as a decentralised network. you would not care or need to worry or need to defend core. because core would not need defending

its not about restricting code they want. its about the code they want IS restricting others

do you see any code i wrote restricting core? no? ooooo so im not dictating code
do you see any bips i wrote that include mandatory activation dates? no? oooo so im not dictating anything mandatory
do you see any code i wrote that throws core off the network or makes core none functional? no? ooo because im not doing that

but look WHO is and look WHO you are defending
core have bips with mandatory activation. those bips have been used
core have code that restricts other nodes from doing things previously possible by non core nodes.
core have code that has thrown nodes off the network purely because they were not wanting the core roadmap

you are not defending a WHAT(network) you are defending a WHO(group of devs)
atleast recognise the difference and realise that you are not defending bitcoin but you are defending core.

in the last 9 years it has only been core devs and their buddies that have lead REKT campaigns. only core devs and their buddies that have supported mandatory activations and only core devs and their buddies that have added code to throw certain nodes off the network

as for user choice. show me a proper full validation, full archival, full node that is in no way affiliated with following the core roadmap, that offers their own community BIP gatway where users can offer suggestions of possible future features..
that does not involve moderated hop skip and jump(3 moderated venues to pass) to even get a chance to vetted into a client software

over many many many discussions i have used the term 'we need to go back to a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD of multiple implementations'.
why are you so afraid of that notion? does it go against your buddys roadplan?
1605  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Satoshis' absence make bitcoin truly decentralized? on: October 08, 2018, 10:43:59 PM
core, if it wants to be a reference client should only...
core need to...
core should be...

Wrong as usual.  

You don't get to dictate what any group should do or what they need to do.  That's not how Bitcoin works, Mr Authoritarian.  Everyone can do what they want.  You don't have to like it, but there is no obligation for them to do what you want them to do.  

read my footnote.
plus if you think im a dictator. i would be actually trying to DDos core. or rleased some client with some mandatory code.
yet im just saying my opinion. there have been many topics where you defend cores monarchy. i get that, you have a buddy system. cool for you
that doesnt mean others cant have opinions and call out the crap that occurs

there has only been one group that have actually acted with dictatorial methods. and you can guess who that is

if i see something wrong. ill call it out. but calling it out is not a dictatorship. its just calling it out.
im sorry if i upset your buddies, but calm down. its not like im the one that pushes out mandatory code changes that only had 35% community uptake before and after
1606  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Someone just found a block solo mining on an Amazon EC2 Server on: October 07, 2018, 04:31:28 AM
i do understand your frustrations. but insulting because its mentioned that a scam is an obvious scam, is not insulting you its pointing out that the site does very much look like a scam.

again it's not insulting your intelligence, but instead teaching you that maybe you should be more careful and saying you should report the scam

i hope bluehost can do something for you

P.S about your post below to save spamming
you quoting my post and asked for help. thats like you tapping me on the shoulder asking for help. and me saying sorry it looks like you were scammed so go to the police. .. again i understand your frustrations but recognise your own tone in your own responses to someone you tapped on the shoulder randomly.
1607  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Someone just found a block solo mining on an Amazon EC2 Server on: October 07, 2018, 03:08:25 AM
what people need to realise is that an ASIC does not talk to the network independently. they talk to a pool.

1HqsP8hASurtZ1uv1zUb5Ff2UgD4N6daiK stole 1200 canadian from me perhaps you could help me locate the felons or retreive my antiminer z9 mini that hasn't shown up after 45 days.  Apparently they are in hong kong?  So is this theives if so why does continue to host there website?

Looking for a refund to my bitcoin wallet 1232mE3UzJzDsiJpz8xRRUyFqqcjicpUQP  can you help me locate or find who  stole my antminer and or bitcoin?

don't know you guys seem to be winning all the time at maybe you can help me find a block and solve all my problems so I dont have to waste my time reporting this to the rcmp.

i am not viabtc. but anyway

im guessing you deposited funds into them at 1HqsP...
looks like they pretty quickly moved it into an exchange

as for their details, im afraid to say this to you but there are so many red flags about how they registered and used crappy website build tools that you should have done all these checks before giving them funds.

privacy guards, using a service that gives a free domain that only that expires in a year
your best bet is to contact bluehost

1608  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The market of cryptocurrencies doesn't fall, is it growing steadily!? on: October 06, 2018, 05:22:16 PM
Whether the firm base for new records of capitalization is ready now? 

11 month bottom of $5,800 is holding well
3 month bottom of $6100 is holding well
its been tested multiple times and held.
the majority of coin movements in the 11 months have gained a individual value above it,
mining costs are currently above it.

but its too soon to move the milestone above $5,800 as the retests and mining cost threshold and majority holding coins that they didnt hold 1day-11 months ago is fresh

its normally best to wait 3-4 retests of a bottom. where its an obvious retest and not just normal daily/weekly waves
but with that said.. the underlying baseline value is healthier then previous years. and there is nothing wrong with a bit of speculation ontop (current mid $6k prices), its just too early to call anything in the $6k range as a baseline. as not enough coins have shifted hands to give a majority value in the $6k range,

but still
2016 above $300
2017 above $900
2018 above $5800
1609  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Price Unexpectedly Rises to $6,600, as Market Adds $5 Billion in Hours on: October 06, 2018, 04:49:53 PM
the market did not add $5billion in hours

seriously. stop looking at the market cap. its a useless number of math, not funds
someone can make an altcoin of 5trill coins and add just ONE DOLLAR to an exchange and make the market $5trillion just by buying one coin with ONE DOLLAR
1610  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Satoshis' absence make bitcoin truly decentralized? on: October 06, 2018, 04:36:42 PM
satoshi left because he didnt want to be a point of refernce/decision. he wanted consensus to decide.

but bitcoin core replaced it and has been the thing people point to as the CORE, reference, decision, roadmap, moderated proposal route for all things bitcoin network

having mandated upgrades and moderation and treating other client software as the enemy that needs to be rekt or distorted as enemy until the only option is to altcoin those other clients off the network.. then its not decentralised.
claiming there are other full nodes is flimsy at best as they just blindly follow core

we need to get back to a level playing field where multiple pieces of full node full validating full archival software all have equal level as core.

core, if it wants to be a reference client should only run current rules. and then let the community separately on their own have their own proposals. where they communicate to each other and if a feature is good and wanted then all the versions add it. and the feature gets activated when the community of various versions all have consensus.

core need to back off with the monarchy mindset. all the core devs should have their own releases and all contribute to what the community want. not a small pool of devs who demand users blindly follow one roadmap and treat anything else as a bad actor.

if some feature/software is bad, people just dont run it. simple. but to campaign that there should only be one and anything has to follow.. is not decentralised.

core should be P-1 not p+1 (p=proposal). you know where cor is just the blue print of basic design. and others then build ontop separately
1611  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: If the US government passes the Bitcoin ETF, will the market immediately become on: October 06, 2018, 12:14:12 PM
in short
dont expect the successful first active ETF to go on a real bitcoin buying spree on day one, grabbing more coin. but expect other new/upcoming ETF's to suddenly realise they now have a proper opportunity to enter that market and so will want to establish their own reserves of real coins, to then apply for ETF status to then offer shares based on those reserves

to explain
those that have applied for a ETF already have built up their coin hoards to form the backing of their ETF and on the day the ETF is active many investors will buy up shares of the ETF. so that specific ETF wont be buying more instantly until they have sold off their allotments of shares

however. others who have not yet applied yet want to be ETF, wont waste money with applications if they are already seeing others get rejected/delayed. they will wait for the first success and then act. once the first successful ETF acceptance occurs, those sitting on thir hands will rapidly see how its done properly and will want to replicate a ETF that ticked all the same regulatory boxes as the successful applicant. so other future ETF's will be buying coin to get themselves rolling pretty quick

i predict this will occur after the tax year end. thus 2019 will be the year of the ETF's
1612  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin really driven by individuals? on: October 06, 2018, 10:53:40 AM
Bitcoin is seen as a currency that is not regulated by any institute. It does not generate any revenue and therefore, has a zero minimal value. What then brings about its value and drives it as well?

bitcoin does have a minimal value.
its based on many factors. but fortified and strengthened by the cost of acquisition

do not be fooled that the price is value. there are actually 2 layers to it
the underlying value is the LOW of a long-tested out period where its clear that the majority refuse to sell below.
this is based on acquisition costs... the volatile price is the speculation above that which is variable

concentrating on the LOW/acquisition/bottom
its not just buying on the market but also mining. if it costs the average/majority of miners atleast X to mine bitcoin. they wont foolishly sell for less. and if they can buy it on a market for less than they can mine it. they will buy it. which helps build up the underlying value of X
over the last year based on mining costs. the amount of coins that have moved/traded and such, the majority of coins hold a underlying value of $5,800+
yea some people bought at $6k-$20k but the higher the number goes the less people actually got it at that price.
but as based on a good long 11 month period of multiple opportunities for everyone to sell for less than $5,800 no one has bit. mining costs are also above $5,800 which also as i said strengthen that bottomline value where people wont sell at a loss. so there is a bottom.

i emphasis the 'plus' of $5,800. but du to lack of test of time, retest of bottom, variable mining cost variable market acquisition cost and lack of majority of all the above. mentioning any underlying value specific number at this point is too early as the majority have yet to really test, prove that a higher milestone should exist (EG latest retest of $5,800 was not that long ago. and the maths of mining costs also shown that there have been some opportunity to mine coin at $5,800 recently too even many periods above $5,800. so its just too soon to call out a higher bottom value

its like gold. if it only cost a penny to mine gold everyone would mine it as they could sell it for any price and break even and profit. thus gold wouldnt be ~$1k/oz
the reason its $1k/oz is because gold needs excavators, diesel, labour which cost money. so miners wont sell for less
as for the gold markets. again if the majority of holders bought gold at a penny they would sell for any price. but they too over time been paying high hundreds and this last decade the $1k area. so thats why gold has a underlying value of such.
1613  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: BTC flow in/out of Exchanges on: October 06, 2018, 01:10:54 AM
you could easily put a marker/tag against the utxo's that exit an exchange to show the days average price.
over time as things move around you can update them tags. and see more coins with more tags as your data grows over days, months

and then know how much is peoples bottomline / break even. to know what the communities attitude is to a certain price based on % of the communities bottomline, that way by marking each utxo to have a 'price' you know what it is not going to sell for as that would be stupid and a loss.

i done something similar but simpler based purely on the UTXO set that moved in the last 11 months (while prices were above $5,800 bottomlines) and seen over 65% of UTXO's got spent within 11 month. even though my data did not involve coins that entered /exited an exchange. but by purely changing hands people normally (psychologically) self value their coins at the value they change addresses

but having a better metric of marking the coins with a price they exit exchanges at. gives a more precise depth to what 'value' people put as their bottomline refuse to sell below price as they have preferred to exit an exchange instead of keep it in to sell it

1614  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin Mining Really Causing Environmental Damage? Maybe not that much... on: October 05, 2018, 09:47:18 PM
Of course (3) !!! Because like I was saying (the third time already) there is no spare capacity. Just like in the oil and gas industry. Only a few countries can afford 10% increase even if they want to produce more, there are simply no drilled wells and it takes months to make them.
Just like chips are not printed at home and you need to wait for TMSC to produce another batch.

water and oil are not the same. once you use oil its gone. when water goes through a turbine. water still exists. thus can be reused.
and if reservoir one has a capacity of 365 million litres. reservoir two doesnt need to be 365million litres.
infact it doesnt even need to be 1 million litres to catch a day of R1's daily run off to double a day.
all it needs is a small narrow run-through that water flows to create pressure (you know make the tip of a hosepipe smaller than its beginning so that the pressure rises.

as you say its more about price. and if you done some maths. china's production is multiple percent above demand. and that excess goes to waste unused, unpaid for. so power stations are loving that bitcoin farms are buying the excess.
the power stations make profit. and now make more. they could use it to create extra production. but demand is not there to push/sway them into using the many many many techniques to re-use water after its gone through a dam.
and yes there are many ways. that dont need to rely on depth/height/gravity

lets say a steel turbine is heavy and needs Xpsi pressure to move it. to then spin a electro magnet of 100 coils.
your mindset thinks Y water is needed and Z height for gravity to produce Xpsi.

yet.. if you shrink the nosel of the water pipe. = less water needed to produce same pressure
yet.. if you use a lighter material for the turbine = less pressure needed = less watr needed
yet.. if you add more coils in the electro magnet = less water needed

EG make the turbine lighter and electromagnet bigger then water becomes less of the issue
1615  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Acceptance. on: October 05, 2018, 09:27:42 PM
why are people obsessed about regulation.

you might aswell ask will people eat if food was/wasnt regulated, wil people go toilet if bathrooms were/were not regulated, will people talk if voices were/were not regulated
things do not need regulation.

regulation PRETENDS to help normal people. but all it does is give businesses a bit of accreditation. its like a toddler preschool gold sticker of well done accreditation.

in a world where no regulation is required. a business with regulation showing up and publicising their policy. it just makes any business without the shiny star or the sherrif's badge of KYC automatically look shady. thus makes people stupidly trust something due to a gold star/accreditation.
yet the financial criss of 2007-8 shows that regulation didnt do anything. and banks still do what they did before. and people got screwed

whats really needed is to stop begging/hoping/lobbying for regulation. as that helped no one with bank mortgages and loans in 2007-8..
instead people should lobby for consumer protection and easy access to the court systems and other things that help normal people, not businesses

regulations and consumer protections are 2 separate things
1616  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin & Payment processors :-< on: October 05, 2018, 09:00:03 PM
this issue is triple edged.

first its that the merchants manager has not learned about the true reason for bitcoin to want to keep or use bitcoin after getting it. i know that most merchants have costs such as labour, stock, leases, advertising. but theres still a small percentage they could decide to keep as coin for the managers own personal investment if they knew about its other benefits

second these payment systems are atleast helping businesses take a to dip into the bitcoin water. to try it, accept it without the hassle of self converting, without the headache of calculating exchanges. its then that the next phase occurs. such as getting staff of the merchant to want the btc the merchant gets. and suppliers and the leaseholder of the property. to keep the coin cycling in circulation away from exchanges

thirdly other things could be done where the merchant could set up an ATM where their own customers could buy BTC at the local store,

but over all (ignoring its a currency) as a payment method "we accept paypal" "we accept applepay" is just the same gimmick. a merchant doesnt want to use paypal/apple funds to spend within paypal(ebay) or within apple(apple store) they just want to get a wire transfer of bank account fiat.
so the merchant needs to learn that bitcoin (a protocol) is also btc (a currency). but thats the learning curve and finding reasons to want it much like an american store accepting euro's. they know its a currency but they just accept euros as just a gimmick to get a different niche community to come in their store and need a reason to want to keep euros/btc
1617  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Price Fails to Record Big Breakout But Market Remains Bull-Friendly on: October 05, 2018, 01:46:05 PM
i think you need to zoom out from a 10min-24 hour view
a $100 increase treated as a big breakout??

also you say drop to below $6k... i think you need to relax and stop posting such speculation.

trend anals are narrow minded and see 2017 and think it will repeat itself. sorry but no.
there was a reason for 2017 spike. that reason does not exist this year

same as there was a reason for 2013 which did not exist for 2014,15,16,17,18

just thinking a "breakout" will happen because someone sees a chart and makes a line is a futile and foolish mthod of choosing future prices.

you need to understand the reasons and causes.

that said
bitcoin has always been on a bull
2016: always above $300
2017: always above $900
2018: always above $5800

these temporary hills and mountains are not where the bulls and bears play. its where the cubs and calves play
sustained value is below the speculative price. and the sustained value is on the rise not a fall

dont react to the little daily drama. and reporting the daily drama is worthless because by the time you have wrote about it, it already happened and is just a history lesson.

standing at the top of a tsunami that happened 11 months ago or the peak of temporary waves that happen daily looking down, teaches nothing but "speculation happens". instead stand at the underlying water level looking up.
1618  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How Brexit will impact bitcoin on: October 04, 2018, 10:07:26 PM
alot of people in this topic are thinking about the price (facepalm) impact

but when you seen facebook slowly move parts out of america and is done in the uk
more of american facebook stuff will move out of america and into the UK because labour costs are better

other businesses will start up. UK could end up being the next palo alto
1619  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MERITS OF BLOCKCHAIN. on: October 04, 2018, 07:15:46 PM
we are know that the blockchain system is ict inclined, you have to be a computer literate to  be able to make use of the blockchain technology, so that will be a demerit to blockchain as we know, not everyone is literate when it come to ict.

you dont need to be ICT literate

most cars are run by computers. theres no longer a physical steel shaft from the steering wheel of a car to the wheels. its now moved by separate motors controlled by computers.

yet an ICT illiterate person just sees wheels, doors, carseat and a steering wheel.
its for the ICT literate to make things simple for the illiterate
1620  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MERITS OF BLOCKCHAIN. on: October 04, 2018, 07:10:24 PM
EG imagine a doctors surgery of 6000 patients has a chain of hashes. the personal data not being the chain. but being a UTXO database of encrypted data. and each new block of daily updated records is updating hashes. not clear text data.

each doctors surgury strand of chain. hass a block or UTXO header that gets added to a master chain. and so the network is not validating what the clear text says. but validating the hashes add up.
and its the doctors and patients in their smaller subchains that validate that personal stuff

ok, but the real question is WHY?!!!
it is not about how it is done it is about whether doing it that way is better than how we are currently doing things.

imagine each doctors clinic/surgery have a little black memorystick that is plugged into a electric wall socket with a usb outlet
that memory stick. is the node. now realise each doctors clinic/surgery has one.

now the health care system can sack all the auditors and data security guys. and just get a janitor replace a memory stick if one develops a fault.

letting doctors be doctors and let more of the treasury funds be used for healthcare instead of administration
walk into any doctors clinic and ull see less non-medical staff shuffling papers.

less surgery/clinic managers fiddling with numbers so they can vacation 48 weeks a year at others expense
now with all that said there are many places where blockchains are useless, but when there is a scenario that data needs to be in more than one location and edit/append data to it from more than one location. then there can be some advantages.

the more wider field of multiple locations and multiple entities needing more than just viewing privileges. the more a blockchain can be seen as beneficial.
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