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1  Economy / Economics / Re: Can Bitcoin Reduce the Global Wealth and Income Inequalities in 2022? on: July 05, 2022, 11:46:29 PM
Through btc! I sincerely doubt that, the gap between the haves and the haves not is very wide, btc even at this current price is expensive to many middle to low income earners, and for you to effectively gain a reasonable profit from btc you have to buy a good amount of it. And by the look of things, not very many people can afford 1BTC let alone several.
Now if you say alts for instance, perhaps the possibility is there, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some alts that end up going x100 then you are made. Income inequality will no longer be a thing for you.  Wink
I thought I would be the first to say this.

Yeah, on the individual level, even the people considered as poor could spend $50 on a highly speculative altcoin and get lucky. We've seen this happen already in the last bullrun alone (DeFi/Meme token pumps). On the global scale, it doesn't change the situation that much because middle and high income earners still benefit the most whether it's bitcoin or altcoins.
And this is the thing, at an individual level a new market can bring a lot of money to those that did not had any, as there are many stories of people that became millionaires in this market and that have accumulated a level of wealth that would have been impossible for them to get otherwise, so bitcoin can indeed help a certain amount of people as long as they have enough skill, however bitcoin and this market in general cannot help everyone as it was never the intention behind the creation of this market.
Becoming millionaire would really be having that chance for few people but its not for everybody because not all did make the same investment on where these people had done.Inequality cant really be solved out

even by Bitcoin.Yes, it did really changed up some lives but only into a few comparing it into the entire population which do suffer out from poverty or being poor.Therefore, chances and opportunities in the market
will really be entirely be depending on how someone would really be make out some dealings and actions had been made towards it.

Dont expect for it to happen something like equality yet its not really something that could be patched up or make it happen considering that there would be always those people who are on the top of the chain.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Casino can play a role in changing fortune? on: July 05, 2022, 10:50:07 PM
Many of us who play casinos, suffer more or less. Many are blaming it again that it is a money-losing machine. In this regard I would like to share a success history by playing casino game. It is only for knowing the truth especially those are don't know the fact.

Many of us may know the name of an international courier service known as FedEx. This courier service company headquarter is in Tennessee, USA. FedEx currently distributes about 1.2 billion parcels a year in 220 countries with an annual revenue of about 3 billion. Smith, founder of FedEx, started his business with 84 million us dollar. At that time he started operations in 35 countries with 8 planes. But at one stage, the price of plane fuel increased and that contemporary time courier service did not become very popular. His company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Smith come back to Las Vegas feeling sad. At that time Las Vegas was known as the capital of casinos. He had only $5,000 when he entered a casino with a depressed mind. His destiny was revealed. He earned about $27,000 with in a week. Smith come back to FedEx headquarter and invest his money on his company even though his money was not enough to run the company but with his hard work and enthusiasm he arranged to send all the parcels. in this way he established his company.

This is really a good success of smith as well as FedEx with the favor of Casino. By the way, i am not sharing it to encourage anyone to the casino.
That was indeed luck which did really help him on at least making some recovery and pursuing his dream or goal on establishing the company once again even on a small amount of money.

This is a good success story i would say which playing in casino is somewhat relevant particularly on his life or condition but we know that this wont be applicable to everybody as we do know that

luck isnt on our side all the time which does means that it will really be totally in random and the person of the story above did really not have that intent on making that 5k turns out to 27k in a week
but turns out that he was lucky and opens up again an opportunity in going back into the business.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: WHY is Terra pumping ? on: July 05, 2022, 09:42:49 PM
As they want to portray that their project is not a total failure, definitely, they will have a dedicated group that will watch out their market. They are still careful these days as they want to show to the public that they are in the recovery mode. I hope those holders have learned their lessons and should do what needs to be done to recover your losses.
Not a failure? Lol, no matter what they do, they can't gain all the trust that they lost. It was the end of their project, many people lost a tons of money and many have lost their lives. I don't think it was the owners' group that we see on telegram and other messaging app but it was only created by a fan and those who are in to pump and dump schemes.

Those who are first time to invest on a scam project like this will definitely be more careful now on what they are dealing with but I think that many of the investors are not new anymore so no matter how you tell them to learn their lesson, they will still keep on repeating the same thing.
Once trust is broken by a particular developer or team or in overall project then it wont really be the same trust that they could really get from the community even if they would launch up some fork event or something

that do really connects on them because it would really be that hard to regain that trust and support which the community had given out and considering on how Terra end up then i cant really blame the community
on whats their taking or impression into teams future plans.It might sounds good but dont expect that it would really be getting on the same support.
So its already expected that this project would die soon and people who are engaging are to those who do love to gamble or play with fire.

4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: waiting to buy lower? on: July 05, 2022, 08:34:54 PM
People are waiting to buy lower, but what if you're wrong and this is the bottom?

You never know what's going to happen next.

Itís peopleís own choice that they wants to wait.
I mean the smart people have already known the right time, when to buy when to not. But now here comes the ones who just greed for more and keeps on waiting, and hence for that reason they miss the golden opportunity.
I would rather suggest, buy when you can afford to buy, and if you are planning to buy Bitcoins specifically then buy whenever you have the money ready in this bear market.
Bitcoins are the coins that wonít disappoint itís investors, so whenever possible buy as many Bitcoins as you can.
We are free on whatever decisions we would make since its our money that had invested which means we do have the full control on what we would gonna do because not all people would really be sharing up on the same decision towards their investment whether they would be actively dealing with the current movement in the market or would really be just waiting for the price to become even more lower.
This is very situational and not all would really be ending up or sharing with the same decisions and actions towards it thats why outcome and results could never be similar into each one of us.
Each decision would be made will really be depending on someones experience,skills and knowledge on handling out theirselves in the market which do really indeed differ on.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Something Like This Happen To You on: July 04, 2022, 11:39:04 PM
We experienced unexpected events or moments in gambling like this one, you are calling it off a day in a session then you're suddenly on a winning streak thinking that it's your time to get back what you've lost will you go or will you stop and come back the next day.

I'm sometimes tempted to continue but I know you cannot beat the house, so most of the time I just call it a day and just wished that tomorrow or next time it's my lucky day. What about you what's your take.

I have been many times in the event when I have lost a lot of money as I was chasing bonus round in some slots.Once I lost everything before getting the bonus round not once I immediately quit and think to not get back in gambling.Then a few days or a couple of weeks pass without gambling and I think to myself maybe I did the wrong thing to quit as the bonus round maybe was just behind the corner so I get back trying again and sometimes I win this way.However in both cases I have learned to control myself and in both cases I quit gambling whichever the case,win or lose,this has helped me to not dive deep down in the dark areas of addiction.

we have almost the same story in common and maybe this is a common thing for slot gambling players. started from just fun turned into wanting to chase bonus rounds and target maxwin. this is the beginning of a disastrous addiction. I finally realized the problem I was facing. in the end I was able and succeeded in reducing the game of any betting game starting from learning to control myself.  it was quite effective for me, maybe other cases could be mutual learning, limiting the game, winning or losing just for fun.
and then - excess of everything is bad. Be it gambling or consuming alcohol or be it your habits like gluttony or sloth.
One should learn to have balance in both personal and professional life. This can lead to a better lifestyle - both personal and professional.
Everything should really be in balance if you dont really like to mess up on particular things because excessive things or dealing into something in too much time or excess then it would really be harmful thats why

having that good control in emotion or self discipline is really that needed or crucial in almost all aspects in life not only limited on gambling but if we do talk about on particular manner about gambling then having that
control is needed.
Why? You already know that you are losing too much but still you are really that ignoring on stopping but instead chasing up your losses and then later on
you do regret that you hadnt stop.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: El-salvador bitcoin investment is underwater on: July 04, 2022, 10:37:09 PM
El Salvador Purchases 80 Additional Bitcoin at $19K, President Bukele Says

El Salvador Buys More Bitcoin Despite 57% Loss and Debt Woes

Yes, its underwater but doesnt mean that they would be cutting loss but instead they do accumulate.
There's nothing we can do on here.  Cheesy Its president is too bullish towards bitcoin.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can change of environment have an effect on gambling addiction. on: July 04, 2022, 09:38:03 PM
You will agree with me that society and the environment can have a great influence on the lifestyle of every individual, you often can find yourself doing, or being involved in that activity that almost everyone is involved with in that your locale as a result of influence. Now considering someone who is a gambling addict, is there any possibility of him/her becoming better if they are relocated to another environment or society where people around are not involved in gambling?

If a certain gambling addict would be moved out on a place which he had been surrounded by people who arent into gambling then it would really be just common sense that he would really be finding a local physical

casino which he would definitely be seeing those co-gamblers who would really be playing because it is really just having two possible ways on dealing or playing gambling whether on physical or online ones.

If we do talk about online gambling then it wont really be an issue no matter where you do make yourself placed and as an addict then you wont really be caring into your surroundings most of the time
or simply been ignored because the main priority you do have is to play no matter whose around or no matter on where you are which it wont really be that an issue after all.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: If Bitcoin drops to $8k on: July 04, 2022, 08:38:13 PM
I donít think bitcoin can drop to 8k . maybe 17k uas the last drop for this year or future. because i donít think bitcoin can drop bellow $30k after future new ATH . this is last opportunity for usd to bought bitcoin and store it. maybe we will not get any opportunity in future like this
10k going to be a tough nut to crack and I don't think we could ever hit that low. Around $11k-$12k, maybe. If Bitcoin goes lower than $10k, maybe then $8k will be the main topic of the talk. Else, just more fud to something that doesn't seem to have a strong chance to be.
And you also can't guarantee that surity it won't hit under 11k-12k. Main thing no one cannot guarantee it that about the future of currency . When bitcoin was 50k I believed that now it will never go bellow 40k after that when it was below 40k I believe that it will never go bellow 30k and it's gone . So it could also be happen that btc can drop to 8k
When you do step your foot into this market then its no guarantee that prices couldnt really be able to reach out certain ATH's and the lowest low all time which means that you should presume that it could really be

going that low but of course they wont really be just giving some numbers without any basis but instead this is what they do see when  making some technicals on which they do really see that it could possibly
go down on that level.

Its all presumption and speculation but we cant really know if those things would happen or not.As a trader/investor then take this on some pinch of salt but its up to you whether you would
made out actions connected or correlated to it or not because we do have different kind of approach on things whether we do really make out decisions on buying or wait up even further.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Minor Protection From Gambling on: July 01, 2022, 08:42:45 PM
I don't think parents need to scare their children, but still give the understanding that gambling is not good for them, especially when they grow up. Parents can show examples from the life around us and if parents can give understanding to their children, I think they will stay away from gambling and will not get involved in it. But unfortunately, today's parents, especially young parents, are too busy with their work and rarely talk or discuss with their children, making them lose the figure of a father or mother. And in the end, they tend to follow their friends and do not remember their parents' advice.

In this case, these children who are not provided with proper supervision may encounter gambling at an earlier age than others. But I don't know how bad or good it can be - perhaps having received a negative experience, they will draw the right conclusion and avoid gambling. Fortunately, children now have a wide range of activities.

Indeed, there are many other activities that can make them busy unless they really attached themselves into gambling, but it make sense that parents should give good advice beforehand in terms of these activities, gambling is not something that they can easily let go once they've got addicted, the worse things are coming if they are not being guided correctly.

Parents are the first hand protections to avoid those young minors to get engaged in their early days of life into gambling.
Parenting is a great major factor or role which do really need for it to be applied into their children because everything on this world could be potentially be engaged whether its a good one or bad one.Gambling isnt actually bad as long you do have the control but we know that young minds or to those who dont have experience doesnt able to control emotions and doesnt really have much in terms of finances thats why
it would really result into unfortunate events or happenings on the time that they had made themselves to be addicted. Minors are really that prone to these things not only limited to gambling but on other things
well on which it could really greatly affect them on the future if they wont get a good hold or control of it thats why parenting and guidance would be the key on making these youngster able to
avoid such condition but of course there are other things as well.
10  Economy / Economics / Re: Crashes are The Best Times to Get Rich - Robert Kiyosaki on: June 30, 2022, 11:48:42 PM
That's proven and tested for Bitcoin. Once you purchase during the crash, you'd be lucky sitting there waiting for your retirement plan or lambo lol. However, finding or waiting for the bottom dip might be a little harder than what everybody thinks. It's not guaranteed and you might miss the buying opportunity when you do nothing during the crash because you're waiting for the absolute bottom.
No one gets to know if its the bottom price or not, so probably he'll miss another chance again if he always wait for that. But if one does DCA while  waiting for the absolute bottom, then he will continue taking the advantage while the market continues to crash. However, not all the people here gets excited when there is a market crash, newbies easily lose their focus and resort into wrong decision making that could end their crypto investments.
No one knows thats why its ideal that every dumping or crashing moment is an opportunity for you to buy cheap coins not only limited to Bitcoin but also in other altcoins as well and i do agree with these sentiments
came from these known people or billionaires on talking about opportunities and stuffs but be careful since not anytime all of the things that they've been saying are real but sometimes its manipulative
thats why you should really be careful on anytime you do tend to take up some advises and do listen out and rely on making decisions come out from it.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: June 30, 2022, 09:47:44 PM
Kyrie Irving will always be a valuable asset to any given team that's why there's still teams out there who would want to acquire him but upon acquiring him, they also have to deal with Irving's selfishness and he's thinking that he's that really entitled because of what he can bring to the team.

CP3 and KD in the same jersey is really an interesting to thing to see and lot's of fans are surely want to see it but yes, that will be an expensive acquisition for the Suns and I don't think they can afford to trade their current roster.
I think Kyrie hasn't been a net positive for any team he has played since Cavs days. He was in Boston for so many years and he was never really liked there, look at Boston without him right now and how much better they are doing right now. Nets was a short stint so far because of injuries, but I believe that they paid him a good amount of money to make sure that he brings his A game and he failed that too.

All in all, he was last great with Cavs, and ever since then I see him as a Westbrook kind of player who left his comfortable place and destroyed his all career. Kyrie could stay in Nets, but if he leaves he will still be doing the same thing as he is doing in Nets, which is being overvalued for what he brings.
That's because of his ego, after he left the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving has been looking at himself to be an entitled player that's why he grew selfish because he knows that he can always produce good numbers if he can play and his existence will be an asset to any team. He's been on the Celtics but the team's roster only grew impressively when he left the team and now he's bringing a havoc in the Nets.
Everything shouldnt really be blamed out to him but its true that having that selfish kind of act or behavior or something in related will really be just considered to be overvalued.Cant really deny that he's a good player

but we know that this sport isnt a 1-man game which means that having harmony and teamwork would be the key on winning some basket and not just purely be that confident because you do just consider
to be that good and doesnt mind whether you do make out different transfers on different team since you do know your worth.
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Where will Bitcoin stabalize?? on: June 30, 2022, 08:47:41 PM
Currently Bitcoin has dropped below 20 thousand. My idea is that the price of Bitcoin could go down a lot more. So we should not invest in Bitcoin right now. If you wait a few more days and understand the market situation and buy Bitcoin in a few steps, you will definitely get profit.
Hardest thing actually whenever you do believe that it is already the bottom and suddenly the price had dropped even more which means or it do really creates that panic in mind or being worried which i could say to be

normal.Market is unpredictable and there's no way that you could predict on what would happen thats why some do really make out some DCA whenever the price drops on the time that they had bought.

Some doesnt have some choice but to hold and wait for the price to recover.Stability is something impossible because bitcoin is always volatile,it might be moving sideways or having lesser movement
but doesnt mean that it would be stabilizing.It is really just that people or the community or market does really have that fear and some are just really observing which causes for less activity.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading Emotions on: June 30, 2022, 07:38:27 PM
everything that is done by learning, from the start it is certain that nothing can be done instantly and needs to be added to experience, as well as trading which is clearly very complex. The psychological role is also very important in trading, therefore those who cannot contain their emotions will experience difficulties repeatedly.
continue to learn and add flying hours in trading is very important because it will be able to control in carrying out trading.
Nobody has certain set of skills from birth, sure maybe they could be a bit more leaning towards something more than the other and it could be on their nature. However, if you take a person who would be the greatest piano player in the world, and never teach them how to play a piano, they will not be playing it well on their first ever try, they will need to learn it first, then become a great one.

Same with trading, I would take someone who had to spend 10 years learning it but has no talent about it, over someone who has barely any idea how it is done but would be awesome in 5 years. The reason would be the great experience you gain while you do it.
Everyone starts on scratch and having no set of skills on particular things or careers which it does need to be learned first before you could able to handle it out but of course this doesnt really talk about short period or

span of time which is something normal.One of the things that would affect you along the way is definitely be with your emotions since we dont like to lose money which its really that normal to have reactions
on the time that we do need to take up some decisions basing on the market condition that we are seeing on point.

Once you do have a good grasps on this factor then you would be definitely able to handle yourself on this one.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Had you ever x10,000? on: June 29, 2022, 11:44:42 PM

I've tried to do that before but no luck, so it means that you really are lucky and this is your day. What coin is this clam? I've looked into coinmarketcap but most that I've seen don't have much volume at all.

Still, that's a 10,000x multiplier win.
I dont know if this is the one.

Price isnt that high and winning isnt really that great but considering that its a x10k hit then this is something not everybody could make.
Its a lucky one even though it do takes 20k bets which is something a good experience to have.

@OP, what site you've been playing having that 6-7bets/sec?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: I am big fan of SHIBA on: June 29, 2022, 10:38:22 PM
The next project after Doge coin is Shiba inu, that's for sure but, Doge project got a big supporter and that's Elon, if maybe in future someone like Elon come around to support Shiba inu then many dreams will become a reality, I am not a fan but I still buy and hold some, just in case.
Many people no longer believe in Elon. If he only gave code words on his social media, many people probably didn't pay attention to him. Indeed, if you look at Doge he is extraordinary, but from that I think many have suffered losses. So if he wants to move the market then he has to make big buys, not just writing. No one can predict the future correctly, but for shiba I also save quite a bit and it's not wrong. But being too fanatical and buying without asset management will certainly be detrimental.
People arent dumb to repeat the same mistakes that they had done in the past specially if it do involves with those manipulative kind of words from certain personalities that we do have in the market.He might really be

saying some relevant things but not on something to be that impactful on overall market.People do become wiser as they do gain up experience, it might have some effect in the past but it wont assure that it would
be effective in the present or in to the future.

Speaking of SHIB which is really just a meme coin next to Doge and its been hyped thats why it do reached out this certain extent but i dont really believe much
about its potential specially into its utility thats why take that certain risk.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The Most Expensive Thing Bought with Winnings from the Casino or Sport Bet on: June 29, 2022, 09:37:28 PM
I hope the police caught the guys who stole from OP. What can I say, my house is very secure and there was not a single break in attempt. It's good to live in a neighborhood where people have dogs and cameras everywhere.

My most expensive single win was close to 300 on blackjack in one day of playing. I bought myself a bottle of Jack (somehow felt like it matches the theme), got drunk and eventually gambled away the rest of the money Cheesy I've never bought anything big for myself from gambling. Investing is another thing. I bought a lot of stuff for BTC.
Investing and gambling is a separate thing on which its not really bad to have some leisure time sometimes but of course you should really still need that control if you dont like for your finances to be affected.

In terms of living on a place where dogs and cameras are around then i do agree to that.It is really almost close to zero or impossible for you to experience those theft scenario
on a neighborhood who do have that kind of set-up.

Speaking of things bought from gambling profits then there are several things but not really that  expensive.
17  Economy / Economics / Re: How Will Investing Help the Economy of a Country on: June 29, 2022, 08:30:16 PM
Even though the government is not getting taxes from cryptocurrency investment, if their people are into it and grab all the crypto opportunities, it will have a positive impact on the economy. It will reduce the number of unemployment and the economy will grow because of people who are earning enough from crypto investment. If people are earning and making money from an investment, it will have a positive impact on the government since they're taking taxes from them individually through the necessities that they consume.
You're correct, but the truth in real life isn't entirely right. Most people who want to buy cryptocurrency is mostly a educated people or middle-high class where they're know the advantages and reason to invest, while the middle or lower class will only have money to buy food or daily life, they don't have so much money left for investment since it's used for emergency funds. So it doesn't reduce of unemployment, actually someone can offer services or skills and get paid in fiat, not need always in Bitcoin.
This is indeed the sad reality on which there are people who cant really just have that kind of chance on accumulating or tending to make engagement with investment due to lack of capacity since the money
they do earn is just really that sufficient for their daily living or survival which means that they do mostly not able to catch up with the probability on getting some potential profits but of course it would
vary on how you would deal on it.

We know that every investment does have particular risk it wont really be giving out that assurance that you could end up on profits on easy way which is something a very common mindset of people.
Whenever people do turns out to be profitable then it do enhances or upgraded out its lifestyle but i dont see that this could give out great effect on economic aspect.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How long do you think the market will take to recover? on: June 28, 2022, 07:40:02 PM
I think it will take 5 more months before we see any hope however there will not be any flashy up moves coming before Mid 2023.
Meanwhile, I wish I had a crystal ball to tell you on what date exactly we will see Bitcoin at $100k but unfortunately, I don't have one.
What I think is that Bitcoin may be in 6 digits after 2025. Let's see how it goes.  Wink
Wont really be that precise on giving out conclusions on how many months or years before this bear market would be over, we cant able to determine on what events would happen along the way thats why its really hard

to make out some conclusions but rather ending up with speculation as always.Recovery would be always next in line because we cant really just have a market on moving one way.
People would really be totally different when it comes to their actions and interpretations towards the market whether they would be taking some risk on positioning theirselves
or would wait up even more.

Recovery or pullbacks could really happen but we dont really have any idea on when it would really starting to go into that path.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Government Owned Online Casinos What Do You Think Of Its Potential on: June 28, 2022, 06:59:46 PM
Government have no business in business rather it's role is to make favorable policies and create a conducive environment for business to operate smoothly. In my country the government is not a good businessman. Most of government business has collapse due to corruption, tribalism and inefficiency. Hence, if government establishes online casinos it is bound to fail except they privatize them. If the insist to run them, these casinos would be marred by corruption and low services. I don't think I would encourage anyone to play games in any government online casino.        
You cant really be sure that they arent owning some business which is operating on a certain country yet we know that they are really good on masking out theirselves and pretending that they are just simply running or

letting off businesses which we cant be even sure off if they do own one of those businesses that running around.You cant really able to determine on having  that but if they do tend to make out some announcement or

letting the community know that they are making such operation then i dont see anything wrong with that as long the services is good and could really be beneficial in terms of economic aspect.
Doesnt really matter if a casino is been run by the government or run by a private individual because revenue would be always taxed, there might be difference in % but wont really be that much.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoins Crossed 20k USD!! Donít lose hope now. on: June 27, 2022, 11:56:25 PM
Hope soon Bitcoin recovers itís price

Bitcoin price should recover, but it may take months until that happens, so you need quite some more patience.
We're in a bear market now and this is the part where trust and patience uses to pay off.
If you lack these two you will most probably give up, since the price may or may not remain over 20k until the bear market ends.

Bitcoin may come down again in a few days. However, at present Bitcoin is fluctuating between 21,000. This situation will not last long. Those who are interested in investing in Bitcoin should wait a few more days. Buy Bitcoin prices are actually on a downward trend step by step. I hope you will benefit .
There is a Strong resistance at $21500 which the had rejected the price, since bitcoin couldn't break that resistance consequently the price retraced or bullback to $20500 which is likewise a strong support, the price is unpredictable now if the price breaks either of the above mentioned support or resistance thus the price will move towards that broken zone, for now the market is still bearish, an opportunity to DCA and hodl for the upcoming days ahead, probably next month the price may experience massive pumping and resume the bullish market.
There's a strong resistance into that point on which we cant really tell if there would be some break out or would be totally rejected and which might result into further dips or decline on the market if it would really be

failing on breaking out that ceiling which is something hard and cant really be predicted but for those who would really tend to make out some risk on this current price level then its up to their call but if we do

really base up on history or past prices in previous months then we could really tell that we are really that low but since we are just humans then it cant really be avoided
that we would really be having those doubts because we do think that it might really be going even more further which is something cant be removed on someones mind.
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