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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing] Inoue vs Tapales for Unified Super Bantamweight Title - December 26 on: November 30, 2023, 03:27:02 AM
^^ I guess you have to follow their social media, specially Inoue as he posted some of his trainings and sparrings, not that much on Tapales though. Maybe he just want to remain private, but obviously he has been training very hard for this.

Yeah, why not? maybe Tapales will have enough stamina to go full 12 rounds, uses his skills, being awkward to caught Inoue off guard and score points.

Or maybe Inoue just waking up in the wrong side of the belt? Anything can happen and if you bet on the underdog then it could be one of your biggest wins this year?

I like the way he will try to score points rather than trying to exchange punches against the monster,
knowing how Inoue beat all his opponents when getting that chance to KO them

For sure it will also happen to Tapales unless he gets his lucky counter punch and brings Inoue down.
Like you said, anything is possible and we don't know if what Tapales is doing to improve not only

his stamina but everything in his skills to gain that chance of winning the fight.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing] Inoue vs Tapales for Unified Super Bantamweight Title - December 26 on: November 29, 2023, 04:00:09 AM
One month before the fight, here is the official poster,

However, I don't the video promotion though, there's no highlight for Tapales, he was just shown briefly when he steps on the ring after Inoue defeated Fulton.

Top Rank should have done better than this,

It looks like the one who created those highlights is biased, are they promoting Inoue too much?  .  That video doesn't look like the participants' match highlights but rather a promotional video for Inoue making an assumption that Inoue will win the upcoming fight.

Anyway I am still curious about the preparation of Tapales for this fight, I really like to see Tapales have an upset win on this but still, I know that is very slim considering how very skilled and all-rounded fighter Inoue is.

Nothing to say as expected, they wanted to promote Inoue to bring more attention
and they are assuming or most of them if not all are assuming that it is going to be an easy
match for Inoue knowing how great the Monster is.

Let's wait for the actual match to see if what Tapales can bring, all the hard work will be seen when they are already fighting inside the
ring. More on preparations and sparring to make sure he's ready when the time comes.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: November 28, 2023, 09:36:53 AM
A star-studded Los Angeles Clippers defeated by a starless Denver Nuggets! WTF!

I was not able to watch the fourth quarter as I was busy doing something else but the whole 3 quarter was all Clippers and they ended it with an 11-point lead. When I came back, BOOM! they are defeated.
That was a freaking x5.60 if you bet before the start of the game. But who would risk that team without Jokic and Gordon on the field? I don't think that is wise and many sports bettors Clippers would win that game without any resistance.
Reggie Jackson punished them for letting him be open on three-point distance. 3/4 FG 3-point shots 15/19 total FG. I guess he knows how the Clippers work since it is his former team.
That was disgraceful in front of the Clippers fans. I lost my bet but that may be one of the biggest upsets in this season.


Forget about the stats; it's just unacceptable that the Clippers lost that game. I mean, no Murray and Jokic, who are their best players, while the Clippers have all four of their superstars, and yet they lose to the undermanned Nuggets. To make it worse, the Clippers were playing at home. Man, there's no hope for this team; the experiment failed. Let's kill that optimism already.

Like what in the post above you mentioned a star-less Denver managed to beat
the home team is composed of an all-star squad!

Things are really not working well and it was a big disappointment losing at home with that kind of margins,
showing carelessness and nothing is really going well for the whole team.

Sorry for those who think that it will be an easy game for the home team and for sure
if there's someone at risk for ML, they are really enjoying it.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: November 25, 2023, 03:29:27 PM
Houston Rockets beat the Nuggets in the match in which Alperen Şengün scored 21 points. Alperen quickly became one of the rising stars of the NBA. Houston Rockets, who have achieved good results this season with Ime Udoka, seem to be qualified to make the play-offs. Alperen Şengün became the star player of the team this season. He was playing well last season as well, but this season his role within the team has evolved from being one of the important parts of the team to being a key player of the team. We are proud of him. I hope his performance continues to increase.

I agree, he seems to be improving this year, and you can sense that he is very much confidence playing his role in the Houston. And I think it's all about the culture and the confidence that his new coach is giving him. Ime Udoka really knows how to motivate his young players, perhaps similar to what he did when he was still the coach of the Boston Celtics although they just fell short that time. But he keeps his winning formula in the young Rockets team that's why they are really doing good this season and some of their losses are really close game that can go either way. For sure, with that kind of confidence, he will continue to play that good and maybe average his best season ever with the Rockets.

Yes, with how coach Udoka  handles those young stars he really put them together and create good chemistry,  I like the trust that they are putting together,  seems doing well and they are very competitive compared to their last season's performance.

Though it's too early  but the important thing is that they are really improving,  let's see if how they will keep that confidence to try winning more games together.
5  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] |Duel Arena Signature Campaign| Full Members+ Earn up to $80 on: November 24, 2023, 11:43:57 PM
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6  Economy / Economics / Re: Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age on: November 01, 2023, 12:07:29 PM
Legacy marketing strategies were solely based on a specific region and were managed by a few companies. The era has changed now this sector become more open for everyone as now anyone can hire a marketer from the internet who will help him reach out to people around the world who need the service or product. The digital era closes the distance between consumers and providers.
As business people, we must always follow developments or changes in technological information very quickly, especially related to marketing strategies that continue to develop, with the convenience of current technology providing changes in consumer behavior in purchasing products. The role of influencers is also very important in introducing and having a very positive influence on their products and turnover. With their experience as influencers, they can make their followers interested in the products they broadcast.

With the way the technology quickly changes the process, as business person we needed
to adopt and make sure that we are still in line with the changes, using the help of influencer
can give good effects to your product or services that you offered.

It's just the right mindsets and the right people to follow. As long as you know how things work, you can adopt
and acquire whatever the needs to improve your capabilities.
7  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Importance of emotion while trading on: October 30, 2023, 04:51:20 PM
There are many people who trade on BitcoinTalk forums. Those who trade must control their emotions. If not, you will have a huge loss in trading. Why emotion is needed while trading is as follows:

1. Profitability: Profitability in the crypto market is very dynamic and variable. Traders' emotions create interest and excitement about their profits.

2. Volatility: The crypto market is volatile, i.e. prices can change rapidly. Having emotion with this position can help traders as it is important to make timely diagnosis.

Here are some ways to control these emotions:

1. Don't expect much profit. For example: You think that you will become rich by investing in a coin.
2. After you have invested in a coin, you find that for some reason it has gone down in the market. At this time, without being emotional, you first look at the condition of the token, what condition it is in, and then take a decision with a cool head.
3. Avoid revisiting a coin after investing. You place a sell order with a specific target.
4. Trade according to market conditions. Don't immediately invest in someone's words.
5. Stay calm and try to control temporary emotions.

A trader who is in charge has power and is king. He who has self control can achieve what those who let emotions run them down can not achieve.
Whatever profits seen don't expect too much because of greed. The collection of profits is really underrated by too much traders that they eventually end up losing it all.
And if you lose the trade that day or moment, fail to dwell on your lose and forge ahead. What should not be repeated is not taking profits and learning from your previous failures.

You should always learn from whatever the outcomes of your trading session, not letting yourself to get something
out from your previous trades, will keep you being blind with what you wanted to achieve.

It's very important to have that target and keep the knowledge that you can continuously be achieved, stop all those wrong interpretations
and allow yourself to keep improving your trading skills.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Low cost but effective solutions to gambling addiction on: October 22, 2023, 01:45:59 PM
What are the other low cost but very effective solutions to gambling addiction. And typically how long will it take before the addict starts to feel more in control and less withdrawal symptoms?
Will totally appreciate your responses. Thanks.

Addicted to gambling and want to stop. In essence, you have to have a sincere mindset and let go of what has happened to yourself first, before doing therapy. If I may add, try to traumatize yourself because of gambling, create a little guilt about what we did before so that the trauma can stick with us. When the feeling of wanting to gamble comes, this method will certainly work, even though it's not easy.

But most people who are addicted to gambling will stop completely if at one point they no longer have any assets and lose their loved ones.

Maybe the cheapest way to get rid of a gambling addiction is to leave your current residence and look for a new environment. In essence, you have to look for a new circle free from gambling so that we are no longer influenced by the surrounding environment. God willing, this will work.

Encourage those of you who want to get rid of gambling addiction, have good intentions, one day you will definitely recover.
Making ourselves feel the trauma of losing when gambling, I don't think the point is that it will necessarily make us get rid of our gambling habits, I think this will result in other bad things if we are deterred from gambling. Those who have lost all their money may not necessarily be able to get rid of their gambling habits if they themselves do not have the desire to leave the gambling they are playing.

I agree with the cheap method you mentioned, if we have tried a lot and have not succeeded in abandoning the gambling activities we are doing, it is better for us to look for a new environment and look for activities that make us unable to gamble.

The chance of trying it again once you have some money to use is still possible for that gambler who loses a lot of gambling.

No doubt that since they already experienced defeats, the first thing in mind is how to recover
and by trying some luck when money is available can be an option for them.

It's for sure that taking that extra mile to help yourself by acquiring professional to help might have
good positive effect if you are really willing to quit away from gambling.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: October 16, 2023, 09:11:03 PM
Lillard finally made his debut with the Bucks. They defeated the Lakers on the road by 11 points (108-97) for the Bucks. He played only 22 minutes and 23 seconds, but his production wasn't that impressive, with a 3-10 shooting performance for the whole game, which is not what we were expecting. I guess he is still adjusting to his new team, or maybe he hasn't taken it too seriously since it's just the preseason.

But there is some positive news from the team; the points are well-distributed, which means the ball movement is on point.

Lopez    11
Antetokounmpo 16
Payne 12
Connaughton   12
Portis 10
I know almost everyone realizes this but it is only a pre-season performance. As you have pointed out, the ball movement is more important sign for them. Obviously Giannis and Lillard will shoot the most positions but if they can get good performance from the rest of the team, then they might have a real chance. But we cannot expect Lillard to join the team and bam! 25-30 points, especially on a pre-season game. I am actually quite excited about the league this year, after the recent developments, like Wemby and this new Bucks team.

I would say that the performance from Damian Lillard was very decent, to be honest. And it looks like he will be able to perform well enough with the team. But obviously, there is a thing we should understand that it is preseason right now. If he will be able to continue his performance consistently throughout the season is something we will have to watch later on. I think he still has the capability of performing well in the actual competitive matches, but overall the Bucks team does look to be good right now. They have a lot of potential. Let's see if they can perform up to the expectations.

Indeed,  still in preseason so we are just witnessing performance same like a exhibition game, the real potential of the team will be witnessed in the regular season, knowing Dame his contributions will be more compared  with how he comes out from that game against the Lakers,  there's always  room for improvement.

For sure he will find that rhythm and with the help of Giannis and the rest of the Bucks squad they will be able to find ways winning every game if possible.
10  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you deal with financial stress? on: October 05, 2023, 01:12:07 PM
It is not really easy and that is because we only read and hear success stories of businessmen that were already successful in the paths that they took. But if you'll ask them how they've been through, they'll answer you honestly that it is not easy.
Yes, giving a business a long time to build up before expecting a return on investment is very important as a sustenance of the business because during that time,  the business will be able to build up enough liquidity that will propel its future suitability and also geared the business towards a successful part along the line.

Although the part of being an easy aspect comes from the ability of the business owner to remain consistent and meet up with the business's daily demands and at some point the economic challenges that affects some business may be external forces such as government regulations that have a direct impact on your area of business,  so in all sense of it requires hard works,  resilience and other attributes to be able to stay ahead in business.

You need to allow yourself to learn more about the business and anticipate all the possible impacts a single mistake can harm you
with your investment, you need to allow yourself to be more productive and not just stagnant and just waiting for the outcome,

Extra efforts to learn and execute those learnings to make sure that it will help, financial stress is always present you just need to have
that ways to escape and not to let that stress to dominate but more on being productive to help yourself, either in business
or whatever investment you participate with your money.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: October 04, 2023, 06:40:13 AM
Steve Kerr seems ready to let Chris Paul start in the Warriors lineup. He said today that he plans to let Klay Thompson guard the opposing team’s power forward in this upcoming season. I’m not sure how long that will last as Klay certainly can’t match up against guys like Anthony Davis. I think CP3 will be coming off the bench pretty quick.

If they will experiment from that setup, I'm assuming that it will be Green to play as their center.

Possible to see Steph, CP3, Wiggins, Klay and Green, very small line up but if the offense will click it's also
a good running game play for this starting unit.

Though like you mentioned, Placing Klay to guard the power forward someone like AD and Giannis might
tough for him, knowing that after that hard injury, they might be putting him at risk.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you deal with financial stress? on: October 02, 2023, 03:25:04 AM
Economic and financial conditions are of course increasingly difficult to predict, many types of investments going bankrupt means we cannot depend on one or two types of investments, continuing to look for business and investment opportunities is important for our finances to continue to improve.

Continue to venture yourself with available business that you know you can excel is possible, like what you mentioned
it's difficult to predict if what will happen to the one that you are supporting.

Chances that bankruptcy can happen and you need to move forward and find another business or investment to cover
losses that you got from the previous will give you another opportunity to work it out.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: September 30, 2023, 01:01:20 AM
Considering Murray/Jokic PNR play ended up with a finals and a title, I am sure that one with Dame and Giannis must be better. However, now is the time for the coaches to sit down and watch every single Nuggets game ever and see if they can do the same or not, that should be the most important part.

I know that they can't do "exactly" the same thing, but between studying them and any other PNR play they could find, I am sure that they are going to dominate that play. They need to make it as good as they possibly could in order to abuse that system. Dame can get in or shoot, Giannis can roll, so his defender can't left him be, but if they switch then Giannis can cook, it is the theoretical unstoppable duo to play.

Yes, if they can work it out and established that bonds, it will be difficult to any defender if switch happen that quick sure
basket for Giannis, knowing how hard he attacks the basket.

Still early and we need to wait for them to start getting that connection, with the addition of Dame
to the squad. We will see more on pressure outside.

Both Middleton and Dame will give Giannis space once he executes the one on one, since both stars
have that threat outside.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling all about luck? on: September 28, 2023, 02:05:36 PM
In my opinion making cash from gambling is not a good option and the statistical probability that you will win every game at every casino is very low. I think winning or losing every game is completely in your head, so your individual tricks are not there. However, we all have some kind of luck so we should strive for what is possible for us.
Gambling definitely depend on luck. there is no strategy in gambling that can guarantee anyone a profit. here luck is needed more than skill. For those who are lucky, they can win huge amounts. and such a lucky person is rarely found. Gambling can be a great thing for those who are lucky, but for those who are unlucky, gambling always leads to bad experiences. And so it must be said that gambling is always dependent on luck
Yes, it is. There are gamblers who even if known as skilled and really good in gambling, they can still lose because they are not lucky enough to win. For example in card games, even if you have a good set of cards and the hand of your opponent is really lucky to have a better set of cards, you can't beat it using only your skill.

Indeed, you can't win with your skills alone and with that example of yours there's nothing you can do if your card is not giving you
the best set to win the game.

More on how luck back you up with such one, the chance of making money is really good, it's just your
set limitation that will wisely give you the chance to win a decent amount money.

Luck and skills combine plus wise decision making. You'll going to leave the house with the chance to bring
good amount of winnings.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The madness of gambling addicts. on: September 27, 2023, 03:24:15 AM

There are gamblers who gamble with common sense they are not addicted to the gambling and therefore they are not trouble some for the families and friends.

It is only those gamblers who are addicted , become annoying for their families, use excessive money and even their mood and their way of life becomes extremely disturbed cause of the gambling addiction.

I agree with your opinion, that a gambler will not become an addict if he is aware of all the risks when playing, if he plays too much, puts money in the hope of winning, of course that is impossible, on the contrary he will lose. all the money will be lost. And that will cause problems in his family and the problem in him is that he will regret having done that without thinking about other people.

If all heavy gamblers were aware of the excessive activities they were doing, there would be no such thing as a gambling addict. there will be no future for a gambling addict if they continue to follow their greedy desires and have no intention of changing it, in my country online gambling addiction is a real concern for the government, there are many parties who are at a loss, apart from that the average gambling addict will be involved in bad loans, their families will continue to be victims.

Unfortunately, they are not and or they don't care about it, they are on the side where they are thinking that they are still
in control of what they are doing.

Sad true that when someone got addicted, they are not the only one who's getting the problem, but also
those who are close with them, especially the family that cares about them or the family who are relying
with them. All are also affected and if the person would not accept it, the problem will be keep worse.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: September 26, 2023, 08:39:20 PM

We only see a few of those kinds of altercations in the NBA, and that adds to the excitement of the game, actually. Klay vs. Booker, there's no way I will side with Booker, even though he is the better player. Basketball is a team game, not an individual one. Booker may boast about his stats, but Klay will just remind him of his 4 rings. I think Booker needs to win a championship first.

If not for CP3, the Suns wouldn't be a playoff team, that's a fact.

Too bad KD is in the Suns this season and Booker couldn't prove anything as long as KD is there except by going into the NBA championship this season. anyway, if they can go to the playoffs and win against the Denver Nuggets if ever they happen to be fighting to get to the next round, then that would be a huge improvement for them because we all know after that, it would be easy games unless they gonna go against the GSW once again but this time without CP3 and that's the best game we will ever see in the NBA playoffs this season.

Winning against the Nuggets, I would say that's a major success already because the Nuggets are the defending champions. Their confidence will be overflowing if that happens. Of course, we cannot expect that other teams will be the same as last season; the Warriors and the Lakers will probably improve, and that makes their journey still unpredictable. CP3 is a good facilitator. I don't know if their individual offenses (Durant, Booker, and Beal) would be enough to make the team stronger now without CP3.

If individual talent will be able to align with the system that might work both within their offense and defense,

though it's really tough to combine individual talents most of the time they will either rely or take charge in each plays that they will going to call.

We can't conclude what can it be for the Suns till we don't see them playing all together,.

17  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you deal with financial stress? on: September 25, 2023, 11:07:25 AM
It is stressful really if we think about it every day but what I did is to keep looking for an opportunity that would increase my income because this is the only way it help me to survive.
 - in this time when inflation is really at its worst, time to learn how to make a budget wisely because even if we have a huge salary, it won't be enough if we never use it wisely. It is quite a challenge indeed, especially if you only have a single source of income that is why we should adapt to the situation that we need to limit our expenses in order to give room for an opportunity to invest or start a small business.

The stress was the common fact now,because we are in the environment with multiple stress to the same person.If the person mother get sudden health problem due to old age,the son will totally helpless.He should work for the additional income to manage their mother medical expenses.The person should not start to take more loan for the medical expenses,because if your mother had two or three son.Then you can balance the money for your mother medical expenses.But if you are the only son of your mother,you need take care of both medical and home expenses.

Such an example will determine how responsible you are and how you will be managed to work with such stress, not just a financial thing but also emotional as you are trying to survive your mother's health while taking care of finances.

Most of the time, people will go further than he will value the medical condition of his mother and take all
the risk of loaning money just to survive, common reaction if you value the worth or your love one, not just
for the mother, though, but for someone that you value as well.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing] Inoue vs Tapales for Unified Super Bantamweight Title - November on: September 25, 2023, 09:51:01 AM
Also the former champion, although upset by Tapales, I think Akhmadaliev is still good test for Inoue.

But Inoue's first goal will be the other champion in Tapales.

Why would Inoue go down to fight a boxer who has already lost to a fighter he beat, in case he wins against Tapales? It wouldn't excite the fans anymore. I think he should go up against either Nery or Casimero. But as a fan, I would vote for Casimero over Nery, so that finally Inoue won't be bashed by some Filipino fans who think Inoue is afraid of Casimero.

Same with your sentiment, not sure if Inoue will seek for AKhmadaliev since the fighter already lost his belt with Tapales, might be possible to take either Casimero or Nery after he successfully beats Tapales.

Almost there for Casimero if ever Inoue will stay for a while after unifying all the belts in this division
maybe Casimero's fans will try to hype this to bring the attentions of the promoter to make it happen.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Typical scenario when you are losing on: September 25, 2023, 09:30:20 AM
An irresponsible gambler usually ends up with a gambling addiction and an unsuccessful gambling journey wherein they see gambling as a source of stress rather than a source of fun. We should have the proper mindset and preference when it comes to gambling so we'll know how to deal with it properly.
This is an interesting point and one that can help a person to very quickly determine if their gambling is under control or not, if gambling has stopped being fun and instead of being a source of entertainment is a source of stress then this is a problem, as this most likely means that some kind of gambling issue is developing, if it has not fully developed already, so anyone which makes that realization must stop gambling immediately and look for help.

Yeah, if you can identify that situation and are still in control, better to stop and not to continue your engagement. You are about to enter the possible addiction stage and if you continue to proceed, lots of worse things are waiting for you.

If you already feeling that pressure and stress and most of the time it's only gambling that circulates
inside your brain, better to assess yourself while you can still break that and choose to be wise in quitting
the situation.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: I wonder if food prices in your country have also increased? on: September 25, 2023, 09:07:08 AM
Yes, the food is very expensive here, its prices almost doubled or tripled, so you really have to adjust.
In the past few days, I've been struggling a bit because the salary I used to earn was not enough, so I thought of getting a part time job so that I could somehow save a little. So you really need to make an extra effort to eat three times a day. The cost of living will even be much higher in the future
Problems like this seem to have become quite common. That is, the salary we receive does not increase, but the price of daily necessities increases and makes the salary we get, which is usually enough to meet our needs, not enough to meet our needs. High inflation that has not stopped at all is a problem for the majority of people throughout the world today. And you are right that extra effort is needed so that we can survive and still have money left to save and invest. Working part time has now become a trend that many people do to increase their income.

Extra effort and a big need for proper education on how you budget your money. No wonder it's not just with a third world country but also with 1st class economy.

Everyone in the world, especially those who are on the poor side of each country, has this issue,
they can live a life with a surviving method, things that needed to think first before you spend your money
in order to continue moving forward.
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