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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are bounty programs or airdrops more profitable to participate in? on: July 04, 2022, 11:24:17 PM
if we work totally in airdrop project , many times ita give alot reward than bounty campaign. There alot potential airdrop that may we meet and give thousands dollar.
airdrops also have so many shitcoins, it's 99 out of 100 that you gonna encounter shitcoin airdrops and get useless reward, I think it kinda depends on how you could choose the project.
after all it's always the shit projects that populate airdrops most of the time, currently the high quality airdrops always require some kind of staking like in binance where you are required to stake some amount to get airdrop of a project.
shitcoin not found only on airdrop prgram, event project that launched on good launchpad like binance could be too. Take a look on mexc pad, alot shitcoin created there although as we know mexc was one of good exchange with high trading volume.
Being launched or having sale even on top ranking exchange platforms doesnt really signify that it would be a huge success or would really be having that price to be rise up in the future wont be an assurance or totally a misconception for some people thats why it do always carries a certain risk whenever you do consider on joining ICO or pre-sale investment or even dealing with bounty programs and  airdrops on which you cant really tell if a project does have potential or not but of course you could still do such thing about having in depth research on a particular project and make out your own
judgement whether its a good one or not but of course not every decision turns out to be positive thats why you should prepare yourself on what would be the result or outcome.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: COVID had widened the gap between world's richest and poorest on: July 04, 2022, 10:18:35 PM

The entire tourism industry has been affected by the pandemic. International air travel and land travel have been markedly reduced. Travel agencies suffered significant losses and many stopped their work during this time. Today's crisis will kill many food manufacturers and especially food manufacturers. So covid it was not the scariest adventure in our life, unfortunately.
Yes, all sectors are affected by the pandemic and it is unavoidable,
both the state and business actors will experience a decrease in turnover and even losses,
but we must also be grateful that the pandemic is gradually recovering
But the tourism industry has taken the worst hit, and still not recovered back to before the pandemic. The tourism industry is where most of the low class make their money in developing countries. The case of Sri Lanka is the best example of this. Laos is also soon to become the next victim. The tourism industry helps to bring in foreign money which increases their foreign reserve. Low foreign reserve, you can't buy the most commodities and pay back foreign debts to borrow more. This could even turn the country into default (Sri Lanka) and hurt people from the low class further
Does the current covid situation becoming even more worst?

Seeing its parabolic pattern which it seems that we are on the end of this phase unless if there would be new variant.  Embarrassed

Edit: It does really have that shit new variant once again.

Dont know if these things are already real or not and they just keep on popping out like mushrooms.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Reasons why people avoid KYC in gambling casino ? on: July 04, 2022, 09:17:35 PM
In general, when AI knows too much about you is frustrating. And i wouldn't like to share my info with any site, no matter whether it is casino or an online shop.
But there are some services you will not access without KYC, that is why most centralized platforms are using KYC to nail down they customers, take binance for example. Nobody can access the exchange without going through the KYC process.

When Binance added mandatory KYC I simply moved to another exchange! It's not like they are the only crypto exchange...

I don't like KYC, and I will avoid it whenever I can. For me words like decentralization and freedom have some weight, it's what crypto should be all about! So why KYC?! All services can find another way to fight against abuse. Luckily we still have, and I believe we will always have, places that are full crypto!
On the time that Binance asked out some KYC then i did make out some transfer on Kucoin but eventually i did come back on using Binance which it did really convinced me to verify myself
because cant really just deny that Binance is having that kind of functionality and overall UI/UX which is something that you cant really see on any platform which it do really make
it great and cant be beat out easily thats why despite of such changes even though i do really give importance on anonymity but it did really convinced me and
do make out some exemptions on this situation but well its a personal preference so its up really to someone on how they would really be dealing with it not only
on exchange platforms but also in gambling casinos as well.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Best time to buy or wait a little bit ? on: July 04, 2022, 08:19:23 PM
I have two options - either buy now or wait for a further drop.
Everybody does only have two option for them to take whether they would wait further or would make some step for them to get in with the current price that we do have in the market.
Actually this is the hard part when making out decision because everything is totally unpredictable and speculative because this is how this market works. Buying and selling decisions
will really be depending on someone because not all does have that kind of decision taking on situations like this but if you are aware and does have that kind of awareness and knowledge
about or in connected with the market then you would really be at least have the idea on what you would gonna do when you do trade.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tips on How to Manage Gambling Addiction an Open Discussion. on: July 01, 2022, 09:48:51 PM
Divert yourself into other activities and if you do find out that you cant do it alone then this is the time you would really seek out for help from your loved ones or friends which would really make yourself
divert out if you are really that serious on quitting gambling for good or on the time you do realize that you had found yourself to be that addicted already on gambling. Once addiction do shackles you on
then you would really be having a hard time on getting out from it thats why you should really be that sensible and be aware on what are the actions you are taking. Play on the amount you can afford to lose and dont make gambling to be your main source of income because you cant really able to do so and thats how reality works.
I've been an gambling addict before and diverting into other things made me slow down doing gambling and focus on more important things. I've entered many hobbies with the intention to avoid gambling and divert my time into focusing in these things that made me happy on things I achieved with these hobbies. Today, I'm proud that I can avoid playing gambling when I think I need to stop, I can control myself from temptation of playing a lot and I improved my relationship in real life given that I spend more time with them and lessen their stress knowing that I'm a gambling addict before. I'm glad that I didn't resort to consulting into professionals just to make me control my gambling addiction. I'm still playing gambling from time to time now but I can fully control it.
Everything would be in self acceptance and willingness on stopping gambling addiction then nothing is impossible.It is really just depending on self acceptance and willingness on changing yourself for good.
Nothing is impossible if you are really that dedicative on quitting and go for the better good or something you do seem to be worth which is to quit gambling and fix your financial  situation yet we know that addiction could really give or make big destruction in terms of finances if it wasnt able to stop it early or it do becomes severe. Quitting addiction might easy to be said but its not really that
something simple that could really be done by someone when they are on the actual situation.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Are bounties dead? on: July 01, 2022, 08:21:21 PM
I think bounty isnít death yet but the idems fo rewards quality very low even if you got 100$ from a bounty then you are so lucky hunter. Personally this year i got 300$ something from bounty which is very low amount compare my hard work. Bounty is my part time job so i can't avoid it even bounty will profitable when start bull market. Because bull market is possible for good quality bounty.
Very low in terms of;

1. Project quality we do have today
2. Utility
3. Legitness/ credibility
4. Payment success

Surprisingly if you do look on bounties board or section then there's still lots of projects which are still really running up and surprisingly
there are still lots of bounty hunters who do come after on joining up these bounties believing that they could really still make out some significant amount of money
which i couldnt blame them off because it does really give out that kind of chance but of course hitting  the right one is really just finding a needle
on a haystack which is the toughest challenge of all.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: Irrelevance of Education in Nigeria. on: June 30, 2022, 11:24:15 PM
The adage (school na scam)by most Nigerian is becoming realistic.for a country to grow and develop,it most invest in is human capital.presently.universities, polytechnics and colleges are on strike.the educational system of the country is very poor.

Another problem is high unemployment rate: most graduate that are are qualified and ready to work,are not employed which is decrease the rate at which people go to school.
   With the poor educational system of the country, skills acquisition and empowerment is also low which worsened the situation.
It's sad but a very big problem in developing/ underdeveloped economies especially in African countries like Nigeria that how their literacy rates are damn too low and people still Live in the third world. Problem with these countries is the vicious circle actually, you have to do either of two things first, either educate your population too much so that companies come into your country to trade or bring in companies to generate employment so that people see lucrative opportunities and study. This is the reason development of human capital takes a lot of time.
Their government should really be thinking up that way rather than on hurrying up theirselves on minding about band-aid solution on developing their economy.Some might be saying that this idea is considerable or ideal but its not. Lets say that education might not be necessary on some aspects or key areas but nothing beats out if a country does have lots of literate people who could possibly
able to do jobs which might those foreign investor might able to see and might built up some business which would really be a potential for helping in terms of development.
Its just a wrong mindset or solution if they would go switch up with that speaking of irrelevance of education.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tips on How to Manage Gambling Addiction an Open Discussion. on: June 30, 2022, 09:24:01 PM
I think its very hard to change behaviors that turn into habits. Considering the fact that our body literally produces hormones that will effect our psychological health if we keep following our routine. Gambling as a habit is no different. Best way to finish this habit turning into addiction is to cut your brain wires symbolically. You should stop yourself producing that harmful hormone making you slave.

Managing addiction in general is very hard to change or remove it in our personality. But if we do the proper management in our daily habit during gambling activity.I think as a gambler where going to have a good result in the end.
However, it is still better to lessen the habits we had in the gambling until we will notice that addiction in the gambling will be disappear in the end.

One of the positive things that an addicted gambler can do is to take a few steps away from the casino and have a safe distance to a circle of friends that could bring the gambler again to the casino or platform, that will certainly be a struggle at first because the gambler is already used to the gambling environment but if that said gambler is certain to get his life straight then I don't see a way that he won't endure that struggle.
Divert yourself into other activities and if you do find out that you cant do it alone then this is the time you would really seek out for help from your loved ones or friends which would really make yourself
divert out if you are really that serious on quitting gambling for good or on the time you do realize that you had found yourself to be that addicted already on gambling. Once addiction do shackles you on
then you would really be having a hard time on getting out from it thats why you should really be that sensible and be aware on what are the actions you are taking. Play on the amount you can afford to lose and dont make gambling to be your main source of income because you cant really able to do so and thats how reality works.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: The cryptocurrency market is currently a hot spot for whales. on: June 30, 2022, 08:16:24 PM
The cryptocurrency market is now quite sensitive and to think that it can "absorb" any difficulties is not very correct, as for me.
No one had stated that it could absorb any sentiments that do happen around even though its believed that outside events or news couldnt typically made out some significant effect anytime on this market and also this isnt only a playground for those whales if we do talk about crypto market because in other markets and investment as well then they do usually love to hang or deal with it which is really very
common for them to do so because whales do love to dive in on whatever things that they do see that they could really make out money or profits thats why having that financial capacity
could really be having that pure advantage which isnt something surprising.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Reasons why people avoid KYC in gambling casino ? on: June 30, 2022, 07:13:32 PM
Like or not.

KYC will be needed, however don't mind to share my "ID" as long the reason is valid. But, most the time because we're winning to much they're using this scheme for holding our money. KYC is also to identified you're 18+ enough for playing in casino.

So yeah, you like it or not still need to do "KYC" as long the reason is valid.
We dont really have actually the choice if ever they would really be tending to ask for that whether its needed initially or on the time you do win big.Its not really that a big problem if you are dealing with
a legit or known platforms but we know that everything cant really be trusted even if it seems that they are.So expect that you would be potentially asked out and just like others said that i dont really mind
much but there are people who do really mind about their identity so its up to your whether you do proceed or do look for another place but expect that it is subjected to change
so you cant really avoid on that if ever they would tend to do so.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: More than 5 WBTC (BTC) was stolen from my Metamask wallet!!! on: June 29, 2022, 11:26:15 PM
You didn't aware if have been installing a software that already contained virus from the hacker. This is the most possible answer for your case. There was no notification on sending from the metamask as this doesn't require 2fa. That's why 2fa implementation in metamask is the most important thing. Storing in exchange site was a bit better rather than metamask. Why do you put all of your money in metamask?
You shall learn a lot from this case. If you are holding bunch of money and better to store it into the exchange sites which so many security verification or cold wallet.
Storing on exchange site wallet is more worth than on a non custodial wallet like metamask? Dont know on where you do get that idea and consideration but its never been recommendable on storing
your funds into any centralized platform on which you dont have the full control of it or simply doesnt really have the private keys or seeds on your wallet which is totally opposite on what we do have
in metamask.It turns out that op did make out some mistake on installing something which it resulted on getting hacked which isnt something new.If you do know about these potential risk
then you would really be that hesitant on downloading something on your pc thats why its really suggested on following those common security measures to at least avoid these kind of circumstances.
12  Economy / Speculation / Re: Can I recommend a friend to buy Bitcoin now? on: June 29, 2022, 10:13:00 PM
Anyone or everyone can recommend anyone to buy Bitcoin now or tomorrow. No matter when you do it, just do it. Because with a recommendation or first purchase, a persons interest in learning or achieving something new will start growing. Even if the purchase will be unprofitable, a person will get an experience, and that is something more valuable. Lets suppose that such knowledge will help him not to mistake in future, or take a right decision. Knowledge is always good.
That's true but one should start with good knowledge and understanding and the risks to face before recommending it but most of them will regret it and will even blame us and bitcoin after accepting the loss.
I prefer to provide understanding and knowledge beforehand and the risks that will be faced before recommending it, after that it's up to them whether they want to do it or not.
actually now is a good time to recommend it and recommend it for long term and strong patience, and don't forget to recommend buying it with money you can afford to lose.
The one thing that do hesitates me on recommendations is that i dont really like to be blamed in the end of the day thats why i never intent to tell someone nor introduce it unless if there are some close
friends or relatives that do ask me then i do answer out and talk about them with the basics.Never give them some assurances on making money or profits on easy way because we know the truth
that it isnt really having that way on which making money is totally hard but if we do talk about utility and application then we cant really be having problems yet explaining would really be simple
if you do really actually have the knowledge and not really just focusing on that money making part but not surprising people would really be that interested on how to make money
which is something not surprising.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is it possible to control Gambling behaviors? on: June 29, 2022, 09:20:09 PM
It can really be controlled and that one would be starting from yourself.

- Strong self discipline
- Strong control of emotion
- Limited or dont go beyond border lines in terms of spending
- Dont believe one easy money or making yourself rich with gambling.

Once you do have this kind of mindset or beliefs and you strictly followed it
then making yourself addicted through gambling is less likely to happen.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading Emotions on: June 29, 2022, 08:07:17 PM
Emotions work most of the time on trading platforms. If there is no emotion in a person, he will never be considered as a person.Emotions awaken people. I am sharing as much as I know from my own experience I first made some money from futures trading. Ever since then I have had a different passion that has always driven me towards trading.In that passion, I have made a lot of profit and lost a lot by trading on trading platforms.That is why I say that people are successful today because they have emotions.

When it comes to trading, controlling your emotions is the most difficult thing to do. Many experienced traders also often fail to control their emotions and make wrong decisions. I also made a lot of money by trading and I lost that money by trading. So trading is a place where you can gain as much as you can control yourself. Those of us who take some good trades then lose those profits again due to some wrong trades. They should pay more attention to controlling trading emotions so that profits can be retained.
Its one of the challenges that you would really be needing to be controlled or to be done whenever you do tend to make involvement with this unpredictable or volatile market on which emotions do really
play a big thing on everytime you do make out decisions whether it could really put you into bad decisions or something making some good call.If you arent really that good on handling your emotions
then it would really be that hard for you to handle different conditions or situations in the market which this thing would cause for you to make out bad decisions which would be the reason for you to
lose money thats why you should really be minding on handling out your emotions because if you dont then this would really be a big thing that will really be a big hindrance or factor that could
affect any trading decisions you do make.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: How to choose a casino? on: June 28, 2022, 07:24:06 PM
I've always said that if you want to see something and chose something , better go and see it with your own eyes. I rarely trust someone who makes reviews about a certain product , website or anything else so I chose to go and check by myself and so far I was never disappointed with my choices. On casinos , I always went with the META as believe it or not , there is a META system even in the gamblers world. That means , whatever is new and fresh , people will check it instantly.
This is why demo gambling is such an important thing. There needs to be free faucets in all of the casinos, so that you could gamble with that free bet and eventually you will get something in return of that. It means that you will be able to test the casino before you can actually deposit. If we are asked to deposit money to a place where we haven't played before and then expected that we are going to end up gambling there like we have been there for many years, just to judge if we like the place or not, then we are going to skip many other casinos. But if we are given that free option then we are going to use it for sure.
Majority of casinos does have that faucet which is something been there for testing out the site if you are really that somewhat interested but we cant really deny that those amounts wont really be that
enough before you could really tell that the site is good yet deep inside you are really anticipating or expecting something positive will happen and this is where you do make out those kind of impressions
whether it would be positive or negative.We do have our own ways on how to check certain things and judge them accordingly on our preference and likes.Some doesnt like to test out using faucets
and directly make out some deposit as long they could see that there are lots of people who had been playing on the platform then this is their main criteria on choosing.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: You win or you learn. on: June 28, 2022, 06:41:21 PM

There comes learning after every failure in the cryptocurrency world. We can't get the result that we want here unless we'll deal with the market situation. The best thing that we can do is to accept losses and take lessons from them. Sometimes we only have to have the right mindset that crypto investment isn't a shortcut to success. It's a long journey that is full of lessons until we'll have the knowledge and courage to deal with every market situation.
sometime a few things are worth not giving time and energy. Its better to learn from other people mistakes and do not indulge in those activities which are worth not your time and energy. better safe than sorry!
Would really be just common sense neither you would really be that avoiding or tending to engage a particular thing basing on what you are seeing because you could neither see if its worth or not.
Its true that it isnt necessary for you to experience those things first before you would avoid it in next time on which you could able to do it once you are aware since you had made out some
research or you've been fully aware on whats happening around which is really an advantage rather on having zero knowledge or awareness at all.Mistakes are there as always yet we dont start on being
a pro which does mean that we are really prone to that but not all would really be having that kind of mindset on how you would gonna handle up things along the way but its not really
that bad to have that kind of consideration on learning something in advance.
17  Economy / Gambling / Re: How do you know how to trust online sportsbooks? on: June 27, 2022, 11:11:41 PM
If you want to join a sportsbook, you must first read the overview. Real sportsbook requires a readable and printable license agreement. This is the basis for determining whether each user acts legally and complies with the laws of each country. The license requires the user to complete the terms and conditions without advertisements or changes. you have to know their deposit and withdrawn system. Is there any KYC process?. How much time will need to take withdraw? It is better to join Sportsbook knowing all the issues like what country it is operated from or how it is controlled. You can find out more about these topics by searching online and there are many topics or posts in this forum as well that you can find out about the feedback. If all the requirements are fulfilled then you can apply to this sportsbook.

I believe this forum, the gambling board and gambling discussion board are very comprehensive references when it comes to crypto gambling.
For me, if you want to know a specific casino or sportsbook, just head to their respective thread here and you will learn a lot more as compared to the reviews outside.
No filter about the reviews or feedbacks, and you will get a lot more information about how they respond to their players.
If you want a brief overview of the site, you can check the trust summary of their representative to see if they have existing complaints.

Sometimes you also need to see who are those people gives their feedbacks because sometimes there are casino thread creator pays a thread bumper just to show to the forum users that they have relevance and their casino is good according to their paid reviews. But threads here is really a good reference its just we need to scan those reviews if that one came from legitimate people who test their casino and not those fake nor spamming users.
You could really able to determine which one is real and which one is just simply shilling or trying out to ruin a site reputation but we know that there are some people who do easily believed on what they do see thats why in depth research and clarifications or verification if you are in doubt of those reviews thats why its ideal that you should really be looking for high ranking account advises most of the time but there are some exclusions since not all would really be giving out their honest review yet most of them are just neither been paid to make positive feedbacks or something like that.
Trusting any platforms isnt something hard to be done, you can simply search for the most reputable or popular which does automatically consider that they are legit and does have that good
services that it do gives.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Every "Bitcoin is Dead Headline" is a Buying Opportunity on: June 27, 2022, 10:34:34 PM
I think that's a strategy from whales, when whales spread FUD the price will also be cheap because almost all traders are provoked by it,
and cause everyone to panic sell, and this is the reason, Whales will buy cheaply and accumulate, then PUMP arrives!
this is what's on my mind, I don't know, but usually it's a fact.
Yeah, Headlines like these are just a typical headline for doing spreading FUD and to make a panic to the community. Most of us who knows how the market works and has an idea on what actually happening won't be affected but imagine those crypto users who just got in and has no idea what is currently happening, I'm sure they will be the most affected with headlines like these. Addition to that is if the publisher is well known such as forbes that makes the article more valid that will put up more pressure on new crypto users.
For experienced users then something like this couldnt really affect us but for those who are just new or had recently known this market are the ones who do mainly affected by this one.
Bitcoin is dead headline out of those news sources then its not something that surprising where it do really scares us to make some panic sell or alter out our buying decisions which some people
do really fail just because they had been mainly affected by their emotions or seeing something like this which it cant really be blamed out since we are just human and having these reactions
are common but once you do gain that knowledge then you would really be see the other way around on which its an opportunity for you to buy cheap.
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: Bitcoin Casinos Vs Ethereum Casinos on: June 27, 2022, 08:50:16 PM
I think Bitcoin casino is the most popular gambling platform. It is better to gamble on Bitcoin. On the other hand, the gas fee for ether is comparatively very high so many people are not willing to play with this coin. In addition, the Etherium platform may not be available everywhere. Gamblers are not willing to gamble on any alt coin rather than bitcoin.

Yah gas fees are high with ETH than Bitcoin and many prefer to play with Bitcoin rather than other altcoins. But yes obviously not only Bitcoin and ETH, there will be other altcoins entering into the market and not sure if they are in already. However, most prefer to play with their local currency and they are much comfortable with it besides there are lots chances to gain more when played with crypto currencies.
If we do see or compare the ETH or gas fees as of this moment

66 gwei
Base: 65 | Priority: 1
$1.62 | ~ 30 secs

66 gwei
Base: 65 | Priority: 1
$1.62 | ~ 30 secs

66 gwei
Base: 65 | Priority: 1
$1.62 | ~ 30 secs

Since everything is cheap now then i dont see for it to be an issue.
Confirmation time might differ but not really that much of an issue.
So its up to you on what you would gonna use.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Re: Bitcoin, Dogecoin Gain After Musk's Tweets, But Will There Be Another Bull Run? on: June 27, 2022, 07:41:37 PM
already familiar to Dogecoin, especially because of Elon Musk,
we all know that Elon Musk has great power because he is an influencer be it stocks,
crypto and even property, when he talks about Doge, Bitcoin and even stocks, the price goes up,
this is the plus from elon musk, we can't avoid it, because it's a gift he has
Investors already know that Elon Musk is a manipulator. He was using his fame to influence people and hype coins like Doge for his own benefit. People are now aware of what he did and I don't think his tweets would be as powerful as before. Investors are now aware and have learned that listening to influencers won't make them gain profit all the time.
Cant really be proved out on being a manipulator since those tweets are just normal opinion and something words came out from him but the community do really make out some reactions according to it
which did really make out some significant effect or movement on the entire market.We cant directly tell that he's a manipulator but something like him could really make out some noise in the market
neither it would  ended or result up into pumps or dumps and this is because the community do really make out some reaction towards fundamentals and news or events in the market.
Totally he couldnt really be blamed out but since we do have that history then its impossible that people wont learnt up those things happen in the past on how the market behaves
whenever this man do give out some words but we know that we arent that dumb on not to learn and notice something.
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