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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 06:56:32 PM
1. Every time I withdraw from I have to confirm an e-mail, how could a hacker take your funds? (as far as I know the e-mail cannot be changed).

2. Why do not you post (real) proofs?, for example, the transactions involved in your funding your account + a signed message showing you control that address.

I am not saying you are lying, but random claims against a reputable site are not something you should believe without proper proofs. I remember once a guy was claiming Directbet took his money, finally it was proved he was just trying to scam them.

I have no issues signing with almost all of the adresses used for deposit. The ones I can't sign with are from polo.
Meanwhile they solved my case and got back the chips too.
I hope there is no issue posting their reply here.

Betcoin Jessica: The problem is we are
3 hours 59 min ago

The problem is we are constantly dealing with hackers, stealers, cheaters, liars and much much more. Your original account is open and you can login to it. You should change your password as we don't have other players in the same situation as you which makes us question many of your comments. Realize that we don't know who you are and we have many thousands of players who are not experiencing these issues that also play everyday. Good luck and we are here for you anytime.

Here are the transfers from the tx history:

I finish playing, and cashout
   12/29/2015 4:28am
(1 week 9 hours ago)   300.10 debit (Bitcoin)
Withdrawal Address: 1NmQm3sXLZ84xmVBXCXUNARSD5APcr**** Arg2: 109235

about six hours later the guy cashes out my remaining funds
   12/29/2015 10:46am
(1 week 2 hours ago)   419.00 debit (Bitcoin)
Withdrawal Address: 12MdDBREKNnZUavTUwSM5AHs6y45ymmPSp Arg2: 109235

he then proceeds to receive funds from this other dmoser4 guy
12/29/2015 12:14pm
(1 week 1 hour ago)   1376.00 credit (Player To Player Transfer)
ExtID: 9338829
From: dmoser4
MU is now $380.9 Schedule $4.40 200 gtd tubo Sent on: 4:25 pm $7.50 500 gtd KO $21 1k hyper turbo and another $15.50 for 2nd entry into 15k satty if u make it to late reg over then use it for 1 $10 on demand and a $5 or 2 $6 10k $30 ssattys

and then 20 min later he tries to cash out those funds too, to the same address
12/29/2015 12:33pm
(1 week 59 min ago)   1376.00 debit (Bitcoin)
Withdrawal Address: 12MdDBREKNnZUavTUwSM5AHs6y45ymmPSp Arg2: 109235   canceled   

the manager steps in and cancels the initial p2p transfer
12/30/2015 1:42pm
(5 days 23 hours ago)   1350.00 debit (Manager)
Arg1: 147535
Improper transfer   complete

and after five days in which they said absolutely nothing, after having that not so great support chat in which they accuse me of being the hacker, and after I posted here, the manager finnaly hears me out. Better late than never, so thanks.
01/05/2016 9:22am
(4 hours 10 min ago)   393.00 credit (Manager)
Arg1: 173491
Account adjustment   complete   

Now, about the bolded issues regarding other players experiencing the same issue. I state that the missing familiar faces from the tables could be because of the holidays, but. There was at least another hacked account, that dmoser4 guy that got 1300 chips ( 1.3 btc) transferred from his account to mine.
2  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 10:11:18 AM
The support being sarcastic on me was the thing that enraged me the most
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 09:42:22 AM
I was chill before they told me today I had no more money and I was also the hacker. I still have some trust in them solving my case.
Someone apparently hacked more accounts, but this is just an assumption, based on what happened to me ( which involved at least two accounts) and also on their news about mandatory passwords changes here
Being a regular player, I noticed that MOST of the players that were on the tables daily are missing now, but that could be due to the holidays.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 08:29:56 AM
attached this to further prove it is my account, if it matters Sad
5  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 08:20:06 AM
if account was hacked then not stolen your money but the guy who hacked your account did.I might be wrong but at first view of your post looks like this is situation.

They have a 48h withdrawal period. Since my account was hacked until it was blocked less than 24 hours passed. Since it was blocked, the cashout shouldn't get through.
6  Economy / Gambling / Re: stole my money on: January 05, 2016, 08:07:36 AM
It went like this, around Christmas:

I log in in the morning, as usual. It is a good day, I make some profit and I cash out 300 chips out of 719, all fine.

Next morning, I log in as usual, I sit at the tables, only to find out I can't load any money on them. I try to log on the website and I get a message saying my one time password is wrong ( never had 2fa) and that my account is blocked.

I contact support, and after a lengthy chat with Betcoin Robert I think, I find out my account was hacked. The guy asks me if I know a player dmoser, I don't know the guy. At this point I presume someone hacked my account and sent funds to this dmoser guy. I chat for like an hour with their support, stating many times that I'm able to provide signatures from my adresses or whatever else necessary to recover my account. Chilled, the support guy lets me know it will be ok, I even give him positive rating in the support feedback section, after the chat is over.

Since it was Christmas, and then New Year's eve, I don't spam daily for investigation status, assuming the guys are on vacation or something.

Today, after so much time, I decide to contact support again.
Above is my chat with them.

7  Economy / Gambling / issue, solved on: January 05, 2016, 07:59:47 AM
Account is still blocked!
Betcoin Maria joined the chat
Betcoin Maria
Can you please tell me your username?
I was hacked on Christmas
and since then my account is blocked, was supposed to be investigated
I sent two support tickets
Betcoin Maria
Our security team found out that you hacked one other account. Your account remains closed.
everyone is silent, and my account and money is missing
Betcoin Maria
You have no money on your account.
I hacked another account? what do u mean?
Betcoin Maria
Exactly that.
it was my account that was hacked
Betcoin Maria
And someone put money in it?
Yes, that does not make sense Smiley
no, someone stole money from it
450 chips
Betcoin Maria
All of the money in your account were from the other player you had hacked.
I made this account in march I think
played every day
started tables
winning player
I log in to play for christmas, my money is gone, and support tells me I was hacked
I follow through with support ticket, being assured it will be ok
now I found out what?
that u took all my money with some absurd theory?
Betcoin Maria
We never took your money
I made many bitcoins for your site in rake playing poker here Sad
why do you protect the hackers then?
and accuse the victim?
Betcoin Maria
You had ~1300 in your account that were sent to you by a player who reported he never sent them to you, and you confirmed , you do not know him.
I had 450 in my account
I cashed out 300 the other day
and was left with approxx 450
never had 1200 since september-october or so
I was struggling to get back to 1000+ but didnt have it
had 750, cashed out 300, and was left with 450
I have ALL the addresses I used for cashout, I can sign with each of them
unless I cashed out to some exchange from time to time
Betcoin Maria
The 419 you had in your account have been cashed out
it is my account, I never received transfers in december, and I want access back, and my money
i did not do that
how do you protect your players?HuhHuh?
LOYAL players, Im gold
play daily etc
It was supposed to be frozen and under investigation
Betcoin Maria
You were put under investigation a day after you cashed out those 419
if you look on the forums you will see I asked for loans
Betcoin Maria
The only money in your account, at the moment of the freeze, were the other player's funds
I did not cash out the 419
and the other chips are not mine
I want my account and my chips
swa****** and my 419 chips
Betcoin Maria
Please file in a ticket
I will file threads on all major sites regarding this
players should know what is going on here
loyal player, plays daily, gets hacked, then is accused of hacking
I filed in 3 tickets already, and no answer
Betcoin Maria
What are their IDs ?
I did not receive any confirmation email
now that I look I see Im not the only one being stolen here
just found out a thread on bitcointalk about another guy having missing funds in his account
on december 30 2015
what can I do just give me back my account and money. this is no way to handle your loyal players playing for hours each day
want me to prove its me? I'll do that
just dont come up with lame scenarios for stealing my funds if thats what youre after
Betcoin Maria
I cannot assist any further
This is what I was told, this is all information I have
File in a ticket and a manager will get back to you
this whole chat will be posted on the forum, now
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