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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Online casino gambling is more of profit chasers while land base is more of fun on: June 22, 2024, 08:08:29 PM

But the fact is that what happens is not like that, which we can make one of the scenarios that I will say as evidence that I once managed to win even though I actually never expected the victory where I bet blindly random decisions and also did not have confidence that I would win, simply put I surrendered and did not care about whatever the result was but it turned out that I won, or it could also be the opposite where when a gambler really feels confident in his decision but many of them end up getting disappointed because the results at the end of the session do not match his beliefs and expectations. And I don't think it makes sense to put a lot of confidence in a place that doesn't have any certainty and guarantees about the outcome.
Yes, that is the real gambling, the results cannot be guessed or predicted by all gamblers, we can win at any time and lose at any time, but we cannot ask for victory except only when we are lucky at that time.

Well, that's simple, as you said, the main point is that a gambler can never ask for a win or try to bring about a win by whatever means they have or that they believe in because in the end there is nothing else that can lead them to win other than luck. came at the right time.

This means that this is why gambling does not make sense as a place to make money, because there is no element of consistency in an activity that depends on luck, and as has been proven, winning always happens occasionally and by chance, where sometimes even though we don't expect to win but the victory came naturally as I experienced it. So of course it is better to focus on risk management, such as prioritizing yourself to implement various plans that lead to prevention, because in gambling, winning depends on luck, but bad impacts such as losing significant amounts depend on how a gambler treats his gambling activities.
Would really be that impossible that you would really be just that telling into yourself that you are really just that playing gambling for the sake of fun because majority of us would really be that playing for the sake of making money or trying out to be profitable. It would really be that too impossible that you wont really be thinking about it as a gambler. Yes, there might be some those who would really be  thinking about making some fun but generally you would really be doing it for the sake of making profits. Talking about being on land based or online ones then it wont matter because it would really be that creating those gamblers who do aim for making profits. Who wouldnt be? The important thing is that you should really be having that control on the moment that you would really be dealing with it.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does mathematical calculations really work in lotto or is it just guess work? on: June 21, 2024, 09:42:58 PM
Unlikely, if you actually study statistics and the probabilities behind gambling games, whether that's lotto, dice, roulette, or pretty much every game that's reliant on luck, you'll notice that there's no accurate pattern to speculate on the outcome; otherwise, someone would have figured out a way to beat the system. Some may have found loopholes like others have already suggested, but I believe that it's an extremely rare occasion. If it were actually possible, you'd see an increasing number of people beating the system; numbers have no memory, so it's practically impossible.

People trying to look for ways to beat the system have come to deploy known strategies such as martingale, d'alembert, reverse d'alembert and others. And yet, no single strategy can beat the house because these strategies are also relying on luck. It may work for certain period, but if you failed to get out, you will find out that your bankroll will slowly be depleted.
All of possible methods and strategies that they could apply then they would really be that definitely be doing that as long they could possibly see that they do have the chance then there's no doubt that people would really be making use of it and would really be pushing it up to work no matter what. We do know that when it comes to this manner then it would really be that so hard to believe or simply impossible
that there's some strategy that could work out specially on to those systems which cant really be getting influenced on specially on the moment that we are speaking about lottery on which combinations
and chance or odds of winning would really be that so hard or simply near to impossible, but as said by most people on the moment that you would be hitting the jackpot then it would really be a life changing
thing and its something that will really be that making you persevere on betting despite of the odds or chance you are seeing.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Recording gambling activities on: June 21, 2024, 08:35:58 PM
Most or I would say all casinos now have the betting history and records of your bets inside their platform, this feature is very important in all casinos and would show you detailed betting information for last 6 months or more. Usually most gamblers are using different casinos at the same time, so all you have to do is calculating the total amount from all the casinos. I really suggest for anyone to keep record on your gambling bets and activity, for a main reason which is monitoring your activities to control them.
Personally, I have even recorded video clips on my bets, especially higher stake bets, eventually, having a total statement about that would happen you adjust it much easier. Mostly, you would see how much did you spend and how much you could withdraw from gambling.
Isnt it a standard thing? About bet history and on how much you have bet or simply your gambling stats? Yes, there might be some cut-off with those information but most of them would really be showing those histories on which you could really be able to check out on which means that you would really be needing to tally manually on your own because you could directly check it out for yourself whether you had already spend up that much or not. Some couldnt really be able to see or check it out but it would really be that hard to believe on. Just like on what most people been saying on here is that having a tracking is good but
make it sure that you wont really be that losing your cool on the moment that you have seen that you are losing that big. People do mess up their lives on the moment that they've seen
that they had lost so much and trying out now to recover it on which this is a huge mistake that to be done.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Did gambling losses are traps to new game on: June 20, 2024, 07:22:42 PM

It would really be in overall specially when greed, adrenaline, emotions would really be kicking in then you would really be definitely be tending to play again and again as long you do have the money
then there's no way that you would be able to stop as long you do make yourself that satisfy. The moment that you would really be on such condition that you are really just that new into gambling then
those initial approach and impressions towards it will really be something that pertains about on how you would really be able to win up gambling and this is something that comes up into your mind.
If you are really that someone who do become greedy then you would be losing that big time with your first day.  Grin

Well, people do really learn up things when its too late or the damage has already been done. If you are someone whose really that not good when it comes to self control and would really be that
definitely be having that kind of wrong approach towards gambling then better not get shocked that one day theres no money that you do have on your pocket
then this is where realization would be kicking in.

But I lost a lot of money, and that's something that made me feel really bad at the time, in fact I felt all that, the adrenaline, the hopes of winning, then the exception, something that left me trapped in the impression of losing money, and that wasn't just once, but many times, when I was a newbie I made all the mistakes you can make, chasing losses of everything, but then thanks to those mistakes and getting hit hard by the casino system, I learned that there are things that shouldn't and can't be changed, I realized that skills aren't everything, but there's more to it, luck is what determines everything and that money is what we should take care of the most and not risk too much.

It would really be normal that you would really be having that bad feeling on which we know that losing money doesnt really give any good feeling on which it would really be just that normal that you would be having that kind of reaction on the moment that you will really be suffering loses. This is why if you are really that have a good control towards your mind and with your emotions then its unlikely that you would really be that losing off your cool and become that impulsive on the moment that you would be losing money since you are already anticipating or already expecting about those loses.

The important thing on here is that you should be wary about the risks involve that you are really that tending to get engaged into specially with gambling.
Loses are inevitable and it is really just that normal that you would be having that kind of impulsive approach on the moment that you do experience it for yourself
about those loses.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Rich or poor gambler, who should risk more? on: June 20, 2024, 05:11:09 PM
The average gambler understands the risks, but many of them fail to handle the risks well. Who is not aware that gambling can make you lose, but interest and greed have made most gamblers ignore this risk. There's something wrong about them, of course, and they're basically very hard to avoid once you're addicted.

In gambling, it doesn't take you long to spend millions of dollars in your account, in fact it can all be gone in a matter of minutes. So I can conclude that, all gamblers know and are aware of the risks, but they fail to implement and consider limiting themselves from greed.

I think gamblers are aware of the risks of gambling, but they cannot handle these risks well, so they often follow their desires which can lead them to greater losses. I think all gamblers are aware of this, whether they are rich or poor gamblers, but if they both can't handle the risks well then they are the same, when this has become a habit it will certainly become an addiction whether the person is rich or poor. , so I think it's the same for poor people or rich people if they can't handle risks that they actually know about. This is more on each individual, because if they can handle the risks I don't think they will experience big losses or experience big risks.

Apart from that, even though rich people have more freedom to place bets because they have enough money so they can bet without hesitation, that doesn't mean they are safe. In fact, I think rich people might be said to take more risks, but they don't mind it when their bets end in disappointment. because they feel they still have enough money to go back to betting, with poor people I think they take the risk with the wrong thinking, where they hope their gambling can result in a win until when they lose there are thoughts that encourage them to gamble again.
It is very dangerous for poor players to lose their last money, because they may not have enough to eat after these games. This indicates that the risk was taken incorrectly; it was excessively exceeded. Before playing, they don’t think that they will lose and this is the biggest mistake, why everyone always thinks that they will win, this is not the correct thinking of the players, on the contrary, they should prepare for the worst case scenario for themselves, so that later they do not have to look for a way out after the fact.

The rich can afford to lose, but they will not cross the line after which they will have nothing to eat, because their assets are basically distributed and in order to achieve them they will need to make requests to banks or sell real estate, and this will take days and weeks, which allow them to cool down and stop this action.
One of the main cons of gambling specially into those poor people who would really be tending to engage with it. Yes, some saying about they would really be just that losing a small amount of money but come to think about into their financial standing on which it would really be that so hard for them to sustain considering that they would really be needing to survive on day to day living. Whereas, if you do compare into those people who are rich then it would really be just that normal that they could really be that easily to recover since they do still have the finances that they could really be able to provide on.
On the moment that they would really be tending to continue on playing and losing then this is where things turns out to be messy but this would really be that unlike into those people
who are really that poor which it would really be that directly making their lives even way more miserable.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you set a specific bankroll before gambling or not? on: June 19, 2024, 08:22:11 PM
Those who have gambling bankroll or gambling budget are not many and only few and majority of them are just playing when they decided to play gamble. I myself I don have a budget or bankroll for gambling and I play whenever I have cash but the only different is that I have self-control and not addicted so once I finished the amount set for the game then I go home. And one thing I also discovered for gamblers is that, those who are working and have enough money can plan for gambling bankroll or budget and not for peasants. A peasant gambler play according to what he have.

Yes there is no preparation whatsoever that leads to limitations regarding the budget before gambling, the majority of them only have the intention of playing and depositing the amount of money they want which sometimes there is always the idea of ​​trying to allocate a larger amount than usual with the mindset of "maybe with a large amount I can be lucky," meaning anything a gambler can think about, especially those who only see gambling in terms of the chance of winning.

On the other hand, whether you want to implement restrictions on the amount of budget for gambling or not is actually up to you, because the point is that as long as you can manage and control yourself in gambling activities then of course you will be able to avoid bad impacts such as losing money. in large quantities. This means that it is useless if from the start you set the budget you want to allocate but it turns out that you do not have the ability to control yourself, especially when you experience a loss, then in the end you will still end up depositing money again to gamble and chase losses. This is in accordance with your approach to gambling, and the point is that as long as you can control it well according to your abilities then of course you will avoid bad possibilities.
But still it would really be that impossible that you wont really be thinking on how much money you do have on that particular point on the moment that you would really be thinking up on playing gambling but still
you are really that thinking on putting up on the amount on which you do have extra. Issues would really be that raised up on the moment that you would become that impulsive on which you are really that already spending on which into those amounts which is more than with your budget or simply those amounts which are intended for other important use. This is the issue for most people on this moment or on this case that they will really be that trying out to chase up those loses and this is why their main behavior is really that to play even more despite of such conditions. Bankroll management to prolong up the game is something
significant and having that good financial management or handling will really be the key if you dont really like to find yourself to put up into those unfortunate conditions.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you set a specific bankroll before gambling or not? on: June 19, 2024, 04:17:31 AM
We definitely need to set ourselves a limit on what we can spend on gambling. After all, this affects not only the conscious perception of the game, but also the unconscious thinking. And then the style of play changes, and the gambler behaves much more carefully in the casino or betting. And at the same time, there is an amazing property: the player begins to receive more emotions.
This is because the gambler expects to receive a certain amount of emotions for a certain amount of his deposit. And if such a limit is not set, then the gambler's feelings are mixed. Part of his mind understands that he can play for a long time, losing all the money. And it shouldn't be like that.
Setting up limits would really be the key on which this is something that you would really be needing for you not to be able to get easily get addicted with gambling. On the moment that you do find
yourself having no control then this is where people do usually mess up on the moment that they will really be having no control with their emotions because on the moment that you would
be chasing up your loses then this is where you would really be having that huge possibility that you would be getting addicted and we do know on where this would really be ending up.

One of the main reasons on why gambling companies or platforms or businesses are really that profitable due to people greed and impulsive emotions because on the moment that they will really be
that tolerating those emotions then this is where they would really be committing out those huge mistakes on doing gambling and ending up on having that miserable life.
It would really be just that normal that you would really be making up those budgeting or allocating some gambling funds that you could make use into.
8  Economy / Lending / Re: Lending Service Started! (USDT/BUSD/BTC/LTC/ETH/DOGE/ETC)! on: June 19, 2024, 03:51:33 AM
I want to ask for some extension for my loan. $25 has been sent into your address for the interest.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: - Free Help for Problem Gamblers on: June 18, 2024, 09:55:57 PM
However, the player’s decision to quit gambling forever is a rather difficult decision that must be born and mature in the player’s brain. 
Moreover, this thought should be so strong that he could actually realize it and, indeed, as a result he would completely stop gambling.  I think that not all players can have such a strong will to implement the refusal of games.  There is always an internal opposition to the thoughts that it would be good to enjoy the game.  And the second thought is that the player is already addicted to gambling.  And which thought will win is unknown in advance.  And there is no guarantee that any refusal to play, after a month, for example, will not lead to a relapse of attraction and the cessation of attempts to get out of this addiction.
When it comes on quitting on gambling then it would really be that entirely be depending on someones brain and its control on which we know that this isnt something that can be controlled by others but only
to the ones who are really that handling on their own. Yes, there could really be some things which could help you out on quitting up gambling for good but it would really be just that entirely depending on you on how you would really be that making things that possible or to happen. On the moment that you cant really be able to accept out such condition or really that serious on quitting gambling then it would really be just that pointless for you to make out such dealing up with those possible methods or ways because it wouldnt really be that still effective because you are still minding about doing gambling.

This is why on the moment that you are tending to quit gambling then you should really mean it and you should really be serious on doing it because if not then you would really be just that circling around
and would really be just a never ending story on which you would really be keeping on coming back on playing gambling and cant really just be able to quit because with those kind of intents and hopes
on winning big. This is why it would really be better that you should really be having that good control towards self and really that meaning on quitting gambling for good.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: What do you want to see in casino reviews? on: June 18, 2024, 08:59:20 PM
1. Do you read casino reviews?
Fair and transparent as much as possible. Its not something biased and really have that real experience
so given up words are proven.

2. Do you find any casino reviews useful? If so, please share some examples of good casino reviews that you find useful.
Yes, on the moment that you do make out some search and been able to see those legit and real feedbacks
or sentiments then it would be helpful.

3. What should a casino review contain to make you read it?
Depending on how concise and precise it would be.

4. I've already tried to write reviews that I find useful.  If you have the opportunity, please share your thoughts on them: WolfBet Review and LTC Casino Review
5. Additionally, please share any thoughts you have on the topic of casino reviews.
We do have known casino reviewers on this forum on which they are already enough if you do look for good reviews.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: What are your expectations for Casino coins in this coming bull run? on: June 17, 2024, 08:42:59 PM
RLB and FUN coins can be considered for trading but other casino coins must be considered wisely, many casino projects release tokens after their project is released so the price pump only increases temporarily after having hype but the price will fall after that,

Isn't that what's happening with most of altcoins too? There is something that most altcoin projects can't do, though. They can't attract more users based on their performance. But good casinos can do that. And the price of their coins can rise once again, and then again.

Usually that's common thing we could able to see on altcoins to especially when they manage to get a big hype from their community since by the time the listing happens there would be a overwhelming demand will came that's why its common for them to pump up.
The question now if the dump came would they able to pump back again? For most of those reputable casino like Rollbit which owned RLB and which is also own FUN token they have high chance to get another pump since the people who gamble or use their casino have confidence to hold or acquire their tokens since they know that what tokens they bought is owned by a successful platforms which they could trust for.

These two tokens impressed me so far and Rollbit still continue to gain success. Although reputation has been shaken of lately but for sure they could able to resolve those troubles they encountered.
We do know on how powerful or something which community hype or fomo would really be kicking in on which doesnt matter whether a casino based token or not, it would surely pump up but
we do know that when it comes to increasing its value then it would really be just that not limited into those people who do play on the platform who would really be buying up these coins but also
into those people who do tend to invest into because they are really that indeed believing that this could really be getting that demand or price spike later on. Although it wont
be known or be sure but the chances could neither be both of things and this is why some investors would really be that skeptical on that part whether they would be diving into these tokens
or simply they will be investing into Bitcoin or some top altcoins in the market.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: 🚧 [OPEN] - Crypto casinos simplified | USDT Sig Campaign on: June 17, 2024, 02:16:32 PM
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Sana makapasok.  Kiss
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: What are your expectations for Casino coins in this coming bull run? on: June 11, 2024, 03:20:04 AM
If you ever come across a casino coin that did not perform well in this bull season then we should do as much as possible to exclude having such under our portfolio of investments we are holding, i know that not all coins or tokens will have the same time to shine, but in a completely season like we have already seen from the beginning of the year to this time, at least if not for more than twice, a coins should have shown its performance once within all these periods.
Not 100% but majority would really be something like this on which at the moment that it didnt make out some jump in previous bull run season then it would be better that you should be excluding it on the list or selection but as said earlier that there are conditions or moments that they might not be able to jump in previous run but on the current one it did really make some huge jump in the upcoming.
This is why they do really make out those kind of reconsiderations on making some investment with casino based tokens on which it would really be just that according
into their own choice.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: - Crypto Casino & Sportsbook | Code: BITCOINTALK | Sig Campaign [R6] on: June 10, 2024, 10:34:18 AM
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15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tell me the unexpected problems you've encountered in a casino? on: June 04, 2024, 03:26:56 PM
Recently, I've read some comments about the KYC problem that was triggered because the user was suspected of cheating. Among the popular reasons are the violation of their TOS, which includes multi-accounting. As a gambler, if you find yourself in this situation and the casino has accused you of this but you are certain you didn't violate their rules, what should you do? How will you handle the situation if, as a result of this accusation, the casino closes your account and forfeits your funds? This is just one of many possible reasons. If you have encountered other problems, please share them and your solutions for dealing with them.
You wont really be able to have such issues or problems in regarding into these stuffs if  you do really just that make yourself that stick into those platforms on which you do know that it does have some less issues. When it comes on facing up some shit issues even you do know that you havent done something stupid but they do accuse you out on the moment that you had made out some nasty wins then it wont really be having no doubts that you are dealing with a shit site. You wont really be experiencing any of these conditions or sudden request of KYC if you are dealing with a legit or known site.
You do know that they wont be easily making those issues without solid proof. This is why if you do want to have that peace of mind then deal up with legit or known or popular sites.
16  Economy / Gambling / Re: Slot Educational on: June 04, 2024, 01:34:41 PM

That's right and I think it's a fact that you probably also know that lately there are more and more gamblers involved in this type of slot game who end up experiencing or being trapped in gambling and experiencing a lot of financial problems,

This is very common, but I start from something, taking advantage of the fact that the topic has to do with the word “Educational”, I believe that we as people should be very aware of improving our financial situation every day, at least by reading books that give us Advice on how to do it. to do with our money, how to make a great investment and what criteria should be taken to do things better every day, if a person has a good financial education they will know how to control themselves in a slot game, obviously they will not spend a lot, but very little and With that little money you will want to achieve a lot and if you don't achieve it then you won't get much closer , this is the thinking of a person. with a high financial education, which also applies to gambling.

here you discuss the importance of financial literacy and I agree with you, those who are smart at managing money will definitely not encounter problems in their lives, especially gambling capital problems so don't ever think that education about money is not important in gambling, it is very important 

There are many gamblers out there who have managed their money well so that they don't get sick or get into a debt trap (usually slot players have a lot of debt). Apart from education about money, it is also important to learn to control your emotions when gambling, because greed is a problem which will kill you slowly
We do know that not all people would really be having on the same intellect when it comes to various things on which there are strengths and weaknesses. There are also something which we dont really know and this is why at the moment that we do make out that kind of involvement then you would really be definitely be making yourself having that curiosity and since we do love on earning money on the time that we do gamble then this is where emotions would really be kicking in. This is why to those who dont have much control when it comes into their emotions or having that discipline into their finances then they are the ones who do really messed up their lives towards gambling.

People do learn at the moment that they would really be experiencing those hard moments on which they havent been able to experience before. Well, this is what typical situations do happen into our lives
because if we dont have that kind of experience and realizations then we wont really be able to learn.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Committing mistakes helps us to become a responsible gambler. on: June 03, 2024, 06:46:31 PM
It is quiet to see and I believe that all of us commit mistakes, a situation that also changes our gambling approach and behavior.

Of course, it is not in our mind and we try to avoid mistakes but still, it comes to us no matter what we do. But this thing sends us a message that every mistake we make has a positive result and one thing is that we improve and change our style to a better one. We could just think that we have to limit our gambling time, stop being greedy, and avoid addiction because we already know the outcomes as it happened to us in the past and we don't let it happen again.

Therefore, I would say that we don't have to be afraid of committing mistakes because this also helps us to see things that we need to change and become a responsible gambler.
Mistakes are inevitable since we arent that perfect people or someone who doesnt really be able to make mistakes and this is why it is really that normal to commit those things but eventually we could really be able to avoid up such things if we are really just that sensible on the actions that we are making or trying out to read others mistakes for the benefit of yours so that you would be able to make yourself avoid at least.
This is why it would be also important or something that would be recommended on be active on reading up things on which you would be making be wary of yourself and be able to stop on whatever
potential mistakes that you might be able to encounter. This is they beauty if you are someone who is really that active on reading up things because you are really that been prepared at least.

Being responsible is someones kind of behavior or quality because not all people would really be mindful in regards about their actions on which not even thinking whether it would be resulting
into disaster or something that would benefit them. It all matters about choice and be aware on those probabilities.
18  Economy / Services / Re: [YTS] Playgram - The Telegram Casino Signature Campaign | Reward $100 p/w on: June 03, 2024, 06:19:32 PM
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20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How many times all-in save your bankroll? on: June 03, 2024, 02:21:38 PM
I did it one time and I'm not going to do it again, it's not a win and at the end of the day, I'm not even satisfied with that particular time that I've gambled compared to what I usually do, it's not making me happy and it just irritated me at the end so maybe someday I'd do it, maybe when the feeling of feeling lucky is really strong, I might do it again. I envy those people that were able to get a win in that kind of hail Mary bet, the feeling you're getting from it is probably at an all-time high.

that's because going all-in on gambling is very risky especially if a gambler is not willing that the money they bet will be lost, and when they lose the money, they will feel stress due to the gambling results that are not in accordance with their expectations. that's why if a gambler is not sure that they will win and still care about their money, then they should avoid it because the impact can be quite significant on their mentality.
The probability of losing in gambling is always high so if a gambler places a bet he must think that he will lose the bet. What will happen to him after losing? When a gambler can be free from the issues of whether he will have to face any difficulties for the money he will bet or whether the money will be used elsewhere, then he will be worthy to bet. But we often see some gamblers using such money in gambling that they can not bear the risk of losing money. As they place bets, they get human pressure. In order to win in gambling, the gambler has to do stress free gambling otherwise he will fail to make the right decision.
The best thing that you should consider out is on the moment that you do find yourself having that deposit on a certain casino or betting site then you should really be considering those amounts to be totally lost or something that would really be considered just a payment for the fun that you are experiencing or just paying up for the thrill but since majority of us wont really be having that kind of approach then we are really that expecting something from it on which this isnt really that shocking if you do ask me. There are really just that those people who do become that desperate at the moment that they will be making such bet on which this is something that they will consider on making some all in specially if its the last drop of their bankroll.

If you are lucky enough then you could save up yourself but if not then you would be losing it all as simple as that. Some would really be that mindful about their spending
but there are ones who do end up on being impulsive.
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