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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will you sell your bitcoin to blackrock? on: Today at 09:04:20 AM
I'm asking this because if the funds get approved all at once there will be a large pressure on bitcoin's price and supply is, as we all know, limited.
Nobody buys bitcoin to sell it cheaper, so if they offer you $100k, they think it will go higher. If they offer $1m it's again going to go higher according to them.
Will you simply give it away once someone hands you $100k, or decide that it's cheap and they know more than they're willing to share?

I maybe more realistic and provably would able to sell if they want to ask more higher at the market price since that $1m still a speculation so would decide to sell at the price they offer and then just wait for another dip to buy new BTC to hodl. We know its impossible for bitcoin to go up since there's should be a correction that provably will happen and also for sure that Blackrock itself will sell if they see something good figures to sell and take some profit. But if you can't sell it at what they offer as you believe much on bitcoin future then its really fine.

But for sure majority will play on its current condition and will think about those corrections that might possibly occur since this is what bitcoin nature so its still good to ride with its flow to earn more.
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Bank stops all my payments to exchanges. Now what? on: Today at 08:03:34 AM
Change the bank? I don't even know which one is fine for this.
I'm located in Belgium. I tried joining crypto groups on facebook. It seems that others had no problems a while ago. But they go for DCA or small amounts. Trying to stay under the radar while I want to be open about it. Buying BTC is not illegal in Europe. But banks treat you like it is.
My bank instantly blocked payments (6k) to Binance and Bitvavo.

Now I'm gonna miss out on the opportunity. I wish I could hold them accountable.

Bank actually don't want their depositor to engage on any crypto currency activities that's why you need to be more careful dealing with it using your card. Much better if you find another merchant accepting fiat and exchange it to BTC or any crypto you want to be out on trouble.

Also to make all clear as stated by people here go to your bank and ask about that situation since they are the one who can make you understand about certain things that you want to know. Also much better if you avoid doing transaction using your bank account to any crypto platform since this might be illegal or unacceptable to them.

This is why I don't actually like to use bank because we can't decide for our own since they always have the full control of our money.
3  Economy / Speculation / Re: Buy the DIP, and HODL! on: December 02, 2023, 10:59:25 PM
When it comes to shitcoins, of course people have the right to do whatever they like, and we are not going to stop people from being dumb and even overly playing their shitcoin hand by investing too much into them (in terms of time, money and energies), but you cannot really stop people, yet instead of encouraging anyone from getting involved into shitcoins, I frequently will just suggest to limit your shitcoin adventures to less than 10% of your bitcoin value, and in the end people are going to do what they like anyhow.. ..
Not even better maybe it's only about 2% for shitcoins of their BTC holdings. But for me, I really stay away from Shitcoins because if you feel the benefits once you will be interested in buying them again and slowly you will have put more money into the wrong place because if one shitcoin is pulled the rug you will fall into poverty. Like luna and ftx, almost everyone didn't even expect it to be a big zero but it really happened last year which made many of them fall into poverty.

So in my opinion, don't try playing with shitcoins because the risk is quite big and you will lose everything. I believe more in Bitcoin and there is no worry that it will become zero because Bitcoin has gone through many phases and bitcoin is quite strong and I believe it will not become zero.

Eventhough shitcoin market is risky still there's good profit to be taken there so its still good suggestion to invest there especially right now we are almost heading at bullish market condition so most provably shitcoins will do a good run. But we also make sure to ourselve that we have plan to be done and never hold those type of token and sell when its perfect time to sell since this is what shitcoin all about.

For hodl its automatic bitcoin is always good for that since this is really the most ideal coin to do and as I said bullish season is coming up so for sure there's more price action to come then this could give a lot of profit to the people who believe on bitcoin at the cheapest price it dip for past couple of months.

If you are bitcoin maximalist then go with bitcoin since this is really good coin to hodl. But if you are a risk taker then try to venture for multiple risky options and try to test out what will be the shitcoin market show some result to us this last month of the year or maybe also in next year.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: - The Leading Crypto Casino - Drake, UFC, Everton, Alfa Romeo F1 Team on: December 02, 2023, 12:57:24 PM

thank you. i have provided them with the utility of my residence as requested by the person who pay the utility. i send even more documents. they still deny EVERYTHING.

This is probably the reason why your KYC is denied.  You cannot use other people's names in your KYC as proof of residency unless you enclose this attachment with a letter from that person proving that you are staying in the same house is signed by the owner of the bill and is notarized.  Despite that, the decision to accept the documents is still under the casinos discretion.

It is really a headache if one of the requirements is the utility bill under our name and we can't provide it.

It is really surprising to get the monthly bonus on the first day of the month.  I would have not noticed it if I had not read the replies here.  I have turned off my email notification so I really have no idea that bonus Dec. bonus had been distributed already Cheesy.

I have already stated that I do not have a utility bill. they kept asking for utility bill. so i sent them a utility bill of my address. i have already provided 3 documents prior regard to proof of address.

also is not the reason why my 6 selfies are denied. i have explained they are all clear. you must work for stake?

all users beware stake pays many shills to vouch for their scam. they will steal your money.

Instead of accusing someone as paid shill maybe you should take their suggestion given to you since some of it are helpful so maybe try to be cooperative and seek for proofs that in your position. Also if the utility bills is not under your name maybe you can ask the owner to sign it so that it will prove that you are living on that area or residence.

You just need to relax and calmly talk to their representative again since if you throw out some negative words against them for sure this cannot help to solve your issue.

For now try to see which of those documents are in your position so that you could try to present it and end up this stressful problem which you encounter at stake.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can you make gambling a profession - a full time job on: December 02, 2023, 09:41:04 AM
I'd like to clarify that this topic is distinguished from businesses or entrepreneurs involved in gambling as businesses, such as casino companies, etc., but with a focus on gamblers. I know there are many people who regard themselves as professionals at playing gambling games, but do you ever think that one can make gambling a full-time job and career because of his or her deep knowledge of the games? Can someone bet with little or no loss because it is one of the most unpredictable games to play?

Gambling to my understanding, is a trial-and-error game with uncertain outcomes, unpredictability, and luck. Therefore, professional gamblers must exhibit a deeper than usual understanding of the games, the statistical probabilities, and a high level of risk management skills.

However, it is critical to realize the risks involved, which include unstable financial circumstances and potential addiction problems. So, pursuing a gambling career should be approached with serious caution, and gamblers ought to be well-informed about the accompanying problems. Furthermore, I believe that having various sources of income and taking calculated risks will be highly beneficial.

But, in a broader sense, can you make gambling a career path, abandoning all other sources of income to focus entirely on it?
If so, why?
If not, please advise!
Poker players and sportsbetting are about the only 2 ways I would consider gambling a feasible option for making a living from and even those 2 aren't easy at all to make constant earnings from.

With sportsbetting you can get information on the sporting event you are looking to bet on. Injury reports, weather, record vs each other, record on the year, good home team, good road team, or whatever. Even knowing all this and making an educated bet does not guarantee a win on the bet, anything can happen still.

Poker is a game where a person can win upwards of 5-15 million in 1 tourney if they have skill and luck. Buyin to the world series main event every June in Las Vegas is $10000 and top prize goes up each year as more and more enter the tourney each year. You have to put a lot into learning the game of poker. Learning to read opponents, using math to figure out your odds of winning a hand, odds of whether a bet is worth calling, or a number of things.

IMO, you're better off getting a normal job and gambling here n there.

We can see the actual people making a profession out of gambling.

And here are the list of people who are making a fortune on poker
For Sportsbetting here's the list of professional guys

With this we can really say that we can make a profession here, but also it needs huge dedication to the craft we choose and also patience to be more knowledgeable on the field we choose. Although some may say that its hard to follow what those people achieve but if we show how passionate we are on the chosen field and be consistent without having any doubts with those things then provably same with those guys we can also earn a fortune with gambling.

But if we are playing on normal casino games like slot and dice or other type of games which based on luck then we can agree all to that there's nothing to look forwards there.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: How does signature Campaign Sponsors make their money on: December 02, 2023, 07:54:41 AM
Often times I keep wondering how signature campaigns sponsors get their funds considering the huge amount of money they pay campaign members of their various Signatures and Avatars because some of the Signature Sponsors Refills their Escrow Funds on a weekly or monthly basis.

 I want to know how advertising their Avatars and Signatures provides funds for the sponsors or is it that they just actually want their Signatures or their Avatars to be advertised to the public?

Its like you paid people to promote your website and in return you get a lot of traffics. They are not earning on signature campaigns but rather they earn from those people who see their ads and try to use their website that's why there are so many business owners here do that its because this is the fastest way to introduce their website to hundreds of thousand or millions of users who browse this forum on daily basis.

Also if they can spend a lot of money in signature campaign that means their campaigns is successful that's the reason why they decide to continue to run a campaign like this and throw more money on other marketing methods they think would work since this increase their traffic and profits.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: December 01, 2023, 11:55:16 PM
We got just at 39k or 38999 still new AYH

keep climbing.

Sure feels like we’re going to end the year above $40,000. I’d be surprised if we didn’t at this point. The market has been steadily rising for over a month now with no signs of slowing down. Pretty exciting considering we’re still a year away from when the market should be lifting off. I think we’re still just recovering from the FTX fraud.

Chances is high that we could possibly go to that price since people are so positive that it could go to that figures.

But hopefully the current issue of binance  in Philippines  
Philippines SEC to block access of Binance.    will not affect the movement bitcoin so that people could enjoy seeing the price to go up and by next year possibly ir could reach for its new ATH.
8  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: December 01, 2023, 11:02:58 PM

So it is not wise to 100% trust a site , as anything unexpected can happen any time. We should be prepared and never store so much money on freebitco or any site.
It is true that we cannot completely trust third parties, but we can choose the right place for our money, even though the wallet is not completely safe either, there are also some cases of them losing their money in the wallet either because of phishing sites or others, all of them It depends on each user how they want to store their money, third party sites like exchanges or sites like freebitcoin.

There is no guarantee that money will be safe, but we might be more careful in choosing sites or other places to store and place our money and it is not wise to trust third party sites 100%, even personal wallets are also not completely 100% either, The point is that it comes back to each individual's choice, if I personally only save a few FUN tokens in FreeBitcoin just to get WOF, the rest I keep in my wallet as a long-term investment.
Every storage methods have their risks, but without any doubts it's much more risky to keep your money at third party hands than keeping the coins with yourself. By storing your coins inside a cold wallet, the maximum which can happen is to lose the keys and access to your wallet, but then it's totally your fault for not taking care of it properly, while when storing money at online platforms your money will be under the responsability of someone else, so you will depend on them all the time. It still seems much safer to think you are the only one controlling your funds instead of relying on others to do so, unless you have the conscience of being a very careless, inattentive person.
Story your coins in third party control like the exchangers is same as keeping your money in the bank which some persons hate but still have their coins sleeping in an CEX of what difference does it make. The least I can do with CEX is that my coin gets in there for trading and p2p transactions immediately am done I transfer bank to my non-custodial wallet. It's only irresponsible people that will be scared of manning the responsibility of keeping their own money safe through the safety of their private keys. Your coins are safer when you have charge over your keys than when it's in third party's the rules are so much to bear.

But we can't deny its more safety to store in the bank than those CEX since those legal institutions cannot easily break away and turndown there depositors since they get easily caught up also there's insurance will cover to those people if there's bad happens on the bank. In Cex we cannot do anything if they turn scam and its not really a good comparison since bank is more legitimate option to store our fiat while CEX is been discourage to do it if we are a holder since to many risk and the owner of that can control their site then decide if there users can withdraw or not. But the end of end still we should not trust any crypto site even if they are trusted or not due to many possibilities it could possibly happen.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: The power of investment choices on: December 01, 2023, 01:15:06 PM
It's not enough having an investment plan, knowing the right choice to make for every investment defines the investor better. Take for example jumping on every new coin we find on reputable exchange might not be enough guarantee that coin will do well in the future.

We can apply little strategy if we really want to invest on new altcoin and that is to sell them fast once we are bullish then find another platform that can give us another chance to earn. Forget about holdings since it cannot bring any good result to anyone especially that there are so many scam coins pretending to be a good one. Reputable exchange listing is not enough but it gives plus point that's why if we see a huge hype build up we should do a good action and treat bullish season as time to sell and never doubt for taking profits since mostly greedy people suffer from huge loss.

Some coin might have good Supply but low liquidity, some might have high market capitalisation but very poor volatility. Although it's hard to predict the accuracy of a coin performance in the near future this why it is always advised to stick to the known which is BTC.

That's the reason its important to check the current happenings on them since we need to do a good research before investing so that we don't fall on any words provided by those people who also not good in trading.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Using AI for betting predictions on: December 01, 2023, 10:07:09 AM
I have a developer who recently stumbled on multiple AI he uses for sport betting predictions, he uses it to generate sport bettings but none of the bets gets to be accurate as it generates tens of games. but when used to generate a much lesser number of games the predictions are sometimes  correct, at least 3 in 10 predictions of "multiple" bets.

But he loves having 30+ games "multiple" bet to win big amount and so far it has been a challenge in the last 5-6 weeks as his winnings have drastically dropped.

Should AI be relied on for sport betting predictions?

But if you ever think of it how does AI could predict a result if the game still didn't happen yet? Maybe there are instances that AI hit it right but for sure its unsustainable since the game is played by real people and the result is all in random that's why I don't think this technology can interfere the fairness of each game results. For now until no accurate studies that AI really is a big thing on sports betting I will not care to use it since it maybe just a waste of time for us to use it and it will just give us false hope that can possibly frustrate us.

Much better if you focus the game and do some little research teams if you want to bet since this give us more advantage rather than relying on AI which we don't know if it is consistent giving random result to us or not giving any positive thing.
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Only Sell what you don't need. on: December 01, 2023, 08:48:52 AM
Have seen many posts in the forum posters sharing their excitement about how they sold their property's to buy bitcoin and that's what called for this thread. Some claim to have sold land/landed properties, cars and other equipments. Yeah' no body has a right to dictate for you on how or what to do with your property , it is yours anyways.

However, you need to apply wisdom when taking such steps of selling a property to invest in bitcoin, make sure the property you are selling off you don't need it (a property you can afford to lose) because there is a risk in bitcoin investment the embedded risk of volatility shouldn't be neglected.

Lastly, whatever property you have decided you must sell off,  you could always sell divide the money, use part of the money realized to invest in bitcoin stead of using all of it, and then using the other amount remaining to buy another of that property elsewhere for a lower rate.

Now this is what I mean: assuming you sold your piece of landform $20k, you use $10-13k to invest in bitcoin and the remaining $7k to buy another land somewhere at a cheap rate. Surely, with years the value of that land will always appreciate so you still have a land (only that it's at a different location) while you invest in bitcoin stead of using (risking) all the money at ones.

We don't know if the story is true since they are just posting a story and anyone can write that up just to get sympathy or praise from people who read their tread. But I don't really get the point on why people do that especially if they said they would use it for bitcoin investment since this could put them in huge danger to lose their wealth in an instant.

Especially if the people who post it since maybe they just create a story so that people will have an impression that they are so passionate on bitcoin but all of it is just a lie since they are just trying to earn some merits from the story they created.

Even if I am experience crypto investor and trader I will not sell my house for bitcoin investment since usually I only use the small amount of money earn from something and don't have plan to do risky decision especially on physical asset since we know how risky the crypto market is.
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: Top Halloween Online Casino Bonus or Promo on: November 30, 2023, 10:35:00 PM
As I said before, casinos will always look for a way to find days that are celebrations to make good promotions, we have Halloween first, then Black Friday, then Cyber Monday, and after this, the Christmas promotions can come as well.

You have said it all already, the target lies on the key occasions of celebration which are mostly annuals, these companies have their own targets, then try to make use of such opportunities to offer to the gamblers and also received their own targets as benefits by pulling traffic to their platforms, the more the experience gamblers the more they got hyped and favourite by gambler just from the Halloween event bonus among others.

That's how they caught the attention of people since they want to create a impression that their casino joins the celebration of people that's why they offer some nice bonuses and other type of promotion so people could enjoy this is how the ride with the hype since most of the time people would provably think that its nice to stay on the casino which always have new to offer and bonuses to give when there's a season to celebrate.

Also I think much better for the title of this thread to be change for Top Christmas online casino bonus or promo since halloween is already done and we are heading on Christmas season.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Its A Gambling Joke But Reflects Bad Things About Gambling on: November 30, 2023, 01:04:20 PM
I don't know if you've encountered this joke before, I often see it in my feeds coming from Gambling groups where I am a member

Guy 1: Hey, I have a friend who gambles a lot, and he just bought a new bike.

Guy 2: Wow! Your friend must have been lucky in gambling.

Guy 1: No! He used to drive a car but because of gambling, he sold it, and now he just bought a new bike to get to work.

Guy 2:  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

The first time I read it I laughed a lot but if you dig deep or think about it you will realize that it reflects many gamblers who are losing a lot and they have to sell things that are important to them and find an alternative.

How about you do you have a gambling joke of your own or you've encountered that reflects the gambling experience of many, come share it here

That's a good joke but have a lesson need to take seriously since imagine the friend mentioned is supposed to be a rich guy and have car to drive but it end up in bad faith since as of now base on joke he's only riding a bike.

This happenings could possibly happen to anyone if they are not careful with their gambling habits since if they get addicted with this for sure they can sell all their stuff just to have money to use for gambling.

That's why to avoid such unfortunate scenario its really better for us to control our emotion and don't ever chase anything on gambling. We should be more responsible enough to know what exceed to us and what is not since if we know how to control any activity that can give us a big problem for sure we can possibly eliminate anything that can possibly give us a problem.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: what is the importance of identify in your local board? on: November 30, 2023, 09:06:30 AM
1. Is it necessary for everyone to identify with their local boards and participate in the board discussions?

Its good to identify since you can talk about crypto related happenings especially in your country.

2. I would love to get a detailed aim For each of the local board and also know the kind of thread that's best to be created in the local board.

Local board created so that bitcoin and crypto user can easily understand the discussion ongoing since they are talking on their native language, that's why many people go on those boards since they can easily gather information without thinking about the deep meaning especially if they are not native English speakers.

3. If it's necessary to participate in the activity of the local board, what happens to the people whose local board is not in the forum.

No, you don't need to participate on any discussion if you don't like to do it. We are free to decide for ourselves here and you can't push yourself to go there especially if you didn't like what you see on your local board since it could just waste your time to participate on nonsense discussions.

Also if there's no local board exist for their country they could request the administrator to make this happen but its a long process and they need to see that many people want this to happen so they can grant this local board addition request.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Casino & Sportsbook | VIP | Instant withdrawals!|ARGENTINA & AVFC on: November 30, 2023, 07:56:13 AM
Who are waiting for Christmas Promotions from duelbits? It will come soon as what they have informed today through promotion email.
Not quite sure when it will start officially but I think it will start on Dec 1st which is no more than 24hours in my timezone.
What caught my attention in their email message is that when they mentioned 'the mischievous Glitch,' it was fun to see that they added a whimsical touch to their narrative.

I've been waiting for this. My plan is always to play and get some bonuses with every Christmas bonus they offer. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope they have prepared more bonuses for us compared to last year.

I'm quite confident that it will start tomorrow, December 1st.

There's huge chance that big event will start at the first day of the month especially on December since there are lot of great things to be done especially that people are really looking for nice promotion on December month since they think Duelbits or other casino will drop something entertaining or challenging for them to participate.

For now its good to know if we could see that tomorrow or in next few weeks since for sure many players in duelbits like to new promotions that they want to offer especially this is Christmas month where many people like to have fun and spend something on things they think that can entertain or give them some exciting feeling especially for getting something from them as bonus or reward.
16  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎰 | The Ulimitate Online Casino Experience on: November 29, 2023, 10:59:00 PM
hi OP, why don't you buy a cooper membership, the price is not too expensive, if you buy a cooper membership then you can display pictures of the features you have on your gambling site.

it seems that your site is still very new and you don't even have many followers on social media. you have to carry out consistent promotions to attract the interest of active gamblers and be loyal to active users.

he has copper membership already so maybe we will see the OP improve in the coming days. as they are already licensed, it means, they are pretty serious in launching this business. as they found their way here in the forum, hopefully, they will be active also in interacting with their potential players.

Although license is not really necessary needed but give plus points when they have it since it means they are serious to impressed people by having that documents. So maybe he just listen to the suggestion or do good scouting to know what community like to see when a new casino launch their thread here. I guess they are really serious because if they are not for sure we can see some shitty post for launching their casino here and maybe we can see some good updates coming from them in next following days.

One things we need or other potential player to look after is their presence dealing with this community since its important if they interact to peoples questions and give updates about their ongoing promotions since this is really the best thing they could do.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What is the best thing that have ever come to you thanks to BTC on: November 29, 2023, 01:12:05 PM
I got to make a few good friends and help some people.
That is very noble of you. Working with bitcoin creates a decent income, and most probably you are earning well already that made you capable to help some people when it comes to their finances. Though I don't mean that with less income, you can't help other people but the more you gained an income, the bigger the opportunity that you can extend your help to a larger community.

Well for me, I was able to help my family and improve our status of living. Maybe in the future I'll be more able to help those needy people without expecting returns from them, that's also one of my goals why I've been working so hard to become successful with my bitcoin journey.

I may not be in status where I help people on their financing needs since I'm not earning huge the same as whales but I also make sure that I'm always available for those people near my place stating some interest about bitcoin since I really think that once you teach a one man in your neighborhood for sure it can influence more people to try bitcoin. That is the simplest form of helping bitcoin to be known on my place. Also I put some bitcoin stickers on my car so that many people could see and maybe it can rise up some curiosity especially if they see a bitcoin logo placed there.

We have different form to help but don't ever think about it as mandatory especially on financing since if you need your family need this the most then do it since the welfare of your family is more important than any other else. Also we can do some simple way to spread the word about bitcoin.
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: How can about this forum??? on: November 29, 2023, 10:48:54 AM
I am new to this forum. I don't know exactly what I'm running after. I am slowly learning how to work on it. But there is not much clear idea about how to work here. I think more time should be given. Can you help me in any way?

There's a lot of information you can actually search here and basically you can start to read with pinned threads on this section or even on outside of this board. You can also use the search bar when you want to find something so for sure by doing this two basic things you can learn a lot here. I know its confusing at first but once you familiarized the forum structure for sure you will find it a basic platform where you can read a valid information's.

For now focus first on what you are interested with so that you could provably practice yourself to know more about it and once you know how to browse this forum for sure you can go to other one and then learn again then possibly earn. Don't focus on earnings since its just there if you learn a lot of things focus to be knowledgeable since this could be more better to do as a newbie.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What I learnt from a crackhead about gambling on: November 29, 2023, 09:44:27 AM
~ Any addiction will definitely have a negative effect on the mind and health. Even though the effects will definitely be different, we will still feel different effects. We don't know which is more dangerous, gambling addiction or drug addiction, because we try to avoid all addictions, especially gambling addiction. Moreover, we often gamble so there is a possibility that we may experience a gambling addiction. But if an addict can cure himself, that is something that needs to be appreciated because to be able to heal himself requires a lot of hard work and belief that he can heal himself.

Drug addiction is definitely more dangerous. Why? Because gambling makes you put your money at stake, while when you take drugs it's your health is what at stake, and you will surely lose in the long run, it's not like with gambling. People say that with gambling you will surely lose all your money in the long run. That's not true. And that you are guaranteed to lose at least something is not true either. There are gamblers that are in profit from their gambling activities. A small portion, yes, but they exist. But no one is "in profit" from drug usage. Gambling addiction is a terrible disease, but it's more easily cured than drug addiction.

Its both dangerous but drug addiction can cause a lot trouble in our life since it change the chemical balance in our life so people will experience some malfunction and the worse they get crazy with that. Unlike gambling where people just can't stop theirself to gamble but the distraction only limited for them since they can still think about good and afraid with law if they do something bad to other people. But People should avoid to be in any situation since both addiction is harmful that's why people need to think other important thing so that they can get away when some situation occur on them and they need to fight addiction so they would not experience any worst condition brought by avoidable mistakes that can be taken care of.
20  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: November 27, 2023, 11:50:13 PM
I see someone looking for coins at a cheaper price.

We are not going to correct until we get quite a bit higher than 36-38k

I think we could see a correction if the mtgox coins are distributed in the near term. Won’t really matter what the price is to a lot of those folks. Many will just want to immediately sell. That will have to force the market down a bit. It will be short lived though. I think nothing is going to hold this market down over the next 18 months though. The end of this ride is in six figure territory.

Provably this will happen since many people think about not buying when mtgox refund even will happen since majority might think about a major dump will possibly happen since there's a lot of them got a lot of profit for selling at current rate and for sure there's a lot of them want to sell first so that they will not left behind to sell at more higher price.

If that time happen then its good opportunity for us to wait for a dump since its always good to catch the dip especially for bitcoin since this is good opportunity for us to earn especially if we want to hodl in preparation for next year possible bullish trend.
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