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1281  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: {BFL} Here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK at your Monarch! on: June 27, 2014, 01:52:07 AM

On top of the above, my Trans Am...

Explains a lot.

China and Russia own the network all while the focus of BFL is on shills and diversions. 3000 units a day coming off a single line and 1 Mega Watt mining farms being readied for miners right now in China with the lowest power and purpose built mining infrastructure costs in the world. BFL and Eclipse are only very minor players in the bitcoin world. Overpriced and inefficient BFL chips will never be a significant part of the network ever again BFL will fade and be relegated to sidelines of the mining bitcoin economy. They are insignificant now but the community as a whole here hasn't realized it yet I guess?
1282  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: {BFL} Here's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK at your Monarch! on: June 26, 2014, 03:15:59 PM
Note there are Chinese fabs able currently to push 3000 1Th + miners out their factory door a day. 28nm. This means BFL regardless of their production will be buried. Currently 30 to 40% of hash power is in China ... Bitfury controls the majority of the hash rate. No matter what BFL doesnt have the production capacity to match that. BFL even if it wanted to doesn't have anywhere near that capital or the designs to compete.

No one with plans for 16 to 14nm in 2015 considers BFL anything but footnote. There are 2 chip makers that will battle it out BFL is under capitalized and has limited access to cutting edge chip design as well mass production required for miner production in a single location like is available to the real production kings in this industry.

While they keep messing around with their 28nm, others have leapfrogged and put out better units at much higher volumes. They lost any advantages at 65nm but have failed to compete price or efficiency wise at 28nm. They will not even bother with 20, 16 or 14nm... they will not have the ability to match the projected efficiency or prices of the competition they know they are out of the race.
1283  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 24, 2014, 01:38:28 PM
Is it August yet? I lay hands on the SP30 today at the SPTECH booth it was packed with looky loos and I got to feel the heft of the psu's. Seems there is plenty of interest from partipants for SP30s and beyond. Panel tomorrow will be a fun one. There is a lot of mutual respect among the panelists and I dare say there is also some sense that there are many benefits to more collaboration across the mining community particularly East West.

have fun mate, wish I was there to hear it all.

After I report back to my mates about all the meetings I've had I will certainly write something up regarding the opportunities available. Plenty of exciting aspects mining wise but also, pool, exchanges, cloud mining and even derivative trading. But after spending a few minutes at SPTech booth if you are a 1st time customer all the hype is true. These guys are building some of the best equipment by far... their chips are way out front as well only whatever Bitfury has in the pipeline can compete with what is coming out after the SP30.  I think mining come 2015 will be a fun time for all.
1284  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 24, 2014, 01:19:12 PM
Is it August yet? I lay hands on the SP30 today at the SPTECH booth it was packed with looky loos and I got to feel the heft of the psu's. Seems there is plenty of interest from partipants for SP30s and beyond. Panel tomorrow will be a fun one. There is a lot of mutual respect among the panelists and I dare say there is also some sense that there are many benefits to more collaboration across the mining community particularly East West.  Inside Bitcoin Day 1 here in HK has shown me that there is more opportunity in mining than just the ROI. We should be supporting a range of fabricators that work tirelessly to give us units. I am a happy Bitmain and SPTech customer and I'll be looking at Rocxie as well. Very deadicated teams.
1285  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: I no longer work for Butterfly Labs (BFL) on: June 21, 2014, 11:20:15 AM
Remember back when you did your email exchange... what happened then? What is happening now? And you don't believe he is a scammer? Ok.

Having visited their facilities in September last year and having had lengthy conversations with Sonny, I find this hard to believe.  They may be incompetent, but I don't believe for a second that they have intentionally screwed over their customers.  Also, if there were any Mexican employees, they sure didn't stand out to me amidst the many people working hard in their assembly rooms.

Do we remember when?

Quote from: WhitePhantom
Just in case anybody's interested in some E-Mail dialogue I had with Sonny at BFL:

Quote from: My E-Mail to BFL on Jan. 24th

I'm writing to inquire about two things.

First, can you give me a rough guesstimate of when the Rig Box might be available for shipping?  Even something as vague as "at least 12 more months" or "in 1 to 6 months" would be helpful.  More specific would be even better.  I would like to know so I can have a better idea of when I might need to make funds available to purchase one.

Second, I would just like to have a clue as to whether there's any hope that I'd be able to afford a SuperComputer when it becomes available, depending on its capabilities, of course.  Can you tell me whether it's likely to be closer to the $100,000 mark or the $1,000,000 mark?

Quote from: BFL's Response on Jan 30th
We are awaiting the completion of our first production run of Singles before we focus on the Rig Box product.  Until then, I can't give you an accurate time estimate.  Once we're through our current tasks, we will make public announcement with timing expectations and accept orders for the Rig Box.

With regards to the SuperComputer product, that is too far away to even speculate on.

Kind regards,
Sonny K
BF Labs Inc.

I'm surprised that they can't even give me a guesstimate on the rig box when all I asked for was a vague answer.  I'd have to see strong evidence that the rig box performs as well as they claim before risking that amount of money on equipment for BTC mining, not that I even have it other than through a line of credit.

Likewise, not that I have $100k or $1 million, but I was hoping to get something out of them about the Super Computer since their website says, "If you would like more information about this institutional grade system, please contact us with your inquiry."  I didn't think an answer on whether it's closer to $100k or $1 million would require speculation.

They've given me more cause for doubt, but I'm also still hopeful that they're just slow at production and reluctant to answer questions.  Time will tell.

1286  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [nearly OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 pre-order - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 21, 2014, 11:11:35 AM
@Und3rd0g thanks for your interest.
Could you be so kind as to repeat the same calculations for 6 units of ANTMiner S2 (1TH/s x 6 units = 6TH/s)?
2595$ per S2 unit x 6 units =15,570 $
After that you consumption multiplied by 2.5 times more (because one SP-3 is 2400W and six ANTMiner S2=6x1000W; 6000W/2400W=2.5 times)

I used a long time to find the best option Wink IMHO that's Spondoolies SP-30.

How do you get  a price  6 units S2 =15,570 $  ?

My this month S2 orders
Date: 2014-06-03  1959 USD

Date: 2014-06-05  1949 USD

Date: 2014-06-08  1929 USD

Date: 2014-06-15  1791 USD

Date: 2014-06-17  1721 USD

Date: 2014-06-19  1450 USD

6 x S2  Total : 10799  USD  not 15,570 $

Today, you can buy the last AntMiner S2 1TH/s Miner Batch 4  at the cost of 1450 USD

What no discounts?

1287  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Technobit Fucks Us Over Again on: June 21, 2014, 08:56:43 AM
"AMT was our good customer till now." - Marto74

What is the relationship with AMT and Seems worth investigating. 2 companies... just doing business right?

I wonder why Loshia is asking if I know AMT and all the while the connection was and AMT? Hmmm something worth investigating I wonder what is being covered up in that mess of a situation considering how AMT defended Marto74... interesting indeed.

3. AMT I do not understand their reason to attack us. AMT was our good customer till now.

Cry me a river.

Way to do your DUE DILIGENCE and check out AMT. They have ripped off all of their customers, just check the threads. You sold hardware to a company that was a SCAM, and you got paid with dirty money - right out of the pockets of hard working Americans who have either:

B> Bitfury based miners that were plagued with issues. Don't believe me? Read the threads.

AMT (AKA: Joshua Zipkin) is so fucking desperate now, he's blaming everyone but himself for what has happened. Meanwhile that fat piece of bulgarian shit, continues to sit on everyone's money.

AMT might of been a good customer to you, but they've been complete SCAMMERS to their customers.

1288  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Technobit Fucks Us Over Again on: June 21, 2014, 08:11:44 AM
jdot007's Story soon... then off to HK for the Inside Bitcoin conference where we will be definitely be asking a question to the panel regarding the major theme on Industry standards: Consumer getting burnt being commonplace in mining, is it prime time to start setting the bar high and protecting the consumer? Referencing Technobit and BFL examples will certainly help frame the question we have for the panel.

1289  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: I no longer work for Butterfly Labs (BFL) on: June 21, 2014, 06:53:58 AM
Do you have any proof that could substantiate any of the claims laid out, even a bit? A uniform badge with your forum ID for example?

That be wise.

There is plenty just on the claims alone to move forward. Seems he is telling the truth BCP19 confirms he is an employee for what that is worth.

Anyhow I bet someone has already forwarded these claims to Wood Law and Sonny V's Probation Officer so the fact is you don't really need this guy to follow up on all the claims and prove them to be true. In fact I bet someone is checking out all these claims independently right now and will probably report back to this forum or Reddit etc. If most or all of these claims are true I don't see how Sonny V's going to avoid breaching his probation.
1290  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: I no longer work for Butterfly Labs (BFL) on: June 21, 2014, 06:28:03 AM
I would think that if BFL were making miners for coinware,  it would be very hard to hide this from the right subpoena.

The probation officer doesn't need one... Sonny V's biz partners have to be notified that in any dealings they have to handover everything that the Probation Officer would like to see depending on where the work product is.

Chaaaaa CHING!

Today it is pursuant to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, it is the judgment and
sentence of this Court, based upon his violation of supervised release, that Sonny
C. Vleisides is hereby placed on supervised release for an additional term of two years.
While on supervised release the defendant shall comply with all the conditions previously
imposed in the original judgment dated September 15th, 2010.

Further, the defendant shall abide by the following addition -- additional conditions.
The defendant shall submit his person, his property, house, residence, office, vehicle,
papers, computer, other electronic communication or data, storage devices or media
and effects to a search at any time conducted by a U.S. probation officer at a reasonable
time in a reasonable manner, based upon reasonable suspicion of contraband or evidence
of a violation of a condition of release.

Failure to submit to a search may be grounds for revocation. The defendant shall warn
any other residents that this premises may be subject to searches pursuant to this condition.
The defendant shall file a personal and business tax returns as required by law and provide
the probation officer with copies of all tax documents as directed by the probation officer.

As I said earlier, Ms. Pierce is going to make some proposed suggestions
to the Court related to how we can better supervise you, Mr. Vleisides, and make sure
that we have transparence in that supervision. Your job is to make sure that she
understands everything, and this -- this business about her not understanding,
I don't buy it. Your job is to communicate, create transparencies. Any loan, especially
$64,000 or whatever it is, is something she needs to know about before it's made,
no matter -- I know you're calling it -- we're calling it an advance today, but I find it's
 a loan, so we're clear on that part as well.
1291  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Technobit Fucks Us Over Again on: June 21, 2014, 05:00:23 AM
How is it even possible that btcminer84 is still seeking a refund since December 9th 2013?

The Refund Request 2013-12-09

Hello, me too. I ask for a refund at Website on 2013-12-09.
They told me, the refund "will be done in 10 days". Yesterday (2014-01-09) I
double checked my bank account and get nothing from Technobit. Plus they
don't answer to any eMail or Contact-Message furthermore (last few weeks).
They are scammers. My Order-ID is FESYNGABJ. I am going to my lawyer and
will fight against those scammers using the most possible of an law enforcement.
However, law enforcement is much easier sind 2014, because the scammers
sitting in Bulgaria and are now  in a country based in the European Union.

Don't purchase anything from Technobit Scammers.

Chronology of Broken Promises

I just want to get the refund of 217,50 EUR asap, because I will not wait
more weeks, months or years for the refund. I wait since 2013-12-10 for the
refund and got no money back. You know my paypal adress (why you asked
for it, when you not refund?), so refund me! 10 days waiting time is over for
lots of weeks!

I am not a buyer anymore because I CANCELED the order on 2013-12-09 and
asked for a refund on 2013-12-10. The scammer from, here marto74,
told me about a refund waiting time of max. 10 days and until Christmas 2013.
This was another lie from, So I asked again for a refund at
2014-01-07 via contact form:

I asked for a refund on 2013-12-09, but there is no payment from Technobit
on my bank account. ... I will wait for 7 days up to 2014-01-12 for the refund,
which needs just one business day here in the European Union. So please refund
the amount of 217.50 EUR to my bank account (SEPA (EU)/SWIFT): ...

But, NOTHING happens. Marto74 ( is still laughing, because I am
a victim of his fraudulent scam company

Evidence to Support the Promises Made by Marto74

From: btcminer84 Emails on Monday, December 09, 2013 1:21 PM

Subject: Cancel and refund of Order ID: FESYNGABJ


I thought I purchased the product, which is viewable on the picture. Order ID is FESYNGABJ. Please cancel this order in full and refund me. Thanks.

Best regards



Technobit Schrieb confirms Refund in 10 days

Schrieb on 10.12.2013 01:31,


Will be done in 10 days

Best Technobit

btcminer84 wrote on 2013-12-18 looking for clarification:
Subject: Re: Cancel and refund of Order ID: FESYNGABJ


when you are going to refund the paid money? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards


Promise Made Again by Marto74 himself on 2013-12-18

Marto74 wrote on 2013-12-18:

I believe I did answer this already
in 10 days since 12 of December
Best Martin

Questions for Marto Posted January 27, 2014, 06:33:00

Why you marto73 ( told me the refund needs max 10 days?

Why you marto73 ( asked me for my paypal adress to refund me, but did nothing?

You marto73 ( wrote via contact form on 2014-01-10: [quote]We are able to do
this paypal so please give us paypal account[/quote]

Why you marto73 ( Yesterday decide to deliver products I did a refund request
for it (order canceled)?

So to sum it up.

Request for refund made
Request for refund accepted and promise made to refund in 10 days.
Confirmation a second time that they promised to refund in 10 days.
Refund denied and product is 'shipped' against the wishes and the agreement for refund.

That is fraud and just goes directly to the LACK of ethics of Marto74. This pattern is well documented where people are promised refunds in a short time frame then orders are "shipped" after weeks and months of delays. This customer is still waiting for the promised refund. You might become his next victim. Why risk it?

1292  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: I no longer work for Butterfly Labs (BFL) on: June 21, 2014, 04:00:39 AM
Depending on how much I get I will buy something special for my wife's mom who is very very sick. We hope she makes it till her birthday in July which we all think she will.

A significant amount of personal information there, from someone who is trying to remain anonymous. A suspiciously large amount. I'm not a fan of BFL by any stretch of the imagination -- but just what's going on here? Is someone trying to frame someone else?

Simple solution.

Get all the documentation and evidence to Sonny V's probation officer and Wood Law and voila problem solved. This reveals any number of avenues now for customers to explore.

The rabbit hole is bigger and it will require proper investigation.
1293  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: HashFast announces specs for new ASIC: 400GH/s on: June 21, 2014, 03:40:50 AM
So we come semi-full circle here.  Wonder if Inaba wants to comment on this. Harh harh.

Liquidbits is one of several companies that comprise Coinware.

One of Coinware's other ventures is Nimbus mining.

Nimbus mining is BFL's cloud mining host.

Nimbus doesn't seem to have any other public customers.

Oh, headache.

So this guy Bachrach, who bought the huge HF order, has some major deal with BFL too.  I wonder to what extent he represents his own (and coinware fellow execs) capital, and to what extent he's fronting for other investors.  Would love to know the details of the BFL too.

The shell company of shell companies. Nice. <-- link back to this. Full Circle indeed.
1294  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: I no longer work for Butterfly Labs (BFL) on: June 21, 2014, 03:34:41 AM
I left most recently, and since I'm no longer under their control I can now share with anybody interested two important things.

One, bcp19, whose first name is Bruce, DOES work for BFL. Ask him and I'm sure he'll say yes, but if he doesn't, I have no problem with linking to pictures of him while employed at the plant. He's been there since last fall. I seriously don't know what game he's playing on this forum and what he's trying to accomplished, but I'm pretty sure it ain't good. To be fair, he is a nice guy.

Second. BFL received chips months ago that were intended for what you guys consider the Monarch. Thousands of miners have already made at BFL's plant using those new chips. Ask Bruce that also. He knows. Since you're now curious as to where all them miners went and are continuing to go, here... Moreover, HashTrade, NimbusMining, LiquidBits, and Netsolus. The lead guy for CoinWare is named James (I'm not stating his last name because I don't want to get in trouble, but I'm sure you smart guys can figure it out). James visits the plant a lot, walking around assembling unescorted then heads to the offices of management to discuss whatever.

This post is valid because I was there when two guys from HashFast (don't get the name mixed up with HashTrade) walked the plant with Sonny, David, and Josh.

I honestly don't want to get mixed up with this mess because I have a family and all. BFL treated me pretty fairly while I was there, but feel it important for you guys who have millions still tied up and waiting for equipment to be aware. It's a shame that you guys who ordered first will probably be the last to get your miners. At least when you do get them, you'll make your money back, even if it takes longer than you planned, if I understand correctly how the whole thing works. Still, it's a screwed up deal.

One more thing, for what it's worth. Everybody in the plant knows about Sonny's past, and some not mentioned here, and we all joke about how we are (was for me, now) working for crooks and scumbags, most the time in Spanish when management is not around, of course.

Heck, I might as well add this tidbit, even though it doesn't matter none except to Sonny's girlfriend. Sonny has been screwing one of the pretty Mexican girls in assembly since early last year. I'm not going to mention her name for obvious reasons, but everybody at the plant knows it except Sonny's girlfriend who have a son together. I don't see that relationship lasting too much longer due to them fighting a lot, where then Sonny may start seeing the Mexican girl full time then.

Sorry if I said too much. All I wanted to say was about Bruce and CoinWare and how you guys are getting screwed big time.


Le Smokin' Gun? Has Wood Law and the Probation Officer got this information? Oh my... jail forgone conclusion.

1295  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED] Group Buy Ant S2 $1650.- May 25th - 150/150 - Antminer S3 Coming Soon on: June 20, 2014, 06:40:27 AM

We are close to the release of the Antminer S3.

I hope we can offer a convenient Group Buy Soon.



I hope the packaging for the miners are better but yes very keen on your GB Juan. You are one of the few very good ones out here hawking wares. I don't think anyone would complain if you set up S3 GB.  Grin
1296  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 20, 2014, 05:27:47 AM
As I asked before of the OP... 33 units pledged are we going to get more news or is it radio silence till after HK IB?

Edit: Yes you did OP... thanks for the clarification of the clarification. I am getting distracted with all the off topic crap. My bad not yours.

----------- OFF TOPIC SNIP HERE -----------

I am done playing Jimmy in this thread with you. You cut down my responses and failed to see the whole picture. You are looking at single GB when your focus has to be everything in the ecosystem. Honestly you need to take this stuff to another thread it is way off topic and deserves a FULL discussion in Hardware and it MUST include past instances of companies gouging the community and should also include a fair discussion over current habits of people on the cusp of dirty and unethical practices which may include this GB but most certainly should reflect the need to monitor people like Marto74 as well as other GBs here. All this talk you pushed here needs to moved and openly debated. I would love to debate anyone on business ethics and mining on the record. I want that discussion to be done in an open forum at say an INSIDE BITCOIN event. There are plenty of people that need to reflect on their past practices, the present practices and hopefully that improves the quality of business done. At this point pissing on this GB is the least effective way to get change. That I know I can argue successfully.

Enough with the pollution / dilution of the thread please.

We need a RALPH NADER for Bitcoin and we need a post in the hardware section that is there for all of these complaints so everyone can see what the lay of the land is... I want to question who are you trying to be Jimmy because you can't help the community at all limiting your focus this way? Seems to me you don't want to discuss what is plain to see that every company has a ghost and everyone needs to improve their game. Too many people are still being ripped off right now beyond this GB or SpondooliesTech even if I concede, which I am not, that your perspective is 100% correct you have to concede there are some bad practices in Technobit and Asicminer and others that you uphold as good brokers in the community. There are no angels in the bitcoin world Jimmy bar a few and very rarely found in miner fabricators as we all know. There are just human beings here many of whom are selfish. Some more than others. Open your eyes to the entire horizon not just where you think the sun has set you are missing a lot of details doing it that way.
1297  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 20, 2014, 05:01:35 AM
Yes but the question is why? Normally group buys have cost savings associated with them. This doesn't.

Who CARES what is fucking normal? You get a discount and no one is ripping you off like Technobit does or BFL right? That is the TRUTH. Admit it. Where has this person or any GB for SPTech stolen money? Or made the customer pay a higher price or not delivered or bait n switched orders? None. There is documented theft from many many fabricators here in bitcointalk but we want push back on this GB really? I question your motivation especially given people are getting a  lower price here in this GB. If we spread the word more people will save not less. And I dare say other individual order customers have complained in the past and were given "compensation". Try and do that with Technobit or BFL or others. Not going to happen.

Of course because there are some cost savings. Shipping a pallet or two is much cheaper than 100 individual boxes. You shouldn't get an outrageous discount like 50% off for bulk buys since this is a preorder and it's not like they are trying to get rid of stock.

Good thing. So what so everyone is trying to DUMP stock. Who gives a flying fuck how they discount their product really? Look at what CarnaryInTheMine and ASICminer were doing with the USBs miners last year? I didn't see you all over those threads? Not fucking once were you complaining then or since about that fucking collusion. Shit even a little competition from my first group the Big Picture and the K1's thread lowered their costs immediately. Please if you want to look at conspiracy why not go back over the millions that were gouged out then?

It is just a bad marketing scheme to have a sale this way.

Good we get your point of view can we now agree that there are some bigger fucking thieves out there and focus on their shit? If you have an issue with this sort of marketing email Spondoolies Tech about it and complain. Unlike Techonfuck and BigFatLiars SPTech cares what consumers think. I agree to an extent transparent behavior on sales like this would be better. But given the history of this forum and how people are still being manipulated and sold lies you want to go after these guys because you don't like the way they market?

What's the point? It's just an unnecessary/inconvenient extra step in the ordering process.

Have you ever thought that it might be an easier step for the SPTech to secure a larger number of orders together organized for free by a community member. So that they extend their sales team out and build more good will? It is necessary. Again no one gives a shit about Canary and his close ties? Right? Seriously please.

Yes you should if you think there is anything shady/unfair going on.

I did. Check out the K1 Nano and the Redfury and then see what happened to the USB miner prices. Clear example of how a very small collective of people changed the prices. Now the point is NOT what we did but what you are promoting here. I don't think I need to push against Canary's practices. He did what everyone in his position would do. Get the best price. There was no hate or threats etc. We post a price he posted a lower price. This sort of thing you are doing is not helping me get a lower price in fact you are making it harder for me to get a lower SP30 price with all this crap. Respectfully your campaign here is screwing with my ability to get answers from the OP cause every other fucking posts is your opinion on this fucking GB. Seriously give it a rest or make a thread like I did to complain openly and share your thoughts there. You are hijacking this thread needlessly and against the very idea of getting lower prices for people.

I happen to think it is a rip off to pay $600 extra because you already ordered from the website. Please let me know of anything in the open source AM thread that is even remotely unfair.

Agreed. Let us spread the GB word everywhere why are you trying discredit it? Again where were you when Asicminer was basically doing exact same thing last year?

I only advocate buying in stock hardware. Preordering is gambling and to suggest otherwise is dishonest.

Agreed but you have said that in every one of SPTech's threads but it is ok for Technobit to do this and you praise him? Fuck me that is the height of hypocrisy. We get it no pre-orders but even you admit I got a GOOD pre-order value for the last GB? Right? I mean who would rather order from at this point? SPTech or Technobit? Me easy choice.

I think SP knew that the $5100 price for September was way too high but they chose to milk their customers for what they could get.

Shouldn't they try and get that price? Should they not try and promote lower priced GB's?

Seriously you are pissing in the wind especially when you turn a fucking blind eye to people who are promising things that they will surely never deliver on and have done it before. I will be the first to eat my hat and rail against SpondooliesTech if they so much as screw a single customer. Have they? No.

This is all said with respect. Foul language is added to express my mood with regard to those who still fucking rip people off unmolested in these forums not at you personally Jimmy again I hold you in the greatest regard and simply disagree with your assessment of this GB given all of the other people out there still ripping off the community your talents would be better spent getting refunds and compensation for people who are still waiting.
1298  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [OPEN] Spondoolies-Tech SP30 - Specs: 6TH/s + 0.46W/GH on: June 20, 2014, 03:30:23 AM
My post lower down got buried again... any news on better prices now with 29 33 units reserved to date? Or is radio silence declared until after Hong Kong? And if anyone wants me to ask Guy anything including you Jimmy please PM me. I will do my best to get you answers as I will be at the panel with some of the major mining players in crypto Crypto Currency Mining: A 360 Industry Perspective in HK.  


Rant @ Jimmy with RESPECT.

Please note Jimmy I appreciate you and your tireless support of people in these forums especially trying hard to protect them from unscrupulous vendors. I may disagree with you on SPTech but I know you have integrity, you are ethical and truthful in this case I just think you are wrong.

You can see there is a price difference from this GB to the SPtech site.

If you want to order direct and have interest in 100 units I am sure you can get a better deal.

This group buy is clearly lowering the ticket price of the SP30s. You can check with SPtech themselves if you don't think that is the case.

What is the motivation to keep saying this is not a group buy?
What is the motivation to discredit this group buy?

Honestly, what is wrong with someone trying to organize the smaller orders into a larger collective order and working with SPTech to do so?

There is nothing in that which is evil or some how illegal or fraudulent. In fact it is a good thing if you want a unit or two and don't want to pay full sticker going it alone.

We get it Jimmy you want to expose the truth as you perceive it now how about those who are keen on getting more of discount from SPTech get to talk now?

The point of the thread and I don't think it is anything other than that is to pool resources and getting a group rate on miners. Should I now go to every other AM group buy thread or small fabricator and question everyone's motives for it and what Asicminer is doing to "gouge" customers? Is that the game we are playing?

Listen if you want to fight the good fight take a look at people who have ACTUALLY stolen coins and ripped people off. This GB whoever is pulling the strings is merely collectivizing the power of individual customers and after pooling it benefits appear for those people. We need more things like this not less. I really do not see your actions as consumer activism in fact when people are actually being stolen from a great many people simply turn a blind eye and that is what really bothers me much more than the perception you have this is a 'faux' GB. Who cares if SPtech gives you a coupon or asks a community member to beat the sales drum? You do that same exact thing in the open source AM threads right?

Again you are not really helping the consumer here get the best deal. You know and I know there are fabricators right now still selling pre-orders and most likely will screw some people out of their money and waste their time with a shell game. Oh sorry you ordered later than most so we have no more boards in that flavour... how about I ignore you for 3 weeks while I build the next new board and ship those... why are you upset with me? You didn't send us an email etc etc etc... you know and I know that sort of shit goes on and yet many people who are trashing more reputable fabricators say nothing about those sort of slime ball tactics.

Right now we see what? 600$ USD off already. I want more before I hop on this train especially for a September buy. I got a great deal that you even admit Jimmy was awesome from the last GB... so I don't get the grief? If you are trying to persuade people to buy AM product this is not the way to get them over to those threads.
1299  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - Best W/GH/s ratio, Best $/GH/s ratio on: June 20, 2014, 02:45:39 AM

Does this even make real sense? With Spondoolies Tech possibly shipping tens of thousands of these, wouldn't there be thousands of people trying to do the same?

Questions over questions Wink

i keep every miner i've ever bought, there are times when they are worth powering up, and times when they are not. It will always be so.

I think you really all need to think about 3D SPACE as a resource along with power efficiency. The SP30s is just a single blip on the evolutionary chain of miners. There are already designs that are evolving that plug and play box on top of another plug n play box. I am keen on seeing how much mining you can compress into the smallest space possible the SP10 and SP30 are the right direction but it will not stop there. Cases, heatsinks racks take up a lot of valuable space imagine how to shed all that. As for reselling the datatank? You could use it for a lot more than mining and anyone looking into the Datatank should be looking at supplemental income beyond mining for the space.


LOL. I say that with love Raskul.

1300  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Technobit Fucks Us Over Again on: June 20, 2014, 02:28:43 AM
3 Cases today.

Case #1 - Still not delivered for 6 Months after a 10 day promise to refund.

You are a scammer! When I get my refund (Order ID was FESYNGABJ) you promised me "within 10 days" on 10th December 2013!

Am 10.12.2013 01:31, wrote via
> OK
> Will be done in 10 days
> Best Technobit

Today is 15th Mai 2014 and am still waiting for the refund you promised.

Case #2 - Lied about receiving RMA units from customer, then blame customer until the customer provided tracking information. Then they magically look for them again.

Im waiting for 2 HEXA2 units and 3 HEXA units since February, ive send them for repair / swap because they had problems and never receive them back, several emails where send always with some unprofessional answer in order me to wait and wait and wait, then suddenly they tell me they never received any items, ive send them the tracking number for them to check the order was received, then they told me again to wait and wait for them to check

So this gos on and on since February all my money is lost, and i will never ever get roi on those products even if they send to me today

So be careful when ordering from this company, they have the worst after sale service you can get

Here is the lie

Customer Service @ Technobit 14-02-2014 07:40

Dear Customer,

we were busy with new product last 2 weeks.
Next week the series start running , so all RMA devices will be sorted until next friday

Customer service

Next Friday came and went and you know the rest of this story right... no? We will follow up.

Case #3 - Lies and doesn't know he lies old Marto74. What is the difference between Pre-order and Build Per Order nothing if you order from Technobit?

tarmi said:
marto, I sent you some PM, but you didnt respond, so I will ask you here.

how about local pick up, I hand you the money, and you hand me the goods?

2 -4 weeks... PRE ORDER!

marto74 said:Wich product
If it is with 48 hour shipment ok
But for others it is with pre order of about 2 to 4 weeks , depending on the product you choose.
In any case you have to place an order
I am interested in your A1 miners. maybe bigger quantities.

No Pre-orders...

tarmi said:
I can place an order, but I cant give money in advance, sorry. preordering is 2012.

Why? He doesn't want to get scammed and he tried to PM you remember?

marto74 said: ↑

Fine up to you why post offtopic here then

Explain it to him like he is a 3 year old

tarmi said:

because you dont respond to PMs, and you are active in this thread.

I was just considering to do business with you and I just wanted to know what are my options.

preordering today is not an option for me. I would suggest to change your business model if you want to stay in this business, especially if you have a lot of customer complaints.

thank you for your time, I wish you the very best.

edit> it makes no difference to me: you can call it order or preorder, but if you dont give me the goods the second I give you my money it is a preorder.

Tecnobit's model is bullshit and there are many examples of their poorly organized Japanese system of Just in Time manufacturing that often goes south on purpose because when you run out of boards parts etc you keep the money and then ignore the customers and then offer the "upgraded" product. Wait doesn't BFL do that? It is pretty clear your shell game is only different in one respect. You don't actually explain to people you are not building to order. You limit your numbers based on the time for next board that you pump out with the money you collect for the previous boards and the cycle continues. So if there is any hitch like failed boards or RMA or multiple refund requests then you ignore the problems as that is not factored into your "business" model. You are hiding the fact you often collect money for units you never intend on building for people and that is clearly FRAUD and there is more than enough evidence to prove this in court. This is the main reason people shouldn't buy from you beside the fact you still owe people boards and money etc.

marto74 said: ↑Fine up to you why post offtopic here then

P.s. and our model is actualy build per order not pre order.

So he says first:  "But for others it is with pre order of about 2 to 4 weeks."
Then he says:  "P.s. and our model is actualy build per order not pre order."

Really Marto74 you actually think people believe it is build to order and not pre-ordering after you just said it is pre-ordering?

"A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself as a liar." - Mark Twain
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