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141  Other / Meta / Re: VOD should be removed from default trust for systematic abuse of his position on: May 19, 2015, 06:44:16 AM

Considering he is the one that has damaged my trust rating and I have done nothing more than talk about him, it is easy for him to pretend to be reconciliatory when he loses nothing.

But what if he is willing to work this out with you?

I don't see how you would be adverse to finding a solution given that you are both against people who are outright scammers am I correct?

If the only real issue is he is on list and you are not, that doesn't mean that you can't find a solution to the TRUST issues you have with each other I would hope.

Again seems to me that this forum would be best served if both of you reach across the aisle and make peace and really go after those who would are generally only here to scam others as well as fix the broken trust system.

Neither of you are here scamming anyone that I can tell, nor are you going to in my estimation so that is a common goal of this forum and the trust system essentially. It really isn't good for protracted text wars that amount to disagreement over what 'level' of trust exists in the broken system. Can you both chuck aside your negative trust ratings shake hands and work on helping clean up the forum including your well directed anger at the inadequacies of the trust system. I see a great opportunity here. Unfortunately a lot of other such problems exist where there is a level of scam going on and there is no solution / compromise if they are going to make restitution or continue to scam others. That is not the case here.

There is a consensus.

We would all agree the trust system is fubar and needs work.
We would all agree that scammers are way too prevalent in these forums and a culling is required.
We would all agree that if you two would resolve your issues, no matter who or where the fault lies, both of you would be better off and so would this forum.

How about you both agree to move forward?

142  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAMMER] Oregon Mines on: May 19, 2015, 06:06:38 AM
Scam Report for

Yet another in the long line of Matthew Carson's (aka Bobsag3) failed operations.
Minersource was booted from their last location and Matthew moved over with Terrence Thurber into Oregon Mines.
If anyone has money / miners with Oregon Mines you should immediately get that money back and those miners out of that facility.
For more information please review the threads.

Oregon Mines is the continuation of Minersource and other scam ventures of Terrence Thurber and Matthew Carson. They have locked their thread and stopped answering questions regarding their legal responsibilities with regards to Minersource. Further Matthew Carson was involved directly with Technobit to defraud people of chips, money and miners. Also note that Matthew Carson recommended Dogie be used in a number of projects in these forums. Choose who you trust wisely. Note that Loshia a member of the Technobit fraud with Marto74 also supported covering up the fact that Matthew Carson was a VP of Oregon Mines.

Scammers Profile Link:

Matthew Carson Oregon Mines VP Sales.
Terrence Thurber Oregon Mines Owner
Thomas Thurber Oregon Mines Owner Posting Account for Oregone Mines
thomas_s  DZMinerCOOP / Minersource Group Buy Liason
Dan Murtha, Cofounder, Co-CEO at Miner Hosting LLC

It would be in the interest of everyone in these forums to leave negative feedback on these individuals.

Reference Links:

Oregon Mines locked thread.Black Arrow Prospero X-3 <DZMC Exclusive>
Black Arrow Chips Group Buy Build with Minersource & Technobit
Bobsag3 background history with Minersource
Thomas_s scam Physical Bitcoin Coin Mining Wallet's Free Domestic Shipping Until Jan 6th
Dan Murtha Owner of Minersource

Amount Scammed: Millions of dollars in BTC, USD and Miners

Additional Notes: This is long drawn out program of fraud with a trail of broken contracts and disruptable conduct from a long list of people particularly Terrence Thurber and Matthew Carson as the principal scam artists.

Add More Information about Oregon Mines and other variants here such as:

+ Stolen Miners

+ Broken Contracts

+ Broken Miners no RMA

+ Others
143  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED]Minion Chip Assembly GB on: May 19, 2015, 06:05:27 AM
Started an Oregon Mines / Minersource / Bobsag3 / Matthew Carson & Terrence Thurber scam thread in case this thread also gets locked by Matthew Carson & Terrence Thurber.
144  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Does anybody actually bought Hashcoins Uranus 6000Ghs Miner ? on: May 19, 2015, 05:56:06 AM
The chance of seeing one right now is 0% or within 4 to 6 months.

They don't have a chip. No chip. No miners.

Let us just be clear about that for everyone.
145  Other / Meta / Re: Should a new section be added for trust disputes? on: May 19, 2015, 04:52:20 AM
I'd second this. Some issues such as with the trust system in general are a forum problem, and fine in Meta. But individual disputes I agree aren't really a matter for Meta.

Who determines what is or isn't meta?

Have to agree need a section for dispute RESOLUTION not a section for complaints only. Most of the threads that complain have few people trying to seek a solution. There is no need to open another section for complaints only. What is required is a section that allows for dispute resolution make it a child of Meta not all disputes are just trust related.
146  Other / Meta / Re: VOD should be removed from default trust for systematic abuse of his position on: May 18, 2015, 11:30:23 PM
Olive branch number?

Seems like there is a solution.

What will it take?

proof that you are in fact protected by the staff and other high ranking trust members.

Give the pretender act a rest Dr. Phil. You are the perpetrator here, just like Armis was, and I will do my best to make sure everyone knows you are a perpetrator and not a protector like you would love everyone to believe. The only way this will ever be resolved is with you removing your abusive rating on my trust completely or with you removed from the default trust.

Then stop lying about me?  We're going around in circles and I don't think it's useful to anyone on this forum.

If you ever overcome your personal demons and want to be my friend - send me a PM (you've never been blocked).

You'll need to keep bumping this thread yourself.  Peace brotha.   Smiley
147  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: OregonMines Group Buy $399 Colocated SP20s CC's Accepted on: May 18, 2015, 04:04:21 PM
I wonder where Matthew will run next?

148  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: OregonMines Group Buy $399 Colocated SP20s CC's Accepted on: May 18, 2015, 11:56:10 AM

Any new information it has been over a week? was only their website name.  Their actual business registered with the state was called "Miner Hosting, llc".  It was originally registered in Missouri and then registered as a foreign corporation when Matt moved to Colorado.  He a large number of PSUs from me a couple months before he skipped town and had them shipped to the same address that OregonMines now operates from.  Despite their insistence to the contrary OregonMines is most definitely a continuation of, llc.  I'm in the process of pursuing Matt and OregonMines for the unpaid debt.  I've already won a judgment against Miner Host, llc in Colorado small claims court (Adam's County CO Case #2015S500084).  No one from Miner Hosting even showed up to court.

What do chances of actually collecting the debt look like?

Excellent.  Matt hasn't followed the corporate formalities so I plan to ask the court to hold him personally responsible for Miner Hosting's debt to me.  I tracked down his current home address and he is currently renting a luxury house in Oregon for $1,900 /month.  If he has that kind of cash to drop on rent it's hard to plead poverty.  His parent's also live in a multi million dollar house in Texas so if someone can prove Matt's dad was a part owner in Miner Hosting then there are a lot of assets there for sure.  Not to mention that OregonMines probably has hundred of thousands of dollars of mining equipment in their warehouse in Oregon that could be seized by the Sheriff and sold at auction as a last resort.
149  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Great Sponsorship Opportunity For CryptoCurrency Exchange With PICISI on: May 18, 2015, 05:39:44 AM
Bottomline the community should avoid anything where the principal party remains anonymous.

The logic in that is very clear.

As I explained and you ignored have a long look at Oregon Mines as an example where they have a known fraud working for them and they covered up the fact.

Now again if you have nothing in your past that is negative then there should be no issues with providing a CV and location so that people are comfortable vetting you should they want to join.

You have refused to do that so it is clear that a warning to the community must be made.

Enjoy your thread. I have made my point let us hope that the community takes heed and avoids your project until you have the good sense to provide basic information for people to check you out properly.

I have left neutral trust on you Armis to the effect no one should deal with PICISI until such time as you have come to your senses and provided a basic CV and or profile for potential and existing sponsors.

Before I go I had better comment yet again on VOD's failings.

My response:

One person (Quickseller) pointed out a single time that the accounts I created could be used to scam. No other person expressed any concerns.

Vod, is this your doings? Creating imposter accounts that are meant to appear be an account associated with someone that takes money from others (be it donations or otherwise) is generally considered scammy behavior. Although this may or may not be the intention, it would be very easy to use this account to get Armis's customers/sponsors/donators to give you money when that is not the intention.

Based on QS's single post, and my strong ethics, I decided to use a different name and I shut down the names that could be used to scam.  There was no advice (much less strong advice) to remove them.  As usual, your words are worthless because you don't stand behind them, and this post is a good example of why you don't.

You suck at guessing... better stick to scamming.   Undecided

QS is so reputable that he promotes Adam Allcock a known and proven VAT fraudster.

Libels my good name calling me an extortionist. Ya he is all that isn't he?

That doesn't bode well for anyone if you are taking him as the voice of ethical behavior in these forums. Bad choices all around and if you read carefully I to took exception to your hypocrisy creating multiple accounts to hound Armis. I guess certain people get recognition and others get ignored.

150  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Black Arrow Prospero X-3 - thoughts and feelings? on: May 17, 2015, 11:38:31 PM
Thanks appreciate the info.

I have seen some of them sell on eBay for around $300-$350 within the past month or 2.

I have had one for 2 months running 24/7. It's stable and has shown no signs of blowing up. I purchased it from a guy on eBay and got a good price for it. He got it from BA and sold them immediately because of that whole situation. It is the batch from February.

It never hashes below 995ghs and averages about 1010ghs.

For power, it does use up about $45-$60 a month where I am. So there's been a little head room. I'm selling mine soon as I will be able to get most, if not all, what I played for it back.

It's a fun machine to look at and take apart to see what's inside. But if you're in it exclusively for profit, you could do better.

151  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Great Sponsorship Opportunity For CryptoCurrency Exchange With PICISI on: May 17, 2015, 11:28:46 PM
OK walls of text are not required.

I'm not VOD.
You are not building bitcoin or writing a white paper on cryptocoins etc.
People should avoid this project if you're going to remain anonymous.

The diversion down this rehashing of the problems you have with VOD are off topic based on my questions directed at your identity. You refuse to discuss your identity at all and the deflection away from it is very curious. Who if any sponsors know your identity?
152  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Pics of Large Miner Hosting Center Under Construction on: May 17, 2015, 03:36:31 PM

Because you said so I have to believe it?

More likely that the units got fried and these people are responsible and fixing the problem given the report from Toomin.

And you didn't answer the question why the 'retrofit'?

Obviously there were issues.

Was it because they were responsible for destroying customers equipment in their overheated datacenter?

My equipment was running right next to those S5 when they allegedly got too toasty. Not a single machine of mine was damaged, power supplies just as solid as ever and all of them are still running as I type at my own facility.

I feel bad for the guy that has his machines damaged, but I honestly don't think it was any kind of intentional or willful neglect of oversight. Even though I no longer need a hosting facility I would have no qualms using them again, even after this incident. Kind of like how Jack in the Box after the ecoli incident was probably the safest fast food place to eat.

It appears more then allegedly -

Overheating to point of damaging gear does not happen in one day.  It would have been noticeable on heat increase, and heat should be checked.

Having a data center you are agreeing to host peoples gear.  You have a responsibility to keep environment safe.  If it was something out of their control it's a different story.  But reading temp's and even adding cooling gear if needed before hurting gear is well within what is expected.

I've read that thread - and yes what you see there are allegations. You may have skipped the part where I said my own machines where sitting right next to the lot of S5 that had problems, when they supposedly had problems, but for some reason my machines have received no damage while in custody of ASICSPACE. So sorry for the other guy, but I'm happy my machines are more stout than his and survived the apparent  Roll Eyes inferno that ASICSPACE runs  Roll Eyes
153  Other / Meta / Re: "Quickseller" marked my account red rating with no evidence in ANGER, UNETHICAL on: May 17, 2015, 03:33:11 PM
Don't you people realise the more you all squabble like this in public and constantly throw accusations at each other the less likely everybody else is to trust any of you? Forget the people you're all picking fights with all of this just makes you look incredibly petty and it will make people wary of doing any business deals with you if that's the kind of attitude you have in general.

I'm all for ousting scammers and calling people out on dodgy behaviour but this shit must have been going on for months now not just a couple of weeks and it's getting boring seeing you all clog up meta with your shit posts.

Suggest IGNORE is a good thing to use in that case. Mr. Quickseller is certainly not going anywhere and is more than capable of stirring the pot for many more months and roping more people in. It is escalating.
154  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Great Sponsorship Opportunity For CryptoCurrency Exchange With PICISI on: May 17, 2015, 10:14:04 AM
So for clarity.

You will NOT reveal who your are or provide any references or proof of life / address etc... thanks got it.

That is highly suspect and people should avoid this program until you find a way to provide that information so people can review who is behind the program and vet you properly. This is certainly not a trust inducing project if you want to remain anonymous and I say that without any vitriol or anger. No one in this community should put any of their time into a project run by someone unwilling to present their credentials.

155  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BFL labs single 60GHs schematics needed on: May 17, 2015, 07:35:04 AM
Funny eh?

Lightfoot just fell off the planet about the same time the others stopped posted from inside BFL. 

156  Other / Meta / Re: Default Trust Visualisation [Picture Heavy] on: May 17, 2015, 07:07:36 AM
Seems like the trust system, without any burden of proof required to be attached to each rating for peer review under common law rules of evidence which everyone can understand (and then thrash insufficient proofs, citing the rules), is more of an indicator of "is this person involved in any drama?" rather than "is this person fucking trustworthy or not? here are the proofs."

What members should do is simply work on that basis and build within the current trust system.

Given what I know about say Vod and Techshare they should be in agreement and when you look at the merits of what is and isn't evidence you can pretty much determine a value that most of the shit that gets thrown around is either real evidence or made up bullshit. The degree to which doesn't vary much there is a definite line between those trying to scam or lie about say charging VAT or setting up a mining hardware long con vs. selling a million dollars worth of miners to the community with little or no trust issues.
157  Other / Meta / Re: Default Trust Visualisation [Picture Heavy] on: May 17, 2015, 07:03:25 AM
You expect me to explain to you why my questions should be respected? They're questions, they want answers, fuck respect.
And you're also telling me I do not respect those words myself? WTF does that even mean?

It means, if you respected your own words, you would stand behind them.

The fact you created a throw away account instead of posting on your main account means you don't stand behind your words.   Wink

Really? You just made 3 or 4 throw away accounts did you not yesterday. Awareness please. Grin
158  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Black Arrow Prospero X-3 - thoughts and feelings? on: May 17, 2015, 06:52:25 AM
What sort of value do these units have actually if they are on sale?

Given the fact they are risky to run what sort of price should they sold at currently?
159  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Bitcointalk Escrows [Updated Daily] Trade Safely! on: May 17, 2015, 06:30:29 AM
No the evidence is not a SMEAR and it has been carefully laid out in a single post for everyone to see and it is well documented.

The evidence for Adam Allcock's MAIL FRAUD and the VAT FRAUD have been reported to the UK authorities.

This is not he said she said scenario it is now in the hands of the government and that is the point we are well beyond name calling and libel no matter what Quickseller, Dogie or you think.

Quickseller is balls deep involved it and I suspect maybe you are as well. So that doesn't suprise me one little bit.

Anyone using this list should be VERY mindful of who is friends with whom. And who is calling whom trustworthy. Echo chambers are the perfect long con media device. Obviously some lists are just to be avoided. Sort of like Dogie's broken and sponsored hardware manufacturers trustworthy guide eh?

The warning I give should have a lot of weight given the fact I have provided escrow in excess of most people on that list in a SINGLE escrow. Unlike Quickseller nickling and diming his way up the ladder.

Let us be clear. I have a goal to make sure no one gets stung in a long con with this anonymous escrow. Who knows what deals he has put together are legit or not given he has access to 100s of accounts on these forums as name broker I think people should stick to KNOWN escrows not people who have popped up in the last year or so and run anonymous escrows with little or no vetting going on.

Be warned. Quickseller is willingly aiding a fraudster and is actively attempting to cover up and smear the my rep, as a known trustworthy escrow, and anyone else trying to make sure that no one is scammed by Adam Allcock with regards to VAT and his freebie miners that he is selling.
160  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Bitcointalk Escrows [Updated Daily] Trade Safely! on: May 17, 2015, 06:23:00 AM
No he is not trustworthy.

The evidence is clear on the libelous negative trust he left me and his support for Dogie a known and proven VAT and Mail fraudster.

I have done $80,000 USD plus in escrow services comparatively to Quickseller few hundred dollars that alone gives me more weight as an escrow than he ever will have and yet I was negative rep'd by him, the guy who hides behind his anonymity most likely because he is directly tied to dogie in some manner?

So since I am a known, reputable and ethical escrow provider I hereby state in this thread that I do not trust him. Nor should anyone else given his current support of Adam Allcock aka dogie in the well documented VAT and Mail fraud.

He should have an asterisk next to his name at the very least indicating he is circumspect if not just being removed outright for his attack on me a known reputable escrow would be the right way to handle this problem.

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