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241  Bitcoin / Mining support / Re: Summer Mining - Fans/Other summer equipment on: May 07, 2015, 05:45:11 AM
Been waiting on it. So far have only half my gear testing area.  

I still need to make changes.  It is hard that I have humidity so a lot of easy options are not possible for me.

Working on a few ideas I will update it once I try one.

Is there a way to dehumidify the air coming in?

Do you have adequate roof ventilation?

Seems odd you would have humidity issues is that because of the open windows?

Got any cheap desiccants like rice husks, wheat stalks or rock salt?

Found this on a DIY site:

Rock Salt

I have tried this rock salt method and it works for me.

Materials you will need:

2 five gallon buckets and a bag of rock salt .Rock salt will pull moisture out of the air, therefore decreasing humidity.

Using a drill, put some holes, a couple dozen, in the sides and bottom of 1 bucket. Place the bucket with the holes on top of the intact 5 gallon bucket. Pour rock salt into the top bucket. Place the buckets in the area to be dehumidified.

As the rock salt pulls moisture out of the air, the moisture will collect in the bottom bucket, Dump liquid and replace rock salt in order to continue dehumidifying the area if necessary.
242  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] Sfards: SF3301 sample chip is available [Updated 04/05/15] on: May 07, 2015, 05:36:57 AM
J4bberwock are you going to start a new thread for your project soon here in Hardware?

The power boards are  probably based on something like tps40140 or ltc3829.
They could have been ordered separately. worst case, they can be used to work on other chips later.
But I expected the power supply to be built in the dev board, and price for the dev board is almost twice what I expected, so sample chips will be fine and more fun.

Anyway, my 2 chips design only needs routing to be finished.
I've been away today and will be driving back home tomorrow (9hours trip at least), so I probably won't update until Wednesday.

Sample chips price is a little bit high too, I expected something closer to 50$ each, but if price for "small batches" is right, it doesn't really matters.
Before I buy 2 or 4 of them, I'll need some more technical informations than what can be found in the partial data sheet.
I'll check tomorrow or Wednesday for what's missing.
Can I assume the chips will be sent express (dhl/FedEx) within 1 or 2 days after payment will be made?

243  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: HashFast announces specs for new ASIC: 400GH/s on: May 07, 2015, 05:24:35 AM

Racist bigot. Very intelligent racist bigot.
244  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Monarch firmware, will BFL release the source code? on: May 07, 2015, 05:11:59 AM
BFL is known for their helping with bitcoin community,..... ok i could not even make it any further without laughing.

I highly doubt BFL does anything to help the community.   I expect them to be dodging lawsuits for years to come.

Sadly, this I know.  Still I would like to see what these cards can do with just the right voltage/frequency combo.

Scour the old threads here in Hardware for people that propped up the Monarch trouble shooting thread that can help you.

Lightfoot was there #1 support guy here in Bitcointalk. He would be able to get you what you need I suspect.
245  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Future mining powered by Tesla? on: May 07, 2015, 01:27:39 AM
The Sustainocene: era of personalized energy: Daniel Nocera at TEDxCaFoscariU

Decentralized is the key. If you can power your car and home all OFF GRID, which you can do now almost at par with Grid costs over the lifespan of the solar installation, then the debate over the need for coal or nuclear ends and the water issue would 'evaporate' as well especially with regards to fossil fuel exploration and production.

Imagine solar that produces hydrogen directly and you have cracked part of the dependencies on heavy and costly batteries. Where this will happen is in the 'developing' world not in the US at first.

This would be ideal for mining as well in small decentralized ways then you can make cheaper abundant miners that in totality out mine all the megafarms. Just need to make small cheap miners available to millions. The only people that are working on that challenge right now are Gekkoscience... support that project. There is a potential for a complete reversal of the centralization of mining if you have cheap personalized energy and cheap personalized miners that are in the hands of everyone.
246  Other / Meta / Re: Vod making false accusations about me | Providing proof for Mod or admin on: May 06, 2015, 05:14:46 PM
Is there a link to the TOS for these Microsoft licenses love to read that?

TOS is a matter of civil law anyway. Breaking TOS is not a crime but you may be held liable for damages, it is much different than criminal law. If every virtual good on this forum had to follow TOS there would be no virtual goods. Go read them, they virtually all exclude non-authorized retailers.

Not complaining about the civil TOS but the obvious criminal theft.  The scammer wants you to believe they own these MSDN/BizSpark/whatever subscriptions legally, yet they sell more keys than they have on that subscription.  So they are asking you to believe they are legally purchasing multiple copies of these thousand dollar subscriptions and selling the contents for hundreds.  They are just that charitable.  lol

Murky buckets.
247  Other / Meta / Re: Vod making false accusations about me | Providing proof for Mod or admin on: May 06, 2015, 07:09:29 AM
Is there a link to the TOS for these Microsoft licenses love to read that?
248  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: BFL fucked us over again (redux) on: May 06, 2015, 07:06:42 AM
It is backed up. Including the list of apparent post numbers that were made non-public or were simply deleted by Slok and Inaba.

I am sure that the FTC also did the same.

Be nice to have that up somewhere so we can have that resource as well.
249  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: (Something ain't right) on: May 06, 2015, 05:39:04 AM
The thing  it is staking worthless POS altcoins..

Staking?  You give them money to STAKE for you?

I get the worthless Proof of Stake Altcoins part.

Better off just buying up some Altcoin and holding it what is the point of the "broker".

Bick, even though you and I are sometimes at odds with one another, I would trust you with a $1K USD to do whatever than trust Leroy Fodor with one US cent with his game plan spelt out.

I would trust him as far as I could throw him. He doesn't post his name and picture or any details about himself he wants to remain anonymous on his own WEBSITE. Big big RED FLAG!

You on the other hand are an open book. For good or bad I would give you the benefit of the doubt in most cases and given you resolved your issues with those that had problems with you is a sign of value to anyone. If you want to work through a problem that is fine. These people don't want to address the questions that should be the first things you ask of any investment managers or their company.

Who the hell are you?
What experience do you have to manage my money?
What special training or experience do you have to manage such a complicated arbitrage investment plan?
Is your company registered?
Are you licensed to provide such services inside and outside your jurisdiction?


Offer to Gleb only.

Give me $1000 bucks and I will invest it in either Tilapia Farms or Mobile Phone Credits here in Indonesia. See how that compares after 1 year to this joke called I bet you would have a far greater return than this investment. Mind you I could probably just lie and put the 1000$ in the bank and collect interest and still win. Who would know right? That is the point. TRUST NO ONE! Especially people hiding behind anonymity.

250  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: GekkoScience BM1384 Project Development Discussion on: May 06, 2015, 05:24:02 AM
Yeah, one of your guys emailed me about a year and a half ago about power supply something or other and I never got a reply back from him.

I don't really care about liquid cooling, since it's a rich man's game and screw those guys anyway they got enough help.

Depends on what liquids you want to play with.

Coconut Oil anyone? Grin (Not joking.)

Efficient cooling is going to be required I think in the future of chips. Not that you will be doing this in 2-3 years given the move to BGA chips from most players. Most of the players on the large scale go evaporated cooling walls. Smaller miners could look at any number of ideas depending on their situation. Liquids seems well outside the home miner but there are options.

But like I said... steady on do what you got planned looks great from here I wish there was potential for you keep going on beyond the last version of the Bitmain chips but I doubt that anyone will be sticking with that tech moving forward next year it is all BGA stuff probably.
251  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: GekkoScience BM1384 Project Development Discussion on: May 06, 2015, 03:38:53 AM
Yes we looked at those problems as well.

The idea was for that backplane to host all versions of the boards we built thus cutting down on the costs for each new  "machine" as well as looking into liquid cooling at that time.

I sent you and Novak an email I believe you already emailed us way back when we were working on the original idea and were directly in contact with the EE in the UK at that time from my records.

Anyhow full speed ahead on your designs if there is anything worthy of your time feel free to pick my brain and I can contact the EE's for you if you have any interest in what we did.

252  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: GekkoScience BM1384 Project Development Discussion on: May 06, 2015, 03:09:31 AM
Translation: you want an S2 upgrade kit?

Unless someone made a backplane with power lanes capable of pushing at least 150W per socket (250W if you want the 30-chip board on it) and also have a USB data pair to each port, it wouldn't work. Did WASP build something like that?

We were working on our own backplane not sure of the capacity it had but I suspect something along that lines.

If you want to see the design it's up on the site we forwarded to Novak. I might be able to contact the engineer who designed it  and that might be something to discuss that with him if he has the time. He is based in the UK. PM me if you are keen on that.

We also did have contact with a company in HK that were running boards in Novec and they had their own backplane designed for air cooling and fluid cooling as well that we were looking into at the very end our efforts last May when I went to the Inside Bitcoin conference in HK.

We had imagined a universal backplane with plug and play boards that had different chips so that you could roll with the changes of every new chip and even mix and match boards on the backplane. Let me see what I can did up and I will email you guys on that.
253  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Can storing cheap electricity be used for mining ? (Tesla PowerWall) on: May 06, 2015, 02:50:50 AM
Battery and solar arrays / wind / water generation of electricity would be very expensive and prohibitive compared to just using the grid as it exists unless you have access to lower cost panels / systems / LiFeMnPo4 (20 to 25 year life) batteries in bulk. Typically what is offered for homes that are off grid pay for themselves in 15 to 20 years without subsidy and shorter if subsidized. Any such system could not really serve dual purpose for mining as mining is often very power hungry operationally with little or no ROI as it is. So I see you have already come to that conclusion but it could be worth trying as hobby and solo mining you might hit a few blocks and get lucky right?  Wink.

Generally speaking no it would not be viable or recommended unless you have deeply discounted components for such a system on hand in country and that country would be China for all those components. Or going around shopping for second hand panels might also be a good option don't go for discounted batteries though it is better to pay more and get longer life (warranty) for that part of the system.
254  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: GekkoScience BM1384 Project Development Discussion on: May 06, 2015, 02:46:50 AM
It's definitely possible, but we haven't made a decision whether to do this or not. Our own ideas for a rackable miner using 30-chip Spec2 (Prisma refit) boards do not make use of this feature, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Nice! i have a very-rough-around-the-edges design on blender that is thinked around 8 S5 blades, but i think it would be more fitting for a TypeZero build backplaned machine, being that it is a "community" product and whatnot.

Lemme know if i can bother you privately with my idea, just to bounce it off with someone that could conceive the brains of the final product. I know my labor & parts costs are very low due to my country of origin, but board design is a no-no here (Venezuela).

Recycling existing backplanes would be nice.

255  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: (Something ain't right) on: May 06, 2015, 02:06:39 AM
Very valid questions indeed, and we will probably never see them answered either.

They are all answered on a reputable site like, (and if it isn't one email will get you those answers without any of the uneccessary bullshit and obfuscation as is done with here in these forums), that is just one of many such professionally built and maintained sites in Bitcoinland. Why would you even bother sinking money into an anonymous site like given the holes in their information?

ForexMinute article on Coinarch

"In short, Coinarch is a revolutionary platform.
Why? Because unlike its competitors, it allows traders to
benefit not just from a gain in BTCUSD, but a decline and
sideways movement. From what we have seen, no other
platform in the industry allows this range of options.
We are happy to recommend Coinarch to serious digital
currency traders!" - ForexMinute

One could easily argue that Genesis Mining is fully open and transparent as well compared to The argument here is not what is an ROI viable investment you always have to be exposed to risk in the BTC environment to find returns but one can mitigate some of that exposure by simply avoiding the amateurs entirely, however that is not to say professionals won't steal you blind but you are more likely to get scammed by the fly-by-nighter and it really should give anyone pause to invest by just looking at what information is missing at the stakeminers site.

Stakeminers are amateurs and should not be involved in trading securities of any kind especially when they are not registered to do so in the Philippines. I suspect they would be barred for any such activity if they were reported to the SEC in that country. There are plenty of examples like these registered and unregistered companies or sites in arbitrage / mining / cloud mining or pools and exchanges in Bitcoinland. So again I am not nor would I recommending any investments or sites you need to do your own due diligence so I offer up these registered companies only as a comparison to this closed and anonymous site put up without any legal registration in any jurisdiction. The contrasts are striking.

Full disclosure:

I am not recommending coinarch or genesis mining and only offer up these sites as an example of a much more comprehensive and open informative sites available, especially with regards to products and services and detailed explanations of how revenue might be generated, in comparison to Also note I have met with the principals of Coinarch and Genesis at the Inside Bitcoin Hong Kong in May 2014 and at that time was given a detailed walkthrough of their sites and products. I have an account on but have not used it or have ever traded on there. I have no account on Genesis Mining but I am confident of the credentials and experience of the principals of both these companies.

My investments in cryptocurrency are held in some altcoins predominantly Freicoin and Bitcoin as long term position hold on their value as well as some mining gear and components. I have ZERO PoS stakes or investments whatsoever. My motivation here is to offer up information to potential investors so that can AVOID using as it is like run by untrained and inexperienced people acting as if they are a legally registered company in the Phillippines which they are not. Their copy and paste TOS is in direct contradiction to the fact they remain an unregistered enterprise in the Philippines.
256  Economy / Reputation / Re: Want to get your negative trust removed? on: May 05, 2015, 11:37:39 PM
I thought I had it bad... you have more red paint on your trust that me Vod. You've been really busy pissing in lots of people's coffee. Must be a full time gig busting a holes for scams. Why bother giving them a break?
257  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Do you think mining will be profitable again ? on: May 05, 2015, 02:06:26 PM
With this mentality the logical jump is why even sell to joe q public avoid the hassle. The reason they are selling them on is to make profit. Mine it. Sell it. Repeat. It is not like they are saying oh we have a few extra here better throw them on the network. They make the unit it is immediately pressed into mining and then sell off whatever they can after reaping the most they can from it via mining. Is it unethical? No. All the power to them to do it. The fact remains it makes no sense to be a home miner now so the only winners here are those selling the units. Stop ordering miners for small to medium sized operations. It is over.

Again the end game is now as soon as too few people buy units off the farm like this to make this a viable business model they will stop doing it. Meaning by 2016 will be the end of the road if not sooner for companies relying solely on this model like Avalon does or has tried. Bitmain is sufficiently set up to FARM massively so they will not care too much either way and will gouge every penny they can from those still foolish enough to keep buying. This is the way it will continue until there are no customers left willing to buy miners at a loss with no hope of ROI. Not everyone has realized it yet I guess most have and some people continue to keep pushing home mining for no other reason I guess but to get paid for the signature campaigns far as I can tell.

This post's for you.

I think the "batch model" is just a manufacturing convenience for the vendor.

I won't belabor the point any more, but obscuring the difference between "new" and "used" is largely driven by the manufacturers to their benefit.

Batch allows companies to produce miners without pre-ordering so that is good in my book.   I personally don't like pre-ordering.

But you cant expect a mining company to not use a miner that is not sold.   If a few weeks or a month they would take a pretty good loss from leaving it in a box.
258  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: (Something ain't right) on: May 05, 2015, 12:17:55 PM
Paid to post lol! Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Here come the shill and sockpuppet accounts wooo paydirt! That didn't take long. Ignored FruitsBasket (aka shill). Ya I am millionaire I get a penny for every post. I already posted something that is reasonably worth investing in but I guess Ivan didn't read everything, oh well.

This is a dog of investment and should be avoided as I recapped before.

If you don't like accepting those facts then there is nothing I can do to help you. Enjoy your year long ROI run. I will be here in 12 months to check where this all ends. It will be tears. Still no explanation on how this investment can make money for those investing and those running the investment. Not a single reason why it would be viable.

I thought you gave up. What are you trying to protect? Your pride? Your investment or possibly your only easy out as more people pile on the ponzi? I smell the desperation especially after someone took a 30% loss on his investment. It always turns into an attack on the person questioning the "investment" never about the questions being asked.

Questions being avoided.

Why is this company not registered and this registration posted on their site?
Why are there no pictures of the principal parties or owners of this company on their site?
Why is there no information regarding the experience, education or history of the principals on their site?
Why is there no evidence provided that the company is working on staking or providing arbitrage on PoS?
Why is there no information posted on the site how it will recoup the costs of staking and provide ROI?.
Why is there a need to have an extremely high 30% penalty for pulling out of this investment early on?
Why are they using unverifiable and misleading claims: 'MOST PROFITABLE WAY TO MINE'.

Mine? This is staking not mining it is an arbitrage using PoS coins. If it is so profitable why bother sharing it with everyone just invest your money and work the arbitrage without having to broadcast it. I just can't imagine anyone after following this line of logic towards investing. It is good to see that there are few people invested and I bet primarily most are principals pretending to be investors thus propping up the con to make it look bigger than it is. Sense the desperation yet?
259  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Bruno Kucinskas is a scammer and shouldn't be trusted! on: May 05, 2015, 07:29:50 AM
This guy spends more time spamming than running his failed pool and his ponzi investment. Seems about right.
260  Other / Meta / Re: Vod making false accusations about me | Providing proof for Mod or admin on: May 05, 2015, 07:21:50 AM
Please just shit or get off the pot. You are boring everyone.
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