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321  Other / Meta / Re: Quickseller left himself positive trust using an alt account on: April 29, 2015, 11:55:47 PM
Is he trusted?

Who the hell is this guy?

How many deals are phony or fabricated who knows?


He is already a Trusted Escrow...
322  Other / Meta / Re: Re: allocating private keys to an address on: April 29, 2015, 11:48:28 PM
He doesn't have to have proof.  All he has to have is his own suspicions.  In general, this wouldn't be a problem.  Where it is a problem is that:

1) He's on default trust so his accusations carry weight until someone takes the time to look around meta and see what he's been doing to people
2) He sells account so the more he negreps people's accounts the more he drives up the market for his own account farming/account sales.

Anyone putting FAITH in Quickseller who doesn't know his real name and vital information is really asking to be abused. Guys anonymous who would trust anyone like that particularly if he is offering negative ratings of others?

Actually anyone who disagrees with him in any way is asking to be abused.  As you can see, he quickly loses his temper and goes off namecalling and when I called him out for his hotheadedness, he went off and trolled me with an alt and then dug up some false accusations and used them as a basis to neg rep my account.

You don't actually have to do much to get on his bad side and once you are on his bad side he'll stop at nothing to try to smear you using his default-trust status.

Not unlike Dogie and Loshia, Marto74... seems like a few accounts have a similar pattern of behavior. Thankfully none were on the default. This guy needs to be removed from trust ASAP I don't see how he got their in the first place given his record.
323  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: BFL fucked us over again (redux) on: April 29, 2015, 11:36:36 PM

The whine is all you Bruno.

Signal to noise.

If you only spent time making less noise and improved the quality of the signal it might be worth following. But by all means "envolve" more Pakled and Furry memes please it makes it so much easier to follow what is flowing freely from your consciousness unedited.
324  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - carrier grade, data center ready mining rigs on: April 29, 2015, 12:44:05 PM
.........  Regarding hardware sales (miners, ASICs) and JV type deals (rev-share) it will be dependent on market conditions and will be on a selective basis.


FTFY Tupsu

Just kidding... I am sure if you have the money you can get some ASIC's. A lot of money.

325  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Official BITMINE CoinCraft series 28nm ASIC miners thread on: April 29, 2015, 12:35:50 PM
Soo,the mods gonna drop this thread into a "black hole" like Technobit & BFL's Huh

They rightly should along with a number of other threads.
326  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Any decent Bitcoin Miners Still out there? on: April 29, 2015, 07:06:36 AM
No at this stage 'decent' doesn't exist. None ROI unless you get a really undervalued unit and given the rates for electricity for home miner are not viable the option for anything providing you a 'decent' return on the investment is null. Avoid AVALON way overpriced that be the worst of the 3 suggested.

Buy bitcoin best option.
327  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED]Minion Chip Assembly GB on: April 29, 2015, 07:04:06 AM
Matt?........ MATT! Are you there at Oregon Mines Matt?

Martin?..... MARTIN! Are you there are Technobit Martin?

328  Other / Meta / Re: Vod became a threat to the stability of the forum on: April 29, 2015, 06:59:12 AM
Awesome, I also would like Vod as Global Moderator.

Thanks for the support guys, but I would not accept any position of authority on this forum.   Smiley

None is being offered.
329  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 29, 2015, 05:20:58 AM
Yes, it's not a problem to discuss the future of hardware in the hardware section. But it does seem off-topic to talk about stuff not pertaining to miner sellers trustworthiness in this particular thread.

I think it shows a lot of confidence to the community that a fabricator comes here and TALKS openly without any fear, (not here to abuse or chuck shit around) but to talk about the nature of hardware. I would buy from you unreservedly and that is directly related to the thread. As soon as you have units available for sale I will be recommending Gekkoscience.

Feel free to take as much liberty here as you like it all goes to credibility of your offerings. Bitmain, Spondoolies regularly chime in here on and off topic again allows consumers to judge and decide who they would trust. Also note self-moderated threads are allowed to BE OFF TOPIC as per the rules even though Dogie has blown the police whistle here on this thread more than once or twice on posts the rules are that the OP can go off topic and others are welcome to follow that lead to a point. There is a lot of value in this discussion as it relates to being trustworthy.
330  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [ANN] HashCoins - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer on: April 29, 2015, 04:58:28 AM
I can't produce an actual invoice because (insert bogus legal reason here). Where I have heard that before?
331  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 29, 2015, 04:02:55 AM
I dunno. Maybe. If a revolution results from me doing what I want to do for folks, then yes. Otherwise, no, but I'm still gonna do what I want to do. I wouldn't take the same deal that was offered to Spondoolies because I think being a publicly traded company is stupid, and nobody will ever be able to pay for the right to make decisions about my company. I doubt we'd get to having our own chip fab anytime soon - if ever - because I'm unwilling to take in outside investment money, especially on things that aren't guaranteed, so I'll have to settle for buying chips from the big guys. But if we ever get to being able to mass-produce our own miners affordably you can bet the prices we offer to million-dollar farms will be the same as we offer to mom and pop. No selling out, and no favoritism for the rich. If that way of doing business becomes a revolution, the more the merrier. All I can guarantee is there'll be at least one outfit doing it.

But there's no real reason to clutter up your thread with off-topic opinions.

No this thread is a going the way of the dodo soon as there will be only 1 or 2 sources of hardware for the little guy left at the end of the spring and more likely ZERO left in early 2016, except those flogging used units and possibly scraping together what chips are left over and making USB miners for education. I think it is fair to debate the direction of HARDWARE in the HARDWARE section.


Well there is reckoning coming. Chips won't be available much longer. I bet your version of the home miner being offered will be the last. Avalon/Bitmain/Sfards are looking for mergers/deals where they go 100% mining farm or partner with those who want massive farms. Bitmain has farms and Sfards/Avalon will as well as they are located in China if they don't already. If they don't they are dead by 2016. The winter is coming John Snow. No chips, no mom and pops, but that has been said a million times before by a million people more visionary than me since 2013 or even earlier.
332  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 29, 2015, 03:07:06 AM
To be fair, the question was for the most part rhetorical, and a commentary on making yourself sound important by adding a lot of syllables to a really common task. I know they do a whole lot more, but to use that many big words to say "mining farm" is pretty clearly self-inflation.

Agreed. Grin

As for the rest those that fight to keep the big WalMart out to save the mom and pop stores are fighting a noble battle and one that really can be won. In this battle I don't see how it can be won unless mom and pop team up with WalMart to at least get the chips.

Bitmain will take the same deal if offered as Spondoolies.
Avalon will take the same deal if offered as Spondoolies.

Who does that leave the consumer or this community?

The only way for you vision to work is to collectivize / socialize your mom & pop shops and build & design your own chips. Unfortunately that would require millions of dollars and a team. Given the economies on chips and hardware trying to overcome the head start these other companies who are transitioning and transitioned I don't see a lot of potential for making enough to pay wages of those who are putting in their time and effort.

You can try but at some point those Bitmain and Avalon chips are going to be overpriced and more likely they will just dry up as BitFury chips did one day they exist the next day they don't. Mining is a dead end for an individual users unless a large number of people volunteer time and money to change that dynamic are you going to lead that revolution?
333  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 28, 2015, 04:42:55 PM
That doesn't actually answer my question.

But four things I love above all else are one-stop-shops (O Glorious WalMart!), publicly traded companies, management speak (like "leveraging" and "strategic partner"), and feigning approval in a highly sarcastic manner. Call me old-fashioned but I'm gonna have to pass on that one. To be completely honest, aside from their effective customer service, I pretty much disagree with most of the decisions Spondoolies has made so far.

Didn't say I liked it or it was good for anyone other than those companies. Just said it is how the market will go.

As for your question. Better ask Guy if you want to know more or do not want to read about what there potential merger partner does in the Bitcoin economy. Are they just a huge mine? I think there is more to it than that given their website.

I am pretty much resigned to the fact Bitcoin mining companies will all adapt / be absorbed into larger and larger entities until you have one or two companies that dictate the network it has always been a rich persons game if you even go back to CPU / FPGA days. I didn't see many poor people mining did you?

Anyhow Bitmain / Avalon etc won't be able to compete in the ever shrinking marketplace if there are deals where those that farm bitcoins also own all the fabrication. That is something that is not going to be stopped. BitFury KnC etc... that is how it goes. If you are building then selling you are dead in the water come 2016.

Personally distributed mining in the hands of EVERYONE on the planet is the only fair and equitable way to run bitcoin properly. That will never happen and was never intended to happen given expectations by Satoshi. Bitcoin is fundamentally flawed in that respect.
334  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 28, 2015, 02:54:34 PM
So "BTCS is a blockchain technology company that provides transaction verification services for digital currency", doesn't that just mean "BTCS solves blocks"?

Check em out here Sidehack.

They do more than verify transactions.
335  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's A More Ethical & Trustworthy Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: April 28, 2015, 02:40:14 PM
Has Spondoolies seen the hardware writing on the wall and made a deal to keep it viable?

Interesting and probably bad news for any Spondoolies competition seeing as how they will have more than miners in their product portfolio. This is the future of mining consolidation beyond pools, clouds and hardware farms.

I wonder how this will shake out longer term?

Will we see others like BitFury and Bitmain do the same?

Big News Regarding the Future of Spondoolies-Tech

Spondoolies-Tech Signs Letter of Intent to Merge with Bitcoin Shop
Fully Integrated Transaction Verification Services Business Expected to Drive Diversification and Revenue Growth

Dear Bicknellski,

Big things are happening on our end.

In these very moments, we are publishing a very important press release with the different media outlets and wanted share the great news with you as well.

The content of the press release can be found below.

If you have any questions feel to reach out to us by email, facebook, or twitter.

Best Regards,

Guy Corem and the Spondoolies-Tech Team

Arlington, VA – (Marketwired – April 28, 2015) – Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) (“BTCS” or the “Company”), a blockchain technology company that engages in transaction verification services, announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) to merge with Spondoolies-Tech Ltd (“Spondoolies”), a digital currency server manufacturer. BTCS is embarking on a mission to build a fully integrated transaction verification services business using Spondoolies' state-of-the-art bitcoin mining technology. In the bitcoin network, transactions are typically verified by operators of specially designed servers which ensure speed, efficiency, security and accuracy. Currently, there are only five companies globally manufacturing these servers and Spondoolies is widely recognized as a leader in the space. Both companies believe the anticipated combination of BTCS and Spondoolies will create the world’s first publicly traded company to produce Bitcoin transaction verification equipment and deploy Bitcoin mining resources. The merger is subject to a number of conditions, including satisfactory completion of diligence and execution of definitive agreements. There can be no assurance that the conditions to closing will be satisfied or merger will be completed.
“Our key goal in 2014 was to create the partnerships needed to build an ecosystem and start laying the foundation to put our vision into place,” said Charles Allen, CEO of BTCS. “Once completed, our merger with Spondoolies would be a significant leap forward in making this ecosystem a reality. We believe this merger once completed would create significant value for BTCS and Spondoolies shareholders, customers, and employees and serve to accelerate the strategic plans in which both companies have invested. As a collective, our next objective will be to complete the development and production of a next generation chip to drive our transaction verification services business and to generate revenue from the combination.”
“Over the last several months, we've worked closely with Charles Allen and the BTCS team to establish the nature of our potential partnership,” said Guy Corem, CEO of Spondoolies. “The synergy between the teams is amazing. I have the utmost of confidence that together we will build a very successful and prosperous company by growing and expanding our business beyond bitcoin mining equipment.”
About BTCS:
BTCS is a blockchain technology company that provides transaction verification services for digital currency. BTCS is building a universal digital currency platform with the goal of enabling users to engage in the digital currency ecosystem through one point of access. BTCS continues to actively partner and integrate with strategic digital currency technology companies who provide products or services that are complementary to its business strategy. BTCS operates its public beta site ( where consumers can purchase products using digital currency such as bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin, by searching through a selection of over 250,000 items. For more information visit:
About Spondoolies-Tech:
Founded in 2013 by a group of Israeli high-tech veterans, Spondoolies is a digital currency hardware manufacturer. Spondoolies raised ten million dollars in capital from leading Israeli venture capital firms and assembled a team of leaders in the Israeli Semiconductor industry, with the goal of building the infrastructure on which digital currencies will flourish. Building bitcoin transaction verifying servers from the bottom up, Spondoolies is producing machines that are designed for efficiency and performance. During 2014, Spondoolies successfully launched five different products.
Forward Looking Statements:
Certain statements in this press release constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Words such as "may," "might," "will," "should," "believe," "expect," "anticipate," "estimate," "continue," "predict," "forecast," "project," "plan," "intend" or similar expressions, or statements regarding intent, belief, or current expectations, are forward-looking statements. While the Company believes these forward-looking statements are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on any such forward-looking statements, which are based on information available to us on the date of this release. These forward looking statements are based upon current estimates and assumptions and are subject to various risks and uncertainties, including without limitation those set forth in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, not limited to Risk Factors relating to its digital currency business contained therein. Thus, actual results could be materially different. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation to update or alter statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.
BTCS Investor Relations:
Michal Handerhan
Bitcoin Shop, Inc.
(202) 430-6576
Spondoolies Media Relations:
Stefanie Guzikowski
E & G Public Relations, LLC
(603) 501-0052
Copyright © 2015 Spondoolies-Tech, All rights reserved.
336  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [ANN] Spondoolies-Tech - carrier grade, data center ready mining rigs on: April 28, 2015, 02:32:26 PM


That is snuclear information.

Will you guys now be building ATM's? Can I get a sample? Hahaha.

337  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [ANN] HashCoins - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer on: April 28, 2015, 02:24:56 PM
dogie: you've got an inner quote tag too many Smiley

And all the respect in the world to TheRealSteve but if this whole product hinges on Hashfast chips being salvaged via liquidation
For what it's worth, 'this product' in this context would have been Apollo/Zeus.  No idea what they're supposed to be using in whatever the Uranus will end up being.  The HashFast Golden Nonce is 28nm.  Afaik the only claim to a 20nm chip is KnCMiner's Neptune.

No one has any idea because it is VAPORWARE and anyone that believes otherwise is shilling for HashCoins to be brutally honest and having seen this ploy before we all know what will happen in the end. These newb accounts will fade into the background never to be seen again as this company fails to deliver them the product.

Prove it exists or just fuck off already. Is that inappropriate? Sorry but if one less person puts money on this "product" because people are calling it bullshit then good. You have ALTERNATIVES why risk it on this? Insanity.\

Here is the newb with 13 posts everyone should listen to except about the cloud there is no money in that either:

After one year of mining, I just stopped my small time mining operation Smiley In the past 4 months, I was paying so much for power, my bills were so high, and I was barely making anything. Not even close to breaking even each month. Now I just buy direct, and cloud mine. I have to keep the feeling of getting new coins each day. I think I will turn on my miners maybe for a week each month (maybe).

But I will say what a year experience it has been. From being ripped off and miners never coming that I paid for from minersource/blackarrow (prospero x-1), and from cloud mining sites shutting down after 2 months of offering service (GAW miners).

I learned, and it's been fun, and I will say we are in the infancy stage of bitcoin. And I can see how it will stay around, and not go away anytime soon.

So I will be cloud mining on trusted sites, and buying my bitcoins for the foreseeable future. And having a lesser power bill Smiley With the money I save, it's more worth it to just direct purchase bitcoins. Right now that has the most value (to me anyway).
338  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [ANN] HashCoins - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer on: April 28, 2015, 02:08:43 PM

Bicknellski, your behaviour is far beyond the acceptable even for a forum <snip>

Let me stop you there.

You are now on ignore you add no value to these forums if you continue to support a company that has no product to be reviewed you are suspect and people have a clear right to call anyone out that is trying to bullshit the community that this is somehow a good deal or smart deal. Do not buy from these people that is the best advice to be given here.

Keep pushing this company all you like but no one is going to buy this product. This is NOT a GOOD deal for anyone.

Pre-order. No thanks.
Over priced. No thanks.
Newb pushing product. No thanks.
No product available for review. No thanks.
Dogie didn't even get a review unit even though he signed and NDA. No thanks.

Those are the facts.

And all the respect in the world to TheRealSteve but if this whole product hinges on Hashfast chips being salvaged via liquidation you are really grasping at some very very very fine straw there. Why not buy an Antminer used? Shit why not from the scammers at Avalon with their overpriced no way to ROI quiet units that Dogie is trying to sell everyone on? Really is anyone buying this? Holy crap.

Here is a suggestion anyone still thinking about buying miners:

I have some miners for sale
2 X SP20's
4 X Neptunes
8 x Antminer S3's
6 x Antminer S2's

Location NY willing to do local pickup or deliver in the NY Metro Area

Please get the irony of me sending people to buy miners in a thread called... "Turning off miners"
339  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: ANTMINER U3 Discussion and Support Thread on: April 28, 2015, 11:56:43 AM
Is this a support thread?

Should we not move it to support to de-clutter the hardware thread?

We have 10 different Antminer threads pretty much all support based on page one continuously for months now.
340  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [ANN] HashCoins - Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Manufacturer on: April 28, 2015, 06:29:23 AM
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" - Queen Gertrude.

I don't see why you are so angry over questions being asked.  

Again bottom line. Overpriced. No working models to be had and independently verified. Pre-orders. Ouch.

Avoid this company save yourself the hassle there are actual units shipping for less currently available. Insanity prevails in some minds I guess.

These repeated attempts at shill marketing in the hardware section are really easy to pick out compared to 'honest' fabricator threads especially now NOTHING can ROI.

Employees engaged in a shill marketing setup register one or more accounts on an Internet service, a message board for example. Usually one of the shill marketers will ask an innocent sounding question. "I was interested in buying product X. Has anyone heard anything about it?" This is the classic setup.

Another user, possibly the same person using a different account login, will answer the first question by praising the product. "Oh yeah, I started using product X a month ago and I love it. I use it all the time. It's the best product in the whole world!"

Variants on these forums are the


then Miracle of Miracles the unit is fixed with a snip of code, firmware update or "Did you try restarting it?"

or you as you see here in this thread 2 times now


You are not fooling anyone guys not just in this thread but a significant number of hardware threads this is going on right now.

No one is buying these pre-orders and giving this person the benefit of the doubt is not how it works given the YEARS of BULLSHIT that have passed through these forums. Nope no one is buying your pre-order no matter how many pretty pictures you post and you'd better have something to review and the right people to review it or at the very least using a REAL NAME and not be an anon with 30 posts.

Just go buy a hardly used BCT account and try again you won't be the first person to try that tact.
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