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621  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [CLOSED]Minion Chip Assembly GB on: February 12, 2015, 06:17:47 AM
Technobit Awol.
Minersource site down.

Is it time for the I told you so?
622  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's Moderated Biased & Opinionated Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: February 12, 2015, 06:13:38 AM
 Technobit awol. Is this the end of Technobit finally?

So it is clear to everyone now what Technobit really is all about. About delays. About taking customer cash and not delivering on time. This is just one more unhappy customer. Avoid them at all costs.

im waiting for my 2hex4m since 9 january and i order more 3x hex4m on 4 february and they said they would send it today but looks like they didnt....hope they send it soon... Undecided
technobit has good quality but they take to long to ship the miners, i realy dont know if i should order more or go for some antminers  Undecided Undecided

Will Dogie update his rating for Technobit or will it take law enforcement raid or legal actions to get him to finally rate this company properly?
623  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's Moderated Biased & Opinionated Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: February 11, 2015, 01:59:25 PM
  Black Arrow under investigation by Hong Kong Police.

Is the long arm of the law finally catching up with Black Arrow? We hope that customers do get refunds but as time goes on it looks less likely.

Not sure if this is new or helpful either but I finally received an email from the Hong Kong police over the online report that I've lodged quite some time ago.

They requested for more information about the transaction & I've furnished them with some attachments that hopefully will provide them a better lead in their investigation.

For those of you who made payment to BlackArrow's Hong Kong HSBC account & have yet to done so, I would strongly recommend that you submit an online police report at this link ( to lend a helping hand to the Hong Kong police in their investigation on Black Arrow.
624  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [GUIDE] B's Moderated Biased & Opinionated Miner Sellers Trustworthiness Guide on: February 11, 2015, 05:17:33 AM
 I join with macgyver007 and others who want to see a Dogie pooping free zone.

Use this sign below in your Oringinal Post to indicate that your self-moderate thread will not accept his reign (rain) of shit. Stop Dogie before it is too late.

Last of dogieshit will be tolerated in this thread unlike the first one I had to request for deletion due to all the off-topic poop

625  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [De-classified] Avalon 4.1 miner review on: February 11, 2015, 05:07:38 AM
Excellent review with good pictures - well done!  Smiley

I can't see me getting one tbh, but this will help many people out with their decisions I'm sure.

It's unfortunate that you have also been the victim of poop-dawg spamming in your original thread, it's a sad day when forum members wishing to inform & guide each other have to resort to a self moderated thread to avoid the splatter of his shit all over the place. Keep up the good work & I look forward to seeing some more reviews  Smiley

PS: Love the no-pooping sign - I think it should become the standard image for anyone who wishes to avoid his rancid, smelly messes  Wink

Free is good... would you (macgyver007) recommend this unit over SP20 / S5s? Why or why not?


More people need to do moderated threads and pooper scooper dogie out of them. That make this section of the forum much cleaner.
626  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Mining Container ~100kW by Polivka GmbH on: February 08, 2015, 08:13:48 AM
In colder climates an issue is often to maintain heat in the digestor tanks and they often have to be buried and insulated as you may know heat loss can lower gas production.

Thermophilic Between 49˚57C (120134F)
Mesophilic Between 20˚45C (68˚113F)
Psychrophilic At or below 20C (≤68F)

Conversion of biomass to biogas is greatly accelerated at
warm temperatures, falls off sharply at low temperatures
and is almost nominal below 15C (59F). Most
commercial and industrial biogas facilities in operation
today maintain a stable temperature conducive to the
specific microbial community that they utilize. Often
this involves additional heat inputs to maintain high
microbial metabolic rates and system performance.
627  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: CryptoKube Bitcoin Data Centers (NEW VIDEO) on: February 08, 2015, 08:04:23 AM
This topic has been moved to Service Announcements.

Are these threads not the same thing?
Stange. Sometime, I don't understand the mods.

Guessing it was another Dogie complaint.
628  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Announcment: Brand-new miner EMIC PowerModule - 5.65 TH/s on: February 08, 2015, 07:55:56 AM
I will proudly belittle anyone who makes a living by ripping people off. Unfortunately these days that keeps me pretty busy, especially in America.

Worldwide issue.

Look at the culprits.

It is spread everywhere.
629  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Announcement: Bitmain launches AntMiner solution, 0.68 J/GH on chip on: February 07, 2015, 04:34:40 PM
The 2 S2s we bought back in May of 2014 still running. No issues other than having to replace the PSU's that originally came with the units and too much bouncing and cards popped out during shipping and reinserted no problem. Rock solid units still going today. Mining Freicoin non-stop most of that time.

So I have 3 S3 units. I bought one and it hashed for a week and the control card died. Now it sems the other 2 have also died. Yes. I have done all the usual. Updated, reset, etc. Got about a month out of each unit.

Unfortunately I bought these from minersource who now appears to be gone as their website is gone. So I can't get the original shipping info or purchase order info for warranty. Such as it is.

I would have atleast expected your products to be more durable than a month in hashing time. After some research it apears to have become a common problem with your gear that the control boards fail prematurely by a bunch. Sadly I am being told that unless under warranty the parts to fix are not available. SO after not quite a month out o each miner I am dead in the water and burnt it seems. Sad just plan sad.

Well guess I will try the spondoolies out to see if they are any better. First one is going to be an sp20 unit.

By the way. the BtcGarden unit I own has literally ran circles around the s3 units as far as stability and realiability goes. Wish they would come back.

Well hope this bit of info can help save others from the pain of wasting money on low grade gear.
630  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Mining Container ~100kW by Polivka GmbH on: February 07, 2015, 04:28:18 PM
It will win if you can find cheap electricity.

Suggest this is perfect for farms with biogas generators waste heat from container can be cycled into digesters to help maintain higher digester ambient temperatures for spring fall and winter. Going "green" energy for this system would be viable. You could have a large number of smaller operators using this sort of system and pooling their resources.

This thread should be in Mining Hardware not Service Announcements.
631  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: BitHashMiner 10TH/s Bitcoin Miner on: February 07, 2015, 03:28:04 PM
Now again TheRealSteve Caught, Nearby within 1 hour and 25 minutes after my post, Hashcoins Uranus deleted by TheRealSteve from Mining_hardware_comparison, Now again i want to show you that TheRealSteve and Taras again doing self defense by removed Emic PowerModule, and Hashcoins Uranus, TheRealSteve and Taras made this decision by Compulsion
Caught doing what?  Exactly what I said I would do, when I'd get around to it?

First you're complaining that there is one other entry that should be removed, then you complain that they're not being removed timely enough with accusations of bribes, now you complain that they get removed - including a whole bunch you didn't even mention.  What conspiracy theory are you going to spin about those?

Now if you're trying to say that this thread helped speed things along - you bet it did.  I registered an account for editing to work on the ASICs entry and exploring the feasibility of moving the bulk of my stickminers thread to the wiki, but upon seeing the drivel in your post, I thought I might as well put the editing privileges to good use by removing iffy listings that I'd be coming across while working on the ASICs page anyway - starting with yours Smiley
But if you see any others in the listing, please do let me know, I'd be happy to take a look.

Similarly, if you ever change your mind on providing us with more information in this thread, or on your website, or anywhere else, let us know.

Until then, /thread for me.

Please stop defending your wrongs ideas.

Sounds like someone is a tad angry. What is wrong BitHashMiner does the truth hurt?
632  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: CryptoKube Bitcoin Data Centers (NEW VIDEO) on: February 07, 2015, 03:21:51 PM
This topic has been moved to Service Announcements.

Are these threads not the same thing?
633  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Butterflylabs Huge SCAM on: February 07, 2015, 01:34:41 PM
That's just a sidebar. What I'm mainly talking about is that he threatened Garr by refusing to deliver the equipment he paid for because Garr was complaining and talking shit about BFL. Garr was essentially beaten into submission because he had a large order for a group of people and couldn't afford to have his delivery canceled. Josh was using his order as leverage to control Garrs behavior by threatening to cancel or delay it. I'm pretty sure the court would agree that speaks to Josh's character.

There's another word for that.  It's called "extortion."  It's a RICO predicate, incidentally.

You mean this threat?

Duly noted Garr and I understand your concerns.  I will get your refund processed first thing tomorrow when I get into the office.

I did not request a refund.

I'm done here, your refund will be processed by COB tomorrow.

In order for me to keep my pre-orders Josh is making me do the following:

  • Apologize Publicly for calling Josh and BFL liars
  • Admit "Werner" is a sock puppet account uner my control
  • Apologize for using "Werner" to troll him

Therefore, in the best interest of Cognitive, the people who have purchased pre-orders from me, and myself:

Dear Inaba and BFL:

     Sorry for calling you liars. Werner is a sock puppet account under my control. Sorry for utilizing said account to "troll" you.

                                         With regret,

Also, I apologize to all who I may have put at risk by speculating that BFL may have been acting in a dishonest fashion. If I had known that the cancellation of orders placed by me would result of this I would not have acted in such a way, as that would be a direct violation of the fiduciary duty imposed on me by handling others' assets.

Well done blackmail, Josh. Well done.


Blackmail... nasty. Just nasty.
634  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Black Arrow 28nm 100Ghash Bitcoin ASIC from $0.49/GH/s on: February 07, 2015, 08:59:54 AM
Matt Carson is a cool guy and I cant see him ripping off Black Arrow. I also believe that Black Arrow will make right with all their customers. They have to because of there 14mn chips miners that they will be selling soon.

Ask others that have had the pleasure of being ripped off by him then let's talk. There are plenty of claims beyond Black Arrow about his activity.

Black Arrow will make right with their customers?

AMT will make right with their customers?

HashFast will make right with their customers?

Technobit will make right with their customers?

KNC will make right with their customers? will make right with their customers?

Cointerra will make right with their customers?

BFL will make right with their customers?

Avalon will make right with their chip customers?

What other fairy tells are you trying to sell here ubozhdane aka Josh Zipkin?
635  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [Guide] Dogie's Comprehensive Manufacturer Trustworthiness Guide [17th Dec] on: February 07, 2015, 03:10:48 AM
Dogie, I am a noob that has been on here for a month or so. I have read through many of your reviews/guides. They have been very informative
and have helped me learn a lot about mining hardware. Thanx for all the info you have posted!!! Keep up the great work!!!

Is Technobit using their multiple accounts now to help Dogie?


It amazes me how many "new" accounts come to help these people out.

Either they post help questions in the Bitmain threads and Dogie just happens to be the first one in line to solve the problem. Technobit did the same number in their threads for months. Where are they now?

Time to adjust the numbers DOWN and give Technobit the grade they deserve.

Marto/Technobit isn't responding to pm, has not logged in here in 3 days, looks like we are fucked. Time to file a claim with the EU customer protection unit, Bulgarian section,
636  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Black Arrow 28nm 100Ghash Bitcoin ASIC from $0.49/GH/s on: February 06, 2015, 05:23:58 PM
Anyone concidered BA is minersource?
It's just so strange how they were getting orders before direct customers with early orders before the affiliate program ----- Just sayin
That gives them the out they needed to not give any compensation the hole thing just stinks of scam lies
Does minersource use this ploy to exit this with everyone's money along with some of their cronies ?

Very interesting theory...I know bobsag3 was involved with the Drillbit boards:

Which were assembled/designed or whatever by BlackArrow & it turned into a fiasco very quickly,late delivery & borked boards.

What are the odds Huh  Roll Eyes

There is a trail of tears on that and the Technobit boards and some other deals that went south as well. Pretty sure Black Arrow isn't the only company claiming / insinuating that Minersource didn't pay for hardware they took possession of. Minersource was cozy with more than one fabricator they are not Black Arrow.
637  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Is legit on: February 06, 2015, 05:14:32 PM
There is PLENTY more available on technobit outright fraud but Dogie I guess is a paid spokesmen for them as well given that rating seems to be a few of those type ratings in his guide. Minersource to my knowledge has also defrauded at least one other fabricator like the claim black arrow made and have as Gleb said left a trail of broken contracts beyond what you read in these forums typically. Do not deal with either company. Further just avoid Dogie's hardware guide too many inconsistencies with regards to turning a blind eye to fraud or lack of ethics.

Bick, almost everything you post nowadays is about me, and while I'm flattered I'm not interested. For someone who has apparently ignored me and blocked me from PMs (when you were asked by a mod to PM me to resolve a problem you had LOL), you still seem mighty obsessed. Anyway

1) My guide has nothing to do with minersource, resellers are not manufacturers.
2) What you failed to mention is that order delays don't fall under "ethics" as they are not ethical infractions, something you'd know if you'd bothered to read the criterion before calling me a fraud.
3) Technobit's ratings for on time deliveries and refund issues are too high however, and will be corrected in the next update. See? That was easy, when something is wrong all you have to do is point it out, again rather than calling me a fraud.
4) No I am not a paid spokesman [not spokesmen] for Technobit, otherwise you'd see a message about that. I don't do deals in the dark, there is a reason everything I do is done in the bright light of the forums.
5) Scam accusations subforum is over here, let me know when you've posted it.
I'll roll with Bick on this one when posters pretty much pleaded with you to take a look at BA's rating at the height of its SCAM you did nothing of the such and let them roll with a semi decent rating while most of those asking you WTH was up were actual BA buyers including myself your EGO left the door open for others to be scammed so as far as his statement about your rating system being garbage I'll buy tickets for that opinion all day long.

Technobit 10/10 Ethics... 10/10 Shipping.

Ya I am the one with the problem.

I would love to write a review for the 2hex8m but I'm still waiting for my 2 to arrive ordered in December pre production batch. To this day I've had promise after promises from Martin when I have phoned, but much to my dismay I'm 606 euros down no miners and not much more to say really.
I'd just like my money back now so I can buy myself something useful like a bike
peace all
Mike Smiley

Also the fact that Black Arrow claims Minersource took $1,050,000 USD in product and never paid for it is a BIG red flag. You can't trust either Minersource or Black Arrow and given what Dogie does now in his guide it is clear he is skewing ratings to protect those he "likes" over the reality of what they offer. If he doesn't "like" the company in question then he finds "good" reasons to modify the ratings downward.

As I said before Minersource has allegedly done this sort of receive miners from fabricators and not paid before it is a patten.

He might think he is doing a wonderful job but the community knows the score no matter what his ratings system tries to do to spin it.
638  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: Philipma1957's attempt to rate current Manufacturers of Asic . Results in. on: February 06, 2015, 05:06:57 PM
Buying an Avalon 4 doesn't make you look fair and balanced. Let us be honest the Avalon 4's, as people have said here, are over priced and inefficient.

There is a reason for that they are BEHIND the design curve and were very late with this chip when you do a side by side comparison to what else is being offered by the competition. They are not in the same league and I suspect given how far behind they are and the past issues of fraud and delays commercial sales will be non-existent given the competitors products available now and what is planned.

Is this now a product thread review? I thought it was about the poll and consumer sentiments not a single person doing reviews of all the fabricators offerings... bit confused.

What about attempting to rate the current manufacturers?

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________

Perspective and on topic.  I can't rate them without a demo of gear.

I did sp20------------------------ I paid for the review model and did that thread on my own I paid more then 700 use for it
I did prisma --------------------mostly on crazy guy's thread I paid for the review model returned it once fire danger was found out

I did s-5------------------------ A free review model

Avalon 4 ----------------------- A free review model still waiting.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________
_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________

Avalon is not the company you want to do any deals with given their history.

There are better companies. Better prices and better equipment out there.

Given that you can't make anything mining at home why bother?

Seriously if you are doing it for a hobby put some coins into a company that hasn't basically killed a whole swath of open hardware designers single handedly like Avalon.

There is a reason to avoid them make the right choice.

If people were strictly concerned with the ideology of home mining and not ROI'ing, they would just buy a dozen or less Bitmain U3's or a couple old S3's to underclock and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Doesn't change the fact that it makes no more sense than buying an Avalon 4 though. Huh  Surely the U3's/S3's would be quiet too, and you would lose less of your money. Avalon project/Canaan missed the boat with this one, it was clear to see all the way back in the fall (too little too late).

PS Has anyone buying these even run models?  Even with 0% difficulty increase, $0.05/KWh and $300/BTC price (all quite unrealistic atm except maybe power cost), they would take over 200 days to ROI.  Give your head a shake people.  Anyone that is promoting these quite obviously has something to gain, and it's not your hand in friendship  Undecided.

I got a S5, 2 S1, I had mutiple usb miner and now I got a Avalon4. We try to make the best evaluation of all miners.
The S5 is lound as hell but with modification you can reach something nice.

I have my miners in my livingroom so I need something quiet. Right now, the Avalon4 is really quit. I also mine on solar power and I mine to be part of the bitcoin system not to get rich. If I can do money over it well good.

I do agree that the Avalon4 is right now not cheap but its a good miner for home miners that dont want to modify anything.


Valkir  Wink

I am going to close this particular thread off once I get the avalon 4.

 I do not want to say Much more about avalon4 since I do not have one in hand.

Bick it is really hard to be neutral about gear and companies. I am making that effort.
639  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [Review] Technobit HEX4R - 850GH RockerBox based miner on: February 06, 2015, 05:00:51 PM
But Technobit don't sent the miners Sad

Plenty of people complain. Get promises from Technobit. Few get resolutions.
640  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: [Guide] Dogie's Comprehensive Manufacturer Trustworthiness Guide [17th Dec] on: February 06, 2015, 04:59:18 PM
Will Dogie readjust Technobits rating downwards given the outstanding shipping and ethical issues?

I would love to write a review for the 2hex8m but I'm still waiting for my 2 to arrive ordered in December pre production batch. To this day I've had promise after promises from Martin when I have phoned, but much to my dismay I'm 606 euros down no miners and not much more to say really.
I'd just like my money back now so I can buy myself something useful like a bike
peace all
Mike Smiley

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