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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: February 22, 2024, 02:11:51 PM
There was no point in dominating the game because it was the goal that decided the points so Porto were very fortunate to score at the end and this really hurt Arsenal as they were hoping to hold on for a draw but they couldn't anticipate it properly.

Although this is not a crushing defeat, the chances at Emirates Stadium are still very big, whatever their game will definitely be more attacking than defending because the only way to win, on the other hand my prediction is that Porto will still rely on defense and take advantage of counterattacks because it is certain that Arsenal will master the whole game.
Most likely Porto will use a defensive strategy and target a draw at the Emirates, Arsenal will have difficulty beating Porto even though the goal margin is only 1-0. On paper Arsenal chances were very good, but when they dominated the match and created chances, no one could convert them into goals. Porto would really benefit if Arsenal still played with the same style, they also wanted to qualify for the quarter finals and Arsenal failed to anticipate their style of play.

Arteta seemed very disappointed with the results his team got. It was reported that Arteta criticized his squad and Porto playing style as a result of this defeat. Dominating the match will not always result in victory, Arteta had to change his strategy in the second round. There is no point in criticizing Porto playing style, it will not change the situation at all, the most important thing going forward is how to turn things around. Arsenal chance of winning at the Emirates is quite big, but Porto cannot be underestimated a second time.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: February 21, 2024, 04:43:44 PM
Manchester United was too slow to warm up the engine in the title race this season, their movements were very slow at the start of the season, when other teams had stepped on the gas in the title race, they were still running in place due to their very poor performance. Now Manchester United engine is starting to heat up, they are starting to chase their opponents with good performance.

They are almost catching up with Tottenham who are above them, Aston Villa position is also Manchester United target to secure the final ticket to the Champions League. Now that Manchester United is starting to see the top four positions, Ten Hag, who has found the ideal formation for Manchester United, will try to achieve consecutive wins to reach the top four positions.
At the start of the season Manchester United faced various challenges, as we know the adaptation process for new recruits was like walking in place, a storm of injuries that never ended, especially in the defense line. Ten Hag was also faced with the cases of Sancho and Antony, all of which made Manchester United run slowly. Now with the consistency that has been created, Ten Hag and his squad have a chance to finish in the top four of the standings and secure a ticket to compete in the Champions League next season.

We know that Aston Villa and Tottenham have collected more points, and Manchester United ambition to finish in the Champions League zone is not an easy task. Ten Hag must be able to make his team consistently secure points, while waiting for Aston Villa and Tottenham to experience defeat. The fate of Manchester United now really depends on the two teams Aston Villa and Tottenham. If these two teams continue to be consistent then Ten Hag and his squad will miss out on appearing in the Champions League next season.
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5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: February 16, 2024, 11:31:45 PM
What you said turned out to be true that Villareal would score a goal in the second half. And now the score has become a 1-1 draw. Villareal managed to score a goal in the 56th minute by Alberto Moreno. And now the match has entered the 62nd minute and the score still hasn't changed.

Villareal statistically in the ongoing game does look superior. They also created a lot of good chances. It's just that Villareal also seems to have problems in completing attacks. And the level of passing accuracy between the two teams in this match was actually not that good either. Even Getafe also made several repeated mistakes in passing the ball. Likewise Villarreal. It's just that Villareal is a little better. I hope there will be 1 more goal scored in this match.
Villarreal is a team that is somewhat difficult to predict and the results of their matches tend to be unpredictable. Apart from just beating Barcelona, ​​Villarreal has dropped a lot of points. Not only against Getafe, but they have dropped points against Cadiz, Alaves, Mallorca, Las Palmas and Valencia.

The next match is against Real Sociedad, the possibility of losing is higher. Villrreal is just a team that is struggling in the middle of the table or may also be fighting in the relegation zone if they continue to fail to get 3 points in many matches in the remaining season. Regarding today's match, Villarreal was lucky to prevent defeat but they have good statistics from their game.

For tomorrow's match, it will be interesting to look forward to Celta Vigo's match against Barcelona. Barcelona failed to win the match against Granada in the previous match, but tomorrow they must ensure victory in their away match. Xavi has to work hard in his final season, he has to ensure Barcelona safely qualify for the Champions League next season before he lifts his suitcase from Barcelona.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: February 11, 2024, 04:41:18 PM
Napoli is suffering as a result of their previous season's reciprocal activities. The coach who enabled them achieve structural balance resigned, and the team's president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, was unable to identify a suitable replacement for Spalleti, causing them to suffer even to this day. Watching their game and witnessing the average performance, rather than the plans they intended. Napoli have truly missed out on crucial points this season, which is not what the team planned because winning was their ultimate objective and lifting trophies under Luciano Spalleti, but what happened with the change in plans?
It is possible that the match between Milan versus Napoli will end in a draw, because Milan sometimes also has difficulty winning even though Napoli is worse than them. Napoli decline in performance this season is quite reasonable, when Spalletti decided to resign it was the beginning of a disaster. The appointment of Rudi Garcia could not make Napoli as stable as under Spalletti control, and the replacement of Garcia with Walter Mazzarri also had no significant impact. Now Napoli must be ranked 9th in the standings, 4 points adrift of Atalanta who is in 4th position, which means that Napoli opportunity to approach the Champions League zone is still open. That is a realistic target that is a priority, and it depends a lot on today match against Milan.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: February 11, 2024, 04:25:31 PM
In the game of football, there will always be a winner and what is expected when defeat happens is the spirit of sportsmanship.  As disappointing as it may be, Bayern Munic just have accept the fact that they were carefully and intentionally defeated by Bayern Leverkusen.  Maybe this will help them come to terms with reality that the league title is slipping off their grip. I actually like things like this as it has a way of proving that no one is indestructible.

Bayern Leverkusen have truly proven that they are prepared for the title this season. Their draw with Mgladbache actually put doubts to their resolve but this win have clear all doubts. Bayern Munic have to kick their wounds while the prepare to salvage what they salvage what they can.
Bayern Munich must rearrange their priority scale at this time, it is likely that Tuchel will fully maximize his best potential in the Champions League, without ignoring the opportunity to close the gap with Leverkusen in the Bundesliga standings. Bayern Munich have been eliminated in the DFB Pokal, and the latest defeat to Leverkusen means their chances of retaining the trophy are very low in the Bundesliga, and this defeat has now become a source of doubt for Champions League fans to include them in the list of favorite teams to win. This means that if they fail in the Champions League, Bayern Munich will end the season in disaster.

Tuchel is of course very depressed about his club current situation, it is very likely that he will be fired when the season ends if Bayern Munich fails in all the competitions they are participating in. It is true that Leverkusen has proven to everyone, nothing is impossible in football, they can also become champions when they really try their best with collective play. Xabi Alonso is the key to Leverkusen impressive success this season, he will receive many offers to move clubs if he is successful in winning the Bundesliga trophy this season.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: February 11, 2024, 04:10:47 PM
I'm not gonna blame anyone who's criticizing Girona for failing to win their Spanish La Liga game yesterday against Real Madrid  because of how impressive they've been since the start of the season in the league. However, I think it's actually not logical enough for anyone to think that Girona are you to beat a star studded Real Madrid side who's currently on a very good run in the league at the Santiago Bernabeu.
Girona have been able to defeat strong teams like Barcelona and even Atletico Madrid in the league in the last 7 weeks but against a Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid, I never expected them to get a good result in that game and that's why I wasn't surprised with the result of the game
This is the second time Girona has lost points against Madrid, and so far that is Girona two defeats in 24 matches. It's not bad at all in my opinion, because after all they are dark horses in La Liga, Barcelona and Atletico look unstable to compete with Madrid. The final score of 4-0 proved that Madrid was not a balanced opponent for Girona, if Joselu had succeeded in executing the penalty then the match would have ended with a score of 5-0. It now appears that Ancelotti squad will go it alone in leading the standings and challenging for the championship trophy, but Girona is still capable enough to finish in runnerup position and lock in a slot for next season Champions League.

On the other hand, even though Madrid will be playing in the Champions League, I think Ancelotti will be able to make Madrid appear stable, his only worry lies with the key players who are still injured. However, the 5 point difference with Girona is not completely safe, because there are still several tough matches ahead that Madrid must overcome again. Meanwhile, Ancelotti will shift his focus to continuing the fight against Leipzig in the last 16 of the Champions League.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: February 11, 2024, 03:47:33 PM
Next Match :
Aston Villa VS Man United
Amilano Martinez is best Goal Kipper who are playing in Aston Villa team. And Diaby is also good froward who are playing in Aston Villa.
But i think Man United is favourite in this match. Andre Onana also Goal Kipper who are very good g.kipper for Man United. Rafael Varane is strong diffender and Garnacho is good froward for Man United. Overall considering i think Manchester United will win this match

My Prediction :
Manchester United 2-1 Aston Villa
Maximum 3 goal will happen in this match.
Manchester United does have better squad depth than Aston Villa, but Aston Villa performance is still more stable than Manchester United. Even though Aston Villa lost the match in the first leg with a score of 3-2, this time they do not rule out the possibility that Unai Emery squad can secure full points because they act as hosts. To be honest, this match is difficult to predict, and if you want to bet on it you need careful consideration. On paper, the Ten Hag squad is indeed the favorite, but they cannot be completely trusted to be consistent. Despite dropping points, Aston Villa position in fifth place will not be shaken off any time soon, but their efforts to break into the top four will have to be postponed.

Manchester United has the ambition to continue to approach the top four, and finish there when the season ends, but this is very difficult to achieve because the points gap is very wide. At least Ten Hag wants to end the season in the Europa League zone, maybe that is more realistic given their conditions this season. If today Ten Hag fails to win again with his team, then their ambitions will be increasingly difficult to realize and his position as head coach will be shaken again.
10  Economy / Economics / Re: Business/Entrepreneurship. on: February 10, 2024, 07:34:37 PM
So, if you had the opportunity to invest your money into something would it be to start up something regardless of the amount of risks that come with it, or would you rather open a business or make a simple investment into assets?
Both will work for me. I'd like to invest into start up that I know that probably can make it or likely to survive for its first year's of trial. And then if there are businesses that I'd like to open on my own, then I'd pretty sure do it and the same with the start up, I know that the first year's are going to be hard. As long as it is break even or with a little profit just to sustain the business and staff, I'll continue it for sure. And definitely, I'll have my own assets and investments as well.
every business we do is very difficult to build in the first year, if we can't survive the first year then the business we are running will definitely end, everything needs a process to be able to get profits in business, but for entrepreneurship it is innovative to develop ideas -New ideas but the goal remains the same as a businessman, so we still have to face difficult times the first time we run it.
In the first year it survives, in the second year it adds customers, and in the third year it makes a profit. It is a natural process that almost all business sectors will face these challenges, and if they successfully pass through these three phases, I am sure that a business will run and survive for a long time. The risk itself also varies greatly, I mean it depends on what business model we want to develop, and winning profits will be proportional to the risk we are able to take. If you don't want the hassle, then investing is the easiest way to make a profit, buying fixed assets such as land or property. And you can also invest in Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, of course all of this requires learning and understanding excellent risk management. In essence, all of this requires capital, and taking advantage of available opportunities is the way to go if you want to make a profit.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Taking a break in gambling on: February 10, 2024, 07:02:43 PM
When you take a break in doesn't mean you are running from gambling or don't want to gamble again. Taking brake is normal, others have taken breaks in gamble and other things that takes their money.
Bitcoin is about to hit the top, it is good you want to take some brakes so you can accumulate Bitcoin so when you make more profits from Bitcoin you will gamble. It is not only gambler that's addicted that are taking brakes on gamble, IMO addicted gamblers can not take brake in gamble as their addictions is much.
It is indeed better to take a break from gambling for good, and choose to invest the money to buy Bitcoin or other Alcoins. Because both are risky, but the risks in Crypto are more measurable and can be studied. However, not all gamblers will understand and understand that there are still many ways to play with risks and opportunities. Those who are addicted to gambling games will think that gambling is the pinnacle of all risks and pleasure. Another manifestation of the pleasure of gambling is luck, yes, when you are lucky in gambling someone will tend to talk about their winnings for several days.

It sounds quite strange, but what I have seen and learned from gambling addicts so far, the pattern is almost the same as what I mentioned above. It's good to stop gambling temporarily, it would be better if you stopped for good. There are lots of other activities you can try besides gambling, and gambling capital can be very useful if used for other activities, although it is not used to invest in Crypto.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Quit gamble! Easy or Hard? Let's talk. on: February 10, 2024, 06:52:12 PM
The difficult someone faces Whenever they try to stop something actually depends on how much that thing has become a part of them. Every gamblers gambling routine is not the same with others therefore the easy for them to stop it still isn't same.
Besides, stopping gambling is not something most gamblers will do but stopping unhealthy gambling practices is definitely something worth doing.
Alot of gamblers will even be of the opinion that stopping gambling is more like telling them to stop having fun which actually sounds and seems irrational.

What makes it difficult for them to leave gambling, isn't it that the gambling they do can only cause losses and only become an obstacle to their balance in life?

And know that the problem is actually not difficult, it's just that the person is making the problem even more complicated. And it is not difficulties that make them afraid, but fear and doubt that make them difficult, so that they will forever be trapped in impulsive gambling. If a person has a strong desire and commitment to a better life, then it is not difficult to get out of that condition. Unless someone is not aware and always ignores the negative impacts of compulsive and irresponsible gambling. Because no matter how long I try to explain and make him aware of this behavior, if the person doesn't have awareness, desire and effort, then everything will be useless. and if what they are after is pleasure, there are still other things that are more enjoyable without causing serious negative impacts.
In my opinion, the best solution for gamblers who have committed to quitting is to avoid hanging out with the same environment. Even if the gambling habit is often done online, it is necessary to temporarily limit the use of smartphones. It sounds like it is very difficult to stop gambling, and apart from needing new things to divert this bad habit, you also need positive encouragement from the people closest to you. By looking further ahead, organizing it with more logical thinking, before it is too late it will provide a complete picture to stop gambling.

I admit that quitting gambling is very difficult, several friends and people I know who actively gamble say the same thing. So far they are still doing this bad habit, although sometimes I also remind them of the long term impact if they don't think about stopping. Indeed, the amount they bet is only a small amount, but if it is accumulated it will look large too. Personally, I also maintain a limit of not giving too much advice to friends, because it will make them avoid hanging out with each other because they are insecure about their bad habits.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Selling a property to play gamble on: February 10, 2024, 06:35:14 PM
What most people around me encounter is selling their smartphones to gamble, and some people also pawn them. Most of the gamblers in my area are slot gamblers, only a few play soccer betting, and there are also those who play both. Not a few of them also borrow money from friends, with other small property as collateral such as motorbikes, I haven't found anyone who sells cars, that's very risky in my opinion. As for this model of gambler, it is clear that they are addicted, it is difficult for them to give up this bad habit.

Of course the risk of regret always comes last, but most of them are very prepared for any risk, and will sell any property they can cash in on. The impact of gambling is very big, making you bankrupt and losing almost everything you have. Family, career, savings and future are at stake if you continue to gamble, most addicted gamblers will also avoid people who give them advice. I think if they are at the stage of selling the property to gamble, then they will no longer listen to any advice.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: February 09, 2024, 06:13:27 PM

Real Madrid seem like they want to make the squad younger by signing quite talented players these days. However they are still caring about keeping useful experienced players in the squad as well. Otherwise Modric would have already been sent from the team. Therefore I think Kroos could still be offered a contract extension and I assume he would accept it. But let's see if they will prove me wrong about Kroos.  Smiley

In case Kroos leaves at the end of the season maybe we could see him going to Saudi Arabia. I assume there would be an offer by a team there as well in the summer.
Keeping veterans like Modric isn't just about their skills; they also mentor younger players. This combination has been successful for Madrid and football in general. Remember Ronaldinho's treatment of Messi at Barcelona? We're talking about that influence. I think Kroos has more to contribute as a player and mentor. His experience is invaluable, and I think Madrid knows that. I think releasing him would be a mistake

I think it's too early to predict Kroos visiting Saudi Arabia. Playing in new leagues is tempting, especially with rich offers. However, Kroos seems ultra-committed to the game. I see him staying if he feels capable and Real Madrid recognizes his work
Modric has the potential to leave or retire and Kroos has the potential to extend his contract in the short term. This rumor spread when Madrid was reportedly very close to Mbappe, the arrival of the French player demanded changes in the scheme that had been formed by Ancelotti, it's true that Kroos will definitely consider playing regular minutes in the starting XI. Juventus came to take advantage of this condition, it is certain that the opportunity to recruit Kroos is very open, but all decisions are in Ancelotti hands, how much he can guarantee playing minutes for Kroos next season.

Juventus has lost its best midfielder like Pogba, that's why they are targeting players who are experienced and have been tested in all competitions. This season, Juventus is feeling the difficulty of competing with Inter Milan in the race for the Scudetto. It is hoped that Kroos presence will increase their chances next season and can help them compete in the Champions League next season. On the other hand, a player like Kroos will not lack interest, especially since he can be recruited on a free transfer, Juventus will have to compete to get his signature.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: February 09, 2024, 05:51:35 PM
Cadiz is a weak and poor team, every season they only hope to survive in the 1st division of the Spanish LaLiga. and this season so far it is ranked 18th and in the relegation zone. Of course Real Betis will easily win this match even though they have to play away at Cadiz
I also think that the match will not be that difficult for Real Betis so it could be quite possible for Real Betis to win at home to Cadiz today. However, the chances are that Cadiz itself is still quite possible to save itself from relegation if in the few remaining matches Cadiz can get full points and compete with three other teams which are only three points away at the moment. But I also don't think it will get any easier for Cadiz because the competition will probably become more difficult for him in the rest of the season.
If today Cadiz gets an additional 3 points when they host Real Betis, it will not immediately take them out of the relegation zone. In my opinion, it is very likely that this season Cadiz will be relegated, only a miracle can save them from the bottom of the standings. On paper, Real Betis deserves to be the favorite, and I predict they will be able to steal 3 points which will allow them to overtake Valencia and Real Sociedad in the standings temporarily. However, it is not impossible for a surprise to occur, however, the chances of Cadiz creating a surprise are very low.

The most realistic ambition that Real Betis wants to achieve in the near future is the European Conference League qualification zone, and I think they can really achieve that. Competition will get tougher, as there will be fewer matches, every moment of momentum must be utilized well. When facing a mediocre club like Cadiz, it is the best opportunity to secure full points and increase goal productivity. It looks like Cadiz will be good friends for Granada and Almeria at the bottom of the standings.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: February 09, 2024, 05:38:06 PM
Borussia Dortmund really need to win Freiburg tonight if they really want to still maintain the top four position because Leipzig will definitely win Augsburg tomorrow and if Dortmund loses and Leipzig wins then Leipzig would automatically take Dortmund position in the league table and move to the top four and knowing what would happen should dey lose to Freiburg would make them to put in their best in other to win this match and still maintain the top four.

Dortmund haven't been in a consistent form for quite some time now and considering the fact that they have got 37 points so far and 15 points below the league leaders Bayern Leverkusen who has 52 points have made Dortmund far from hoping for a title this season so all they could do now is to secure a spot in the champions league next season by making sure they come out in the top four positions but notwithstanding their poor performance i still believe that they can win Freiburg tonight just in other to retain the top four position.
I think so too, Dortmund will try their best to confirm their position in the top four of the Bundesliha standings, that is a realistic target to strive for this season. On paper, Dortmund are the favorites to secure full points, plus this match will take place in front of their own supporters, in this case Edin Terzic squad has an advantage. Freiburg also cannot be underestimated, because they also have the ambition to secure tickets to European competitions, their performance is not as good as last season, but it could be troublesome for Dortmund today.

Leipzig certainly hopes that Freiburg can help them by forcing Dortmund to draw, because that is enough to make them re enter the top four of the standings, of course the condition is that they must be able to beat Augsburg first. In fact, Dortmund position is very threatened if you look at the small difference in points, because Leipzig could overtake Dortmund at any time in the future. Let's see how Dortmund performs today, whether they can do their best today according to the predictions of most fans.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: February 09, 2024, 04:31:00 PM
I also agree that Salah is very happy at Liverpool, he has been there for a long time and has won trophies with the team, i don't see a reason why Salah would be unhappy at Liverpool. Having said that, if he leaves at the end of this season, it would not be because he is unhappy with the club, but because he feels his time in Liverpool and in England is over, if Salah leaves, there is one destination that looks very likely, and that is the Saudi league, they have been after Salah since last summer and they might get him this summer, we'd see how it pans out.
Transfer window opened and new players makes the decision to move other clubs. Saudi Arabia keep coming for best European players inother to strengthen their league, it will definitely led to good connection between the Egypt international and the SPL side. Mohammed Salah is enjoying his time at Anfield, playing the key roles and handling the top targets of the team which happens to the ultimate target. Happiness is derived from players that are determined to play good football for there team. They don't relent from anticipating for good and higher levels in football.
Salah contract will end in June 2025, rumors of his move to the Saudi Pro League have been circulating for some time. If you look at Salah age, he can still play in the Premier League for another two or three seasons, and his performance can still be said to be very good and stable. The offer that came from one of the Saudi Pro Clubs was no joke, and Salah would become the highest paid player at the club and break the transfer record. Apart from that, maybe this is the reason why Jurgen Klopp chose to resign, Salah departure was the cause of his decision, and winning other reasons, such as time for family.

The Saudi Pro Legue ambitions cannot be underestimated, with the money they currently have, they can build the League as they wish. Sooner or later the Saudi Pro Legue will become more competitive, and there will be many football fans waiting for their matches, automatically their fan base will also get bigger. Although their ambitions must be done in stages, and I see the pinnacle of their League development being hosting the world cup. Salah is a player they have been targeting since last summer, it is likely that next June the Saudi club will again tempt him to leave Anfield.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Blue card to be introduced in football. on: February 08, 2024, 06:48:44 PM
It's getting more and more difficult to understand why they keep developing this kind of thing when yellow cards and red cards I think are good enough as they are, it's just that now there are always many formats that are added.
I haven't received much news about opposing this new rule, but I'm sure many will not support it, and whether it's true that this new rule will be tested in FA matches is what I know from twitter.
True, we not have information about the blue card, and when they will apply it, and in which competitions, I don't know yet. But in my opinion that would lose the essence of football itself, yellow cards and red cards are sufficient for an excessive reaction, or a violation committed. The joy of football itself will be lost if there are too many rules, and the mere existence of VAR still has its pros and cons. Personally I hope this blue card is not enforced, it will make the match much more difficult to predict. There are lots of opportunities for match fixing and so on, because 10 minutes off the field is enough for the opposing team to score a lot of goals, I thought in that direction.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is your state on mind if your son stole your money to gamble? on: February 08, 2024, 06:37:31 PM
Mother is the source of luck and never transfer that luck to the bookie. The behavior of stealing money belonging to parents to gamble is completely wrong, the child must apologize sincerely and must promise not to repeat it again. Even though winning millions of dollars while betting from gambling, that doesn't justify his stealing behavior, I think those are two very different things. Today the child steals at home, belonging to his mother or family members, it is very possible that in the future he will steal other people's property or even commit group crimes. That is why it is necessary to discipline children by providing gentle understanding, which can be understood well, and he realizes where he made mistakes.

It is very difficult to discipline children when they become addicted to gambling, we really understand how this cycle will continue to repeat itself and the impact will be huge in the future. Advise children that there is no future in gambling, everything seems dark, all hope of luck is just an illusion, never be curious to try it, and never steal for any reason.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: Quitting Smoking Has Two Big Benefits. on: February 08, 2024, 04:36:01 PM
At the point you quit smoking, you made three benefits and not just two. Your wife and your children can have better health because breathing in your smoke is more hazardous to them. And because the bitcoin value is looking great this year of the halving, that $90 will be worth more than that.

I tried smoking with friends out of curiosity, I never really liked it. My parents also shared with me the terrible impacts cigarette smoking can bring to the smoker and considerably more to the others who breathe in the smoke. And I am horrified by the photos from health advertisements showing the awful impacts of smoking on the human body.
I like your point of view, it is true that passive smokers are more dangerous and more susceptible to disease than active smokers, and that is a fact that must be acknowledged. Moreover, for health and a beautiful life in the long term, it would be useless to save a lot of Bitcoin if health is not well maintained, health is the main priority scale, if something bad happens it will be worse than a decline in the price of Bitcoin. The cost of health is very expensive, we must be able to choose what is best for ourselves, our wives and children and in general our family. We can divert the budget spent on buying cigarettes anywhere, we can even buy bricks to build a house, investing in Bitcoin is the best way.
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