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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A woman has been arrested in the United States for hiring a killer with bitcoin on: Today at 07:00:38 PM
Seems like an old article? 12 bitcoins which equated to $5000, at today's price, 12 bitcoins should go for around more than $100,000. Sides, even if we do say that the woman got it since she didn't hide her address, that was years ago when not much was really being paid attention to the security or privacy of addresses of most people. Plus, oddly enough, it's either the killer met up with the woman herself and transferred BTC directly, or through address, but in that case, the killers should also know who the woman is. If that was the case, kind of stupid from the side of the woman who hired the killer.

There is no killer...   Undecided It's a scam. People that kill don't work on the internet.
There is, but negotiations broke down. If what @TedMosby's link is actually the article op has said, then negotiations broke down after the killer tried to offer more expensive ways to kill someone. Seeing that OP and the link provided pertain to the same woman, it should be the same story OP has said.
2  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN] Signature Campaign | Sr./Hero/Legendary | on: Today at 08:33:47 AM
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=772456
Current amount of posts (Including this one): 2324
EARNED merit in the last 120 days: 24
SegWit BTC Address for Payouts: 1HX7kYaPuatZPjdzjZmFXd57M5C9v7GCTD

Will update sig and avatar once accepted. Thanks!
3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Not your keys, not your Crypto Kucoin Hacked! $150m Stolen. on: Today at 04:39:25 AM
Sadly, people still don't understand how storing coins in exchange isn't the safest, especially if you're going all-in in investing crypto. Heck, afaik, traders who go all-in in investing should know that exchanges aren't safe places to store coins, I know fees are a hassle, but having a plan for it could significantly lessen the hassle while still providing you ways to trade easily.

No way they would compensate $150m, where would they get such funds? I wonder if this might even be the end of this exchange. Or will they just try to shrug it off, give some small consolation funds to investors to at least try to appease them and then continue like nothing happened.
If they are going to compensate, it'd probably take a long amount of time to even finish doing so, especially since the transfers are still going on right now, and them not being able to stop it immediately shows t hat $150m might just be the start. Plus, they themselves gave their word about it, so if they really don't offer compensation, their reputation would take quite a huge hit.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: bull market and market news its a end of the crypto or whats wrong? on: Today at 02:08:37 AM
Crash or not, anything could happen. If we base it solely on history and compare it here, then BTC would reach an ATH and then crash after that, but that's way too much of a comfortable analysis no? There are still various factors to take into account, and saying that the same would happen 4 years after is difficult to determine. Just wait, a crash or an ATH would have precursors, and if you join in even midway, you'd still profit imo.

Have you seen the news lately? If you haven't, then your missing out. Right now, there are fears about a second wave of covid-19 coming as the number of daily cases are hitting new highs on daily basis. The market crash started with stocks and gold before extending to Bitcoin and the entire crypto market. If it turns out it's actually a second covid-19 wave, we might see much more lower prices.
An outbreak would most likely not happen, since countries already experienced it once, they'd be prepared for another one and would drastically reduce the effects since they know the procedures to follow. Even if they didn't follow it up properly, I'd like to think that the crash that happened in the first wave was due to panic, as you said, stocks suddenly started crashing so I think investors started thinking that Bitcoin would soon follow, but after months, Bitcoin has recovered quite well while stocks are still pretty down below. This should provide more than enough proof that the pandemic actually has minimal effect on Bitcoin itself.

5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What actually makes a token pump? on: Today at 01:33:33 AM
Dia being a new token contributed to it actually having a good price at the start, but by the long term, it would go down no doubt. Most investors actually just buy new tokens at the beginning, then sell them when first placed into an exchange to profit out of it, and after that, they're basically out of that tokens' market. It's like experiencing building a pretty good house, but then the foundations are actually just a few pillars made of weak wood, even if the team actually perseveres to support it, it would only collapse sooner or later.

If the team continues to do proper advertising and marketing strategies, price should go back up if investors see its worth. It may take a long time though, and the longer it takes, the more risk that it would actually turn into a shit coin imo.
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Ban and Unban Appeals on: Today at 12:51:18 AM
Do they reply to the email send to this address instantly ? I have heard that you don't receive the reply send to those auto generated emails or the reply is very late. That's the reason, the first thing a person do is create an alt account to post in meta to inquire why his/her account is banned.
I doubt it's instantly, but posting in Meta should be the last option. Additionally, the reason why an account is banned is clearly stated in the message you get in when you enter bitcointalk after getting banned. You can go to some report threads about it (most bans are about plagiarism) so you can check those before actually creating a post in meta, so that you can at least see what got you banned, and if there was a misunderstanding, send an email to the attached email. If no reply is received within a week or so, you can probably post it in meta by then. It may seem like the reason you got banned is not true, for you that is, but  mods wouldn't ban you for no particular reason, so you can rest assure that you really did something against the rules that were reported by someone.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Vietnam bursts an illegal casino who used to handle bets worth $3 billions on: Today at 12:18:55 AM
That's the problem, even the government is tolerating those illegal casinos because some higher officials owned those illegal casinos that are operating in the shadows. There are a lot of illegal casinos that exist today, we don't know it because even the police are covering it. It's the same issue with drugs, those who are against the drug lords are also drug lords. Even they implement a nationwide operation of destroying drugs, they can't because they're one of them. If the digital world has a lot of illegal casinos that doesn't have any permit to operation, what more in the actual?
Well, that's why most need to actually see it in person before being able to take action. It actually needs to be a big thing, so that the authorities have no choice but to move, whether they like it or not. It's a good thing that the internet is a thing today, this makes reporting such things and making a lot of people know about it a lot easier. Also, I doubt there's much to it to even compare irl and digital casinos, especially since digital ones are far easier to actually create and manage compared to physical ones, which makes having more of those have sense compared of illegal physical casinos.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: IMPACTS OF ROBOTICS ON WORLD ECONOMY on: September 25, 2020, 07:15:43 AM
Job Creation: Many people fail to realize that robots are creating new, high paying jobs that require skilled workers. While it is true that robots are replacing low skilled workers and automating the tasks that they perform. Robots complement and augment labour, the future will be robots and humans working together
Naturally, even with Robots, the thirst for knowledge and improvement inherent to humans wouldn't be extinguished no matter what. We may be just staying right now at robotic development, but within a few centuries, or maybe just a few decades, a lot of possible things could happen. Interstellar travel could be one.

It also creates low skilled jobs. Mobile phones like apple employs thousands of low skilled laborers (they could be paid better than they currently are, but that's a discussion for another thread). A lot goes into the making of a robot, raw materials development as well as manufacturing, and on a global scale it would create lots of jobs in various sectors.
Isn't that temporary? Currently, the production of robots is more for specialized actions and activities such as what you said, but in the near future manufacturers would employ robots themselves to create and process more materials to create more robots that they can sell/use for other purposes. Robots are indeed opening up new jobs but that would probably be temporary, and more likely that job losses would be more prominent than the amount of jobs robots could provide. Ofc, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, with how the world is proceeding towards an automated world, having humans enjoy life while robots do work is a vision that most would have probably imagined before.

9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: VR online casino games take gambling to the new level 🚀 on: September 25, 2020, 05:54:17 AM
VR is interesting, it's technology that is being developed in past decades, but still many people are unfamiliar with the concept of virtual reality. Gambling and VR is new for many people, and I guess many of us didn't try this yet, to be honest I don't even know where could I try this, and I would have to buy VR equipment... I guess I will try this one day!
Highlighted the parts that would really make VR casino a difficulty at this age. Not to mention that even if they were familiar, a lot of gamblers would probably take a double take if they should buy VR to play in VR casinos or just go to casino instead and spend the money they could've used to buy to possibly win more money in playing. Not that I'm saying all would do that, there are a lot of rich gamblers out there, and buying a VR gear for the sake of a new experience seems quite plausible, but the development of VR isn't at its peak yet. Sure, it may seem interesting at first, but it isn't enough to warrant them to prioritize VR gambling than irl gambling, especially since at their positions, gambling is just a past time as well as a way to socialize with others.

Besides, as I said, they're rich a f and would rather want quality service, VR has some horrid weird-ass controls plus its graphics isn't that all amazing in my perspective, so I'd assume they'd rather go to those big ass casinos that would provide quality service as well as a good environment.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What is good strategy or technique for Toss Coin? on: September 25, 2020, 01:42:06 AM
I hardly doubt there's a good strategy for toin coss, with a chance of 50/50 that pretty much resets for every round, you can only use techniques to actually limit your losses. Most, if not all results of a toin coss are pretty much just based on luck, so if you can keep a straight head, you won't really suffer that much by playing with it for long.

I dont know why you do called martingale isnt a strategy yet its considered one of the most common ways on where people do make use of this technique.It might be common but it do somehow actually works or not
depending on the person been using it.Its just a simple add % of bet on every loss but we know that losing streak can really fuck us up.

The difference on a toss coin is that its impossible for you not to have head or tails on several bets not like when you do play dice online where chances of streak is high.
I havent tried on playing toss coin online but i do remember that theres some website whom do offer this game.

Techniques? Theres no such thing that guaranteed profits or winning but you can at least make out some control or limits which make yourself to be on the green side.
It isn't a strategy mostly due to how the terms are used most likely, it's more suitable to describe it as a technique, instead of a strategy. Though I do agree that it could be considered one, ignoring the definite definitions since the two are mostly used interchangeably after all.

Indeed, there's no guaranteed way to actually profit off of anything, and techniques and strategies are only ways for you to actually avoid being in the read. A good example would be as you said, martingale, which provides you with at least the minimal profit as long as you have enough funds to support it.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Anyone know a dice game that is actually fair? on: September 25, 2020, 12:59:23 AM
I know they all have an edge. I am talking about a game where the stated odds are 49.7% meaning a house edge on of 0.3%. In that environment what are the odds of losing 11 in a row? 17 in a row? or 6 out of 7 bets repeatedly?

I should preface this with that I did have a couple incredible runs on this game in the past. Variance just catching up?
Plain luck, Variance plays no matter in this imo. The moment you think of that, you'd start thinking that luck actually follows a logical path and would then start making logical decisions for it, thinking that it's luck, but it's not. A game may have a 50/50 chance, but losing 20 times or more in a row is completely understandable. A dice game does not increase your chance of winning based on the amounts of loss you've had, it's always a 50/50 chance per round. Thinking that because you've had lost multiple times in a row is because of variance catching up is stupid.

Just don't play in the long run, that always guarantees a loss no matter what due to the casino has a house edge. Other than that, there's not much you can do in terms of actually playing luck-based games. That is if you can negotiate with casinos to decrease your losses so that you have the edge instead of them, though that mostly just happens on physical casinos and mostly famous gamblers are the ones that get introduced to such benefits.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why do people keep playing unlicensed, illegal slot machines? on: September 25, 2020, 12:23:36 AM
Most possibly because of convenience and well, plain coincidence? Not that I'm being nonchalant about deciding this but as you said, gamblers would've played on casinos through their mobiles or pcs which at least provides that they are possibly fair, as well as proper procedures that you can pretty much make sure are legal. However, for those that are not into gambling, finding a slot machine could provide curiosity, as well as a venue of entertainment while at a convenience store, since as we all know, those places are kind of waiting areas for a lot of meetups (or at least, in my place).

I call it coincidence since not a lot of people intentionally go to that slot machine to play BUT a lot of people do come ot the convenience store. They see the slot machine coincidentally, and some would of course be quite curious and try it out.
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Banks Launder $2 Trillion While Claiming BTC Is For Money Laundering? on: September 24, 2020, 06:19:47 AM
Well with the tag of privacy, pseudo-anonymity in the name of Bitcoin, it's rather easy to create an image of a medium mostly being used for criminal activities. Though honestly, with enough influence (or money), anything can be hidden from the public eye, and as long as they don't know, no one would really admonish them no? Ignorance is bliss perfectly suits the masses here tbh. Plus, it's honestly more likely for illegal activities to happen on centralized businesses, which just makes it more likely that something is happening under the table most of the time.

This isn't because Bitcoin is pure and inherently repels criminals from it, it's because it's generally not well adopted, even among criminals. Plus, privacy is far from perfect now, so moving large amounts of money and not getting detected later would be quite hard. But Bitcoin has privacy improvements in its roadmap, so if we imagine that Bitcoin would one day be as popular as banks, than all the criminals will switch to it too. And if Bitcoin will not get more popular, than there's really no point to be happy about banks helping criminals.
Even if we do consider Bitcoin being used instead of fiat, the money originally would come from centralized companies, either through moles or insiders, which honestly still makes the ones at fault the companies by being quite careless. There would still be a window or frame that criminals would use fiat to transfer funds to Bitcoin, so if securities could capitalize on that, and as long as they know that these criminals would go 100% for exchanges or p2p to trade BTC for their stolen fiat, then they can anticipate and intercept, with enough resources used on the investigation that is.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Card counting in black jack on: September 24, 2020, 04:35:12 AM
I think the problem is being over thought - you don't need to have a "perfect" memory.  Why would you want to recall a hand that was delt to you weeks ago?  It has no relevance in the here and now.  What you would need to do is be able to recall patterns first card...  first card, second card... first card, second card, third card ... and so on.

When you're driving for an hour, do you see a car, lorry, bus etc or a distinctive license plate then half an hour later, you vaguely recall that same bus, lorry, car?  I would imagine it's something like that where you only have to recall something a few moments later.
Oh I wasn't pertaining to something like that, what I meant was finding a sort of rhythm when remembering to count the cards, so that it's a lot easier to remember. There's the idea of using the +1 0 -1 strategy in card counting, plus add that to a sort of rhythm that loops in your mind to remind you what cards were in the said categories, which makes card counting a lot easier imo. Apologies if I came out a bit different from what I meant to. It's like a supportive device towards the main core of your strategy in card counting.

15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is Addictive...Pay Attention to your Gambling Habit!!! on: September 24, 2020, 02:00:21 AM
That's a clever Idea and you are the only one doing that so far. I see, when you already transferred some BTC to your paper wallet, you will have some hard time getting it back or I may sat it takes a lot of time that would make you stop playing whenever you run out of money in the gambling site without getting some money from that paper wallet. However, If the gambler pursue to play even though he runs out of money from playing and decide to get some BTC in his paper wallet, he may ended up losing everything inside that wallet. You may say this has not happen to you but I was just talking about the tendency that this could be happened if greed cannot be stopped.
But true addictive behavior would find a way to somehow play, even if they have to sell everything they have. Though most addictive behavior stems from "just one more, if only I can win one more I can have the time of my life" mindset, limiting the funds you have may actually just prove to be detrimental, and besides, what's difficulty in face of wanting to do something you really want no? In the end, it comes to changing habits, and yes, I know habits die hard, but other than that, there's really no stopping an addictive action.

Lol, I don't understand why a man who already has a wife and child but still has no self-control in gambling. The man thought enough for his family life and not about the ambitious gambling to take what was lost. If the man can think about the future and life of his family, I'm sure that's enough for him to quit gambling. It's that simple for you to get out of your gambling addiction, and it can be done if you still have common sense.
It's not an unusual story, just that most of such stories actually go untold. Plus, if someone were really an addict, letting himself go free is pretty difficult. It's difficult to stop addiction, a simple example of how difficult it is to find a habit and changing that habit, try it, you'd find it really difficult.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: All your entertainment things must have an external limiting feature, agree? on: September 24, 2020, 01:20:18 AM
Any, and by that I mean ANY type of addiction is always wrong. Too much of something is always detrimental to someone, whether it be physically or mentally or emotionally, and that's a fact imo. Addiction isn't too prevalent in casinos, yes, but casinos don't get banned mostly due to the amount of income they get, and the amount of help it does for the economy. Remember that most famous casinos have bigshots playing on them, playing amounts on tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands per play.

Plus, imo, if the best for all were taken into account, they'd put more emphasis on preventing addiction instead of letting it happen even the minority. After all, it's always better to fix the negative than admire (or improve) the already positive factors.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Crypto gambling sites should be careful of bringing eSports in on: September 24, 2020, 12:44:06 AM
I see your point here, and regulators are quite skewed in judging since they can't really blame the parents now can they? Other than that really I don't think there's any solution to Kids accidentally going into gambling. Regulators should most likely just put a limit into it, or the sites themselves that is, so that even if they gamble, at the very least it won't turn into something worse. To prevent new accounts, you can just link the gambling account to the steam account itself (or the game itself on other platforms).

There's a difference between gambling and gambling addiction here. It may be a thin line, yes, but teaching them about that thin line early on could prove to be quite helpful imo. Plus, let's be real here, we gamble ALL the time, not just in games, we do that in everyday decisions, examinations, etc., and making a kid learn about the consequences of something that he leaves on to LUCK should prove to be quite helpful in their upbringing. Teaching someone about gambling doesn't mean you teach him TO gamble, it's ABOUT.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Card counting in black jack on: September 24, 2020, 12:06:42 AM
Do you know such people (who won a lot of money from the casino not just because of luck, but regularly based on their skill)? I would like to know about them in more detail because there are many legends and tales about such masters, but there is very little reliable information, so I doubt that they really exist/existed.
Here's one for you.
Didn't really read it thoroughly, but the article doesn't seem to be lying with the fact that he beat those casinos with pure skill since the first casino he visited already had security cams analyzing his every movement to prevent any type of cheating. Card counting may be done in the mind, but it still needs obvious eye movement as well as some kind of pattern or rhythm that may be helpful to you in remembering (imo that is). That, or you can just have a perfect memory, which is almost impossible.

Although it seems like the biggest factor here was removing the edge for the house, and instead, giving it to the player. I've read some other articles, and they've also detailed about them winning on casinos not only based on skill, but also by negotiating with them on discounts and the like, they then start to break the bank of the casinos.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What do think about skill games? on: September 23, 2020, 05:49:12 AM
Yes, that is exactly the reason why skill games are better than traditional gambling games. Thrill and the feeling that you have at least some control are the best part for me. Feeling hopless depending only on luck isn't very exciting and promising for me that is why I prefere skill games.
It's honestly that factor of luck that most people still go back to luck-based games since it's solely based on luck, the fact that they're losing means they also have a chance of winning, unlike in skill-based games where winning is highly reliant on your own skill itself, and luck plays only a minor role in winning. Still, all gamblers have their own preference, and besides, skill-based games on casino still, in one way or another, still have that luck factor, so even if you're pretty bad at it, as long as you have luck by your side, you can still win. It's like how a good hand in poker can still lose to a bad hand depending on the cards on the table.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How would the church affect the gambling industry? on: September 23, 2020, 02:03:22 AM
Yea let's not put a into b and b into a okay? Both are living quite fine in their own world so adding them together would just bring mayhem and chaos that would probably have no solution whatsoever in the future since there's absolutely no sense in both of them arguing. Let the church argue for all they want, but the fact is, they don't control the world, and they can't, period. I'm not being an anti here for religion or anything, but really, if anything the church said were to be taken as the truth, then let them run the world instead of the government. The reason why the government runs the world and not religion is that they can make objective (supposedly) judgements and rules that would satisfy all, unlike the church which satisfies THEM the most.
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