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1  Economy / Services / Re: ✅[OPEN] SimpleFX Trading Provider Signature & Twitter Campaign on: Today at 01:17:28 AM
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Thanks for this opportunity.
2  Economy / Services / Re: Bitsler Signature & Avatar Campaign on: September 29, 2020, 11:13:38 AM
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3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why do people keep playing unlicensed, illegal slot machines? on: September 29, 2020, 11:08:31 AM
Some people keep playing in unlicensed slot machines for some reasons of addiction, able to earn money that they could have and of course it brings entertainment to them. Actually even in our country there are many low profile living in a urban areas that keep doing this playing in a illegal machines which they are not afraid to caught by.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin reach to $100K ? on: September 29, 2020, 10:52:02 AM
That's out of mind. He has right to share his prediction but he shouldn't be insane. I just wanna go his Twitter account and ask him, how he did this predicition and based on which purpose? Cause i haven't found any valid reasons behind it. But it will be great if his prediction come true and Bitcoin really reach to $100K
Yes, anyone can predict the price of bitcoin. But at this time, there is no strong reason to reach $100k. I think it is still far from current price. But we can hope to reach $100k.
Absolutely right anyone can predict the price of bitcoin so what I'm always saying here the price is volatile and we can not say when it will reach to $100k. The current condition of bitcoin is struggling to reach $15k and if in case it will cross to that price many crypto holders would really enjoy the momentum. Hence, let others do the price prediction and we cannot force them to stop it's their own judgment towards the price of bitcoin.
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Uk covid update on: September 28, 2020, 10:58:05 PM

Lockdown is the best solution to avoid of spread of virus. Even after some relaxation the case had reached to the new high in many country. So it's best to move to the lockdown procedure again. If we look into economy fully, we can't save the people at this pandemic.We should safe till the medicine available to all.
Every country has suffering the number increase of infected of this virus so there's need to find a solution for it.
Yes, lockdown to lessen the spread of the virus and also the people should follow the protocol and guidelines given by their government. Even in my country lockdown or community quarantine is given so let's hope the vaccine will come out since every country has suffered also of economic crisis.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin such a big risk? on: September 28, 2020, 03:20:10 PM
I think saving your money in Bitcoin is riskier, but in this way we can also make a huge profit when the price fluctuates, unlike to fiat the price is stable and the chances of profit is low. For me, it is better to invest them both so that we can be assure our future especially in this times that still no one knows when will be the pandemic ends.
Thereís always a risks that's why it is very important to learn first about bitcoin. That's the advantage to the users that we can earn since price may increase. Prior investing our money especially to the noob one is they should understand what bitcoin is all about and can offer to the users that at a later end no regrets.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is it possible for Bitcoin to fall and become worthless? on: September 28, 2020, 12:59:39 PM
Bitcoin was created to solve a problem. The problem of fast sending and receiving of money, peer to peer. Until this need is no longer necessary, Bitcoin will not become worthless. Despite the volatility of price associated with Bitcoin, more and more people are adopting bitcoin. So bitcoin will still be relevant in the near future.
We already read the same questions about the worth of bitcoin. As long users continues in bitcoin because of it's benefits to the users it will be worth and very useful in the future. Yes, we observe the adoption about it and I can say more people will become interested in using crypto in the future.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: The bounty scam will gradually go away on: September 28, 2020, 10:58:59 AM
Scam bounty wont disappears these days since scammers are really existing in this industry. I don't think it could stop easily and when we look at those hype projects we observe there are many newly created projects. Our ways not to fall for these scam is always dyor and invest on what we can afford only.
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Brand new to bitcoin and need some help on: September 27, 2020, 11:56:03 PM
Since you are new to bitcoin always be careful and keep safe your private keys. Many newbies becomes a victim of scam because of stolen keys and got hack their wallet. As reply above it is very helpful on you on what wallet to choose and register.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Not your keys, not your Crypto Ė Kucoin Hacked! $150m Stolen. on: September 27, 2020, 04:54:55 PM
This is really an awareness to all not to store huge funds in any exchange. As reminders always not your keys not your crypto. I've read this news in all over in social media that this exchange got hacked and of course Kucoin team assures everyone that your funds are safe. Well, this happened before that a certain exchange got hack and this is a lesson to many not to store huge of money
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Gold or Bitcoin on: September 23, 2020, 11:58:17 PM
When talking about gold and bitcoin, of course, many people will think that both investments are very profitable, but both types of investment clearly have their advantages and disadvantages, Bitcoin investment in the market may is able to provide the best returns to the long-term, but  Gold is more protection value and investment to secure the wealth we have and of course If we are an aggressive trader / investor, investing in bitcoin can be a wise choice to do, but if we are afraid of investment risks, investing in gold is the best investment option at this time.
If people interested in bitcoin and gold they must think it first on what are the best to choose in putting your money to earn. This is true both has advantages and disadvantages as long you know your money is safe and can offer a return of profit. Both has a risks actually bitcoin and gold though you prefer is gold but a person can consider investing in bitcoin which offer a possible huge profit when price reached all time high yet it takes time.
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: CasinoWow presents the Most Amazing Bitcoin Casinos! on: September 23, 2020, 11:21:13 PM
At first you are welcomed to bitcointalk community, I like your ideology,but in your websites you have to give users proper direction on how to use the game and how to access the site or register to sthe site without difficulties
Iíve also check their site it says this represents as favourite online casino comparison site. I agree with that it is best if they could gives a new users on how to use the game and register even me when I check the site no proper directions as to where a user can fill-up a form or register it just indicated to input your email to subscribe. Also, Iíve found out no information about cyptocurrency so Op must indicate a full details when promoting the site here.
13  Economy / Speculation / Re: Why Bitcoin price are decreasing? on: September 23, 2020, 09:39:39 PM
There are many factors as to why bitcoin price decrease. When there's more demand in bitcoin the price increase. Also the market condition is not yet in a bull run stage and if you know the risks buying at this time is also good since price of bitcoin decline.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Folgory exchange, the biggest scam ever !!!! on: September 23, 2020, 05:08:38 PM
Glad I have no folgory account actually there are many scam these days. And will still continue on doing these kind of scamming people. Well, thanks for the heads up, a lot of exchange actually lurking in the social media that promotes their new exchange and offer giveaways so this is also an awareness to those who use this exchange that it's a scam.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Bitcoin society on: September 23, 2020, 02:59:44 PM
Different views of course exist and it is natural that some people see bitcoin to make money and have a bright future with bitcoin investing, people's opinions are not the same and in general I really believe many people look at bitcoin to make money.
In this industry we cannot avoid some people on their beliefs about bitcoin. Because some just treated bitcoin to make an easy money. Though bitcoin has a great opportunity to the users to gains knowledge and at the same to earn money. Also, to those who really believes and enjoying this platform are grateful for this opportunity to learn in bitcoin.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: It is not easy to make money in cryptocurrency on: September 23, 2020, 01:48:11 PM
That is true , but not 100 % true. For example people who get easy get a lot of money from UNISWAP airdrop . In cryptocurrency space we must always up to date about promising project. So , when can select between scam projects or not.
In this industry we also have to be up to date on what's new and what are those promising project. Everything needs hard work and patience not only in crypto currency as well in other platform. Also scam is everywhere so you should do also a research about the project. So thereís no easy money you have to work hard for it. And of course know first the risks for us to understand and can earn money in crypto.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How would the church affect the gambling industry? on: September 23, 2020, 12:08:45 PM
I will echo the sentiments that there is a separation of church and state, but there is a thin line. Church personalities are also now into politics at least in my country. The head of the church is a very powerful personality. However, as far as gambling is concern, they have little to no effect at all. There are religious denominations that go against gambling, but can they stop their people with authority? I doubt it. And even in the bible gambling is not as sin per se. What makes it worst though is the love for the money and how it control people.
The church does not affect at all in gambling industry. Thatís true the head of the church is very powerful and thereís a church that gambling is prohibited. But, the point is even it is prohibited a person can still find a ways to gamble. Just my thought gambling can be sinful when a person becomes addicted and doing wrong just to meet his addictions. Also it can be bad if you spend thousand of money to gamble instead to spend the necessities for your family.
18  Economy / Economics / Re: Sales of wedding rings are increasing on: September 22, 2020, 10:59:34 PM
Here in my country having a huge event is prohibited though wedding ceremony is still allowed but with limited guest just to follow the social distancing. And divorce is not yet legal so even the married couple are not in good terms still their marriage is intact. Anyway, I can't see the news here in my country the increase sales of wedding ring so a lot of things happened during this pandemic. So this pandemic has a huge impact to economy situation and even the relationship of couple.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Is it getting late to buy crypto again? on: September 22, 2020, 09:57:25 PM
it is never too late because the price will continue to go up, and when it goes up someone will ask your question like whether it is too late to enter now.
I don't think so because crypto will always be profitable for a long time.
so buy it as fast as you can if you intend to keep it for a long time.
When the price of crypto increase some would ask if it still good to buy or late to buy. We have to remember that price in here is volatile and though it's understood that we cannot decide easily whether it is time to buy or sell at the current price. Just buy if you can manage the risks since we can't really predict the market value.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: THE MOST PAINFUL DAY IN MY BETTING CAREER on: September 22, 2020, 04:59:13 PM
It just good to say that until now, I did not yet lose 20% in gambling. Usually,I gamble my money to the games which I afford to lose. However, I have still experience in losing money in a day when I played because I have a problem in my family. I was depressed and the only thing I can do in my room was betting in different games. Yet, I wan unlucky because I lose 300 usa that day.

Conclusion, I already understand why we must not let our emotions ruin our game play. Everything that we do because of anger will have a bad result as well.
We experience losing of money in gambling even me I didn't plan to cash out when my bets are in winning. It is hard losing money if we cannot afford to lose. This really shows that we didn't let our emotions in control and when we're losing money already let's learned to stop the game. This is very important to plan ahead when playing games on gambling and if already in winning take profits and don't be greedy. Some really canít control that resulted in losing huge of money.
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