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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: A Little way to find Good campaigns on: June 25, 2022, 09:24:45 PM
I don't think that stalking campaign managers in order to find campaigns is good idea.I see this topic more like merit hunting attempt. I don't really know why  to make things complicated? Wouldn't be easier just to check Service board on regular basis to check for active campaigns.
Or probably best to use Telegram bot and you won't have to do thing manually. You simply will get notification to your Telegram app.

My thought here. Having to stalk every campaign manager in order to see when campaigns are launched or opened to me isn't the best to do. Besides some of these managers are also bounty managers and anyone not interested in bounty will keep seeing the bounty updates.
Some of the managers are wearing signature and completing post quotas which will make their timeline like other users.

What I did was to place the service board on watch, by this I get notified when any new post comes to the service board. But after I joined a long campaign, I unwatched the board.
You both are correct, I've never been so desperate for new campaign to the extent of stalking campaign managers, like both of you, what I've always done is checking the service board regularly, and thanks @uchegod-21 for that wonderful idea, though I make use of the telegram bot to get notifications for mentions and merits and other stuffs, it has never occurred to me to use the bot to monitor activities on any section or board of the forum, we sure would never stop learning no matter how long we live or think we know  Grin Grin.
Stalking without having that kind of interaction or engagement like Pm'ming is still considerable but the best way on monitoring new campaigns is to visit out Services section board every now and then or if you do have the ample time or vacant time in doing so.About those telegram bots then i havent tested out on certain notification on specific boards or threads but its not really a bad idea to have on at least making yourself
aware on whatever things been posted or published out so that you wont really be missing out if ever there are new campaigns. Just remember on not to make out some step that would just make those managers
do end up on having bad impressions on you.You wont really be making yourself to have good odds on getting accepted if you do show up some desperation.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: You win or you learn. on: June 25, 2022, 08:41:53 PM
Both will always be side by side, we don't always have to win. In every new hype, new challenges will emerge that are more psychologically affecting to enter into it. As you point here,
2. Opportunity will come again and again so do not FOMO.

people just want to get the chance but in the process they don't get it easily. Sometimes to get every opportunity you have to learn from losses first.
There are some people who are just too close minded on which they are really tending to make out some perfect copy if they do saw someone who do earn big in terms of trading or investment.They do tend to copy
it without even considering about the possible outcomes which might able for you to experience and losses is always next in line and we know that there's no such thing about perfect trader/investor
which does simply means that losses is there and some cant really just accept it and not able to enhance or improve theirselves because they do really go back into the past and cant accept their
mistakes or losses which is something not a recommendable mindset to have.Learn with your mistakes and continue to improve.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Does bitcoin dump have any impact on gamblers ? on: June 25, 2022, 07:38:53 PM
If you have access to the internal statistics of the casino, then it is easy to prove the presence (or absence) of a connection. The behavior of one player does not mean anything, but if we have statistics about thousands, then this is the exact pattern of behavior. It is enough to look at their behavior on the market dump, on the pump and on the flat - then it will be clear how the market situation affects their behavior.

That kind of stats, the gambling site itself will know about the pattern.
But us, being the players, I don't think we can have clear understanding what's going on.
We can just speculate during this period, but we know that if you are a gambler, you will play no matter what the situation is.
But you may increase or decrease your spending depending on the availability of your funds.
Or if you have other things that you need to take care of. But mostly, gamblers will play in any kind of market.

Indirectly, we can draw conclusions on other indicators. For example, I remember that in 2018, during the bear market and then for a considerable time after it, the activity of signature campaigns on the forum from game projects was much less than now or during the bull market phase. It turns out that at least a hard depression in the crypto market affects the casino and hence the gamblers.
I dont really see any significant effects on gambling industry on just talking on this crypto space or market if we do base up on how many platforms are launching or emerging despite of the market condition.
If companies do came out on times like this then it do really shows or means that they are still making significant revenue which means that gamblers do really still play even on a bear market season.
Why? People doesnt really care on how much they do spend on point and only to those people who are investor like mind will really be having some hesitance on playing but for those who do seek for leisure
or simply  making profits or wins then they would still continue to play as long they do have the money to spent out then that what surely counts.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Phil Mickelson Opens Up About Losing MILLIONS From Gambling on: June 25, 2022, 06:45:54 PM
When you are the ones playing your sports, you'll trust on your skills which is why he bet so much too. I guess this is also what happened to the NBA stars who fell in same loss. It must be hard to cure such gambling addiction since he make a living out of golf sport, he is expose to this sport all his life. The only way I guess is to retire and if he still gambles after that, its really getting worse.
I also believe that if you have that much money, and you have nothing to spend your money with, that is the time when you think of gambling. Some NBA players have been addicted to gambling. There are some professional athletes that are getting addicted to gambling because they don't know where to spend much money with. Recovering with gambling addiction might be hard for others, but I think he can recover from it knowing that his career might be affected aside from his personal life if he will just continue to gamble.
If they want to think about what they will do with their money, they can choose to invest in property or set up a business that they manage by hiring experts to get more profit. After getting more profits, they can donate it to people who can't afford it. I guess that would be better than using the money for gambling. But indeed, they are also humans who sometimes have the desire to spend their money at the gambling table. But in the end, many of them get addicted and some may lose all their money because of gambling.
But what if you do already have investments that you do have on your list or had already have made out? and you are already making out some profits or money on passive state?
For sire you would really be finding out on how you would gonna spend up your money and some people do really ending up on going into gambling or making it as their option
on spending up their time and funds.Its not really bad to have that consideration on playing gambling for leisure but when the time comes that you are already spending up too much time
and finances then this is where things turns out to be sour which would really be resulting into disaster if you dont really able to control up yourself on how you would gonna spend
up your funds or totally have good control on that particular area.
5  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Are you using trading indicators? on: June 24, 2022, 11:52:00 PM
In general, I heard that these indicators really help many. I canít say yet that this option is convenient for me to work with. Although, sometimes I still use this option.
There's no other ways or things that you could really make use of which is really that relevant on dealing into this market.You cant really just sit and do nothing
and you would indeed needing these indicators for you to have at least the knowledge or idea on how you would really be placing yourself into the market
whether you would really be buying or selling because having no these indicators would really be putting you in hesitation because you dont really know on what
to do at least.It might not be that precise but its not really that bad at all on having these things at least.
Well, I don't know whether to take it as an indicator or not, but I think that the volume may be the indicator that gives us the most information. I have a friend who likes to go into small excahnges because he says that he sees or is able to determine when a whale begins to make his movenmtno bullish in an altcoin, so at that moment he enters buying and what he does is wait, and most of the time he wins, he says that the whales as they are with so much money, do not enter at once with everything, but they they come in with some money in a big way and this is reflected in the volume, and when he sees those unusual moves the volume comes in.

There are things which are other traders do able to see and others which cannot where i could really attest to that and same as your own experience and able to observe on which there are people whom do only base or just by looking with the volume which is usually in low caps or even on those coins which prices are already on the floor for long time and with some additional indicators or tools been used which would justify their analysis then this is the time that they would make out some significant move.On asking out if its really helpful to make use of trading indicators then its definitely yes, because you cant just rely on news and
fundamentals alone which cant really be there from time to time therefore you would really be going into other aspects which would really be that relevant for you to make use.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Any changes experienced within body - Gambling??? on: June 24, 2022, 10:51:41 PM
Probably the kind of experience I went through while preparing for difficult exams, or writing exams I'm not well prepared for.  The risk of losing is too much. It's a gamble.

It's important to reduce risk as much as possible or only engage in risk-free bet.

With gambling you are attracting what the world would call "negative energy" (it's actually evil spirit) that encourages reckless behavior
Here we go again , an account that against gambling but continuously posting in gambling section , why not stay away from this section so you have no need to deal with gamblers?  Grin

It is every peoples prerogative what they need to spend their money and time , what is important here is that they are controllable and not addicted because the more we gamble is the more we may lose funds and our living as well, learn how to be contented and learn to manage our habits and not to engage in everything that will lose our control and emotion .
There are certain types of people who could easily manage their emotions and intents on dealing up with things not only limited to gambling but also in other aspects in life as well on which you do need to have that
control and mindset whether if it would really be good for you or would really be just good for past time. Changes experienced in the body is something not correlate from time to time on any thing that you are dealing
unless if you are really that stressed which causes for your body to have that kind of problem and also there are instances which illness cant really be known but its already existed for a long time
and you have just recently discovered it when the symptoms are already that obvious.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: What Type of Gambler Am I? on: June 24, 2022, 09:50:56 PM
Casual gambler i would say on where i do only play on the time when im vacant from my work or from other activities or priorities which i do only play on the time i do find or i do feel like to play without hoping that much
about winning the game but rather getting the leisure i do seek from in the first place.  We do have different impressions and views  towards gambling, some do comes after solidly for the profits whether they would get involved with strategic type or luck based kind of games.It would really be varying on someones preference since we are different in some aspect then it couldnt really be just the same.
There are even pretenders who had been saying that they arent addicted but they are truly that opposite into that condition.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the golden rule of investment? on: June 24, 2022, 08:18:18 PM
You have to be inteligent and not invest a big sum. You have to analyze and choose the best thing you can invest in.
Many people are risk averse - they like taking big risks. For them big risk means big profit.
I also don't like taking big risks. I play safe - small steps everyday is my rule of game.
We do have different taking or plans or goals in mind on which we do really need to choose whether we do love to take some big profits or small ones or get contented on a small scale.
And on this time we do really create whether we do need to take big risk or would simply play on the safer side.Its a personal choice to make and the most important thing to consider
is on to invest on the amount which you can afford to lose and dont go all in or go overboard with  your finances since we know that crypto market isnt something that gives out guarantee
but since we do speak about investment then it do always ties up with risk.You wont really gain something if you wont really make out such step, so its up to someone.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can you trust a gambler with your money/savings? on: June 24, 2022, 07:23:20 PM
If a person has any kind of addiction, whether it's drugs, alcohol or gambling, he cannot be trusted at all... It's a psychological disorder, and it's a long time since the nice guy you knew before... All the more reason not to trust such a person with money or valuables... There have already been many examples of people degraded by bad habits...
gambling is not psychological disorder because it is a competition that earns money which whenever it happens money involved so I would like to say that addiction of alcohol will contribute to psychological disorder why addition in Ros can also contribute for psychological disorder because the function is limited like function of gambling gambling is just to a process of getting money from another person due to arguments and prove so I don't think that it can cause disorder but it will make you to lose whatever thing you have if you are totally addicted to it.
There are really people who are really good on controlling various things specially if this one is attached to them neither or in short as a hobby on where they could easily control when they are on their own day jobs or something doesnt really involved on what they are doing outside.I do agree on what others been saying that people are way just too judgmental when it comes to certain things or conditions where they do generalize that once a gambler would be always a gambler and the things will really get involved will really be attached to it which is really a very wrong impression or mindset to have because once you do put up into your mind
in terms of judgement of things then you are a certain person whom can really be called to be perfectionist which we know that its really a bad kind trait to have.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: POSSIBLE THINGS TO HELP US TO WIN AT CRYPTO CASINOS on: June 23, 2022, 11:51:44 PM
@ 5. Play with Real Money. To make money, bet real money.
@ 6. Play Slots.

LOL wtf am i reading?
In general, in the rest of the tips there is a small grain of truth or something worth thinking about, then these tips are frankly dangerous. I would say that this article is unlikely to convince someone smart/experienced to start gambling, but I'm sure that some newbie can be misled by these tips and learn a bitter lesson (that you can not trust other people's advice, but think with your head). If I were you, I would be more careful with the dissemination of such information.

You are right on these two points it has nothing to do with tips on how to win, playing slots is one of the hardest luck-based games I've played, and even employing the best tips on playing slots is not a guarantee that you can win here the author for a lack of something to add more on his so-called tips to win gambling have added questionable tips, its better to enjoy playing and if you're positive you can invite luck and win.
Not really a tip I would say but rather a typical thing that someone would do when they do gamble.Slots is one of the highest HE that a gambling game type could have and there's no way on bestig these things and milking out to make profits which we know that it is impossible.Winning is something talks about getting your goalnot by means on making money but rather talking about enjoyment and entertainment that you could get from gambling.
By the time, we need to think that the enjoyment increases if winning accompanied. Everyone knew well that slots isn't an easy thing to win. Maybe when our focus is on enjoyment we may get opportunity to experience wins. OP have provided with a series of lists that can bring in win and make big money. He failed to describe an important point. For all this it could've been very simple, if one can find a way to make himself lucky.
But we know that making yourself lucky is something that cant be forced nor cant really be influenced and being lucky is the one will really be determining whether you would really be enjoying the game or would really be that frustrated. No matter what gambling game you are really that involving into but the overall essence of gambling will really be just the same.You neither be experiencing some disappointments and
rage if you dont able to meet up your expectations towards it.Play for entertainment and dont expect that you could beat up the house because this is something which is really impossible
for you to attain.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Can you trust a gambler with your money/savings? on: June 23, 2022, 10:46:03 PM

Questions for discussion
- Are gamblers eligible to hold financial positions?
- Do problem gamblers deserve a second chance to hold a financial position?

1. Everything does have freedom on whatever positions that they are tending to apply on, its up to the employer if they would simply attached those personal information in regarding your situation
which might be some basis whether they would be accepting you or not.

2. There would no problems if you dont really let yourself do involved your work out of your gambling addiction.Its up to someone if they would really be commiting some crimes or violations
which do attached with their work which is a dumb thing to be done imho.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do You Think Its One Too Many on: June 23, 2022, 09:42:21 PM
But the online world is not limited to this forum. I do understand what you are trying to say, but I believe users who have been using the casino without issue will not stop playing unless the same thing happens to them.  I for sure will keep playing in the casino where I am playing even with the presence of accusation to them.  The reason is the long years of experience without having any trouble or issue with them.  That is called established trust.  That is a stubbornness to some but that is the reality.  Besides, as I stated, in a scenario condition of only 1 valid accusation and no more incidents after that will slowly repair the tarnished reputation of the Casino.  

I understand your but some people will believe it might also happen to then one day, some might think maybe is because they are still making little amount and whenever they make hug amount on the site, they might endup not getting paid, why I believe some people might not really care about it since it's just a single person, but if am the one if have seen any accusation about a site and the accusation is legit then I will stop using the site because I will believe the casino team can not be trusted, I will believe they might have scammed other members that have not heard about.
People would stick into majority and its true into that impression that if you could only see a single person who do experience some problems then it wont really be enough for someone
to get convinced on transferring to another place just because of that single person who is experiencing some issues or problems but if the numbers bloated or becoming even
more then that would really raise up some alarm and its just common sense that you would really be looking after for the issue and if its been proven out and then lots of people
do have created some bad impressions towards the site then this is the time that will really be looking for another place for you to hang on.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Best time to buy or wait a little bit ? on: June 23, 2022, 08:16:36 PM
You have got a good plan. If eventually Btc touches 11k and you were able to buy then it's a good bargain. Let's see how things pan out.

See mate if you listen to me then i can say that there is no better time to buy BTC.
I mean no one has really seen the future.
What we can do is based on calculations and estimations. What if Bitcoin keeps on increasing from now only ? So you wonít be able to buy then? Forget about 11k usd, you will miss the golden opportunity now to buy at 21k usd.
So whatever happens it always happens for good. Considering this in mind, whenever possible buy the Bitcoins.
Itís a rare digital coin which will eventually become expensive when time passes buy, so there is always a guarantee  that you will make good profit.
Speculation and estimation on which we do really rely on because no one is indeed able to know on whats head thats why its really hard to make out decisions but due to our experience and skills or knowledge then
we do able to make out some guesses which is far more better than into those decisions which doesnt really have any basis at all.You cant really just make out some step without any considerations
on why you are tending to buy.If you do go look for the bottom then this would be a never ending search because bottom and peak prices is something that cant really be determined.
Its up to you whether you would really be waiting for a little bit but make it sure that you shouldnt make yourself do get left behind specially when market tends to recover or make some turn.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do You Think New Casino Should Partnered With Bounty Managers To Gain Trust? on: June 22, 2022, 05:51:45 PM
I wouldn't say casinos can't do it on their own, but a bounty company with a well-known and well-established manager helps speed up the process of getting users and gaining reviews and reputation.

Many casinos have been working with known bounty managers for several years and I think this is the best example that such an attraction strategy works well.
Casinos can manage their own campaigns but achieving promotional results will not be maximized as they have to prove the reputation of the casino platform and guaranteed payouts, maybe using escrow or suggested payouts in BTC.

Partnering with a well-known and reputable manager will accelerate promotion for a wider range of interactions so that many new gamblers will be registered, campaign participants have no doubts about payouts because they fully trust the manager's reputation. I believe that the achievements that have been planned for promotion will be realized more optimally if handled by a reputable top manager.
Not only by reputation but also on the service expertise or experience do managers had when handling a campaign which it is really just totally different comparing into those part of the team who would tend to run off a campaign.Im not saying that they aren't capable but nothing beats out into someone who do have solid experience about community handling and as a business owner then you would really consider on hiring someone which is really that known about this field or in terms of marketing to make your spending or penny worth.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Macau's Casino Operation Continues Despite The Latest Outbreak on: June 22, 2022, 10:51:58 AM
Actually, I didn't hear much of this news regarding the outbreak of a new disease in Macau. Although I know Macau is the largest traditional gambling area in Asia. Of course they have to make decisions, even though I know there are consequences to be had.
In addition, many people think that this virus is just a world cooperation to paralyze the economies of developing countries. I think they believe that this disease is not deadly if everyone is in normal condition. At the end of the day also at this time Covid seems to be going away on its own as well. So I think their government thinks the economy should keep going including income from gambling and It's more profitable and can cover the cost of the covid outbreak.
Knowing on the position of Macau when it comes to gambling revenue then this isn't something that could be stopped unless if there would be some significant death toll then they might that stop fully but since the situation could still be controlled then stopping operation is nonsense if in exchange on wasting or losing Soo much revenue.Just let them be on what would be their decision
Yet they aren't that blind on not to see on what's happening around so just let them be on what would be their decisions.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How can a new sportsbook gain trust? on: June 22, 2022, 08:53:35 AM
If it's all about testing the new sportsbook and they want to be tested out by the community. It will be a normal thing to do to deposit in newer sportsbook.

But if you're the type of bettor that don't have the idea if it's a new one or not, you better stay to the best bookies that you know.

Every sportsbook went through the same difficulty of being known because the start is the hardest. I think there's no secret on it as long as you know the process, marketing, building rapport to the gamblers and so on.
because it takes time to be trusted by many people. Gambling platform providers, not just sportsbooks, must go through a long process. and providing the best service, that's what all gamblers hope for.
no matter whether losing or winning. when gamblers get good service, they feel comfortable and safe when playing. of course, no customers will leave.
Gaining trust does takes time and it's not something that could happen overnight which means that you do need to hook up players or community interest for you to say that your business is getting some traction or attention which is something that you can't really control or assure of as a business owner therefore you should really give your best on giving best service,promotion,perks and bonuses and have  good and honest business so that people would really be that comfortable on staying up the platform.All you do need is to sustain.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tips on How to Manage Gambling Addiction an Open Discussion. on: June 21, 2022, 10:52:46 PM
Some people are weak to gambling. They have difficulty controlling themselves.
If you feel weak willpower, you should definitely seek help.
It is inevitable that someone with a gambling addiction will lose everything completely in the long run.
Because even if he wins, he will continue to play. until he has no money left.
Self control and discipline is something not all people does really have which means that even if it's basic to tell and say that they should have good control but it's not something easy to be done when you are on their feet.Gambling addiction is something that can't be controlled or getting rid of it but if you are really that eager on quitting then you could do it but if not then you do need to seek some help whether came from your loved ones or professional help which is something that depends or differ from time to time.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Slots is More Likely to Cause Gambling Problem on: June 21, 2022, 07:39:00 PM
Slots are games that are incredibly curious for anyone as well as for beginners. In my country the average slot player is 22 years old and above and they usually play slots on every site they play on. There is no particular reason for them to just be curious about multiplers and this curiosity sometimes affects their finances. so as usual to forget our defeats, we only decorate our defeats by drinking liquor to relieve stress but there are also those who play games on their smartphones to relieve stress.
Doesn't matter on where you do involved yourself with because any game type would definitely triggers your curiosity specially if it's your first time involving yourself on any gambling game doesn't matter if it's slots or not because it would really be just the same impression that you would able to feel out that's why I don't really believe that there's a specific games which could trigger out addiction because it could really be generalize that majority of games that involves money could really give out that kind impulsive feeling or emotions.
19  Economy / Economics / Re: You win or you learn. on: June 20, 2022, 11:12:05 PM
Losses or simply mistakes that had committed is something needed for you to learn and comes mature or aware on how this market works or behaved that's why accept those mistakes and learn from it and don't make yourself to be that close minded and reason for you to stop just because you are afraid for it to happen.Losses are inevitable but once you do gain experience then you do know on how to minimize losses along the way,so keep improving until you do have a good grasp in the market.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: NBA Finals 2022 - Warriors vs Celtics. on: June 20, 2022, 10:46:37 PM
Yes this is true!
But the way things are going, I think it's easier for Curry to get his 5th ring than LeBron James.

Curry is already adjusted in the Warriors, while LeBron James unfortunately needs to fix the team (and also get chemistry between the players) characteristic that the GSW had and that made a big difference for them to be champions this season!
I do believe that curry would able to get the 5th and it's true that Lebron is still finding a team where they could really be having that harmony and team work which would really be that in similar with Warriors and we could really see the differences in between that's why it's really that comparable but let's see on what would gonna happen in related with changed in rosters and line ups for the next season.
I was not surprised for Curry to be the MVP of the recent finals which everybody wouldnt oppose with that.
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