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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: Casinos not asking for KYC to register and play, but do require it to withdraw on: June 22, 2024, 06:58:55 PM
Of course my words doesn`t mean that we must share our data with everybody. But i often see how people give their data to unknown internet services without any guarantee of it`s security and the same time cry that casino can steal their data. It is strange enough as for me.
About license i can add my opinion, may be it isn`t true - i`m not a big player and never was cheated big sums. I don`t know how Curacao license can help me to return my money, if the casino decide to cheat me. 
I think many people at still ignorant about data sales that is why they are always eager to give our their data unknown source or company that could use their data against them. We don't have to keep sharing our date with online casino just because we want to play games, have fun and make money. There are other casinos too we can get the same thing from that would never ask us if our data because they felt it is unreasonable. Bad hands can get to use our data on Internet fraud and out us in great danger. We just need to be wise and keep doing the right thing.
I saw a bot in telegram, that showed information about telephone number owner. I searched information about people, i know in real life. I`ve got information about all of them - id, address, job, something else, i don`t remember. We are in the world of data. Big data. And there are people who can work with it. As the result we can get such information from the telegram bot. May be it was stolen, i don`t know, but anyway i think that data about all of us can be find in internet.
If it does exist then it is really that highly violating terms and conditions in regarding or connection with privacy act or laws or regulations if ever there would really be a bot that really snips out personal information and other important stuffs on which we know that this isnt something that would really be easily be shared up.  So far i havent been able to encounter such bot. Good thing if you would be able to remember and would really be shared up on which at least we do make up some report? This isnt something ethical to be done but its true that in todays era and years on which its really that advanced on where filtering out various important informations
on which it could really be used on other means. This is why people would really be that skeptical on sharing up their information due to this reason.

As for KYC requirement on crypto gambling sites then this isnt something new anymore. Why? Gradually they are really that becoming that licensed or centralized on which means that they will really
be that abiding governments rules and regulations on which this is something that will really be pertaining about those centralized approach like having that KYC requirement on which
this isnt something new anymore.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Meme coins so how you trade them to make constant profits ? on: June 22, 2024, 05:35:00 PM
Meme what's your methods?
How much you make daily ? Weekly? Profit ?
I was looking into I bought them in Dexscreener when they launched early and still nothing moves but Everybody talking about 1000x gains or 10000x where ? So i did invested small money into to try to trade them because i tought why not If i can turn 1$ into 100$ in one day...but most of profit i was managed to make was 2x times only.

That is a profits and you should not be complaining but being happy because there are some traders that are not able to make that profit but keep losing when they trade memecoins. I do not trade memecoins only on decentralized exchange because they can crash because of manipulation and most of them would not out of the decentralized exchange, they would not get listed on top exchange too to bring volume and hype to the cryptocurrency. My strategy of trading memecoins is to follow up the project and when there are confirmation of a top tier centralized exchanges listing then I will buy the memecoin and when the hype is about to fade, I will sell and take profits. I do not make this mistake of thinking of hodling memecoin for a very long term investment.
When you are winning or making money with your trades then there's someone on the other side which is losing money on which you should really be that thankful that you are on such positive condition or situation on which we know that this market is really just like a tug of war. If you are someone whose really that making money then this does basically means that you are really that doing well in compared to those people who are on the other side. So it would really be that just best or having that good feeling that you could make money specially on meme coins on which this is something more that too risky on which we know that when it comes to risk level then this is way more higher rather than on dealing yourself with those altcoins in the market we do have but well we do have our own choice on which coins that we would really be tending to deal with.

There are ones who could really be able to handle risks and there are ones who cant be able to bare up on such condition. So it would really be that situational because not all
people would really be having that same level when it comes to risks management.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: When you are not to gamble. on: June 22, 2024, 04:11:13 PM

👉👉when you are in need of money urgently
Some people gamble the most when they are in need of urgent money. They use the little in their account to gamble believe they can double the money in no time through gambling to do what they want to do. This most times go wrong making them to lose the little they should have save for that purpose

Gambling is not a reliable solution for meeting urgent financial needs. Instead, individuals are better off using alternative methods such as proper budgeting and seeking financial help from family or friends. Gambling is a good form of entertainment. I think this is the most important point about gambling. But someone who uses it more as a means of making money than for entertainment will not get favorable results. Anyone who doesn't use a tool for its intended purpose will get negative results. An off-road vehicle is difficult to drive in city traffic. It would be difficult to use a classic vehicle in off-road conditions. Someone who gambles to meet urgent needs will never be able to meet their urgent needs. But someone who gambles for fun will certainly have a good time.
On the moment that you would really be treating up gambling on this way then you would really be just that making yourself into that possible huge losses because on the moment that you would really be making yourself that delusional then this is where mistakes do really happen and this is something that should really be avoided. Gambling is really just that for fun and dont make it happen that you would really be only stopping on the moment that you have lost that much because it is something which is not a desirable thing to look at or something that a condition on which it isnt appealing. If  you are really that seeing that you are losing that much then it would really be just that understandable that you should stop immediately to avoid or prevent the losses on which this is something that you would really be needing to look at.

This is why it would really be that better that you do know on how to assess things and would really be making up decisions basing up into the situation that you are involving into.
This is why you should be thinking that gambling is really just that for fun and not to make money because if you do have that kind of belief or approach then you are
just that basically putting up yourself on such huge trouble.
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: What to do when there is a continues DIP on: June 22, 2024, 03:45:36 PM
There are some investors that waits for a dip price to buy and when the dip comes and they buy but they begin to experience that the price is even dipping further, so is there a need to panic or continue buying at every dip price if you still have some reserved funds with you because even though many wish for a dip to happen in order for them to buy Bitcoin but there are investors that expects the price to skyrocket after buying so if the price continues to dip further, is it not going to make those investors to lose confidence that the price may later not increase again?

Are you expressing your own feelings through this topic? Because so far I have only seen new investors who panic more often when they see price drops, while they have had time to buy when prices have dropped a little before dropping more. Meanwhile, old investors who are mentally strong enough and have not wavered in their belief in Bitcoin will continue to buy without losing their belief in Bitcoin if they still have the spare funds to do so. So if your mentality is still fragile enough when you see the price drop in the market that it causes you to panic, train your mentality first before asking about everyone's belief in Bitcoin's price drop.
Reaction will really be just that depending on how experienced you are or knowledge on a certain person on which it would really be that understandable into those people who have been on this market for a while
would really be already know on what they would really be doing and with this current market in compared into those who are really just that new on which they would really be freaking out on the moment that they've seen that the market really make some bad movement or simply making some dips. Instead on making some buyback they would really be rather that be that cutting up their loses which is really that too laughable if we do speak about those actions been made specially if we are talking about Bitcoin on which it would really be best that we should really be that accumulating instead on cutting loses.

Market could really be having that movement whether going up or down. It would really be just that a wrong mindset or belief that we would really be just that having a one direction movement of this market.
If there would be a dip then it would really be just normal that you would really be accumulating more. The only enemy you would really be that having is on the emotion and mindset that you would
be having on the moment that you are seeing that the market is really that going down. You would really be that hesitating on this kind of movement.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling is not place to make money is place to lose it? on: June 21, 2024, 09:33:13 PM
Hi everyone,

Gambling has become very popular in the world , especially after the changes that have occurred over the years with modern technology and the abundance of games, we can now gamble with one push    anywhere and anytime . More money is flowing to sites and casinos in huge quantities, and everyone’s goal is to win more ,As is always known, if there is a loser, there is a winner, and I don't think that the percentage of losers is greater than the winners .

Is this true gambling is not place to make money is place to lose it?

Well, this is not true for everyone. Some people gain money from gambling, but this is not the norm. Professional gamblers are an exception, not the rule. For the average person, the odds are against them. That's why it's critical to approach gambling with the proper mindset. If you go into it expecting to make money, you'll probably be disappointed. However, if you go into it expecting to have fun, you're more likely to have a good time, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Moreover,something that takes in money and out without been given forewarning should be treated with so much concern and accountability,For the sake that it involves money and people don't have the same understanding about the game.A winner today becomes the loser tomorrow,you see so much uncertainties and predictions gone wrong.
Frankly speaking,gambling is no fun zone,gambling is no child's play,Gambling is not a good option/second option to earning of making money
Even professional gamblers play and still gets dissatisfied with the outcomes and trends...You need all the intelligence,sensitivity and logical approaches in that field..My thoughts though
And this is something that you should realize in the first place on which gambling is really just that for the sake of fun and not something that you would really be earning money from it. Yes, you could possibly be able to win but if you are really that lucky but this is something which cant really be that happen all the time and this is something that you should really be putting up into your mind.You cant really just that make yourself that delusional and really be that believing that you could really be able to make constant profits or money with gambling. This is where people do mess up their lives on the moment that they would really be having those impressions. Gambling business is profitable due to this kind of belief on which this is something that should really be removed into someones mind all the time.

Gamble for fun and not for making money because on the moment that you would be having this kind of mindset then you are really that prone into addiction on which it might causes up for
your life to be messy on which you might not only losing up all of your money but also you might be losing your loved ones as well when addiction would really be that severe.
You are the ones would really be dictating on what your life would be.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: Financial Advice for a young millionaire on: June 21, 2024, 08:47:32 PM
They have never experienced what it's like to live in a tight financial situation, so they will act as they please with the money they have. For example, someone who was born into a very rich family (I'm not saying all of them, but some of them are). So they don't feel the difficulties that lead them to bitter experiences, so they can't learn from those experiences.
It's different if someone starts from the bottom and they have to work hard to be in a situation where their finances are very stable. Such people will usually be able to appreciate money more and they can manage their finances very well.
Money is an important factor in living life, so we have to be able to manage it well, or in other words, we have to be smart to appreciate the money we have.
The fact is that many children of rich people have their own income and can manage their finances well because they have wealth from their parents and the support of many facilities that are used for educational purposes up to bachelor's degrees, from an early age they have been facilitated by international standard schools and take private lessons from professional teachers, knowledge they are above the average child, besides that they have access to jobs because their parents have a role in getting their children into government or company jobs. However, some children of rich people like you said above, they don't care about knowledge and they neglect useless activities, after their parents died they couldn't manage their finances wisely, they could only spend their wealth by lavishly buying expensive things and he doesn't think about what his financial condition will be like after he no longer has cash for living needs.
Thats one of the advantage when you do have everything specially when you are just that a student or young on where your parents could really give out all the things that you do need from education and other things on which you would really be able to open up yourself on different level of learnings or key areas on which it would really be something significant or would really be that useful into the things that you might be able to encounter or would really be tending to deal with in the future. Compared into those who are really just that average or lacking up those things then you would really be having that kind of advantage and there's no way that
we could really be having that equal acquiring of knowledge on each individual, this is why if you are someone on the other side which is having that less then it wont really be  that bad to look for those information on which it would really be something relevant.

In regarding into the situation then as a young millionaire then you would really be needing up that financial advisor on which could be telling him about on how to handle those inheritances.
I do agree into some points that you shouldnt really be letting any relatives on this space.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Recording gambling activities on: June 21, 2024, 07:41:23 PM
What's the whole point of keeping these records???

I think that he just wants to keep track of how much money he lost on a given month. Some people need that to stop dreaming and go back to solid ground.

I don't do that because I treat each session as a separate event. When I end it, I withdraw the money and next time I start playing I remember that last time and how much I made/lost.
I do not not think keeping such records will be of help to some people, it might even make things worse. I remember my early days in the university when I would gamble without any wins, I didn't feel good about it. The few times I won were just like a compensation for all the bad days, keeping such records would not be helping matters.

What then is the point of keeping records of your gambling activities if you aren't going to restrict your gambling activities? Gamblers who chase losses already know that they have more losses than they've won so far but they keep playing hoping to cover up such losses. Keeping such gambling records might be useful to some people, but many others would be triggered or motivated by such records to gamble even more than they should.
Yes, just like me on which it is really something that i dont want to do on the moment that i have lost money on which i wont really be tending to look back because it would really be that making things worst on which on the moment that you've seen that your loses are becoming bigger then it would really be that impulsive and the worst thing is that you would really be that playing even more on which it would be causing even more loses.
This is why it would be important that on the moment that you are playing gambling then you should really be that not tending to look back on how much you do lost. Just make it sure that the amounts that you are using is really just that only on the amount that you can afford to lose and not something that spending your life savings on which majority is really that been doing and this is why they do mess up.

You should really be that careful when it comes to gambling whether you would really be tracking your activity or not. The main key on here is that moderation and control with your mind and emotions.
Because if you dont have these things then most likely you would really be that losing money and something that could mess up your life if you wont be that careful on the actions that you are taking.
This is why you should really be that considerable on taking up such decisions or steps.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Why are people getting scared to Trade on: June 20, 2024, 08:58:33 PM
Yes bro, many people have the wrong perception about trading, they think that trading is as easy as they imagine, without having to learn in-depth knowledge they can trade straight away, many withdraw when they can no longer accept losses, even though before they start trading they have to really prepare. themselves first, such as digging deeper into what trading is and how it works, after they have understood how it works then they can dive into trading, as long as they don't use money from loans, in which case the losses won't be too frustrating and they will have to return the capital. the proceeds from the loan itself, so just take the safe route so you don't get too frustrated when you lose.
Mistakes in understanding trading will certainly be very detrimental to them and if they are forced to trade without a good understanding of trading, of course this will make them trade like they are gambling, they just hope for luck to get good results from the trading they do, of course this a wrong action and when they have had many failures will blame trading.

Preparing yourself first before trading is of course very important for everyone who decides to trade. They must first understand well what they are doing in order to be profitable in trading, because it is impossible for someone to last long when trading if they continue Continuously experiencing losses in trading, it would be better for us to use small capital first until we understand properly and correctly. As you said, we must avoid using borrowed funds to trade so that we don't experience problems when trading fails.
There would really be no sense that you would really be making up some trades without having that preparation or having no knowledge on what it is. It would really be that impossible that you cant really be able to assess yourself whether you are that having that sufficient knowledge or not. On the moment that you do know that you arent that good or having no sufficient knowledge then it would be just that a normal reaction to have.
Its not really that scary to trade if you do have that sufficient knowledge even though its not really that something that can be called a pro but on the moment that we are starting on trading then loses would really be just that normal. Just dont make yourself that easily get discourage on the moment that you would really be experiencing those loses because its really just that part. On the moment that you would getting that experience
then this is where you would be decreasing out that kind of risks involved.

When starting up then it would really be that recommended that you should really be that make use of small amount rather than on making those huge amount on starting up trading.
You would really be that likely on losing it all with those first trades that you would really be making and this is something that you should really be avoiding as much as you could.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Recording gambling activities on: June 20, 2024, 06:36:49 PM

Do you think keeping record of gambling activity will play a good role to someone's gambling lifestyle?

When you think of recording, you are already serious about gambling. Therefore, it should affect your lifestyle because when you are serious, you are putting in time and effort in order to win. This is like an experiment on your part: you record and evaluate, and every time you see some mistakes, you try to improve until you achieve your desired goal, which is to win consistently. I believe this record-keeping is most applicable in sports betting, but not in games played by luck like roulette, dice, and other popular games that have a house edge.
We recommend that we record the history of all gambling every month, including sports gambling and slots, dice and others. This step aims to accumulate all expenditure of funds used for gambling, unless you limit gambling funds from the start by allocating a small portion of your income. Recording gambling history is important for manage finances to avoid addiction to gambling. We call this part of the anticipatory avoidance of the influence of gambling, so we added the anticipatory step point in the self-regulation to avoid the influence of gambling.
But make it sure that you wont really be that making yourself that impulsive on the moment that you've seen that you are losing that much. The only issue with this kind of behavior on tallying all the gambling record you do have is that you would really be able to see on how much you have lost. Just like on what others been saying on the earlier page that just make it sure that you wont really be that losing that cool and control
on the moment that you are seeing the total money that you have lost. This is the only issue that you would really be needing to control because at the moment that you have seen yourself having that kind of reaction
then it would be better that you should be having that control and discipline. Then it would really be wise that you should be having that kind of tracking.

It would really be just that common sense that on the moment that you would be finding yourself spending that much on which you are already having that kind of regret
then this is where self control would really be kicking in.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I'm happy I can finally say something about bitcoin. on: June 20, 2024, 04:53:18 PM
You did well to had said things about Bitcoin but all being said is as you narrated the history and development of Bitcoin.
The title of your thread would had been best to say you have now understood what Bitcoin is about because I was actually expecting you to say something unique or you are testifying on your experiences encountered on Bitcoin.
that is what I also expected haha

maybe op did not feel confident talking about bitcoin back then but all shared are still surface-level, basic information anyone can access from the internet. maybe spend more time and gather more personal and specific opinions to share here in the forum
Actually basic explanation or even just keywords would really be just that enough. You wont really be needing up to be that techy or having those complicated words on trying out to explain something into someone
specially about Bitcoin or crypto as a whole. If you wouldnt really be still having that kind of knowledge and experience then it would really be that understandable that you would really be that hindering yourself on making up those kind of explanations on which you would really be that afraid that they might scold or tend to point out fingers if ever you would really be making out some explanation about it but just like on what i have said  that
keywords or even just that an introduction would really be just that enough because we know that googling information nowadays would really be just that simple as 1,2,3.

If you would really be tending to share it up then it would really be just that depending on you. Just make it sure that you should really be telling about the most precise information at least
even if the basic but at least you have told them about on what you do know. Also, dont tend to forgot when it comes to the risks involved since this is where
someone would really be mainly having problems when other people are really that expecting too much out of it.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: They will find someone to blame for their mistakes on: June 19, 2024, 09:55:56 PM
One of the main reasons on why i dont really tend to make up some bets whether on a Presidential election or with those notable or known events on which it could really be something manipulated
but we do know and been seen that there are really that those people who would really liking to make up some bets and would really be pushing through into those things despite of
possible manipulation. Well, this isnt something that could really be done obviously on which people would really be that still believed that it wasnt manipulated.
For those platforms who do really open up those betting lines then there's nothing we can do about it, if they would see that theres a demand then of course they
would really be normally be grasping out the opportunity to make money which business will always a business.  Grin
12  Economy / Economics / Re: How is the cost of living in your country? on: June 19, 2024, 08:53:04 PM
I totally agree with you, as cost of living is like living in hell because of how hard life is for someone to survive.

Just like you said, price of things is very hard and difficult for one to afford, and to have a job is very difficult to get. The way things are in my country has made most of our youths to start indulging themselves in some kind of illegal activities and our government is not actually doing anything which is why corruption is getting higher each day but we pray that God will always see us through and we will also try our best to survive even when it's not easy.

I believe that anyone who gets involved in illegal activities simply because their government refuses to do what is necessary to fight corruption is just interested in getting involved because there are many jobs available in every country that can put food on the table. However, most of our youths do not have patience, they always want to live like their friends and buy expensive clothes. I agree that we come from a country where our governments do not care about our survival and the cost of products is increasing every day, but I wouldn't encourage any of us to get involved in any illegal activity.

Also, the cost of living has created problems in every country, even people with jobs are no longer enjoying their salaries because the prices of the products they pay for keep increasing while their salaries remain the same. Workers in my country are demanding increases in salaries because they cannot continue with the cost of living while their monthly earnings do not change.
But still not a solid reason for you to commit crime or something that would really be illegal but well each person does have their own personal reasons on why the do end up on that path on which its not really something that recommended because if we do talk ways and methods then there are really indeed ways for making ourselves that better but due to lack of those opportunity or even having that hardtime on getting one then this is where
people do end up into this kind of solution. Its not something recommended since once you do get caught then you would really be that imprisoned but due to tough situation then people would really betaking up such risks.
This is why on the moment that you've seen yourself on hard situation because of lacking money or income then it would really be better that you should be finding alternative no matter how small it would be.

We are living in a world where economic situation becoming shit as the years passing by and hitting up with inflation on which makes things even more harder and challenging. If you are someone
who is really just that contented on what they do have now and wont really be tending to make up some changes or additional income, then sooner or later you would
really be able to felt out on what are the things that you would be able to encounter and making up those huge regrets that you didnt act out fast.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: The real winning of gambling is withdrawals on: June 19, 2024, 07:45:09 PM

this comes to a thing that sounds easy but is actually quite hard
knowing when to stop
knowing when to say "that's enough"
who'd say that calling it a day would be a skill after all
I often see more people who can't do it than the opposite.

Agree to that, it's easy to say but executing it in real situation is a tough decision to make, as from both sides whether you are winning or you are losing the urge of keep playing always inside you, calling it out for the day or pausing your sessions is a skills that experienced gamblers developed inside them.

It's a system that they learned thru time and from those past experienced that allows them to think wiser compared from their previous sessions and over exceed from thier own set limits.

that's why we need experience and wisdom to close the gap between knowing something in theory and knowing it in practice, like really living it, these are two different things at times.

knowing how to set limits and boundries is a good skill to develop too, you are right.
what else?
Even trying out to implement those ideas and concepts into your mind is something that you can called to be a skill.  Grin We do know that on where most people do really fail
up on doing on which is to make withdrawals at the moment that they will really be winning up on a particular gambling session. When it comes to gambling then the main target we do have is to make
money or simply winnings which is always comes next to on having fun on which some people are really that explaining or trying out to tell but in most cases on which gambler would really be that aiming
for the money that they could really be able to possible earn on the moment that they would really be that lucky on their gambling sessions.

It is really that indeed true that when it comes to gambling then the ones who are considered winners are to those people who had been able to make themselves having that withdrawal.
If you are someone whose really that intending to play on a certain session then you would really be tending to lose it all on that particular point whether you are profitable or not.
But it would really be that hard to believe on that you would be tending to lose it all on that particular time yet people would definitely be doing their very best to be profitable in the end of the day.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Persevering Through Crypto Trading Losses on: June 19, 2024, 06:54:28 PM
It is not end of the world ,that is the thing that we need to keep in mind, as long as we keep that in mind, we should be fine. I get that we are not going to end up with anything that crazy, we should probably see this as normal and not really anything bad.

Losing money happens all the time, and if we keep losing money then we are going to be fine as well. The thing is that, people are reacting as if everything is ending and the world is about to end. That is not the case, if you have your life ahead of you and some years to keep working, you can always recover from absolutely anything. Plus, even if you can't the road to try to make it better is the life you live, that is fine and we just consider that as our life I suppose, still better than the alternative.
On the moment that you would really be tending to have that kind of dealing towards trading then you should really be that making yourself that getting prepared at least on how this market moves and behaves.
On the moment that you are anticipating something different then it would really be causing up that kind of shock on which at the moment that you would be losing money then likely you would really be quitting up
directly just because you hadnt been expecting such loses. Whereas, in compared to those people who had been that trying out to bare up with the risks involved since they've been expecting those loses
but trying out to lessen up the risks on the moment that they will really be applying some strategies or any possible ways and methods on which they could really be able to deal on with.

Bare and survive with those loses and trying out to cope it up gradually. Dont make yourself that being impulsive and act like a gambler because this isnt how this market should really be needing for you to deal with of with.
You would really be needing to be versatile as much as possible and would be that wise as possible and also with having that tough emotions and control in towards it because on the moment
that you would be having that breakdown then you would definitely quit up on the spot.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Is gambling bad to the society? on: June 18, 2024, 09:42:18 PM
I have seen people hate gamblers mostly from rural based people. Village and city cultures are different. Most of the people in the village are simple and want to earn money in a simple way by working hard. So they don't want to prioritize gambling and not even gamblers.

I also think that gambling is a bad thing because people are more likely to be harmed by it. People should avoid the temptation to earn money from gambling and focus on earning money by working hard or doing jobs. People may become addicted to gambling by sitting idly and hoping for more greed. Gambling addicts become a bane to the family for which they are hated by every member of the family. If we gamble then it would be reasonable for us to play it for fun and not as an addiction.

In my opinion you make hasty conclusions about gambling and gamblers. After all, there are enough educated and responsible people in the world who play gambling not to get rich, but to have fun. If someone does not know how to control himself during gambling is not a reason to say that gambling is bad. In fact, it is bad when a person has no understanding that gambling is entertainment, not easy money and insufficient education to analyze their actions and draw conclusions.
Each person would really be having that different approach when it comes to things on which there are indeed who do play gambling for the sake of fun and there are ones who do tend to make money most out of it on which this is something that will really be that very normal to have in between parties. Outcomes and results would really be that different to each other because to those who are really that chasing up profits on their most
desperate decisions will really be that leading into such huge disaster into their lives. If they arent really that good when it comes on handling their finances then they would really be ending up on sleeping on the streets.
This is why as much as possible, you should really be that careful on how you would really be spending up your money.

Gambling isnt bad as long you do make yourself that responsible then there would really be no issues or problems that you would really be able to encounter. It is really just that people do become that impulsive
and become that irresponsible on the moment that they would really be tending to chase up their loses or on the moment that they become greedy on winning situations.
On the moment that you have become that greedy and out of control then this is where shit do really happens.
16  Economy / Lending / Re: Lending Service Started! (USDT/BUSD/BTC/LTC/ETH/DOGE/ETC)! on: June 18, 2024, 08:02:18 PM
Sent $19 interest for this month
17  Economy / Economics / Re: It's better to invest now than to regret it in a hospital bed. on: June 18, 2024, 07:59:26 PM
Indeed, we have to plan or prepare as early as possible before we are no longer young in the future, we have to build or create a foundation for a strong or large source of income at a young age, one of which is investment, not only for daily needs but health. we also have to think about it and of course it's not only us who can feel it, our descendants can also feel what we have planted since we were young (young) and of course we don't want our descendants to also feel the hardships of life which are very hard like now. And of course this is everyone's dream when they want to gain sufficient financial freedom in their old age.

Yes bro, we have to plan everything about our lives and prepare carefully so that we don't regret it later, from our daily needs to our monthly needs we have to plan carefully so that we don't get overwhelmed in the future, the most important thing is We have to prepare from now on savings for education costs for our children in the future, and health costs for all of us and our families, so that later we won't be busy looking for loans for medical costs for ourselves and our families, everything must have careful planning and preparation to make it easier us in the future.

Everything should really be having in plan or having that goals or preparation specially that we arent that getting younger anymore. On the moment that you are already that having that your kids finished their studies then it would really be just that right that you should really be that already focusing on saving up money for the future neither trying out to make some passive income or business on which you could really be able to sustain
on the moment that you do get old. Dont tend to rely with your kids because they would really be having their own family on the moment or time that they will really be leaving you then youre fucked up.
This is why it would really be that wise that you should really know on how to have those plans and would really be that prepared for such situation because if you wont be minding then you do end up
on having that miserable retirement life.

Invest while you can and try out to have that passive income because we dont know on what comes next in the future. Getting prepared in terms of finances and having those pensions
or even life insurance would really be something significant at the moment that you would really be on such condition.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Drake did it again! Another huge losing bet... on: June 18, 2024, 07:06:49 PM
Yes, the famous canadian singer/actor has just "achieved" another big loss.
According some sources online he has lost around 500K USD in bitcoin while gambling on NBA finals.

Weel, this is not the first time we see such huge loss by the player (these are real money or just bonus)?
Earlier this year, he wagered $700,000 worth of BTC on a UFC fight, predicting that Sean Strickland would beat Dricus du Plessis (the bet carried an estimated profit of over $650,000 in BTC). The fighter, though, lost after a split decision from the judges.

In 2022, he bet $234,000 worth of BTC on Ferrari’s driver – Charles Leclerc – to finish first in the Spanish Grand Prix only to see Max Verstappen winning the race. Later that year, Drake wagered $600K in the cryptocurrency on FC Barcelona to win its biggest derby against Real Madrid. Unfortunately for him, the team from the Spanish capital emerged victorious in the match known as “El Clasico.”
Let's see the other bet scheduled for tonight 18 Jun 2024 how it will ends... "Edmonton Oilers to win the NHL Stanley Cup Finals against the Florida Panthers"

Real money or bonus? No one really knows on which it would really be better not to stress ourselves on thinking on where he do get those money that he had been losing on making up some bets.
Its not something new that he is really that losing hundreds of thousands. It is really just that making up that too much noise on which considering that this is really a famous person.
This is why on the moment that he had been able to lose up big time then it do really get that much attention into the community or simply with the gambling world.
On speaking on how he had afford on losing such amount then this isnt the first time that he had lost that big time. Partnership or being ambassador of certain brands or companies
will really be that having that advantage or pay but no one really knows behind on whats happening. So instead on stressing ourselves on knowing the numbers then why we cant just moved on?
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What initially brought you into Bitcoin? on: June 18, 2024, 05:39:57 PM
Way back I think that was 2013 I am looking for a side hustle online that will give me extra money and yeah I ended up on faucets as what most crypto enthusiasts are doing that time and yeah years after that I came to this forum and that is way better than doing faucets as payments on signature campaigns and Altcoin bounties are pretty decent in 2017 and that's when I earned good amount of money especially Bitcoin and now everytime I look at my transactions I feel like yeah I shouldn't have sold those Bitcoin I had before.

I stayed with Bitcoin because as years have passed by I learned things like it's potential as an investment asset and actually I like the idea of decentralization and stuff but with fluctuating fees holding it for long term would be the best way to avoid it.
This is probably how most of us started for sure. When the initial price increase started, there were some early birds whose money skyrocketed and they had a lot of money, so they started to offer people bitcoin for work, and we started to accept it, for them it was like "free" money, specially considering it wasn't as easy to turn that into cash back in those days, and what we did was simply just work for it and made some money.

I started around 2013 as well and I made some money off this forum those days, and that is how I got my start. This is very important because it shows that if we spend bitcoin instead of just hold it, that way we would be getting a lot more people. Nowadays everyone just buys and holds, so it is not really spreading that much.
On the moment that i do make out some search about on how to make money then i do end up on having those kind of Hyips and ponzis back in the past on which playing around 2016-2017 on which there are tons of
such sites that been existing on where you would really be having those kind of interest because it is really just that easy money on dealing with those doublers and at the moment that i have lose too much
money on that particular time then this is the moment that i have dig in deeper about Bitcoin or crypto as a whole and i have zoom out and see the bigger picture on the things that im really that dealing on with.
Im thankful for that because if i havent seen those hyips then i have missed out on investing into Bitcoin and some top altcoins that i do have now that been holding up for so long.

You would really be able to appreciate on what decentralzation+anonymous+profit making thing in one place on which if you have done it on the right approach or path then this is something
that will really be that rewarding but of course it will really be always depending on how well you had made out yourself on making up such decisions.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do you set a specific bankroll before gambling or not? on: June 18, 2024, 04:11:25 PM
of course as a responsible gambler , though when I started gambling I dont really know about this  not until i become bad  in gambling, and now i learn my lesson so only putting specific bank roll each time I wanna gamble .

be responsible , use bank roll set up guys .
Obviously many gamblers deposits money into their betting account before they start gambling, which means they dont deposit all their money their savings on it, it's only few gamblers that deposits all the money in their bank account into their betting account, and they lose them all. However gamblers who don't gamble responsibly end up losing everything they got, as a gambler you need to gamble responsible because a responsible gambler don't get addicted to gamble easily. It's good to hear that you leaned your lessons and know how to gamble responsible.
For sure majority of us would really be having that main consideration when it comes into depositing money into the casino or betting sites on which we would really be having that specific bankroll that we would really be starting on. The only difference on here is on how good you would be on controlling yourself on not to make another deposit on the moment that you would really be losing up money. The only issue on here is that
you wont really be that making be able to get out when you are in profits or simply that stop on the moment that you are losing that much. It really just that a standard thing that you should really know on what you are doing and having that kind of moderation in terms of finances because people do usually mess up their lives just because they had just  forgotten on doing the basics or simply cant be able to control themselves.

On the moment that you do play or make up some bets then it would really be impossible for you not to be able to find out whether you are profiting or not. Midway pause or stopping
is the hardest challenge that we could really be able to experience and most people or gambler do really fail on this one.
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