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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How would the church affect the gambling industry? on: Today at 03:14:25 PM
It depends on the laws of the country, and in my opinion the state will not be affected by the decisions of the church, because
the government usually has a different view from the church. It is true that the church has always been against gambling,
but the government requires tax revenue from casinos. So the decisions of the church will not have an effect on the gambling industry,
this is evident in several countries where there are many churches and the majority of the population is Christian. Casino legal in that country,
so I believe the state will not be influenced by the church, especially as we know the tax revenue from the gambling industry is very large.

So you mean to say that if gambling is not allowed in religion but allowed by the state, then there is no harm in playing gambling ? I think the government and the churches should come up with a mutual decision so that the religious obligation is also fulfilled while the gambling business also continues.
2  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲🎲FREE Faucet❗🎲0.5% House Edge🎲100% Decentralized🎲Provably Fair🎲 on: September 20, 2020, 06:41:01 AM
I think this is a great improvement on the inflation side of things, there was too many tokens that are on the market that was sold that dropped the price the moment it hit the first exchange obviously, now it is not doing as well as it used to but the price actually managed to come to a place where people are willing to spend because there is dividends (and other ways to make money) so that means we found a perfect spot.

Now that the inflation (or getting brand new coins basically) dropping so hardly, the price will probably go up a lot, plus this could cause people to gamble even more to get more and sell more. At the end of the day I love the first two things but the third one doesn't sound great, it should be all public and not %5 saved for other stuff, if you want that, do it from your own portion.

Well it is something that we get to vote on how to use that. Which is great. Never seen another crypto project do that with their marketing funds.

The voting process have been on for some few days in the website already pinned to the telegram group chat. the results are yet to be concluded and announced. I think in the end, the power lies with the community to effect or reject the change to the token inflation restructure. I hold some bag of Earnbet tokens and I would love to see the price of the token improve in the long term. A $1 hit wouldn't be bad for my stack.

What is the current price of Earnbet tokens and if i need to purchase them from where i could get them ?


Also how much we get in the free bitcoin balance promo and what are the wagering conditions to withdraw it ?
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: ♠️CASINEOS.COM | Blockchain Powered Betting | Crypto Casino and Sportsbook🥊🏀🎲 on: September 20, 2020, 04:32:17 AM
I think next time that the casineos team do their maintenance, they need to at least give an announcement to the their thread or social media. That they will be down for few hours to avoid speculations. We haven't read any prior notification from the team so some users who are not really familiar with the casino will think negatively. Because we have had a lot of casinos shutting down without any prior announcement.

Yes, that's the best way to inform the users prior to taking the site down for maintenance. However, those who are playing actively on the site have already been informed by the admin on the chat.

4  Economy / Speculation / Re: [WO] Fork attacks on: September 20, 2020, 04:18:11 AM

Here you go then  Tongue

5  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🔶 🔶 commission on LTC investments is at 35% till 31. Dec on: September 20, 2020, 04:10:20 AM
If a person is capable of making too much profit from gambling, there is two things wrong and we all know it. Either the casino helps them, which is definitely not the case here I am sure, yolodice is as legit as it gets and they would never do something like that. Or that casino fails to cap the max bet properly.

I mean if a person can gamble so much that they can take out the bankroll, that means max win amount should have been 10% of what it is. No person should be capable of betting enough to take out all the profits, that shouldn't be possible, limitations obviously causes some whales to leave which means you wouldn't have high profits very quickly when they lose but that is a sacrifice you should be willing to take to prevent whales to take away all profit even make it go down.

Yolodice investment is considered as one of the best investment and with no limitations in places, whales are taking full advantage of it. I don't think Yolodice would limit the profits because they don't want people to leave because of these limitations. Limitations won't be much concern for the small investors but big investors would not like it.
6  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: September 19, 2020, 11:23:42 PM
7  Economy / Gambling / Re: Fixed matches on: September 19, 2020, 11:07:33 PM
Anyone with good infos can contact me at I am willing to pay if you prove yourself first

You don't need people to contact you. If you want sure matches, just find a blog where these kind of matches are published for free like - what I can see, they just take the matches where the odds crashes, e.g. Orenburg - Akron Togliatti tomorrow where the odds on hometeam to win with more than one goal are going from 2 to 1.50 - so no need to pay for this kind of info, everyone can see big money on the small market, the point is that you have to get in, in time - so if you are the first one reading their posts, you can still get good odds Smiley

Do fixed matches ever exists ?  If there were fixed matches, it was possible for everyone to make good money from them by betting on them. You can get these information from blogs or groups for reference but do not solely depend on them for betting.
8  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: September 19, 2020, 08:24:00 AM
I do understand peoples need to gamble and gamble a lot because in gambling world you could honestly get super rich in a second if you are lucky, maybe a jackpot, maybe a lottery result, anything could make you richer beyond your dreams. However people also do not realize that it is not common, if everyone had a chance so huge, this place would have to pay billions every day, which we all know couldn't happen at all.

So, why not take a look at the fun side of things? Recently I got all my affiliate income and used them all in rolling, I kept at hi all the time and I wagered, used the regular martingale system and it was so fun and thrilling that I can't remember last time I had anything like that before, it was honestly one of the best entertainment I could get and it was quite cheap as well.

I also find gambling 'fun' but it can quickly go wrong. I used the martingate system in the past and thought that I would always be winning with this system, but oh no, I lost all my bankroll...
The problem is that you need to have discipline when gambling, otherwise you can end up loosing a big amount of money.

Martingale is a noobtrap.

The first few rounds are fun but when you find yourself wagering big numbers you start sweating and only to gain what... the initial dust you wagered. You can start martingaling with 1 sat on a x2 chance game and you'll have to wager 131k sats in your 18th round.

Even if you win at  the 18th round, you'll only be up 1 sat. Basically you'll be risking 131072 sats to take back your already lost 131071 sats and +1. This is beyond retarded.

The pro move is to set the win chance to 50% and wager whatever amount you are comfortable with losing in one swoop.

That's the reason I don't trust the martingale strategy since it cannot guarantee anything in the long run its just given just to make people think that there's a working strategy and they can use it for their plays. The more they think its working the more they feel comfortable and they can't notice that they actually end up losing at the end of the day. So basically for this we should not rely and let the luck strike on our bets.

Those who tell about martingale strategy, they don't warn that do not use it for long term. It may be helpful for the short term but never ever use it for long time. I know few of my colleagues who have lost their entire bankroll because of this martingale strategy.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: ♠️CASINEOS.COM | Blockchain Powered Betting | Crypto Casino and Sportsbook🥊🏀🎲 on: September 19, 2020, 07:40:45 AM
Is there maintenance going on for casineos? The site can't be reached as of this writing. Maybe they are doing some improvements on their system?

Yes same thing is happening with me , whenever i tried to connect to the site it shows me "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED".
Moreover we can also see that, the official forum account of the admin is still inactive from the last 6-7 days.
Also they haven't paid the signature campaign payments to their participants for the recent week, you can see the post of roycilik here
I also raised Some questions in their live support and 48 hours passed still didn't get any reply.
I guess something fishy going on.

Nevertheless let's hope for the best.

So you are accusing them for scam exit and proving it with the fact they they have not paid their signature campaigns participants recently.
I think its too early to be sure on this because they are developing their casino and there could be little maintenance going on their site. There is a lot of room for them to grow and i don't think they have any plan to exit.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: All your entertainment things must have an external limiting feature, agree? on: September 18, 2020, 11:03:46 PM
  I don't agree that all entertainment things must have an external limiting feature. You can trust in external limiting features that will
learn what is good and bad for you, you need to learn that for yourself. You need to have a self-control, ability to manage your emotions,
your actions, you can't expect from others to live your life and to help you to not make a mistake, it's all on you!

You know that is not easy, right?

Gamblers that are addicted to gambling can't even realize that they are already addicted to gambling. They can't learn it without someone or anyone making them, that is why people should really be open with their family, the more reason that the government needed to step up to help these people. They will not help themselves unless they realized they are helpless.

Since most gamblers are addicted and they have no control over themselves so if such rules of limitations exists, this will force the gamblers not to play more than they can afford to lose. This will also impose restrictions on them and eventually many gamblers will be saved from losing a lot of money.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tennis League All Thread on: September 14, 2020, 09:09:49 PM
Anyone taking Zverev to win tonight?

Thiem was my favorite as soon as Đoković was disqualified, but the odds with a boost are 4.20 on Zverev.

It's a final, I'm taking this for sure. Thiem is a better player and is in better form, but these odds are just silly. Even handicap is placed at 5,5.

My friend is betting on Zverev while i am going with Thiem who is favorite. In the last match Zverev lost the two initial sets and i am sure he can afford to do the same in this final match. Odds are good for both of these players.

I am lucky to bet on Thiem and won Smiley My friend was insist on Zverev but thanks god i did not listen him.

After the first two sets, i was disappointed but later when DominicThiem made a stunning comeback it surprised everyone. It is not easy to comeback in the match after losing two straight sets.
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: copie bets in dice sites on: September 14, 2020, 05:52:18 PM
my strategy work very well

its depend on what deposit in day

exmple deposit 1000$ so profit will be 100$ with no risky and don't tell me dice is risky because i know what  is risky

risky when u betting without safe strategy and don't tell me there is no safe strategy on dice im on dice since 2014 with alotof alts accounts on primedice

if u want contact me and test my strategy with small bankroll with doge coin like bankroll 1 doge coin i can show u how is safe

my telgram is @lokamokaa

Initially i thought you were giving an advice on how newbies copy the bets from the high rollers but now its clear you want people to contact you and give you the money from which you will play gambling and give them profits. Just don't try to be over smart here.  Sad

Whatever strategy you have, you can share it here rather than telling them  individually on telegram.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲🎲 - Live streamed Social Dice Game! [Investments, Affiliates]🎲🎲 on: September 14, 2020, 05:31:17 PM
Also got this error last night, I used chrome browser on Desktop, bet amount 10 satoshi both with eth. when you read post above, you will see same problem with phone, look like your server problem.

Below post by OP is the reason for the problem you got:

The reason you cannot place bets with ETH, is beacuse the bankroll is too low. Smiley

Similar post was made earlier when OP answered my question about ETH bankroll which is only 0.00000001ETH
If the problem occurs when you bet with btc then it is a different problem that needs to be fixed.
But if the problem occurs with ETH bet only then it is simply because the site has no ETH bankroll to pay ETH bets.

" he said 10 satoshi both eth "  maybe he mean to say he bet 10 satoshi  for btc and also 10 satoshi in eth or ethtoshi  and still got an error for but cryptos .  the amount if its 10 ethtoshi is pretty low so its impossible to say that they dont have the bankroll to pay for that kind of bet or maybe the site has a zero eth balance that time but thats also unlikely if to happen if they are the casino owner .  i got the same error sometimes but  that was on other sites . this error is mostly general and nothing to do with the bets , currency , etc

As told by the admin they do not have any minimum bets. So this means we should be practically able to bet with 1 satoshi too, although it useless to bet with this much amount.

We do not have any Minimum bets.
Our maxbet is always based on the current bankroll size. If no bankroll, you can't place bet for that currency. Smiley
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tennis League All Thread on: September 13, 2020, 11:47:08 AM
Anyone taking Zverev to win tonight?

Thiem was my favorite as soon as Đoković was disqualified, but the odds with a boost are 4.20 on Zverev.

It's a final, I'm taking this for sure. Thiem is a better player and is in better form, but these odds are just silly. Even handicap is placed at 5,5.

My friend is betting on Zverev while i am going with Thiem who is favorite. In the last match Zverev lost the two initial sets and i am sure he can afford to do the same in this final match. Odds are good for both of these players.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: - Casino & Sportsbook - Lamborghini Giveaway! 🚀 🎰 🏀 ⚾ 🏈 �� 🥊 🎲 on: September 13, 2020, 09:42:46 AM
I just noticed that the minimum amount to withdraw has increased for BTC and ETH. For ETH it is now 0.1, which is quite high...
Hopefully when the fees for both coins normalise, the minimum amount to withdraw will also drop again.

How much do you make from gambling on stake on daily basis ?  
Around 40$ minimum withdrawal is reasonable amount of money. If you gamble regularly and have good bankroll you can earn this money easily in a day. Even if you don't earn this much, there is no reason to withdraw daily and pay the extra fee.
16  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: [GUIDE] How to Create a Strong/Secure Password on: September 13, 2020, 08:43:34 AM
Another thing which i think is worth considering is not only to make a complex password but also to keep it secure. What i have judged that many people create a long complex password but since they cant memorize it, they put it on piece of paper or even as a sticky note on their laptop etc. This is even bigger mistake and there is no use to create a complex password if you can keep it safe from others.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Crypto gambling sites should be careful of bringing eSports in on: September 13, 2020, 07:55:45 AM
This is the wrong logic (i mean OP). All these good intentions on the one hand are fair and on the other they call for what? To KYC/AML, to canceled transactions, total control and other delights of the fiat world. I believe that teenagers are a zone of responsibility for parents and not for those who develop games or cryptocurrency.

OP seems to think that mostly young people play games so young people will also bet on them, but young doesn't mean underaged.

Most of us knew how to play card games when we were young and we played but how many of us played for money? Not many because we had very little money when we were kids and games were meant to be fun.

If a 12 year old plays playing CS hears about esports betting he won't start to gamble all of a sudden. If he had money he could gamble buying keys and trading skins.

This is an interesting point of view, I agree with you. If we compare the attractiveness of different games for young people, then gambling is likely to be an outsider, like chess) It is very difficult to compete with entertainment content, the majority of young people are looking for entertainment and not earnings.

Those who play gambling are more concern about the earnings rather than the entertainment. Also gambling is played mostly by the young and middle aged people. They do find it entertaining as well and of course there is nothing more entertaining than earning the money while playing.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: fortunejack withdarwal delay on: September 13, 2020, 06:37:45 AM
deposited 1 btc wagered it and won 2.4btc and i made withdarwal for 1.4 btc and i havent got it yet waiting for it since few hours

i have been playing fortunejaack since 3 years  am bit worried since its 1.4btc request if they will scam me or not....

They will not scam you. The withdrawal at fortune is not instant so you have to wait sometime or probably give them a 48 hrs times because of the weekend. Also as a reference, can you post the screenshot of your withdrawal section at fortunejack so we really know you have initiated a withdrawal of 1.4 BTC.
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲🎲 - Live streamed Social Dice Game! [Investments, Affiliates]🎲🎲 on: September 13, 2020, 06:18:20 AM
The design of the site isn't so good. It should be more dynamic. I was unable to register by chrome browser from mobile. After filling username, mail and password I clicked on register button but nothing happened. Then I switched to other browser and able to create account. Anyone else faced that issue?

As per the comments from some other users too, the site is not optimized for the mobile usage. Have you tried making an account using laptop or PC ?

I think you will not face this issue if you use a desktop instead of mobile.
20  Economy / Gambling / Re: trusted & coolest looking provably fair blackjack in Market on: September 13, 2020, 05:38:17 AM
That is the thing that makes the best blackjack website in the world, they have seen the problem, they have contacted back and they will try to rework and fix the issue. You know what other places do? There are two types, one of them just ignores it for the longest time and maaaaybe fix it one day, or even wait until there is a new V2 and fix it there, the other people just get the feedback, tell you nothing, work on it and fix it and let you know when they fix it, meanwhile you have no idea from the feedback to fix if they are working on it or not so you just wonder if it is a place to actually go play. is not like that, they are always here and they always talk about what they are doing, like the multiplayer and so forth, you know EXACTLY what they are working on.
It was their job to give a smooth and wonderful playing experience that a customer to have. If they would like to retain their reputation and as well as the trust of their clients and for the coming players, they should have to settle immediately any problem arise and take actions of it for not happening again. I see how they give an effort to make things run smoothly and I sure that feedback is very welcome for them to entertain.

They have been very actively working to make their site better and also there promotions are very good too. They have a signature campaign on this forum and also from time to time they bring up new giveaways and bonus campaigns too. This is one of those sites which you cannot afford to miss out.
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