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321  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin, how far it can go! on: February 03, 2018, 07:45:48 PM
In 2018, we are having a lot of issues relating to cryptocurrencies and most of these issues are regulations and governments trying to centralized Bitcoin by establishing control over it.
I am thinking if Bitcoin can actually fight on as we can see from the pricing of recent that Bitcoin has been dropping and it is finding it difficult to recover. How far can Bitcoin go? Has governments using the tools' of regulation to control Bitcoin pricing working for them? Your opinion will be appreciated and if you make a good view about what is happening you will get merit from me. Thanks.

     Well obviously, everything in this world has some issues since nothing is really perfect, but only close to perfection. At least none that I have heard of. Just like how bitcoins have issues, other altcoins too have their own share of issues. Even fiat or national currencies are not exempted from having issues. The only thing that there is, is to find solutions to lessen the issues of cryptos or fiat which has already been proven to be very hard, but not impossible though.

     Now as for the banks and the governments they control, I really do think that somehow or some way, they are really doing things to pin down the crypto world and make it fall on its knees until it dies out. But too bad for them, this will never happen no matter what they do. Because clearly, they cannot control people anymore from breaking free from the chains that they have put on to the public. I think sooner or later, the banks and the governments will finally come to a realization that they really cannot do anything to stop the crypto world from progressing. In fact, I even think that some time in the future, all those countries that have announced a huge ban of cryptos in their countries will reverse their actions and legalize cryptos instead because people will really do fight for their right to have freedom in choosing what currency they wanna use and how they wanna use it. That is what I think
322  Economy / Economics / Re: Don't worry, the market will not fall forever. on: February 03, 2018, 07:15:59 PM
The fall and collapse of the crypto-currency exchange rates do not scare investors in comparison with December 2017, but rather vice versa - new crypto funds are launched in the US and Europe. Offering the Swedish exchange Nasdaq Nordic exchange-traded note for bitcoin and ETH, Coinshares Group is launching two new funds: "Active" and "Large Cap" . The first offers a fairly aggressive strategy for investing in promising cryptocurrencies, the latter uses a more passive strategy and a wider basket of digital assets.
If you are in a position - hold.
If you have the finest money - buy in parts.
Everything goes to the fact that in May we are expected again the rally

     Thank GOD that at last, out of all the FUD that I have been seeing for the past weeks which are flooding the forum too much already, I have finally found someone that is actually positive and saying good things about crypto currencies carrying good news that everyone can really take inspiration from to believe even more in the power of cryptos to survive and overcome obstacles. If only people had this kind of mind set, I think that the crypto world will never again experience such big drops like this since there will no longer be a domino effect even when some of the big whales decides to sell because people do not easily panic anymore. But sadly, I do not think that something like this happening is even a bit possible since a lot of newbie investors jumps into the crypto world everyday and within these newbies, there are only very few that takes the time to really study and understand how things work around which is why they are more prone to panic selling.

     But hey, corrections like this is in fact a good thing since at times like this is when everyone gets to have a better chance in gaining greater profits in the future since all the cryptos are as what a lot of people call it, "on sale." That is, at the expense of other's of course, which is sad but is something that we really cannot avoid. Which is why knowledge is really so important in this industry. Because if you don't have it, the crypto world will eat you alive.
323  Economy / Economics / Re: Another Good news about bitcoin on: February 03, 2018, 06:36:13 PM
Recently, the world's first ever Bitcoin bank

Bitcoin has been improving since it started its first trade and now this great news, bitcoin will soon be here to stay, what can you say about this great news?

Will it support the growth of bitcoin as far as stability is concern?

     You know what pal, I really like the fact that you have great intentions and putting an effort to spread some good news about bitcoins out of all the FUD that are currently flooding this forum but, as what the other guy have said, news means recent information(although it is still news for people who do not know), you must really be careful about any type of information that you spread because no matter how good your intentions are, if you happen to share the wrong information and people who are new to the crypto world that do not have a habit of confirming news first before believing gets to read it, you will absolutely mislead them unintentionally and do more harm than good to the crypto world. - just a little advice.

     Now, in regards to having bitcoin banks, I really do not think that we need something like this here in the crypto world. Simply because the very reason why we or most of us are here is because many of us are already tired of the outdated banking system. It really wouldn't make any sense if crypto lovers would use services like this one. Specially with the fact that one of the perks of being in the crypto world is you can be your own bank and be in full control of your funds. Not to mention the paranoia of most of the people here in the crypto world when it comes to their funds(which is just right since the cryptos we own are our treasure and most of us really did work hard to earn these cryptos we possess). So all in all, I really do not think this kind of idea will really work, I just don't. no offense.
324  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the most influential factor that triggers bitcoin prices to fall down? on: February 03, 2018, 05:48:50 PM
Bitcoin is very volatile. It goes up and down at no time. But I started to think what causes its values to go down. These past few days, its prices are notably lower that last year's values. Last year, I believe, during the first few months, its prices are likewise low. Do bitcoin prices go down every January to February? Does it have a logical association?

     Well of course, the number of prices is pretty big since the value of bitcoin has been increasing. But if you try to look at the percentage of all of the corrections that have happened to bitcoins in the past years, I will guarantee you that you that doing this will rid you off of your worries. one example is the great correction on the year 2011 which was $32 on June and dropped to $2 on November. That is about a staggering 97% price drop compared to this year that has only dropped at about 50ish% from January to this day in February. Although the time frame of how fast the dip was is something that we have never seen before, we can also say the same thing with how fast the prices has skyrocketed last year. So for me, there really is pretty much nothing to worry about for now. And besides, like what you have said(although not as fast and as big as the recent years), the prices really do go down at this time of every year.

     Now, in regards to the reasons of this, there really can be a lot of factors that can be the one that is responsible for great corrections like these. And some of them are holidays, major random negative events that concern cryptos(like news about some countries banning cryptos), fud being spread by famous or influential people, big whales taking profits and doing them together at the same day, week, or month, and so much more which obviously causes a domino effect of panic selling of a lot of people to either take as much profit while they still can or to simply just cut down losses. These are the most logical reasons that I can think of. Hope this helps clear things out for ya, good day.
325  Other / Archival / Re: Help a Beginner to understand... on: February 03, 2018, 04:52:38 PM
Hello guys...

I have diversified my portfolio to about 25 different cryptos which were worth about 7000-8000$ just before the bitcoin crash came and I am wondering whats the exact reason behind this, when or will it recover (and so the alt coins I hold, don't have any bitcoin).

Why do almost all alt coins crash because of the bitcoin crash or correction?

My portfolio is worth only 4000$ atm.

Sorry for being an beginning idiot and asking this and thanks for everybody who can explain it to me

     Oh well, everyone wants the easiest way for everything right? lol. But, seriously though, you really have to do your own research so you can really understand things better and not rely on other people's opinions that you can never be really sure about since you barely even know the people behind those advises or opinions. But hey, it's all good man, I feel you, sometimes we just don't have a lot of time to spend in studying about cryptos since we all can be busy at some point since we all have jobs and chores to do and others even have to study lessons from school on top of these since they are students. So I will give you a tip. My advice besides from doing your own research is to always be patient enough and greedy with the right moderation. It is important that you have these and can completely control them since these traits can either get you thousands of profits or thousands of losses. Although I agree that this will not be easy at first, but with experience, you will eventually get better at controlling these traits(of course, considering that you also give time to studying about cryptos). And the most important thing? Do not fcking give up just because you failed on your 1st, 2nd, or even 5th try because there is absolutely not a single successful person in any field that has never experienced failing even once.

     Oh, and by the way, on bitcoins or in any altcoin that I truly believe in, I set a realistic desired amount of profit and immediately sell when I reach that mark and don't let my greed make the best of me. I really stick to it. And when there's a dip, even when I haven't taken profits yet because the price didn't reach my mark, I buy more. And when the dip goes deeper, I then buy more. And this continues until the prices get to the mark of my desired profit then back again with the cycle while gradually increasing my capital every cycle. The increase of capital of course, depends on the amount of profit I have acquired since sometimes price hypes are totally unpredictable and can go way over your mark in just hours of sleeping. Keep in mind that this approach I am doing is only done when I still have spare funds that I can afford to lose on my investing plans. Man, I hope that you are also investing funds that you can really afford to lose. But hey, that's your money so whatever you do about it is completely your choice. I just hope that you really make the right decisions.

-Anyways, good luck on your adventures here in the world of crypto op, hope these advises can help you in any way.
-Good day and welcome Smiley
326  Economy / Economics / Re: Why the blood bath - my opinion. on: February 03, 2018, 04:05:41 PM
     Well I believe that these are the most logical reasons that anyone of us can currently think of since there really are no other things that can concretely explain why such a huge dip has happened and still continues to happen going lower and lower. I have also seen a thread that was started by someone I do not know that stated that there is also a possibility that the reason for all of this is because some of the biggest whales in wall street are manipulating the prices. These people, as what the writer said, spent billions to buy bitcoins and sold them. Now I get it, it kind of sounds like a happening in a movie, but we can never really know for sure if this is real or not. Because clearly, these kind of people he is talking about can really do something like this if they ever decided that they wanna do it.

     Now, all of these speculations can either all be real, have parts of it real or be completely false. But whatever it is, we will never know unless anyone can really show some concrete evidences that can back any of these speculations up. Which means that at the end of the day, we all have no choice but to rely on our own skills or solely on our instincts to help us make the right decisions as to whether we should quit crypto or if we should keep on believing and holding. And I honestly hope that most of us at least if not all, will really be able to make a great decision that we will never regret in the future. Good luck guys. Smiley
327  Economy / Economics / Re: Can this explain the current situation with the drop in the price? on: February 03, 2018, 03:28:29 PM
During last year we had one of the best years in Bitcoin <More than 800% increase in the price>

My theory is that institutional capital were invested to transfer ownership from true Bitcoiners to Wall Street speculators. They knew that most coins were held with private individuals and they wanted to take those coins from them to be able to shift the power to manipulate the coins value in the future.

They want to be the new Bitcoin whales. ^hmmmmm^

Why? Well, if you can manipulate the price, then you can increase profits with Bitcoin future contracts and even Bitcoin ETF's, when they come to the market.

They knew most private investors will sell at a specific point and it took up to 800% increase in the price to accomplish that. <for them, that is a few Billions now, but with the power to manipulate the price in the future, they would easily make up those losses>

What do you think? 

     hmm.. Pretty interesting thought you have there op. I really think that this can be possible because the kind of people you are talking about are really capable of doing something like this since whether we admit it or not, a huge amount of money can really make these kind of things happen and more. And if you think about it, it is a pretty good plan to become even richer than from what they already are today. Although this might sound like something that is out of a movie, we really cannot deny the fact that these people can really do such a thing if they ever decided that they wanted to do so.

     But hey, we do not have any evidence to support this claim. Meaning, this is just gonna end up on the list of all the other speculations out there that are only claims without evidences. I am just entertaining the possibility, but I really am not buying this unless I can get my hands or eyes on some pretty solid evidences that can prove this claim.
328  Economy / Economics / Re: when you sell out of panic, you are contributing to the dump! on: February 03, 2018, 02:53:02 PM
Many of us here are saying, why is the cryptocurrencies market is getting a dump these days. Some are saying is because of the FuD, others are saying it is because of regulations laws in south Korea and India which is also child of FUD. But did you know that  when ever you sell out of panic, you are contributing to the dump and you are also attacking the blockchain technology!

     Lol. Of course they know, and if there are people who do not know that they are contributing to the dump when they do panic selling, then I must say, the level of stupidity that these people have must be on a different level. Lol. Now anyways, only a selected few are really that amazingly talented at being stupid. So for most of the "normal" people who know that they are contributing to the dump when panic selling, they are doing this not because they want to either attack cryptos or to contribute to the dump and make it worse. It's just that their fears just got the best out of them. I mean, who would even want to cut losses and lose the potential of gaining more profits? They are just panicking because they probably invested most of what they have or made a loan just to invest. Which explains their course of action. If only these people controlled their greed and just invested money they can afford to lose, there will be no panic sellers. But hey, that's their choice, and clearly, there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it.
329  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC WILL GO TO 4.5K $. on: February 03, 2018, 05:19:17 AM
BTC WILL GO TO 4.5K $. Sell NOw and buy again at 4.5K,
Remember last month I told you BTC will go to 7.5 k and some (most) of you not believed. Thread>>>>
Dont ask for  any detail,
Use your head.

     Nope, there will be absolutely be no dumping that is ever going to happen on my side. Just because you were right about one thing doesn't mean we have to trust you. Clearly, of all the people stating various random predictions or speculations that are well thought of or not about the prices of bitcoins, there will obviously be one that gets it right. And because just like you, I too have my own speculation which I have done a lot of research on using all the clues that i have gathered in the past, I will not sell. But okay then, let's say you get this one right again, assuming that this will really happen, I still won't budge. Because to be honest, I really do not look care if it goes down anymore. I am already at a loss so I am going all in on this gold or nothing. and when I see more drops like what you are speculating, I will even buy more. This is not stupidity, this is experience.
330  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Today was the lowest it can go, Bitcoin price expected to Rise on: February 02, 2018, 04:53:30 AM
Good news guys, I have insiders tells me today was the lowest it could ever go so expect bitcoin price to soar to the sky high from
now on. Its expected to go up to $28000 in the next 2 months.

     Oh well, i guess there really are a lot of insiders here. It's just that we cannot be sure about any of them lol. But one thing is for sure, it is that out of all the people throwing rocks in the river, at some point, there will be that one person that will hit a fish. obviously, there are thousands if not millions of people that has their own predictions about the prices of cryptos. Be it bitcoins or any other altcoin out there. Yes, all of these have predictions/speculations that were truly calculated using all the clues present, while some are just guesses at the wind. bottom line is, my prediction is just as accurate/inaccurate as yours. at the end of the day, we will still have to decide based on what we think is best.
331  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: A possibility to travel without your wallet (just with Bitcoins)? on: February 01, 2018, 07:20:40 PM
Well I have been thinking of this possibility of expansion of Bitcoins use to such an extent that one may simply travel with hands in one's pockets! That should be level at which the ascendance of cryptocurrency should be and towards which we as a community should work.

The very fact of travelling will include more than one fields of business into its fold. Flights, eateries, pharmacies, hotels, rooms, restaurants, shopping stores, movie theatres, book stores, gyms and fitness centres, taxis and buses. This is not just a dream but a goal that we should try to reach.

I am not necessarily promoting a cashless & cardless society but cash & cards can simply be an alternative. All you may need with you is your cell phone and ID card to move all around the world. Into such a morning of sun shine, I am looking at. But gradually what turns out is such a cashless and cardless society with eases lives.

The world has become more and more cohesive and smaller. Getting knitted closely together. Like the evolution of species, cryptocurrency has evolved from various different ideas to a superior manifestation. And today though slowly but steadily we are finding the shift towards it. It is in near future that we may find the world being defined by whole new parameters of currency, economy and development to which cryptocurrency and especially bitcoin will be an integral part.  

     Honestly, I really do think that this is such a good idea/dream since I too have been wishing for this to happen without having to be forced to choose sides whether go all cashless/crypto or just fiat alone. it would be really nice to be free to decide what we really want to use in our everyday lives. But the sad thing is reality just won't allow this to happen. there are just too many things that are involved that clearly hinders this kind of situation from really happening in real life. The biggest problem is the banks and governments, then there's the availability of internet for all people. The fees, the confirmations time frames, and so much more.

But still, I am really not losing hope that someday this will really happen. although i may not be able to reach that moment, I still want to believe that it will really happen.
332  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: restaurant in bali closed on: January 31, 2018, 05:04:43 PM
I am very happy if there is a country in which there is a culinary company or a restaurant that receives payments with bitcoin, although in the country prohibits bitcoin.
like in bali, there is a restaurant that receives payment with bitcoin, but a few days ago I watched a show on television that the security forces closed the restaurant.
why are the security so evil? they only use it for food payments, not for criminals. or do they equate bitcoin payments as a crime? it's very unreasonable.
what do you think about it ?

     Wow, this is just way too over the line. i mean, just because of accepting bitcoins as payment methods, they are closing a restaurant that clearly isn't doing anything that is against the law? why don't they focus more on thieves and other criminals like, i dont know, maybe drug dealers and all those sht. they clearly are just making their country look bad. you know what it think? i think the government of Indonesia is just afraid of cryptos destroying their businesses that run mainly with fiat. and they just say on the media that they are just protecting the country and all the countrymen. but in reality, they are doing this for their businesses. this is just a speculation though, but i think it could pretty much be a possible thing.
333  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Doctors and clinics accepting cryptocurrency on: January 31, 2018, 09:34:06 AM
Hello, Bitcointalk people:)

We are creating WELL Platform - where patients can connect with doctors via different devices and get medical consultation (telehealth solution on blockchain). Here is our site if you'd like to see more info And that's our WEB PLATFORM for a test:

Our plan is to develop a great, really global, network of clinicians and doctors  who will present on our Platform.
Do you know any doctors/ clinics that can accept cryptocurrency as a payment for their services? Any countries are welcome!

     i gotta say, you have a great project. this will really help a lot of crypto currency users to really stay within the crypto world. knowing that there are services like this in here. but i really have one concern, most of the doctors out there that are veterans are completely very successful already and well positioned in life. can you state any reason why a great quality doctor with a good life would still be interested to be in this project? because in my understanding, doctors really are very careful with just about everything that they do because they want to protect their names and licence. and looking at the state of cryptos nowadays with the public, i do not think good doctors will risk their names on something like this. which then bothers me a lot on what the quality of the services will be. not that i am saying that this is impossible, i am just curious and would really appreciate if someone can shed some light regarding this matter. thanks and good day.
334  Economy / Speculation / Re: Historic BITCOIN crash on: January 31, 2018, 08:48:58 AM
let me remind you of this, that this is not the first time bitcoin has crashed very significantly and is not the worst of it all. (correct me if i'm wrong) Based on bitcoin history, crashes occur on:

2011 jun- Nov: -97%---> From $ 32 to $ 2
2012 jan - Aug: -36%---> From from $ 7 to $ 4
2013 Mar 6 -11: -25%---> From $ 49 to $ 36
2013 Apr 10: -79%---> From $ 266 to $ 54
2014 Feb 24: -49%---> From $ 867 to $ 439
2017 jun 11-16: -36%---> From $ 3,000 to $ 1.869
2017 Sept 2-15: -40%---> From $ 5,000 to $ 2,972
2018 Jan 17: -48%---> From $ 19,783 to $ 9,496

If viewed from history, crashes often happen every year since 2011 and proved that this year is not the worst year of the year - the year before. What do you think, whether this crash will continue or not?

     great observation. i just wish a lot would also be doing the same before believing other people's predictions that are mainly fud and spreading these unverified fuds(to do their own research and observation). because clearly, if everyone does this, i am sure that less people will be losing big capitals(due to the fact they they are investing in the wrong time) or losing the chance to get a higher potential profit.

      now, although i can say that your observation is quite good, this is not enough to justify dip of this year. because even though the percentage of the drop is somehow kind of reassuring, i honestly think that this year's dip time frame(the speed or how fast the dip has happened) is somewhat the fastest compared to the past years which happened all in just a month. but that doesn't mean that this is something that is really bad. in fact, i see this as a healthy thing to happen for the crypto world. its just that the speed of the dip really worries me. but nevertheless, i still believe in bitcoins and still am invested on it. my point is that, before investing, every investor should really do the needed research and study their decisions very hard. they owe it to themselves.

EDIT : i gave you a merit because you clearly deserved one. good day.
335  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin SCAM! on: January 27, 2018, 05:28:27 PM
I was invited by a friend of a friend to invest in Bitcoin last year. He told me that if I invest 5000 in our currency it will be doubled in a month's time. He also promised me that I will get referral fees and override from every person I introduced to Bitcoin and that prices of Bitcoin are expected to increase. To make the story short I did not join because I believe its a pyramiding scam. Truth to be told I did my research on Bitcoin after that and it turn's out that Bitcoin's price was really on rise unfortunately I did not invest at that time. Currently I'm learning more thru this forum and I thank my friend for inviting me here. Just last December I heard from one of my friends that the company they joined was in fact a pyramiding scam and the money they invested in just vanished out of thin air together with the people who invited them. We should be wary of people offering investments and opportunities to us. Do your research. Opportunity comes with risks as well as the rewards. If its too good to be true, it might be a scam. Bitcoin is not a SCAM but there are people who uses Bitcoin to SCAM other people. Good luck to us and more power to Bitcoin!

      well you could have at least tried to think of a better tittle to put in to your thread. lol. but i get your point man. truly, proper research about things before you invest really pays off. specially on the ones that truly just seems too good to be true. but to be honest, i really cannot believe that your friend still got scammed by a pyramiding scheme at this point in time? man, i think that person who scammed your friend really had great skills or a special talent in fooling people. because by now, people should be smart enough to avoid pyramiding scams like what you have just said(that is if that pyramiding scam just happened recently though).
336  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: KFC now accepts Bitcoin! on: January 27, 2018, 05:06:00 PM
Do you guys think this is going to be huge for cryptocurrency or just a KFC marketing scheme?

      probably just a kfc marketing scheme. but even so, a lot will still be using it since it is new and cool. plus, it would give the buyer some bragging rights towards his friends and family. lol. which in return can be really good not just for bitcoins but for the crypto world as a whole. which is why i think all in all, this is pretty much a good thing to happen and a win win situation between kfc and the crypto world. and when lightning networks come into place, this will really be a huge thing. i will be expecting a lot of other food chains to be doing the same. even coffee shops and other services since obviously, many people will be digging into this once fees and confirmation times are not a problem anymore.
337  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ICOs on: January 27, 2018, 04:49:07 PM
extremely thankful for all valuable pieces of advice! you guys are the best! hope we are all successful

     no problem man. i pretty much would have wanted someone to help me also if i was in your situation. all of us here were once a newbie in the crypto world. and if not for the ones that also answered our questions back then, we would never be where we are now(although i haven't gotten that far yet because i still have a lot to learn. lol). just always keep in mind that you need to be careful with icos nowadays since most of the icos i've seen recently are pretty shitty. be sure to read a lot about the ico first before you go on throwing money on their project. good luck man Smiley
338  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ICOs on: January 27, 2018, 04:35:56 PM
So the safest option is to buy directly from the site itself right ? no coinbase, no exchanges?

      yes. what you can do is create a new ethereum wallet if the iCO is ethereum based you can go to and create one for free and then buy bitcoins on an exchange and convert it into ethereum then send it to the wallet you have created on myetherwallet. after that, you will see the etheruem you have bought minus the fees. now you are ready to buy coins from that ico. you can now go to their website and buy as much token as you wish and then your done. but if the ico is on the waves platform, then you will have to create a waves wallet and do the same steps as ethereum. although some accept both bitcoins, ethereum and waves as payments. but sometimes, others have their own wallets. if this is the case, then you will have to download their wallet(s) before buying their coins. of course in this case they will surely accept various currencies for payment.

hope this helps you in any way. good luck on your investments and good day Smiley
339  Economy / Speculation / Re: What is the price of BTC in 10 years? on: January 27, 2018, 03:57:06 PM
      nice writing man, really didn't have a hard time reading your post and understanding it,  you should go and make more great articles that have great topics like this.

      anyways, you are right. there really are no predictions or speculations as of now that are completely accurate since there are still, as what you have said, no available solution into solving the puzzle of price movements. it's just like every time that we get to find ways to predict the price, the market just goes and becomes a whole new story again. and then we're back to zero once again. so to make the long story short, there really is no such thing as an accurate prediction yet about what the future of bitcoins and other cryptos will be. anyone telling otherwise is either high on drugs or just a great lier.
340  Economy / Speculation / Re: What will you do with your Bitcoin in 2018? Will it become more valuable? on: January 27, 2018, 02:36:29 PM
I still have some Bitcoin but it is not 1 whole Bitcoin, I will just keep it to grow because i know it will become more valuable. Last year Bitcoin made history and i hope within q3 or q4 this year Bitcoin will rise back and grow more exceeding the 20kUSD and while waiting for my Bitcoin to grow i will focus in my work and trading alt coins so that i will not be bothered in Bitcoins price up and down movement.

how do you know that it will still be valuable? keep in mind that last year is totally the same as this year and  bitcoin is not yet expected to grow or increase just because we are now on the year 2018. i also have a bitcoin but im not reallly depending on it as i also have a real job offline and if ever bitcoin cannot recover anymore i still have a chance to earn an income to support my family and needs but overall i still continue to hold my bitcoins no matter what will happen next.

      good for you then. because you are doing both online and offline jobs. and do not rely only on cryptos. most of the people i have seen decides to quit their jobs just because they saw great opportunities on bitcoins or on the whole crypto world as a whole. it is good that people are getting more involved with crypto currencies, but that bad thing about doing cryptos alone is that unlike a real job, cryptos are something you can never predict. you may be counting thousands or even millions for now on your portfolio but when the time comes that the prices drop, you sure won't have that much to spend. and would waste a great coin just because you do not have a physical work that you can get funds from when emergencies in real life comes. i hope more people will see the way you do and not look at cryptos as just a source of income but something more.
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