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501  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: ⚡[BOUNTY][ICO] ⚡ WePower - First GLOBAL blockchain for GREEN ENERGY future! ⚡ on: November 05, 2017, 03:37:56 PM
Dear manager,
Why have i not received any stake?
502  Economy / Services / Re: BITCLOAK BITCOIN MIXER [SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN] [CFNP] on: November 04, 2017, 07:20:46 AM
You missed my application, I didn't want to apply here but my brother told me that he knows Bitcloak's service owner. you said that you look for post

Gap, quality etc, you should see what happens after getting accepted not before mate, if you want to ignore or deny people, make a list like Smas.

It's not cool to apologize to people every time you deny them.

Same here. My application was also missed. Sad, but oh well. Can do nothing about it.
Good luck for this project and participants.
503  Economy / Services / Re: [SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN] BITCLOAK [OPEN] on: November 03, 2017, 05:08:44 AM
Link to Profile:;u=792677;sa=summary
Bitcointalk Rank: full member
Current number of posts: 174
Bitcoin Address to send the payment: 1CjQow1pApnhNkHLNr1empjUDsZJZnEa1Q

Will change signature wyen accepted.
504  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How much would a 1$ product cost in Bitcoins? on: November 01, 2017, 12:03:05 AM
I found this on the website: "In the future, if Bitcoin becomes truly popular, each single Bitcoin will have to be worth at least hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to accommodate this additional demand." It has to be that way since there never would be more than 21 million Bitcoins.

If I in the future should buy an USB-cable worth 1 USD and 1 Bitcoin is worth 500 000 USD. Would the cable cost 0,000002 Bitcoins?
If so, it would be difficult to quickly get an impression of what the products costs. Its to many zeros.

Lol. People will get use to those zeros sooner or later. People are the ones that need to adapt. Not bitcoin itself that was made to he the way it is. But I really do not see why you have to worry about that. Not unless you are still 5 years old today. Lmao. Hahahhaha
But really, i do mot think our generation would ever reach the time that bitcoin prices reach that kind of amount. But looking at the charts, i think that price isn't far from happening someday. And to be honest, i also think that bitcoin prices can really grow bigger than that someday if the volume of demand stays as it is or increases more each day.
505  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin just jumped $200, and then dumped $100... on: October 31, 2017, 11:21:30 PM
... all in the space of a few seconds. Check the time-stamp.


Watching these kind of charts on the internet about Bitcoins, i just cannot help but feel amazed. Bitcoin is just amazing. Imagine bitcoin's humble beginnings amd try to campare it to where bitcoin iis now today. The journey was just magical. I kean, who would've predicted that bitcoins would rise so much in just a pretty short period of time? No one can really deny the greatness of the coin and the minds behind it.
506  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin to eliminate unemployment. on: October 31, 2017, 03:47:37 PM
Almost every country has unemployment problems. There are many young boys who are working unemployed. But the days of settling their turn are over. Now, if you wish, you can earn a lot of money sitting in the house. Bitcoin can earn their unemployment by earning. It can be possible to improve the country by improving their lives by earning bitcoin. That is why Bitcoin among all Habetahale to spread the knowledge of the second day will increase the demand for Bitcoin.

While i agree that bitcoin really is great, i do not think that bitcoins can elominate unemployment. Every person is  unemployed for a reason. But, it certainly can reduce unemployment a bit. Because it does not require much from a person to invest in bitcoins. Just money. And if you don't have money, you can offer a set of skills you have in exchange for having bitcoins as salary. But bitcoins certainly can never eliminate unemployment.
507  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: My bitcoins are stolen on: October 31, 2017, 12:46:17 AM
I do not thnk you should be sad. Because obviously, your Bitcoins don't matter to you that much anyway. Or not that important to you. Because if your bitcoins were so important to you, then you never would have lost those bitcoins. So don't be sad. You are the one responsible for your bitcoins and not anyone else. If they were precious to you, you should have been more careful with everything you do.
508  Economy / Economics / Re: Central of the Philippines Recognizes Bitcoin on: October 28, 2017, 09:56:11 PM

According to this article the Philippines’ Bangko Sentral Recognizes Bitcoin as Payment System. The article also added that Bangko Sentral states  sees the virtual currency’s potential to revolutionize the delivery of financial services. Additionally, they also mention how bitcoin provides financial inclusion, which is something traditional financial solutions have been unable to provide. This statements coming from the Central Banks of the Philippines will give a potential impact on the rise of bitcoins value on the market. And not only that, the Philippine Central Bank is not the only bank that sees the merits of bitcoin but also the the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Wow that's great news. If this is really true and not just a joke or something tonconfuse people. Philippines is getting more popular because of its talents but most of all, it is getting more known around the world because of its unique president. Damn that duterte guy is unique and brave. So i am curious as to what he's opinion about bitcoins and the whole crypto world as a whole.
I am also hapoy that nigerian government is also in good terms with bitcoins. Almost every week more and more countries are acceoting Bitcoins. I hope this continues Because this will clearly benefit everyone of use who love crypto currencies.
509  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Cryptocurrency ! Will go boom in no time. on: October 28, 2017, 09:37:01 PM
As what we can see by now, cryptocurrency is starting to make its name and has the ability to be successful. Though there are many probabilities that it will fail, I still believe that it will be a success in no time. What do you think about it ?

For bitclins, i strongly agree. But for the whole crypto currency? I dont think so.
Because you see, Bitcoins are getting more and more indemand due tonits great increase in value which is something we all cam agree on. Plus it has history amd experience going along with it which make it a more trustable crypto currency.

Alternative clons on the other hand, are clearly not that trustable because of all the scams and shitcoins that has been popping out of nowhere recently. That is why people tend to stay away from them as much as they can. Specially those who do not know much about crypto currencies because they are afraid. Now if this doesn't stop, I don't think altcoins will be anywhere near bitcoin.

That's what i think.
510  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Wallet Breach? on: October 28, 2017, 08:47:05 PM
Can installing altcoin wallets on the same PC that has bitcoin wallet breach the security of bitcoin wallet?
Is it possible that someone actually designs such an altcoin wallet that breaches or somehow harms a certain bitcoin wallet installed on the same machine?

Yes. I absolutely can. So you have to be careful not just with every alternative coij wallet that you install but also with every link you click on or every site you think of vusuting. Always make sure that the sites are secured and that the letters and spelling are correct. If you cannot stop yourself from downloading alternative coin wallets, then at least do a lot of research about the developing team of the altcoin wallet. Do not risk your hard earned bitcoins for some small amount of possibly scam coins.
511  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Satoshi Nakamoto Alive on: October 28, 2017, 08:33:07 PM
If Satoshi Nakamoto is a person and alive, wont he come out and claim the fame and success his invention has achieve so far?

If i were him i will definitely not come out. I wouldn't care about the fame and all. My life is more valuable. The world is such a shitty olace where people will do so much just to maintain their status. Greed is the main reason. Just like great inventors who invented great things that posted as a threat to big businesses. They were all threatened while others were killed.  If he comes out, he will surely die. Judging by how much the governments and banks hate bitcoins. I don't think satoshi will be able to celebrate his fame for long.
512  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: why should governments allow bitcoin to continue grow? on: October 28, 2017, 08:22:33 PM
hi there
I wonder why should governments allow bitcoin to continue growing?
after all, they want to have control over the money that we are using

There really are a lot of reasons why bitcoijs should be legalized. One is because it is undeniably a great technology. And if given the chance to improve, can be far more better than what it is today. And can realky help make this world better. Another reason is that it can drastically reduce the amount of poverty and unemployment. Because it does not require too much from a person to get into the crypto world. Just a skill to communicate in engkish and common sense, and your good to go. Plus those graduates that do not have a job can apply in various jobs online that give crypto currencies as salary for their services.

Although bitcoins may have quite a good share of negative parts, it still has a lot of room for improvement.
That is why i think bitcoins should be allowed by any government. And set aside their greed just for once to make the world a better place.
513  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: interest in bitcoin is increasing on: October 28, 2017, 08:09:00 PM
As per we can see the interest in bitcoin of people is increasing at a high rate...I believe it will be our future...but will the shoppingsites like flipkar,amazon be able to accept bitcoins?
may be in the next generation.......thanz fr reading

Yes, you are right. Interest in butcoin surely is rising very fast.
Now, regarding the acceotance of these big shopping sites on bitcoins, i think as the demand for bitcoins and the crypto world as a whole increases, these big shopoing sites will be forced to adapt and acceot bitcoins as one of their oayment choices. Because if not, clearly, this shopping sites will surely run out of business and become just a memory then kater on forgotten. Because people will surely look for shopping sotes that can accept any currency they own. Simply because humans will always want the coolest and easiest ways in life.
514  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Are Now Used in Crimes on: October 28, 2017, 07:48:32 PM
Bitcoins has regained its strong value, As of this posting, the value per 1 bitcoin is exactly 4786.59 US Dollar.   Soon we will see more ways people can squeeze the most out of bitcoins.   Since the advent of the internet to be profit oriented in the 90's, no one would possibly have imagined that the Internet would breed Facebook, Google, Uber, online streaming, etc. This is where we are with the Blockchain now. There exists a whole world of opportunities out there.  

These opportunities have the unrighteous users of this cryptocurrencies to also used its advantage. We cannot deny for a fact that cyber crimes have been committed since the birth of the internet.  Once, stealing was done with having guns, now, robbers can easily hack bank accounts or counterfeit credit cards to their advantage.  Sooner, cryptocurrencies can be used to pay crimes such as services for creating counterfeit birth certificates and this is not far from happening.  Actually, the US has already cases on this matter.

Another is the crime of buying illegal-drug emporium that used Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, politicians and policymakers took notice. Criminals, it turns out, really like bitcoins, which can be exchanged for nefarious purposes on the "Dark Web," with complete anonymity and, it seems, impunity.

Although, there are some articles that i have read regarding criminals cannot hide behind bitcoins, still, there are difficulties tracing transactions using cryptocurrencies. That is why law enforcement agencies should have a to change their procedures to pursue criminals who make use of the latest technology to commit crimes. Let the law find a way to evolve to address new tech challenges. There is no reason to expect that law enforcement won’t be able to get a handle on this new cybercrime.

I agree. We humans surely have gotten very far already from where we were back then. And every progress has its own share of good and bad effects on people, things, or the world in general.
It is a proven fact that criminals always adapts to challenges their crimes face. And always finds ingenious ways to continue doing criminal activities. I think instead of bringing down bitcoins(which is impossible), the government should accept it and try to adapt the the same way criminals did. Law enforcers should understand the mechanics than to hate it. That's the onky way i can think of to make law officers catch up to this criminals.
515  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin being taxed? on: October 28, 2017, 07:21:06 PM
Just happened across this one:

It sounds like a good idea from a government's perspective but wouldn't miners just move to locations where they don't have to register?

This right here is mostly an attemp of the governments to adapt with the increasing and unstoppable demand for bitcoins. Thinking it wouldn't be easy to stop bitcoins, they resulted into using this demand for bitcoins to their advantage. Hence, they tax peope for mining bitcoins. Although i don't see anything bad yet, i think this is the first step of the government to take advantage of the people and tax the hell out of us. So having said that, i would probably not reveal myself being a bitcoin user. Damn taxes makes me feel chanied in the outdated system of this world
516  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BTC FUD on: October 28, 2017, 06:37:45 PM
Has anyone noticed every time bitcoin increase its value some of the big guys come to say how bitcoin is bubble, people don't know what they are doing, people will lose money and so on, and every time bitcoin decreases its value they all become quiet?
In my opinion they are all big manipulators and no one should pay any attention on what they say.

Oh well, what can i say? Another day at the job.

Clearly, some of these guys talk crap about Bitcoins because they are jealous with the early adapters and are too afraid to jump in themselves. That is why they wanna take as many people as they can to their miserable state or break bitcoin so that no one can benefit from it. Another reason is that they want the price to go down because they, themselves want to invest or ar investors on dips. Another is because their businesses are mostly ran by fiat and banks. This threatens their businesses.

Those are the only main reasons i can think of. Or maybe some just wanna troll.
But whatever the case, I ain't leaving the crypto world. Most specially bitcoin.
517  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What Caused the Boom in Bitcoin on: October 28, 2017, 05:48:17 PM
I've been watching and monitoring bitcoin for close to 3 or 4 years and I can say this year has been the best year for the crypto and all the investors in the market, firstly, the coin witnessed unpredicted increase in value this year more than any other year before.

I know that the value is based on the principle of demand and supply but I'd like to know what else contributed to the price value and the popularity bitcoin has right now globally.

Well, the only things I can think of are:
 - people are tired of the current system and wants something better.
 - people wants to have anonymity even if it is just a bit better than fiat.
 - people want an easier way of gaining profits fast.
 - people got curious about the new trend and wanted to get a piece of the future.
 - people convincing other people with broad explanations about the crypto world.
 - and of course, the never ending forks that gives free money.

That's pretty much everything i can think of really.
518  Economy / Speculation / Re: I BUY GOLD OR BITCOIN? on: October 28, 2017, 04:45:30 PM
Hi guys, I've been in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for some time, some relatives and friends ask me to buy gold or bitcoin to save, and I answer:

1. If you want to be safe without worrying about buying gold, because its price is very stable, at 1200 dollars an ounce.

2. If you want to invest in bitcoin I invite you to investigate what technology is about, I tell you that it is a new technology that will revolutionize the world, it is decentralized, distributed, without control of any kind of government, its quantity is limited. that allows it to be deflamatory, with the passage of time it takes more value, but it is your RESPONSIBILITY if you make the investment in bitcoin, I only tell you the advantages but it is up to you to investigate the subject.


Obviously, i will go with Bitcoins together with the majority of people in this forum than gold. Befause clearly, bitcoins and other crypto currencies are things that makes  having great orofits easier. That is, if you know what you are doing. Plus it does not require much from anyone looking to get into it. All it takes is a skill to communicate in english and common sense(of course having more skills would he better. But you get my ooint.).but hey, if you really are paranoid, then do both. Start with crypto, and then buy gold. That way you can make sure your money is safe. But that's yiur choice, i certainly wouldn't want to go through that kind of hassle in life when there is an easier way.
519  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: New user bitcoin !? on: October 28, 2017, 03:16:34 PM
As a new user, can I start using Bitcoin without having to understand the technical details?

Technically speaking, you can.
But the thing is, that would be the dumbest investment that an investor can ever do. To not understand the thing that he or she is investing his or ger money at.
I believe that one should understand butcoins thoroughly to gain or maximize any profit. And i thnk that goes for every investment. Because without understanding of what you are doing, you cannot give your best. Which in return won't let you recieve what's best. So I suggest you study about bitcoins first if not the whole crypto world, so you know what you are getting yourself into and not have regrets in the future.
520  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: INCREASING AMOUNT OF ICO(S) on: October 26, 2017, 09:11:10 PM
Going up on coinmarketcap and reading stats about cryptos will reveal that there a lot of cryptos in the market and most of them are not even known and one surprising stuff is that more and more coins are being created everyday, and there is the new coin(electroneum) which seems more like a refurbished Ponzi scheme(that's what I think about it though) isn't there a way for the springing up of new cryptos to be controlled as it seems like bitcoin is the controller of all the cryptos because once BTC starts to drop all the others follow the trend.

As much as i hate it, i really don't think anyone can do anything to stop these ICOs that come out of nowhere. Really pisses me off. Specially tose too obvious scams that are clearly effortless in the making. And those coins that are driven by having profit alone. This just irritates me to be honest. But sadky, as what i have said, we cannot do anything to stop it,  so better ride along with it and take as much as we can from all of these ICOs and learn to watch our own backs.
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