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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: - 🔥 up to 20% cashback 🔥 up to 20% rakeback 🚨 on: July 05, 2022, 11:38:00 PM
What games do you recommend for Slots ? or what Slots are you guys usually playing in Livecasino ?
It depends what you want to play, but there are 966 games so I am sure you will find some of them you like.
If you don't know what you want sort slots by popularity, hit ratio or choose some other order and specific provider.
You can test every slot game in fun mode before you gamble real money, and try using some promotions offered by Livecasino.
Stick with popularity i guess

RTP would be next but of course this do depend on actually on someones preference but
as you can see into those popular list it is mostly on Playngo provider which is considerable.
2  Economy / Economics / Re: Things are easy to understood now on: July 05, 2022, 10:40:02 PM
In real economy analysis somehow you see the injection of new money into the system as a factor that increases development and that pushes up the value of estates if the injected money is used for infrastructure and capital projects. Such money that is injected is either printed or borrowed, it is just like an evil that can't be avoided likewise capital projects. Take away capital projects then real estate will have no value. Borrowing and printing of money will be done but if used well then inflation will be controlled.
Who are those that injects this money into the system? Who borrows and from whom do they borrow? Who prints fiat? Who sets budget to deficit or surplus and then sell money or buy money to maintain the acclaimed balance? Who controls or decides that it is OK to not print more fiat? Who detects when to print more fiat? Then, after printing these fiat, who hoards them at the expense of the poor? Who are the real real estate investors.
The answer circles around the government and the politicians. They own the system, they control it and milk from it also. They designed it to remain relevant to them and make us believe they have our interest at heart. They shouldn't bother, bitcoin is coming with full force to shame them all.
The only solution to this is financial freedom.
Try to earn as much as you can - dont gamble if you think you will lose money. And try to invest where you get good return - dont look up to anyone for the help.
Not really that bad to call for some help or to snip out some ideas from others basing on their real experiences but you wont really be able to copy it 100% considering that there are still factors which could affect

the entire outcome even if you do tend to follow or do the same steps which does basically means that it is really depending on you whether you would really be that serious on achieving your goals through your
own hard work and analysis and not all does have the same level of patience and perseverance on dealing up with something.

We do almost have on the same target or prospects in life which is to have financial freedom and that means having various sources of income and investment which would
make yourself financially sustainable and capable.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: ▄■▀■▄ 🌟🌟 💰WIN BY 🔶PLAY 📈INVEST➡🔺🎲🎰🔲 | BET CONTEST ▄■▀■▄ on: July 05, 2022, 09:29:19 PM
Maybe in future lightlord will comeback to moderate this thread again because for sure he know how big the community is and the potential to get more gamblers here are so huge compare to other platforms.
But we really don't know when lightlord will be back on this forum. But by leaving the thread open, it means that there is a possibility that lightlord will come back here. We can only hope that he will recover and be able to contact his team again to ask him to work together as before and get his two sites active again. And if possible, he will revive the campaign on this forum.
Who says lightlord leave the forum? he even getting online and the last one is at least last week

Last Active:   June 27, 2022, 08:21:48 AM
meaning he continues to go Online but not posting here , and this also mean that he is continuously reading this thread from time to time.

and also lets stop assuming that this thread will be closed because there are even more worst thread in gambling section in which the site are scamming more players yet their thread stays active.

Yes you are right that mate and lightlord quite still active on this forum and the he online 7 days ago which is June 27 and for sure when he is online , he read all the comments from this thread but he did not reply or leave a response.
This thread will not be close for me, it's a big help if this thread keep open not because to spam replies but to update that this casino is still function not there's a problem about the withdrawal. Correct me if I am wrong as far as I know there's still loyal gamblers who still play in this casino.
Okay lets check up some site stats LATEST.

Global Investments

Invested   53.87441110 BTC
Avg. Bankroll    301.78134140 BTC
Profits   234.72860990 BTC
Active Investments   105
Total Investors   55

So there's still investors who are sitting on the site.
This is a solid indication that they are still doing a great job despite on having a long silence or no response into this thread.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How trading during bear market can save your portfolio on: July 05, 2022, 08:30:28 PM
Take for example if you bought Bitcoin when the price dropped to 19k by now you will be making 30% profits so here is my strategy i hold alot of ustd>buy during the dip sell buy buy and buy again since am holding large ustd.

What if after you bought at $19k, it went lower? Your strategy is just simply buying low then sell high and anyone can do that but very hard to execute in reality especially if you're not that knowledgeable in trading and also crypto market is very volatile. Trading during this unstable market condition is very risky. It's much better to just hold your crypto rather than trying to gain some profit during this season.
Buy low and sell high are attitudes for investors. It is also in the planning for those who may be new to investing.
while for trading it definitely won't be that simple. Trading has analysis and skills that are quite difficult to learn. especially for trading in a downturn in the market. For those learning to trade, this kind of situation is not recommended. because it could trap our money in a correction we never calculated before.
Instead on patching up the current losses that you do have on your portfolio but if you do make out mistakes on your trades then it would really be worsen up the situation or making losses instead of gains.

Its true that trading wont really be guaranteeing out on making profits but of course it does have out those opportunities or chances for you to able to commit but if you arent that sure on making or taking
such action then its better to hold when bear market comes.

It would be more ideal and much safer if you do simply hold and come to mind that you wont really lose nothing if you havent sold out and this should really be put up into your mind
on where most people been freaking out whenever bear market comes and being too stressful on such condition.
5  Economy / Gambling / Re: BITDICE.ME ⭐ NEW EXCLUSIVE GAME "SNATCH!" ⭐ | Wager Competitions | Lottery on: July 05, 2022, 07:55:49 PM
Just your regular reminder that this is a scam casino run by thieves
If it is a scam then how someone could still able to withdraw if the thing you do said was right? They've just been too quiet and we dont know if its still operational
but it was been proven out by a certain user on 1 page backward earlier for you to read up at least.
I remember this site was made out a complete overhaul on their front-end but ending up some issues and complaints or arguments about
their own gambling token which i could say that it isnt something correlated or something worth to be discussed since it cant be controlled
that something that market is dictating.

Hi Hamphaser,

They have not communicated with ICO participants and token holders for over 2 years, they've stolen the ICO fundraise from the investors.
They don't deny it, they're unable to as it's true.

Does that not scream scam casino to you?
As far as im aware on where  they had explained out that it was not in their control in regarding with token value as the market cant really be predicted in terms of those tokens value.

If we do speak about site development and changes then we've seen  that complete overhaul.Im not defending them though yet there are indeed some lapses
considering that there are people who indeed trust and invest with them.

They should at least showing off some time on responding or giving out at least some hints and feedback about development or something?
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Be safe from Hackers on: July 04, 2022, 11:31:25 PM
Even if some official social media account of any of the institution promote cryptocurrencies, giveaways or NFT, don't fall for it. By the time make a clear analysis and go further. Yesterday the British Army's Social media accounts were hacked and more scams were promoted. It is always good to stay safe as hackers are always in search of possible ways to scam common people.

British Armyís social media accounts hacked by crypto scammers
There's no exclusion when it comes to this on where everything could be hacked as long it do touches out internet things whether you are a big institution or not or something popular or not then there's always a

chance for those accounts to get hacked or exploited which can be used on other means like scamming and its just sad that there are people who do really still fall into those common way of scamming
which it do usually pertains about investment schemes turns out to be falling in category of hype or something in related which followers and audiences could really fall into that trap.

thats why its always been suggested to have that common sense that whenever things offered turns out to be good to be true then its 100% a scam.
7  Economy / Gambling / Re: BITDICE.ME ⭐ NEW EXCLUSIVE GAME "SNATCH!" ⭐ | Wager Competitions | Lottery on: July 04, 2022, 10:33:04 PM
Just your regular reminder that this is a scam casino run by thieves
If it is a scam then how someone could still able to withdraw if the thing you do said was right? They've just been too quiet and we dont know if its still operational
but it was been proven out by a certain user on 1 page backward earlier for you to read up at least.
I remember this site was made out a complete overhaul on their front-end but ending up some issues and complaints or arguments about
their own gambling token which i could say that it isnt something correlated or something worth to be discussed since it cant be controlled
that something that market is dictating.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: You win or you learn. on: July 04, 2022, 09:34:24 PM
This is why in the crypto market, either you win or lose in trading or investing, the result will still be worth it. Because if you think you lose your funds, that mistake also teaches you and leaves a good lesson to learn, which i think will be a good motivation to improve yourself and not to do the same mistake again  because for sure you will gain the same result. So definitely, there is still a win-win scenario that takes place. And while you chase for profits but still end up with some mistakes, i think that's also part of learning in crypto.
Not in crypto world but also in all phases of life we are so learning good or bad lessons.
Be it gambling - our personal or professional life decisions we are always learning. Life is so unpredictable and so is gambling so your have be extra care in each bet.
All phases in life indeed and not only limited on gambling but also in other aspects where failures do make out that learning so that you would really be making yourself more better compared back into the past or when you are just starting on what you are engaging on.Not all would really be having that kind of mindset since they do directly quit when experiencing unfortunate events but this isnt something that should
really make yourself to do so because its part of the learning process.

You do win or make profits but mistakes and errors is something that cant really be removed or avoid on thats why always presume about those probabilities or chances because
it cant really be that simple on dealing specially if it do touches on investing and specially with gambling which we know that winning is really in lowest chance or odds specially for
long term aspect.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: 8bethub - Innovative, enhanced and fair Dice gambling experience (bonus soon) on: July 04, 2022, 08:30:52 PM
So because i am supporting this site, i get accused of shilling. Then i am afraid you are shilling bustadice
Completely wrong. You were accused because you are advertising 8bethub(Suspicious beyond a doubt at this point) for your own benefit while Bustadice is a trustworthy site which is why he isn't shilling for them.

If anyone supports shady sites, they will obviously be criticised for supporting them which is what's happening in your case. Grow up!

Our platform keeps getting called shady, for the reason that we got some inspiration for a competitor, which we contacted, and tried to fix all issues, which actually we already have changed. The user here supports us after playing on our platform and having a good experience, we are not affiliated with him. Everyone should try understand that we are fixing everything as it comes, apart from one last aspects which we are changing now, we offered no bad experiences till now to any of our players! We are accused based on front end stuff, as our backend is completely different.
Dont get pissed
Dont get angry
Dont get irritated

As a new business then you should really be preparing yourself with these kind of feedbacks and suggestions or even these accusations which are really normal yet its good that people do notice
it on where you do have at least the idea on how you would fix things up because if the community wont see any issues or problems anymore then they would just simply shut their mouths
and might able to play into your site after that.For now its just right for you to follow and fix up on every complaint or issues that you are hearing from the community because
this would really be molding you to be on a better business afterwards.
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: waiting to buy lower? on: July 03, 2022, 09:56:36 PM
If you really want to invest I think this is a good time to buy it and if we waste this opportunity of course it is very unfortunate,
how long to keep waiting for it to drop and it's better to buy it gradually,
but after all we can't force it because everyone has their own decision
Yes, that's really point of this thread.

But the question is, what if the bottom that we're expecting right now isn't the actual bottom. And that's the worry of those that are uncomfortable with the current situation.

Well, let's say this that we're not yet on the actual bottom but the whole point of buying now is you take every buying opportunity when you see them low.

And if it goes down again, you just buy again and you need to prepare yourself and budget for it.
Bottom is something that cant really be known no matter how pro or experienced you are on this market then there's still no one could able to determine on what would be the bottom or lowest price as possible

which means that if you do really want to buy lower then its up into your own considerations because there are factors which could really affect your buying decisions which is emotion
and any sentiments that circles around which it would really be giving out that anxiety and hesitation which i would consider to be normal.

We do want to buy in the lowest price as possible because that do simply means that you could really able to maximize profits when the market tends to shift.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino 👑 on: July 03, 2022, 09:00:14 PM
Promotions will really be just standard because they cant really just let it to happen that they wouldnt be having those things for a long time.
Lets just wait patiently.  Wink

in a competitive market like this casino market, things like: "wait" is the kind of thing that customers don't want to read or hear, if we notice every day new casinos are appearing and they are also offering lots of bonuses to attract customers and Customers like bonuses so they rush to enter these new casinos, that's why some old casinos are also constantly giving out bonuses and running contests so they don't lose customers to the new casinos. It is essential that a casino is constantly offering bonuses and contests
Agree on what you have said though that on a competitive market like on gambling industry then making yourself get left behind is something shouldnt really be considered because if people or the community
would be able to find something new place for them to hang on then that would really be a toll into the business.Well, whether we do like it or not its up to them whether they would be deciding on launching new promotions asap or would really takes time. Could we assume that this do talks or in connected with the current bear market? or they had just dont make any actions at all?
12  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino 👑 on: July 03, 2022, 08:20:26 PM
It looks like we are discussing a lot about Rollbit NFT, Rollbot and forget that they are providing so many products. Games, slots, sportsbooks and they have lot of promotion, contests.
I don't think so there is any active promotion at this time as there is no update about it on twitter also but yes there are lot of on casino benefits being provided to the players through games and bonuses which they enjoy but also hoping some good contest from them soon.
They are still cooking something  for sure because knowing Rollbit its on of the popular and known gambling site or casino into this market then they couldnt just let their competitors would be taking the lead.

They had already done the first NFT rollbots which had been applied on a casino and does have those perks and utility which is something that couldnt really be ignored due to the awesomeness of
bonuses and perks.

Promotions will really be just standard because they cant really just let it to happen that they wouldnt be having those things for a long time.
Lets just wait patiently.  Wink
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: |HexaBet.GG| New Jackpot Gambling Website launching TODAY (1ST JULY) at 5PM UTC! on: July 03, 2022, 07:59:14 PM
As of the moment I am seeing only one log in option, Steam. I'm curious if you will stick into that or you'll be adding more options soon, will you?

Is the Jackpot and Coinflip is played the same way? What are the difference between these two in terms of game play? Also about the battle... what type of game are players gonna be battling in this feature?

Welcome to the forum Smiley
They should be definitely adding more asap if they do really like to get significant number of players here on this forum or market because having that sole Steam log in is never been that appealing.

It doesnt have any guides or FAQ/How's about playing the game.I havent logged in though thats why i havent able to find out about its mechanics
but on just observing then you could really tell that it is really just not a complicated game.

Ive seen CS:GO items regarding on their betting which supposedly this one talks about item betting?
14  Economy / Economics / Re: What is the golden rule of investment? on: July 03, 2022, 07:19:53 PM
If you were to lose all of your investment, not that you plan on or wish to, it must be that it doesn't cause you hardship.  Meaning you can afford to lose it all and it doesn't change your financial status or lifestyle.
Losing an investment is not something that is planned or desired by those who invest, but some of those who invest also often forget that the risk of losing when market conditions begin to change may occur and they are not ready for it even though they can still live as usual. But I'm sure those who have lost a large amount of their investment must have experienced some frustration and depression.

Losing your invested money is very unpleasant. But none of us are immune from this. If you haven't invested your last cash, then you can survive. But if a person has invested everything that he had, then of course depression can begin. Before you start investing, you must be prepared for the risk of losing money and then life won't be so bad. We all have to take risks when investing.
Its never been pleasant because we dont like or want to lose money which means that its normal for us human beings to react hard whenever we do experience such thing on which we dont really want to see

our investment do going down or entire portfolio which it is really that normal for us to have those kind of reactions thats why its important to accept out on losing on the amount which you can afford to lose

so  that you wont really be freaking out on the times where the price do decline or having those losses.Investment does have certain risk and it cant really be changed or altered.
Dont go all in or something you do really make out investment on having in full blast. All things doesnt give out guarantees on which you should really make yourself prepared.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: Bitcoin Casinos Vs Ethereum Casinos on: July 02, 2022, 11:52:11 PM
Unless you only want to use bitcoin or ethereum. Comparing where to play between a bitcoin and an ethereum casino is not that logical to me. The best thing to do is to find a reliable casino that accepts many coins so you can have many choices when networks clogged and once fees will run very high. And if you want stability with your money then you can also use usdt, busd, usdc and some other stable coins.

I agree with you. It is true that gamblers do not like any particular payment method. Where there are multiple payment methods it attracts everyone the most. However, there are many who prefer Bitcoin. And many people use peg to keep their money stable like USDT, BUSD, USDC, DAI. It all depends on the different choice for different person. Who will use which coins.
Regardless of anything, sometimes it's their preferences that make them do that because there are indeed some risks that are borne when the bitcoin price is like this, that's why many change direction and prefer stable coins.
But on the other hand there are better uses too because with this we can also get bigger profits from bitcoin now even though it means we have to keep winning.
It depends on how the strategy is applied and what gamblers prefer to do actual gambling.
All depends on self preference since not all would be comfortable on using up their BTC thats why people would opt in on making use of their altcoins and if we do talk about ETH then the current gas fees now are

cheap which it wont really be bad on making use of Erc20 based tokens or eth itself but if we do make out some comparison in between btc casinos and eth then we do see the significant numbers.

Somehow majority of sites now do accept multiple currencies or crypto which means that its up to you on what coin you would really be tending to make use according
to your own preference since sometimes fees are really that one factor on why we do tend to look for another option.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin FUD is for losers. BE A WINNER. Stay Cool- Be Positive =D on: July 02, 2022, 10:49:50 PM
I totally understand thereís a lot of fear out there and it seems to be contagious. I personally know many people that sold some of their BTC because they bought into the panic.

On the other hand, I am holding onto all my coins with dear life and would never sell cheap. I was never looking at Bitcoin as a short term investment. For me, my crypto investments are not about swing trading. Iím all about the long hold, I know BTC is truly revolutionary technology and itís value will increase significantly over a longer time horizon.
When you do lack experience and awareness towards the market then you would really be having that common reaction on which you would really be freaking out whenever you do see that price are plummeting or crashing which even experienced ones would really able to feel it out which is normal since we are just humans and does have emotion.

Be cool or saying not to panic is easy but when you are on the actual situation on where you do see your portfolio is dropping then for sure you would really be having that reaction
or being that emotional which i considered normal.It is on the way on how you do control up things because if you dont then you would really be having a problem
on what are the things you should do on certain conditions.
17  Economy / Gambling / Re: Crypto Gambling Review Site on: July 02, 2022, 09:59:22 PM
1xbit is rated on the review site with 95/100. Is this a joke? They are obviously fighting with many scam claims, many of which have been proven quite extensively as far as I understand it.

So I cannot take a review website seriously which obviously does not take it's research seriously.

The best reviews can be found on Bitcointalk, written by senior,  trusted members. So I cannot see myself using your review website  Roll Eyes
Whenever we do really check out some review sites then it is really quite relevant that you would really be looking into those sites which are shady or does have issues or complaints as where if you are complete noob

then you would really be falling into these traps thats why nothing beats out when it comes to this forum where everything you could really know from its performance until into its reputation which is something

that we do all need thats why its really recommendable on hanging out yourself into this place where every information is really something that should be seen.
It is because of this I prefer to use the forum when it comes to try to find reviews about a site I am about to use, after all it is very easy for a review website to hide the true nature of a casino as you are only reading the opinion of a single person about the casino in question.

And since most likely they were even paid then we cannot be sure about who honest the reviews really are, and when you see a casino with a bad reputation at the top then you know there is something awfully wrong with the reviews themselves and they should not be trusted.

Before we use the review to give an insight to good quality gambling platforms but now recently they are now getting paid as the quoted above with this unreliable rate, I do the same when I visit a new gambling platform i always check their reputation in the forum because they are more reliable and base on their expiernce than these recent review websites. I also play with the trusted of course they built already good reputations.
Google is your friend most of the time but the best or the ideal place on checking out everything as long it do touches crypto space then this forum has it all.If you cant see any relevant information or feedbacks

then start to put up some doubts and never intent to make out some deposits on new sites or something that you should really be looking in terms of information in regarding its credibility or fairness.
We do have several review sites which could be trusted and something worth to read up specially it doesnt really focus out for you to sign up with their affiliate links which i do really prefer the most.
Aside from that you could really see those real time reviews and feedbacks which is really on point i must say.
18  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: A season for stop loss on: July 02, 2022, 08:59:25 PM
Personally, I do not use stop loss, especially when I trade in bitcoin, stop loss means that you will inevitably lose when the deal hits the stop loss, but for me I prefer to use hold instead of stop loss, stop loss is good when you trade on chitcoin. As for bitcoin, I do not recommend using it at all because bitcoin It will definitely go back up again, it's only a matter of time, you just need some patience, you don't need a stop loss at all because you will be a loser, but with Hold you will definitely be a winner.

You don't have to see stop loss as a loser method but a method of trading that helps you not to lose all your money at once. What stop does is to help you leave some part of your money for another opportunity to try and regain your lose incase you lost out in the first trade. Whether bitcoin or not, stop loss is a good tool for stopping your risk to be over stressing to your account.
Stop loss would really be relevant when you are really dealing with active trading but if not then i dont see for it to be necessary but there were people who do make use of SL tools even on long term or price swings

which i dont consider not to be bad but of course there would be its con's on where it would really be considered loss and wont really be having  the chance on breaking even or something talks about recovery

just because it had been triggered then its considered to be a complete loss.Stop loss would be useful if you are actively dealing with the market but if not then it wont really be that necessary
for you to make use.Even myself doesnt set out because if it falls to negative then i would simply really be just wait for the entire market to make some change trend.
19  Economy / Gambling / Re: BK8 - Biggest and Most Trusted Brand. Asia's #1 Crypto online casino BTC & USDT on: July 02, 2022, 08:25:03 PM
StarburstXXXtreme by Netet is one of the games that I often play on BK8
When there are shooting stars on 3 reels, then your day will be more fun Cheesy
You seem to be very lucky when it comes to slots games.Ive even see you do play on other sites as well
hitting up these good multipliers.  Cool

I enjoyed playing on bk8 as their recent update has given room for more fun and profits, I was playing on other casinos before and but seeing new games on the platform makes me want to try them all out.
Good to hear out!
Some people had been that hesitant on playing just because this is a fiat based casino but had that
crypto option payment but this wasnt an issue because their offering is actually could really be in toe-to-toe with the current
competitors on the market as of this moment. Enjoy your stay.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: Irrelevance of Education in Nigeria. on: July 01, 2022, 11:46:43 PM
I'm from a 3rd world country as well, and yes, things can be very challenging. However, it doesn't mean that education doesn't matter. On the contrary, making the level of education higher would prompt more to develop new ideas, start businesses, create things that can bring new demand and make the economy grow, as well as make things better for people. Do what you can, on your level, to challenge the system, to go against the flow and to try changing things for better. If enough people do that, it can bring great results.
It's hard to survive on that kind of country but people should help themselves since the government won't do much even if you are suffering. I guess it's a survival of the fittest when you are living in a third world country and so much to see that the rich would become more rich and the poor become more poorer. Only few can compete and go against the flow on a third world countries but with the right help and patience plus persistency, one should survive.
This do falls on personal own kind of target or goals in life if support from government cant really be seen or attained but at least you are making yourself to be that competitive thats why education is still relevant

and needed for you to achieve particular conditions and qualifications which might really able to help you up on your future careers that you might take.Survival for the fittest indeed because if you dont really be
making any action then you wont really be finding yourself to be that improving or progressing.

Education is relevant and its up to someone on how they would be dealing up with the challenges that they are currently facing on such condition or situation.
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