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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: Investing in Casino tokens such as BFG, OWL or TFS on: August 12, 2022, 09:41:53 PM
This is interesting. I would love to see people investing these tokens giving updates here. I am also looking into BGF and Moonbet for a while now but am still hesitant due to the current market condition. Moonbet seemed to fail or maybe they can recover but Betfury casino is doing good.

The growth of these tokens is kind of limited though. Exchanges are starting to follow strict regulations in many countries. And correct me if I am wrong, but casino tokens cannot be easily accepted since they are kind of stocks. Will governments ask them to apply the tokens to their stock exchange?

Drop my stocks on those tokens and I don't know if its really worth to go back since same as you I'm hesitant on the current market flow especially BFG token which drop so bad and didn't get huge volume for couple of months already. I guess I will drop the thoughts upon investing on those tokens for a while and will look only on new tokens which hype is burning thru its community since I think this is much profitable if we are careful not to get hype on those things.
Avoid yourself in the hype but we know that if you could able to jump on a possible early hype then you would definitely make money with that but its really that risky as we all know.

Its up to someones choice if they would be investing with these casino tokens as showing some support to the platform or would just simply invest because they've seen opportunities to get in
and dont mind nor care about support or like that on a company.

As we can see that most of these coins have a bad price movement history and i dont see a point on which it would be worth on making money with these.
2  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Failed in trade it's not joke. on: August 12, 2022, 07:23:46 PM
The main reason of failure of people in trading is that they follow certain strategies for making such a huge money in very less time of period but due to their greed they do not get their aim and become looser in trading. I just recommended that choose some amount of money that is feasible for you to cope with it after loss but do not be discouraged because it is a part of trading.
Taking up other strategy sometimes worthy depending on the situation. Rushing your trades won't do anything good to you because you are just aiming for fast profits. There are strategies that are good for getting fast profits but it takes some real trading skills to do it and addition to that is the greater risk of the trader losing the trade. It's always a good habit in not going all in on every trading session, Always keep some money for recovery since there are no always win on trading and continues loss happens a lot. It's the same as investing, Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
You should really know on having risk management via diversification and setting out plan B's on which its a must because this market is unpredictable and it is really prone to mistakes thats why setting up

back up plans is always recommendable and its true that getting some ideas from other people and strategies isnt bad and as said by most that this would be a long trial and error where its a must

for you to learn and make yourself even way more better than before for adding up experience.Dont tolerate fails but doesnt mean that you shouldnt accept and realize.
3  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🚀 WINZ.IO 🚀 WELCOME BONUS: 300 FREE SPINS 🎁 $50K MINING ADVENTURE ⛰️ on: August 12, 2022, 06:17:53 PM
Thank you for this information and we are well familiar with how casino bonuses works, as most of the cases that mostly come as accusations against some casino is from the bonus system. But with this reply at least the stance on the questions as it borders on bonuses and KYC requirements on Winz.
A good show-off and clarification at least specially into those people who are really that lazy on reading up terms and conditions (most of the time).

I do really love that "funny activity." thing. Cheesy

Overall, it is really just understandable that bonuses and other promotions does have wager requirement.Online casinos are businesses and not charity.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I Finally Helped My Friend Invest $50000 Into BITCOIN for Retirement. on: August 12, 2022, 05:17:50 PM
I respect people like OP that have a balls to convinced there friends to invest something big on Bitcoin and assuring them for the return. I myself is afraid to do it because it might backfire to our friendship once the result didn't go exactly what we want since this money is a retirement fund not just a free money for investment.

I'm looking on the part that you warn your friend for risk involved because we can't assure that the price will above the current 10 years from now. I hope you consider telling him the risk so that you can protect your personal relationship with him if something wrong happened.
Giving out some assurances is somewhat risky yet you are really that putting that friendship or relation to others at risk specially if the market would be experiencing deep declines or very bearish market

which it would really be impossible that friend of yours wont really be panicking unless if you told him about the risk factor which he do able to make himself that prepared on these kind of times.

But its really a good gesture and initiative for someone to tell about Bitcoin and invest on long term but they shouldnt forget about risk taking thing because not everything looks
good would end up to be good on future years to come but we know bitcoins potential which is something that cant really be resisted.
5  Economy / Gambling / Re: サンドボックス It's Simple: Fun and Fair. on: August 12, 2022, 04:49:34 PM

4. The system has many factors for duplicates and we want to welcome to test it, as per our terms and conditions we want to welcome Sammy1 to submit full KYC and we shall push KYC forms as well on all other duplicates associated to his account (over 13 accounts) and get to the bottom of it. To make this go even easier and faster, we will provide an incentive to all of those users for their completed KYC.

This is bullshit ultimatum because providing 13 accounts to KYC even if they arenít connected is very hard to do because we are all talking about casino KYC here and not government requirements. KYC is not the only solution to solve this case but rather prove that the user cheat on your software and not just by connecting him to other user that commit fraud. Even if he is the same user but he won the money in fair way, Is that still cheating? You are using that argument to denied his payment and you are dodging to provide an evidence showing the user cheat on your games. This is the only way to prove your action for not paying him.

You should pay him if the only reason that you are using against him is the connection to other account.
Im not totally agreeing on OP but in general once a certain player had violated one of the site terms and conditions then they do have the rights on asking out for some verification or kyc.. If the user

caught out using up VPN and its against on site rules then there's nothing you can do but to abide on whats been asked before your locked funds would be released.It would really be just as

needing to comply or would just simply skip it because you dont like for those all of accounts to have KYC? Your choice actually!
6  Economy / Speculation / Re: Industry experts believes BTC is primed to hit $106,000 on: August 11, 2022, 11:41:12 PM
There is a new report notes that Bitcoin will cross the $100k in 3yrs time by industry experts.
I am not against experts report, but I think setting unnecessarily expectations about the price of bitcoin to come especially when backed up with a time frame can lead to disappointment. Bitcoin will go back up, yes! May even exceed the predicted amount, but there's no need putting oneself under pressure believing such predictions.
There's actually nothing wrong with believing Bitcoin will hit $100k, this will make us more motivated to collect as much Bitcoin as possible during
a bear market like today. The problem is that no one knows when Bitcoin will hit $100k. Moreover, expert predictions also failed when predicting Bitcoin
will reach the price of $100k in 2021. Even though Bitcoin failed to reach $100k in 2021, many investors are actually quite satisfied with what Bitcoin
has achieved in 2021. So I think having a target Bitcoin price is very important to be our motivation, and we don't need to feel pressured by the targets
we set. After all, it is common for us to predict the price of Bitcoin often inaccurately, because in reality it is very difficult to predict Bitcoin price movements.

As we all know, the experts are just like us and all of their conclusions are conjectures. Predicting the price of bitcoin is something that seems harder and even more impossible than pinpointing when it will happen. But if the target is 100k$ or more, it will definitely happen in the future. Given what's going on, widespread adoption and usage shows that the demand for bitcoin is increasing day by day and the price increase is only a matter of time.

That's why we shouldn't rely too much on other people's opinions when it comes to investing in crypto. Because the predictions of experts also
do not guarantee accurate, therefore we must be able to do our own research and analysis, how in the crypto world we must be able to rely on
our own abilities. Moreover, there are so many scams and the spread of misleading information in the crypto world, so only ourselves can be trusted.
Then regarding the price target of $100k, it is very likely that it will be achieved in the future, therefore immediately accumulate Bitcoin, so that
we can generate large profits when the target of $100k is reached. Moreover, the popularity and demand for Bitcoin is increasing, so it's really only
a matter of time for Bitcoin to reach the price of $100k. So don't let us regret that when Bitcoin reaches a price of $100k or more, we don't have
large amounts of Bitcoin yet. So instead of busy speculating where the Bitcoin price will go, we should focus on collecting Bitcoin, it will benefit us
in the future.
There's no such thing about being accurate when it comes to market predictions and speculations on where we would be heading on even though the market looks good but it wont be guaranteeing that

we wont really be going low and we've seen lots of instances and conditions where this market suffers on big deep reds.We just know that there's soo much potential considering we've been able to reach

heights or all time highs that we dont even expect for it to happen or to be reached.Some speculations turns out not to be that realistic thats why its better to go with nearer numbers
if we do make out some speculations at least.
7  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🧿🧿🧿 YAS.BET Online Sports, Live Casino, Poker, Games, Crash, Betting 🧿🧿🧿 on: August 11, 2022, 10:26:24 PM
I don't really agree with that. The advantages of depositing and withdrawing in cryptocurrency are undeniable. However, regardless of what I deposit in cryptocurrency, I still find it much more convenient to have my balance and bets displayed in a currency I know or the currency I deposited in, rather than some unknown fiat currency. For example, US dollars and euros are by far the most used currencies in the world so the casino should set one of those two as its default when registering an account. Also, the casino should allow changing the base currency in user settings in case someone makes a mistake during registration.

I am with you on this one and i also know many embers here will share similar likes like yours here, i will be more comfortable seeing my balance being displayed in $ euro for easily understanding the balance. But I will be glad to deposit with cryptocurrency but being able to convert my deposits in my account won't be a bad idea.
In most platforms or casinos nowadays does show off both information where you could see fiat value and the value in crypto form thats why i dont really see this much as an issue yet this one turns out

to be in default.I dont know on other place though if there would be some separation in between two things but although it cant be seen but it wont really be that a big issue imho.

I agree on the point above that USD and EUR us mostly used or on where most people do prefer to look at.
8  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What do you guys think is the best crypto signals group on Telegram? on: August 11, 2022, 09:21:55 PM
What do you guys think is the best crypto signals group on Telegram?
Hey guys don't believe any crypto signal group in telegram channels because most of the crypto signal group in the telegram scam with you money. Firstly they serve you as free then next time they offer services with money.

Be careful about telegram crypto signal group!!!!

that's not just their goal, free signals also provide buy and sell numbers according to what they want and they certainly buy some of the coins that have been listed. The practice of pump and dump is also common in some telegram signal groups. the average crypto signal group is like that, there are only a few that do provide signals and technical education, but most of them are paid and quite expensive.
Some are free but only sharing up mediocre analysis
Some are paid but not really that too different into those free ones
Some are paid but not really worth

Better to trade on your own and made out analysis on your own and dont tend to rely on signals
but it not bad to check out for some idea but dont depend on that.You could make on your own and it would be more
worth i would say.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re: How do you know how to trust online sportsbooks? on: August 11, 2022, 08:20:43 PM
Bitcointalk forum is, unfortunately, very poorly optimised for search engines. On the contrary, more dubious platforms invest in ads and optimisation and appear in the first searchs, but this doesn't mean they are legit. With so many fake comments and reviews, and so many promoted articles, one must really double check in order to know the truth about on service or another.
This is true!

Whenever you do make out some research specially if you do emphasize this forum itself it isnt really on the first results on searches which newbies will definitely be

mislead into other links which would might cause for them to be on the wrong path.Im not saying that first results arent that good but it wouldnt be a bad idea if you
do really check out other further searches and trying out to make out some comparison.When it comes to reviews and feedbacks then this forum is the best.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Will you be in favor of Gold or Bitcoin !! on: August 10, 2022, 11:36:48 PM
Since the new explorations have uncovered so much gold, that gold will enter circulation and cause a gold inflation. So obviously the price of Gold will go down and its steady but slow rise will not justify investing into gold this year. Not for me, at least.

The USA has waged wars to stop other countries getting richer with their own dug-up gold because the Dollar used to be based on gold and now its based on nothing. So much for that.

Obviously I am not in favor of gold. Bitcoin is king!

Well, we do have our own views and opinions but considering gold is one of the most precious metal and resource that we do have in earth and its value all over the years then there's no doubt that still

able to sit in one of the most valuable asset which you could really store on although even or despite out of those discoveries and explorations but it would really be still scarce and i dont know
on why they are really that a fan on comparing a natural mineral to a digital asset.

Why wont really just simply make out investment on both if you do have the money?
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino 👑 on: August 10, 2022, 10:35:12 PM
This is one of the big wins I have seen on Rollbit by the big whale who has wagered around $1250 in free spins and win a total of $606,500 which is really big according to me.

He has also claimed two daily bonuses of $100k each and now this big win on his part is really amazing although he is whale who is wagering big.

For more details read here : Twitter
The question is, how much that dude lost before hitting that multiplier and having that base bet of $1250? No one knows but having this kind of betting does signify that this dude is a whale.

Not everybody would be having that kind of capacity on doing so.Whale+Luck then for sure you would able to see these numbers which isnt surprising anymore
but its really good to see that someone could really pull off these winnings and a platform or website that do pays out easily without any questions asked
and thats why its not surprising on why Rollbit is really one of the famous sites as of this moment.
12  Economy / Economics / Re: What skills should I learn to get freelance work ..?? on: August 10, 2022, 09:31:11 PM
Nope, thats not how it works. Freelancing is an open world you know a work how to do it? Just make the Gig related to that work and ypu can provide the Survices realated to particular work.

Secondly if you are asking that which skill you need to learn to atart it is a quite hard because already there are.much number of comparative members so choose a rare skill i would not recommend Graphics designs and Editing/ Photoshop do something in which competition rate is low.
But it's not like making and gig and waiting for the fish to come and hook itself.
Making a gig first needs a skill set - you need to learn skill and then sell it. But it needs effort and hard work alongside.
Would be just common sense because everything would be get through hard work and effort plus having the patience and that right skill set which you could really have high chance on getting an online job

Just like on what others been saying that it wont really be that simple though due to high competition because lots of people had been recognizing on getting one but only to those people who had

right skills or simply portfolio or credentials would really be getting one.Mostly this would be talking about programming and developing skills which is high on demand.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: A New Era for Betting - (After Corona Circumstances) on: August 10, 2022, 08:32:59 PM

Yes, in fact, many leagues were affected by the lack of money, even those that we saw that they would not fail in terms of money failed, as is the case with Barcelona, I think this team suffered a lot from it, some Italian teams also, but the best thing is that now they have been recovering, I don't know about the case of Barcelona, but with almost no money they have made great contracts and that has given them current problems, however, nothing that cannot be solved.

But in general terms, for me this has been very strong, the pandemic has been diminishing and despite the fact that there have been some peaks, it has been controlled.

Hopefully, the recovering stage will continue and people will accept the fact that it's a new way of normal life, covid is already here and we needed to take care of yourself in order to avoid being hit by this virus, the business side and the gambling sides are all working now and they are doing well in terms of trying to bring the game again for the fans and also for their financial stake.

Not sure also with how other teams are trying to recover but for sure they will find ways and will make a big use of this current situation.
We are slowly and gradually going back into normal as we do observe since games are now not in prohibition or already been happening.On times of pandemic then we could really say that this is a tough

one but we did really make out adjustments which we do able to adapt even though it is really something hard but not really impossible and we do able to make it through.

Online betting and gambling did really turn out to be significant when pandemic hits but now that everything is going back to normal then casual betting and events are also too
but we cant just ignore the fact that people had already been get used to on what we had done recently.
14  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: A little profit for $17k+ buyers on: August 09, 2022, 08:55:31 PM
Most likely this is just a bull trap, Bitcoin can't hold out long in the current rally, the market is swinging and there is not enough liquidity to support this rally, it is better to invest in the long term because the current areas are good buying areas for Bitcoin in the long term, I think maybe it will be after the next halving About two years from now.
I cant say its a bull trap because it was never been a significant move but rather its just a typical or normal day price increase on few percentages which is something that very common and i dont know on

why most people do see it as a sign of bull run or start on changing up a trend without even thinking about the probabilities that it doesnt really work on that way.Expect the unexpected yet this market

is been unpredictable since from the start which does simply means that every movement whether it would push through or would really be just having that wavy type of behavior.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: Real most rewarding Crypto Casino? on: August 08, 2022, 09:24:28 PM
A casino is a for-profit comoany and they have to make a pre-determined income in order to remain profitable and don't find themselves forced to shut down their doors. The percentage of profit a casino has to make does not differ much from one casino to another, it's almost the same.
So, if a casino is offering huge rewards and/or bonuses, be sure that they will componsate somehow (ie. higher wagering requirements, higher house edge..) and vice versa. It's up to the player which plan suits him more but the end result is always the same.
They do only differ on very small gaps but we know that some gamblers are really that keen even into those small differences thats why they do make transfers and choose another place but in overall

they are really been hooked off due to perks and bonuses which we know that wager requirements are into those levels which are almost impossible for someone to achieve thats why we do end up

losing in the end without able to reach out those threshold which its not surprise for any business.They wont really be setting up things that they would be putting themselves into disadvantage
which is understandable.
16  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Cryptoís Fastest Growing Casino 🦘 on: August 08, 2022, 08:18:20 PM
I disagree with the "if you win a big amount you will have to do it" but at the same time not all of us play with huge amounts so I do not have to do it. If I wager with 50 bucks, there isn't a situation where I have like 50k to withdraw, that would be insane, the biggest I got from 50 bucks was 1200 and that wasn't a problem and they didn't ask my KYC at all, thats under the radar amount for sure. This is why if you are a person who wagers millions, yeah go ahead and do your KYC, but if you are like me, and you are forced to do your KYC for no reason at all, thats not going to make you feel any better at all.
Never anticipate that you won hundreds of thousands out of 50 bucks but its not impossible considering odds and chances but we should stick on being realistic because you would really be needing all

luck in the world for you to able to hit or win like that thats why you shouldnt really that anticipate that you would win up that way.Each gambler is really that different when it comes to financial
capacity thats why it would really vary.

For KYC matters then it would be no surprise that whale players do undergo into such process when it comes to verification which is something a standard thing
when it comes to this one.
17  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: You don't need to hodl a particular coin all your life on: August 07, 2022, 08:40:46 PM
In my opinion, if you are a trader, be it a short term trader or a long term trader, you have to be in buy and sell.  If you just hold it, it cannot be called trading. By only holding  how will the profit come from it?  But yes, in long term trading it is different, even then at a point you have to sell the coins. So I think world should be buy in bearish sell in bull

Before buying a coin, you need to estimate a target to sell that coin. Because even after holding for a long time, if the trader cannot sell at the right time, then his profitable trade may end up in loss after the end of the bull cycle. Be it short term or long term trade you must prepare in advance to sell. Because I held a coin long term and expected more profit, but due to the end of the bull cycle I suffered a huge loss on that trade.
Holds can indeed get very large profits, it is proven that Shiba Holders, Doge Holders, and several top 100 altcoin holders also have very high profits,
some even get 1000x from SHIB and DOGE hold, of course it also takes luck and analysis That's right,
because if you buy now then the risk you receive is also much greater, yes,
my advice if you want to buy altcoins and long-term hold buy altcoins that still have a low ROI
It is somewhat really need up some luck when choosing a project which we know that we cant able to tell on which one will really be making significant price movement in the future and to those who do take risk is the one who would benefit out once the market do make out a bullish run but of course it wont really be an assurance that it would really be on having that way.
Sell when you do see it is worth to sell but its true that not all would be having the patience on holding for long just to have that small amount of profits which wont really be that worth.
So its up to someone on what would be their decisions when it comes to their investment because not all would be having the same mindset and goals in mind.
18  Economy / Gambling / Re: TRUSTDICE.WIN: up to $25 FREE BONUS [NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED] 🤑🤑🤑 on: August 07, 2022, 07:54:33 PM
Up to 100 free spins isn't always 100, this mean it would be lower than that, even 1 free spin is still considered as up to 100 free spins. Well, if any casinos are too generous to give huge free spins to their gamblers, they would suffer losses since there must be one gambler who make a good profit.
There should be conditions to join an event. It is must condition for host to prevent compromise from cheaters. They should have prevention because if there are no strict rules, cheaters will come, exploit free spins or give away events. Later, they will try to exploit the casino. If they succeed, win big, they will cause issues for casino.

It is not an ending a casino wants and they don't want to lose money for cheaters and see their reputation damaged by cheaters. They don't want to waste resource to handle such cases and invalid scam accusations from cheaters.

I think rules are reasonable and fair enough.
Its a business and they arent that dumb on setting out rules which is really prone to abuse or being exploited because it would really cost them or would really be a loss if ever those people would succeed out. If rules are not fair or just too strict or something like that then its up to theirs.Their site their rules period.If you dont agree nor see it not to be appealing then you could always
skip out and find something else its your choice.  Cheesy
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: 1 year of accepting crypto payment in my fashion store on: August 07, 2022, 06:42:51 PM
Given the volatility of Bitcoin, I totally understand that thew op prefers to keep the money for business in the USD instead. Hopefully, high volatility won't always be there, and at some point the risk of not selling for fiat will be lower. I'm also happy to see this story of an inspiring small-business Bitcoin adoption.
My question is about the policies: is accepting Bitcoin as payment legal in Nigeria, and if not, can there actually be troubles with the law enforcement for this? Or is it one of those things which are never enforced, so it's all good?
I would also like to ask a number of questions regarding accounting:
How do you pay taxes on bitcoin you receive for paying for your goods? Of course, if you pay. Bitcoin is not fixed in value, which means that due to volatility it has significant price fluctuations. How do you solve this moment when paying taxes? Do you generally indicate btc in the income item or do you hold btcfor yourself, and on papers in the tax return indicate dollars (or local currency) as income?

I am not a representative of the tax service, but I would just like to know how you solve these issues from a business standpoint.
A valid kind of query which it would be good if he would really be giving out at least some ideas on how he do pay up taxes considering  that businesses like these do really have permits or simply means

that it is really that regulated or abiding laws and tax payors which means that they would need up to pay tax but since he had accepted bitcoin or crypto payment then he do have the option to ignore

other sales numbers and profits which might result into lesser tax payment? I dont think that everybody would really be considering this one but its plausible but since taxes arent
really that big in some countries then it wont really be that much of an issue imho.
20  Economy / Gambling / Re: | 0.28% House edge | Live tables | Baccarat |Slots| InstantWithraw on: August 07, 2022, 05:59:39 PM
Would it really be that believable if someone do able to forget the email that had been using specially if they wont 5 btc in amount? Sounds odd if thats the case.

No matter how many dummy gmails you've been using, it is really just right that the management will really be asking out on the said email so that it would really be pointed out directly and resolved
the problem.. (thats what if, if this one is true)  Cheesy

@stomachgrowls indeed this looks sketchy and the admin can request the user to do a KYC, and if the user complies then the admin could release the funds. Lastly I feel that should make a rule which says temporary mails not allowed, so in the long run these kind of situations donít happen ever again.
It wont really be needing nor necessary on asking out for some KYC because blackjackfun management could really release up the funds of a particular account if the said complainant do really able to
match up nor able to give those necessary information that had been asked.

If management do sees there's no problem then they wont really be asking for some verification.Setting up rule about not using dummy emails is useless because everyone could make
use whether dummy or main ones and the thing on here is that its someones responsibility on remembering on what emails theyve been using with their gambling site accounts.
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