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1  Economy / Auctions / Re: Question about account selling on: April 29, 2016, 05:25:23 PM
Wrong section move it to Beginners & Help, because now you posted in the auction forum if you can not move it just lock this one and open a new one in the right section.
2  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: -WTS- Msdn invites on: April 29, 2016, 08:36:57 AM
3  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Want to win 10k in BTC? ends in 1 hour! 2k for 5 people. on: April 29, 2016, 07:00:38 AM
It's not a file you retard. Learn how to read,
It's a pastebin redirection link.

ohhh Sad now he is buthurt because no one going to click this bullshit links  Cry Kiss
4  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Want to win 10k in BTC? ends in 1 hour! 2k for 5 people. on: April 29, 2016, 06:42:36 AM
Do not download any files from this user!
5  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Microsoft Keys on: April 28, 2016, 08:15:13 AM
6  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Microsoft Keys on: April 25, 2016, 11:16:59 AM
Got any keys for Server 2012 R2 Standard?

Confirm me you still need the key and i send it once it works you pay
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hausmeister Krause MSDN seller aka scammer on: April 24, 2016, 04:50:59 PM
What is about my picuture as proof now you try to talk about different tasks i not scammed him check the proof still not belive it? connect to my computer
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hausmeister Krause MSDN seller aka scammer on: April 24, 2016, 04:44:12 PM
proof i am Username:Hausmeister Krause ?

9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Scamer on: April 24, 2016, 04:34:58 PM

10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Scamer on: April 24, 2016, 04:28:55 PM
the idiot is YOU and only YOU if you are so a smart guy why you not connect to my computer and check who is lie here?

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hausmeister Krause MSDN seller aka scammer on: April 24, 2016, 04:22:54 PM
[10:18:07 PM] umsa: I can transfer it we use escorw ok?

Than you start to backout because you never wanted to pay me

See the account is in his power :

Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (BizSpark Member)

Tony Brauns,

Subscriber ID:1400743330

Someone can connect to teamviewer to verify it
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Hausmeister Krause MSDN seller aka scammer on: April 24, 2016, 03:48:52 PM

Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (BizSpark Member)

Tony Brauns,

Subscriber ID:1400743330

The account is in your power scammer man

[2:05:39 PM] Coldice: hello
[7:09:23 PM] umsa: hi
[7:09:24 PM] umsa: man
[7:09:28 PM] umsa: still need MSDN
[7:09:31 PM] umsa: i going fist
[7:09:34 PM] umsa: for invite
[7:09:41 PM] umsa: shoot me your EMAIL
[7:12:48 PM] umsa: Let me know
[7:12:55 PM] umsa: if you agree
[7:13:01 PM] umsa: i send invite and than you send BTC
[7:23:42 PM] umsa: U there?!
[7:36:24 PM] umsa: Let me know
[7:36:27 PM] umsa: i am going first
[7:36:32 PM] umsa: i only need your e-mail
[7:36:40 PM] umsa: And invite will be send
[7:38:10 PM] Coldice: ok wait
[7:38:16 PM] umsa: (y)
[7:38:21 PM] Coldice: price
[7:38:26 PM] umsa: We said 25$
[7:38:29 PM] umsa: i go first
[7:38:31 PM] umsa: invite
[7:38:33 PM] Coldice: ok
[7:38:37 PM] umsa: you have 150$ azure
[7:38:38 PM] umsa: per MONTH
[7:38:40 PM] umsa: and keys
[7:38:46 PM] Coldice: so I need to give you my registered msdn email
[7:38:46 PM] umsa: keys are not unlimited...
[7:38:50 PM] umsa: no
[7:38:53 PM] umsa: a NEW mail
[7:38:58 PM] umsa: you can NOT use the same
[7:39:03 PM] umsa: if you got msdn before...
[7:39:16 PM] umsa: just outlook or hotmail will do the trick ;)
[7:42:31 PM] Coldice:
[7:43:41 PM] Coldice: that's my new mail
[7:43:48 PM] Coldice: let me know when done
[7:44:18 PM] umsa: you are 100% sure the mail is correct
[7:44:25 PM] umsa: because i have no option to EDIT
[7:44:34 PM] umsa: il lose 1 invite if the mail is wrong
[7:44:35 PM] umsa: !!
[7:44:58 PM] Coldice: dude
[7:45:16 PM] umsa: yes?
[7:45:19 PM] Coldice: its perfect
[7:45:30 PM] umsa: Ok invite is send
[7:45:31 PM] Coldice: if you still want to make sure
[7:45:35 PM] Coldice: then send an email to this
[7:45:58 PM] umsa: it's send
[7:46:01 PM] umsa: check
[7:46:02 PM] umsa: ..
[7:46:25 PM] Coldice: got it
[7:46:33 PM] umsa: ok
[7:46:41 PM] Coldice: what the products that are unlimited in this
[7:46:52 PM] umsa: You have some MAC keys
[7:46:56 PM] umsa: you can use them 20x
[7:47:04 PM] umsa: the other keys CAN be used up to 5 pc's
[7:47:07 PM] umsa: whitout risk
[7:47:07 PM] umsa: :)
[7:47:26 PM] umsa: Can you sent btc plc?
[7:48:06 PM] Coldice: the mail I received is not in English ?
[7:48:15 PM] umsa: it's german that is no issue
[7:48:17 PM] umsa: you can change it
[7:48:26 PM] Coldice: i got it
[7:48:35 PM] Coldice: so you are from Germany
[7:48:42 PM] umsa: im belgium
[7:48:44 PM] umsa: i apply in german
[7:48:45 PM] Coldice: do you also sell admin account
[7:48:47 PM] umsa: no
[7:48:49 PM] umsa: invites only
[7:49:09 PM] umsa: I send the invite please send money
[7:49:25 PM] Coldice: just 4 mins
[7:49:51 PM] Coldice: address
[7:49:55 PM] umsa: 1N4N9GEX9TU5smkzooF5vAobBAXuTjK2cD
[7:51:09 PM] umsa: I hope you not scammed me here
[7:51:17 PM] Coldice: i need just 5 mins to make sure it works
[7:51:20 PM] Coldice: no man
[7:51:22 PM] umsa: it works
[7:51:26 PM] Coldice: you are not scammed
[7:51:31 PM] Coldice: don't worry
[7:51:36 PM] umsa: i am scammed ?!
[7:51:40 PM] umsa: ok ..
[7:51:51 PM] umsa: so why you scammed me?
[7:52:00 PM] Coldice: typo mistake
[7:52:04 PM] Coldice: :p
[7:52:05 PM] umsa: Please send my money i am worried now
[7:52:08 PM] umsa: it' works
[7:52:09 PM] umsa: 100%
[7:52:31 PM] Coldice: if you think you are scammed you can cancel the invite
[7:52:37 PM] umsa: No then i lose it
[7:52:47 PM] Coldice: i was scammed earlier for admin account
[7:52:51 PM] umsa: :/
[7:52:55 PM] Coldice: so i will have to make sure for this
[7:52:57 PM] Coldice: this time
[7:53:05 PM] umsa: invite i can not scam
[7:53:07 PM] umsa: i send it
[7:53:17 PM] umsa: i whent first
[7:55:58 PM] umsa: I see Status ACTIVE
[7:56:08 PM] umsa:
First name
Last name
Date added
[7:56:39 PM] Coldice: confirmed
[7:56:42 PM] Coldice: thanks
[7:56:47 PM] Coldice: sending $25 btc
[7:56:50 PM] Coldice: ok
[7:56:52 PM] umsa: Thanks
[7:57:05 PM] umsa: 1N4N9GEX9TU5smkzooF5vAobBAXuTjK2cD
[7:58:56 PM] umsa: ?
[8:00:00 PM] umsa: I have no idea whats the point to scam for 25 USD
[8:00:10 PM] umsa: (facepalm)
[8:00:42 PM] Coldice: To view this shared photo, go to:
[8:01:30 PM] umsa: pls tell me what it says i cant get pics
[8:01:32 PM] umsa: on iphone
[8:01:35 PM] umsa: it says whoops ?
[8:01:43 PM] umsa: like when u try to activate !?
[8:02:16 PM] Coldice: i went to this link
[8:02:16 PM] Coldice:
[8:02:20 PM] umsa: yeah thats normall (ask ANY) msdn seller
[8:02:26 PM] umsa: it takes a few hours max 2-3
[8:02:31 PM] Coldice: then it says please add a subscription
[8:02:34 PM] umsa: ask ANY is always like this ;)
[8:02:36 PM] umsa: yep
[8:02:42 PM] umsa: you need to use the info FROM DASHBOARD
[8:02:48 PM] Coldice: it asked me for subscriber id
[8:02:50 PM] umsa: but this "error" is normall :)
[8:02:58 PM] umsa: ask any seller if u not belive me
[8:03:18 PM] umsa: it takes like 2-3 hours to be in the "system" pls ask more trusted sellers if u not belive me...
[8:03:20 PM] umsa: i not scammed you
[8:03:26 PM] umsa: this is now on MS side
[8:03:28 PM] umsa: not mine
[8:03:30 PM] umsa: :(
[8:03:53 PM] umsa: and subcribe id
[8:03:58 PM] umsa: wtf you put there?!
[8:04:01 PM] umsa: it seems not right
[8:04:05 PM] umsa: it's a number
[8:04:06 PM] umsa: not letters
[8:04:15 PM] umsa: you have teamviewer ?
[8:04:33 PM] umsa: if yes let me do it for you ;)
[8:04:42 PM] Coldice: where is where is subscriber id
[8:04:46 PM] Coldice: in dashboard
[8:04:49 PM] umsa: yes
[8:04:58 PM] umsa: MSDN subscription ID
[8:05:01 PM] umsa: and than some numbers
[8:05:04 PM] umsa: NO letters
[8:05:16 PM] umsa: and for email use the one after Microsoft account
[8:05:19 PM] umsa: in dashboard
[8:05:20 PM] umsa: :)
[8:05:35 PM] umsa: and still it will take 2-3 hours to work you can ask all the seller in any forums :)
[8:05:42 PM] umsa: thats not im my power
[8:05:43 PM] umsa: ..
[8:06:13 PM] umsa: The info MUST match the dashboard
[8:06:19 PM] umsa: name id and email
[8:07:42 PM] Coldice: i entered correct data
[8:07:45 PM] Coldice: it still says
[8:07:46 PM] Coldice: Whoops! Unrecognized Subscription Data Entered
[8:08:05 PM] umsa: yes i said it takes 2-3 HOURS for it to work, please ask ALL THE seller in ANY forum it's always like this
[8:08:08 PM] umsa: not only for you ;)
[8:08:15 PM] Coldice: oh
[8:08:17 PM] umsa: thats not in my hand anymore :(
[8:08:24 PM] umsa: but it will work 1000%
[8:08:29 PM] Coldice: sure
[8:08:45 PM] umsa: can you send me the btc pls?
[8:08:59 PM] Coldice: only after complete confirmation
[8:09:03 PM] umsa: then give me the login
[8:09:05 PM] umsa: i will do it
[8:09:08 PM] umsa: and let u know once it works
[8:09:15 PM] umsa: you can change the pass later easy
[8:09:23 PM] umsa: il try each 1 minute
[8:09:27 PM] umsa: i know it works
[8:09:27 PM] umsa: ..
[8:09:32 PM] Coldice: i can also do that
[8:09:40 PM] Coldice: i will receive a mail form msdn
[8:09:41 PM] umsa: But than i am not sure when it worked
[8:09:43 PM] umsa: No
[8:09:44 PM] umsa: you wont
[8:09:47 PM] umsa: no mail....
[8:09:53 PM] umsa: Please give me the login i do it for you
[8:10:01 PM] umsa: once it works i confirm it you check
[8:10:02 PM] umsa: and pay
[8:10:51 PM] umsa: Just set some temporary password
[8:11:33 PM] umsa: :/
[8:12:23 PM] umsa: hello?
[8:12:43 PM] umsa: Ok i will cancel it than
[8:13:08 PM] umsa: and open scam report on the forum AND On mpgh
[8:13:24 PM] Coldice:
[8:13:30 PM] Coldice: dude i was changing password
[8:13:34 PM] umsa: SOrry you whent offline i tought you gone
[8:13:41 PM] Coldice: yeah
[8:13:45 PM] umsa: ok let me do it i guarantee it will work :)
[8:13:47 PM] Coldice: bad connection
[8:13:59 PM] umsa: Np
[8:14:01 PM] Coldice: ^FN7^=83uX4v/kN
[8:14:08 PM] Coldice: now if i don't pay you
[8:14:15 PM] Coldice: then you can have this
[8:14:20 PM] Coldice: and if i pay
[8:14:21 PM] Coldice: then
[8:14:25 PM] Coldice: don't scam me
[8:14:26 PM] umsa: You mean you not like to get ti!?
[8:14:34 PM] Coldice: i want it
[8:14:45 PM] Coldice: i can get 20 keys from this account
[8:14:49 PM] Coldice: ?
[8:14:55 PM] umsa: It depends what key
[8:15:00 PM] umsa: totall around 100 keys
[8:15:20 PM] Coldice: each key must be minimum of $5
[8:15:25 PM] umsa: they are
[8:15:26 PM] Coldice: ?
[8:15:30 PM] umsa: well you never sold?
[8:15:35 PM] umsa: i will explain you if needed
[8:15:47 PM] Coldice: i sold vcc and aws acc's only
[8:15:55 PM] Coldice: and btc exchange
[8:16:01 PM] umsa: you make at least 100$ from this invite
[8:16:03 PM] umsa: 100%
[8:16:29 PM] Coldice: ok
[8:16:37 PM] Coldice: let me know when account is activated
[8:16:46 PM] Coldice: i am going out
[8:16:46 PM] umsa: How long you are online ?
[8:17:00 PM] Coldice: will come after 1-2 hours
[8:17:08 PM] umsa: ok i wait you
[8:17:11 PM] Coldice: ok
[8:17:12 PM] umsa: pls not forget me
[8:17:14 PM] umsa: i need this money
[8:17:17 PM] umsa: ;(
[8:23:35 PM] umsa: done?
[9:21:42 PM] umsa: Tell me once u back
[10:10:56 PM] umsa: Account works n,ow
[10:16:20 PM] umsa: When u there tell me
[10:16:33 PM] Coldice: wait
[10:16:36 PM] Coldice: let me check
[10:17:21 PM] Coldice: lol
[10:17:28 PM] Coldice: that's good
[10:17:32 PM] Coldice: This subscription was previously activated using a different Microsoft account.

To change the Microsoft account you use to login to your subscription:

1. Login with the Microsoft account you originally associated with your subscription.
2. Go to My Account.
3. Select Change the Microsoft account for this subscription.
For more information, visit Managing My Account.
[10:17:43 PM] Coldice: i got this when i entered the info
[10:17:58 PM] umsa: Yes i setup on  different account to make surr
[10:18:07 PM] umsa: I can transfer it we use escorw ok?
[10:18:20 PM] Coldice: now that's a part of scammer
[10:18:24 PM] Coldice: no problem
[10:18:28 PM] Coldice: keep your account with you
[10:18:32 PM] umsa: Why scammer i offer escrow
[10:18:46 PM] umsa: Ok il report you on the forum say good bye to your full member
[10:18:54 PM] Coldice: ok np
[10:18:54 PM] umsa: I show i offer escorw to them
[10:18:58 PM] Coldice: lets see
[10:19:10 PM] umsa: Whats a scammer if i offer ESCROW
[10:19:15 PM] umsa: Can you explain?
[10:19:22 PM] Coldice: go ahead and report
[10:19:26 PM] Coldice: it is you who is selling
[10:19:38 PM] Coldice: i even gave you password for you to be sure
[10:19:45 PM] umsa: Ok then login now
[10:19:50 PM] Coldice: and you are saying that i am scammer
[10:19:51 PM] umsa: I transfer it
[10:19:51 PM] Coldice: no no
[10:19:53 PM] umsa: Moment
[10:19:58 PM] Coldice: i don't want it now
[10:20:11 PM] umsa: Ok ^^
[10:21:26 PM] umsa: You never wanted to pay.... I am 100% sure all you wanted is grab keys and go away
[10:21:32 PM] umsa: I have vouches
[10:21:38 PM] umsa: In the forum where are yours?
[10:21:41 PM] umsa: :)
[10:21:49 PM] Coldice: vouches can be fake also
[10:21:55 PM] Coldice: make another profile buy it
[10:22:02 PM] umsa: Yes form 1 hero and 2 legendary
[10:22:03 PM] Coldice: and pay users for vouches
[10:22:40 PM] umsa: Reported in the forum
[10:22:47 PM] Coldice: good
[10:22:54 PM] umsa: Go ahead defend you :)
[10:32:08 PM] Coldice: enjoy kid
[10:32:16 PM] Coldice: (party)
[10:34:14 PM] umsa: I enjoy each time i catch some low life scammer like you are
[10:35:20 PM] umsa: You are rusticbroadcastmpgh as well
[10:35:30 PM] umsa: I report you everywhere wait a bit
[10:35:44 PM] Coldice: do it
[10:35:48 PM] Coldice: you are like a kid
[10:35:52 PM] Coldice: not a professional
[10:36:12 PM] umsa: Maybe i am a kid ;) but not a scammer like you, and il kick your ass
[10:36:15 PM] umsa: ^^
[10:36:25 PM] umsa: You refuse escrow simply because hou try to scam
[10:36:52 PM] Coldice: go on kid
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Scamer on: April 24, 2016, 03:22:35 PM
What happened::

Scammers Profile Link:;u=389324

Reference Link: None
Amount Scammed: 25$
Payment Method: Not paid
Proof of Payment: None
PM/Chat Logs: Soon to be uploaded
Additional Notes: After i setup his account i asked to use escrow to make sure he not scam and oh wonder he refuse to use escrow 
14  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: -WTS- Msdn invites on: April 24, 2016, 10:37:02 AM
15  Economy / Digital goods / Re: Microsoft Keys on: April 24, 2016, 10:13:19 AM
I purchased keys from this vendor yesterday. Sent keys and MSDN links within a couple minutes.

So far the keys are working as expected. Thanks! Wink

Cheap and good!  Wink

This seller is amazing! Help me with everything, sent a download link so i didnt have to use a bad torrent with virus etc etc.
Also a good price! even helped me with buying bitcoins recommended a trusty site! 5/5!
16  Economy / Invites & Accounts / -WTS- Msdn invites on: April 24, 2016, 07:59:52 AM
You can claim many microsoft keys + 150$ azure credit per month cool hu?

Hit me up in skype  (  buythatkey )

Price 25$
17  Economy / Digital goods / Microsoft Keys on: April 24, 2016, 06:41:15 AM
Price list:

- Windows 7 (any version) = $4
- Windows 8/8.1 (any version) = $4
- Windows 10 Home = $4
- Windows 10 Pro = $4
- Office 2010 Standard = $4
- Office 2010 Pro Plus = $4
- Office for Mac 2011 = $3
- Office 2013 Pro Plus = $6
- Office 2016 Pro Plus = $8
- Office 2016 for Mac = $8
- Every other key = $3

If you're interested in buying, please add me on Skype buythatkey

No vouch copys, but escrow is accepted.
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