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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BTC seems to be fading out and loosing popularity. on: March 21, 2021, 10:09:06 AM
Just because the transaction fees go up doesn't mean that the popularity is losing, maybe that can affect the popularity I don't think that it will the lynchpin that will make the popularity of bitcoin go down. Not to mention that you don't gather enough data to justify the claim that it is losing popularity, testimonies from your friends is not enough evidence because there is no diversity in information and bias is a possibility.

I agree. Bitcoin actually didn't loosing its popularity but for me, it even more gaining some. These past few weeks, bitcoin experience a lot of ups and down because we all know that the BTC is a volatile coin as well as the other coins. But for me, gaining some popularity also affect the value of the bitcoin. If a coin, specifically BTC is popular, many people will urge to buy and market will definitely pump if there is a large of numbers that is buying a specific coin. But I guess others are not familliar with BTC because they are avoiding risky thing such as BTC.
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does BITCOIN make a person's life better !? on: March 21, 2021, 06:16:39 AM
Bitcoin should make someone's life better financially, with the price of Bitcoin continuing to rise, it can make people rich if they have invested
in Bitcoin before. Because a very significant increase in the price of Bitcoin can give Bitcoin holders a huge profit. But the problem is there are
still many people who are late getting to know Bitcoin, some people are new to Bitcoin now.

Even so I believe Bitcoin can change their lives for the better, because it has been proven that Bitcoin is an asset with the best performance
compared to other assets. So it doesn't matter to be new to Bitcoin now, still be able to change the person his life for the better. Because
the Bitcoin price will still go up much higher in the future. So it is never too late to invest in Bitcoin, investing in Bitcoin will indeed change lives
for the better.

I think bitcoin is definitely and positively makes a person's life better. I can say and prove it because personally I have a lot of friends that are living proofs of it. However, bitcoin is a very dangerous or risky thing because of it being a volatile. I can say that all cryptos are risky yet it is good in terms of investing. Other says that it is "high risk, high rewards". People must be equipped with knowledge about it so that you may able to gain and make some profit rather than losing all of your funds. For me, personally, the effect of btc is  good becauae I able to buy the things I want and things I need. You just need to work hard and be patient. Always believe in the process.

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Being impredictable on: March 20, 2021, 06:27:02 PM
Is there a way that you can ensure being difficult to predict at Poker? For example, if you never bluff, people will eventually get to known that and it will reduce your ability to profit from good  cards? Anyone there knows techniques or trick to avoid being easy to read?
You can use your own strategy or method to convince your opponent that you get the better hand, by playing casually and not caring if your opponent is suspicious of reading the cards you have.  every now and then maybe do a ridiculous strategy of throwing cards that can panic them

Oh. You're saying the he must perform some bluff in order to make his opponents like unpredictable about his moves or like unaware of his cards. I think bluffing is one of the most used strategy in poker yet it is not guaranteed to always succeed or effective. Sometimes, bluffing can be the reason why you'll end up losing. For me, I suggest to give the best decision always because we all know that poker game isn't a long way game but a very short gametime. I guess and I agree to idea of bluffing, yet always have a second or back up plan in order to avoid losing or to avoid some negative effects.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Best strategy on: March 20, 2021, 04:49:27 PM
Would like to know what is the best strategy when using the slots games. Or maybe some good number spreads on the dice game. Any and all advice or inputs are welcome. For I am new to the game in any advice is helpful thank you and good luck.

I think the best strategy is... play for your fun! Since the game is already designed that house will ever have a winning edge, you can enjoy while spin the wheel. Some times I think it can be profitable playing with games that give back rakeback points or directly linked with some promotion.
It can be also an idea buy some spin just for a bigger payout...
playing for fun is not a strategy i guess ? but when we are enjoying the game the luck flows naturaly and we wont notice that we are winning because we dont expect for it but buying spin is a real strategy because i read somewhere that they had a big win after trying to buy spins on slots   .
rakeback can be small depending ln the casino but all casino have a rakeback now .
 rakeback is a type of promo but there are other promos that we can do to make the most of our money

In gambling, you must know what is your truly intentions like do you play just for fun, entertainment and just to kill time? or do you play in order to win and to earn some profit or make some earning, or you can say that your aim is both. We need to have a good and concrete idea in ourselves regarding in playing gambling because if we don't have any goals or concrete intentions, I guess your journey in gambling won't bring you any lucks and earnings. Even though you will say that it is for fun, you need to put some strategy or use some in order for you to avoid having a negative luck or avoid leading you to unreasonable game or gambling experience. We need to have a good and better intentions in order for us to avoid unexpected loses and unreasonable gameplay experience.
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The higher BTC goes, the bigger the risk/reward ratio and the less buyers enter on: March 20, 2021, 01:25:19 PM
You can't possibly, especially if coming from traditional finance (sorry to use such an overused term) that entering Bitcoin now or any time in the future could be riskier than entering at any period before 2020.

Every block it mines makes it more secure, more viable, more valid than ever before. Every crisis passed, every new upgrade made, makes it fundamentally stronger, more battle tested, more mature.

Price in short and medium terms are but flashes in the long term. Rewards may be financially "less" but risk is also significantly reduced. Ratio sustained.

Actually it is true and in addition, the BTC being a volatile is simply a risk now. I can say that it is very good to invest in BTC as long as you know the basics and the simple idea of it. The more the BTC go bullish the chance of risk getting higher too. But if you learn how to control or to have some explanations in it. But I suggest that we must be aware of the events and other things that might affect BTC because it is unpredictable and risky to push into it or to enter if you don't have amy idea what is happening to it.
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Is Bitcoin better than Fiat? on: March 20, 2021, 01:26:10 AM
Of course bitcoin better than Fiat. But it has some limitations also because transactions in bitcoin has no definite documents and no deed of valid. I think it bitcoin transactions documents could possible then all countries globally accepted Bitcoin undoubtedly.

Actually I think they both have some unique ideas and way of doings. We all know that bitcoin and other cryptos are definitely a unstable or very volatile. We do actually see this as a positive side because it has a very negative effect on us and in our some investments. We can say that this idea is a negative yet we still engage to go into because we see some possibilities and opportunities. This kind of idea are different from our long and still using fiat moneys. They both have same purpose of use but different ideas.
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: ARE WE STILL BULLISH OR BEARISH ? on: March 19, 2021, 11:31:07 PM
We are still into the bullish season as for now. The dips in terms of the price that we are seeing this past few days are just normal for we are slowly getting into correction because the price have been hyped ever since the entrance of this year so we are into a slowly taking down but that doesn't barely mean we are entering the bearish state. As of now, the market is still looking good on its price specially with Bitcoin. It is just that normal scenario to see ups and downs after a big hype but there is nothing to really worry about. Just keep calm and do not overthink of a normal scenario to be bearish already.

And in reference to the post of the OP, it was about 42-44k when he asked this question.
And not even a month, btc managed to be above 55k level again.
So I would say, we are still in the bullish market.
And besides, if you compare the price even at 40k level from  previous years, what will you say?
Definitely, bullish. Even above 30k is bullish to me if you want to look at bitcoin's history.

Yes. It has a point because as we all know even we experienced correction last time, BTC manage to come back to the top or to its new ATH and I would definitely say that it is bullish, however we all know that the market is volatile and very unstable when it comes to value or the price. I think bitcoin will definitely experience bearish yet I think that it would likely to attain bullish identity. BTC might not be that so good right now but it doesn't improve only a night, right? I think soon enough it will be blast off to the moon again.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Have anyone tried to stop gamblers from losing while they keep on wagering. on: March 19, 2021, 02:15:56 PM
Dude, you gotta learn how to control yourself. Nobody's out there with the sole purpose of helping you out of your gambling addiction. You have to understand that. It's your own money, and unless it's an SO or a special person important to you, you can't expect people just watching your back telling you to stop gambling when you're at the mire. The only one who can help you is you. Let that sink in.

The idea is right because we all know that the one who can save or help ourselves are ourselves. Making decision must be good and how to control yourself. But I guess it also helpful if you would help other because in that case you are becoming a support for them so that they might have the courage and a high chance possibility of controlling themselves and they will be happy because the will onow that they have someone in that kind of situation.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [POLL] How many online casinos are you actively playing in? on: March 18, 2021, 06:43:15 PM
Having more than 1 casino is a must for a superstitious slots player. Whenever you lost on Casino A, you can switch to Casino B and hope you will get better luck there.
FYI it works better when you also choose different providers. It's not that useful if you only use SoftSwiss-based casinos.
Therefore, I use four casinos, but not proportionately. I mean, I only use the other three when there are contests or when my gut feeling tells me to do so.

Actually as of now I haven't engaged in any casino because I stopped for a long time to focus on other things. But somehow I missed the feeling of nervous when playing gambling and excitement when winning. Way back 2017 when I was started in crypto, I used to playand invest all of my money in dice games. I able to make earnings yet I make evwn more loses. And then I tried other casinos and end up losing. I have to fix myself and started to realize things that gambling isn't good to be your primary investment but only as a form of entertainment. I worked hard and here I am again, earning and not yet engaging to some gambling but soon I will.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Sold my first Bitcoin and am happy on: March 18, 2021, 06:17:07 PM
Three years is not really a short time.  Admittedly, you have a lot of patience.  And greed is much less.  Because if you were greedy or scared, you should sell Bitcoin only when the price was $30k.  It's really unimaginable that you've been holding bitcoins for so long.  This is called longtime investment.

I agree. He definitely have triggered discipline. And also he have a lot of patience in selling his bitcoin. I know that we all know bitcoin will pump as usual in the next months but I think his decision is good enough because he earned a lot of money and that was called a super long term investment. I am so much happy about the people who have a lot of patience and I wish I have it back then. I only sold mine in a good price but not as good as it now. I used it in my things that I needed that time and I'm glad that I able to buu those things and still thankful for that price.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin more than just digital currency. on: March 18, 2021, 05:42:14 PM
Really? Someone spent his time making song for bitcoin which is really not necessary and will not make your investment become better.

To be frank with the guy in the video, it will not make him rich or successful enough in making that kind of content especially if he just want to become famous.

I would rather spend my time improving my skills in bitcoin investment and trading rather than making this kind of stuffs which will now help me grow as an investor.

Making things you want to is not a choice. Let him if he wants to make music out of bitcoin thing. Try to support him and add some suggestions and idea that will make him earn good. Supporting others in their things want to do is a very good and positive thing for them. Who knows, ypu might be the reason in the future for him to invest and follow your suggestions and idea. You did a good job for supporting him and you bring him to the idea of having some reapizations that making songs aren't enough to give him income but to enjoy and do some things that actually will give him earnings. Be supportive. No offense.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: People die from heart attack when they hit the jackpot. on: March 18, 2021, 03:44:04 PM
I might have to do some research on this subject. Seems like something you only see in the movies. I canít recall ever hearing a real story of this happening on the news. Listening to how people describe lottery winners, it really does sound like more of a curse than a blessing.
Winning the lottery is the dream of many and the nightmare of the few that win it, what happens is that even if on the short term the lump sum they receive can enable the lottery winners to avoid bankruptcy after a few more years they find themselves filling at even higher rates than people that did not won the lottery, why?

Because they did not have a plan and did not stop to think whether they could live the life of their dreams or whether they could handle the circumstances they found themselves in. Let me state this clearly, everytime I hear that someone received a chunk of money and bought a luxury car, I never hear that they have decided to drastically change their lifestyle. I never hear them saying that if they had to do it all over again they would have bought a Mini Cooper.

Actually I think it is because of the idea that people are definitely will change its plan whenever something happens that it doesn't part of. People always tend to aim for the best and what's good for them. When you are in that scenario, you can't say alsp I guess. Because the person you are ago is not the same person you are at the moment. You're past decisions might change and it migh be able to retrace wheter you want it or not. Thinking of a person is not permanently but it will change overtime based on what is more best and good in a speciric situation.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Crypto Gambling Weekly on: March 18, 2021, 07:15:02 AM
Bitcoin was widely used in Criminal activity, money laundering and gambling which made many people wary of Bitcoin thinking its evil and scam. Right now there are a lot of use cases from being a hedge and becoming a legitimate investment. That was the many reasons why current regulations exist from Governments on Cryptocurrency.

If they can open their minds that bitcoin is just a tool like money, they will not think about the negative thing from bitcoin because the money will also be the same as bitcoin. Using bitcoin for criminal activity or a good thing will depend on each people, and I think they will know what they suppose to do with their bitcoin. But yes, when the criminal happens using bitcoin, the media blows up the news and blames bitcoin for criminal activity. But I am sure that people are smart and wise to read the news, and many of them will still use bitcoin for a good thing.

I think we can say that the only thing that bitcoin is blamed for all of it is that for its being decentralized. Those criminals takes the advantage of using it in some illegal transactions because bitcoin or crypto transactions are definitely anonymous. You can send anywhere or to anyone by just a simple address. We all know that this has an advantage yet it also have a disadvantages. In gambling I can say that crypto is a very helpful thing because many people get started to know it and learn how to manage their money while of course some also become slave of their greed.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: The Major Risks in Crypto Business on: March 17, 2021, 06:02:20 PM
Crypto is still in adoption stage so it should be prone to pump and dumps which led a newbie to get rekt, trading should be the best approach for teaching people the cons on investing and to make them understand why its very risky. Teaching them the how the market works and volatility should be main fundamentaltopics.
not just a beginner who will get a rect, even a professional will experience it when their emotions cannot be controlled and do not trade with the strategies that have been made.
Cryptocurrency does have a high enough risk with fast price fluctuations. But on the other hand it will be a huge advantage when you can read the market and make the right trades.

We all know that crypto is a major business that many people taking in but also, if you want to consider bringing business in the world of crypto you must be aware of the risk you might encounter in your way. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital money that is so volatile. It's like the assets of the company are unstable because of the unstainability of the crypto. One of the major risk that you might take is that the possibility of you business to crash from something to nothing in just because of a simple, small and unpredictable move. Crypto is a high risk and high reward.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Which plan seems better? on: March 17, 2021, 04:08:24 PM
Normally I like the monthly investment unless in between if the market crashes a lot then you can buy all in else better to keep on moving monthly so that on each month whenever there is a dip you can buy some amount worth of coins. Also investing in multiple coins is a better idea just to have the best of all and to diversify it.

Even if you are a monthly trader or simply say that long term holder, you must also need to check the market from time to time more over if you don't put any stop loss in you coin. I understand the concept of long term holding or a monthly trader yet somehow I believe that this kind of attitude or strategy is a gamble one that requires a lot of luck. Taking care of your funds is the main priority. For me, personally I would not gamble or put all of my koney for long term because it might be able to waste and lose in just a small time. I will be more discipline and selfish in my earnings and capitals.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Are you a lone bettor or a competitive one? on: March 17, 2021, 03:00:21 PM
I personally think that being competitive in gambling connotes such addiction to the said vice. It kinda ruins the experience for other players as it also defeats the purpose of being a hobby.

Before when I still used to gamble, I saw it as a hobby to relax and to get my mind out of things. Whenever I become competitive, it gives me a feeling that I need to win, which further causes stress. That is why, I gamble just for fun and for leisure. Anything more than that ruins the whole experience for me.

I agree. Being competitive is definitely not the measurement on who is the prime or the superior in the said game or specific gambling game. Being competitive is okay and definitely depends on the person yet you need to put it in the right place and right time so that it may not affect your gameplay in playing gambling. Sometimes, those people who are so competitive ends up making his image to boastful to others. I think competitive is a way to show people your determination and eagerness but it depends on others on how they will look at you. For me, personally I am not competitive in gambling. I am so nervous but I always believe in my calls.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Internet connectivity - Gambling wins/losses on: March 17, 2021, 09:31:46 AM
Of course, the quality of the Internet connection plays an important role in online gaming and gambling. Too long delays can lead to a complete loss of connection to the server and this is very unpleasant. I would not recommend using mobile internet if your internet activity can lead to loss of your funds in case of a connection failure. Use a wired fiber optic internet connection for such things.
Using a wired fiber optic internet connection does not guarantee you always have a stable internet connection because you will sometimes get the same experience as before. But yes, you do not get that experience often than you use a mobile internet connection. It is normal to have that experience because many people also have the same experience. I hope that we will have a stable and fast internet connection in the future, so we do not get a bad experience very often like now.

Yes I agree. Fiber optics are isn't that very effectivw because those who expieriencing the connection issue might be still experience it because of the poor connectivity in the server not just in their houses. Internet providers are very bad in a way that they always want money and making money is their only priority. They are fast if you are a new applicant that will apply for a internet connection. They will responsive as long as until you have your internet. After that, their services are getting poorer. This internet connection affects gambling online bevause poor connection might cause to poor earnings.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Probability of cryptocurrency apocalypse on: March 17, 2021, 08:09:16 AM
I don't think fiat can completely be wiped out, but this is all illusional discussions, setting up examples of possible scenarios that could happen with the fast growing sector.  Bitcoin theft just like every other currencies happens and will continue to happen. It is all left for the user who wishes to save Bitcoin as stock for a long time to learn tactics on how to outsmart the potential fraudster by using custodian wallets maybe. Security is a very important aspect of Bitcoin that doesn't need to be taken lightly, exposing your private keys to a non trusted exchange already puts you in risk of hack as the OP has suggested.
Why blame bitcoin's security, it is already safe, the real problem is the people, putting your personal info and your wallets on websites you don't even trust is a failing on the person, no matter how secure a thing is if the person handling it is incompetent or careless, a breach is going to happen. The solution is to make people learn the idea of responsibility and being safe online.

I agree. Bitcoin is definitely progressive these past few years. The problem is that the people always look on th side of earning it and not on the side of having a good security. I also have some friends who are so clumsy and careless to their belongingness like the seed phrase or wallet code. I told them to stick and be vigilant to their wallet. But they oftenly hand it to anyone just like a piece of paper. And I told them not to bring it and just put it in the safe place in their house. I don't know what happen to their account but I'm sure that is it now not in good place.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why do ordinary people feel afraid of Bitcoin? on: March 16, 2021, 01:37:50 PM
In my opinion, ordinary people don't really know Bitcoin and they saw FUDs from bad people. This may be the common reason for many people to be afraid of Bitcoin. There are too many FUDs and those people are sometimes lazy to check whether it is true or wrong issues. However, I think most people are starting to be not afraid again now because they already know about Bitcoin from many valid sources.

Well said, those who experienced scams provides wrong impressions to this industry.

With certain losses they created fuds and misinformation about this asset, people who are not paying attention are easy been move
so instead of gaining interest they'll simply been push away from this opportunities, if only they take time to learn about this system and
all the benefits, for sure just like us they'll be able to enjoy all the benefits.

If a person experienced aomething negatively, he will always tell to others the negative side only of that thing. I agree to the idea that those person who experienced to be scammed are always getting bitter about the lesson they've learned. The ending is that people always get afraid of the opportunity that they might be get. They often move backward because of the only idea that the other told. People always losing the opportunity to learn new things and earn some profits. I think people isn't scared about bitcoin in general, they just don't want to experienced others mistakes and not afford to lose some of their investments.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is for Holders! on: March 14, 2021, 11:12:09 PM
The pandemic is not blessing for us but we have seen a huge change of Bitcoin price and broke all the records before. In this time of a year ago with compared to the present time, we can see a huge change and Bitcoin is up almost 1400%. Isn't it huge?

The next short term target is $60000. For now, next target is new ATH.

BITCOIN is for Hodlers
Not for weak hands
(I had read it somewhere, can't remember right now)
Technically speaking bitcoin is for everyone that can get their hands on it, whether they are long term holders or not has no effect on their ability to get bitcoin, however once we begin to speak about the economic benefits you can get out of it then this is right, holding is by far the superior strategy, not only it is easier but more profitable.

Many think of trading as better but not only it is way more difficult, now you need to consider your capital gains and the taxes you need to pay and you need to outperform the market while you do so, can anyone outperform a 15x price increase in just one year? I doubt it.

I agree. Bitcoin is for everyone. And anyone who wants it. But of course it is definitely advantage for long term holders because we know how bitcoin works and how it can be hold and make a large amount of profit. Bitcoin is the one who can give us a lot of money. And bitcoin is also can be our source of income, just like in trading or even holding. Holding bitcoin can be very good in terms of earning yet it is a very long term because as we all know, the market is very volatile and decentralized. We do not actually know when to rise and to dump but we can manage to read charts and formation.
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