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1  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Project concept: PvP gaming platform where players play for bitcoin. on: May 03, 2016, 07:04:18 PM
Today posted by me:
Pvp based gaming platform in prebeta
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / [new] - the "versus" gaming platform on: May 03, 2016, 06:56:21 PM
Hello dear Community,

today I am very proud to announce that our gaming platform has started the prebeta registrations under and will open its gates on Saturday! Smiley

Our Goal

Our Goal is to change the casino landscape completely by offering the internet a platform where it is possible to bet on the games they're playing! As our name implys we're offering just pvp (person vs person) games, in which two players compete against each other.

How the site works

As soon as you can login in your userpanel, our site will display your gaming points on the top bar. Everyone who registers get 50 Points. By winning a game, you will earn 1 point, by losing you will lose 1 point.
This shows us if the cash system works fine!

The prebeta

We're talking about the prebeta because the main functions are disabled, such as deposit bitcoins which means you cannot bet on your games etc.
The prebeta starts on Saturdary this week GMT +1.00 , and will end two weeks later. This should be an opportunity for our team, to see if the server are strong enough two handle the game traffic, to sort out bugs etc.
The registration under will allow a maximum of 100 registrations until Saturday, then its closed.
In the prebeta we're offering three games - Pool - Gomoku - and Pong. Very basic games, which are even by now, far from perfect, but as the prebeta implys, not everything is working! Smiley

After three games a survey will pop up, and everyone who fills this out, will get the exclusive prebeta skin for his account. This doesn't sound too crazy by now, but as we want to offer a shop for the games later on, which you can buy serveral skins to customize your games, the prebeta skins won't ever show up in the shop, and will remain rare.
As long as the the site remains in a beta phase, the skin system won't show up, so the games cannot be customized, sadly Sad

Bug bounty

Because programmers are just humans, they will probably haven't fixed all of the bugs, so everyone who is able to commit a bug, and show them reproducible, will get a reward - because of our very limited budget, we cannot pay these bughunters with bitcoins, but skins! We're hoping that this will change in near future!

Server location

Our server is located in europe, some games might not working correctly, such as Pong. As our budget rises, we will buy more servers to offer a complete and smooth gaming experience!

Know Bugs

1.) Our game Pool is sadly not completely finished, which results in incorrect behavior, especially concerning the rules. -> playing on his own risk...
2.) Sometimes the games won't start, even if two people are connected and moved to the same lobby. -> Just exit or go back
3.) Sometimes the point system shuts down, which results in losing one or two points.

A big thank you

Everyone who gives our site a shot on Saturday - a big thank you!
Every contribution and every comment are highly needed, to create and offer a smooth and working product!
I personally cannot promise anything, but I hope everyone of you, as soon as our site is near to perfect and we earned some bitcoins, we will definetly payout some percentages as a thank you!

We decided that the points in the prebeta can be cashed out. The ones who registers for the prebeta are the only ones who can. The others will get an limit which is way higher.

- at least played 5 games
- filled out the survey
- invitation system
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