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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: GOOD POS coins....list..!? on: December 20, 2016, 04:42:24 PM
Why no progress after meetings with high profile government officials?

It looks bad when a coin associates with ponzi players. Is the coin so desperate?
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / GCC coin Ecosystem 24 on: December 20, 2016, 04:19:41 PM

Owner is Jan Pasboel

A year later and I can find no trace of the GCC coin on exchanges or that they have a functioning decentralized system with wallet and blockchain. It all looks controlled through the company and website. What I can find is an effort to bullshit people who either lack the knowledge or the skills to find the knowledge. That is 3D printing and with every package you get some magical GCC coins for FREE!

For 38 and 138 you get what amounts to free information, anyone computer literate enough to dip their toes into 3D printing will know all this is available online for free and there are also professionals in the 3D printing industry who offer courses at better rates. these packs come with 150 and 600 GCC coins.

438 gets you a 3D pen and 2,500 GCC coins. You can purchase the pen for less than 100

1,838 gets you a 3D scanner and 14,000 GCC coins. You can purchase the scanner for 349

2,838 gets you a 3D printer and 20,000 GCC coins. You can purchase the printer for 929.90

6,838 gets you all of the above and 55,000 GCC coins. For purchasing all the items together you have the privileged of paying nearly 1,600 more and for that you receive 35,000 extra GCC coins.

3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DASCOIN, another outbreak of the Onecoin strain of MLM Virus. on: December 20, 2016, 03:48:47 PM
You have key people from Onecoin - Traffic Monsoon - Bitclub Network - Futurenet - Banners Broker - My Advertising Pays

Paul McCarthy and Ryan Conley -

Both have long histories in scams. Paul held the position of Ireland manager for Banners Broker and he continued to hold that role many months after the payments dried up. Futurenet is another one he headed up in 2016 whilst being the main guy in Ireland for Bitclub Network. Ryan has a colorful history

Adrian Hibbert holding a youtube hangout with the owners -

Another one with a colorful history of scams. A Key player in Traffic Monsoon which is currently having a great time in the U.S.A court system and will likely go the way of Zeek. Adrian started with $1,000 and withdrew $100,000. He won't be a happy guy when the receiver comes knocking. He is also a Bitclub Network player.

Mateusz Gużda -

Mateusz like Paul, held the position of Poland manager for Banners Broker and remained with them after payments dried up. He jumped to multiple others including Futurenet and Bitclub Network.

Fraser Douther -

These people are not naive they know what they are doing when they promote these scams, case and point. In Fraser's Dascoin hangout you can see a man with white walls a headset and a black shirt on. This is the very same man providing Banners Broker with a testimonial in October 2013. Payments dried up in March 2013.

Fraser is another Banners Broker manager, this time in Cyprus. Just like the other managers he also remained with them many months after payments dried up and even took up a managers role in Revstar Global one of the Banners Broker owners new project. A promoter of Futurenet.

You're looking at the next Onecoin.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: E-Dinar Coin: Meet the Revolutionary New-Generation Cryptocurrency on: November 21, 2016, 05:48:09 PM
Shmeall shills and avoids the scam actions.

Company steals all members coins
No corrections
No refunds
No statement to coin-holders

3 months of silence and a stain on the name of cryptocurrency.

People still fall for that?
plz... is just PoS system in a ponzi scheme. EDC price cant go up... inflation is too damn high.

I fell sorry for the investors..

It won't go up, the company fix at 1 coin - $1 until they create 999trillion coins. That is why all exchanges not controlled by company are selling 60 and 80 cents per coin and dropping.

999 trillion coins omg it is the next bitcoin derp derp
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: E-Dinar Coin: Meet the Revolutionary New-Generation Cryptocurrency on: October 10, 2016, 01:56:29 PM
Oh boy you just don't know what to expect next! after weeks of silence and ignoring the topic of screwing over every single person by exchanging E-dinar - EDC at a rate of 1,300 to 1. Investors found their 1,300 E-dinar worth $1,300 exchanged to 1 EDC with a value of $0.75.

Now there are updates of a sort floating down from the top recruiters. At this time there is no statement by the company or anyone employed by them. The updates if they are to be believed (they shouldn't be) are so amazing I am expecting to see a Hollywood movie deal in the future.

$1,300 EDC launch price and the subsequent automatic exchange from E-dinar - EDC being carried out at this amount? well you see that is down to some pesky Chinese E-dinar leaders who told all their people to sell their EDC the moment the company had exchanged them. The claim is that because of their actions that caused the price to soar to $1,300 and then drop like a stone to below $1. They say the Chinese leaders and their teams sold $40,000,000 EDC in this moment at $1,300 - 1 EDC. A brand new coin on one or two exchanges... $1,300 each... $40,000,000 total volume single day...

But wait!

Why stop there, the company once the EDC reached below $0.50 purchased back $40,000,000 worth of EDC. Why they did this is a mystery and will likely remain that way as the company staff and the recruiters can't put forth a logical response to questions without digging a deeper hole.

Remember sub $0.50 $40,000,000 volume

At the end of August when they carried out this exchange without warning as previously noted, there has been no direct updates from the company to its customers and investors. oh, they did address a single country for the correction process ... Nigeria. They find time to make cringe videos and promotional pieces that they have placed themselves and then promote.

quote from E-Dinar-P2P-Exchange-community Facebook page.

Exchange Rate Correction Process For Nigerian Participants Held Successfully

Dear users!

The first stage of E-Dinar Coin exchange rate correction for 1648 participants from Nigeria has been successfully held. The compensation for those who have EDC 100 or more in their accounts will amount to EDC 100, those users who have less than 100 E-Dinar Coins in their accounts, will be fully compensated.

The funds will be transferred only to those participants who have submitted the required documents in time for the for the rate correction and were successfully virificated.

It should be noted, that within the previous week, Nigeria has become one of the leading countries on registration in the E-Dinar Coin system. We are very glad to collaborate with such a great country and value all the participants!

Stay with us and wait for the new updates!

I'm sure the requirement to provide the required documents and on time for them to receive correction to their original amounts was well advertisers to all investors and customers in every single country ... Just not by email - Facebook - Twitter - their own website.

A user with the location Nigeria posted this to the above Facebook group. If the user had 0.402 EDC to start with after the exchange process they held nearly 500 E-dinar and should have received the same amount of EDC in the correction phase as they held E-dinar. If this is what they class as "exchange rate correction" it is going to be a tremendous shit show once the western countries realize they have been played. Don't forget People have put hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands of Dollars - Euros - Sterling into E-dinar before the automatic exchange took place, and right now that has been wiped out, it's vanished. They put all that money in because E-dinar (now EDC) sold them that E-dinar would be continuing until 2022 and mining 22 billion E-dinar, and without a moments notice everything changed.

I used to have 0.402 edc in my wallet and I transferred the compensation balance which was given to me 46.8 after that I checked my wallet seeing 47.202 how come.. I was once told that my wallet balance multiplied by 1300 how come compensation was to reduce my coins

If the top recruiter updates are to be believed people are going to be given back all their coins they originally had before the exchange. There is however a catch, at first it was said that everyone was going to get this treatment and the company were actively in the process of doing it country by country in the month of September with some already fully completed. Locating proof of this is difficult and for the boasts of over 100,000 users you'd think it would be easy, even on their own social media accounts there is silence from the few who do post on the subject of this. You can find numerous angry posts.

In a Hollywood twist people have discovered that the website and company they gave money to for their investment in e-dinar and EDC are not the bosses. The people who have the control are the miners and they are completely separate. This was never made public knowledge previously to anyone parting with money. Recall that the mining is done exclusively by the company or, as it turns out, another group entirely. This begs the question, if the miners control the decisions why did they make sure the exchange happened on the day EDC hit $1,300 and everyone is screwed over losing near 99.99% of their investment amount and creating the situation you see now.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: E-Dinar Coin: Meet the Revolutionary New-Generation Cryptocurrency on: September 04, 2016, 06:34:07 PM
E-dinar Facebook page

Hello Sir , Edinar policy was 1 dollar = 1 Edinar . But they forced us to make EDC while the price was too high (1300 USD) , so my EDRs are converted to very few EDC as EDC price was high. Will company help us to compensate ? My doiwnline people are asking so many questions . Today's price is $ 105.People got a big loss without precaution. Please let me know how company will these new members of E-dinar community.

I invested 8thausands dolars and value 560 hudred!!!! Mega susks!!!

I invested 1250$ EDINAR and you changed to 0.9 EDC AND RIGHTNOW 0,9 EDC = 60$ are you kidding me Huh

And most users are blocked from any market, your EDR conveted at a very high price and it crashed either becuase EDR mucked it up or it was alays goin to be a fraud, if you put $100 it is worth $7,90

we were all stolen ... they do not respond

In every promotion company focused to withdraw the initial EDR after four months to play a safe roll, but without any prior notice and any grace time company converts our EDR to EDC on high rates from 1300$ to 1500$ how can a person bears such a huge loss, calculated losses are almost more than 90%, kindly compensate us we are not in a position to bear such a huge losses. I have down line who are all in a miserable condition including myself. please reply to my comment and do something as early as possible.

and what? i invest 7 thousands dolars and value 500 hundred!! sucks!

I am so disappointed why company removed my edinar and converted to edinar coin When the coin price was in top . I want all of my edinar back not coin . When I will plan to buy edinar coin I will do it myself not company .

Around May 2016 E-dinar partnered with EDRcoin. The deal with e-dinar is this, for every $1 you put in you would receive 1 e-dinar. Every month you received 20% bonus based on the amount you hold, they called this mining, the company controlled this function. You could withdraw by means of selling your e-dinar internally for various currencies and cryptos including EDRC (EDRcoin). Suddenly this relationship with EDRC ended.

Whilst in this relationship they offered 2 e-dinar for 1 EDRC internally and this carried over to the price of an EDRC being $2. There looks to be a spike where it reached $16 and within 2 months it was hovering around $1.40 before dropping to 80 cents and it sits around 10 cents.

E-dinar then announced they had parted ways and that they were working on releasing their own coin. Just prior to this they announced they had mined 22million e-dinar or EDRC, it's a little difficult to find detailed information. This amount was their target for late 2017. So they told everyone they were now doing 22 billion by 2022 with the e-dinar remaining at $1 and only once this task was fully completed would it be released onto the exchanges.

In the previous 7 days people discovered that their e-dinar was gone and this caused mass panic. What the company had done without any warning or sensible, direct and clear communication is converted every single registered account's e-dinar balance into EDR, displaying them in a different section of the website. The sad thing is how they handled this, they carried this out whilst the EDR had a listed price of approx $1,350. In simple terms, you held 1,350 e-dinar which previously you could sell for $1,350, the company took these e-dinar and gave you 1 EDR. Within 24 hours the EDR hit $50 and then back to $1,000. The next 24 hours saw $1,500 before the end of that day it crashed to $250 and the next 3 days display a steady decline to approx $50.

Quoted comments above convey that if the company doesn't move to compensate all those people or provide full refunds then it's looking like 90%+ losses for a business direction change that they neither signed up for and were not given advanced notice that the new coin would completely replace the e-dinar and guarantees made. It is shocking all these people were sold a version of the business plans that were to carry into 2022 and the company accepted investments knowing they were going to do this without any warning for those people to protect themselves.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: June 27, 2016, 03:42:05 PM
The comedy continues

Dear participants of the community!

We are glad to announce that E-DINAR has been adopted as a new economic business model. This decision was approved at the Global Blockchain Summit holding in China on June 22-24.

Within the working period of E-DINAR p2p platform, its growth has extremely increased.

Noteworthy that the founder and developer of our partner company EDRCoin Charles Cheng went out of the miner team and is no longer being a participant of the project development.

E-Dinar community has decided to move on from the partner EDRCoin currency towards the development of its own E-DINAR Coin currency.

E-DINAR Coin is a special currency with a unique code, which provides the ability to pay with a discount for any goods and services all over the world and allows to make and develop your own projects on the basis of the cryptocurrency.

You can also keep E-DINAR currencies on your web wallet, which occurs mining processes that allow to getting bonuses in the amount of 0.65% per the exchange day. You can download your web wallet on Macintosh or Android, as well as to print a paper wallet and put into your safe box. Noteworthy mining processes are only valid in a web version, but using the other versions you are able to earn currency on the growth of the exchange rates setting on the cryptocurrency exchanges, buying and selling it as a trader.

You can use your social network, e-mail and phone number for signing up on the web version. E-DINAR has its own p2p exchange platform where you can carry out your transactions using all international currencies, payment systems and cryptocurrencies. Internal p2p exchange has its own IP and is being recommended on, the international top exchange, which allows to use E-DINAR currency for paying on its websites.

Moreover, in the case of loss of funds while exchanging with the counterparty the p2p system compensates the funds on your web wallet and provides security to avoid frauds on the exchange thanks to the security model of identification, so be sure that your personal information is strictly confidential!

The china blockchain summit claim is amusing, it's very onecoin like. If you look at the event pictures on the website you can't help but shake your head.

E-dinar and EDRcoin part ways. All the promotional information, coinmarketcap data and other material is irrelevant now. If things didn't already look suspicious you only need to look at coinkmarketcap edrc data to see that after such an announcement the coin has remained completely stable.

E-dinar are to have their own coin on the exchanges that they say will be better than EDRcoin as it will have the latest algorithms. In the meantime it is a simple invest x amount and receive 20% bonus per month for "funding them to carrying out all the mining" scam at a fixed price of 1 E-dinar = $1. They have moved from 22million to be mined by 2017 and now there will be 22billion by 2020. Why is it a scam? they require constant recruitment and new money flowing in to honor all the bonus amounts generated from both mining and referrals. For every $1 in they are creating roughly $0.36 in a single month and this amount increases dramatically with each passing month. Should even a moderate amount of people withdraw then slowdown measures would be implemented and cashing out fees would increase more than the current 5% fee which might have already increase.

Shmeall, what happened behind the scenes?
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: June 17, 2016, 04:48:54 PM
LOL they have mined 20 million coins and now decide to change their "22 million by 2017" sell line to "22 billion by 2022" and don't forget all this is still fixed at $1 with the same scam requirement that each and every person must buy the coins and actively hold them to do "auto mining" which the website fully controls at a fixed rate of 20% return on investment per month. No one else can carry out mining. And to think there will be foolish people who hold on to these worthless coins until the free market release day (if it ever happens after this obvious cash in move) or end, and they have a harsh reality check when the things they paid a fixed amount of $1 each end up being worth cents. 22 million and 22 billion without a single shred of transparency.

A lot of claims regarding popularity, numbers of active people and markets. A simple look at both website stats dispels the scam hype.

Just remember exchanges who host this, you are responsible.

22:22 Concept. 22 bln until 2022

Dear participants of E-DINAR-community!

We are glad to announce that E-DINAR-project has entered a new development stage!

This week we have reached the first level of emission in the amount of 22 million coins and made a next step towards the new concept called Golden Billion, which was mentioned in the writings of many world’s economists. It’s being implemented thanks to the new opportunities of using p2p exchange platform.

Within the framework of this concept, E-DINAR platform is rapidly developed on the new markets and implements new functions.
Nowadays, E-DINAR is the only platform in the world where the participants can control their development by themselves.

The process of implementation will be lasting within 6 years, thereby 22 billion coins will be generated until 2022. It’s a so called 22:22 Concept.

During this time there will be formed a new community of people living by their own rules and norms that will differ from the popular majority. This is a new lifestyle of the progressive society, which is being the basis of our community involving over 100000 participants from all over the world.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: June 03, 2016, 12:52:36 PM
Skeptical members should enjoy this new turn of events.

E-dinar/EDRCoin like to brag about their coinmarketcap rank when you look at 24hour volume and tell their clueless people to use this when trying to draw in new victims. Because without fresh money paid in they can't honor the payments out due to all the "mining" bonuses and referral bonuses. If you look back through these pages their promotional person cannot answer basic questions. You'll find this is a recurring theme with them and another prime example is their ltd company stunt with 2 shares listed at £5million each, so they tell their clueless people that the company is worth 10 million which the owners paid to to be registered.

In the previous two days the scam jumpers noted that coinmarketcap listed EDRC at $16.61 and this caused panic.

Everyone paid $1 per coin and sat around doing "auto mining" and stacking referral bonuses each month. They thought this was amazing and could taste the money, but wait! they don't have any idea how to sell or do anything outside of the enclosed system. People went into meltdown trying to be the first to cash-out and sell at this price. So they have two options, sell back to the website at a 5% fee or you find a new victim who is signing up and you sell to them. The top tier people struggled to explain all this and how to break it to these people that they shouldn't cash-out because of two reasons. first, the website has a fixed price of $1 so no one is going to pay $16.61 and the website isn't going to buy them back at that price. Second and the real kicker, they say that the coinmarketcap data isn't accurate and the price isn't really $16.61 as it is screwed up due to large buy orders. lists $2.7million volume in 24hours with 87% of the overall volume from all exchanges. I've asked this question before as their site is throwing out random repeating numbers so that is plainly bullshit, can exchange information be fudged?. There is no way this scam is doing the daily volume shown, that rate of fresh money coming in would have an insane buzz around them in all the promotion places and yet the talk about them is absent, it's self generated threads and the same self placed PR statement on news websites that just reprint.

The cool off

(apologies for the image display fail)
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: May 19, 2016, 03:06:34 PM
As with all online scams data is cherry picked to use as bait because it works and they know their victims will not understand or verify it. We can all see how they run away from simple questions which would be easy for any dev + promoters to openly explain. Their front people can't even explain how they cover the liabilities the unsustainable monthly bonuses create.

To date E-dinar/EDRcoin front people use an Irish millionaire family name in their sells to new people claiming they are one of three investors behind this, just don't ask for proof. A new sell is that they are in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. They are doing this through the 24hr volume which indeed lists them as 10th.

If their site throws out randomly generate data as the code shows and people have questioned the validity of data on the exchanges Yobit and C-cex that EDRC are listed on currently. Knowing how these scams work in general without hiding behind the mask of being a cryptocurrency, their daily figures are bullshit and for such daily amounts of fresh victim money pouring in they would have a vastly larger web presence and presence in the scam communities, and yet they don't. There is a very good reason the majority of their traffic comes from eastern Europe and they pretend EDRcoin is distant from E-dinar.

The result of 5 months in eastern Europe ( (Robert Fletcher is the guy)

All new youtube videos are simply people with zero cryptocurrency knowledge and experience just sat there, read the same boring presentation slide by slide.

The only people joining this are chasing the bonuses from "mining" and referrals, meaning that they are compounding or cashing out directly through the company. Any transactions taking place are the company selling to people with the controlled $1 price as the only distributor and requirement to hold them to gain monthly bonuses (no coins no monthly mining bonus)

Is data on coinmarketcap self reported? how is it collected or upon what is it based?
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: May 13, 2016, 04:58:18 PM
We are not moderating our participants, everyone can download EDRCoin wallet for free and become a miner of our cryptocurrency, EDRCoin.

If you don't like this cryptocurrency - feel yourself free to use any of 750 existing cryptocurrencies.

We cannot say anything about E-DINAR - we are working with it, we are working on EDRCoin, our task is to develop and achieve and posting EDRCoin achievments and news in this theme, on

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the work of the EDRCoin, we will be glad to listen to you, we are always open to new ideas and opportunities.

We have not responded to a few posts above, because our programmers and developers are working on closing these issues now, it is not as fast as we want, but we are doing it and going on.

We are fixing EDRC Faucet, set up job purses, making EDRCoin Wallet app for iOS

We are negotiating with the new exchanges.

Prepare a few shares of tree planting in several countries and will do it in any cases.

A standard ponzi response straight from the textbooks, I am disappointed in you. Yes there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, but you are the one attempting to draw in vulnerable people who have no knowledge in this area, using the same textbook methods as onecoin and other scams. Why do I not see you or any of your promoters walking into the lions den and straight up pitching this to Bitcoin devs and cryptocurrency journalists, we all know the answer.

You can say things about E-dinar and you should, every single person in this scam has to log in through You create nothing, you used the services of

Programmers and developers are not required to answer the questions put to you, you as a representative of E-dinar and EDRcoin should be able to explain any and all issues. Any person promoting this should meet the same requirements. All I see when I look around are ponzi promoters pushing this, you have no crypto or bitcoin journalists or respected figures backing you up, you are being laughed out of crypto and bitcoin communities who can see straight through the setup. Every person I see promoting is ignorant of crptocurrency and throws out fancy buzzwords comparing it to bitcoin whilst avoiding the problems, it's funny how those same people have history with onecoin and other such failures.

It doesn't take a genius to explain where the funds to cover the liabilities you generate through mining and referral bonuses come from. It doesn't take a genius to explain why your site throws out random data. To see that every single person cannot mine using their own hardware, that you require them to buy from the premine and hold those coins to make monthly bonuses.

Explanation is required from you regarding Peter Smurfit (Smurfit Kappa Group) as your own promoters use this to draw people in through stating he is one of three investors behind this. Is this true? how much did he invest? what does he hold in return for that investment?
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: May 11, 2016, 02:12:05 PM

Can you confirm that you on behalf of your exchange have read and received answers from EDRcoin/E-dinar on the 6 pages of issues?

To check the security of SSL implementation on you can use this tool: (Poodle/SSLv3, RC4).

So, got overall Rating A+ at ssllabs

And got Rating A:

I'm sure the believers are happy to see you are keeping the randomly generated numbers secure. If you're looking to use this trivial point to appear genuine it isn't working, you failed to mention your main website everyone is required to access ( Testing a few known ponzi systems and they are allocated grade A.

I will take your latest post as a refusal to answer all the issues that have been raised here in this thread, either you cannot answer them due to being a basic E-dinar investor or you have no explanation to offer that wouldn't bring more issues to light.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: May 09, 2016, 01:54:24 PM

Here is the videos from our founder Charles Chang. In this two videos hi have been answered to the many questions from this theme:



Answer all the questions and explain the serious issues posted above and over 6 pages. Two laughable videos might work on the gullible in your ranks but they are worthless and answer nothing.

Additionally, you can also answer why the top people in EDR are claiming that Jack Smurfit of the Smurfit family in Ireland is a key investors in EDR/E-dinar? either dispelling this or proving proof of this person and their connection to EDR/E-dinar.

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: EDRCoin — Meet the brand new sustainable, energy efficient Cryptocurrency on: May 08, 2016, 04:06:28 PM

Previously they listed Holders Cryptocurrency Service Center Company Ltd. People were informed that they had done this and put down 10 million £/$ as a bond. I think everyone viewing this thread has gathered very quickly that pushing for specifics on claims made yields no results. In their pitches they like to use bitcoin references, it is no coincidence they took and now blockchain secure cryptocurrency ltd. Bitcoin have two blockchain websites .com and .info? well EDR have a blockchain website too!.


They are successfully drawing in people with very laughable sell points that those involved in Bitcoin or any currency are debunking. they are not looking to draw in crypto experienced people, they are looking for various types of people (inexperienced - poorly educated - elderly - greedy - MLM promoters). They say that they are nothing like Onecoin as they (EDRcoin) are traded on exchanges. This evolved into that they are nothing like Onecoin because people are currently exchanging btc - EDR and EDR - btc. I have yet to find a single person promoting this sham that is knowledgeable and actively involved in cryptocurrency markets (trading/education/mining/development), however, they do have backgrounds in dodgy and failed promotions.

Prior to EDRcoin there was E-dinar using like for like selling points and launched in October/November 2015.

E-dinar website displays Holders Cryptocurrency Service Center Company Ltd.

Press coverage is nothing more than self placed PR pieces and E-dinar used the same method. No news or cryptocurrency websites are reporting on EDRcoin, hopefully, as with Onecoin this changes.

Clublexus & Bloodxtz pointed out that their throws up random information. The website the is hosted in Romania to a Dylan Harris in London. Charles Cheng and Marco Fernandez are not on any registrations linked or UK companies, only in the PR pieces and the videos. People promoting EDR like to say 'we are on the blockchain' 'we are in the top 1% of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain'. I'm lost at how they come up with this stuff unless you look at volume 24hr and then they appear as 8th with $194,000. If their info is randomly generated are the stats on coinmarketcap accurate?

E-dinar and EDRcoin are one and the same.

Shmeall says EDRcoin has no referral program. This is false and the only reason anyone is joining this is due to the MLM angle of easy money and all activity is carried out through the E-dinar website.

Each level has a drive letter, you can look at them at your personal office.
• A – Your personally invited. You get 25% of the monthly income of your personally invited
• B – Invited by your invited guests. You get 20% of your invited guest' monthly income
• C – You get 15% of the monthly income of the partner from the third line
• D – You get 10% of the monthly income of the partner from the fourth line
• E – You get 5% of the monthly income of the partner from the fifth line
• F – You get 2.5% of the monthly income of the partner from the fifth line
• G –You get 2.5% of the monthly income of the partner from the sixth line

Investors can only buy EDR from the company for a fixed rate of $1 per EDR. If you can find anyone selling EDR (other than the company on exchanges) then it means they are looking to cash out and avoid the 5% fee EDRcoin charge when investors want to sell back and use the company. You cannot mine EDR using your own hardware, to mine EDR you have to do it through their website and your personal account. You must hold EDR in your account and this gives you a bonus amount, you copy the bonus amount into another tab and then click for it to begin mining. They have you carry this out once a week. There is no public record of the mining unlike other coins

Investors have to go through the E-dinar website and if you look at the following video you can see bonus amount on the top bar and then the automining on the left side bar.

Due to the requirement above the entire 3.3 million EDR premine is being used to draw investors in as they must already hold them in order to start mining. No one has any idea how many people or for what amounts they are held by.

EDRcoin promoters currently mention there are 3 investors behind the scenes, the only one they have named is Smurfit. As with selling the premine, no one can answer how the amount this party invested and what they hold in return for this.

If the fixed $1 price didn't strike you as odd, the promoters do not want people buying in with large amounts above 10k and such occasions require talks with the higher ups. They say this is to counter anyone holding an amount which could give them control.  When you suddenly remember the referral program bonuses you see right through this. At $1 per EDR where is the extra income coming from to account for the extra liabilities created through the mining and referral bonuses?, a run on the bank would be game over.

In short, $10 would create roughly $2 in mining bonus. $1.6 in referral bonuses would be created from that $2 mining bonus. From $10 there is now $3.6 created.

The person in this video was a public figure of E-dinar as you can see on various youtube videos, with the appearance of EDRcoin and the two new public people we don't see him anymore.
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