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41  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Pack of 10x Gridseed GC3355 5-chip miner on: June 16, 2014, 11:52:04 AM

I am selling 10x Gridseed 5-chip miner pack, because I need the money. This is the latest the gold pack that have been produced by Gridseed and is not available to order from Gridseed anymore. The price is as it is, I include the shipping to Europe and 10% of fluctuation of crypto currency; and of course the price that I will request to get.

The package includes:

  • 10x Gridseed 5-chip miner
  • 10x USB-A to micro USB cable
  • 10x 5.5x2.5mm power cable

    • Free shipping, and to EU only
    • Escrow accepted through DannyHamilton service
    • Price is 100 LTC, 1.6 BTC, 95 DARKCOIN, 2.600.000 DOGECOIN
    • Pictures:
    • Everything is safely packaged in a sealed package
    • Paypal may be the option @ 800 USD
    • I can add a power cable to molex cables if desired

    Any other question, please ask here. For the private conversation PM me.
42  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: LIGHTNINGASIC 60MHS SCRYPT ASIC Miner; LA1THS, stock ready. on: April 20, 2014, 11:07:23 PM
darkfriend77 has the blades for europe for 1500 USD
43  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: [GUIDE] GridSeed 5-Chip USB & Blade Miner Support/Tuning on: April 20, 2014, 03:35:44 PM
I will try to run it on 800Mhz, because they are actually needing from 100W to 120W as they are not connected equally comparable to individual grdiseed miners. More:
44  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: [GUIDE] GridSeed 5-Chip USB & Blade Miner Support/Tuning on: April 20, 2014, 02:08:42 PM
Sadly pulling and pushing them back in did help once .... on my win 8.1 machine but it never found the second board, no matter what i do it simply did not start the second board
Power it down/up plug usb plugs in/out nothing helps

I had the crazy idea to change the usb cable to a shorter one and since that i can install the stuff as long and often as i want it won't find the boards

When i put the miner onto usb hub for the pi i instant lost them and now unplugging/plugging in any port does not make them work

However that weird 3.8.5 version saw the blades instant as btc miners that was the most odd i ever notices it went up to 10 Gh/s and was building up speed, but i do not want them to mine btc

Does the cpuminer support the g-blades ? how to get it to find all 80 chips

I got it now running with the bfgminer 3.99  at around 3 Mh on the same usb hub and cables connected to a win 7 htpc

Installing zadig end again in cgminer not finding the devices
You guys using zadig 2.1.0


If you are having problems with mining on bfgminer, then you'll will need to do as follows:
1. Go to Device Manager
2. Then Go to Ports (COM & LPT) or Universal Serial Bus controllers - depends what drivers you have installed
3. Delete STM32 Vritual COM port driver (or something simillar) or STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM1-XY), and choose "Delete the driver software for this device" if available
4. Download drivers
5. Install drivers
6. Download BFGminer 3.99.00 from here:
7. Run bfgminer with LTC_ONLY.bat in the folder with the following flags:
C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\bfgminer-3-99-0-windows-new\bfgminer-3-99-0-windows-new\bfgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u User.worker -p 123 -d gridseed -S gridseed:all --set-device gridseed:clock=850
-d flag to turn off the GPUs
8. Wait 10 minutes to miner really warm up - third row is the responding pool hashrate

If you want to run cgminer, you have to do as follows:

1. Go to Device Manager
2. Then Go to Ports (COM & LPT) or Universal Serial Bus controllers - depends what drivers you have installed
3. Delete STM32 Vritual COM port driver (or something simillar) or STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM1-XY), and choose "Delete the driver software for this device" if available
4. Download Zadig from here for the correct OS:
5. Run Zadig and choose Options - > List All Devices
6. Choose STM32 Virtual Com Port (only one)
7. Under drivers choose WinUSB (v6.1.xxxxxxxx) etc
8. Click Replace Driver or Install Driver (probably the second one will be available after deleting drivers under 3.) and wait a few minutes
9. Download cgminer from here:
10. Turn off the HUB or eject all the miners
11. Run the cgminer with LTC_ONLY.bat in the folder with the following flags:
cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u User.worker -p 123 --gridseed-options=baud=115200,freq=850,chips=5 --hotplug 5
correct the chip number on the G-blade to 80
12. Wait for the main window to popup, then plugin (or turn on) the hub with the miners
13. The cgminer will detect the miners and display the hash rate after it warms up - 10 minutes

I think that the latest versions of cgminer and bfgminer is not appropriate since this one is custom build for LTC mode only. If you have any questions, I do have a lot of work and research about Gridseed miners and you can write me also an PM. Everything what I described was run under Win7 64bit.

Hope you will get what you want! Wink
45  Other / Politics & Society / Re: A social organization that will lead to never ending peace - NO WARS on: April 18, 2014, 04:51:13 PM
Ok, I believe for now it was a lot of reading and mybe (very) much philosophy, but bare with me guys. Everyone who will dare to complete the picture about the theory, I promise to him, he can change his life drasticaly. Of course in a good way. I will, however, to everyone who is very interested in the theory tell, where they can buy a literature so you could explore it yourself, or better to say, explore yourself Wink

This time the post is going to be much shorter so I will explain what is it possible to understand in a totaly new way, with the theory. The dimension that theory affect is quiet big. Or we can say, every act, feeling, thought, description of things in our lifes, is somehow correlated with our three minds. But good understanding of theory can also predict the outcome of the characters reaction.

So by every existing models of psychological theories who can try to explain human mind, exist the same problem; if they are trying to explain one psychological occurance, we cannot use the same explanation by the next psychological occurance. The REI theory (Reason, Emotion, Instinkt) as this theory is called, and has nothing to do with the Reiki, opens up a whole new logic of understanding the psychological occurances. It is not important what area we are working with, the specialty of the theory is that we are getting very quickly logical connections, which can clarify us the missing parts. The theory represents us a scheme of thinking in almost everything, what we look through this prism of logic. That we could use this model for seeking of solutions successfully, it is important to understand the difference between the three minds very good. And this is the most complex situation. I have explained the minds, because of the general understanding, very simplified – in its basic characteristics.

The REI theory is very good to explain human relations. And that not only goes for personal, but also for social conditions. First time in history, we can through this model explain the phenomenon of falling in love. We can successfully explain who will fall in love only once in life and who will keep falling in love again and again. Understanding of characters allows us to part people into groups, which behave one way or another, which group is more probably to have dyslexia, and who absolutely can not have it. Throughout the REI theory, it is first time in history explained the Diametrally connection of falling in love and depression, which, to today, has not even have been connected this way. The model can easily explain Avtism and Asperger's syndrom, allows us to part people into more sub groups of avtists, which were to today all in the same bin, even there were the differences between them. By the Tourette's syndrome can we, with help of REI theory, predict, what feedback will have activities and substances on this disorder. One of the most important area are Fears and Anxiety, which are by the REI theory, connected only with one mind. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, psychosis or simply aggression, REI theory shed a completely new light on it and can be understandable, easier.

With the REI theory, in general society, it is possible to understand deviations from normal, and one of the biggest areas that the REI theory shows us completely different view from our own, is the area of sexuality. The theory can be so precise, that we can explain individual anomalies in sexual behaviour, which are not normal (natural), or we can do it also right the opposite, which behaviour is natural and the society decided to abandone or to not accept it, as natural. This is of course supported with the arguments, why is this happening and even what period in history has this changed, and of course how is this connected to the others society driven factors in the history. Also the events in sport can be easily explained with the REI theory. Until now, there's no area that would not highlight in a new light, through the REI theory.

Next time, I will represent the factors of society that can be fair to all of the people.
46  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Mcleo on: April 17, 2014, 11:26:41 AM
Sorry  to hear that!

By my theory, the bad side of lawyers is greed, and there's a plenty of it everywhere in the cryptocoin world. Not even by a little fishes but also by a big, who cannot except themselves.

Sorry again, I have removed the positive trust from him.

47  Bitcoin / Hardware / Re: LIGHTNINGASIC SCRYPT ASIC miner ready. BTC+LTC ASIC miner; LA1THS, stock ready. on: April 13, 2014, 01:20:39 PM
I can vouch for atari02 - Alex. I made a successful trade and can only recommend him! Everyone who is in doubt cshould know that he is trustworthy person, just with a lot of work to do!

Take a time, he will contact you!

Greetings atari02, I leave you a positive trust.
48  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ###### [IN STOCK] $194 Gridseed Plug & Play + 1 YEAR *FREE* HOSTING & FREE POWER on: April 03, 2014, 08:19:16 AM
Why don't you connect devices to the computer and run them with cgminer or bfgminer??
49  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ###### [IN STOCK] $194 Gridseed Plug & Play + 1 YEAR *FREE* HOSTING & FREE POWER on: April 02, 2014, 10:40:12 PM
I'm so tired of everyone on these forums opening up shop and taking 20x more orders than they can handle.   Go ahead PM me and ask where my webstore is?  Five datacenters and we don't miss a beat on orders or we correct and compensate immediately.

Just effing say no I can't take new orders because that kind of greed would prevent me from hitting even  50% order accuracy and piss off my customers.

Who takes over a market by bashing to the bottom of a price war without the facilities to deliver?  Come BFL I mean GAW I mean HashFast I mean KnC I mean Avalon;

* Flips desk and walks out.

Unfortunately with the time-critical nature of the market there is no lack of demand no matter how much they screw the customers. And when the customers do get screwed it's too late to do anything about it anyway. Never thought i'd say this but this makes me appreciate marketplaces like eBay - for all its faults it would weed out amateurs like that with a couple of negative feedbacks. Here they can set up self-moderated threads and can go on for quite a while.

Full disclosure: I ordered from atari02, had to cancel due to delays, then unfortunately fell for GAW bait'n'switch scam (which turns out to be the same or closely related entity as atari02).

Those are harsh accusations. Everyone here is aware that the time is critical and also there are those who are sleeping because of us for 4 hours per day. If you're unsatisfied person generally, you cannot wait and you will say that everyone else is to blame. That is the nature of us customers, but nobody is aware that group buys are mainly one person job, who has possibly a full time job and must travel numerous distances to work everything out. So 4 hours of sleep, 8 hours for work, 1 hour to travel to work and 3 hours to eat. This is 16 hours per day of typical men with full time job, and now tell me, where are his hobbies, time for his loved ones, for himself and for relax?

And still there's easier to blame an individual, than rethink those very important thing called time line of his life ... No comment ...

Me and Danny have escrow ready, I hope you see the message here, because the PM system has obvious issues ...  Undecided

Got the escrow message. You order has been packed and will be picked up by DHL in the morning.


Thank you, sir!

Take a break and as much time as you need, I'll wait patienlty for invoice and tracking number.
50  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ###### [IN STOCK] $194 Gridseed Plug & Play + 1 YEAR *FREE* HOSTING & FREE POWER on: April 02, 2014, 01:29:21 PM
Me and Danny have escrow ready, I hope you see the message here, because the PM system has obvious issues ...  Undecided
51  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [GROUP BUY][EU + CH] Gridseed 5-Chip USB Miner (200+ pieces) on: March 31, 2014, 09:00:38 PM
Please cancel my reservation for batch 3, darkfriend77.


52  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ****[GROUPBUY ~ IN STOCK] CHEAP! $220 Gridseed Plug & Play [BEAT ANY BULK PRICE] on: March 20, 2014, 04:48:40 PM
Thanks both. Seems to be something wrong with PM system as I have allready messaged you on 17th
53  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ****[GROUPBUY ~ IN STOCK] CHEAP! $220 Gridseed Plug & Play [BEAT ANY BULK PRICE] on: March 20, 2014, 01:23:40 PM
Atari02, do you check your PM's? Please..

54  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ****[GROUPBUY ~ IN STOCK] CHEAP! $220 Gridseed Plug & Play [BEAT ANY BULK PRICE] on: March 20, 2014, 01:08:54 AM
Hi atari02!

I asked you if there's probability to order 10 pack with only USB and power cables and what price will it be?
I allready PMed my address for shipping quote.


55  Other / Politics & Society / Re: A social organization that will lead to never ending peace - NO WARS on: March 19, 2014, 01:40:34 PM
medUSA, you're correct! You cannot just group all the leaders into one group and say, they think the same. By this theory, you should not forget that Everyone has all three minds, and in some point they use also Emotion or Instinkt. They all possesses all of human values that are known to us, but they think with Reason, that means, that they do WHAT are they good at. So Reason is good at numbers and words, for him it is important the time. They think opportunistic, specaulativ, create rules and their most important motive is benefit. They are not mainly using feelings, empathy, compassion (Instinkt) and they do not favor Art, Music (Emotion), because those values are (subconscious) and they are not listening to Instinkt and Emotion (the first row in the picture above), this means, they do not aware of them, and they think, how they think is only way of thinking! But this is of course false thinking. Every human has his own thinking, that constist of those three minds. Reason is neglectfull. Because we live in the world that is constructed by 1/3 all values - Reason values - the people who are "born with" Reason thinking, their life will be mostly easy, and they will became important to the society and they will create another rules, that will help to certify those 1/3 group of values (Reason), that is the best. But in the world where are also people with thinking with Emotion and Instinkt, that is not fair.

The people after puberty, they stay the same character. Out of this theory. But, they change perceptions, traditions, good and bad habbits of those three characters. But the thinking is one of the pictures above, for all of the people. Careful, I am here writing about the path of thinking! And those path does not change after puberty. Only if there's a huge damage to some part of brain that is one of the minds thinking with, then the people change thinking. But this is very rare.

Buffer Overflow, I am here by representing the formul, that is a new, and also very correct. I do not see a point why we should fight Evolution? I will in the near future also describe the creation of Instinkt – the oldest mind, Emotion – the second oldest, and the Reason, that help us predict time and space and create a weapons, to think logically to develop language and to dominate animals. Didn't you mybe forget that we have a very pure nails, very bad sight of view and also smell Wink ? What do you think that makes us to survive in this cruel world of various more powerfull – physically, species? Wink

Bit_Happy, once again. This world is now adjusted to 1/3 of all of human values. That is thinking of Reason. This is not meaning, the people are grouping together. NO! The people are grouping together, because they think the same, because they behave the same and have same motives. But firs time in the history, I represent to you the formul, that disclose, how they think. You know that someone you want to have for your friend, and someone is not by your criteria. You just feel, but you don't know why Wink This theory explains this in details. It is the same, you can fall in love with a particular girl, not with every girl. But nobody knows why that? This theory explains it in details.

As I promise, I will represent how are those three minds integrated in our society. Let me just remind you, that you have to read what I write with “as it is” not to make some associations, because here it is a lot of new things, and of course all of the theory is based on a very different logic of explaining the things in our world. So it is better, that you read again and again. Of course here in it is used a lot of philosophy, this is because, the theory views can be explained only through long explanations.

The values of three minds, if you understand them very well, can you see everywhere in this world. The people with the same mind (the same path of thinking – the rows in the picture above) are mainly together. They hang out, they go in the same places, and most important have the same motives. This is also called a friendship. The one who we don't like, we will fall in love with. But about that some time later. This theory also do not part women on women and men on men. There are men who think as Instinkt, even if Instinkt is mainly the path of thinking of women (most). And there are the women who think with Emotion, even if Emotion is the path of thinking for most man (careful, most not all). The Reason is equally spreaded among all of the people.

All three minds R, E, I, have a different attributes wether they are acceptable – satisfied with his living (home and world), or unnacceptable – unsatisfied with his home, world. This is the foundation of the theory - every human describes and sees only his own reality. And no charcter that are composed out of those three is better or bad as any other. They are all the same. The price of their advantages is their disadvantage.

The people who listen to Reason – the first group in the picture above, are professors, lawyers, politicans, the directors, CEO, COO, all the people who are in the very important places. Their motiv is money – which is only overpriced value that should not be overprice value. They think opportunistic, they plan, have a good feeling for time, they master nubmers or words, but very rarely both together. They think racionally and are people who are subjected to avtism.

Where can we see the values of Reasons: You can see it everywhere. The regulations on roads, the regulations of what we people should pay – enssurance, car enssurance, every 4 years changing of car tires, drive 130km/h on highway and 50km/h in villages, if we do a road offense we are fined – because this is the Reasons reason. The athlets have a very exactly determined rules. Ball by volleyball should be over the net, to tuch it, ball should fall righ on the line to have a point, the games are predetermined how long will last. Rules everywhere, Reasons rules! If we do not have assurance, we cannot go to hospital, because hospital is one of the Reasons main building who is using Reasons most important “value” - money. We can drive only a car who is A-tested, we can drive on highway roads only with vignette, we must go to bank only when it is open time. In the store only when is open time. Everywhere you have a time related institution, you know, that this is home of Reasons values. This is of course almost every where. You find the rule, it is the Reasons and more you have the rules, more are Emotion and Instinkt – the people out of second and third group pushed into a corner. The Reason is motivated by money, which is the most overpriced "value".

The people who listen to Emotion - the second row in the picture above, are very optimistic, they are careless and open minded. They like to hang out, to meet new people and to have fun. The people who think with Emotion are Musicians, Actors, artists and of course top athletes. Their motiv is to be in the middle of everything, to be seen and to be in the center of lights. They do not know what time is, they only separate three different time zones, before, now and after. They think in pictures and are those who are most subjected to dyslexia (and yes we have a first theory who can repair – FULLY – a dyslexia).

Where we can see the values of Emotion. The values are mostly seen by arts, the people who think mostly with Reason are giving advantage to colorfull clothes, they can master their motorics to the full. Athlets and sportsman and artist Leonardo Dicaprio, Will Smith, for example. They are surrounded by a lot of shapes, sketches, logos. They are the one who brake rules. And they do not understand all the Reasons regulations. You probably know some people who like to drive over the speed limit Wink Those are the Emotion ones. They are irresponsible and careless. They want to stand out everywhere and they think they are better than everyone else. You can recognize them by very attractive lines in their life. It is not important if this is the house, the car, surroundings or clothes. They love to stand out and speak very much because they describe the pictures. They are not motivated directly by money.

The people who listen to Instinkt - the third row in the picture above, are mainly the one who are very careful, they connect every event in their lives with some feeling. They mainly predict a bad outcome and say a lot that they “told you so”. They dress in black clothes, do not want to be observed, they are totaly opposite as Emotion. The most important occupation of Instinkt is Doctor, Ph.D, veterinarian, because of the compassion to other people or animals. They love animals and are very friendly to them. They are good listeners (opposite is Emotion). They react very slow and they are allways affraid to do something wrong. They do not ask very much, because they are affraid to be disclosed to everyone else and they do not want to speak about themsleves. But they want to know a lot about others. With a link wit Reason (the second column in the last row on the picture above), they are good journalists, and with the link with Emotion, they are whimsical fashion creators.

Where we can see the values of Instinkt. The values are seen almost everywhere, where people are doing somethink for free. Or they ask for free. Or they please for something. Those are the Associations for animal treats, for human rights, against Harmfull pesticides, etc. Those are the people who create a lot of false stories and predictions. Because Instinkt is very creative and is the only one who will work and have not motivation for anything in return. The Instinkts are the people who seat at the very end of restaurant or are alone sitted in the cinema. Those people are those who only selfless provide a help or assistance. They are affraid to be late, are in care if someone have not come when they should. They are using a little colors in their life, they remind one another, to be a handy to another people and are mostly doing a lot more than they appreciate themselves. They are not motivated directly by money. But he allways want to pay a good price to sleep peacfull.

Those are the three descriptions, where you can find the three minds in our society. Of course there is two side of all three minds. That is very important since 97% people are unnaceptable – unsatisfied. This means that the bad side of every mind comes in front. If that is the reason, he will be very greedy, if that is Emotion, he will crave for recognition (and the money can allow him that, do not mess this with Reason) and Instinkt will torture others with wishing off bad things and to be envy (once again, envy is not connected to money “if someone have something”, but it is feeling, that should be treated, by those who have it). So, if we want to create a peacfull society, we need to have at least a most of people to be satisfied and change the law rules to fit all three of those minds Wink

Next time I will explain the dimension of the theory. 

56  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: ****[GROUPBUY ~ IN STOCK] CHEAP! $220 Gridseed Plug & Play [BEAT ANY BULK PRICE] on: March 18, 2014, 09:55:10 PM
Sent you a PM, atari Wink

57  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [GROUP BUY][EU + CH] Gridseed 5-Chip USB Miner (200+ pieces) on: March 18, 2014, 10:57:15 AM
One question darkfriend77,

is there any option to remove usb hub, psu and the controller and reduce the price?

58  Bitcoin / Group buys / Re: [GROUP BUY][EU + CH] Gridseed 5-Chip USB Miner (200+ pieces) on: March 17, 2014, 11:33:40 AM
Reserving one package of 10. Paying with BTC
59  Other / Politics & Society / Re: A social organization that will lead to never ending peace - NO WARS on: March 17, 2014, 03:24:38 AM
dotcom, yes I agree! You're speaking of what people are up to, or what people are thinking! And then in the same sentence you use that those people have a will to act against those convictions. In my theory this is something that is standing in oposite sites.

This is normally to all of people, except the people who know the theory that I am familiar with. I will explain it to you very easily. The people who see in war a profit, are thinking lets say with A-concept, the people who are trying distinguish all the sources of war are thinking with the B-concept. The organization is here by composed out of "the same thinking people who are not aware that they think the same". This sounds funny but I will explain it later. The problem of us ordinary people is that, we predict that we think all equally. But we are not. That is what the literature is about. A-concept, B-concept and C-concept of thinking. Those three concepts are composed out of human values, attributes, virtues, and are autonomous - opposing one another. But still, every human possesses all of them, but not all humans equally strong.

Mike Christ, no, I am not refering to religion, but those literature uses the base knowledge of all of the religion on this planet. And in all the purity I have ever seen. It can connect all the people.

medUSA, I mean, if we people are not able to establish a civilisation, that is equally fair to all of the people? Example: all the planet Earth can live in peace and everyone do what he wants, without a war.

Bit_Happy, war is big bussines, but only for A-concept of thinking, and of course in a certain circumstances. Will explain it later.

Elwar, that is correct! It is not my theory but I am only working on literature that has bring me to this theory, and because this is a bigger deal than money for some people I decided to represent to you. I however will not here try to explain how I see my truth, because how many live on the planet, this many truths can we found. I am here only to explaint the three concepts of human vlues and attributes - minds, who allow me first time in the history to create a society where all of the people have the same rights and opportunity. In the first place it is not organization of people, but I mean with that, that we establish a society with equally oportunities for all of people, that war even cannot develop.

dank, yes, we are all the same creation, and nobody is more important than everyone else Wink

Let me continue to explain what am I learning through this literature:

It is quiet easy reading, it consist out of 12+1 different stories. In the begining the literature through the easy story, explains in the details, how those three concepts of human thinking is working. Those concepts are named with the names you allready know (or not), but are not meaning what you know allready about them.

Let me be clear about a very important attributes about those three thinking concepts (minds):

  • They are all autonomous – opposing one another.
  • Every human possesses all three of them – yes, not 1 but 3 minds, 1 conscious and 2 unconscious
  • All three minds have advantages and disadvantages, so none is better than other.
  • Every mind, have a two different states – it can be acceptable or unacceptable.
  • Every mind is living his own truth and it is trying that only his truth prevails.
  • The power of leading, is the power that no mind is capable of resisting it.
  • Every human on this planet has one of the combinations of those three minds.
  • The development of minds can be: one dominant and two in background, one dominant, one subdominant and one in the background, two dominant and one in the background and last very rare human character all three equally developed.
  • You cannot figure out what character are you, because your own combination of minds is describing the world around you. There's the only way someone else, who knows very good the knowledge, describes you. But it is very difficulty.
  • With three different minds we can compose 12+1 different human characters and their tottally different way of thinking, as in those picture:

Here is the short description of them:

Instinct is the oldest mind. His world is based on the various fears he associates with everything and every circumstance.
He believes evil dominates over good in the world. His primary task is to protect, so his activity is directed towards
identifying danger in the environment. His defense is to flee. Instinct is extremely cautious, suspicious, and usually
pessimistic. His key motive is envy. He’s hard-working, conscientious, creative, and curious by nature. Instinct is reserved
and the most emotional among the minds because he gets strongly attached to those close to him out of fear of losing them.
He more often rules women.

Emotion is the opposite of Instinct. He thinks in pictures, which he combines into mosaics and then connects into a whole.
He believes good dominates over evil in life. His primary task is to identify others who are better adapted to the environment
than he is. He’s extremely trusting, if not even gullible, and sees everything through rose-colored glasses. He yearns for
new experiences, likes to travel, is sociable, and can be frivolous, lazy, careless, and irresponsible. He’s an excellent
improviser and a born epicure. He must be the center of attention, so his behavior often resembles that of a child. He’s
driven by competitiveness, and his defense is to attack. He more often rules men.

Reason is the youngest mind. He’s analytical and rational, which is why he seems deliberate, mature, and grown-up. He tends
to anticipate and plan. Reason is the only mind we’re aware of and so we perceive him as consciousness. He controls words and
numbers; he’s accurate and consistent, systematic, and calculating. He’s not creative and doesn’t feel sympathy. He’s driven by
greed and rules men and women equally often.
We can’t identify our character on our own. The reason for this is hidden in the fact that we evaluate ourselves using our
predominant mind, which always takes our own thinking as the starting point. It’s also hidden in the fact that in reality we have
no real comparison with others because we again evaluate them according to our own mindsets. So each mind believes he’s rational,
just, and right, which is why people make different decisions in the same circumstances.
Another problem in identifying characters lies in thought processes because different ones lead to the same result. Because we
only see the results of people’s thinking, but not also how they reached these results, we all judge their actions in our own way.
This is why we keep misunderstanding each other, but we’re usually not even aware of this.
As you figure it out, it is the psychological theory, but not only that. If we arrange everything by those criteria, we can establish a fair society. But the literature is not writing anything about this psychology, it is merely something totaly different. It uses the mechanisms of all three minds in fully to reveal the most objective truth.

For now I will end, but I will give you a few examples, how is the theory working in real life:
  • A human who is thinking with Reason on the first place, is waiting a Emotion. While Emotion is late, the Reason will think he is not Respecting him.
  • A Instinkt who sees a danger where Emotion is not seeing it, is for Emotion a coward.
  • A Instinkt who is compassionate and empathic, will say to a Reason that is unconscionable and to Emotion that is careless.
  • Reason will describe Instinkt as set of basic instincts.
  • Emotion will describe Instinkt that is very serious and careful, and Instinkt will describe Emotion as fearless.

And one more thing that will every recognize out of his lives - how are the minds looking at the payment:
Reason - the payment should get how much everyone works, this much should it get
Emotion - I said who the payment will get
Instinkt - the payment will get those who need it at most

Those are some main difference between those 12 characters, as you may have figure it out. A lot of describing between humansbehaviour,  it is only, because of the difference in the thinking - we are only describing characteristic attributes of someone else. The people who think with the same mind, are creating a group. Those people understand them very well and will reject someone with different thinking - different mind in the first place. So in our society exists groups that are growing and growing and those groups consist of own values and rules. Those groups are allways thinking with one of the main group of value - minds, described above. But because they don't know of their own thinking, they think that other people who think with different mind, is allways wrong or just seems to them strange.

Please, do question everything!

Next time I will represent how are those three minds integrated in our society.
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Thank you very much!

I did somehow suspect that it may be so, after reading the statuses.

If there will be any place in Batch 2 left over, you can count me in.

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